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Compiled bv 


Revised & 

enlarged bv 

Dr. Abdul Haq 








Revised and enlarged by 


Educational Publishing House 

3108, Vakil Street, Kucha Pandit, Lai kuan, Delhi- 6 (INDIA) 

Ph: 23214465, 23216162 Fax: 91-011-23211540 


© Reserved 

No Part of this Book may be reproduced in Original or 
translation without explicit permission of publishers in 
whom its copyright fully vests. 

Edition 2003 

ISBN 81-85360-38-3 


Rs. 180/- 

Published by: 

educational PuMidunq Home 

31 08, Vakil Street, Kucha Pandit, Lai Kuan, Delhi-6 (India) 

Ph: 23214465, 23216162 Fax: 91-011-23211540 

T0 c R c E c Tp<DT?f) 


Prof - Gopi Chand Marang 

Heady Dept, of Urdu ° 


Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Languages 
Jamia Millia Islamia 

Th« nnKr Jan iia Millia Islamia 


scholars working On the etvm«i«„" *. ater th,s monumental work became , wl . lrk,sh sources 
by Baha-e-Urtu, MiulvFffln g H aI S ° U / ces of th * lexical terms Th cne >t ** 

»wiarSS?' tl --s3S. 

Jathia Millia Islamia 

Dumber 13. 1980 (IW) Copi 0, Md N „, n| 


Dr. S.M. Abdullah, M.A.,D. Litt. 

General Secretary, West Pakistan Urdu Academy; Chairman, Department of Urdu Encyclopaedia, 
University of the Punjab; Formerly Principal and Head of the Deparment of Urdu, University 
Oriental College, Lahore. 

The present Standard Urdu-English Dictionary compiled by Prof. Bashir Ahmad Qureshi 
is decidedly an advance on the previous lexicographical works of this nature. The author has already 
won fame and distinction by producing an equally valuable English-Urdu Dictionary which is 
perhaps; the best practical reference book in its own field. 

In the present dictionary, the author has taken great pains to indicate accent. He has also 
endeavoured to guide the reader in exact pronunciation. For instance, we find highly accurate 
transliteration of some extremely difficult phonetic complexities, rendered intelligible to an ordinary 
reader— -especially the foreign reader — by means of a well-thought-out system. Some such words as 
and are often difficult to be pronounced ^correctly by a foreign learner because in 

the original language (t^., Arabic), the first alif is whereas in Urdu, in spite of its being 

jy** it is pronounced somewhat differently, with the result that in the interest of accuracy the 
author had to transliterate these, as eh tiram and ehtiraz, instead of ihtiram and ihtiraz which 
do not correspond with the spoken form. . 

/• « 4 

Similarly, we have the Persian word which is neither j—sf nor -<*—'£✓ but midway 

between the two forms — and it was extremely difficult for the compiler to reproduce it in its pure 
accuracy except as shaih'r. This seems to be correct because, the common transliteration shehr 
too is not in correspondence with the spoken form. 

These instances would amply indicate the intricacies of the problems facing the author of 
this dictionary 

Prof. Bashir Ahmad Qureshi has incorporated quite a large number of new words drawn form 
English and other foreign languages. These words now form a part of the Urdu language and 
deserve a place in such a compilation. The number of such words is larger in this dictionary than in 
any other compilation of the same nature. 

In my opinion, the present work is a great achievement and will be found extremely helpful in 
spreading the Urdu language in the English-speaking countries. It would also be of great help to all 
those, in Pakistan as well as abroad, who are called upon to undertake the work of translation from 
Urdu into English. 

West Pakistan Urdu Academy, 

S. M. Abdullah 


The cultural - cum - national language of the Islamic State of Pakistan has long 
deserved a much less shabby lexicographic treatment than a mere-reprint of Platts’ outdated 
dictionary (issued recently) or a plethora of publications based on it. This is the raison 
d’etre of Kitabistan's 20th-Century Standard Urdu-English Dictionary now being offered 
to the public. 

This is a dictionary with a difference in that it makes a truly linguistic approach to Urdu lexico- 
graphy. It comprises well over half a lakh words, phrases and proverbs one most frequently comes 
across in one’s contact with people or literature today. These are explained in various nuances and 
their modem English renderings are set out in all accuracy. All this makes the present compilation 
profitable for the common reader, illuminating for the foreign learner and indispensable for the 
student who is called upon to translate passages into English as an essential part of the examinatons. 

The transliteration system adopted for indicating the pronunciation of Urdu words in this 
dictionary is based on principles which are by and larg accepted by modem Orientalists. It has the 
added advantage of being akin to the Roman Urdu script used for army education in this sub- 
continent over the past few generations. 

A special feature erf this work is the indication of accent in the pronunciation of Urdu 
words. This is not just an innovation. The attempt was first made by Dr. Fallon and his talented 
team, in New Hindustani-English Dictionary but has been overlooked by compilers ever since, resul- 
ting in ludicrous phonetic errors by foreign speakers of the language. The present work which owes a 
lot to that epoch-making lexicon as well as to Farhang-i-Asafiyyah and Nur-ul-Lughat, revives the 
unique feature in addition to presenting many new ones. 

Preference in vocabulary, idiom and pronunciation in this compilation is given mainly to the 
Western dialect of Urdu which is cognate with the various regional languages of the sub-continent. 

A word about etymological notes on various entries in this dictionary. For headwords of Arabic 
origin^ the Urdu form closest to the Arabic root is given as being more serviceable and revealing to 
the ordinary Student of Urdu than the Arabic root itself. English derivatives are not traced further 
beyond, save when of special interest. Other languages of origin are indicated at relevant places. 
Where, however, the derivation is not given, the word must be considered to be purely Urdu in 

The unprecedented reception accorded to this compilation has now encouraged the 
publisher to bring out this edition on photo blocks with the Urdu entries in nasta’liq script rather 
than naskh type. That should serve to make it still more presentable. 

Bashir A ‘Qureshi’ 

Following abbreviations have been used 






















CON i. 






























































in this book : 









plural . 

















which please look up 
derived from 


Pronunciation has been indicated by the following transliteration symbols : 



ct t 


\jt sh 

U n 

/ i 

& s 

if s 

y v 

9 U. 

& j 

& z 

• h 

1 a 

& c M 

* t 

f , 

<£— 1 e 

l h 

S* z 

(S i 

| ai 

t hb 

t ‘ 

& T 

J d 

b gh 


Jl o 


J d 


^ f 1 



jl 00 


) z 


0 q 

Jl au 

J r 

l/ k 


Consonants : 

h. r 

J g 

Accent : 

^ b 

J z 

0 i 

The minute sign 
(') is placed im- 

L-> p , 

V ' 


J zh 

r * 

mediately after 
every stressed 

C/ i 

</ 5 

U n 

syllable to de- 

note accent. 

NOTE : The various letters have been given their Urdu (as dis 
tinct from Arabic) sound values. 









< a'lif vowel first letter of Urdu alphabet 
I (equivalent to English a) initially used 

as carrier for another alif or mad, as '| , I a , 
for tabor, as ) a , for ter, as 1 1 ; for pn± as | u 

medially and finally used to indicate a (Js 
(in jummal reckoning ) 1 ; one. 

•T/i vowel (called a'lif~e^mavidoo'dah) repre- 
' sents a v.i. {imp. of 1*1 v.t. -fr) 
t'T’a int. sound uttered for modulating voice 
' in vocal music or recitation "f < a a int. 
yfdb n.m. (rare) water n>. polish 
• lustre or water (of gems) temper 

; of steel) edge or sharpness (of sword, etc.) 

splendour ; elegcnce dignity ; honour, 
t/v' lsi d'b d'b kar'na v.t put to shame 
Ifc-A ab ho' nay A ^ blush be thoroughly I 
ashamed i^j&'tislab-e a' tasli iahg,j^\us\ib-e 
ataslnn' h m. wine ab a mad 

tayam mum barkhdst' pit. lesser^ things make 
room for greater ones flelwlai djjt'rtd 
v.t. shine get polished 
S ban tab n.m. ^water in which ateej^ is 
tempered d^f^lab-t ai'nah n.f., ' i i'b 

Utar'na v.t. lose^lustre or polish ; fade 
lose honour '^’j'j^lab-t arghavaiA n.m. (fig.) 
wine nOi^sfab-e istadqh n.m. still water 
stagnant waters ab-e^ baqa n.m. 
nectar water oflife y^l^la-be ah mar n.m« v 
(fig.) wine j^h-Jtab-t ahgaor' n.m. wineJkAj'i 
3b~t infe'al' n.m. sweat caused, by shame, bash- 
fulness or remorse c-f'-'t tib-f bti'rah n.m 
Taio-watcr baf'iah n.m. (lit.) ice, 

frozen water i d p bigar ni v.t, loose 

lustre be disgraced (/b}Ji6b-pa\h n.m. (rare) 
watering can^Jv'lfli-pa (arch.) n.f. tm- 
gatlon I'Jtf'iiLslhb-pd'thi kar'na v.t. water 
irrigate (land) usfykt ab-pa^sln ho'na v.t. 

be watered ; br irrigated mb' n r. 

(col.) splendour lustre c-'l db-t tnl'kh 

n.m. (fig.) tears wine tfjtfL-'lab-t jairi 
n.m. running water ^rivulet jf.Ysb'-joo n.f 
streamlet , runnelt/'/w'laft-jort n.m, (arch,) 
soupCI*‘%*? / fdb charha'na v.T. burnish 
polish f^LfXdb-t (h.atji'm n.m. teanf'b’Vi ib-t 
k n ram n.m. wine; liquor us/sZsIib-t ha£ral 
n.m. wistfulncss remorse tS-tfUi ib e 
hayst' ; Jij^Tdb-r ha^oak (ped. -hdytoan ) 
n.m. name’ of a fabulous spring water of 
life ; water of immortality ; nectar^Uw'l ab-t 
khas'sah n.m. (arch.) drinking water set apart 
for royalty, etc.. wlsfr-kfciiWA n.m watet 
repository ab-t khijalrtl N.F sweat 

caused by shame,’ bashfulness or remorse tj/J 
ab'khoteh n.m. earthenware cup V/ft-jf 
ab'khvrr bhnr'vu v.r fill earthenware cup* 
with cold drink as an offering , make an offer- 
ing of cold drinks % uJtdb' -khti ^n .m . & aOj. 
(land) with high water-table jl>f ib'dir n,m, 
butler on* in t arge Of drinking water 
ad|. ■ • lustrous . polished ; burnished * (of 
gent) of high watet . iustrouS ■ well-temper- 
ed (steel) sharp (sword) * kJSj *>t bb'dar 
kha mbnn. ^repository of drinking water 
j, cclia^# ! pb da nab n m (col.) . joh 
employment * means of subsistance lot 
destiny *£<*1 ah -dau n .m. water lbi washing 
• anus and hands after evacuation laving 
water l^j^uTab'-dasi It'na v.t. wash ones 
anus , lave dtit'iih n,m lustre or 

polish^of teeth c ft*^lab-e dahari n.m. saliva 
#>> ) ab-di'dah adj. tearful atv in tears; 
•weeping tyojojil ab-di'dah ho'na v.l. be in, 
tears ; shed tears , have tears in the eyes 
1 ‘/ab-dtdak kar'na v.t bring tears to (some^ 
one’s) eyes ; cause (someone) to weep <si 
3 b dt'na v i. temper (steel) burnish 
polish raih'mat N.m. (fig.) rain; 

much-needed rain salvation ; deliverance ; 
divine mercy 1 ab-rez n.f spoon for 
pouring water into, inkpot place where 
water falls (JbJ^fub-e rava'fi n.m. run-, 
ning water (arch.) lawn ; fine muslinyyw'/ 
ob-e zar' n.m gold water , liquid gold 
u\q£i£-ab-e zar' se likk'ne kt qa'bil ph. golden, 
ab-e zutai n.m. pure clear water^vL/| 
ab-e zam’ zam n m water of the sacred Meccan 
well, Zam Zam ^'/iab'-zfln n.m medieinal 
bath l ’ftf'S.I ab'-zan kar’na^y.r give (some- 
one) medicinal bath ab-e shor' n.m. 

salt water sea A water ‘ ish'rat 

n.m. (fig.) wine i/Tfab -kash n.m. (arch.) 
water-carrier drawer of water 'ab-e 

kau’sar n.m. water of the heavenly river, 
Kaus&r v nectar ; water of life /Ji f ab- 
giZar' n.m (rare) watercourse ffi-s\zb-e gat’m 
n.m. hot water warm water 'jj^L/fab-e 
gulgoofi ' N.M. (fig.) red wine C2?/L'Tab-e gosh’t 
n.m (rare) soup gravy oJjab'-gooft 
adj »" azure burnished f ab-gir n.m. 

(arch.) reservoir (jf. Tab' -gift adj. (of eyes) 
watery , tearful i^fab-e-mlqatftar nj t. dis- 
tilled water ab-e nada mat n.m. sweat 

caused by sh*me or remorse oAfZftj/ojojo" w/ 
36 na-dfdah mau'zah kasHi'dah ph. too 
-crapulous over-cautious e^i^'fab-i-nitq 1 rah 
n.m. quicksilver , mercury £^J/(a b-nai' n.f. 
bowl pipe of hookah tab, (col. 

‘r'^T "Tab tab') N.F splendour lustre >4 

if a! b-o-khir n.m. food and drink 
lj^3' b-o-khir baram ho'na v.i. be greatly 
worried be too, preoccupied yb) ^lab-u 
d&'nah (col. y /*<_✓/ ai> danah) n.m, job 
means of subsistence lot \i£fi^\jji^Tab-o- 
di'nah uth'nd v.i. (of means livelihood)' 
end be transferred (from, a place) be 
about to die jj; if I ab-o da'ne ka zor'^ 
ph. fate , drift of circumstances •r'l 
ib-o-da ve ka got ho’ndy.i. be driven by fate 

01 by means of livelihood ' I ab-o-ratig 

n.m. lustre, freshness or vitality (of face, etc.) 
if t uffab-o-gil' n.m. £ nature (of man, etc.) 

human bgdy matter (rare) mud , 
slush ijf t » *-? iab-o-hava n.f. climate 

l) ab-o-hava' badal'na (or tabdil' kar'na) 
v.i. " have a change of _ climate go^to a 

health resort I’titJ &b-o- 

hav a ras' (or mo'a'-fiq ) (no) ana v.i (of 
climate) (not) to agree jfa' bi ADj 
zb-yz'n n.f. watering ; ' irrigation fjfjjif 
ab-ya ri kar'na v.t. water . irrigate [P] 

j Taba' n.m, pl. ancestors ; forefathers jljglfl < 
j ’ aba" -o-ajdad' n.M. pl. -^ancestors family 
lineage .; ancestry yf’^^llaba-e sjtaih'r 
n.m. city fathers (/Jt^lTaba'e'-ul'vi n.m pl 
(fig.) seven planets ; planets of the solai sys- 
tem 1 } f / abz"i adj. paternal ancestral - 
hereditary [A - sing.wI father] 
t*f abad' adj. populated tarea) culti- 

2 » * vated (land) thriving, prosperous 
happy suf borough ; colony , town 
ubad'-kar n.m. settler ; colonizer pioneer 

colonialist cultivator ;^pne cultivating 

uncommanded land absd-ka'ri n f 

colopization settlement , rehabilitation 

(SJWt \ Bfnizs'm-e abad^ka'ri wx. colonialism 
colonial system tyjjUab&d' raih'na v.i. con- 
tinue to prosper ; thrive (,’fjb'f abad kar'na 
v.t. settle; colonize ‘make (place) 
habitable populate bring uncommanded 
land under the plough I'jT jlT^ ghar abad' 
kar'na v.t. get married * marry if 

abad' ho'na v.i. prosper be, colonized * 
live happily with husband lyf) a bada'ni n.f. 
(arch.) being inhabited prosperity tfjlT 

aba'di n.f. population inhabitants (of 

an area) habitation prosperity C>ljtf 
ftbadiyXal n.f. demography tf ibadiyya’k 
adj. demographic [P] 

» jf'ab'roo n.f. honour prestige cha- 
'*'♦ ' racter fame fo/.T' 

ah' -roo vtar'na (or bigafna Or lena) dis- 
grace ; defame ; dishonour rape ; ratish ; 
violate the chastity (of) ^^fjJ.iab'roo b&chdtna 

v.t. & 1. safeguard (one's or someone’s) 
honour 'roo bakhsh'na v.r. confcr 

honour (on) honour ab'roo 

kfrak nun mila'na, v.t disgrace defame; 



blander ruin (someone’s) character tjfJlrjS I 
Cbab'roo kkak mth mil'na v.i. be disgraced 
have one’s character ruined 
db'roo barh'rta v.i. (of someone) have greater 
honour ; gain more honour l‘ls,jjTab'roo 
banana v.i. build up (one’s) prestige 
cam a good name for ^oneself) I'fcfJVjs'i' 
db'roo par har'f a'na, iZjjtj/j'ab'roo' men 
bat'ta lag'na v.i. be disgracedftjj^ai'roo rakk'na 
v.i. have honour; enjoy reputation^Jj^/ sb'too 
n'tt n.f disgrace humiliation slan- 
der ; calumny rape vf(f roo re'zi 
kar'na v t. disgrace humiliate slan- 
der rape kj/jab'roo ka la’ goo ho’na , 

v.i. try to ruin (someone’s) character 
db'roo kho'na v.i. lose one’s reputation 
tffcab'roo ke pi&ju par'na v.T.^try to ruin ^some- 
one’s) character tab'roo 

jag nufi ra'he to badsha'fii ja'niye prov.* one has 
everything if one’s honour is retrieved-*^// 
a broomand' adj. respectable sU^fsiabroomafi- 
da'nah adj. honourable adv. honourably 
abroomafi'dt n.f. honour respectability 
IP -•“'/water +xi face] ^ . 

(glr’T^h-pa'shi n .f. , /ejlsfab-jiarl n.f. [see under 

• fTdb’doz' n.f., adj. submarine 
doz' kash'd n.f. submarine [P — 
stitch ; pierce] 

^J'yabas’tcnA adj. (lit.) pregnant (with) [P] 

__ A(a 

cataract ; cascade [P~ 


/Al/TdMa'rf n.f. excise 

excise duty distillery 

(fji^l^maib'katna-e ab-ka'ri^HM. 

Excise department [P~ ] 

•Jffab' gi’nah n.m. glass crystaj goblet 

■*£•> winecup ; winebowl ; wineglass IP- wj 

l'7'ab'lah n.m. blister bj[i sb'la pa adj. 

A * having blisters on the feet (fig.) tired ; 
exhausted a'6/e pa"I n.f. (fig.) fatigue; 

exhaustion^^fai'/e reo adj. & n.m. pock- 
marked (person) ^jj^l sb'la roo”i n.f. being 
pock-marked [P] ^ 

t**fab-ns’ n.f straits ab-na’-e basfo'ras 
• n.f. Bosphnis Straits fP«-/7f^(,*pipe] 

fjifabnoos' n.m. ebony fayfabnoos’ ka. 

V ’ kuh'dah n.f. (joe.) fat dark person (f/J 

j&j’T'ab-shar' n.f. (ped. m.) water- 

' fall ■ raiararr • raerarlp I IF 


of ebony 

jTVfci adj. aquatic 
OJ moist light blue b 

abnoo'si adj. 
black [P] 

; water marine 
bread made from meal 
kneaded in water in place of milk -^-bun foSfjf 
abi bur'j n.m. pl. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 
as three signs of zodiac supposed to be watery 
in nature tlfS'tfJa'bi har'f n.f. letter(s) t btfo ji 
(/ y /j ,/supposed to be watery in nature 


-tfsbys'na n.m. water cess ; charges for 
'a* - supply of irrigational water [~P ] 

jTa p pron. (polite, fpr) you self 

? ' 

most welcome you bring us good fortune 

apne pa" oft par kalhs'n 
mar'na, I.^Ta 'p apni qab'r kkod'ns prov. 

dig one’s own* grave Ig'/eflfgpV*' 3 P' a &&b e 
jahan' adL'fhfra,ildf la jfcjJgr l jS'iap' bba'le to 
jag' bha'la prov, good mind good find 
"ijVyglap' bka'tl adv. (rare) according to one’s 
own'pleasure (%'rffnp' Wd autobiography 
story of one’s own suffering 
( 2 Jf)&P' ja'nth ap' ka kam' (ja'ne) ph* “you 
do as you like that’s none of my business 
fchurade ap ' mars' dt ph. 
(W. dial.) selfish (person) (one) posing 
to be happy despite povertyt^U^j/j^Jf^f' 
ap 4 al’ dal' nun't pat' pat ph* f am more, 
than a match for you in cleverness <^1 

Wap doo'be to jag 400'ba, Cr.'SJyi 

, ftflV a P' Qb'dah jahan zip.' dak ap' mar' doh jahan' 
mUr’doh, \/^jQf£jfig\ap' mU’e to jig mlCa 
prov. death’s day is doomsday^a^i ap' se ph. 

from you of you adv. by itself ; by one- 
self so ap ADV. by itself of its 

own 'accord voluntarily spontaneously 
unsolicited n\ontl!j‘J r t^S>*gXap' se a'bo 
ho'n 3 ph. be debased^^^V^^ se &*** 
ja'na v.i. renounce oneself (of someone) 
be no longer of use to anyone gfrspdOQtif! 

ap ka ba'yah qa'dam Hjiyt ph (iron.) lje » a 
pastmaster in fiaudulence /Vr its/ 

nta'ha faj prov. self-done is vyell done- jglfigf 
^r~Q%ap’ ka kya' bigar'ia hmjn. you* don't 
stand to lose^^fci^t^/^S^lap* ka pas' (or 
mala' baza or muhh) hoi ph. it is only for your, 
sake ; it if just out of respect (orregard) forytm 



dr i 

ftsfap' ku ( Qp'na ) ghar' hai ph. feel 
yourself at perfect ease in my house J<~/f a p' ko 
pron. oneself to you ap' 

ko ssmsn par khetikh'na v.i. give 'oneself airs; 
put on airs a p' ko bP.ool' ja'fla y.i, 

forget one’s ’humble beginnings Mb/ ^Idp' 
ko /ta'-na v.T. make a correct appraisal of one- 
self VC^jJj/^tap' ko door' kkehehrav.r. keep 
oneself aloof (from someone) through pride, 
(etc.) Sp’ kj> dabo'ns v.T. ruin one- 
self (I'XfTkj ap ko kho'nn (or kho s’ ns 

lose oneself (inV (fig.) become oblivious 
of oneself k!m"e bil'R ko 

bats' t ph. lay own blamcat another’s door ; 
shift blame to escape censure I ap' 

ke hah (or’ya'hsti) adv. a at your place ' in 
your milieu *j \J ~ l P' 
miysh soo'bedar , ghar men bl’vi jkoh'ke ‘ bh a r 
prov. one putting on airs with penury pre-_, 
vailing at home 

ap' miysh maiig'ta (or nah'ge) bs'har kha're 
danesh' prov. what help can a penurious per- 
son render the needy ^jb/ij}^j\<-/\ap hart 
bil'H ko ma re ph. a bad workman quarrel 
with his tools making a scapegoat of some- 
one ‘sr'*(#W S P' hi tl P' ADV • all alone alt 

by ^oneself by itself spontaneously. 
~'&r<JjC£ap' hi kijoo'tiyoh ka sad'qahhai ph. 
it is. all due to you (or your training, etc.) 
thanks to you^-^f^*^4til^*-'7ap' hi ms' re 
sp hi &Uln"e prov. culprit pretending inno- 
cence dja'pl pron. (also ( s’ pi ap') by 

himself (etc.) ( ^7^^?) ' 

’ifZ'ptf n.f. elder sister a' tr kl s' pa 
V n.f. simple woman " simpleton 
y i /s' pa n.m. self one’s senses; self- 

* I control gla>jbfa'pa dka'pi n.f. selfish 
scrambleH Irf^tfa'ps satibhat'na v.i. come to 
(one’s) senses ^VyiyJb^dJts'pe se bs'har ho'ns 
v.i. be beside oneself ‘(with rage) ; fly into 
a passion ,be in ecstacy l‘l s'pe meit 

s’rm v.i. come to one’s senses T 3 'pe meii 

ha' ns v.j. be in one’s senses. “ * y 

P/a'pes n.f. mutuality (used only as 

S' pas is'r% n.f. brotheihood 
relations fj^ts'pas ks adj. mutual 
intemal / >U< , lf' t ^fr 3' pas ks mu'.amaleh PH.^our) 
private affair ; (our) internal affair s' pas 
meh adv mutually privately’ between 

ourselves v-s between friends together 

a pas tneii raihns v.i. live together 
(peacefully, etc.) ifii a pan ADJ. (rare) mutual 

sTa/tf pron. (cont. of (see under 

pron. if) 

Ap fs'tash (pop. a’lish) n.f. fire ; conflag- 
{J I ration anger; rage; passion 
firebrand iitpljtfi itash-afza rah n.m. (arch.) 
rocket j^yi(y*Tstash-afroz' adj. kindling 

seditious N.M. fuel incendiarj ^ mis- 
chief-monger (fiffifatash-af'gan, j Tajinp- 
ahdaz' adj. fire-spitting n.m. spitfire 
stash-aiigez’ adj. jncendiary stirring up 

fire seditions jUi^latOsh-bar' adj. raining 
fire fiery n.m. ‘( arch.), musket tinder-box 
jUpijs'tash-bsz N M. fireworks, exhibitor or 
manufacturer ; pyrotechnist .yj t^Satash-bs'zi 
N.F. fireworks ; pyrotechnic lash-bayah' 
adj. fiery (speaker) I s'taxh-ba yani n.f. 

being a fiery speaker yjjJ^ipT's'lash-e be-dood' 
N.F.Jfig.) wine sun rage 
jJfalash-pa'rah n.m. spark 
"(fig.) beauty (fig.) provoker of 
quarrels adj. quarrelsome^r/aftuG 
parast' n.m. fireworshipperj Gue-^ 
bre ; Magus ; Zoroastrian 

sla.du-paras'ti n.f. ftreworship j&j^a'lash- 
pai kar n.m. creature -of fiery region sun 
l£t yfa 'tosh-paima n.m. pyrometer Sjsf 
a’tash-e tar' n.f. .(fig.;-, wine lips of a 
pretty woman tm "a’tash-e char kh' N.f; 
(rare) aurora fj^/lp^pjatash-e kltaniosh v.T. 

extinguished fire (fig.) dormant passion 
v Lr i/fa tash-kha 'r\ah n.m. (arch.) fire ,tem-^ 
pie fireplace powder-magazine J' ( 
s'lasp-khon adj. fiery itash-khar^ 

fire-eater red-legged partridge 
Stash-dsn’ n.m. fireplace hearth 
a'fash-rukh adj. rosy-checked 'JJ t s' lady-rex! 
adj. fire-spirting incendiary quarrel- 
inciting (jljfj* l a' taeh-zabsii adj. fiery 
(speaker jgte&ia'ta.di-za'dagi n.f. fire ; conflag- 
TTA'ionbj^fta' tas^-zadah adj. burnt out 
gut ted tPj^ts' tash-zan' n.m. one committing 
arson (arch.) touchwood a' tash-za ni 
n.p arson l/j{ytat<ish &'r-e pa adj. restless 
Jh-^yfd'tashs sayyal' n.f (fig ) wine ortf 


a' tart *-sh«uq‘ (or ishliyaq') N.f. ^strong 
desire (to meet, etc.) passion tffrXa'tnA- 
lab" adj. hot-tempered ; irascible pas- 

sionatc (jl^y^fa'taA-fishafi 1 adj (ire-spitting 
n m (also ‘tash-Jishati pahar') 

volcano a’ tasJi-Jisha'rA n.f. raining 

fire being a firebrand Jlfj£tf'£p7a'tash k& 
per ks'lah n.m. beauty ; beautiful woman 
too clever person jj&'fa tash-kadah n m. 
fire-temple . (fig.) very „hot place adj 
scorching gruelling tash-gir adj 

combustible n.m (arch.) pair of tongs #j lJPt 
atasji-gir mad'dah n.m. combustible matter 
'tash-mizaj' adj. fiery ill-tern-^ 
peredJp^pfa'tasJi-mKa'ji n.f. irascibility 
alash-nak[ adj fiery ^iUfSlash-ns'ki n.f. being 
fiery (/^ffifatash-e-naf s' n.f. (fig.) lust 
atash-e namrood’ n.f Nimrod’s pyre (lighted in 
bid to burn Abraham) lj(y^fa'tash-nava adj. 
fiery (speaker, singer etc.) ’fif}Q J fa'tash-nava"i 
n.f being 2 fiery speaker (etc.) Ta' tu- 
sh} adj. of fire fiery hot 
ble burning (glass) -AtriyT 
a'tasja ski' shah n ,m. _ convex lens : 
burning glass a tasla'ai'nak 
n.m. (arch.) convex lens set in ring 
ADJ._ of or like fire 
** incendiary^j^/a'tarWn as'lehah 
(ped as'lehah n.m. pl. firearms 
jfy&f ataskifi khoo' adj. passionate iras- 
cible [P] , - 

jZiTat'shak (ped. a'tashak) n.f. syphilis 

at' shaky a n.f. (col.) syphilitic [P-^/l 
£"( at'ma n.f. (H. dial-.) soul life [S] 

a' too,, (jjXatoon N.F (arch.) female 

* ' teacher ; governess [T]. 

i b'Yata n.m flour; mealt/l/3'ta kar’ia 

* ‘ v.t reduce to powder ; pulverize 

fyuflfmu f list meh a'ta gi'la ho'na ph. be in 

trouble be despondent ilpjLfl^l'ii.Ta'te dal 
ka bka"o bats' na v.t take to task ^_T 

dal ha bha" oma'loom ho ja'tia 
v.t, get into hot water Jt’(f(Jb!eL~ia'te dal' ki^ 
fik'r ph. worry for bare necessities of life 1 f 
PipjV'tl'te ka karkha'oa n.m flour mill 
at'r m a' pa n.m. (se ' under if n.f. it) 
a'te ki bil’li n . f . apparent and not real danger 
!&) nth rta'mak (or noon ) ph 

just a pinch very little stuff 

a'te meti na'mak kt bara'bar adj & adv 

little not much 

/»\, A \a tam pa tam adv scattered all over 

JjvTst^ n. & adj eight ksJr^ltfljrXa'ih. ath 
& " ah' soo ro'na v.i. shed a flood of tears ; 
weep bitterly CDjr^XafX^faih ath afisoo. 
rula'na v.i. cause to weep bitterly tjlSlJft 
ath atlha'rah attha'is ph. eighth, eighteenth, 
twenty-eighth (as J inauspicious’ dates of the 
month) jls?jjL%fa th bar' nau uhvar’ prov. 
too frequent revelry y^cj^jath paihar' 
a'thofi paihar' adv. day and night all 
the time ; constantly all the twenty-four 
hours a ** (or a'thofi paihar’ 

soo'li par raih'na v.i. be in constant, trouble , 
suffer unmitigated trouble^, y/i( I ath ko'niya 
adj. (col.) octagonal l»T ath kham'ba n.m. 
(arch.) eight-pillared canopy C >tlf jSsTith. 
ghafi'te ka din ph. eight hour working dayt^f 
aih ma'sa Ctljaflathvaiisa adj. (child) 
born after eight months ; premature 
child field continually ploughed for 
eight months for ^ sugar-cane lath' van 
adj. -eight ^ athofi ka nu'lah n.m. 
(dial.) post-‘Holi’ festival ; Lucknow festi- 
val celebrated on eighth day after ‘Holi’ 
(Jj£( tijjrtatk (or a du>n) gaftk 
kumait' (or kamaid ') ph. horse with all the 
eight leg-joints strong (fig.) shrewd veteran, 
i Tf asar' n.m. pl. signs ; symptoms 
J l~l tokens traces footprints vestiges 

remains relics effects ; impressions 

bases Traditions of the Holy Pri phet 

breadth orwall 'hsa'r-Us-sanadid' 

n.f pl. relics of the aniuents jsjttasa'r e-bad 
n.m. pl. ominous signs ifjfjllasa'r-e qadi’mah > 
Jajfjtfasa' r : c ‘att'qah n.m. PL. archaeolagical 
finds ytJSjiljjPmaih'kama-e asa'r-t^ qadi'mah 
n.m. archaeology department CVlSjf/ asa'r-e 
qiya’mat n.m. pl. signs of the* Day of Judg-^ 
ment; signs of the doomsday’s approach 
asn’ r-mutahajjar ah n.m pl fosses 
nek ' n.m. pl, good omens (A -sing. J 
r jiff osar' n.m pl (ped.) seers (P-siNOy^ | 

ssam' n.m (pi ofpjN.M -^*) 


sinner adj. sinful (person) 

J i a sim n.m. sinner adj. sintul (person) 

Z | aj n.m. & adv. today this day 
U fQAK/f£*j' ba'ras to pkir na bar'soohga 
ph. (about heavy downpour) It shall rain 
with full force tonight Taj -tak adv. 
till now yet tar' to (or 

save' re) adv. early this morning ^.g,faj' se ph. 

from today henceforth hence 
( tfftr VMij&fyif* aj' ka karri kal' par 

dal'na (er (jjhor’na or fifia rakh!na ) v.x. 
shirk work put of work procrastinate 
; bfef&Taj ktdhar' ka cbafid' nik'la ph. 

wonderful, how did you care to v call after 
such a long time kis' ka 

nmh de'kha (tka) ph. what an inauspicious 
person did you (etc.) come across this' morn- 
ing ? I ka ' re 8* kal PJ' e 8* PROV - 
as you sow so shall you reap iftT a j ka ^ 

adv. these days n.m. nowadays modern, 
times present-day world 
2Z1 Laj'kal ba'rah ba'ras ki bit'ya bar mah'ge 
prov. (col.) even quite young girls are sexy 
these days &faj' kal kar'na v.i. procrasti- 

nate (jt (/&faj'kal meii adv. in a day or two 
2ls 4 kt aj' kesatk 
kal ki kal' ke sath! prov. think of today, and, 
tomorrow will take care of itself 
J*(f6aj' kya ja'/I dvn'ya de'kki thi PH. did the 
thought of death make you on me after such 
a long absence ke tkvpe 

aj' h i na’hifi jal'te prov. everything takes its 
own time )^/^Taj' ma're (or mfl’r) ! 

kal doos'ra din prov. the dead are soon for- 
gotten *J>. y 

aj' men makg'ni kal' men biyah', toot' 
ga"i mafig'nt rath' ga'ya biyak' prov. there is 
many a slip between the cup and the lip / t ^\ 

110 ke kal ' (ho' ke ra'he ga) 
ph . * today or tomorrow (happen it must) ; 
inevitable even though late ' i 

hat so kal' nalnh prov. do not leave till to- 
morrow what you can do today 
IV | a'ja'na v.t. (see under 1‘lv.i. if) 

f rUffS' ehf&lt n.r. sound of sneezing b'fdtf 
achhSfi' kar'na v.i. sneeze [ono.J 

’\akh tkoo n.f. sound of hawking int. 
y & pooh tuih£/Jj£/akh' tkoo kar'na v.i. 

hawk detest [ono. j 

-Jfakh'tah adj. Gastrated emasculate^ 
^ v/zrTakh' ta kar'na v.t. emasculately^^ 
akh'ta to'ns v.i. be emasculated 
y- 7'a'khir adv. at last ; at length in 
* ' the end ultimately adj. last 
later final ultimate n.m. end yi con- 
clusion termination IS'fa'khir-ul-am'r 
conj. & adv. eventually ; ultimately 
after all at last ; at length (jiyiipfa'fcfar-s*- 
zaman' adj. last ; final ct'Sfa'khir-biii adj. 
far sighted (person) fyjkfa'kfur dam adv. 
ultimately ; at the last moment tyjrfa'khirash 
conj. & adv. at last ; at length after 
aW^fa'khir-t shab adv. in the early hours 
of the morning j&fa'khir-e kar, (col. a'kkir 
kar) adv. & conj. at last ; at length 
eventually ; ultimately alter all Vj^f 
akhir kar'na v.t. bring to an end 
akhir vaqt {met) adv. at the eleventh hour 
trStylz'khir ho'na v.i. end be pushed to 
the extremity^/'/ a'khifi (col. akh'rl) adj. 
last ultimate ... extreme khiri 

(or akh'rf) diahar' sham'bak last Wednes- 
day of ‘Safar.’ when the Holy Prophet re- 
covered from final illness (popularly supposed 
to be a day of rest) ; Last Wednesday 
a khiri didar' n.m. last glimpse a' khiri 

fai'salah n.m. final decision Crj(fjfo' khiri oaqt' 
n.m. closing time (of) (fig-) eleventh 
hour last breadth (fig. ) closing years of, 
Mfei/^la'khirifl adj. last latest fsJ'J'f 

a' khiri fi dam! n.m. last gasp adv. last of all 

at the last moment [AJ 
V7a 'khirat n.f. next world life after 

' death ; the Hereafter doomsday fel 
(bjl/'ljij^&Jlap'ni a'khirat biga r'na (or 
sahoar'na) v.i. do an evil (or good) deed so as 
to mar (or make) one’s future life [A ~ 

■ ^T'akhor' N,F - (arch.) stable (fig.) 
J/ ' worthless stuff t (fig.) sweepings tfjjtf 
Hi/fakhor' ki bkar’ti n.f. worthless stuff 
sweepings f P l ^ 

•~?akhMhd' •ydf'lakhun' n.m. (arch.) 

Ayr teacher instructor teaching, recita- 
tion of the Holy Quran [T] 

j 'Yadab' n.m. pl. greetings ; compli- 
monts salutation rules or etiquette 
(of) good manners mores int. good- 

morning (etc.) good-bye Ol adab' 

ba-ja la'na, adab' ‘ arg kar'na v . t . 
pay one’s respects (to) greet ; wish 
adab ' ‘ar’z n.m. greetings regards 
good morning (etc.) /? & dab-e-mahjil 

n.m. pl. etiquette i~>Ql£^l7lada'b-o*alqab' n.m. 
pl. courtesy title (in letters, etc.) 
adab-o taslimdt' n.m. pl. compliments ; wishes; 
regards [A ~ sing, a ^ 

£/*{adarsJ>' n.m, (dial.) ideal (fijl adarsln 
sj s)' adj . ideal idealistic [S] 
t*jjfa'dam n.m. Adam human being 
a 'dam-e sa'nl n.m. (appellation of) 
Noah jy^jfs'dam-e-khaki n.m. mortal human 
being jS’fjla'dam khor adj , man-eating, 
cannibal’stic n.m. man-eater ; cannibal yljfJl 
a dam zM n - m . human being (as^distinct from' 
supernatural being) jljfsl PfJl a dam tia a dam 
ZSd' int . (wilderness with) not a trace of man 


» /m fad'mi (ped. S'damt) n.m. man per- 
V^'son; human being individual 
(W. dial.) husband ; man servant man 
follower ; retainer intelligent person 
brave man ordinary human being hu- 
man race ; mankind (II) foth (12) public adj. 
grown-up ; adult 

ad' mi aii'tar ko'i H'ra ko’i kaii'kar prov_ no 
two persons are alike among men some are 
jewels, some are pebbles ad'mi banana 

v.i. teach manners humanize civilize 
discipline 7 £ LI (fjTad'mi an*aj ka 

ki'ra hai ph. man lives by bread alone ; 
cereal are must for mankind IL ad' mi 
ban ja'na v.i. learn good manners have 
sense of responsibility come to one’s senses 
- ^r?tfj)ad‘ n& pichke adj . per head one 
by* one severally 

ad'mi ckeh're se paikcha na ja ta hai prov.* the 
face is the index of the mind tip 

ad'mi so/fbat se paihcka na j a ta 'hat prov. a 
man is known by the company he keeps 1 j/{j7 

IT? * I );.)$> I ad’mi (or ad’miyob) ka jab.' gal 
n.m. thickly populated place L*7^’ 0 r'ty 
ad'mi ke libas’ met a‘na v.t. appear in ‘human 
form ; assume human visage 
ad’mi kuchk kko' kar hi sikh'la hai prov 
man learns by his mistakes (fjf 
*^-}Zad'm netakhir to kact'cha hi ‘doodh piya 

hat prov. to err is human tfjidrdba're ad’mi 
n.m. pl. gentry big guns classes^J^?* 

mashi'ni ad’mi n.m. robot automaton &/$ 

a’dmiy'yat n.f. good sense human nature 
good manners ; civility ; courtesy fellow- 
feeling ; commiseration magnanimity 
humanity (age of) discernment 
adamiy'yat ana, adamiy'yat pakar'na 

v.i. become civilized Jearn courtesy or 
civility come to one’s senses^ reach the 
age of discernment ClfjgdC*/H(4A’^J)(d&n'ya 
se) adamiy'yat utk ja'na v.i. (of world, etc.) 
become inhumane ; be a very bad world to 
live in (,*.( cg&fyladami/ytat meft ana v.i. see 
reasolifl'IpjnjfojCeirtzSjiadamiyyae se gUzar'na 
(or guzar ja'na) v.i. behave improperly 
act inhumanlyft'llJ'LjilJ&yJadamiy'yat sikka'na 
(or sikkla'na) v.t. civilize render hu- 
mane polish teach politeness or good, 
manners bring (someone) to his senses C*/)\ 
j I’Jadamiy'yat kar na (or se kam’ 
le'na) v.i. behave nicely 

adk adj. half (hour, seer ctc.)»j1tmX\ek 
^ * adk (sec under t^Cfpt) ^ 

i *7 a'dka adj. (f. if jf a' dhi) half 1*jIU>jI 
' a'dka a’dka divided into ^equal parts 
half-and-half; fifty-fifty 
a'dka ti'tar a’dka bater ph. neither fish nor 
flesh nor good red herring worthless or 
ludicrous jumble fj£U L»jl a'dka sa'jka n.m. 
equal share (fTfj’tlijbrji'adka (or a dhi) sf si 
n.f. (W. dial.) hemicrania t/U>T a'dka kar'na 
halve divide into two parts bisect 
f* l' (try t a'dka nam N.m. not full name 
a'dka ho'na be reduced to skin and bone ; 
become lean ; grow lank decrease in size 
fjlO-dfy'adkob adk adv. half and half ; fifty 
fifty (C'&lfjTa'dhl bat sun'na v.i. not to 
hear in full (rush to implement) without^ 
hearing full instructionsfXfi 

U> e^jJ’jTa'dhi etjkor sa'ri ko ja"e (or 
arch, dka’e) a' dhi rahe na sa'ri pa'e PROV. 
catch at the shadow and lose the substance ; 
grasp- all, lose all rfjyjfjta'dhl dar'jan ADJ. & 
n.f. half a dozcnfjl&l/fftytil&l/Jty&'dkl 
ratldkar a dhi rat iidkar' adv &. n.m. (at) 
about mid-night (fJ/'l'X- 1 J b tf» 1 

lid a' dhi rat ko jama"* a" t sbam' hi se mkih 


a f* 

si A 

phula'e prov. count the chickens before they 
are batched pet adv. hungry 
< not having eaten to the fill SZ-iTa'dhe 
• a s'te melt adv. midway ( /l),jij^fe-dS-}ia'dkt 
:e kjtc&k ziya'dah (or kam ) ph. a' little more 
(or . less) than half 
i/^yfadfnah N.M. (rare) Friday [P] 

a’dit n.m., jfota 'ditiiig n.f. audit Jgi\ 
a' ditar n.m. auditor [E] 

*'7a ’tflr n.m. (lit.) fire ninth month of 
Persian calendar (corresponding to De- 
cember [P]^ ^ 

(or jtjil) a'ziqah n.m. (same asJjyfN.M.^) 

I V 

j f ar n.f. awl 

f ,^ar n.m. this side (of river, etc.) 

•*' ke ar' kar'na v.t. transfix " 

»' Y ar N.F. (arch.) shame bashfulness 

Jr [~A cor.] 

i'ra (ped. . a r'rah) n.m. frame- 
fJl saw (Ci£~j 1‘OrljJ'a'rs chala'na w! 

(or kkeh&na) v t saw l "Jr/yS^-jT 
a' re sir par (jiaCna V.t. be 
fortured be tormented rj*oj\ar'ra 
Irtish n.m. sawyer 

•'l jY 3TS ’ N r - ( pL - °f ^ N F ★) 

i" "f ara' suf. adorning em- 
U I bellishing gracing lj\ % 

ara » suf. 
ting up 




paras' iagi n.f. decoration adorn- 
ig U’mcnt arrangement preparation 
~*-^Tjlaras'toh JZsJgfzsffi'ara' sta pairas'tah adj. 

adorned ; tfocoratcd ; bedecked arrang- 

ed equipped prepared [P~t/^VT| 

Y sram' n.m. cure rest respite 

\'J 1 repose comfort convenience 

relief ease health ij'ffjlaram pains v.i. 

be at ease get all sorts of comfort f/j/ 

aram f ^pa' , i n.f. (W. dial.) (arch) a kind of 
high-heeled wide-toed shoe (jUfulara'm-e jail, 
(Jjfhfara'm-e dil', fblb dil a ram' n.m. sweet- 
heart ; beloved c£?(t/T aram ’ .jhaiit n.m. 
peace of mind rest vJi, £,} )fU r Mj)ar am 
harsm' r (or tal'kh) kar'na v.t. & i. make 
life hell for ; give hell to have no rest^jbfpT 
aram'-dah n.m. basket for betel leaves ; 

betel-basket small domed betel-box 
I i>!i)aram' pahvhdla'na (or dt'na) v.t. give 
relief allay give comfort give rest 
put at ease £Z-^\tSatam st adv. gently 
carefully softly. ±J*(fjTaram'-ta'lab, 
aram -pasahd' adj. slothful lazy ; idle 

indolent n.m. indolent person lotus- 
eater (ftyliTar am' - la’ lain, (f J ^(tjTarzm'-pasafi'di / 
n.f. indolence slothfulness •—> ytffuT 
sram' ka asbab n.m. (rare) ^furniture I 

aram-kur'si n.f. easy chair^fliaram' kar’na 
respectful or ironical Cljkfijlsram' forma' na 
v.i. rest; take rest . redine go 
to bed sleep fjjjffljlaram ki 

roo'khi hazar' ne‘' mat hai PRoy. a little in quiet 
is the best of all diet nlfft) lar am' -gah n.f. 

(also aram-gah) grave ; 

tomb ; mausoleum (rare) rest house 
(rare) bed chamber CLSijfljlJ'ko arsni ho' 
jii’na v.i. (of someone) have more peace 
be relieved U—zfjTdrami' dah adj. (lit.) re- 
posing at ease at rest 

^ara'ish n.f. decoration adornment , 

(J Ul bedecking orderly arrangement 
(of shop-window) dressing (f^uiara’ishi adj. 
decorative [P~ (Sift] 

| Y dr' par adj. pierced through 
J*,J > across from one end to the other 
"« Y ar't'i N.F. Hindu religious rite compris- 
J • ing offering, etc. to idol ; idol-worship 

[ s ] ^ 

b "fan N.M. art*-Ofar'»ut n.m. artist 

artiste u^^iartis'tik adj. artistic [E] 

ar'tikal n.m. article [E] 

i Y at' -jar n.f. coming and going ; constant 
Jrf A movement of people both ways 
yYJfy fach'-bt'shap n.m. archbishop [EJ 

yj\drd n.m. (ped.) flour ; meal [P] 

bYar'Zar n.m. order t^,*jlar'4ar buk n.f. 
Jiir order book Jr'rfar buk karri na 

v.i. book an order ujjjZJtar'dar dt'na v.t. 
place an order (with) [E] 

n.f. wish ; desire , longing m- 
yearning love 
request ^want, 

(10) hope (11) trust (12) expectation VS/.tial 
ar'z°o bar a'na v.X. (of desire) be fulfilled jJjf 


^clination solicitude 
presumption faith 

fyJuZaf'zoo khak' meii mil ja'rta v.i be 
frustrated have the hope shattered J'cJjjJJt 
ar'zoo dil ki di!' meii raih'na v.l. not 
to have one’s hope fulfilled t "Xij/K'jjjiaj'zoo 
ka khoon' ho'na v.i. be greatly disappointed 
V/ijjiar' zoo kar'na v.i. desire long for 

yearn ar' zoo-maiid ad|. wishing; 

desirous importunate eager aspiring 
intent (on) concexned^^jjjtar' zoo-man di 

n.f. eagerness desire yearning 
wistfplness. concern [P] 

(fjlar'si n.f. small mirror set in ring 
worn on thumb ; mirrored thumb-ring 
mirror : looking-glass 
ar'st mils' haf n.f. wedding rite 
comprising new couple’s mutual 
introduction . 

ar'r? mils' Jiaf dikha'na (or dikfilana\ v.t seat 
bride and groom beside or opposite each other 
Under improvised canopy or sheet with a look- 
ing-glass and a copy of the Holy Quran be- 
tween the couple 

‘f/jtarogft' n.m. (rare) belching ; eructation 
iCj i a'fi n.f. small saw [dim. of 

In J 

are iNT. (lit.) yes ; yea 
l a re bale kar'na 
v.i. (arch.) procrastinate [P] 
j i ar'yah,Ljlar'ya n.m. & adj. Aryan 
** member ol modern reformist but fanati- 
cal Hindu sect & b*~ji zr'yali samzf n.f. name 
of this sect ; Ary a Samaj jl J l'arya”i adj. Aryan 
[S noble] 

ar n.f. cover shelter protection 
subterfuge pretence ambush (Ait) 
or le’na v.i. take cover or shelter (behind) 
l£jTar' meii adv. behind (lying) in am- 
bush under cover (of) under the 
pretence (of) 

rVrs adj. (f. tfjs a'rt) frilled 
(trousers) inclined , bent 
athwart awry diagonal ; 

transverse cross oblique 
crooked I’jflfj'ltl a*rs tir’etka ho'na 
v.i. be enraged l 'f^XT(^(ke)a're a'na v.i. 

stand (someone) in good stead in time of 
need protect ; shield ha'thofi 


le'na v.t chide ; scold ; upbraid run 
do^n ^ 

jyii'T d'ra go'ra n.m. refuse; sweep ingstft/lJr 
v a'ra S°'f l n.f. name of a trick in wrestling 
‘tlla'ruo n.m. pea.clt*}l(^?.L)(j^chakai ' t (or chaptz ) 
a'roo n.m. Hat peach 
£+ jpj\aT\at, n.f. commission agency 

sale bv commission brokerage ; 
commission '(/"jizrkii , (pop.L^yTsrA'nja) n.m. 

commission agent broker correspon- 
dent ; agent 

) Ijl aZad' adj. independent free 

liberated at large scot-free un- 
controlled n.m. a class of mendicants who 
regard themselves as above religious precept 
and practice hermit freeman free 
thinker jjjljl aZad'-rau, jjt)ljlaZa'da-rau ADJ. 

bold unbigoted liberal; liberal-mind- 

ed n.m. libertine free-thinker 
aZad'-tab“, cr^ljfazad'-manish' adj. & n.m. 
undaunted person liberal-minded ; liberal 
libertine LV'lfjlyTsca*/' ka son'ta ADJ. (W. 
dial.) saucy I'ljksO'i'aZad 'katana v/r. liberate 
(jerson, territory, etc.) I'/ sljl azad’ kar'na 
v.T. liberate free discharge, I'jfjlyl 
azad' ho'na v.i. be free (to) be set a 

liberty be independent win indepen- 

denceyljljtszada nah adj. free ; independent 
adv. freely unfettered ; unhindered 
freely expressed azad ana ra'e, n,f. 

free opinion ; independent view Jj(/T 

aza dagl n.f. (arch.) freedom ; libertytfjljT 
' aza'di n.f. freedom ; liberty liberation 

« independence (rare) discharge (from 

prison, etc.) manumission enfranchise- 
ment azadi-khah adj,. freedom-lov- 

ing n.m. freedom-fighter [P] 
jirfazar' n.m. malady malaise woe 

suf. annoying tsjl!/lazar'-deh adj. annoy- 
ing , irksome ; teasing azai' -dehi' 

torment bitterness ; irksomeness tpu/i/acar' 
annoy gall^/iasa'ri 
annoying galling [P| 
annoyed dejected 
troubled distressed 
glum (Jiss/Aazur'da- 
dil, jj'jUzur’ da-khz' tir adj. dejected 
troubled in mind displeased annoyed 

de'nz v.i torment 
suf. tormenting 
g jjyf aziir'dah ADJ. 

uneasy gloomy 

glpomy sorrowful despondent tsjA 

a£Ur'da-di'lX,(JJ’{rt)j'jlaziir'da kha /iri'N.F. 
displeasure annoyance sadness : dejec- 
tion i'/ aiur' dah kar'na v.i. ^isplease 
annoy afflict trouble azur'dah 

ho'na v.i. be displeased be annoyed 
be sad ; be defected ifv fiat ur'dagi n.f. dis- 
pleasure annoyance sadness ; dejection 

trouble ; distress [P 

l *\,Jlazma na v.t. test; prove try 

experiment scrutinize [ -~ Hsb/jiTtry] 
Aj, .7 awa"iij! n.f. trial > ^ test 

{J * J I examination proof IbTjJ’ISfazma’ 
ish-o khala n.f. trial and error [P - prec.] 

azmoa'dah tried tested experi- 
encetfffyQyrflfrjIazmoo'da rs azmoo'dan 
jah'l ast prov. it would be absurd to try again 
what has already proved a failure T 

azsnoo’da kar adj. experienced skilled ; 
practised veteran n.m. veteran [P ~ prec.] 
/ £jyf{or‘ / >}hor‘jjj'orJ if) azoo'qah n.m. (arch.) 

bare sustenance meagre pittance 

[ P U 

V ss n.f. Hope expectation prop 
supporting voice ip vocal concerts 
a'saulad' va'la n.m. & adj. (one) blessed with 
children if, ££ -f. £■’>/$ l/j-f as 

para"i voh take jo ji'te hi mar ja" prov. sus- 
pense is worse than death I'jHfji.if* as poo ri 
ho'na v.i. have one’s hope fulfilled L'jjjfas 
tor'na v.t. disappoint £ t&j l ) fail (/fas 

haSidh'na (or rakh'na or lag' us - ) v.t. cherish 
hopet(*Vt / 1 as bafidkarta v . t. raise hopScfWt^i/* 
as toot' na{orj ati raihha)v. i.(of hope) shatter 
t it ha v.t. raise hope solace 
sing as a supporting voice a'sa (col.) adj. 
hopeful fSjl'l a sq jilyt mra sd mdre 

prov. but for hope, the heart would break 

Is I asa' suf. like [P] 

^ttasan' adj. easy simple con- 
(Jlsl venient LJ^lfasa'n kar' na v.i. simplify 
make easy remove difficulties 
ttsa'rit n.f. ease simplicity con- 
venience if as&’hi j t adv. easily ; with- 

out much difficulty (P) 

*Sasa"ish n.f. comfort facility 
(✓ ease calm repose ; rest tran- 

quillity (life of ) luxury [P-c^lrest] 

as' pas adv. near , nearby in 
the neighbourhood (of) 
ka'hin as' pas adv. somewhere near here 
^jl^rfas'tan. ci&mstan' ,slZ'iasta’nah n.m. 

(fig.) shrine ; mausoleum (lit.) 
threshold (of saint, superior, etc.) abode ; 
residence^ O^sj^ias'lnh bos' n.m. devotee 
(f'j/'ljC'l as' lah bo' si n.f. humble visit 

paying one’s homage [P] 
cZ^sas'te adv. (col.) gently , softly 
slowly [P. ~ / £-?7cor.] 
lastin' (occ Pjj&ias'tTh) 

** sleeve ‘cuff 

a stin' pakar'na v.t. kick up a yearn 
row buttOn-hole (someone) l‘ibfcl*?'lastin 
jhar'na v.i. give away everything re- 
nounce the world lastin' ka safip' 

n.m. hidden enemy ; snake in the grass 
lastin' meft sattp , pal'na v.t. 
maintain someone who is bound to betray one 
later lastinefi sharka'na v.i. tuck 

up one’s sleeves (fig.) get ready to fight [P] 
-r' as'ra n.m. support ; stay ; prop help 
hope trust refuge ; shelter 
means of subsistence I'lsjyl as’ja bana'na V.t. 
depend (on) as'ra takna 

(or dhaohd'na or laga'na) v.t. look (up to 
someone) for help or support seek protec- 
tion (of) (SlfJz,)).) a'sra toot'na (or 

toot ja'na) v.i. lose hope despair; des- 

pond Lsj l/S ( as'ra de'na v.i* reassure give 
heart ; rouse hope encourage help 
succour Vjlyfsas'ra kar'na v.t. fely ; depend 
count upon recline against Vjlyi as'ra 
ho'na v.i. be the prop (of) be the support 
(of) \ S^-he -as'ra adj. helpless 

( Jlr asman {occ. Ortas' mail) n.m. sky, 
the heavens ; firmament celestial 
order great height Heaven 
asman par itrha v.i. fly high (fig.) be 
very proud I't^^gy^lr'lssman' par charhaha 
v.t. flatter wheedle give fulsome 
praise l‘/C I asman' par charha 

kar utar'na v.t. debase (someone) after show- 
ing respect to him asman' par 

tkoo'ka muilh par a'e prov he that blows in 
the sky shall fill his own eye T 

l‘sf asman' par dimagb' (or mizaj') ho'na v.i. 




be vain ; be very proyd gave oneself airs ; 
put on airs &&k'‘fasman' phat'na. (or 

toot par'na) v.i. be overwhelmed with trouble 
asman' tak’na (or jkahk'ns.) v.i. 
wax strong (of fowl) be caproned 
as'trafijah' adj. (used as title) of exalted 
rank with sky-rocketing fame 
Cj asman' zamin' ek' kar de'na v.t. leave no 
stone unturned Cd fc-'T asman' sir par 

Sika le'na v.i. raise afiue and cry 
Chatman' "se ag baras'na v.i. (of weather) be 
very hot lv'*|<s£-y| (A asmm' se filar' rm v.i. 
(iron.) be of rare quality lyjfl & b )\r' l tasman r 
se ba’tefi kar'na v.i. (of structure) be very high 
tl/lT 4 ~jl‘&'d\r'Tzsrnan se tare iitar'nd. v.t^ 
(fig.) achieve the impossible kf 

asman' se gi'ra khojoor' mefi at'ka pRov.jaut of 
, the frying pan into the fire i asman 

se gir'n 3 . v.i. fall from the sky come as a 

windfall 1 l/l/jif'Wman' kka gayti ya 
Zinin' int . (fig*.’)”where has it vanished ? Jjlr'l 
M/fastiim' *» khabar la'na v.i. .rocket sky- 
high * asmari" ki san' kar'na v.i. 

fill into an ecstasy asman' ke 

to' re tor' na v.t. be very artful achieve 

the impossible asman' -gi'n n.f. cloth 

fastened to^ceiling canopy. awning inside 

room i&drb&^^srnan meti thig'li lagana 
V.I. be too clever (jb'i as' mam adj. celestial 
heavenly ; divine unexpected azure 
N .r. (slang) hemp ; hashish llfjl/JIr'fasma’ni 
bala' gir’na v.i. be suddenly overtaken by mis-^ 
fortunes; have a bolt from the blue 
«j.„ j'w pila'na v.i. make intoxicated with 
hemp portion ^'jlr'lasma'ni tir n.m. (fig.) 
useless Irf asma ' ni zaban' n.f/ heavenly 

language J) l)£ gasmans forma' nl n.f. act of 
God ; heavenly decree u/Dj l/tasma'm kitab 
n . f . revealed book ; scriptures JjJL-’iasma'm 
go'lah n.f. (fig.) bolt from the blue 
hailstorm hitting standing crop [P] 

rf'\a'san n.m. posture in coiture (rare) 
inner part of thigh dfijptfia san ta'le 
a'na v.i. come under control VLfyfj a'san 
jama na v.i. sit on the hams sit firmly 
a’ san laga'na v.i. (arch.) stage a sit- 
down strike |j IcTI a san mar'na v.i. squat 
sit in one posture 

asoo'dah adj. well-off ; well-to-do 
affluent rich ; opulent calm ; 
composed at ease living a life of luxury 
^\eijyiasoo'dah hal'AD}. WeH-off ; well-to-do 
affluent cool ; composed ; unruffled : 
serene (fi/x/iasoo'dagan n.m. p.l. the afflu- 
ent those at ease those lying in peace 
J$tfj*'7asoo'daga'n-&-khak' n.m. pl. the dead ; 
those lying buried Jst^fasoo'dagi n.f. com- 
fort prosperity ; good circumstances rest 
[P ~ cby7 rest] 

Ivf , 4 'siya n.f. (rare) mill ; grinding mill 

- y[ p l 

a'siyah adj. dejected n.m. this as the 
** name of Pharaoh’s wife who brought up 
Moses [P] 

Jlaseb' n.m. evil spirit (fig.) harm ; 
• ** disaster (fig.) misfortune 
aseb iitar'na (or door' kar'na) v.t. exorcise ; 
cast on an evil ■' spiritV/L^fattA' za'dah adj. 

possessed haunted aseb' sir 

par khel'na v.i. (of possessed person) dance in 
ecstasy I'jfog'i aseb' ho'na v.i. be possessed 
ase’bf adj. (col.) possessed haunted [P] 

asl'mah aff. surprised 

bewildered lessor asi'mah, 
ast'ma sat adj. confounded ; confused 
bewildered [P] . ^ 

| ash n.m. , soup ; water Cb^cf'l ash paka'na 
v.i. make a soup (fig.) contrive 
something against another ; plot (against) 
ftflash-ejau' n.m. barley water [P] 

\^a'sha n.f. (dial.) hope expectation 
desire ; longing [S] 

rfyiasham' suf. drinking ; quaffing one 
[ who drinks asha'mi suf. drinking ; 
quaffing [P ~cUf L? 7] 

ft^fash'ti n.f. peace accord har- 
mony reconciliation rapprochement 
detente lj£fsulp-o ashti n.f. peace and 
harmony [P] 

rfp'jash'ram n.m. (dial.) Hindu hermitage [SJ 

t Py mJ 

ashuf'tah adj. , perplexed confused 
afflicted ; distressed raving (Jiff**! 

ash&f ' ta-hal adj. afflicted ; distressed 
perplexed^ 7 iiii^lqshuf'ta-kha'tir, I ash of 

troubled in mind uneasv^lfei^' 


ta-dil adj. troubled in mind uneasy^b^T 
as±uf:ta-Ma'tin,'dy^ashnf'ta-dm n.f. un- 
easiness of mind tr\rK^iashuf ' ta-dima^}' 

cf^vf'ta-scr Ar?j. mentally deranged ; of un- 
sound mind ifh^iashufta-dimaghi, 
ashufta-sarl n.f. unsoundness of mind 
axhuf Ut-tab" , ZJ/'^'lashfifta-mizaj' ADJ. 
distracted afflicted in mind (ffZ&faskuf'Ui- 
lab'% (/’'}/•;&'! vshnf'ta-mizaji#*.*. destrac- 
tion ; mental derangement lashuf'tagi 

N.F. perturbation 
uneasiness raving 


miser XA , 

derangement [P 

Ijj^fashka'ra (lit. ashkar') ADJ. visible 
evident ; obvious disclosed 
known apparent clear IjO &\jishka'ra 
kar'na v.t disclose; divulge ashks'rs 

ho'na v.i. transpire come to light be 
disclosed [P] 

t ;,^ashna n.m. acquaintance comrade 
* ' friend paramour suf. knowing 
deciphering known (by) Ijf ashna' 
ho'na v.i. become friendly become intimate 
be conversant (with) (of animal) become 
*aine or domesticated harf -ashna' n.m. 

beginner ; abecedarian Cuy^sop'ral-ashna'^ 
n.m. knowing or known by sight only 
ashna’i n.f. acquaintance friendship 
fellowship intimacy illicit relations^ C&f 

ashna’i kar'na associate 

be intimate 

kifow ; develop illicit relations with 
become paramour (of) ^[(piashnaya'nah adj. 
friendly adv. in a friendly manner [P] 

. jtf[ Sshob' n.m. uproar; disturbance; 

* tumult ill-luck tempest redness 
and swelling of eyes suf. social satire ; 
satire on disturbed condition (of city, etc.) 

disturber asho'b-e cjiash'm n.m. con- 

junciiviliesjlfjiu'jpfasho'b-e roz^ar'^ N.M. 
world-wide tumult beloved > V'^J^ashob'-gah 

n.f. tumultous place script asho’b-e maih'shar 
n.m. (fig.) great_ tumult unprecedented 
hue and cry^Plspshaihr-ashob' n.m. satire on 
country or city’s disturbed state of affairs [P] 

», ( f*J ( ashjya’riah (lit.cllf \aqhiyah') 

*• n.m. nest (fig.) abode ; 
residence I'&njly! ashiyaii utha'na^ 
v.t. abandon one’s residence 

jU/Igs/njaft banana (or .[s, 
bandit 'ns) v.t. & I. build (one’s) 
nest have (one’s) house (somewhere) 
take ,up abode 

j I jy^csliir'bad, >\/£\ a shir bad n.f. . (dial.) 

blessing ; benediction l j j )[/*'i'3§hir'- 

bad de'ns v.t. bless IS] 

a'saf n.m. name of Solomon’s minis- 
ter any able minister [ A ~ H] 

[f I a'gba N.M. (arch.) (title of respect for) 
chieftain (title for) elder brother 
(as courtesy title) respected ; venerable [PI 
J If I aghaz' n.m. beginning start 
aghaz' kar'na v.t. begin ; start 
open ; launch Ijfjliisgh az' ho'na v.i. be 
begun ; be started be opened ; be launched 
jlt!Z>fharf-e aghaz' n.m. foreword pre- 
fatory note preliminary talk or discourse 
beginning jbl&nUqta-e aghaz' n.m. start- 

Z&faghasJ'tah ADJ. & suf. (blood) stained 
t covered (With) [P~yr^7] 
lY?\ aghosh' n.f. (rare m.) ^embrace 

lap bosom clasp 1'JtJ 'Xf tagh oih' 
gar'm kar'na v.t. embracej (of sweet- 
heart) yield . (to) f'Ta gho ' sh-e laihd 

men so' ns v.t. enjoy eternal, rest 
aghosh' met a' jana v.t. (of beloved) embrace 
ldt!t££f'j'iaghosh' mefi le’na v.t. (of lover) 
embrace [P] H> 

ujr la'ghofi n.f. new-torn infant’s cry [ono.] 

CZ'lfi 2 fat’ n.f. pl. calamities catastro- 
phes disasters dangers ; risks 
afat-e arzi' -c-sama i% n.f. pl. 
unforeseen calamities allotypes of trouble 
acts of God [A ~ sing. ] ^ ^ 

Qtif afaq’ n.m. horizons y/jClTifa q'-gtr, JtSl 
zfs'qi ADJ. universal worldwide 
catholic ; oecumenical afaqiy'yat n.f. 
universality catholicity wide appeal 
(of) [A ~ sing. jfl] ^ 

fat N.F. (PL.t Ssbiafat') calamity 
catastrophe disaster evil . misfor- 
tune mishap wretchedness unhappi- 
ness difficulty ; hardship(tVj^t&»1iV/tff a 'ns 
(or par'na) v.i. (of misfortune) befall 
(of ill) happen L'tSl C^fa/at utha'ns v.i. 
raise hue and cry cause a tumult labour 
under affliction suffer or bear pain, etc. 
ijl/'&l'a'fat bar-pa kar'na tor'm, 

C[}d>m'fnt dha'na v.t. raise a tumult^ ^Aa'/al-r 
jail' n.f. troublesome person (fig.) mis- 
chievous beloved a'fat jhel'ns v.i.^ ^ 

suffer a calamity i undergo troubles* ' 


^ \ 


s'/at~khei adj. tumultous calamitous^j^i 
&'fal-rasl' dahj}j&\afat-za rlah adj oppress- 
ed by adversity , run down by misfortune 
miserable unlucky Jit Jl/ctta fat ka par ks'lah 

adj. very naughty n.m.' mischievous fellow 

astute person (fig-1 beloved IjL I 
a'fat ka mar a n.m. & adj. afflicted (person) 
(«£/>£ )ljp^C^ta'/at ki pUrya (or pot) n.f & 
M3 j V * '’naughty (person) mischievous 
(person) macha'na v.i. raise a 

hue and cry create much trouble make 
much noise t ^J/^'a/qt 'not' le'oa v.i. mvite 
trouble 1‘j'^i^Ta/at men par'na I fat 
met phahs'na v.i be overtaken by calamity or 
disaster [A] 

a/tab' n.m. sun ^iilJpijj.i^Oia/ta b 

* g 'mad dali'Le a/tab prov it is an obvious 

truth iqbal' cha'makna v.i. 

have (one’s) star in the ascendant 

a/ta'be- iqbal' gh aroob' ho'na v.i meet one’s 
downfall jk^Q't a/tab' -bit n.m. helioscope 
aftab' tuloo“ ho'na v.i. (of sun) rise 
[‘y^J/i/0/ a/tab' gh uroob' ho'na v.i. (of sun) 
set C^r>0^ s /tab' parost' N.M. sun-worshipper 
Zoroastrian , Magus i a/tab' sa - 

va ne'ze par a'na v.i. (of sun) draw close to, 
earth on doomsday (fig.) be very hotftyUT 
a/la’b-e sham' n.m. setting sun (fig.) very 
old person l >ta/ta' b-e ‘ a' lorn-tab n.m 
the sun illuminating the world y/ L^ijta/tab - 
glr n.f. (arch.) umbrella parasol sun- 
shade (i^AJOla/tab-e tab-e bam’ n.m. setting 
sun very old person something decay- 
ing fast L^/^ib ) l>4l r Zii'a/tab’ ms/Sn-nahar’ 
par pahum’na v.i. be midday (fig.$ be 
at the zenith (of) ; be at the apogee of one’s 
career, etc.jDTa/ta'W adj. solar 
bright n.f. a kind of fireworks 
J^'O/z/la bt ghfir/ n.m. sunbath 

[ 1*3 _< , •*«*' 

Jt iis/taboh, (arch.) col.J,lila/la'i’a) 

* n.m. spouted jug ewer 


, yf a/nd’gar n.m. Creator r/)l a/ri’dah 
J sue. created n.m creature hu- 

man being 

J * | a/’ nil, qfrin int well-done , brave 

n.f. praise ovation , acclamation 



cr< ator 


applause suf maker , creator airin’ 

kaih'na v.:. applaud commend ’ lom- 

plement praise tjf tO^fjahah' a/rifi n.m. (Clod 
as) (Creator of the world a/' rin n.m. 
(God as) Creator of soul ) /tfpiqfri ' rush n.f crea- 
tor ; genesis tj/bpi a/rinin dah n.m 
maker the Supreme Being [P 
N M office [E] 

(JsJ t afin'di N.M. (rare) esquire 

, IT] 

fa I a fa n.m. employer lord 
owner yy*j tj'taqa'-n- mau'la 
master Lord ; God ! p l 

ak n.m. swallow-wort 1 

ak' ki barh'ya n.f. swallow- 
wort down li 

l/'fa'ka n.m. (arch.) title for) 

elder brother [P] ' 

takas' ^dtakash' n.m. (rare) sky , the 
heavens; firmament J lij'tCi'akash' bam 

n f (dial.) All lndlia Radio . A I.R. 
akas bel n.f dodder , air-creeper [S] 
fi/ft ak sijan n.f oxygen [E] 

^fcag n.f. fire conflagration blaze 

I flame wrath jealousy 
barsa'na v.i. (of sun) be very hot bomb 

bombard ; fire a volley , open a hot fire 
ba'rasna v.i be very hot , rain 
fire be parched up (of bullets, shells 
or bombs) be fired in plenty 
banja'na v.i. be consumed with ragejT^^/J*!' 
Ow ag bin dhoo"ah ka'hah' prov. no smbke 
without fireJZ'/iJfog' bot n.m. (arch), steamer ; 
steamship V/p iMi »*):>*, t^fjiag ■ bkabhoo- 
ka (or baboo'la or bagoo'la) ho'na v.i. fly 
into a passion be mad with fury or rage 
ag bujha'na 1 ‘lfajiag bkarkana v.i. 
fan the flames provoke , incite U*l Jyfjl 
ag bharak itth'na v.i. (of fire) rage 
** ns iaga'-ooh int (W. 
dial.) to Hell with it JW 

ps'ni (or pkoofts) ka bair' ph. sworg enmity 
inherent antagonism ^//tfaw^agpa'rd 
ka satijog PH union of the opposites 

ag paid ka khel' ph machine worked by 
steam anything unpredictable or out of 
control owing to the interplay of element* in 



it U^ijfyjiag par tel' dal’ ns (or 

chk'rik'na ) ph. ‘stir the fire incite further 
ag par'na V.i. be very hot 3 j?' 

par ja'ns v.i. have a burning sensation 
(of bad blood) be created between be 
infuriated /;ftaftA-'na v.i. feel a 

burning sensation be lashed, into fury 

be jealous exaggerate l&fji ag pkoohk'tis 
set on firex, stir the fire pjcovok ; 
incense i^l'UTsg tap' ns y A. warm oneself up 
before the fire ag tal'ooh se lag 1 ns 

V.i. be incensed Vftfjc&Slag tkah'di kar'na 
v.i. cool down passions pacify 
extinguish fire JcLb i&jjlJlfj 

ag' ja’ne luhaf' ja'ne dftaunk'ne vale kl 

hala jn'nc prov. why should the agent worry 
1*1 ififtsg' jaga'iia v / t stir up fire create 

a longing fac. t <-g jalo’na v.t. light or 
kindle fireVjUjjag' jksr'ns v.t. brush ashes 
from embers strike fi re (CVl ; CLiffag dabs' nu- 
or gSr'ns) v.t. & 1. cover embers with 
ishes quell revolt (etc.) control anger 
(etc.) I’UjU^ag dikkn'ns V.T. set fire (to) 
heat i'jPflS'i'ag dho'ns v.t. brush ashes from 
embers iPjSfsg de'ns'v.i. set fire to (H. 
dial.) burn (a corpse) rau'shan Jiar' 

na v.t. & i. light or kindle fire -OJ 'lag' 

sard' ho’na V.i. (of fire) be extinguished ; 
be put out (of passions^ cool down (of 

trouble) be quelied i&iftag sa'lgsns v.t. 
set on fire burn fire in hearth foment 

trouble create disturbance cV'Jr ag 
stilagns v.i. (of fire) be kindled (of 
trouble) be fomented dg se 

ps'ni ho js'na ph. lose the heat of passion ; 
cool down .recover from a violent fit of 
temper C'WtMag ks Aagh' ph. Nimrod’s 
fire fireworks (fig.) goldsmith’s crucible 
/Stag' ks piit'la n.m. agile and dili- 
gent man astute^jneraon fiery being 

•fr-t'S! I(L«h sg’ksja'ls ag' 

hi se tffA'c&fci bo' is kai, . (fUl fu* dg bo 
ag' fa war'll hat prov. like cures likes ; 
diamond cuts diamond measure for 

measure ; tit for tat' ka pa tali' ga 

n.m. spark of fire ; particle of fire V/Lf'fag 
kar'na kindle fire ; ignite make exceed- 
ingly warm enrage ; inflame 


C&pjag ko da man se dkahk'ns v.,t. & 1. try un- 
successfully to hide a secret 

ag'kk a"e ga anga're ha ge ga int. like 
cause like effect Sjl 

ag' Rfca'e mufih na ja’le udksr' khs'\t pet 
ja'le prov. borrowing is the mother of trouble 
O'ufSt^/Jfag' kaih'ne se mltith nahifi' jal'tp 
V.T. mere lip-service is ineffectual /Isi/dJr 
lJjj(aL}j3g lags' kar ps'ni ko (or le ) daur'ns ph. 
pretend to quell trouble after stirring it up 
UFjOliSl fitjlag' lags ke lams' ska dekk, ha ph 
enjoy stirring up,, trouble fiddle while 
Rome burns \P\Hut ag lags' ns v.t. burn 
foment trouble ; stir up disunion 
provoke ; inflame lavish ; dissipate, 
disdain kindle a passion (for) j djJlag 
lags'oo n.m. misphjef-monger rabble- 
rouser ; firebrand l&jfsg' lag'na v.i. burn 
cateh fire be inflamed ; Ije incensed 
burn with envy or rage &J1 ag' la' gt INT. 
(W. dial.) to Hell with it t 
ag' la’ ge par knii’'sh khod'ns PH.^lock the 
stable door after the steed is stolen 
(/£' <J. (My v — ■ S ag le'ne ko a'i ghdr Vail 
ban baiTki prov. trespasser laying, claim to 
ownership St St a S ’ le ne 

ko js” eli payam'bajfi milja'e prov. have a 
windfall 0>j(} I'.tfUTag' men pa'rii dal' ns 
extinguish fire slake thirst satiate hunger 
put down disturbance ; appease tumult 
ag meh jhmk'ns V.T. burn to 
ashes fling into fire squander dissipate 
(L'AjLj meh kood'na (or gir'ns) v.t. 

court trouble brave a danger lo»cAJt 
ag' meh lot' ns v.t. be afflicted with sorrow 
be consumed with jealously till GU^ag niksl'- 
na V.T. strike fire I'j^^/'iSg' ho' ns be set on 
fire become exceedingly hot be incensed 
be very hot-tempered 

tfj, s'ga N.M forepart ; forelegs facade 

front (of house) front (of turban) 
visage prow van advance-guard 

avant-garde Vjf iff a ga bka'ri ho' ns v.t. 

be in the family way ; be big with child ; be 

pregnant &fr* 'ga pi'chks n.m. fropt and 
rear antecedents consequences Ua£j 

£,» agS pi’chhs dekk! n a (or sosp'na) v.T. 
& i. look before and after consider the 
prose and cons. i'j'il£i~aga pi'ehka kar'na 

hesitate , waver demur Qlfitffa'ga 
ta'ga le «2 v.t look minutely have sus- 
picions (about) pry into others' affairs 

U Irf'Yi s ga sahbkal'na, l*j{ I /f a'ga W na v.i. 

advance take, the lead 
0 1 4 1 Sgab AD J- aware informed ; 
acquainted with warned ; intelli- 
gent^shrewd suf (*\so/fagak') aware 

agah'-dil adj. mindful t conscious 

clever shrewd ; sagaciousy»tfr agak' kar'- 
nav.i. warn acquaint (with) inform 
IjSitf'f agah' ho'na v.t. know cpme to 
know take the wamingc^Ta^a 'hi, (/fa 'gahl 
n r. knowledge information insight 

vigilance warning [P] 

ADV before in front (of) 

""■'opposite face to face in advance 
ahead hereafter in future next in 
tjm^or place (10) beyond (11) further^ on 
Zt£fa'ge a ge ADV. ahead futurelY<£Ta'£« 

a'*» v.i. appear advance ; come forward 

come near fare challenge inter- 
vene lie between come about take 
place (10) befall O %£.fa'g» bark' na v.i 
proceed press forward improve go 

Ibrth to meet or welcome a visitor outdo 
surpass defy ; oppose act as a guide 

d£s£.fe.g‘ pichht ADV. in a row in a 
series one after another in front and in 
the rear; fore and aft by and by close on 
the heels (of) confusedly sooner or later 
(Vtflr/fa 'gt khada' ka nam' ph. nothing after 
that jj*/£$jiJJfa:gt dour pltjsju e}ihj>r 
try to run r ' be fore learning to walk thp 
farther we go the more we fall behind 
a'ge difir le'na v.t. get before make 
(someone) go before bring forward ufj£f 
i'g t dekk'na v.t. be vigiknt ; be cautious 

look to the future CntXf a'gt dal'na v.t 
throw or place before I^^Ta'gf rakk'na v.t, 
lay or set before exhibit present tfaCjf 

age st adv. in future prior (to) ere 
beforehand in anticipation (of) 
previously a'gt qa'dam bark a'- 

oa) v.t. step forward fydCy/i/jK a'gt ka 

qa'dam plekhe par'na vt. be too confused 
to take the right-step be loo unlucky to 
register any success K/Xfagt kar'ha .v.t. 

push forward present . offer expose 
exhibit IW&lf/lU'gt ko kan ho' na v.t. be 
warned ^ promise not to repeat the mistake 
etc. i'lf age la’na v r bring forwardtVJ^J 
a'gt ni'kal ja'riu v.i advance pass 
age na ho n 3 v I. not to come forward 
stay behind the. scene not to defy 
a'gt ho'n a v.i. act as a leader take i In- 
lead proceed be bold ; be saucy 
oppose defy if,^!a'ge hi adv already 


,ffag gaya n.f (H. dial.) leave ; perm is- 
•fusion order ; command fS) 

(j/\n g'th' suf. -ful 

ysf.. .F. progeny, family or followers (of a 
great person),,! htyfal' aulad' n.f 4 chiiflren; 
offspring ; progeny descendants house ; 
race ; family ; kindered ; dynasty 'J Ik^fal-e 
suit aril n;f. royal family {/(jffal-e 'aba n.m. 
the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Ali, 
^Imam Hasan and Imam Husain [AJ 
Jlals.r. long pumpkin green stitlk of 
onion a tree yielding a dye ; ‘morinda 
citrifolia’ moisture 

(//a7a,W*a74a n.m. name of a legendary 
mediaeval Hindu hero his exploits against 
Muslims ballad traveller’s talc 


taleltflfa'/a ga'na v.i. tell traveller’s tales 
indulge in selfpraise [S] 

1/ 1 a/a n.m. wet ; moist (arch.) niche in 
wally (only in) J|y g^jgf a'la dt niv^'is 
prov. upstart unable to adjust herself (etc.) to 
new surroundings 

Divr a'la ba'la n.m. dilly-dallying ; prevari- 
cation ba'la (or 
a'Uba'lt) bata'na V.T. prevaricate; dilly-dally , 
shillv-shaUy ; hum and haw 
uj)72/af n.m. pl. instruments imple- 
ments tools weapons a& t-c 

barb' n.m pl. weapons of war (fjjxi£f$gf 
ala'l-t kashaoar'gj n.m. pl. Agricultural imple- 
ments [A ~ sing, jf] 
flffalam' (n.m. (pl. of^Ss.M. if) 

<t)jffalan‘ n.f. chain for elephant] 

Jjf 8 | a ’iS NF 

ai'pin n.m pin (port.) 




iJslalal.-N.?. penis [P~A J 
- A -Jf al'ti pal'tix.r. cross-legg- 
U..C/ ed posture I'M pal'll 

mar'na , Us?* I (jfl fitalli pal'll 
,n a r(i) bdilWna v.i. sit cross-legged W i — 7 ~ 

d&Ufyw' N M - bad dream ; SS 

horrible visions 

^is'/as, j^ial'kas n.j. lethargy lazi- 
ness ; indolence^r’/s/'ri, (f^'al'kasl n.f. 
lethargy laziness ; indolence ; adj. & 
n.m. lazy (person) U-^T sl'siya, tal'kasiya 

lazy (person) 

fu'lan n.m. pinch of wheat or gram meal put 
A, in potherb 

tJCi t along' n.f. heat (of mare, etc * 
along' par ana (or ho'nn) v.i. (of mare) be 
on heat 

Jta'loo n.m. potato Lsjtdloo 
bukhaara N.M. 1 m sjlaloo'- 
Aah n.m. chtmson [F j 
jjjfalaci'dah adj. polluted 
soiled suf. (ukojji aloud') 
mixed with) polluted Jsjialoo'dagi n.f. 
pollution being soiled [P ~cW • ] 

^'lah n.m. (PL.C'llfa(ai') tool imple- 
Jl ment. instrument weapon fa'/a-e 
tanasul n.m. penis ; male reproductive organ 
S la-e kar' n.m. tool ; cat’s-paw C* jfOfa la-e 
kar' ban'na v.i. become the tool (of) [A] 

?fam n.m. mango f> 1 i/Jll 3 m 

bo"o am' kka’o im U bo"o im'li 
kka'o prov. as you sow so shall 
reap C&ftam' tapak' na (ofj 


mellow mangoes) drop frorn trees’ 

(w>y W ft am’ 

khz'nt se km' ya per' gin'ne se {mat' lab) prov., 
I would have the fruit, not the basket lift 
£(JIj kka'iye pal ke 
kharboo'z* khs"iye dal ke ph. best to eat man- 
goes when they are artificially mellowejl but 
melons when freshly plucked ( < 
m' ke am' guth'liyofi ke dm' prov. kill two 
birds with one stone l • 'SJf.f I mi men mam' 
a 'na v.i. (of mango trees) blossom k 

fial' ka (Sm) n.m. mango ripened in straw 
ft tyjdal' ka am n.m. mango ripening on tree 
r l^i-T a maj'-gah n.f. target 

shelter [P] 

rjl>1 ama'dah adj. & suf. ready ; prepared 
u tama'dagi n.f readiness inc.lina- 

tion [P] 

f amas' n.m. swelling ; inflammation (Pj 

Jhldmad n.f. arrival, advent income 
inspiration ; poetic inspiration jifjfidmwl 
a 'mad n.f. approach expected arrival 
s' madam bar sat-t mat' lab pH. 
coming to the point I revert to the topic 
Zy?iM a'mad-o kharcji' N.F. income and 
expenditure C^jsM a'mad-o raft' a'mad-o 

shad traffic ingress and egress clsidmadan 
n.m. corning n.f. (usu. am' dan) income y c j>'T’ 
dZ'jlflfcP&jljl dmadan ba ira’dat raftan ba ijd- 
zal ph. etiquette demands that one must stay 
till allowed to leavelUTam'ifaff? (ped. dmadani) 
n.f. income receipts revenue profit 

[F J . ' - 

j\a'mir n.m. dictator ^l^iamira'nah adj. dic- 
'tatorial ( amira' na nizam n.m. dictator- 
ship amirs'na iSzam' n.m. dictatorship 

Cfyt amiriy'yat n.f. dictatorship (A- fl j 
A *'amur'zish n.f. forgiveness ; pardon 
C/ j/' salvation jtfj/t am&rt'gar adj (God 

as) Forgiver ;Saviour (P ~ J 0 

smiriy'yat n.f. (see under /iN.M.jt) 
tA/m'lalu Jjfalw'lafi i n.m. myrobalan 

C' (jjthjtamlah (or sfm'lah) sar 
gah'dhaK n.f. purified sulpher if £-\ 
dm It ka kka'ya buznrg ' 
kd forma' ya ptchbe ma'loom ho'ta hat prov. 
good things, though unpalatable at first, prove 
their utility in the end 

^/•lyi^lam'ns sam'na n.m. confrontation , 
confrontingtftt^i-l am'nt im'nt adv. 
face to face opposite each other ‘vis- 

I a' manna im sad" daqna ph. too 
true sure ; doubtless we be- 
lieve in and testify to the truth okayU^.#l>/ 
l d manna va sad' daqna kaih'na v.t. 

bear (someone) out okay [A - city 
^ytamokh tah n.m. (arch.) previous lesson 
adj. fit. suf. learnt taught 

Jyiamoz' suf. learning teaching j*'"' 
amo'zish n.f. (lit.) instruction’! ffi/iame' ciA- 


gab n.f. (rare) school [P ~ i/V» ] 

I amekh'lah adj. (S^suf mixed n.m. ad- 
mixture P - < J 

• ft amez ’ 8UF - m ““ n B ^7 * am a»«‘t'' A oj- 

yjf* leading a comparatively secluded life 
unsociable amr' eii* n.f. adulteration 
mixture ; admixture association inter- 


course ; temperament [P - cr*~ * ] 

n.f. & i nt. amen awin' kaih’va. 

0 v.i. say amen to [A-H] 
•llmtn.r. (rh+Ufmat') i 

^ fax n.f. (PL^Tana t') instant ; moment 

j timeflilTa'wut fit nan, ki an' 

JMftt ( aiw vzltpA nuU adv. instantly ; 

immediately ; in a moment ; in a jiffy [A] 
\jflM N.r. behaviour grace affectation 
pride dignity modes ty^f^tan' tan 
N.f. pomp and show splendour tan 

Jt redb'na v.i. live elegently t‘*jyTan' torna v.t. 

humble (someone’s) pride (rare) back 
out of (one’s) wards bring shame (to) 
ffat non. (me) thnttyflak'-ku'ret sal'lcdla'ho 
i/' • dd'kt at utom n.m. the Holy Prophet ; 
He(pooebe«hiin!) ^fat'iU ookj. that 

.^S'aB v.t. come reach ; arrive 
v * approach pass appear happen 
be possible i a i nt. sound uttered for 
modulating the time in recitation or vocal 
music (osu. ffa'a) call to domestic fowl, 
etc. imp. come' a' tala' 

gzflt par’ nafhtt para to’ tki^par paov. 
(allusion to) inviting trouble C{la' banns v.t. 

befall be involved in trouble U.1 

jUttfsI-G a' too " a lor'et, la’t* hama'ri tala' 
(allusion to) shrewish temper 

be lam'de ja’ be lam'de kar'n a V.i. 
prevaricate waste time over trifles 
a' boil mU'jke mar ' prov. inviting 

tipuble it is more painful to do nothifig 
than to do something fjj'fa' por'na befall 
(to) come come to live (with) occui ; 
happen assault L^Ta'pokor'na seize 

overtake Cj^vTa' pah ottk’na v J. arrive 

draw near U-*£fa' phots’ na v.i. get caught 

be duped I'lfTa' ja'na v.i. come C&>~a 
dhtfmakna, l£!Ta' ddt’na v.i. come suddenly 
come uninvited Uf>Ia' rnh'na v.i. come 
to put up with fall down L^JV lag'na v.t. 
hit reach (of disease) affect (of 

boat) touch the shore, clc.Cdfa' le’tat V.T. over- 
take CkX a' mil' na v.t. meet join Ct a'ts 
n.m. dues known : learnt, pa. r. coming 
C\fl'ia’taja'ta n.m. .A adj. passer-by 
casual caller I’lf tgefijg.fyj/ii'i 

a la ho lo hath se na d~jt , ja'li bo to {tan* M 
kije prov refuse not what comes your., way, 
crave not what is evanescent ^-j7 

£Xi?jr%aii hai ha’ihi ke pair, ja'li hoi cfnjot'd 
ke pair pRoy. agues (etc.) come on horseback, 
but go away on footXiXia'te a' u adv. by 

and by ; slowly ; gradually on the way 
while coming till (someone’s) arrival iVl'f 
a'naja'na n.m. visits and return visits 
social contacts (jta"i n.f. the inevitable 
misjortune doom calamity death 
na'Hittal'a prov. the inevitable 
must happen; what will be, will b e^t-of/Tjr 
(jllV ’a tala' ( ko ) sir se tal'na PH. / avoid get- 
ting into trouble dodge t jfa”* go”i 

ko' j a' na v.i. come toend be forgotten; 

be a thing of the. past 

af’it H *a qtleh sob’ ka mot met di'khilnh prov. 
(W. dial.) here comes the meddlesome woman 

Pit Ct a' nan fa' Am adv. (see under & /"n.f. id 

a’na ka'nl n.f. arrogance purpose- 

ful neglect dodging il‘f JJi/jLtf* ‘ 
a'na ka'm de ns (or knr'na) v.t. dodge ; prevari- 
cate (A ~ I'll) 

extant N.r. ^intestine gut ditrails , 
bowels I'fl&Tatt' utorne v.i. suffer from 
hernia ; have a rupture £{ f£*i(f£Tah’tek Wlat 
ja'na v.i. vomit feel sick ; filled or over- 
come with nausea 

qul huval'lah poA ra'ii bait s* PH. I feel very 
hungry CMjr^jfhfi'tot ke baT kkpl'na^ ph . 
eat to one’s fill after starvation 
Uh sookWna ph. feel very hungry iX&Jfc « a*'- 
tdimUhh ko ana ph. be distressed be 
greatly worried feci suffocated 
ul'ti ail’ te ga'leii par'na v.L be involved in 
trouble catch a tartar 
^f'aht n.f. purity test (of bullion) ; add- 
test knot enmity malice i&iftatp 

laga'na v, t. test purity of bullion 
knot breed enmity (towards) bear 
one) malice ^^lailt' sat^ N.r. 

slot reconciliation unlawful aliancc 
£rfa»'tf n.p. .aunt aunty [£} 
j/fah’ti .N.F- knot a kind of wrestling 
trick lUV'Wtl bats' na v.t cause adversary 
to trip over 

N -F Haze flame fire heat 

0?’ warm!* fervour loss trouble t'T&l 

***k a'aa (or pdhun&ns) ph,. suffer 
a loss _ be in hot water L'lf tk' 

ah A ki ka'sar raih' j ana ph . fail ,a» d\c critical 
moment fail despite hope jtf'&7/&L'sahdl’ 
it ahA’ na'Uk prov truth has nothing to 

uffah'Aal n.m. corner of stole /Sfh u 
(etc .) jjtfjft in Ad' pal' Loo n.m. ' 

embroidered border (of shawl) nfflwK t ilv 
il^ah'Ad' ijsl'm v.t veil (face, 7 Ay^p*p' 
etc.) (H. 

Q>} ah' dial meh gi'reh dens v.t - use , Jf . gT 
a memory tag (for errands, etc.) SwJhr® 

. *i ah'doo n.m. chain or rope for elephant’s 
feet chain worn big wrestler as trophy 
h'dbS n . f . .dust storm strong wind 
CM' 1 storm tOeLj cinJ^tah'dk Stik'na, (or 
chal'na) v.i. (of dust storm) blow 
akdhi ki tar' A s' ns ph. coom. suddenly like a 
storm fyCiftfeJ: rf&JyifMah'dhi ki tar' if 
a'na, bagoo'le ki Utr'h ja'ns v.i. leave as abrapt- 
|y as someone (or something) had come/, 
ah'dki kt am' nji. (fig.) windfall some- 
thing going very cheap ; that which goes 

jffahd.juiahdk n.m. (dial.) testicle 

ah' 4* bah' it MM pl. a children’s game, 
saunter ^4tXk\^M<&4 c boh'dt tta'na 

(orjdul’na) v.i. saunter ; have a stroll 

i£//t n rtrl api. honourary flB] 
uTWw s.a tear I'TjJiah'soo s' ns, 

* ak'too ba'hm a'na weep have tears in 
the eyes ; have one’s eyes filled with tears 
(Of lean) gush forth in the eyes 'ah'soo 

potAk'na v.t. wipe (someone’s or one’s) tears 
comfort ; soothe console ; solace I'kjPf 
aXt* fk’ja'na suppress (one’s) tears control 
one's feelings C^r^tah’soo ta'pokna v.i. weep y 
d njd tears joo pkeot baih'na, ,jtr t y 

i'y^acah'smeh U mihk iho'na, 

at’jg’st ki jka'H lag *4, Mvjbjtfytjr’ i 

ah' su' oh ka tar' batdk'na v.r. weep bitterly ; 
burst into tears A 

^la'msah n.f (courtesy title) Miss j 
Mile, mademoiselle (A~ ] J[ 

tby^ah'k'rs n.m. hook barb ‘"s $3^ 
.^shepherd’s staff ; crook ✓ 

ati'kas n.m. goad for elephant 
Sh'kas mttr'nB v.t goad 
bring under control J 

l * ^J &fahk'na v.t. appraise leap* 
evaluate weigh or measure 
for evaluation i^fahk n.f. appraisal 
evaluation weigh or measure for evaluation 
jrfahkk n.f. eye I'tjtahkk a ha v.r. & i. 

have a sore eye fall in love (with)*y?i^r 
il/aStkh a shob' kar'na v.i. have a sore CyeUj^f 
~tfil^SahkkUtha' kar tdu na dtkk'na v.t. 
disregard displeased feel ashamed IrfJ# 
ahkk ijka\ kpr dekh'na v.t. look at 
attend, to OftJfahkk Stk'na v.i. look at 
jfiijL^fJfiftnahkk o'jhol pahar' o'jkd pgov, 
out of sight,' out of mind ill 
(IV ahkk ooh' A* (or bora' bar) na kar'na (or An- 
na) v.i not to look (someone) ip the face 
(through shame or respect) Clf ^jf'fahkk 6a Aa 
ja'na v.i. (fig.) evade ; dodge ;*avoid 
fyaftkh badia' kt nikal' ja'na v.i. slink away 
iH M(J kjfjFtald& badsf mat para'ya (or 
ya'roh ka) prSv. eye withdrawn, property 
gonelt5(jM^T(j^faftAt (or ah'ktuh) bans' na 
v.i. perform ophthalmic operation (on) 
replace someone ’ s injured eye with an artificial 
one I'A&ti/jfnhj/Tahkh (or ah'kkeh) bohd' kor ' 
na v. shut one’s eyes sleep 

ahkk (or ah'kkeh) band ki'ye c^a'le 
ja'na v.i. move ahead without fear walk 
forth blindfoldedly move uncautiotisly 
tijftjfjj^atikk bhar kt (or kar ) ydekk’na v.t. 
look" to the heart’s fill Vlp-nCjff ahkk. bath' 

«3 v. become blind ; lose one’s eyesight CtdJi 
ahkk boidt'na v.i. become blind (of eye- 
ball) sag V^tt/f^iyjrtahkk (or a ftkk'th) path - 
ra'nav.i. be about to breatjie one’s last 
have glossy or glazed eyes UC &/tFiahkk par 
tin'ks rakk'na v.t. & i. place a straw on pud- 
sating eye (as supposed cure for it) 
ahkk par diark'na ph. have a special liking for 
(li^Jfahkk.paptAan’na v.i. guess the inten- 
tion (of) J%Jt^<kk pkorok'na^TH. have a 
premonitxm (owing to pulsation in the eye) 


fJ 1 ahkk pkfot'na v.i. lose one’s eyesight; 
become blind < f’%‘jjfjTankk‘ phoo'ti pir’ ga”i 
PRQv^ better, the eye out than constant pain 
VjjJd'fahkh phor'na v.t. hit (someone) in the 
eye make (someone) blind nkk (or 

ah'kkeh) pker' le'na v.t. turn away one’s eye 

(from) ^withdraw one’s favour (from) 
evade l&jJufJ'afikh pkaila' kar dekh' na v.i. 
look carefully all over the place tl/l^Aahkk 
pox' da kar'na v.t. develop keen appreciation 
have an eye (for) ahkk(or ah- 

kkeft tar' ho'na v.t. weep L'Jji^Wahkk 
plait' dt kar'na v.t. & i. console.; solace 
please oneself (by the sight of) VjQSidtankh' 
te'rtd kar'na v.i. scowl ; glower drpi jfl'ahkk 
| akna v.i y wink nap be dazed 

Jjs? • , ‘/*(f*~Z f xfrahkk jhapakne kx .dir na 
ki'tkak, <jt ahkh jkapak'te meh adv . 
in the stwinkling of an cysCdfajVr'bjd&iikh, 
(or ah'kkeh) jkuk'na- v.i. Have downcast eyes 
(owing to shame) (or ah' 

Ueh) Aora'na ph. evade, dodge avoid 
'Tahkk tjurrka’na v.i. become angry 
tofrinahkk cjtark'nn v.i. have heavy eyes 
have eyes turned up while dying be 
drunk uJfJuahkh Aamka'na v.t. & i. flash 
one’s eyes (,‘Uj dtahkk (or ah'kkeh) 

dMa'tta get the sight tested stare defiantly 
frighten O.WatddL dab'na v.i. yield 
admit being defeated V'ie2%/*?bjfatkk (or an"- 
Hut) dak* 'ne ana v.i. have sore' eye(s) * suffer 
from ophthalmia Vlbsidtahkk daura'na v.i. 
look around *Ji*j()j*rd'fahkk dhgjdka”i ph. 

unabashed unashamed OltJTahkh! dal'na 
v.t. look at cast an evil eye (ost^jftbJPi 
l'f li It ahkk (or ahkkeh) dabduba' a'r.a/v.i. 
(of eyes) be moistened with tears (djJljfffyJ') 
l‘S 3hkk (or ah’kkeh) rau'shan kar'na ph. de- 
light (by appearance) 1 'Xj^( s ftkk rakk'na v.t. 
A i. (lit.) cherish hone choose as one’s 
target (etc.) ('jptpr'ulU^^.tJ'iohkk (or ah'kkeh) 
rau'shan ho'na ph. be delighted on meeting 
someone (met.) have children 
ah’ Ml sam' tie kar'na v.t. look at attend to 

(or ahkkeh) surkh ho'na v.t. 
have redness in die eyes tib'Jlei&fahkk. se ahkk' 
mila'na v.t. look (someone) in the face 
claim equal status with challenge ; d^fy 


respond amorous glances £/jjZ.jtsS&k' u dekV 
ke adv. knowingly with open eye aS-^T 
aftkh it sal uni' le'na v.i. just wink at 
someone in return for greetings be too 
proud to return greetings save thus 
1‘j 7 (se) ahkk sl'dki ho'na v.t. look on (some- 
one) with favour i'iJs^jTahkk se gira’na v.t 
debase withdraw V/^ Jl ahkk se gir'na 
v.i. be debased O^ij^TljAaiikk, (or ah'kkeh) 
sefik'na v.i. feast the eyes on make eyes 
at ; cast amorous glances on ( 
ahkk ka pa'tu dhnl'na (or mar'na) ph. ’lose 
modesty ; lose all sense of shame have no 
courtesy left no longer have regal'd (for) 
tJL^tfJi'ahkk' ka par'dah n.m, modesty 
retina conjunctiva IjCVjtakkk ka ta'n adi. 
(one’s) darling ; apple of (one’s) eye 
ahkk ka til' n.m. pupil of the eye UlfWtahkk 
kaeta'la n.m. conjunctiva l&S/ 
dhal'ks n.m. a disease causing one to run at 
the eyes l , £jk / J?Tatikk ka dae'la n.m. 
eyeball Jlj/df ahkk ka ghubar' n.m. 
dimness of sight >V VJfafJk ka- 
W}oz' n.m. modesty l ahkk' 
kkdl'na v.i. get up ; rouse from 
sleep be born become aware 
learn the truth about 

aftkh (or ah'kkeh) kku'\ki kki'lt 'rdih j'fna 
v.i. be wonderstruck Oj'/iahkk kh.ol'na v.t 
open (someone’s) eyes acquaint 
IkriJjjJahkk (or ah'khet) kkol' kar “dekh'na 
v T ; Jook carefully examine directly 
eriahkk ki p&t'lt n.f. pupil of -the 
eye pet J'Tahkk ki sit' n.f. modesty 
regard courtesy JgfjJfahkk ki ki'ekaj 
n.f. discharge collecting in eye comers eCJt 
gjstatikk ke do’ re n.m. pl, reddened veins in 
eye (as sign of drunkenness or sleeplessness) 
(aC-l ^bXi'J^Oj/Tij/Taiikk (or ah'kkeh) ke 
s'ge (of sam'ne) adv. under (someone’s) nose 
l’ , y*rfahkk lija'na v.i. feel ashamed Lj}r \ T 
Hi! ahkk (or sft'kkeh) a f ge lara'na v.T. /cast 
amorous glances H^Jtatikk lar'na v.i; meet 
the eye exchange amorous glances (‘0dt 
ahkk laga'na v.i. sleep doze off &U 
in love with make love to C^'ediahkk! lat'na 
v.i. fall in lpve (with) fall asleep 
ahkk la'gi n.f. mistress , keep un wedded 





wife (of) CjCjftafikh mar na v.l. wink at 
drop a hint thus make eyes (at )tlf&fjesafikh 
mickja’nn v.i. (arch.) of eyes) close die 
tijgoftaiikk mifha'ha V.T. wink at 

mi&au'li n.r. be-peep ; blindman’s 

buff ; hide-and-seek tag afikw 

mi&au'R kful'na V.l. play hide-and-seek (with) 
1*1 kjftafikh mil ana v.t. exchange glances 
V&(<juftl)ahkk (or ah'kkeh) muhd'na v.l. (of 
eyes) be closed sleep die £Xsj £ 7 
moofid' kt adv. with eyes shut ; blindly 
inconsiderately VjSS(v*fPXl)jJ>taM. (or a ti- 
mr wfid'na v.l. shut the eyes die 

aMk mat'll kar m PH. frown ; 
glower ; scowl trjtf c^Jtafikh- mefi pa'tu 
m ho'nav.i. be shamefaced be immodest 
tT afikh mefi pkul'li a'na v.t. have a 
white speck in the eye become blind t^arT 

Qy afikh mefi mo'fl hoot' hoot 
ksr bko' re ho'na V.i. (of someone’s. eyes) be 
exquisitely oeautiful ti U^'ifdZiSee'iaiikk 
meM til ki sala”? pier na v.t. blind (someone) 
by drawing indigo-tailued needle in his eyes ; 
blind Ijj&d'jaz-ijt'jr'fafikk.' nak u durast' 
b'ss v.i. have all the organs intact be 
unblemished . afikh nam' kar'na v.i. 

weep IjfMjrfaftkh nam' ho’na v.t. (of eyes) be 
tearful Vwiijni afikh na utha'na v.t. & t. not 
tp look at (through) shame or being busy 
’yytjunkk na thai'kama v.i. be dazed (by 
die brightness of) ; be dazzled ; be dazed 
iJvJ'ertafikk' na nak', ban' no diatid'si 
prov. (iron, for ugly woman) what a 
beauty ! afi/ch (or an' him) 

rf'Ai Ao'na v.i. feel ashamed be heavily 
obliged (to) MjJ^atikh va'la n.m. & adj. 
(one) blessed with, sight (one) able to 
appreciate VyJt afikh ho'na v.t. & i. be 
blessed with sight love (someone) choose 
(someone) as one’s target ^.^((fsjjJfah'khofi 
(id) atfkhofi men adv. in a jiffy winking- 
ly Vlfi/fjjft afi'khofi par bitha'na v.t. treat 
with respect or love hold dear 
atfkhoh par pat’ it' bafidhina v.t. ignore 
connive at i afi'khofi par (or pa) 

padiah par 'na ph. be misled be deceived 

par pal'kot ka- 
hojh' nahlti ho' la prov. own. things are never 

burdensome I aii'kkoh par 

thik’ri rakh le'na ph. be blind to all be- 
have in an unfriendly manner lose all sense 
of shamzPfyjJZUr Tali' khan par char’bi charh'na 
ph. be arrogant lose all sense of shame 
refuse to own or acknowledge friends^yn 
0>£dti\koii par diark'na v.i. be liked (by) 
L'CfljIJsyjjJnah'khofi par divar utha'na v.i. 
deny evident facts sir aii'kkoh 

par rakh' no PH. treat with respect 

or love hold dear 

aii'kkoh par hath' rakh le'na v.i. (fig.) feel 
abashed aii'kkoh ta'le ahdke'ra ana 
v.i. feel giddy be struck with consternation 
ifi'khofi ta'le phir'na v.i. be ever 
in sight become large 1*1 i Cs^jldlil Ujj^a/T 
ah'khofi de'kha ma'na, kv.'non tuna na ma'na, 
d-i&L oM4- lat'kim dtkh 

bhat para, mu] he ka'noh sun'ne dt prov. see- 
ing is believing one eye-witness is better 
than hearsay . ddkhl hat 
n.f. first-hand knowledge J 

afi'khofi de'khs mak'khi na'hifi nig r tl ja'li 
prov. nobody will willingly swallow poison 
Xj&£Z J^jjJu'ati'khon sukh kale’jt ihxrlt- 
dak PH. % by all , means - with pleasure 

se (or ke) 

ah’dfu nam’ nain’ sQkk prov. black bloke call- 
ed Mr. White ; be the victim of an irony of 
fate IL. ^rJfil^Jjenah'kkoft se p'jhal koja'na 
V.I. go out of sight I’ll Qy*Xi^ ** T Sh'khofi 

se ba'ja la'na fh. .obey willingly and cheer- 
fully aii'kkoh se tal ve saihla'na 

v.t. & i. show love or respect (by rubbing 
eyelashes, against sole of another’s foot) 
(b(J\C)JtHi'kbofi se gir (or u’iar) ja'na ph. 

* lose favour (with) b? no longer in the 
good books (of) ah' Huh se laga'na 

v.t. treat (something) reverently by touching it 

with the eyes bjt'Js^dui-jjyr'i'afi'khoh se ma'zoor' 
ho'na V.I. be blind V/lX jfy^O^ah'khoh se 
mo'hinl pai'da. kar'na v.i. reflect love in one’s 
eyes ah' khofi se nil dhal'na v.l 

be on the verge of death 'UtfVfatiltijjiFf 
afi'khofi ka afi'dha gafith ka poo'ra ph. silly 
nevertheless careful of his pocket 
afi'khofi ka tel nikal'na V i. burn the fnid- 
night oil put a great strain on one’s eyes by 

minute needlework, (etc.) it l/(Jj^\ 

ah'kkoh ka ka jal a ns ph. be an expert 
thief be too clever ah'kkoh iff non’ 

n.m. .sight (one’s) son one’s progeny 
jfkif'Jo^nsn'khoft fet ihahdak n.f. . person 
who is (one’s) heart's 

a'bht ah'kkoh ki f oo'iyah niksl'm b&‘<p 
hain prov. the critical moment is yet to 
Come you can’t be sure of the result so soon 
tfl/fJt^teOj^Tah'kltoti kt a'ge ahdkeri a’na 
V.t. feel giddy ( khoh 

kt ~a'ge y ta're chotnk'na- (or ^kfltna ), 
fa lie sfikkoh ke a ge shahdjna ho'ns 

X.i. have speeks before eyes 
i*Jlr U^afi’ kkoh ke age na k sodjfoo kya khak 
PRov. one can hardly, see one’s own faults 
(tV i > ifjdjjk* {/*> (sir) ahkkoh k* bal 
fifttf/' kar ana (orja'naj v.i. come (or go) 
respectfully a h ' khoh ke ga'rhe n.m. 

pl. space round inner corners of eyes 
t tlifjAtSh'kkoh meti ah soo dubduba s’ ns v.i. 
(of tear^V gush forth ; well up in the eyes 
pl!d^(j!f"ti^oA7ah'khAh meh ah’kkeh dal' ns 
<?.T. exchange glances with look (some- 
one) in the face Vyfc^Jj^Tsh'kkoh meh 

pkir'ns (or bas ns) ph. be greatly liked 
obsess ; be ever present in one’s mind t jtjj&'f 
ah'kkofi men pi ja'na v.T. & i. stare 
lovingly (at) refrain from reproof 
I'jofi.. 5 h'kkoh meh iak'U fifty bho’ns v!t. torture 
ah'kkofi meh tel Jags ' na V.T. 
trump up an excuse ttiJtyfajcrf ah' khan 
meh tkab'dak par'na v.i. be aelighted 
ah'kkoh meh jan' Tina v.i. be on the 
verge of death (of eyes) have rest Vfif.Uj&'i 
ah’kkoh meh j ask 1 na, ah'kkoh meh 

ja'gafi kar'njt v.i. be liked dtfQJjjjjjA'ish' kh oh 
meh diar'bi child' na v.i. • (of eyesight) \veaken 
become proud lose all d»cretion£^i>yrf 
I'f ah'kkoh mefi ska' ka chaufid a‘na v.i. be dazed 
r ah'kkoh meh hal'qe par ja'na 
v.i. have sunken eyes UAjtjfjjen s’kkofi meh 
tol'na v.i. adjudge mentally b'y; j 1 
ah'khah meh khar' ho'ns ph. be ugly be 
«n enemy be an eycsoT<£iij(J&ljJifj*jjJ% 
( ah'kkoh meh khak’ (or dkooV) dal’ ns 
(or jhahk'na) ph. throw dust in (someone’s) 

*V'es cheat palm off one’s wares (on) 

dS'u!', 0 ah'kkoh meh khoon' a' tar a'na 
v.i. fly into passion have bloodshot eyes 
[’/} (> ah'kkoh meh dam' ho' nil v.i. be on 
the verge of death I'jj 
sfikkoh meh dan'yamrik' (or ahttiur’) ho'ns v.i 
be greatly shocked ah’ Khan meh 

rat kat ns pH, have # sleepless night (JOA* 
ah'kkofi meh lar'soh phool'na ph. see 
yellow on all sides (VAf l )£kyjtJjrt ah'kkoh 
mrit sama'na (or kkub nB) v.i. be greatly liked 
ah'kkoh meh nulla' pm ho'ns 
v.i.VaVe lovely eyes ClfifktypAfatikoh meh 
sift'di chka'tia v.i. los£ one’s sight ; become 
blind l’U£j/j£jjrT ah'kkoh meh khaje ja’na 
v.t. stare with menacing eyes 
ah'kkoh meh kkatak'na v.i. be die object of 
jealousy or enmity V/fj£fc£OA t ( ah'kkoh meh 
mir'ejufi bkar'na v.t. not to let sleep (jftjpAt 
’Cs; ah'khflh meh rno'hin i ho'na v.i.** have 
charming eyes i ah'kkoh u'lqt ja'na 

v.i. be on verge of death ; have pupils up- 
turned as sign of imminent death 
ah'kkofi bidhka'na , V/ t nh' kkohfarsht- 

rsli l:ar'na v.t rpdearpet show great 
respect (to) ah'kkoh bahd ki'ye adv. 

blindly unmindful of the consequences 
ah'kkoh ba'dal It na v.t: be 

fickle; be inconstant withdraw oine’s favour 
(from) ah'kkoh bahd ketr'na v.i. 

close one’s eves for contemplation sleep 
die Cijpuffr'f sti kheh bahva’na v.i. get eye> 
operated upon get an artificial eye 

Vksi ah'kkoh pat' tam ho ja’na v.i. go blind 
bfyfvtr'ahkheii pkat'na v.i. have a splitt- 
ing headache be wonderstruck tfiitjfe , rT 
I'U 5 j ah khoh pka'ti ki pha'tl raih ja'na vTT be 
wonderstruckl 'AjUjI^ftah'kkoh pkar' phsr'kcr 
dekhPia ph. strain one’s eyes gaze 
wonder cast amorous glances VAtfr/ 

ah'kkoh pkoot'na v.i. become blind' , » J gG£*7 
ah’kkoh pkoot' ja'na v.i. get blind 
ah'kkeh poh&na v.t. wi^ off one’s teats 
console ; comfort t ah'kkeh phi r' ja'na 

v.i. (of one’s condition) become precarious 
ah'kkeh. plw' le'nu v.T. withdraw 

one’s favour (from) 

ah’kkoh pke’re tote kl si. batch kart 
mai'ns ki Si Pfcov. fair without, foul -within 



come across 

kar np 



‘ ah kheh ta'ras jo na v i yearn long 
enough (for the sight of someone) 

Ljfdfi kheh thahdS kar'na v.j. be comforted 
(by the sight of) ah’ kheh (hat kar'ny 

v t face , come face to face with 
an kheh ch&r' ho'na v.i. come ac 
in love llpytir i&gtfitft etui' an a v.i. evade 
CO tZ-tZsfijuri ah' kheh chhat' if lag'na ph. 
be on one’s cleath-bed CUjJif7nh'kheh dikha na 
v t glower get eyesight tested (by \firt 
Ca£t$h'kheh dekh'na v.t. test the eyesight 
(oO inculcate the habits (of) be in- 
fluenced by the company (of) 
ah He h sifed' ho ja'na y ph become blind (in 
expectation, etc.) VW(JfP~ati khth.jai' na v.t 
stare fixedly (at) I'ScJttJjii Ian kheh tab 
(pi'li) kar'na v.i. show sings of anger 
ah'kheh maxka'na v.i. look with blandishment 
l> ij~ i ah' kheh mal'na v.i. rub one’s .eyes (to 
remove effects of sleep) Q& L tfr'sdtikheh 
ntkal'na v.t gouge out the eye scowl ; 
glower CJgjJ'jjyrTankjieh n fH py/i knrnd 
ph be^enraged > jjf* f ' jC v i befoupfr 

ah'kheh hu'th char'"dil meh 
a>a poyar', ah'kheh Hu'lh o t dil meh a'ya kha t’ 
prov. out of sight out of mind 
gfnah'gan n.m. (dial. Cyiahg'nd) 

courtyard , yard 
ASidnahd' n.m. (dial.) 

luxury (S) 
jlah"o,a”oh n.f. 


mucous discharged in 

* tenesmus ; mucous 

)h** 'vol NiF, afterbirth , secundiness; uterine 
discharge with foetus on delivery Jt'Jji 
ah' val nal N.f new-born infant's navel-string , 
umbilical cordJjbO jtah'val' jhah'val n.m — 
ihJL*\Jj*ah'val gat'ta n.m. 


twins LZ^(JJiah'vat gat'ta n.m. dried myro- 
balan myrobalan fallen from tree | - fol] 
Jjlahv'lah n.m. (same as>i-fr) 

Zna'nah n.m. anna ; a former coin equiva- 
lent to one-si xteeenth or a rupee one- 
sixteenth share (in something) 
i'tu pa”i ka hisab' n.m full account adv to 
the penny 

m I a n* jo’ni adj . transitory evanes- 
M cent mortal [ - l‘l ] 

Ijlava n.m. kiln 4 - f>; fi# IjTlfa-il « ve ka 
a'va hi big’ra hu" a hat prov they are 

chips of the same block it is rotten from 
top to bottom 

t a'va ja va n.m , Td Vd jd'l N.F 
uncalled for crTands needless 
exchajigc of visits scamper [ - C7- t*U] 
9jfjiava rah n.m. & adj . tramp ; vaga- 
bond, debauchee profligate 
dissolute jJeJjIdva'ra-gar'd n.m. & adj. 
tramp , vagabond profligate dissolute 
dehauchee (fjysjl/fava'ra gar'di n.f. vagrancy 
profligacy£,l/»jbt aid ra-mtzaj' adj. dis- 
solute unprincipled ; unscrupulous 
irresponsible _ if. (/* ulj i ava' ra-miga'ji n.f. 
irresponsibility being unprincipled pro- 
fligacy tjtj'i ava'ra-vatan'- n.m. & vypj. 
alien ;.(one) away from one’s homeland{Mif 
aaa'ragi (col. avar'gi) n.f profligacy 
vagtancy irresponsibility lack of princi- 
pley being unscrupulous fP] ^ . 

Jijldvaz' n.f sound voice 

ootcfii (or bitlafid') avdi' n.f loud voice 
Cio’i jljfavdt' Othd'nd v.i. raise a voice 
(against) . protest rtjise one’s voice fyJLfjW 
dud' ba'dal ja'na , Clsyfjlji dvdz bi'gar ja'na, 
">avaz bhd'n ho'na, CjefjljTavaz' bharra- 
na v i. become hoarse Csjtjljiavaz baith'na v.i. 
lose voice l^fckJIsTauaz' btilahd' kar'na v i 
lift up one’s voice register protest , raise 
one’s voice (against) ; Ijljiaoa'z-e pa n.f 
footfall yjltlavaz par adv. at the beck and 
call (of)’ guided just by the sound 
aoaz-ejaras n.f call, for departure Cjjbiavaz 
de'na v.t call out IjlfJ'jjZtyj&'jb'ava'z-e sa'gah 
kam na-kjinad' ng'q-e gads' ra ph. malicious 
endeavours of adversaries hardly affect a 
sincere person’s lot Clhj Ijl^ jljTaoaz se avd( 
mila'na v t bring in concord with ; be 
armonious Chjljlezjl/favaz se avaz'^mil’na 
v.i. be concordant; be harmonious j/*j*jiara'z-e 
soot’ n.f. sound of resurrection trumpet 
clarion-call > r >^j\S\ava' z-e ghaib'^ N.f .mys^, 
terious voice ; voice from heaven 
ava z ka filar' &arha"o n.m. rise and fall of 
the voice^t Djljtavaz' ka pat n.m. range of 
voice l‘/}j3'jcfjij\avaz meh r a" shah ho’na v i. 
have a tremulous ^ voice I'JjljTavaz kar'na v i 
call aloud fUJafatavaz kkjil' ja'na v i. recover 
voice C*ffjljiavaz goohj'na v.i. _ej:ho , re. 
sound have a stentorian voice (i^jljtavae 


lags' na v.i. (of beggar) cry out (of pedlar) 

cry out one’s wares (of vocalist) raise his 
voice (of birds) sing ; chirp 
mek pot' U lag" ns v.i. (of vocalist’s voice) not to 
: to be clear svsz' nek 

chhiir'ysk (or katfriysk) hhari ho'ns' v.i. have 
a very sarcastic tone aosz' men loti' 

ho'na v.i. have an appealing voice 
aoaz mek na'mak ho’ no ph. have a pathetic tone 
•jbtava'zak n.m. report fame ^reputation 

slander Vpdhfjbfaua’zah bitfakd'Jio'nay.i, (of 
something’s fame) spread 'Jr jV aoi’zdh 

(or dMt'er) kas’na v.t. taunt yell out 
shanderous remarks [P] ^ 

fJW dos'zah N.M,(see under fair) 

7 aua gav'an n.m. (dial.) metempsychosis; 
transmigration of soul (S coming and going] 
jjia'var suf cause of something that 
brings jjjfsvard n.f. (in versification) art ; 
lack of normal flow ad). artificial ; lacking 
natural flow suf. result of ; brought about by ; 
aftermath of oar'dah adj. (amount) brought 
forward n.m. protege afteimath (of) 
]P~ oljv/bring] 

“ Yjiavtkhtah suf. ^ hanging ; suspended 
'* attached 

yfisuez’ suf. hanging attracting Jlsjl 
** sve'zsk adj. hanging; sus-, ^ 
pended ; pendant attached ti 
Sve'zsk kar'iis vyr. hang; sus- 
pend attach ttfiavt'zah N.M. ear- 
ring [P~prec.] 
iy}j\sve'zi± n.f. enmity 
" differences [P~prec.] 

Aj'a* n.f. sigh cry of pain ; moan int 
W alas , ah ; ah ah; dear ; dear me ; oh dear 
tydrfhl ah' (or a'hek) bkar’ns, Isaiah' kat'na 
v.i. sigh ; lament cry with pain Ifyiah 
par' ns v ,t suffer retribution for oppression ; 
be overtaken by Ncmeyi&fyfta' h~e jsh' kah' n.f. 
heart-reading sigh jyj£*?oXah-e ji'gar-soz' n.f. 
burning sigh L^iefs'h-e .rasa’ n.f .< sigh evoking 
response; effective sigh #< s'h-e sard' n.f. 
deep sigh s'h-e > ar &\ kket&ns v.t. 

heave a deep sigh CjfjHjCMafc' kar'na (or 
ikokt b'na) v.t. sigh’ moan 0>>Tah' lens 
v i oppress ; tyrannize invite Nemesis ; 



deserve retribution afm' 

S'h-e turn sha'bi n.f.* midnight lamentation 
midnight prayer t Ta'h-o-buka\ tfjljt #7 
zrh-o-Za'ri,(jb>jeta'h-o-Jighan n.f groans 

wailing lamentation [P] 
jrfoha, llali'hi int (expressing delight or 
wonder) oh wonderful 
> *'a'hat n.f. footfall l a’ hat puna v.t. 

hear the foot fall' (of) get an inkling 
(of).l^viii tZfia'hat le'te raih'nz PH, be on 
the alert ; be vigilant 

^ skis' tah adv. slowly softly ; tender* 
'"‘V* ly leisurely adj. slow slack 
tardy so ft £*$2^ ahis'tak skis' tah adv. 

slowly gradually by degrees 
dkts'la rau adj. slowpaced J&iTahis' tags n.f. 
slowness tardiness delay mildness 
softness [P] 

X s' hart n.m. (ped.) iron tffi/mar'd-e a' kart 
strong njan jX\a' hen-gar n.m. black- 
smith ; smith (fjttfa'han-gari n.f. blacksmith’s 
trade jfia'Aant adj. iron ferric strong 

hard Clb'jtTa'haril salakh' n.f. steel bar 
Jjftfftta'kani sef n.m. iron s&hytfs' hatAk adj. 

like iron strong hardt(jff»/F*atN»Nr 
ahanU, S‘J(fl7a‘harA.‘azm n.m. firm resolve ; 
unshakable resolution [P] 

£*'ahakg' n.m. sound music ~ melody 
harmony purpose ; intention 
way ; mode time occasion [PJ 
r'a'hoo n.m. deer ; antelope prf/ifa'hoo &adm 
Jt' adj. gazelle-eyed (fd^rjahoo’-t haram' N.M. 
(fig.) inaccessible beloved antelope of 
the sanctuary -djr£~f{takpo’-e falotd n.m. (fig.) 

sjWt^J i 

\jgfa'fnah N.M, (ABB. Of <tlN.M.,'^r) 

jla 'o n.m. coming used only in :) tsJdjIa'-'o 
bfafgat n.f. warm welcome , courteous 
reception \*»C> Ufjjfa”o dekka rut ta"o ph. 
in ^reat hurry indiscriminately [~fl] 
t&ta'in'dah adj. next future coming 
ensuing subsequent adv. in 
future again; afterwards ui/t 
a'ikdah ikjttiya'r ba-das't-e mukhtar’ ph. you 
have my word of advice ; now it is up to you 
to accept or reject it j%(a'\k£ n.m. 

(only ir> +ijt U*7n.m- pastcr(s)-by 

(Jla"i n. f. & v.i. (see under ff-*) 

I a ”* si N M - (arch.) 

U.-O-O' Civil Service ; l.C.S. 



i - j 

jfa’in' n.m. constitution (such ) law 
4% '(arch.) regulation manners (jCi^fa’tn 
bati'di n.f. jsublic decorations illumina- 
tions a’i'n-e dad'-ra'si n.m. trial 

procedure^ way of justice tfs/tifija’i’n-e 
tahri'ri , tailin' a’i'n n.m. written 

constitution (//JK'fctdai'n-e gh air lahrin 
air navisfdtah a’i'n n.m. un- 
written constitution c r£?fa”ln-e kohari n.m. 
old Older former constitution -H'^Ta’in' 

na'tmh n.m. constitution (arch.) manual 

of rules and regulations^^ nau 

(or navi') n.m. new constitution new 
'ni adj. constitutional [P] 

6a”«ft shs"eh n.f. irrelevant 
" * .* talk ^ silly talk of discomfited 
pctson!^( 5 t Al’(^ , 'a'’di 6a'’rt j&3'’rt fczr'na v.i. 

talk irrelevantly talk in a silly manner 
siJ'fa’l'nah n.m. mirror ; looking-glass 

(*tr>7 a'l'nah aft’ </f»a 60 ja'na v.i. (of 
mirror) blind ; lose its polish ZfS 
if la 'i'na-e 6a' tin n.m. (fig.) purity 
of heart ; heart ; clarity Qf con- 
science CC. Jsfa’V nah bana'nz v.t. 

manufacture a mirror per- ' 
plex (lfl)^JCjda”ina-e ha' lab (or ’Q 

ha’labi) n.m. quality mirror (arch.) such 
a one made in Aleppo xl^/f a ’i'na kha'nah 
n.m. mirrored chamber jb^tfTa’ina-dar adj. 
reflecting or echoing (views, etc. of) n.m. 
(arch.) one holding a mirror (to) t&^Tai'nah 
dikha'na v.t. hold a mirror (to) show the 
pros and cons (of) put; {/jfjai'na-rukh' (or 
roo') adj. fair ; blonde jlst>ta’i'na-saz\ 
a’tna-gar t n.m. # mirror manufacturer 
glazier C^i^i-^leyj’yzdinah sam'ne se na hat'na 
v.t. pay constant attention to one’s make-up 
sikah'dar (or sikatidaz I) 
n.m. (arch.) polished steel mirror stated to 
have been installed by Alexander to detect 
movement ^of enemy ships (lit.) magic 
minor Ig^faTna-ffma adj. very beautiful 
respondent a’l'nah kar de'na v.t. 

cause to glisten (fig.) clarify; make absolute- 
ly clear a l'na-c mujav'vaf, 

mujav' oaf ainah n.m. concave mirror 
n’ina-e mobad'dabJ>h-sj/ mohad'dab a'i'nah n.m. 
convex mirror {Jl(/ 4 ££. 7 a’i'ne meh bal n.m. crack 
in the mirror L'Tijff^d'itu meh bal a’na v.i. 

(of mirror) be cradted me* 

Tr.uhh de’kho ph. don’t give yourself airs [P] 

3 >. a n.f. nurse lady’s maid 

't aya-gari n.f. midwifery 

C ) ay a conj. whether if 

* .whether or not [P] 

Vfa>3 v.i. (p.T. oft! v.i. *) r&jggSM- 

^Aa'yat n.?.*la'yah n . m . ( n . f . PL.^iJa'yat’) 
’.(Quranic) verse sign (of God) mark 

i'yat-il kur'si n . f . the Throne Verse ; 
verse 2 ; 255 of the Holy Quran describing 
God’s authority r£J a'yat-e kaii'mah n.f. 
the Penitential Verse ; Verse 21i87 of the Holy 
Quran repeated as a penitential formula 
t_w<*6 adv. now presently; just now (jjjL/i 

ab, 6fcf adv. even now till now ; to 
the present time ; to this moment yet ; still 

paehh'tat kya. 

hot jab chir’yaft chug' ga"i ft kket' prov. it is no 
use crying over spilt milk L'jCslfiab’ tab kar' rat 
v.i. evade ; dodge ab' tab ho'na v.i. be 

on the point of deathi^i-daft' tak (arch, wvlw 
ab' talak) adv. till now ; yet , still 
hitherto rahg la"i gilaifj'ri ph. 

(exclamation about mischievous pa$on) now 
does he show his true colours^wiao' s* \£r> v - 
henceforth, henceforward ; from now on ; 1 in 
future Ififtiab' ka adj. of the present time 
the next ; the followingJwIa6' ki^lj^iab' kr 
bar' conj. & adv. this time this once 

** tot •*' 

ke sath,jab' fa bad jab' it sath- prov. changed 
circumstances call for a changed itjiom 
ab * ke conj . & adv. this time 
ab' ke ba' eke to sab' ghhar ra'fjie prov. saved 
once’s saved for ever w “e^tab'na tab' adv. 
never in no case ; under no circumstances 
?- */lab'ke ba'ras adv. this year < 

ab N.M. (PL. a6a') (ped.) variant of.# 
abo’o N.M. father JJja'baA adj. 

partiarchal paternal [AJ 


Cltia n.m. refusal ; denial detestation 
l '/it iba‘ kax'na v.l. detest 
1 1 ab'ba N.M. daddy ; papa; pop^lflilab'bajan, 
,flt ab'ba ji n.m. respectable father int. dear 
daddy ; dear papa 
(JtLlaba'btt n.m. swallow; martin 
n.m. pl. flock or swarm (of 
birds, etc.) ( - sino.JI/ swarm] 
iJZ&il iba'hat n.f. leave ; per- ' JT \ 
mission liberty ; licence yj 


i\i, ubal'na v.t. boil J tynbal' n.m. boiling ; 

•j, ebullition rage ; fury ; fit of passion 
Mtfjlimi: ana (or B tk'na) v.i. start 
boiling have a fit of passion have a 
sudden but transitory longing (for) or aversion 
<to>KUD4ifi*a'/3 suba'la adj. (of dish) badly 
cooked merely boiled tasteless ; vapid 
tyjljilbi uba'ti dal mil'na v.i. have tasteless 
food [~U]Icaus] 

I ibtida' N.f. . commencement begin- 
ning origin lifl&l ibtida kar’rta v.t. begin 
make a beginning take the initiative 
ibtida' ho'na vx be begun ibtida ’ 
meii ad v, in the beginning : at first ; originally 
dli}jibiida”i adj. - preliminary initial 
primary ibtida 'i ta'tim’ n.f. primary' 

education ibtida’ 'i huroof n.m. pl. 
initials initial forms of letters opening 
words J U>ly$liilibtida”i tib’bi imdsd' n.f. first- 
aid ibtida''* mad rasah n.m. primary 

school^ UfiUi l ibtidH mada'rts n.m. pl. primary 
schools [A] 

ibtida 1 ' n.m. innovation [A~ w^] 

(Jjfyf ibtizal' n.m. triteness meanness 
vileness contempt [A ~(M] 

y^fab'iar adj. spoiled ; spoilt vitiated 
ruined destitute miserable confused 
disorderly (rare) issueless I'/p.iab'tar 
kar'na v.t. spoil vitiate upset ruin 
Vjfifab'tar ko'na v.l be ruined be spoilt 
be thrown into disorder (f/ltab'tari n.f. 
disorder mismanagement confusion 
rain [ ~ k/i curtail] 

ibhszm ' ’ n.m. (pcd.) smile cheerful- 
„ ness Jeftabas' sum’ n.h.^ IA] 
vifibtila* n.m. misfortune; s’-oke of ill- 

-luck temptation trial fA- Ht] 
few\ibUhaj' n . m . happiness cheerfulness 
^ ' gaiety ^ilarity [A - 
[tflubot'na (col. ktbUt’na,tfl\ib'tan) n . m . 
cosmetic unguent mixture of perfume* 
oil, flour etc. for rubbing the body with 
ubat’na mol'na v.l. rub (body) with it ; apply 
unguent (to body) 

jflab'jad n.f. Arabic alphabet according to 
Hebrew order of letters alphabet 
ABC ; rudiments (properly called 
mat) mode of reckoning number^ by the letters 
of the alphabet. (Following is the value 
attached to each letter according to this sya 
tern of reckoning : 



J > 





X ** (O 








g i 












m * 







O © 

o © 

fs (O 





Any letter not included above has the same 
numerical value as the. one written like it in 
this table.) < J lfidftab'jad khati n.m. one who 
is beginning to team his alphabet ; abecedarian 
beginner ; novice ; tyro [A] 
j\J\abkar , /.lob'hur n.m. (pl. of/Vu. *) 
p Jiab'khirah n.m. pl. vapours steam 
‘S' evaporation exhalations fumes [A — 

i\¥l ab'khal' adj. & n.m. very miserly (person) 
[A-t^] .... 

JtSdbad n.m. eternity ; time without end 
* a’bad-ul-abad' adj. eternity of eternities ; 
time without end t il a'bad-ul-abad' lot 
ad v. forever ; forever and ever tj/a' bodan' adj. 
forever ; etemallyi£*fa'W* adj. eternal ; 
everlasting perpetual endless Cdtlabadly'- 

jit n.f. eternity ; cverlastingness per- 
petuity endlessness [A] 

sMa" n.m. innovation [A~*^f] 

n.m. PL. an order of saints y 
saints devotees ; religious persons [A- 


y'-T 1 


/JJ^| ibdal' n.m . (gram.) substitution of one 
* letter for another ; substitution [A ~J>] 

(• fllftMatl' N.M. (PL. OffiifN.M. it) 

.e.t*'badlKti).&'j>labadiy}at n.f. (see under 
Wajnm. it) " 

abt n.m. cloud bahar’ 

J,i ( or baha’rsh or baharj (nrc^yjab'r-t bath'- 
mm) n.m. spring clouds (J\j\sjabr-e-ba’rah, j j\ 
«br~t tar' n.m. rain cloud(s) u&tfabr-t tunOk' 
mm. light cloud Clfiri abr Ma'na v.i: be 

cloudy (of clouds) be overcast ; overshadow 
jljyi abr-dar' cloudy j^Lju>jabr-e dar'ya-bar' n.m. 

saturated clouds ; rain-bearing clouds 
(fig.) generous person C*$Sjabr-e rath' mat (J/i 
abr-e karam n.m. much needed cloud 
God’s grace »y*2labr-e siyZh n.m. dark c)oud 
abr-e ghaHz n.m. thick cloud(s) &4/Jab r 
kkal'na v.i. (of clouds) be dispersed (of 
sky) become clear St^jjabr ghtr ana v.i. (of 
cloud) be overcast tjysj abr-e mur'dah n.m. 
spong ^yjabr-e mi’safi n.m. spring cloud (s) 

(this as) rain-bearing cloud [P] 
jtab'ra.tjilobrab n.m. outer fold of a double 
>vganr»ent ; outer fol^hjltyjalfra aur as' tar 
N.M. outer fold and lining [P] 
jtydlabrnr' n.m. holy men [A ~ sing.] 

ibraMm' (occ. barahim' among 
Christians fe/jabraham') n.m. Abraham- 
gika'r-e ibrahim N M. pyre metamor- 
phosed into garden (A ~ H] 
fyHbram' n.m. pressing necessity solici- 
tude persistence [A] 

(jZ/Jab’ras adj. leprous (one) suffering 
j fiom leucoderma (A ~ 

•Jyjab'rak (Arabicised asJyjab'raq) n.m. mica ; 

SJ\ ab'roe N.r. eyebrow(^£^; (j^ljjjyiab'roo 
par (ot tntk) ba!' a'na (or par' na) v.i. knit 

the brow ; frow ; scowl ; glower 
ok' no par mail' na a'na v.i. not take something 
ill Qljj'lab'roo lan'na vt. & j, knit the brow ; 
frown ; scowl , glower, ^f^jylabroo-e jateu.' 
mjs. (fig.) crescent [P] 

N.r. marble paper (P) 


jf^labre' sham, n.m. raw-silk silk co- 
coon abre'xhami ad|. silk ; silken 

(A- p ] 

jfylibtiq' n.m. ewer spouted waterpot 


U>l u'basna (rare tybus'na) v.i. become 
j stale rotCldlubsa'na v.t. cause to rot 
\t)\absar' n.m. (pl. oOf'N.F. *) 

tlty abtal' n.m. (pl of^N.M. *) 

^j\i^tibtal' n.m. refutation falsification 
} * ba'til adj.-^[A - yrtfc^N.M.] 
i?Jlat>‘ad' n.f. pl. dimensions extremeties 
jp ab's'd-e sala'sak n.m. pl. 

the three dimensions, mz . , length, 
breadth, and depth (or diickness) 

[A ~ SING.Xjl] 

Jj)\ab"ad adj. sup (pcd.) farthest , 
most distant ; remotest [A -SUP 

|0f ub'ka n.m. slip knot round neck of vessel 
, for drawing water. 

ylabkar' N.F. (pjd.) (PL. of ^ bik'r) virgins 
f (pl. of *J>buk'rah) mornings (A) 
f\\£\ubka"l n.f v act of vomiting nausea 

* sicknessl‘i)#lfiM:a' , f a'na,£?iu'bakna v.i 
vomit ; disgorge expel ; cast out 

Jji'bil N.M. pl. camels [A] 

g/lkl iblagh' n.m. communication 

iiha'ro iblagh' n.m. expression and com- 
munication [A ~£>ji] 

M'l ab'laq adj. piebald , mottled^ blank 

* and white n.m. piebald horse f Iffliab'laq-t 
ayyani n.m. nights and days .; motley time (A] 
{jSflab’laqa n.m a species of cuckoo 

(^luis/ra v.i boil swell flow over 
rise well up L'lfyiu'but a'na v.i. boil 
over overflowl^c^ u'bal per' na v i. boil 

over over flow swell OlfUbaina v t if 
J>\ab'loh n.m pl ,J»bulh) simpleton adj 
simple stupid ; gullible bashful 
ab'lafartb' adj. sly ; wily knave impostor 
huckster (fCiab'lahl n.f. foolishness , folly 
stupidity ; gullibility f A] 

^tiibUi' n.m. (pl^Ii abatis' ->l(iaba'luak) 


devil Satan mischievous person [A ~ 
yf 1 frustrated person] 

n m. (pi..Clalma) son child 
'CM'* 'n-t a dam n.m. man mankind 
(dial.) Son of Man ; Jesus^i )\£i ib'n-il-amr 
adj. high-born ; of noble birth or bloodjW’crt 
ib'n-us sabil' km. traveller (f/d^/Jib'n-ul-gha'ra- 
n.m. selfish person ib'n-t mar'yam n.m. 
Mary’s son : Jesus 4 ^y<y< ib'n-ul-vaq'l n.m. time 
server libna'n.M, pl. sons peoptej&Ot 
abna-t- juu n.m. pl. persons (of same quality 
and rank) ; companions equals abna'-e 

jahah' v fj£lsiabna'-e dok'r (or daih' r), jtfpjjLty 
abna'-e roz-gar'jl>J^-V*labna'-e zamanah n.m. 
pl. people humanity ; mankind con- 
temporaries fA]- 

t,aboo',Lf>lab n.m. (pl. 1 1 aba) father pref. 
(abb. boo) father having ; evincing 
possessor of ; owner of connected (with) 
distinguished O^flr^JJiabnl -baxhar' n.m. 
father of humanity ; Adam sfjjahoo'bak’r n.m. 
appellation of first orthodox Caliph ; Abu 
Bakr t^l/jjaboo' /ttraf', L-'l/ lur&b' n m. 
Dusty (as appellation of fourth Orthodox 
Caliph) (Jfjiahoo’jah'l n.m. (or jaih'l) Father of 
Ignorance (as appellation of one of the earliest 
antagonists of Islam) ; Abu Jahl tj/jj}aboo’ 
hurai'rah n.m. Kitten-owner (as appellation of 
one of the Companions of the Holy Prophet) ; 
Abu Hurairah^la haul adj. (sec under n.m 


^/Ijlabvab' N.M. (PL. oftp'fN.M. if) 

^/L/lubbsr'na v.t. (see under if) 

> . • 

ft\abhd'i nn adj. & n.f. unfortunate (woman) 

/ i~ JV] 

\W\ibham' n.m. ambiguity thumb (AJ 

i^jfUt'bkarnd v.t. rise . grow gain in 
prominence ; become prominent come 
to the forefront ; come into the lime light 
become salient achieve fame ; become pro- 
minent ijhjtubh&r'ns v.t. rise up; lift 
unload induce ; pervade incite excite 
give prominence cause to be salient 
/fila'bhl adv. now just nose ; right now 
even now already in a short 

while this very moment.; immediately; 
instantly till now [~i_W-{J"/] . 

(J I ib'bi n.f. toss-stroke (at tip-fat) t j/^jJJib'U 
dab’bt kar’na v.r. play tipeat 
aU abe int. you rascal sirrah , siree 
* a' he ta'be km na v.i. address disres- 
pectfully ' . 

&l/labyat' n.m. pl. ofi^Vi.F. if) 

i lil&bya'nu v. t. get sick (of) get tirsd 
(of) be or get fell up (whhJuyldfiAya'- 
hat n.f. irksomeness ; weariness 
y fiabir ' n m. (rustic for if) 

jJCf\ ab’yaz adj . white snow-white 

milk-white more or most splendid^* 
U?siJ>ah'r-e ab'yaz n.m. White Sea [A~ (J/tf- ] 
abiqoor'n n.m. & adj, epicurean 
abiqooriyyal n.f. epicureanism [E~G] 
/K y /Jrtt abail' dabail' adj. & n.m. weakling 
** ** subservient 

upar'tm v.t. uproot cause to blister 
** fyupar' n.f. blistering (of skin) 

Upar' kar'tta v.r. (of skin) blister [~ C^caus.] 
fgir ( apa'haj adj. crippled lazy ; indolent 
n.m. cripple indolent person 
U'paj- n.f. new idea flight of fancy 

wit (lit.) produce ; yield U£» U’pqjrtB 
v.i. spring up , grow sprout ; germinate 
(of idea) rise in mind ^ 

t/jbl Vpdcsh' n m. (dial.) sermon 
'•'* updesh''na (or de'na). v.i, preach l 
d/uie'shak n.m. (dial.). preacher [S] 

Af y[nprail' n.m. April Jji^laprail'/ool n.m. 

All Fools’ Day April Fool [E] 
lylu'pmna v.i. give a good impression be 
'** well-printed (of skin) blister 
1^1 a p' sara n.f. (dial.) gay girl ; prostitute; 

courtesan (H. myth.) dancer at Indra" s 
court (H. myth.) nymph [S] 

D'lap'/d n.m. dung-cake - ). - 

v ap'le ikap'na (or di»irT^|f*>a) 
v.i; jireparc dung-cake eCTv! 
ap’likasfmn n.f. application (EJ 
{^lap'ii a pron. one's own 
* personal : individual appro- 
priate exclusive n.m. relation , rela- 
tive , kith and kin liCiop'ta a' pa n.rl 

* s 'f 

one’s self; oneself IP I ap'na ap’na adj. 
respective personal individual IPj IPj 
k l ^j'J^ e a P na a P'na hai, parz’yz par a y a p'ro’v. 
close sits my shirt but closer my skin ; blood is 
thicker than watertyvusj I IPj ap'na mV loo si'dha 
kar'na ph. wheedle someone grind one's 
oyn arte ; look to one’s own interests 
UfJ^ap'na ul' loo Pa'hifi na'fnfi' gays prov. I 
stand ip no way to loset^l/ ^ I ap'na bans' le nS 
v.i. Win (someone) Over ciUlyjb&Okip'Tta 
bega'tmh (or parz'yz) n.m. all and sundry 
friend and foe related and unrelated persons 
y&JtljfriOjttpna. pool pars’ ya dhifigra prov. 
every man thipks his own geese swans jdLapXjj 
frOijf£fap'na pet to kit' tz b\d pal'ta hai 
prov. it is not manly on ojie’s part tolook just 
to self-interest 

■ap'na pai'sa kho't 3 to parokk'ne Va'le ks kya 
-qUsoor' prov. if your money is bad, the assayer 
js not to blame I 

ap'na pet paih'le dhaftpo doos're ko naftga pt'chhe 
kaih'ns v.i. those who live in glass houses 
should not throw stones at others 
ap'na to' shah ap'na bharo'sah,2l'£~\'J>jiP t \ ap'na 
to' shah ap'ne sz'tk prov. every tub must stand 
on its bottom VJl&ty ap'na thika'na kar'na 
v.i. shift for onesejf arrange separate 

residence for oneself ap’nZhisab' kar'na 

v.i. settle one’s account (with) &£-40lap'na 
ras'tah le'na v.i. . wend one’s way not to 
meddle with other, affairs IPJ ap'na rakk 

pars' ya chakk prov. save one’s own and spend 
another’s Ijjtrjjfyl ap'ns ro'na to' ns v.i. air 
one’s grievance talk of one’s woes 

Jap'ns sa mifih le kar raih' js'ns v.i. 
hang down (or hide) one’s head in shame CVlJ) 
It/ ap'na sabe'ta kar'na v.i. fend for oneself 
ap'na sir' pit' le'na v.i. curse oneself 
CtfjLsOiap'na sir' kha'na v.i. (iron.) do 
what one wills not to pester others VjCfyty 
ap'na soojh'ta kar'na v.i. fend for oneself 
ap'na ‘aib bhl hunar maHoom' 
ho' ta hai ph. one’s own vice seems a virtue 
Cy ap'na ham doos're par na da'lo 
ph. if you want a thing done well, do it your- 

■ielf V/lPl ap'na kar'na'v.T. mak^ (someone 
. or something) one’s own /, attach (someone) 
to oneself embezzle (,0>fJ)ClJ\Pl ap'na ki'ya 


pa'na (or bht'ga/na) v.t. suffer the conse- 
quence of one’s misdeeds face the music 
ap'na gkar' bhar’na v.i. aggrandize 
oneself use one’s position to ope’s personal 
advantage ^)C?S^j t >/0\ a p'na gkar’ 

door' se soojh’ta (or na'zar) a'ta hai ph. one 
seizes on one’s personal advantage fy-A IP, I 
ap'na la'hoo f/i'na v.i. suffer oneself 
ap'na meith dWo ra(k)'kho ph. don’t ^you 
hanker after it you do not deserve it 
jr, ap'ns mifih de'kfto ph. you do not deserved 
Bbci ap'na tram' ba'ial dal'na v.i. 
change one’s name put one’s honour at 
stake for something Ufi tfffyVfjglap'm ng' men 
ap'jal'na v.i. vent one’s rage on oneself j'lcl'i 
Ujf(Jj.ap'm ap m bc'li bol'na v.i. (of each) press 
one’s claim simultaneously &Ctv f l%Jap'ni ap’ni 
par’na v.i. look out each for oneself 
Ljijtyap'n* ap'm jafti ap’ns ap'na rag prov. 
everyone has his own fad Jf ,>lf -(! rjfy ap'nx e'ri 
de'kho ph. do not cast a malignant lookvO^I 
Cifji ap'm bat par or' ja'.na vvi. uke a firm 
stand (j>Jjjfy\A>^ifyap' r& pith dikka n i na'hifi 
de'li ph'^ none can see,the beam hi one’s own 
eye 4 ran' kho'liye ap' 
hi lajofi mar’ ye prov. wash your dirty, linen in 
public and be put to shahie (Oflj (AtbJ'iap'ni 
rah' lag nS (or le'na ) v.i. not to meddle with 
others affairs tyd>i/dl»&Jap'ru kfcal meti mast ’ 
raih'na v.i. be happy despite poverty 
frjtfap'm kafn’ na aur ki sura ph. without 

v.i. settle enough dower on one’s daughter 
. ap'm ga'H mefi kit' la 

bhl sher' ho'ta hai prov. even cowards are 
bold at their own post’; every dog is valient at 
his own door pvery cock is proud of his own 
dunghill A tfof ^/P'rngauh' ks yar' ph sel- 
fish friend wfaJpgsiQ 

ap'm nzk ka'u to ka'ft, para"T bad shagoo'tti to 
ho' ga i prov. never mind if the.nose is cut, at 
least the face has been spited 
ap'm mftd so'nZ ap'rii riiftd uth'na v.i. lead a 
carefree life be subservient to^npne I 

ap'ne ap adv. by itself (ctc.)(frJCjiL2£lap'nc 

pa" oil par kka're ho'na v.). stand on one’s 

feet achieve self* sufficiency^^t/ilA^/^-l 
^ryfiap'ne ap'ne vaq't par har chi’z' achchhi 
lag'll hai prov. everything is good in its season 
ap'ne pn°on^ ap kal'ha'ri mar'na 
ph. dig one’s own grave ap'ne ta'ili ph. 

(arch.) oneself ap'ne fa ah (or 

faaboii) adv. according to oneself 
" o. ap’ne haq meh kah'te bo'na v.i. cause one’s 
own ruin 1 ap'ne dhab ka ph. (person, 
etc.) after one’s heart the type needed 
Vjtf&ap'ne ssi'e se bkl dar'na v.i. be very 
cowardly H&jf ap'ne kamse kamrakk'na 

v.i. mind one’s own business ap'ne 

ki’ye par pachfcta'na v.i. regret one’s actions 
'nt Wye ka kya ‘llaf PH^there 
is no remedy for one’s own misdeeds < 
L* ap'ne In' ye ki saza'Phugatna (or pans) 

v.i. face the music <U 

ap'ne gireban' meh mlhh dal'na (or dal- kar 
dtkh'na) v.i. undertake honest self-criticism 
i^Oy&i~\ap'nt muhh mi' yah mit'dw . ph. 
self-praise uno recommendation 
Hi ap'ne mlhh. miyah mithoo ban' na v.i. be one’s 
own tiumpeter ; indulge in self-praise 1 

Vji/'U’ap'ne muhh par tamahekah mar'na v.i. 
chastise oneself -tfdCOIjjSlfrflfdLtnp'ne hi tan' ka 
pho'ra sata'tata hai v.i. one is betrayed only by 
friends dpna'na v.t. adopt make (some- 
thing or someone) one’s own JdQapna'y at n.f. 

kinship family relation 
J&\ u'panishad n.m. philosophical portion of 

* Hindu scriptures [S] 

{Ml a'pkarna v.i. swell out gormandize 

* be satisfied with food be full 
grow strong boast be. puffed up with 
pride - become very rich ; have one’s head 
turned with affluence n.m. (aph-ra') flatulence 
adj. (apk'ra) swollen elated satisfied 

fbfya'pharja'na v.i. be overloaded be 
elated be saliated M/$laphra'na v.t. stuff 
gorge feed (someone) so that his belly 
swells out give (money, etc.) to the utmost 
extent of someone’s desire 
\jj/\nphan'na v.i. froth ; foam ; effer vesce 
boil over (fig.) make a wry face 

A Up' pi adj. (of sword, etc.) burnished 
* whetted . 

(dial, m.) appeal fyfiiJfclap'irda'khil 
" kar'na v.t. & o. file an appeal uJilapW 
kar'na v.t. file an appeal Cj^ij&'foapil' 
manzoor' kar'na v.i. allow an appeal (/^Japil' 
khas' n.f. special appeal apil' 'sai'sari 

n.f. summary appeal ^<X,\apil' ‘ am n.f. regu- 
lar appeal J^&tfpapil' mutakha'lif n.f. cross 
appeal [E] " „ 

&lat n.f. extreme /dslat ka adv. extreme ' 
t at' gat adv. very much . 

Cl at a' N.M. father chief Mi'iata bik n m. 

(arch.) Turkish chief princess tutor 
Premier Usfiata'-turk' n.m. Turkey’s father 
(as appellation of Mustafa Kamal, the buildtr 
of Post-Caliphate Turkey [T] 

C\it'ta Adj. (col. fori fiii'na) this much; that 

much a.[si\it'ts sa adj. & adv this 
much a little ; woe bit [ ~l> l] 

C£f| a'ta pa' to. n.m. whereabouts details 

iCtyia'ta pa' la bat a n a v i. give details about 
tell the whereabouts (of) 
lyCfiilar'na, iPiMutar' de'na v.t. cause to 
alight or dismount unload (cargo, etc.) 
land lower ; bring down take down 
tear off cut off disgrace resent 
enthrall (11) expel . (12) make a recompense 
(13) shave off (14) remove (15) free from (16) 
take off (clothes) (17) cast off (18) make away 
(19) uncock (gun) (20) let down (21) lay (in 
grave) (22) produce (23) distil AlStar' n.m. 
descent slope ebb-tide fall decrease 
reduction in price alms 
char ha" o n.m. ebb and flow rise' and fall 

fluctuation ups and downs : vicissitudes 
(of life) loss and gain plot Clrjti star 
ja’na v.t. gulp down bijCl Star' de'na v.t. 
(pull down) take ofl dishonour ; disgrace 
CPj(] star ' le'na v.t. copy take down 

insertitiatjr'ra n.m. slope running into river, 
etc.) ; wharf halting place cast off clothes 

offering (moved a certain number of times 
from head or foot of someone to appease or 
exorcise evil spirit) I'/'hhlSla' ra kar'na v . t . 
takedown dismount iolXljCista'ra Star na v.l 
dispossess evil spirit thus ; exorcise (pjUtUia'ran 
N.M^cast off ciotbcsjjChlta'roo adj. .sloping 


bent upon I'jfjjQuta' roo ho'na v i. descend 
A be bent upon l'y\utar'na v.i. if ^ > 

ata‘M,ifj!ialachi n.m. attache (/ZtfJ 1 
ata'cjii ke s' n.m. attache case 
(f'll spares' ata'shi n.m. Press 
attache [E] 

ffiOala'liq' n.m. tutor ; coach ; 

^ structor precepter mentor 

alali'qi n.f. private tuition ; coaching 
preceptorship [T.~ fl* father] 
m itla'ola adj. precipate impatient 
hasty U sir'd jfi Via" old soba”ola PROV 
haste make waste^figla'V/i n.f. precipita- 
tion impatient haste adj. impatiently hasty 
dla”* n.m. & adj. (same as'tflfc^N.M. if) 

f. (•* atba n.m. pl. followers ; following t/£\ 
C/* * i'ltibz f ' n.m. following ; toeing the line 
obedience [A~ #] 

.y ilt'ehad' n.m. unification unity 
>17' union united front alliance amity 
friendship treaty ty‘jlf y iitteha'd-e sala’sah v.i 
arch.) Triple Alliance, (fs&l itteha’di n.m. 
(arch.) Allied Powers ; Allies adj. ally {A ~ 

J\Ut'tar n.m. north adj .-northern [S] 

Li/fitra'na v.i. strut give oneself airs 
behave boastfully act coquettishly 
IJsi itra'ya adj. boastful conceited ; 
arrogant coquettish 

(Jjjfliilra'i N.T.flJiutarta adj. (see under tVf 


jyji alar' soft n.m. & adj. day after 
(>t tomorrow day before yesterday 
ly'lu'tamz, I'UyfU'tar ja'tta v.i. alight; 

get down land disembark lodge; 
put up ebb wane cross fall off 
• fade be born (11) reach (12) decrease ; 
abate (13) fall in value or dignity (14) be faced 
from debt (13) become insipid (16) flatter (17) 
be disgraced (18) grow old (19) become pale 
(20) grow v thin (21) be pulled down (£2) die 
(23) fell upon (24) change (25) come down ; 
descend (26) be revealed 1‘t'Slu'lar par'm v,i ; - 
settle alight get down lodge l/'liel'ra 
li'Vtdt'ra hi’ a adj. fallen dismissed 
defended weakened waned ebbed 

aliy >ted shoih'na mar' dak nam 

prov. no power, no respect ; out of place, out 
of grace tyjIUtra”? n.f. coming-down ; 
descent come-down ferriage VjlUtar'ta 
adj.&adv. waning (moon) ebbing (tide) 
descending decreasing </? Cyiu'tarta hu'a 

adj. worse meagre of lower quality 

ut'ran n.f. cast off clothes 
dylutrarig' n.f. top piece of door- 

• . utaruana v.T. cause to 
** y ' alight cause be taken off ; 
get doffed [ ~ I'yt caus.] 

n.m. description praise 
. qualification [A~i>*j] 

(Ji&iittisal' n.m. junction being adja- 
..... '■ ccnt t A ~ ch] 

(J&Httifaq' n.m. agreement concord ; 

harmony coincidence amity . 
alliance unity ; union. consent chance; 
opportunity event ; accident equality 
(1 1) probability Cjjfalittifag' ban' tm v.i turn 

out well harmonize L’^G IHUifaq par'ns v.i. 

occur ; come to pass ; happen itiifa’q-e 

ha' saiiah n.m. favourable opportunity 
lucky chance good fortune ; stroke of good 
luck 4~bjb>littifa'q~c ra’e n.m. unanimity 

consensus concurrence £i-£-l)0\e)\ittifa'q-c 
ra"c st adv. unanimously itiifa'q-e 

ia"t ho-' no v.i. have consensus of opinion 
(of concensus of opinion) be V^dlPuttifaq* 
rakh'na v.t. live in harmony be on terms 
of intimacy a q' st by chance ; 

accidentally fortuitously toMthcr ; conjoint- 
ly in conjunction (with) V^yQ\iltifdq‘ kar'na 
v.t. unite agree (with or to) conspire 
form a friendship IjfO^jtllifaq' ho'na v.i. 
happen _ be agreed harmonize grow 
intimate ulift ittifa qan adv. * accidentally; 
by chanoe occasionallywW?U']i«{/a?3«' n.m. 

chances events accidents occur- 
rences aqa' l-e ha’sanah n.m. pl. 

unexpected terms of good fortune agree- 
able accidents }l}&ffli,Utifaqa't-e zama'nah n.m. 
pl. vicissitudes of fortune Xdj. 

accidental ; chance ; fortuitous incidental 

contingent (expenditure) casual (leave) 

•« ** 

agreed ; unanimous *^&uttifaqiy'yait alj. 
chance ; accidental casual contingent 

adv. by chance ; casualty [A ~ lj>] 
l**U iteqtf n.m. piety abstinence shun- 
^[ning [A~c*6>] 

rUl aiqijya' n.m. pl. the pious adj. pious 
« ./devout righteous; virtuous [A ~ sing. 

ypiittika n.m. reclining (against) de- 
, pendence ; reliance [A 
Jtyit’kah (or at'-) n.m. husband of one’s foster- 
mother or midwife [TJ- 
itlaf n.m. loss destruction ruin 
<* decay [A~^] 

Aut'tam adj. best highest excellent 

ul'tam khe'ti 

mad'dbam biyopzr, nikfcad' gia'kafi bWik na-dar' 
prov. of means of livelihood agriculture is ex- 
cellent business mediocre, service the lowest 
and begging the worst 
ntairi adj. (more or) most perfect 
utmost extreme pty-* ba-dar'ja-e atam' 

(ped . da'raja-) ph. extremely to the 
utmost [A-.j'tf' sup.] 

** — itmarri n.m. completion accomplish- 
< "^ment perfection {Ultima' m-t huj' - 

jst n.m: final bed fulfilment of a condi- 
tion [A- ] 

Clifna adj. (f. (jflit'rS) as much as this 
so much thus far C^^t/tS'iit'nisi J>at n.p. 

a minor point ; just that much 
it' rS si jan' gazf bhar ki zaban' ph. too saucy 
for one’s years it'nt se it'na ho'n a 

ga'jra PROV. cheap things cost more to main- 
tain than to buy it is easier to build a new 
house than to patch an old one U^.isL I it'nt mek 
adv. meanwhile ; in the meantime upon 
this ; at this U“i ut'na adj. (f.^I ut'ri) as 
much as that ; so much ; that much that far 
{Pi Ut'na IS adj. exactly that much dCiUfnt 
adv. as many as that ; so many 
yw'too N.M. (arch.) embroidering or plait- 
ing plaitipg ; puckering ; marking 
plaits ; plea bana'na (or kar'na) 
v.t, (arch.) embroider (arch.) pleat 
(fig.) beat l)lue (fig.) vilify (fig.) make a 
of </v"> Ut'Uxbia&lUjiut'too-saz.JjW'too- 

. *• 

gar s.u. plaiter embroiderer t/J'ut'tto 
ho'nsv.t. be disgraced be scandalized 
[corr. of P pr. u too] 

Jt?i itvar' n.m. Sunday 

.<•* . itteham’ n.m. imputation charge ; 

I 'accusation suspicions slander 
censure tf^f'id'l itteha'm-t be-ja', (tel if 4- be-ja' 
itteham' n.m. false accusation uncalled-for 

pQffathah' adj. abysmal ; bottomless un- 
fathomable deep unfordable [ ~ neg. 

1 "t/^3 

UJ?lutk'/g adj. shallow (fig.) unable to 
t .. keen a secret 

{JtPIW thattm v.T. turn topsy-turvy ; upset 

turn over O^O^iQ’tWalna pu'thalna 

v.t. upset ; turn topsy-turvy cdfiSfltfa'na 

v.T. turn topsy-turvy upsc 

pit' that adj. upset ; tops -tu>-vy 

VJii'thal puJUal kor'na v.T. tui i topsy-turvy ; 

upset PzTtJ^Criu'thal pu'that o'ns v.i. be 

topsy-turvy be upset 

iJ^Lla'ta tut' adv. (full) to the brim [ ~kl] 

> */* 

^Llafa’di n.m. same as^TWN.M 

(/jl)ata'ri n.f. upper room ; ggj£SjlJ|| 
garret penthouse JBB^jP^P 

(|vlata'/a n.m. lumber goods lS ' t[ 

chattels stock mass, heap 
commodities ; provisions * 

ata'la kor'na v.t. heap mass Lji/ ill fata 75 

lad'na v.t overload 

ata'na v.t. fill fit [ ~ 1^*1 caus.J 

fjl/t /sta octh n m name of an Indian town 
£ ata’ve ka ka'rigar n.m. (fig.) brag- 

ging workman who does not turn out to be 
very skilled at his trade 

atpata'na v.i. talk nonsense waver 
V iinger at' pat bol'm y. i. 

gpeak incoherently talk nonsense 
^ y at' sat n.f. cleverness ; ingenuity 
plot ; intrigue l'l*J J^sJ/lat sat 
laps' na v.t. plot sat la' rl ho' tut 

have inspired have an equation (with) 
l*j£n<sfJta'na v t. stop hinder impede 
restrain cause to falter postpone 
jV<aika' , o n m, postponement hurdle ; 


hindrance restraint detention [ t^iCAUs], 
/JP I at'kal n.f. guess ; conjecture sup- 
position presumption opinion 

rough estimate at’kal baz adj. conjscturer 
JrVpiat’kal-paflt'ilioo n.m. wild guess ; random 
guess ; mere conjecture adj. uncertain 
Conjectural adv. at random at'kal sf adv. 
approximately ; by conjecture ^ffej^lat'kal 
se Asm le’na v.t. guess ; hazard a guess 
a’tak matak n.f. coquetry 

atak’nn v. i hesitate stick rest 
* falter be entangled be dependant 
(on) L ltfat'kana V.T if . . 

at'kan bat’kan, era I at’ kart mat'kan 
* n.f. (formula for) children’s game 

comprising self-prepared make-believe feast 
t . MPatkhe'lt n. (usu. pl.) gambol play- 
l/~ ’ fulness blandishment coquetry 
C&juJIatkh eliynk soojk'rm v.l. be in a play- 
ful mood llfoiLfnatkhe'lijsfi karna v.l. be 

rf\atal' adj. inexorable inevitable 
permanent unchanging firm ; determ in- 
' ed : resolved [ ~ neg. 
ijrimt'las n.f. atlas [E] 
b ' 

r\a'tam n.m. heap 

isiat'na, tyJslat' ja'na v.i. be filled to the brim 

&l Vutk'ga adj. (r.JPtiitafi'gl) teddy 
(trousers) ; high drainpipe (trousers) 
shrilled ; badly shaped 

l*)*' j Utah' gam n.m. a species of nettle 

J • atvafi'G khatvzfi'ti, 

afin'fi khatva'ti n f. state of 
women who takes to her bed in grief or trouble 
or feigned illness atva^l 

kkatm'fi li'ye pa? raih'rm ph. be confined to 
bed thus feign illness in protest 
t^ffjiatoot' adj. inviolate unbreakable 
indestructible integral ^Ji^j\atoot' 
aiigPL, (dial;) integral part (neg. i + J>j] 
jfS Mb. suf cighttltflitftfiiaik paih'ri (or paih'- 

rtya) n.m. & adj. (one) with round-the- 

clock duty 

j 9 ' M 

Vtjat’tka n.m. (at cards) eight ] 

ut'thz bai'fhj n.f. (see underOlv.i. 

. b ★) „ 

i/Wla{t)tha'rak n m. & adj. eighteen 
, y a{t)&a ravafi adj. eighteenth >> 

(jwo(t)tha'si n.m. & Adj. eighty-eight 
y a(t)ika'sjvaii adj. eighty-eighth 
(J&lufkan' n.f. (see unde rflfrt v.t. if) 

f Utka'na n.t. lift take up hoist 
erect Lake (an oath on) take away 
pack up produce invent awake (11) 
excite (12) bear ; suffer ; endure (13) -carry 
(14) gain (15) incur (loss) (16) expend (17) re- 
move ; drive (18) nullify (19) abolish (20) put 
aside (21) steal (22) eject (23) breed ; bring up 
(24) raise or rear (wall) (25) effect C'jClS'iuiia'- 

detta v.t. exterminate 


do away with L^Uiuika' rakk’na v.t. assume 
(responsibility) ; take (responsibility) upon one- 
self put off (till tomorrow , etc.) spare 
utka le'na v.t. take up, pick up 
clear undertake utha’ leja’na 

v.t. take away kidnap abduct 
walk off with ellflUthari N.F. (dial, m.) up- 
bringing growth rise ; ascent elevation 

opening # sexual desire development 

of breasts jtflUiha' , oo ^dj. portable 
mobile ; moveable Uj§!telutka"o 0 stfio'th^ n. m. 

portable stove rolling stone 

uiha ,, i-gl , ra vt.u. petty thief; pilferer; larcener 
larcenist I^Vcaus.] 

a(t)^ve n.m. & adj. ninety-eight 
j 'JjU) a(t)tkan'vnan adj. ninety- 


udta"oo n.m. (see Under CUlv. t . if) 

a(t)tka'van n.m. & adj. fifty-eight uijldr 
> y a(t)tka'varwan adj. fifty-eighth 
( J\^\ a(t)tha”is n.m. & adj. twenty-eighth 
a{t)tka"isvafi adj. twenty- 
eighth > . > 

gi'ra N.M. (see under lU7-fc) 

J } jr •• Jt 

iriffth v.i >4 WVi(t)hci ADJ., U/ath'/a adv. (sets) 
under Wv.i, if) , 

»%ffathat'tar n.m. & adj. seventy-eight 
s \ l<ithat' tarvafi adj .^seventy-eighth 
liitplatfc/a'na v.l struct walk coquet- 
tishly walk indifferently 


is' no ‘ashar n.m. pl. the twelve Shi’ite Imams 
is'na ‘a'shari n.m & adj. twelver ; 
Shi’ite believing in twelve Imams [A *• Iwtwo 

^OSir ADJ. high lofty [A] 

fasts' n.m. ether [A~G] 

ya’bat n.f. grant , acceptance 
* * consent, compliance answering 
auph) motion; stool Ijr? (Si)*) ija’bat 
(Afcif has ) ho no v.i. have a good motion [A- 

tj\fl ija’rah n.m. monopoly contract 

leased »jty ija'ra-dsr’ n.m. monopolist 

lease-holder In ija'ra-da’ri n.f. mono- 
poly Oj tjfft ija'tah de'na v.t. give monopoly 
Vvlft i)H' rah kax'aa v.t. engage be ac- 
oountable for Iri iji'rah le'ns v.t. take 
monopoly (lease a monopoly (etc.) sl’ulrt 
tja'ro-na'mak, t$&^;ifiija're ka potto n.m. 
deed of lease ( etc. ) Cf^dtytija're de'na v.t. give 
«n contract [A] 

l^UHyar'na v.t. uproot pull down 

lay waste plunder ; ravage depo- 
pulate mud jlfiijar' adj. ruined 
demolished deserted waste depopulat 
ed desolate n.m. desert wilderness ; 

waste ; wasteland devastation, ruin jjty 

Hja'roc n.m. wastrel ; spendthri(t ; prodigal 

adj squandering ; prodigal 1*5 t< H'jdrnB v.i. 
Ija'zol n.f. permission ; leave 

sanction licence consent 
» ja'iot daA'M V.T. take leave of sfeek 

permission dfojUi ija'zat khah N.M. one ask- 
ing permission ija'zat de'na v,T. 

permit ; allow authorize empowei^fc^Vl 
•jaitflt rntTna v.i. get permission get a 

adj. manifest bright 
luminous conspicuous ll/Jff t Vja’gor 
her' ai v.t. show off or up make conspi- 

cuous i'jtjyi tja'gar ho'n a v.t. be or become 

n.m. sunshine 
daybreak ; dawn light (fig.) 
glory l<rf»i>illf»^a'/a ho ’ na V.I. dawn ; (of 
dayjbrtak he daylight be lighted ; be 

lit uphiV'tLiflija'U ka ta'ra N.M. Morning 
Star ; Venus Olflujal'na v.r. burnish 
polish brighten cleanse 
(£} if I vjan' adv. (rare) upstream 

W'lf 1 aja'nib n.m. (pl. of c^f<Aoj. & n.m. if) 

ijbar ‘ n.m. compulsidb ; constr ain t 

.♦ force repression [A~ /.) 
ijtiba' nm. choice ; selection [A] 

ijtima n.m. gathering ; concourse 

meeting assemblage congrega- 
tion combination conjunction co- 
existence community society 
ijtima' ‘-e ziddain' n.m coexistence or combina- 
tion of opposites Vstfci ijtima'' kar'rta v.i. 
gather ; combine ; league hold a meeting 
convene £/%W>jroo'k-*l ijtima“ n.f. spirit 
of society ’espirit de corps' ijtima”* 
adj. social collective community 
congregational ii lima ' ‘1 tah^f'Ttr H J t 

collective security c }S(f'w ijtima"! taroq qt Mr. 
community deyelppment f) ijtima' ’f 

jid'd~o jah'd n.m. collective effort- 
ijtima' *1 mansoo'boh kj*. community project 

k^\£%jijtimb' n.m. keeping aloof; shpn- 

ning abstinence abstination 
ijtinab' kar'na v.t. shun ; keep aloof (ftomV 

I *y. ijtehsd' n.m. exercise of judgment 
^vy*. 1 exertion earnest effort interpreta- 

tion of la-amic law ; authoritative interpreta- 
tion (fj&tijuha'dl' adj. interpretative Jvfa&i 
. ijteha'dl mas”alah n.m. interpretation of law- 

jl/ffajdad' n . m . pl. ancestors ; toafcthar 

> i 9j<*4’ *t>J- rude ; unfldftinarly idiotic 
ignorant Inconsiderable njs. ill 
mannered fellow errant blockhead lout 
idiot irjotf gatoor' n.m. unmannerly boor 
J%\aj'r n.m; reward ; recompense re- 
muneration Cj^Ug’r ddna v.t re- 
munerate recompense ; reward (A) 

I# *7 ra n.m. enforcement issue exeea- 
tion service circulation t'/'tfi ijra 1 ' 
kar'ita v t axeeuie (decree} issue sat 

on foot ijra -e dig'ri n.m. execution of 

a decree . 

l*ljZlajram n.m. pl. bodies (r^iajrs'm-e - 
fa’laki n.m. pl. heavenly bodies [A ~ 
sing. ffjirm] 

^IT'f rat n.f wages remuneration 

Jj’lS/ig ADj (see underlay. i if) 

ujarrta v.i. be ruined become 
desolate be demolished be ravaged 
be plundered be deprived of inhabitants ; 
be deserted be spent die be violated 
\>jr\ j \ a adj. ruined desolate depopu- 
lated deserted ,/j.i (a I 'j’fa diyar' n.m. waste- 

land ^har n.m. house lying in 
ruins (fig.) ruined family j r .& t) j': s 

adj. (v.tfjgffjQ Jj'\ i p'j'ii) in ruins; desolate 
~>jarvdna .v.t. cause to be laid waste 
cause to be ruined 

fyrf ajza' N.M. PL. parts ; portions 
members ‘ ingredients constituents 

elements parts ajza-e larkl'bi n.m.' 

pl. constituents (A ~ sing. /Sj\ 
jLZ'l ajszd' N M (pl. ofA-^N M. if) 

I Lfl ajsam' n.m. (pl. if) 

Pf’laj’gar n.m. boa constrictor dragOn 

n.f. death hour of death 
term of life stated, time destiny 
a'jal-rasi'dah adj. overtaken by 
fate doomed Ci&/()fla'jal~sir par khel'na 
v.i. (Of death) loom large d'jal-girif'tah 

adj. doomed in the jaws of death [A] 
fyffajal’ adj. (more or) most glorious [A -cfcs 

iMfvj'la adj. (v.JflVj'li) white clean 
clear luminous ; radiant splendid 
lovely (/jfUfi vj'la a d'mi N.M. (fig.) respect- 
able man ifrllitf xfla fly ad(. quite white 
quite clean if la pan n.m. whiteness 

cleanliness . lustre intelligei ce Itlfl 
Hjal'na V.i. , (of jewellery) be polished Olft 
gjui rm, Ctj/fl Xjalvfna v.t get (jewellery) 

C/'Dff ijl&s km. sitting session bench 
(of court) meeting ijlas’ forma' 

adj. & adv. presiding in session 
( jla's-e ka'mil n.m. full bench (of law-court) 
ty/lifl ijlas'kar'na v.i. be .in session 
preside sit in court* r^Htlifi^khUsoo'sl ijlas' 
n.m. extraordinary meeting ifUflZUissala’nah 
ijlas’ n.m. annual meeting iftiftflfd+khtfla 
* am ' ijlas' n.m. open general session tflffit/^ 
‘umoo'nti ijlas ’ n.m. general meeting [A 
&j)?lajlaf' n.m. pl. scum of society the 
vulgar ignoble people [A- siNO.*-^f 


j . ijlal' n.m. exaltation glorification 

( JVf' ijla’l-o thtiram n.m. respect 

and glorification idtZoo’U* ijlit N.M. 

arrival (of important personage) Clfl) 
nuzoo’l-e ijlal " farma’na v.t. (of important 
personage) arrive ; come (A- J*) 

Jflajil’lah n.m. (pl. of cJM^adj. if) 

Otp ijma *' n.m. consensus ijmdf-a 

urn’ mat n.m. consensus of Muslim opi- 
nion l?\ftijma’ , l adj. based on consensus [A- 

Jifl ijmal" gist ; abstract ; epitome ; sum- 
mary abridgment, synopsis 

(arch.) joint possession * s 

ijmal’ ki yell hai ph. a detailed account of the 
points is (that) (j l?i ijma'ti adj. brief 
abridged (rare) joint ; undivided 
ijmal’li khandan’ n.m. (arch.) joint family [A] 
)aj'mat adj. more or most beautiful 
lovely [A ~ J^sup.j 
ajma'ln' pl. all together whole 
[A ~ sing. $£( '■—'££] 

Jj%\ ajmood’ n.m. parsley 

• •• 

ajnas’ n.f. pl. commodities crops 
cereals goods genuses [A- sin£ 


aj’anbi (ped. t^&laj'nab) N.I fc (pl. fdlf* 
aja'nib) stranger foreigner; aHen 
adj. strange foreign new to a place 
unfamiliar aj ndtnjat N.r. unfamillarity 
strangeness cold attitude ; lack of 

warmth [A] 

(*/ f ajva" in H.r. a species of dill dill- 
seed 'JL'ljtflftajifa’'in khurasaid n.f 

haoV hmhan* mu d 



ajoo'rah n,m. (pcd.) re- 
ward wages remunera- 
tion (A~Z*1 

in', aj'kal adj. most ignorant 
U ** ignoramus dunce [A~jjV 

vjht'nn n.m. dung cakes or firewood 
arranged in hearth before setting fire to 

(£l a'jl int, (for calling attention) Hallo 
I say Sir a' ji jane ifcj 

di'jiyt ph. don’t you tell me leave it 
alone( ~ 

Dlglvjjrn'fa adj. (same as Uifi n.m. *) 

ej'ifan n.m. adjutant [~E CORR.) 

£i,ajir‘ n.m. employee [A 

ran adj. vexatious wearisome 
burdensome opperessive dis- 
tasteful \j,}Jul?Aaji'ran kar dt'na v.r. make 
things difficult for Clfjr’Jyf.laji'ran hoja'na v.i. 

grow burdensome become vexatious 
be distasteful be sickening 

a&a'pat n f. things (esp. provisions) 
*'* V bought on creditfWl^Vl uehapat uthana 
v,t. give (provisions, etc.) on credit L’J^Ui 
i«fta pat la'na v.i. bring (provisions, etc.) on 



adj. disgusted ; dissatisfied 
tired dull bored t'bjj-iU/ u&at' ho 
jd'ns vx grow veary be bored be- 
come disgusted 

vUfosSar' n.m. pickles dnl'nn 

V v.t. pickle preserve (fig-) cause 
to vegetate P(6'U(a^ar' niknl'na v.i. crush 
e&a'nak adj. (dial. ^jflsiadian'chak) 

** all of a sudden ; all at once unawares 
by chance unknowing 

iin a&'pala adj. playful ; sprightly 
yZl rcsllcssJtriisiafhpala’ha} n.f. playful. 
b^s ; sprightliness restlessness 

v.t. be separated (as plaster 
from wall) rebound (as sword striking 
obliquely) bedisheartened be displeased 
be sick of ha' a adj. cur- 

sory careless y&Jjfcfri uthatl hul na’ttu n.f. 




ii auyi 

C'?' 1 

cursory glance t Pi ucktann v t 
cause to turn away from 
&f)o(k ar j (dial, a'charaj) adj. strange 
> ' surprising uncommon ; out of the way 
a'chomn v.i. (rare) be uttered be 
spoken be pronounced 
uchak'ka n.m. pilferer pickpocket 
swindler bad character knave 
iicfiak'ka pan n.m. pilfering r vindling ; 
fraujl knavery 

7 1 ach'kan n.m. tight long coat 
with full-buttons in front , 

uchakna v.t. & t. rise on 

* tiptoe jump swoop down 
carry away understand ; guess 

u'chak kar adv. rising on tiptoe leaping 
up i yjftu ckak le'na v.t. swoop down 
carry away guess correctly slip out (of) 
reach U’chak' le'na v.i. swoop down 

( firZlacham’kha n.m. wonder marvel 

astonishment adj. wonderful pro- 
digious strange uncommon l/y!L^fia(ham'- 

Iha ho’na v.i. be astonished £?y aefcam’bke 
ka adj. astonishing ; marvellous^ 
aepambhc kt bat n.f strange affairpf * 

acham'bke met ana (or ho'na) v.x. be lost in 
amazement be perplexed be astonished 
be bewildered 

i^’.ach'chhs adj. {r . dZ'ach'cthi) good 
excellent sound pleasing ; agreeable 
appropriate serviceable ; useful right- 
eous ; virtuous healthy pure correct 

(1 1) genuine (12) lucky (13) cheap (14) pro- 
ductive (soil) (15) lovely (16) delicious ; whole 
some (17) noble (18) benevolent (19) clever ; 
skilful adv. well granted nicely 
admirably int. yes well ; very well 
exactly very good no matter never 

mind well done fine all right too 

trueUlrl/iasi'rAfva kha'ss adj. & adv. 
quite well not, bad raih'n <k 

v.t. fare well kar'm v.t. 

cure do good do right C/bPtatk'tkjta 
kaih'na v.t. say yes call good speak 

well (of) l^^iaeh'dhka lag'ra v.i. be pleas- 
ing afford pleasure be agreeable look 

nice fit well enjoy relish benefit 




l‘jf tyadk’dihB fto'na v.i. recover, be cured 
be in sound hea\th(*z-)Z/ y i>(jfi acfc'eh hi tar' A 
(re) adv. well carefully duly suit- 
ably thoroughly ; fully plentifully 
satisfactorily (ffyvl acfc'chhi ka'ht int. (iron.) 

well said what next strange ; how 
strange too true 1 adi'skhe n.m. pl. the 
good betters patrons ancestors ; fore- 
fathers upper classes men of birth, posi- 
tion, literary merit, etc. £~- 1 ei£- ' «£&' silk# 
a&dkh* n.m. pl. persons quite high up in life 
/Os I atfi'clihe a&hoh ko. n.M. your 

” V ^ ' 

betters men who count I acb'clthe din 
n.m. pl. better days se adt'ekha 
adj. best ofalljt^itf^'ffika"* n.f. good 
virtue good point good features 
i/l^l Vtkha'ls n.m. (ef water) gush, spurt or 

.sport l~ 

fhhak'ka n.f. strumpet 
^ Canton who exposer her bosom 

UL&lu&'h&al'na V.T. throw up toss; 
^ fling up make known ; make famous 
bring to disgrace ; scandalize (of child) 
vomit (milk)jt-s*5£<2£-k£f l-V' so'na ucthal'tt 
(fog' It ja”o ph. (there was such security of life 
and property then that) you could go about 
tossing gold on the road [ ~ caus.] 

(see under 1^1 ad j. it) 

l * C*%ll*£iatjthta'na paefsbtana v.t. (col.) 

V repent repine 

Ufi u'cfihalna v.i. leap ; bound issue 
* gush forth ; spurt out fly out 
rejoice be full of glee be puffed up with 
pride be in high spirits ; be wild with rage 
Vi'Jfl ucjihal par'na v.i. leap up with joy 
spring break into a passion be 

frightened < S dfrolte phtr'na v.i. feel 

elated be in high spirits be puffed up 
with pride l/fj+i u'chhal kood' n.f. leaping 
and jumping ; hopping and skipping 
frolicking revelry 

jgjaA'c&koo n.m. suffocation choking 
Ijjffiuet'dLh 00 ho'nav.i. have a catch 
or frog in the throat be suffocated (in the 
act of swallowing) ; get choked 
Dif^lpAhva'ta n.f. caudle 

achkoot' n.m. & adj. (H. dial.) untouch- 

* ab,e t~ NEG - 1 

v P&l ochhoo'ta adj. untouched by hand 
unused new unique remark- 
able dsfi acjihoo'ti n.f virgin (dial.) 

such Shi’ite devotee adj. untouched,, by 
hand unique untouched by death jj£i 
a/a^ihoo'ti kookh n.f. woman whose offspring 
are all alive 

jUl afa d’ n.m. pl. units ; any figure be- 
tween 1 and 9 Traditions transmitted by 
only one narrator in each link of chain [A~ 


4 ^is'jlflahadTs' n.f. pl. Traditions of the 
Holy Prophet (rare) news [A ~ sino. 

eha'tah n.m. enclosure compound; 
close premises precincts boundry 
circuit area ; territory I eha'tah 
kar'na v.t. enclose surround fence 
limit confine [A ~J0Uwall] 

Lmslfl ahbab, Iftahibba' n.m. pl. friends 
lovers dear ones [A ~ SING. 
jlflahhar' n.m. pl. Jewish priests [A -sing. 
. ..s?¥br] 

{j ehtibas' n.m. stoppage restraint 
w (rare) imprisonment [A 

ehtijab' n.m. (ped.) seclusion 
* * retreat (A ] 

ehtijaj' n.m. protest ba-sad' 

* ehtijaj ph. after great protest S-jr 
zer-i ehtijaj' ph. under protesj & l? rl 4~L*sada 't~ 
thtijaj n.f. voice of protest yZi&'&'&lusoda'-e 
thtijaj balatid kar'na ph. raise a voice of protest 


ehtiraz' n.m. abstension ; refraining 
from abstinence for bearance 
avoidance evasion guarding against jy^t 
Vf ehtiraz' kar'na v.i. abstain (from 
avoid refrain (from) [A] 

£) ehliraq n.m. combustion burning; 
conflagration scorching heat [A] 

*' ihtiram' n.m. honour respect 
^adoration ; veneration [A~*S*V] 

ehtisab' n.m. check evaluation 
restraint reckoning making 
up accounts police administration 
fSS&ithti&am' n.m. pomp magnificance 





parade retinue [A ~ Jr ] 
thlx&t n . m . (fit.) enjoyment [A ~&\ 

J &\ t/ftikar' n.m. hoarding [A] 

I ejtilam' n.m. wet dream ; nocturnal 
pollution Bright’s disease [A~ ^ 



/J ttytim&U n.m. apprehension con- 

jecture likelihood doubt sup- 
position probability presumption JC?i 

ehtima'li adj. conjectural probable 

likely hypothetical doubtful 

ma'S ehtima'll n.f. (gram.) hypothetical past 
tense {A-t^ ] 

ebtiyaf n.f. want need im 

digencc necessity emergency £>Ulri 

ehtiydjcLt’ n.f. pl. wants requisites 

necessities [A -wflr] 

ehtiyal' n.f. caution circumspec- 

** don care foresight scrupulous- 
ness heed td-kCfl ehtiyal' se carefully 

cautiously ehtiyal baralna , v.i. be 

cautious ; act cautiously lyhC^lektiyat' 

kar'rm (or rakk'na) v.i. attend be careful 
take precautionary measures watch 
guard against I ehtiynt'tan adv. as a 
precautionary measure pruAtnUy^CfUhtiya'tl 
adj. precautionary ehtiyal' ti tadnbir' 

N.M. PL. precautionary measures ; precautions 


J*\ a had n.m. one unity God*-^ 
ahadiy'yat n.f. unity oneness ; being 
individual harmony alliance 
zn't-e ehady'yat n.f. God as Unity I ah' dt n.m 

(ped. a'/iadi) (one of) a body of soldiers in the 
reign of Akbar somewhat of the nature of pen- 
sioners sluggard idler ; undolent fellow ; 
busy person [A 

ehdzs’ n.m. (ped.; invention novel- 

J'jy<Jfrar' (or aih-) n.m. pl. free-born per- 
sons liberals the noble generous 
persons ingenuous persons [A - sing, yhur] 
ain tf)raq' n.m. burning setting on fire 


fl/l tip am' n.m. pilgrim robe ; shroud-like 
garment comprising two white unstichcd 
sheets swam by Muslims during pilgrimage to 

Mecca interdicting all. worldly enjoyments 
thram‘ bafidk'na v.i. don pilgrim 
robe make a vow of pilgrimage preparatory 
to entrance into Mecca ehram ' 

n.m. pilgrim robe [A] 

**sf7l a h* 5ft' n.m. pl. parties n.f. the Holy 
Prophet’s defensive war against the 
onslaught of allied clans [A 
l •Jty'f ahzan' n.m. (pl. of^>N.M. +) 

ehsas' n.m. sense feeling sensi- 
tiveness perception as' 

dila'nav.T, cruse to feel I'Jlr e fcas' kor'na 
v.i. have a feeling V/; ehsas' ho'na v.i. 
feel [A-t/^] 

ehsan' n.m. favour; kindness good 
office obligation (Jl7 (J> ehsari 

(ka bad'lah) ntar'na v.T. do (someone) a good 
turn in return for his favour t b-*} ths&ri - 
uiha'tia v.i. come under (someone’s) obliga- 
tion owe a debt of gratitude (to) Clf^Ls) 
f/tsari' jala'na. v.T. speak or boast of favours 
conferred (CuC }. ) IjPijls’tehsan' dhar'na (or 
rakWna v.t. place under an obligation 
fr/ijehsan'-faramosh' adj. thankless ; ungrateful 
Jtyi/ efysan'-faramo'shi n.f. thanklessness ; 
ungratefulness ; ingratitude V/c)k^e/}San' kat'na 
v.t. oblige ; favour ; do a favour to 
ehsatt' le’rm v.t. be under obligation be 
indebted istjls'l e /sari manna v.i. feel thank- 
ful (to) ; feel obliged (t o) Jp&ks* ehsari -maM 
adj. thankful ; grateful obliged ; under 
obligation (to) ; indebted (to) thszn- 

mafidz’nah adj. grateful (attitude, etc.) 
thsTin -mart di n.f. thankfulness ; gratitude in- 

af/san (or ail/-) adj. best better 
, perferable more or most lovely 

excellent tfM ba-tafl'q e aihisnn adv. in 

an excellent manner ; nicely aihsan t, 

ahsan'ta int. bravo ; well-done < aihum't 

kaih'na v.i- buck up say well-done [A~ 


a/ ska tut. pl. bowels ; intestines 
(rare) contents of thorax (like heart, liver 

lungs) (A ~ sing. l>] 

rhsa’ k m. calculus counting ; enu- 
merating narrating ' comprehension 



d W'l tftsan n.m. chastity ; sexual restraint 
(rare) besieging ; investing ; circum- 
scribing [A~t/^] 

ekzar' n.m. attendance appearance 
summons summoning 
elfzn'r bil jabr' forced attendance {A-yV’j 
jit? I ah fad' n.m. pl. grandchildren 

Jr l ahaq' adj. (more or) most proper 
(more dr) most deserving [A- £T sup.] 

j\jtZl thqaq' n.m. demonstration of truth (of 
doctrine etc.) proving due adminis- 
tration (of justice, etc.) lifO&lehqa'q-e haq n.m. 
establishing the truth (of) proof of truth 


ah'qar (or aih'-) adj. (more or) most 
contemptible meanest lowest n.m. 

(usu .’aih'qar) (as self-humiliating expres- 
sion used out of courtesy for other’s) I your 
most humble servant [A— //sup.] , 

akkatn' (or aih-) n.m. (pl. of hukm 
1 n.m. if)f'Jfr r le$cam' n.m. strengthening ; 
reinforcement fO ah'kam adj. very strong 

firmer most stable [A - ^ ] 

/IV I ahlam' n.m. pl. dreams [A -SING. / I 
( hulm] ' 

jv? I ah' mad (col. aih' mad) adj. (more or) 
most commendable n.m. the ^ Holy 

Prophet Ahmad this as a male named^Vi 
CijSaih'mad ki pag'ri maihmood' ke sir 
prov. rob Peter to pay Paul i) 

aih' mad AS da’rWi bari ya maihmood' ki 
prov. quibbling (fjfsaih'madi adj. of Ahmad 
n.m. (also I aihmadiy' yah) (member of) a 

new Muslim Messianic sect name of an old 
gold coin [A — praise] 

J? | ah' mar adj . red f\ /. bah'r-e ah' mar n.m. 

' Red Sea [A] 

jf\ aih'maq (ped. ah'maq) adj. (pl. UV | 
hUtnaqa) very foolish silly ; stupid 

thick-skulled n.m. fool dunce 
blockhead idiot moron (.'£ aih'maq 
bans' na v.t. befool gull ; dupe cheat 

(fjdiyfi aih’maq-ul-lazi N.m. (pl. l y?\ aijf'- 

maq-al-la&n') arrant fool 0/ \ aih'maq bans' na 

v.t. befool gull ; dupe pull (some- 

one s) cl aih'maq pan (or pa’ ns) 

n.m. folly stupidity idiocy aif- 
maqanah adj . silly foolish idiotic JSf 
aih'matfi n.f follv stupidity idiocy 

Lifip'l ahnaf n.m. pl. Hanafites ; followers 
of the juridical school of Imam Abu 
Hanifah of second century of the Hegira era 
[A- ^>] 

Ji f i ahval' (col. aiitval') n.m. sing, report of 
state or condition n.m. pl. afiairs ; 
circumstances ; incidents ; events VCsbC&Jlfi 
CJl) ohval' ~ bfita'na (or sUna'na or kaih'na ) 
report (someone’s) condition (to) give an 
account (of) tell the story (ofj 
ahval' -pur' sail adv. enquiring after (someone’s) 
health, (etc.) n.m. & adj. solicitous (person) 
ahval' pur' si n.f. inquiry (after) 

solicitude (for) ah'val pur' si 

kar'na inquire (after) ' show solicitude 
(for) ; be solicitous (for) [Arsing. JU ] 
dr ah'val adj. (ped.) squint-eyed [A] 

'l^l ehya n.m pl. the living living 

l" things [Arsing, if hay] 
tfl ekya n.m. giving Jife preserving 
* revival ; resuscitation quickening 
&ljlltyelya-ul-maval' revival ; resuscitation 

(fig.) bringing wasteland under plough 

■ l uloo'm{-o-f itnoon) Re- 
naissance ; Renascence [A - if hay] 

VL?t ahya'nan adv. occasionally nowand 
" then from time to time sometimes 
[A -sing, ctjf] 

7,\ akh (rare fiakhot') n.m. ikfpan' 

** tfi ikh'vah ) brother [A] 
l /f akh' khz, •i>la khkh ah' int. (expressing 
surprise) ha ; O ; oh oh no 
well . 

j\f\ akhbar' n.m. newspaper ckjA^iakhbarat' 

* n.m. pl. newspapers daily Press 
l/j/ji? I akhbar firosh’ n.m. news- 
agent; newsboy ; newsman J&jW 
akhbar' -navi s' n.m. journalist 
working journalist newspaper 
editor (arch.) intelligence man 
akhbar' -navi' si N.F. 

journalism profession of work- jji • 
ing journalist {fj \? I akhba'ri adj. Press 
akhba'ri film n.m. (or f.) news ■ 



-akliba'ri kanfarahs n.f. Press conference [A~ 
SIJIG. yf’] 

akh'bas adj. (more ,or) most impure 
4 very mean [A ~*£^sup.J 
C^IUkht n.f. (pl. Cslflakliavat') sister 
congenial thing [A] 

/*\ j£t ikhtitam’ n.m. end termination 
( ^ 1 conclusion completion coming to 
an end ftS^tiU^qaTib'-Ul-ikhtitam ' adv. 
approaching the end ; almost ending almost 
at the end of one’s tether [A ~ ^ J 
^5^7 akh'tar n.m. „star luck omen 
naturei/vU>'> r / akh tar-shvma' ri , n.f. 
(spending) wakeful night(s)£/ui^'lafc/i'tar 
dkinas' .n.m. (rare) astronomer astrologer 
t/' C^y^i akhtar shina'si n.f. (rare) astronomy 
astrology bad' akh-tar adj. & n.m. 
ill-natured (person) ; malicious person curs- 
ed (person ) ^i^C'ne'k akh'tar adj. & n.m. 
good-natured (person) (of) lovable per- 
sonality (f?ri akh'tari adj. stellar n.f. (as a 
female name) Stella [P] 

ikhtira e> (col. na"i ikhtirg “) n.m. 

contrivance __ contraption some- 
thing devised invention innovation 
novelty li ikhtira 1 ' kar’na v.t. 

contrive invent devise concoct a (lie) 

[A] . 

I akh'tar bakh'tar n.m. (col .*) bag and 
' baggage 

ikhtisar' n.m. bravity abridge- 
ment ; curtailment contraction 
summary precis synopsis compendium 
ikhtisar' kar'na v.t. summarize 
abridge curtail reduceyt^-v^t ikhtisar' 
kt sath adv. briefly ikhtisar navis’ 

n.m. (arch.) same as gjj&Hkhti - 

tar' nan’sl n.f. (arch.) same as n.f. 

(see under ^ adj. [A] 

ikhtisas' n.m. specialization 
t appropriation [A~ i/^] 

l ikhtif a' n.m. concealment going 
into concealment L‘J ikhtif a . kar'na 
v.t. hide ; conceal cover [A ~ (jf ] 

W ikhtilaj' n.m. palpitation *^0&\ikhti- 
) fa'j-e qol'b n.m. palpitation *of the heart 

J>lrl ikhtilat n.m. intercourse pro- 
miscuity intimacy amalgamation 

friendship ; amity concord ; unison 1 

|A~ &] 

. ttrt ikhtilsf' n.m. difference dissimi- 
larity disparity divergence 
dissensions ; strife misunderstanding 
opposition disagreement dissent dis- 
tinction <LloiW ikhtilaf-e ra"t Nail. dissent 
difference of opinion IjCffetikhlilaf' 
kar'na v.i. hold a different view (from) 
beg to differ (from), ty&ftlikhtilBf' ho' no 
v.t. differ (from) ftJPlikhtila'fl adj. non- 
agreed divergent felt khtila 'f J umoor' 

n.m. pl. points of difference ; differences 

khtila' ft mass"il n.m. pl. points of differ- 
ence ikhtilsfi not' n.m. note of dis- 

sent [A] 

[ i\j£ ikhtilal' n.m. disorder obstruction; 

( 'Jt^i hindrance interruption penury . 

want [A ~ J*] 

jpl akh'to bakh'to n.f. stock names foi 
two shrewish marionettes in puppet 
show [ ~ tS‘fe \ ~ P ‘fet cor.] 

ikhtiyar' n.m. ikhtiyarat') 

” power authority command dis- 
cretion control choice option 
ikhtiyar' de'na, ikhtiyar se ba’har 

ho'na v.i. be out of control lie beyond 
one’s power or jurisdiction ikhtiyar' 

kar'na v.i. adopt choose elect IZb&l 
ikhtiyar’^mil'na v.i. be invested with power 
I'jfLris&l ikhtiyar meii ho'na v.i. be subject 
to the authority (of) ifjC^likhtiya’rl adj. 
optional elective voluntacy in one’s 

power at oiie’s disposal [A ~ 

akh'z n.m. exaction seizure 
adoption inference VJat\ akhz kar'na 
v.i. take seize assume adopt 
get the hang (of) infer ; conclude 
akh'z-o jab'r n.m. extortion lj£nat'ijah 

akhz' kar'na v.t. & i. infer [A] 

ikhraj' n.m. expulsion ; eviction 
dislodgment evacuation extrac- 

tion discharge rej 
okhrajat' n.m. 

rejection [A~ 

expenses charges 
disbursement costs (A~ 


akh/rot' n.m. walnut . 

ukh'ram adj. pertaining to 
afterlife ; of hereafter [A ~ 

for, ] 

if r \ akhas' adj, more particular 
, • special [A — sup.] 
akh'zar adj. green 

* ikhfa’ n.m. hiding concealment 
wJ ffiiri i kh f a* kar'nz v.t. cover 
hide conceal render oneself invisible 
(jriMr\ ikftfa'-ej&r’m n.m. concealment of an 
-offence [A - J-' ] 

akh'fash adj . dim-sighted ; weak- 
sighted* having small eyes n^m. name 
or a famous Arabic grammarian bl’z-c 

akh'fash n.m. brainless fellow [A] 

J&I akh'gor n.m. ember live ashes [PJ 

ikhlzs' n.m. sincerity . loyalty 
^ attachment 11 ikhlas barkz W 
v i. have increased intimacy L'lififU'' 
jor'ns v.t. breed intimacy ; contract friend- 
ship (ffji > Uji/it'l ikhlzs' rakknz (or kar'na) 
v.i. entertain love (for) have regard 
(for) be friendly (with) be sincere (to) 
^q/lfnkhtos'-mafid AD]. sincere intimate 
ikhfos-mati di n.f. sincerity love. 

friendliness , M .r. 

Lllf | akhlal' n.m. pl. (bodily) humours'Z*^ 1 
akhlz't-e ar'ba‘ah n.m. pl. all the four 
humours, viz-, blood, phlegm, choler (yellow 
bile) and melancholy (black bile) fA-smc.i^ 

khill] . 

akhlsf' n.m. pl. progeny; offspring 


akhlaq' n.m. pl, manners ; disposition 
virtues morality^ ethics (also 
jySyiJ* ‘il'm-71 akhlaq') akhlaq' 
at sd'rm ban' (a hai RROV. manners maketh the 
man ^ akhlaq' se akhlaq' barh’la 

hai prov. love begets love; kindness begets kind- 
ness jMakhla (fi ADJ. moral ethical 
gh air a khla'qi' adj. immoral ^Cj^lakhlaqiyyZt' 
N.M. # ethics [A -sing, jk'khllq] 
dlf'l ikhvari n.m. brothers (jlj&jfl ikhvz’nt 
zamafi n.m. contemporaries 
ikhvan-ush-shaymn' devils ; wicked peoplekrfW 1 
ikkmn-us-safa' n.m. Brethren of Purity ; 
(members of ) a secret society of Abbasid intel- 
lectuals ikhpan-us-safa 

n.m. the Encyclopaedia of the Brethren of 
Purity (A -sing. ZA 

ijpj't ukh'w’val n.f. brotherhood fraternity 
brotherly relations [A- prec.] 

Jf\ akhuftd' (rare ^ilakhun') n.m. (arch.) 

t teacher [P] . 

jlfl akhyar’ n.m. virtuous persons [A - sino^ 
akhyafi adj. uterine (brother, etc.) [A] 

y?f akhir' adj. last ; final conclusive 
n.m. end ; conclusion completion 

adz' n.f. payment execution 
\V accomplishment performance dis- 

charge 1‘Jtil adz' kar'nz v.t. pay repay 
defray execute perform discharge 
accomplish do justice toljfht adz' ho'na 
v.i. be payed be done ; be performed 
be discharged be expressed or uttered intelli- 
gibly Urfbl'j haq' adz' ho'na v.t. pay the 
dues do full justice loo? Mada”igi (arcb.jfljl 
add" i) n f. payment repayment [A] 
r . ada n.f. (also PL.) blandishment ; 
W* coquetry grace expression hand- 

someness embellishment elegance ; grace- 
ful manners if &lj I adz'-shinZf, b I ada'-faih'm 

one who readily takes a hint one who 
understands another adj . tactful tf'Ob \ada- 
shinz'sf bt adz'-faih'mt n.f. readiness to 
understand tactfulness; tact jlfbl ada-har 
n.m. actor n.f. (col. orfa' kz'rah) actress 
' lO/ljtada'karanah adj. histrionicfl&fcliMa-- 
kz'rl n f. aaing ; action stage-craft 
histrionics [P] 

i*^\)jadat' n.m. (pl. ^Ijiladovat') (gram.) 
particle (logic) cypola instrument; 

tool [A] .. t 

ida'ral n.f. editors hi pJ>*j1 id a rati adj. 

editorial [A - jtf\ 

sjijlidarah n.m. institution organization 
establishment • administration 
office department [A doublet of prec.] 

idzriy'yah n.m. editorial ; leader; lead- 
** ing article idzriy'yah nav'si n.m. 

leader-writer [A 

tfljl adds' adj. sad melancholy 

depressed ; dejected lonely blealc 
l/tfljl udas' ho'na v.i. be depressed be 
cheerless ; be dejected feel lonely^blurfa'rl 
N M depression ; sadness loneliness 
bleakness hdn'si '»a (or ha' 


raifta) v.i. oe clouded with sorrow be- 
come dull be gloomy 

b'fjl udasa n.m. (slang) (beggar’s) baggi jl 
Ada S3 kas'na v.t* & i. (.slang) pack 

j*l J I ada'm int. may perpetuate; may, give 
permanence (usu, in) / 

ada m-alla h-o barakal-i him (prfujoo'z-i him) 
tt^T. may God perpetuate (for us) their bounties 
ada'mahfillah' int. may God perpetuate 
him ; may God preserve him [A ~ Ao] 

ada'nl n.m. pl. mean persons [A ~ sing^i] 

Uda'hat, J^bjIoodattaiw.T. purple- 
ness lividness (of lips) from fear, etc. 

[Z, »"'] 

Jf Ijl ada'igi N.F. (see under (jJn.f. 

ImSjIddab n-.m. literature decorum res- 
pect courtesy ; civility ; politeness 
etiquette ; manners for maliiy a' dab 
smoz' adj. that teaches literature or politeness 
t'L j^L/jIa'dab sikha’na v.t. teach good 
manners train^-i^yt a' dab se adv. respect- 
fully ; reverentially politely ^Jff^jla'dab-e 
‘ a'liyah n.m. sublime pieces (or genres) of li tera- 
turc L’/lys^a'dab kar'na v.t. behave politely 
esteem venerate show respect 
a'dab-e lalif n.m.’ ‘ belles-lettres’ [A] 

Ijl udaba' n.m. men of letters ; ‘litterateurs 
writers of other than fact ; prose writers 
l)ljls*sh7 ,, ara-o-udata' n.m. pi., poets and 
prose writers [A — sing, 

. . idbsr' N.m. downfall ; fall ilMuek ; 

misfortune mishap alHictlon 

(ped.) turning back 1 lAjlidbar' a'na v.t. 
fall on evil days be oppressed by calamity 

IA ~ > J ] 

/U )\ adbada kar,£*,t)t adbadn' ke adv. 

out of stubbornness mischievously 
just for the fun of it 

JVjl idkhal' N m . shoving insertion 

entry [A - J/s] 

idraj n.m. gradation doing by 
gradual process idra'j-o tamhll' 

n.m. gradual process gradation [A ~f/j] 

■J dJ 1 idrar' n.m. flowing (of urine, etc.) freely 



lljlidrak' n.m. perception comprehen- 

y sion sagacity [A 
UJJI ad'rak n.f. (undried) ginger 
t— Jjsiadrak ka lach'chha n.m. 
ginger cut into the form of a tape , 

idris' n.m. name of a prophet y/ j 
h Enoch Jj)\\ 

ud'ra gud'ra, jjiu'dar 
. gu'dai n.m. pl. rags cast off clothes- 

Ifjlidde'a' n.m. pressing right or claim 
pretension [A - (f/d] 

ad"- [yah n.m. pl. prayers benedic- 

tions i/jL'£>lad' l iya-e masoo'rah n.f. pl. 
prayers reported from the Holy Prophet A 

/*iff I idgham' n.m. duplication of a letter by 
* tasbdid contraction of one letter into 
another [A] 

Qj\ adaq adj. very ..difficult prof® . 

^ abstruse [A~# sup.] mi 

adgad'ra adj. half-ripe 

(Jj,iJ)\adal ba'dal n.m. alteration com- 
mutation exchange barter adj. 
‘mutatis mutandis’; ‘vice versa’ Ja V'Jrjiad'le 
k,t bad' I ah n.m. lit for tat V/d^Jjta'dal ba'dat 
kar'na v.t. interchange commute 
barter transform shift fA ~ c/-»cor. | 
Jy\adU'lah n.m. pl. arguments proofs 

j, introductions (A - sing. S\ 

J Jlad'tio adj. ordinary small trifling 
interior lowly wretched mean; 
base scanty petty mediocre (11) 
vulgar (12) meek (13) (rare.) nearest ; nearer 
n.m. (pcd. pl .J'jladii’ni) commoner per- 
sons of no consequence the humbler classes; 
commonalty -Jj ’J> i'ji I ad'na ad'nalag n.m. pl. 
quite mean people '■> Jslatl'na-o a‘la n.m. 
the high and the low the high-born and the 
base-born the noble and the ignoble the 
prince and the peasant [AJ 
jljyf aduar' n.m. pl. periods 


. epochs ; eras (A - siNG.yr^] 
(jfbl adva”in n.f. bedstring; 

siring at ihc foot of hed for 
tightening it \s?fa , )jiadva.''in khefi- 
tk’na v.t. tighten the bed string 

3 1 ad'viyah (col. '(w 1 adviyat') n.f. pl. 

'* medicines ; drugs" sjjifi^'il'm-Ul-adviyah 
n.m. pharmacology ) l adviyat' tl adj. medi- 
cinal ; pharmaceutical ; [A ~ sing. U»] 
prjladh pref. adk-ba'na adj. half- 

formed unfinished adh pa [k)'ka adj . 

unripe immature half-cooked parboil- 
ed Dfj>jladh-ja'la adj. half-burnt L&jladh- 

kach chn halfripe immature ' unripe 

IjlZiadHka&'ra adj. half-dressed (food) 

half-ripe lj*jladh ka'hn adj, half-spoken, 
hall-expressed not fully articulated 
adh~khi’l<i adj. half-bloomed (flowers) 
adh-kht‘la adj. half-open ajarJjtfcui 
adh-gad'ra adj.- half-ripe immature »✓*■>< 
adh-mta adj. half-dead ; as good as dead ; 
almost dead [ - b/i] 

t tod'dW a n.m. half-bottle half a bottle 

J^p)\itdhar' n.m. loan debt credit adj. 

lent loaned out jacjyanced bor- 
rowed adv on credit udhar 

di'jije dvsh'man ki'jiye prov. lend and lose a 
friend C&lvj) udhar' derm v.T. lend ^ give 
on credit advance (a loan ) 1 14/ It'S udhar 
kha'na v.i live on credit [Udhar le'na v.T 
borrow buy on credit if^tipar) 

Udhar' kha"e baith'na ph. treat (someone) as 
one’s mortal foe treat (something)^ antago- 
nistic be bent upon (doing) 
udkar'°makab'bat ki qaiii'chi hai prov. he that 
lends, his friends lose 

wp iidkar' kha'ne se bhoo'ka para raih'na 
ach'ehha hat prov. better go to bpd supper less 
than rise in debt udhar ki 

kya mail' ma'ri hai PROV. if you have no _ hard 
cash, why can’t you borrow? 
nau naqd’na le’rah Udhar' prov. a bird m hand 
is worth two in the bush 

u'dhar adv. in that place on that side 
thither; in that direction dhar se 

adv. from that side or place from that 
direction thence //>> I U'dhar ko adv. to 
that side thither ; in that direction 

i'dhar adv. on this side hither . to 
this place here this vay i'dhar 
udhar adv. up and down _hcjpe and there 
right and left around i'dhar 

6'dhar ki ba’teh n.m. divers points general 

talk irreleVent talk i'dhar se 

U'dhar ho'na v.i. be lost be gone be 

made away with be turned upside down/*** 

i’dhar se u'dhar kar de^nn v.t. 
disarrange turn topsy-turvy 

i'dhar koo"afi u'dhar kha”l prov. between the 
devil and the deep sea ; between two firestl/v< 
i'dhar ki U'dhar laga’na v.i. carry tales 
iW’tf ysl • i'dhar ki dnn'ya u'dhar hoja'na 

v.i. turn topsyturvy undergo a revolutionary 
change^ij^’Jl \sjJ/’i\f'^cha'he i'dhar ki dvnya 
udh'ar ho ja'e ph. come what may l 

£f,\i 'dar ke ra’he na U’dhar ke ph. we (etc.) are 
outcastes for' both sides ; wc etc.) have been 
rejected by both the parties i'dhar yu 
udhar adv. at a critical moment. 
i'dhar y a u'dhar ho'na v.i. (of dispute, life, 
etc.) come to a decisive stage 
jp/iadhar' adv. (arch.) in between <jy»^adhjar' 

' men adv. (hanging) in between be- 
tween heaven and earth mid-way, half-way 
in the centre 

(• ^Py\ udhar na v.i. open at the seams be 

peeled off be Unrolled be ripped 
open be undone VyPjlO&khal u'dhar' na v.i. 
have a good hiding^' iidhra adj. opened 
at seams unrolled 

u'dhai'na , Cif^y'siudhal ja'na v.i. be 
spoilt (of woman) become loose be 
beside oneself (with some passion) 
t^/jliid'dham n.m. (same as ★) 

Y J > )\ad'ham (lit.) n.m. bay adj. dark ; 
f bay [A] 

a'dhan n.m. water heated to boil or poach 
something ; boiling water 
l *J>jiadhan'na n.m., (jfjladhan'ni n.f. half anna 
an old coin [~j>j f+<*T] 

j \yP)\ adhvar' adj. & n.f. mediocre (quality) 


t adhoo'ra adj. (f. (Jjj*jladhoo'ri) in- 
complete half-done half-prepared 
half-dressed half-baked imperfect 


ad hau'ri n.f. hide; thick coarse 

leather tanned hide coarse ani- 
mal skin Ollfy^iadhau'ri tan'na v i eat tf 
one’s fill 


BJ'S ’ 

[fplad'dii n.f. old coin equivalent to half 
a ‘damri’ ; 512th part of rupee half a 
piece of cloth lawn i ad’dki 

ad'dki par jsn' de'na ph. be niggardly 
^i^/ad'd/U ad'dki ka fiisab' x.m. full account 
adv. to the penny < 

ad'dki ki kaM'ya 'bid tkohk' baja' kar le'te 
luufi prov. no one buys a stuff without fully 
testing It [ 

iryvjlodtya'M v.t. (col.) halve t~M 

fe^Pjladhiraj' n.m, (dial.) chief 

maharaf adhiraj' n.m. (dial.) 
the great ruler the emperor [S] 

^Pyladker' adj. middle-aged (person) 
middling (age) V^ffrladher' ‘ %m'r ka 
adj. middle-aged [ ~Vj(] 

\?jZ4>)ludher'na v.t. open at seams un- 
roll ; unfold untwist peel off 
dismantle (roof, etc.) kkzl iidker'na v.t. 
give & good hiding Jjf ; I Bdher n.f. opening 
at the seams untwisting peeling off 
dismantling ^/J^jittdker' blln n.f. anxious 
thought perplexity dilemma ; delibera- 
tion embarrassment reflection ; medita- 

U&)fadkt'fa, tyidke’la N.M. half-pice ; an old 
** coin Jfiladke'li, ftjdke'ti n.f. half-rupee 
tl-'j l}fJ<dJiD*f>tadk£'la na de adke'H dt prov. 
penny wise and pound foolish 

adyari n.m. (pl. of (fidln n.m. 

^y^\adW n.m. (pl. Itlsdaba’) writer 
‘litterateur’ [A 

Ajladtm’ K.iA. (lit.) skin tanned leather 
surface (of earth, sky) [A] 

Ijlad’da, ad 1 dak n.m. stand stop 

station (air)port worker’s seat 

(criminal’s) den rendezvous perch 
pigeon-stand embroidery frame 
Clfc/fad'de efcafka'n 3 (or par laga'na) v.t. 
seduce prevail upon 

j»| ud'do, jjl jjlud'do ud'do n.f. loose woman 
jl j*t 04 ' do ud'do ho'na y.i. be scan- 
dalized become the talk of the town 
nnSodol' ADJ. firm steady [~neg. / + 

aft tar tt.M. (same as^>iN.M. ★) 

(£,)\adl'shan n.m. (same as «c<ilN.M. ★) 

ij^)ia4\sh'nal adj. (same as <£%' AD J- ★> 

^T*1jjladvafis' n.m. same as(/^(>>(N.M. *) 
jlazan n.f. Muslim summon to prayers; 
call to prayers (cAjtlsjcfljl atari’ de'na (or 
kaik'na) v.t. give the call for prayers [A ~(jii ] 
uz!bVk (usu.4_^’() n.m. Name of a 
Tartar tribe (arch.) fool [T] 
(^)\d)fiz'an' n.m. obedience submission 
. trust ; confidence belief [A] 
jpjjazkar’ n.m. pl. rehearsal of prayers 
eulogy of God recitals commemora- 
tion jV'jt izkar' n.m. refreshing someone’s 
memory [A -/Szikr) / 

LSjiazkiya' n.m. (pl. otyjza'ki adj. ^) 

(J)\azai adj. most despicable ; very contempt- 
ible ; basest,[A~ ^/sup.] 

^))\izn n.m. leave; permission consent 
(of contracting parties as in marriage)^^/i 
izn-e ‘am’ n.m. general permission free or 
unrestricted admission [A] 

^jiu'zun N.M. (pl. Jl'jTaZari) ear [A] 

^jtj\azhan n.m. pl. (of^N.M. ir) 

i£s'}f aziy'yat n.f. oppression; torment 

trouble suffering woe ; sorrow ; 
distress hurt annoyance Ojcyil aziy'yat 
de'na v.t. harm hurt harass trouble 
tormentC llfcZ&'l2 l ]>)l&ldy}laziyat utka’na (or 
bardasht' kar'na) v.i. suffer [A] 

*jf ar n.f., fjfara n.m. spoke (of wheel) 

j I ar conj. (rare) if ; granting that [P~ X 


^fjl ara'bah n.m. (arch.) gun carriage 
' wagon [P] 

l Ifarra'ta n.m. loud dull prolonged sound 
(as from gun-fire or collapse of building) 
moan gasp in stubborn child’s wailing 

ira'dat n.f. devotion faith; belief 
[A doublet of fol.] 

fjjji ira'dah N m. intention desire 

mind bent fancy design ; plan 
I'Jfiblira'dah kar'na v.t. intend mean 




•devise design ; plan idjiiradatan adv. 
on purpose ; purposely ; intentionally deli- 
berately (fairs' dt adj. intentional deli- 

berate [A] 

a'rarot n.m. arrawroot [E] 

Ijllars'zil n.m. pl. the vulgar the 

ignoble fom, Dick and Harry [A~ 
srNoJvi] , 

iC a \j\ars‘& n.f. (pl.“% *jaraziyat')^ lands 

r fields ; agricultural lands jit^l/lara’z i dar 
n.m. landholder ora ’z* ' e kha'lisah n f. ; State land^fwiVl fis'dah ara'zi, 
d^par'ti ara'zi n.f. fallow, desolate or 
barren lands if if < (A/J&!/) nau bar-zr (or nau 
bax-Tt'mad) ara'zi n.f. alluvial soil [A ~ sing 1 . 


\j\arskiri n.m. pl. members (rare) 
pillars ; columndpd^ItJCdjfe/blarakin-e 
dau'lat (or ialtanat) n.m. pl. pillars of State ; 

^>j)arab n.m. thousand million (u.s.) billion 
a'rab pa'tl n.m. & adj. billionaire 

J i arbab' n.m. pl. owners lords 
* * proprietors officers members n.m. 
(sinc.) landlord ; chief 1 orba'b-e 

bos' t-o-kushad' jUkjJr^lyKirba'b ball-o-‘aq'd n.m. 
pl. authorities*^*^/!.;! arbz'b-e bast rat n.m. 
pl. the prudent ; the sagacious 
arbd'b-e jah' n.m. pl. men of rank or position 
arbz'b-t da' nish, Ijlarba'b-efaih'm 
arbab-e faih'm-o-da'nish n.m. pl. 
intelligentsia intellectuals arbab-e 

su kh an n.m. pl. poets the eloquent 
linguists £j/k* m f'ij\or’bab-e shar^' n.m. pl. 
jurists (arch.) law officers arba'b-e 

gut’a'ttf n.m. pl. spiritual person f&^bAarba'b-e 
nashat’ n.m. pl. dancing girls dancers, 
singers and musicians the gay world 
orbs' b-t him' mat N.M. pl. men of spirit 
men of lofty aspirations 

arbara'nm vA. (same as Mj'/fV.t. *) 


sr'ba'tJ&iarba'ah' adj. FouT^Cf'^jtarba' 
‘arts' sir n.m. pl. elements ; the four de- 
scents, (viz., earth, water, air and fircyr'&Cp 1 
orbs' a-e mu tans' sibah (col .^jfar'ba'ah) n.m. 
ratio (of three known and one unknown quanti- 

ty) Ci^^Jjiar'ba'ah laga'na v.i. find out the 
unknown quantity through known ratios 
(fig.) hazard a guess ^jbjjrhudoo'd-e arba'ah 
n.m. (seeunder ★) [A] 

arba'in adj. forty n.m. collection of 

** any forty Traditions of the Holy 
Prophet (by) forty-day period of (religious 
or other) confinement fortiethday funeral 

jri/jl irtibat' n.m. alliance inter course 
friendship familiarity affinity 

l n.m. extemporisation titfj t 

^ » irtijalan adv. extempore ; impromptu 
O-J fatyjiirtija'lan kaih'na v.i. extemporize 
(verse) [A] 

| .irtikal' n.m. death ; demise ; expira- 
tion departure journeying [A~ 

4 ^] 

) 1 JLjl irtidad' n.m. apostacy ; rejection of 

one’s faith refraction recantation 
fitna-e irtidad' n.m. the revolt of apos- 
tates tin early Islam) [A~ jj] 

‘rid am' n.m. mark design 

^ painting [A~ 

IjIrJl irte'ash' n.m. vibration shaking 

tremor [A~-*$) 

irtifa *' n.m. elevation height 

ascent eminence rise grandeur 

dignity exaltation [A ~©;ll 
IZJjlirtiqa' n.m. evolution S^.Wjlirtiqs pozir' 
adj. evolutionary</V>hi/irh?a' po&'rt n.f. 
being subject no evolution *d&Hrtiqa''l adj. 
evolutionary [A ] 

irtikab’ n.m. commission (of offence) 
* perpetration (of crime undertak- 

ing (of enterprise) (jr^jl irtxka'b-t jvrm' n.m. 
perpetration of crime lUrtikab' kor’na 

v.T. commit (crime) undertake a venture or 
enjerprise [A] 

{ jf arthl n.f. (dial.) bier (of a Hindu) [ 8 ] 

inheritence ; heritage legacy 

iZ^jfirs n.m 


irja 1 n.m. (arch.) reference 
course suit [A~&p] 
j£/j\ arj'mand adj. noble honourable 
* worthy happy 
tunate [P - &;<worth +J?] 


beloved for- 




r jl 

k • ~ 

WJV/ ar'jafit adj. urgent [E] 

arftsm' n.m. pl. wombs matrices 
zavil' arhatri .n.m. pl. maternal 
relations [A~ SING.^] 

SjS ar'ham adj most merciful ; most compas- 
1 sionate arhamur-rahimin n.m. 

(God as ) the Most Merciful [A~ Jf sup.] 

( fj\ ir'kks n.m. slackening loosening [A] 


)J\ urd n.m. (same as jjlQrd n.m. ir) 

. . / ur'ds be' gam n f. armed female 
follower in royal harem; seraglio 
Amazon [ ~T] 

ir'd gird adv. around round about 
on all sides 

( }3jf ar'dall n.m. orderly [E] 

})j\ ur'doo n.m. Urdu ; name of one of 
Pakistan’s national languages horde 
(arch.) army (arch.) bivouac (arch.) 
camp ; encampment ; cantonment jl'LjjjIur’doo 
bazar' n.m. (arch.) camp market market 
of Urdu books ft-^gJjjHirdoo'-e mo'a'lla n.m. 
(arch.) royal army royal encampment 
{ ^JifJ^-jJJlurddo'-e mo'aiis ki zabsn' n-.f. 
(arch.) Urdu court language [T] 

bihisk t'^IOr'di n.m. spring 
month of Persian calender (cor- 
responding to April) 

(Jjjfar'zal adj. (PL^Jjf/lara'zil) base 
mean most despicable [A ~ (^Jjsup.] 
Jjfarz N.M. cost value reverence; 

respect ; honour quantity (P] 

0 \jj[arzaq' n.m. (pl. ofJ^N.M. ★) 

jl/ji ar'zan adj. t cheap inexpensive 
" low-priced jhyfar^a'ni n.f. cheapness 
low price abundance of proyisions^/J l u I 

arza'nl kat'ns v.\. present give away; 
give gratuitously Vjfftjjlarz'rii ho' na v i. be 
conferred be cheap (of cheapness) pre- 
vail [P — >>l] 

&£ atzhafig’ N.M. picture-gallery of- the 
painter Mani collecltbn of Mani’s 
pictures album [P] 

Iji/Jl irsal' n.m. femittence despatch 
LyfjLssi irsal kar'na ’».t. remit 

despatch send [A] 

araststslu' j^jiaras'loo n.m. Aris- 
* totle U IkSji arastd tali' si adj. 

Aristolelian [A ~ G] 

(jjJSjl of satin n m. (rare) lion [T] 


) [sjl irshad' n.m. words something said 
order ; behest ; command guidance 
showing the path of righteousness 
Cfyirshzd' kar'na (or farms' na) (of superior) 

say desire command ordain dictate 
^desire direct ; guide [A 
J&jS ar'shad adj. well-guided most 
honest [A - >^sup.] 

ar sham das n.m. Archimedes UlCfjJjtl 
** usoo‘l-e arshami'das n.m Archimedean 
principle (cither about working of lever of 
about relation of weight of immersed object 
and water displaced by it [A~G] 

ar'z n.f. earth world land 
country l e'jjtjl ar'z-o-sama' n.m, pl. 
heaven and earth whole universe 
tabaqt' ml-arz' n M. pl. geological strata 

tabaqs' t-Ul-arz' n.m. geology^i 
ar'Zi adj. earthly ; terrestrial mundane 
Crfjilar'zi jan'nat,(fjlC^jan'nat-e ar'zi n.f. 
earthly paradise hoo'r-e - ar'iSl n.f. ex- 

quisite beauty adj. 
terrestrial and celestial; earthly and heavenly 
Xffjhirziyyst'^ n.f. geology "jLft/larziyys'ti adj. 
geological tyb'ftlfjlarziyya' R js"izah.NM. geolo- 
gical survey [A] 

^j\ar^nan, (JsfjiarQanoofi <n.m. 

organ [A-G] j 

(•) \fj\ arghaisft' n.m, purple 
colour name of a plant 
bearing purple, flowers and fruit 
w* arghava'ni adj. purple 
vjolet crimson [P] 
gjhrfa' adj. most . elevated 
nent [A~S^ SUP.] 

/{j j\ irqaw n.m, (ped.J writing 
, down in black and white tiff lijlirqsm 
kar' na y-dr. pen ; write l*^l>yl jVflam' h»'ns v.i. 
be penned ; be written arqsm n.m. pl. 
figures ; numbers items [A ~ sing. ^ r] 

/») 1 arkan n.m. pl. members pillars ; 

** columns props components, in- 
gredients basic principles ; fundamental* 




tenets arka'n-e islsm’, 

arka’n-e din' n.m. pl. fundamentals of faith 
( ££hM / ij£j J j i )lClarka'n-e dau’lat (or sal' tempt) 
n.m. pillars of state ; grandees [A ~ sing, rfj ] 
if. I ar'gaja n.m. a perfume made of rose, 
K ' ' sandalwood, musk, etc. 

£ )jl art n.m. earl [E] 

r j I i'ram n.m. ancient Arabia’s Aad 
sovereign, Shaddad’s garden built to 
rival paradise earthly paradise [A] 
gH Jl amrnn' (poet. tfij I ar'msh) n.m. de- 
sire 'longing yearning wistfulness 
poo' ra (Or poo're) kar'nn , 
Ctfyfal arman' nikal'na v.T. & i. gratify one’s 
ambition arman' rash' jana v.i. be 

disappointed in one’s wish or hopeOI fab/l 
arnan’ nikal'na v.i. have one’s wishes fulfilled 
L'jfUlljl arman' ho'na v.i. wish aspire 
long for [P] 

gift, pfe- 

(f. $A 

| ar'mighah, ar'maghan n.m. 

sent rarity ; curiosity [PJ 
jl ar'na, U^fCljiar’na bhaihsa n.m. 

. ot'iA) wild buffalo 

artful n.m., arafi'di n.f. 

'recinus communis’ ; castor- 
oil plant ajjj&jlenrahd' kharboo'zah 
‘carica papaya* Jf. i/fyXjIarah'di ka 
UP n.m. castor-oil tyJ'tfXjlarafi'tji 
IH jar' n.f. (fig.) flimsy stuff weak thing 
JL/t a' rim v.t. manifest Thyself to me ; (as 
" words of -Moses’ prayer to God at Mount 
Sinai) f'Jjljfrirtga n.m. (fig.) presumptive 
parxmjjk^f(J jl a’rirA go’-e toor’ n.m. Moses 

7j\jj\arvah n.f. pl. souli spirits [A- 
- sing. £>y] 
or’vi n.f. anuh 

9j\ at'rah n.m. (Sameas it) m 

pfjl ar'har n.f. a kind of pulse ; ‘arhar’ 

n'rt int. for calling mot’s attention 
With love or eontempt) O ; ho ; hello 
(expressive of surprise) O no ; oh no ; dear (fji 
•o' rl int. (far calling woman’s attention with 

love or eontempt) hello ; ho (expressive of 
smprise) 6 no ; oh no ; .dear 
^SAvireV adj . frilled (trousers) slant- 
*** ing ; sloping deceptive ; crafty ; 

crooked ureb' pa jamah n.m. frilled trou- 


^^jlarib' adj. wise [A] 

a •* 

I ar n.f. (see under yj* ar’na v.i. if) 

ara’ra dkam’ adv.. (come down) pat ; 

I > (fall) flat [ono.] 

aras’ n.f. narrowness AfJi/ijiaras' H 
ja'gah n.f. narrow space [~ 1‘jtarna v.i.] 
qJ IjI i Iran' n.f. (see under L'jlur'na' v.i. ★) 
^Wfcij/Hran gha i n.f. trick ; ^ruse ; 
feint deception evasion ; shuffling J 
1/ Quran' gha'i bat ana v.i. misleed dupe 

evade ; shuffle 

t*l ara'na v.t. fly ; cause to fly waste ; 

squander fritter away spend lavish- 
ly allure eat away pilfer copy ; 
plagiarize give currency to (story, etc.) 
pull (someone’s) leg (1 1) enjoy (12) sing (a 
tune) (13) remove (14) elope with (15) guess 
(16) cut off (head) Oj ura' pur a’ de’na v.t. 

spend lavishly ; squander Vlt/IjSdf'be par' In 
Ura'n a v.t. & o. give currency to baseless 
stories jtj!lira' , oo n.m. -spendthrift ; squan- 
derer ; prodigal ; adj. prodigal ; extravagant 
[~ l'i/l#r'na caus.] 

t*/ tl f ara’na v.t. cause to stand or stop * 
cause to check motion fasten some- 
thing to another ram ; plug ; thurst(j/^X^. 
tPl5l*ftfpard’e phat’\t meh t tfig' ara'na prov.* 
poke one’s nose into other people’s affairs ; 
meddle With other things [ ~ l* tri ar'na caus.] 
ar'har n.m. nonsense ; meaningless words 
adj. nonsense irregular ; * rough 
uneven craggy 0^5/ or' bar’ bak'na v.i. 

talk nonsense talk wildly talk idly 
jfr'jl arbtft'ga adj bent rough ; rugged 
" not straight ; crooked n.m. obstacle 
a> X a P jWrap n.m. tiff i scuffle 
struggle ij*> 

i f ^ l ^ larta'tis n.m. & adj. forty-«^M^4^si , > , 
arta'hsvab adj. forty-eighth 
ipy ) or’ tala n.m. excuse shelter; reflige 

defence ^vjiar’kila Una v.t. & l. 
put up an excuse take shelter 
•Sjloxtis' n.m. ft adj. thirty reight Jlgfil- 
Y- arfb'va* ADJ. thirty-eighth 

mkk'ni V.i. bear malice (towards) 


tfl __ 

yj I Srd, (ped. jjlurd) n.m. a kind of vetch ; 

vetchlmg tJjty>j\ur'd par sife'di ph. a 
wee bit (not) a bit > , 

ar'satk n.m. & adj. sixty-eight J> - 
> ar' sathuaft adj. sixty-eighth 
u'rasna, u’ras le'ns v.t. tuck up 

rvf a'rara n.m. heap, 

t^l ur'na v.i. fly soar move very fast 
be worn out fade evaporate 

explode spread get lost (of head) be 

cut off (11) be removed (12) be cast to the 
winds (13) be blown away (14) feel out of 
sorts (15) vanish (16) (of words, print, etc.) 
fail to give impression (17) disappear (18) 
(of story) get round (19) (of luxury, joke, etc.) 
be indulged in (20) (of tune) be sung (21) feel 
elated Bran' n.f. flight (arch.) kind 

of curtain on coach, etc. uran ho'na v.t. 

be sick of (place) be disgusted ; be 
bored cJ^^Ur' IB v.t. walk with a 

stately step strut be conceited 

fakhtah n.f. (fig.) gull ; simple person 
iiy ke ja'na v.t. go by Chance get shelter 
^s£-jtur' ke lag'na v.t. (of infection) catch ; 
spread fir ke mil'na v.i meet on one’s 

own meet with pleasure ^t/luran adj. 
flying raging cjjhoo ho 

js'tid v.i. disappear; vanish run away 
sneak away^%y(0'rcn tosjjtarl n.f. flying 
saucer Dstyji uran kkaio'la n.m. (legendary) 
flying car iron gha’l hatn'nl v.i, 

deceive; dupe; gull fi'ri 

tag’ par bai'pH prov. the report gradually 
spread ; the scandal spread soon enough it 
became talk of the town 

l*V I ar'na v.i, stop come to a standstill 
refuse to budge oppose be obsti- 
nate be wayward put up an excuse jt ar 
n.f. stubbornness ; obduracy dispute 
contention heaviness (of stomach) ^^jta'rxr 

oaqt' 0t*. difficulty hard times ar 

btiith na v.i. be stubborn importune ^> 7 vl 
or pedt' n.f. obstacle tV5t ar ja'na v.i. 
stick to (one’s) guns lay a stake ujjon tfjla'ti 
n.f. trick stubbornness obstacle 

ar'yal adj. obstinate wayward; headstrong 
jU)i a'n-mar adj. & n.m. trickster ^tia're 
(tWU’re) vaq’t adv. in times of difficulty Mi 

• I. L L ' 

fir Iff ADJ. (f.J’I ur’ti) flying Jj Jjl ur'ti tot, 
ur'ti hui adj. weighing less; under- 
wcigh«l fi» 'ti dkir'ya paihtban'na>l%Qjt 
Cjf/J- Br’ti dtir'ya ke par' gin'rm v.i._ be 
shrewd know a crook at sight^tf^ St ur'ti 
(si) khabar n.f. rumour hearsay 

arah'ga n.m. hitch: jhindrance ; 
v* prop tripping {LjMjCvtflUaranga lagu- 
na (or mar' rnt) l'l*kt&5larafi'ge par dtarha’na 
v.t.. trip ^(someone) 

fa fa. aurhg' baraftg n.m. (children’s 
game called) catch-the-thief 
name of players in it nonsense C£Jfr,Jcj\. 
arang'^barang' bak'na v.i. talk nonsense 
^lijjlarvar' n.f, prop (under falling roof, 

> cic j) 

(JjJl'f a l 0 ± pans' N.m. neighbourhood; 

V vicinity adv. nearby here- 

(,*U^/Q>Wna v.t. (see under U»J*fv.t. «fc) 

\ i*. ai%a”i adj. two-and-a-half half- 
ly^' past two l/j U* t arXa' ’i (fia'val 

alag' gala'na v.i. ^(always) hold a different 
opinion itt/l arlia"* ain ka jhohp'ra n.m. 

(fig.) transitory thing flimsy structure 
l J i&jl arha' ’» cjiuiloo la'hoo pV ja’na 

v.t. (threaten to) suck the blood of U»vi arhay'- 
ya n.m. two-and-a-half seer weight or mea- 
sure two-and-a-half times multiplication 


• ,az prep, (ped.) from than by of 
with J ljlagafi' adv. thence JSjIJi azati- 
jum'lah adv. of those out of that total or 
sum /j\az bar' adj. memorized well 
learnt l yj.j\az bar kar'na V.t. memorize ; 
learn by "heart; learn by rote lu$V£ j I az bar' 
ho'na v i. be memorized of! JloZ bas' adv. 
much adequately £^j\az bas-kth conj. 

since however ; nevertheless ; notwithstand- 
ing much az ja'ntb adv. on the 

part of on behalf of for from j*Jiaz Pad' 
adv. boundless, infinite indefinite sur- 

prising adv. very much extremely infi- 
nitely beyond description j/haz khud' adv. 
of one’s own record voluntarily b> 


self ‘suo moto' khud' raf'tah' 
az khesh ' raftah adj. absent- 
minded distracted not in one’s sense ei/Jl 
az ra'h-e adj. by the way of ; ‘apropos’^-tv-ri 
az roo”< adv. by virtue of ; by reason of 
under Uy'Jf az sar (a pa' adv from head 
to foot from top to toe perfectly 

wholly )j*SJlaz sar-e nau.' adv afresh ; anew 

‘de novo’ »—*?'./) az g haib' adj. providential; 
God-sent adv. providentially 

tnar’de az ghaib' biroofi' a'yad-o ka're 
bi-kunad ph ‘deus ex-roaehina’ God will 
send someone to help [P] 
j\j\ izar' n F. trousers drawers Jfjbhzdr- 
bafid' n.m trouser-string tijrljZtytfjPyljt 
izar'-bah'di rish'tah (or ta'al'liiq) n m. relation on 
wife’s side ; petticoat interest 
izar' meh dal' kar pai'han le'na v.t. (fig.) be 
devoid of all sense of shame be saucy 
JIjI iza'lah n.m nullification revocation 
abolition removal amends 
compensation jfJIJiiza'la-e bikr' n m. (causing) 
loss of virginity i) iza'la-e haisiy yat-e 
‘ur'fi n m. defamation slander [ A - J 0] 
Uz'baik (or uz'buk) n.m. (same as^jl 
V . Uzbek [T] . 

firijl izdehsm' (P. cor .(fajjHzhdefiam') n.m. 

crowd ; throng milling crowd 
mob rabble [A] 

Q fjjyl izdivaj' n m. marriage, matrimony 
espousal nuptials ad' d?d-e 

izdivaj' n.m bigamy polygamy (fjjijlizdiva'jl 
adj. marital t^f^JjzjHzdiVaji /faisiy'yat n.f. 
marital status [A 

t zdiyad' n-.m. increase enlargement 
t augmentation escalation [A ~ej tj] 

(jjjl az'raq ADJ. blue azure fi?Ojj\az'raq 
> &ash' m adj. blue-eyed [A Jxv] 
Uj\azkiya’ n.m. pl. pious people [A ~ sing.JvJ 

i . . a'zal n.f. beginning eternity 
w'"' source origin (JjlJjjro'z-e a'zal n.m. the 
beginning ; the first day t-tffyeZ-JJla'Zal se a' bad 
tak adv. from beginning to end forever 
ilJl a'zali adj. eternal perpetual un- 
ending&Jjlazali/yat n.f. eternal existence [A] 
Jt/I az'minaA n.m. pl. times eras ; epochs 
. periods stages WdJiaz'mina-e saty- 

sah n.m. the three times, ( viz ., present, past 

and future) [A ~ sing. Pli]- 

gyljjl azvaj’ n.f. wives spouses 

couples azvaj's mlitah'harat ' 

n.f. pi . Holy Wives (as referring to the spouses 
of the Holy Prophet) [K-Qrsz] 

[p/Jla zhdaha' n.m dragon 

winged serpent cockatrice; 

basilisk _boa constrictor 
python ^ azh'dahe 

ke muhh men bath-' de'rm v.j. court 

trouble [P] 

j/jlazh'dar n.m. (lit.) dragon [P] Wrf&k 

Pjjt izhdeham' n m. (same as 


(j'fis adj. demonstrative this (>"l \J\ is asm' 

meh' adv. meanwnile ; in the meantime^^/{/l 
is' bir'te pa tat’ta pa nt prov. a hope 
of success despite this inefficiency^*!; 
is' kan su'hi us kan ura'di ph. forgotten as soon 
as heard ; in at one ear, out at the other 
f 1 is ko me' ra (or sat ) salsm ph. ! 
Hell vyith it is hath' le us hat:., 

de ph. open the purse and then open thy 
sack tit for tat Namesis comes sooivt^i 
i'se ckhupa'o use nikn'lo ph. they*" are 
exactly alike 

'se va'hah 

ma'riye ja'hah pa'ni na mi'le ph you should 
not show him any mercy give him no 
quarter Ud^ftis' tak {a.Tch.Uyj'tis' ta'lak) adv. 
to this extent ; so much ( , (/\is' dam adv. 
now right now fortnwith immediate- 
\yjyj\is' par conj. for this reason hence 

'at this tfjtjtis' par bhi conj. moreover 
notwithstanding even at this^-^/tiV 

tar'h se adv. in this way ; ihusjlij'lix' qadur 
adv. as this this much so many to 
this extent 4rWt is' li'ye, Muftis ms'tt conj. 
hence ; therefore 

ij'l us (demonstrative) that pron. him 
her ity<//vj' par adv*- upon that ; at 
that thereafter upon which /{//fix' dim 
adv. then there and then Us' vaq't 
adv. at that time on that occasion at 
which momentt^/lftx' mefi adv. meanwhile; 
in the meantime in that in him (or her 
or it) 


9jHi/f asa'tizah n.m. pl. teachers school- 
masters [A 

yU/wxaVa N.M. shed ramshackle structure 
assrh.’ n.m. fourth solar month of Hindu 
^ ^ calendar (corresponding to June- July) 
£j\/)asa'r1a n.p. *rabi’ crop [S] 

i -cssUt' n.m. pl. myths asSi*T-ut- 
awatiri n.f. pl legends of an ancient 
people myths [A ~ sing.J^M] 
gfc[S\asatiri n.m. pl. pillars [A~ sing J 


'hsci’fd N.m. pl. the mean the vulgar 
[A - SING. J*t| 
ir^JQlasalib’ hm. pl. styles modes ; 

* * manners; waysftllj'w^U'iara/ti-e baysn’ 
n.m. pl. modes of expression [A- sing.i^JH] 
las as' N F. foundation base 

plinth basis ff'^iasa'si adj. basic ; 
fundamental [A] ^ 

jflylasa'rm n.f. (col. (fUlasa'ml)' post 
tenant , cultivator debtor customer 

permanent loser (a^ gambling, etc.) n.m. pi.. 
(rare) names JWy'shi'kanM asa'mi n.m. such 
tenant Ji/fytymauroo'sl as a mi n.m. hereditary 
tcmnt(fL'W(fidakf6l-kar asa'mi n.m. occu- 
pancy tenant [A double pl. of Ui~ sing, f I) 
Ul/Msa'na V.T. winnow 

jtflslasanid' n.p. (double pl. of a^n.f. +) 

^JjUlosa'varl n.f* name of a musical mode 

i^i/iasb nh. (same as^Njt. ★) 

asbab' n.m. luggage ; baggage 
* equipage goods and chatties 
furniture property ; effects provisions 
n.m pl. reasons causes motives^twU'l 
tfjljasba'b-e kha’na da’fi N.m. household effects 
ys^\fS\asb'b-e sa'far nj*. travelling requisites 
[A- StNO.^J 

• ^j^iUsboo 1 ' n.m. (lit.) week [A ~ fff] 

jrisiasbat n.m. pl. Jewish tribes ; the 

Tribes grandchildren ; progeny ; off- 
spring [A - SING 

asp, (rare ~~ 'lasb ) a m. (lit.) horse 
(at chess) knight £Pj 


ispat' n.m (rare) steel (Por.) 


^Jl^laspafal'jJC^fbaspatal n.m. hospital (E] f 

(Jj^laspaghol' n.m. Reawort-seed [P] 

£%iisparf, gZ'sapabj', glis/afij n.m. sponge 
,v [E] 

ispand'-^sipaUd’ n.m. wild 
rue ; (a seed burnt as incense 
or charm) [P] 

j&t&slad' (ped t n.m. 

(pl. eXts lass' lizah f. 
usta'ni ) teacher instructor ; 

tutor professor preceptor 

skilful man clever person 

person dance or music master 
wrestler serving as coach ; wrestling coach{£>l2l 
Qstadi n F. teacher’s job or office 
masterly skill cleverness trick ; finesse 

adj. masterly finished (P) 

1 ) iPl ists'dah adj. standing erect 

raised rampant Jj&listB'dagi n.f. 
creetxon standing waiting raising 

constancy resistance IP] 

i^lusta'ni n.f lady teacher ; mistress l~P 

fayiisUbdad' n.m. despotism tyranny 
istibdad 1 posaiii'ifjjJsiistibda'di 
ADj.^despotic (powers) [A] 

I IP'l istibra’ N.M. use of toilet paper (or clod, 
.. etc.) (A - (/A) 

Qy^iistib'raq n.m. silk cloth (csp.) 

* green-satin (A] 

jlX'fistiiar' n m. hiding ; concealment 

..secrecy rj- 

istisqdl' n.m. (ped.) heaviness [A - jr ] 

[fX^lislisiia' N.m. expection disuncuon 
qualification of a statement with the 
ph. ‘In-sha-Allah’ (or God-willing) ^nanie 
of fifth Jx>ok of Taurah) ; Deutropomy [AJ 
&Xif'listijabal n.f. acceptance (of prayer, 
request, application, etc.) [A—vl^-J 
9 j lf m0 1'istijazah n.f. (ped.) taking leave 

* seeking permission [A ] 

isUfya'zah n.m. prolonged morbid 
* mensturation 


J I istehalah n.m. change 

istekbab' n.m. making friendship 
* * supererogation [A~^] 

.A istehsan' n m. lenient interpreta- 
tion (as a principle of jurisprudence) 
approval praise [A {sT*] 

( ( isteksal n-.m exploitation extor- 
V „tion acquisition gain ; profit 

Jte^i istehsal'-bil-jab'r n.m. extortion 
unlawful exaction wrongful acquisition 
expropriation [A 

j' n.m. sending for ; summon- 

istehqar' n.m. scorn ; disdain ; 
holding in contempt vilification [A ~ 

£ istehqaq' N.M claim right title 
merit privilege [A ~ fr ] 
istehkam’ vn*. reinforcement stabi- 
• lity solidarily strength 

support rectification ; corroboration con- 
firmation [A- & ] 

Ol&'i istehlaj' n.m. causing to swear ; ad- 
,,, ministration of oath [A~i^V] 

\ isti^ha'rah n m. judgment from 
omens augury prayer for dream 
serving as augury [A~ y£] 

QjiH' istikhra j' n*m. deduction de- 

ductive logic removal deporta- 
tion ; extradition refusal expulsion 
taking'Out ; ejection v [A - 
Cf istikhfaf n:m. slight disdain 

vilification contemptuous treat- 

ment [A~*^^] 

istikhlas n.m. liberation free- 

dom (J* tf&'l is tikhl 3s-e vatan' n.m. 
liberation of homeland le] 

tO I 9^ ustukhah' n.m. bone (rare) stone 
(of fruits) [P] 

istida’mat n.f. constancy firm- 

ness diligence assiduity 
l/j&f istidraj’ n.m. escalation raising 
bringing close to deception ; 
'fraud deception by a pagan showing a mar, 
vel [A~ . 1 ry] 

-itidruk' n.m. clarification quali- 

fication overtaking 

istidrak' n.m- clarifying particle , qualifying 

clarifying partji 
conjunction {viz. [A 
[f istid'a n f. request; prayer 
entreaty petition solicitation 
supplication [A~lo] 

/} iL&l istidlal' n m arguing argument 
proof reason ratiocination 
istidlal’ kar'na v.i. argue reply 
insist [A ~ kj) 

^ fas' tar n.m. lining mule (fjv^ias'tar- 
ks'ri n.f. coating plastering 
as’tar-kn'ri kar'na v.t. plaster [P] 
ijZdjus'tara {pcd. us tirah) n.m. 

— dstira'hat n.f. sleep 

I siesta rest ; repose 
relief quietness ; peace [A ~ 

I * *•>/ istirkhs' n.m. flabbiness ; flacc'dity fA ~ 

istirdad' n m. veto revocation ; 
repeal ; .setting aside reversal; IjZ't 'iF 

Jiaq'q-e istirdad' n.m. right to hi (jT 

haq'qe istirdad' iste’mal' kar’na v.i. veto 
[A ~jj) 

istirza N m. bid to please willing- 
ness assent [A~^] 

S\is tari n.f. iron (diai.) woman 
is'tari kar'na v.t. iron 
[p^/Sjistisqa n.m. dropsy [A 

istishhad' n.m. (lit.) 'iting of wit- 
nesses production ot evidence (from 
[A -£»&) 

istisvab' n.m. plebescite referen- 
dum reference commendation 
seeking advice ; taking counsel^^Ji.*-/W^'» 
istisva'b-e ra"e (Jam'mah) n.m. plebescite 
referendum Uj> istisvab' kar'na v.i. 
hold plebescite hold referendum refer 
seek advice or counsel [A 
£Jijb* / fistita“at n.f. capacity power 
,, potentiality wherewithal [A~«&*'(k] 
fijU&'liste’a’zah n.m. seeking God’s pro- 
tection doing this through repetition 
of formula a'oo’z-o billah' [A ~ £/) . 

fylfM / liste‘ a' rah n m. metaphor 

iste'a're ki zaban' n.m. metaphorical 
language ; figurative expression [A'&tfUl 



n.f. (lit.) seeking of help 
. soliciting of aid succour relief 

l Arwp 

* stt 'j&r n.m precipitation haste- 
| ning (a crisis, etc ) [A - CJf"\ 

iste'did’ n.f. qualification skill 
capability capacity aptitude 

proficiency ability talent means [A] 

fa&fisU'fa n.m. resignation (from an 
office) asking pardon Oyii^iiste'Ja 
itna V.t. resign mahzoor' 

kar'na v.t. accept resignation (of) \A~ 

istefaf' n.m. abstention from evil 


U** / i isteUa' n.m. supremacy bid to 
M achieve supremacy (A ~ )* } 

I iste'mar’ n.m. colonization colonial 
powcrXfi/lr^f iste'mar!. pasahd’, 
iste'ma'ri adj.‘ colonial iste'ma'ri 

ta'qaten n.f. pl. colonial powers 
^}\t‘£ / liste‘mal' n.m. use empolyment 

application usage l/jt^fiste'mal 
kar'na v.t. use apply 
tarlq'-e (or tarkiibe) iste'mal' n.m. way of use ; 
method of use J b^i iste'matl adj. of use 
employed customary practical [A ~ Jf ] 
istigha'sah n.m. complaint ; suit 
plaint V/slj2(j*'iistigha'sah da"ir kar'na 
v.f . & i. file a suit [A ~ *£>y] 

istighrab' n.m. (lit.) amazement ; 
wonder surprise great admira- 

tion fA~ 

i jl isti&hraq n . m . engrossment ; absorp- 
tton | ~ m 

istighfar' n.m. asking forgiveness from 
God through repetition of formula 
astaghjirullak' graving mercy 

begging pardon (istigbfar' kar'na) 

beg pardon of God implore ask for 
mercy/# I as tagft 'firull ah int. I entreat 
forgiveness of God God forbid far be it 
froiji me (to) [A - 0)/?} 

istighna' n.m. content ability to 
.^dispense with carelessness [A ~ ti#'] 
tyi&\istija'dah n.m. seeking profit 

benefiting attainment gaini>/li^i 
utifa'dah kar'na v.i profit (by) benefit 
(from) [A ~ 

/'Miy'l istifa'zah n.m. benefit (A - 

Cjt^f istfta n.m. seeking advice on a point 
of religious law seeking someone’s 

opinion I'J U* / ' i is lift a ' kar'na v.t. seek such 
advice (from) [A~ 

aw istifragh' n.m. vomiting [A- 

isti/sar n m. query inquiry seek- 
ing of information reference 
islifsar kar'na v.t. refer make a reference 
to ^call for information question [A 
f | is tifham n m . interrogation Ques- 

tion inquiry investigation 
harj-e istifham n.m. interrogative particle 

for pronoun )(Cp!^‘lif‘ala'mat-e istifham' n . m . 
mark or sign of interrogation ; questionmark ; 
query islfhamiy'yah adj . interrogative 
*Si£*'tJfjum’l-e istifhs miy 'yah n.m. interroga- 
tive sentence [A ~ p ] 

2J h'?a'mot N.F. firmness stability 

constancy .steadfastness recti- 

tude ; uprightness [A ~ fv) 

A\2>\istiqbaV n.m. reception welcome 
' to) future futurity future tense 
isliqbaV kar'na v.t. advance to 
meet a person receive (a person) wel- 
come (a visitor) [A - ifc*] 

istiqra' nm. induction inductive 
logic istiqra "1 adj. inductive [A ~ 

istiqrar' n.m. declaration ; confirma- 
tion taking place ; consummation 
istiqrar'-e hoqqiy'yat n.m. declaration of 
title J^jj/^tisliqra'r-e ham' l n.m. becoming 
pregnant ; pregnancy [A-yly] 
l&M'i istiqsa' N.M. reaching the limits (of) 
research deep probe i/U*' I istiqsa 
kar'na v.T. look deep into (a matter) [A~ 

isiiqlal’ n.m. perseverance fortitude 

constancy steadiness firmness 

resolution independence ; freedom 
dlffijash'n-e istiqlal' n.m. independence, day [A] 
gsfejistika'nat n.f. humility [A~ i y*f'] 

jU&ltstikbar' n m. (lit.) pride ; conceit ; 

haughtiness vainglory presump- 

tion (A- ]f\ 

g\J&) istikrah' nm. repugnance abhor- 

rence dislike demur duress 
, \ J&'i ) £jab'r-0‘istikrah' n.m. constraint 

duress bQ-jab'r-o-istikrah' adv. 

under duresi unwillingly 


L^j*S(istop’ n.m. stove primus 
>. stove [ ~ E stove corr.] 
jjyiistor' n.m. same asvy-'N.M. ■*) 

/>£» isu‘ shan, sate short n.m. 

- station railway station 

/j'L>flisush'nari (same asOfXTN.P. ★) 

_ J f y > ^ 

isti’wr N.M. {same as /‘y n.m. *). 
ashar' n.f. (pl. N.F. it) 

00 f 

ishaq n.m. Isaac (A- HJ 
a' sad n.m. , lion Leo ; the fith sign of 
the Zodiac XJ^Ia'sadvllah' n.m. Lion of 
God (as the appellation of the fourth orthodox 
Caliph, Hazrat Ali) [A] 

jLdjisraT' n.m. mystery hiding ; conceal* 
meuUpiasrsT' n.m. (sing.) mystery n.m. 
pl. secrets asra'r-e ila'fii n.m PL. divine 

secrets Jfjjjjyiasm'-o rumooz ' *.m. pl. secrets 
and symbols [A -sin y\] 

&L/I israf n.m. N-travagance ; prod' 

, abuse (of wealth) ; waste [A] 

AfJ/SUsrafil'jilS sarajil" N.M. name of the 
' angel who will sound the trumpet on 
th^,day of resurrection [A-H] 

. yl^lisra'’il n.m. Israel (as a appellation 
*• of the Prophet Jacob) (so-called 
State of) Israel'noo 
ba'ril isra"%l' n.m. "pl. Israelites; Jews^^Vi 
isra'lli n.m. Jew adj. Israelite ; Jewish 

^J ^-fasiuafit n.m. & ADJ. assistant [E] 

istokhaddoos’ n.m. name of a medi- 
cinal herb [A] 

L jU Us' t Uriah (or as'-) n.m. (same as 

J*S\as' l ad adj. very lucky extremely 
happy [A ~ sup.] 

n.m. sorrow regret [AJ 

J/l fiSlasfar' t*.u. (pl. of f/sa'far n.m. if) 

fi» .j asfar' n.m. (lit.) 



asaf/i (A) adj. (fik . cf Ji-» asfal ) Most 
(Tseafi; very mean {fellows). 

tomes rolls 

books volumes ; 
scrolls [A-sino. yV 

jp'i isfamj n . m . {mtmm&tfispmj. if) 

isqat' , isqftt-a fom't n.m.. abortion. 

t4 miscarriage [a-VM 
j^ifi^lasqam' n.m. of it) 


^nJls'l us'q'j n.m. bishop j A — GJ 

^liskat' n.m. rendering speechless 
y calming down [A 

JJ*y / liskafi'dar n.m. same e»^ iVH.U. it) 

^fi\isko dya? N.M. ESQUIRE' Esq.) ; *E] 

^J^\iskool' n.m. (same t* 

( iski'mo n.m. Eskimo \m 

^fU^I aslzf n.m. pl. ancestat? ; 

forefathers ; progeniwi * 
ancients Jl^Ltinatg-r oslaf N.M 
infamous descendant (j -oliit title 
for oneself) I [A — — «■*''] 

/*Hs l lislam' n.m. Islam (».*., submission to 
I God as the sole religion preeched by all 
the Prophet of God and as-fl'nallj presented by 
the Holy Prophet, the otdy sme religion 
Wi) trtam' la Ito (or qibool kar'na) 
v.i. be converted to Islami adopt Islamic 
faith Ji^iislami n.m. Islamic Muslim 
^if^lisl&miyyat' n m. Islamic studies 
Islamics [A] . 

jiy I as'leAah n.m. pl arm* armour XJi 
asleffa-khanah n.». wwruri ; armoury [A- 

SING. £lLj 

^/jL^flisloob' n.m. (^i/lasaltb 1 ) style 
' mode method way ;■ manner 

form ; shape arrangement 
Usloob' adj. elegant methodical well- 
regulated ; well arranged {A] 
y*''! ism n.m. (pl. Wiasma') name appel- 
C lation denomination fgram.) noun 
\Ais‘m-e islifbnm' n.m. interrogative pro- 
nount/Plf^lis'm-t sharah'h n.m demonstrative 
adjective is' mm "zam n.m. Almighty’ r 

name the Ineffable Word (cherished for 
incantation) — ''Him' ba mlsam'ma n.m. 

one actually possessing the attribute implicit in 
his or her name ism-e tqf&l’ n.m. adjec- 

t rye,, of superlative (or comparative) degree 
ism-e tankir', ism-e na'kirah n.m. 

indefinite noun ism-e jamid n.m. primi- 
tive noun ism-e jala'ti n.m. the illustrious 

name of .God f^lism-e jins' n.m. generic 
noun appellative ^ i ism-e / aiiy'yah n.m. 
present > participlc<^*^') ism-e sifal' n.m. adjec- 
tive is™-* zatm^N-is. personal pronoun 
(J f l>^'\ism-efa’il n.m. subject (y/fi ism-e fadzi 
n.m. fictitious name assumed name (f (^ 
ism-e kul'li n.m. generic noun I ism-e - 

ma r ’rifak n.m. proper noun ism-e maf-ool' 
n.m. passive participle dsWfl ism-e mausooi 
n.m. relative pronoun ism-e navi'st n.f. 

writing out the list of witnesses cataloguing 
Jbp^f-ism^var' adj. riame T wise ts'tasma' n.m. 
Pt. names appellations denominations 
•» nouns JtrjbU'lasma" ir-rijal' n.m. 
cyclopedia of narrators Traditions branch' 
of knowledge judging merits or otherwise of 
Tradition-nariS&rs dictionary of national 
biography If^Lh'iasma'-e bus’na (or 

uz'ma) n.m. pl. the Beautiful (or Great) 

Names ; ninety-nine epithets of God [A] 

Jw lasmar' n.m. pl. nightly talks- 
. nocturnal stories IA~ sing. f sa'mar ] 
C/rl asms*' n.m. pl. (lit.) ears [A- sing. tf\ 

dito isma'il' n.m. Ishmael (as the name 
of Abraham’s elder son) Isma’il<as 
the name of a seventh and last Imam of a 
Shi’ite sect called after him) fr* Ir'l isma'VU adj. 

descended from Ishmael pertaining to 
Isma’ili sect n.m. Isma’ili ; member of his sect 
-zkfl isma'ilKy’yah n.m. Isma'ilis ; the Sevener 
Shi’ites ; the Seveners [A — HJ 

I osaim'bali n.f. Assembly Hall ; Assembly 
Chambers [E] 

jiblasnad n.f. (dial, m.) (pl. of^aW n.f. 

i. ★) 

(j)\s\asnan' n.m. pl. (lit.) teeth (A- sing.<j/- 

jSj^Sasrtar' n.m. (col.) (same asjb^N.M. it 

y'l asvaft'si n.f. a lineal land'measure 

fry'iosooj’ n.m. seventh month of Hindu 
calender (corresponding to September- 
October [S] 

yy*\as’vad adj. black n.m. {vh.js’sood^jy 
soodari) Negro,/) as'vad-o-aih‘mar n.m. 
(members of) the black and the white races 
Jj^'j/’baih'r-e as'vad n.m. the black Sea (A) 
iJLf^fishal' n.m. diarrhoea flux 

isha'L-e da' mam n.m. bloody flux ; hae- 
matic discharagc [A 

,(^§*v‘hol adj. very easy [A-J^ sup,] 

tr^ps'oah n.m. example ; pattern ; ideal tyi 
JZm^Zs'va-t ha'scmah n.m. the ideal of 
good good example (of the Holy Prophet 

lA] / 
iff i'ji adj. its own pron. this very fOnf'l 

lot' Hi i' si din ko pa' la tka ph. did I bring 

you up for this reward ? [ ~</l is (f ] 

O' si adj. its own pron. that very [ ~tSfus 

, +a1 

f I os’si N.m. &. ADJ. Eighty J Ijf'l as 'sivafi adj 
eightieth os' si if a m'dani, 

dtaura'si ka kharsfc' prov. live at the rate of 
six scores to the hundred b {' 

m* ba'ras fti ‘ iimr ' nam miyafi ma'soem prov. 
person feigning ignorance 
^ l/\ asyaf ^rfas'yaf n.f. (pl. oftiM'iaj/ n. f. 
** ★) 

y^fasir' n.m. prisoner captive 

asi'r-e a'b-o-gil' attached to one’s native 
land bound by mundane things t) Ifc^i asi’r-e 
s&lia'rn n.m. prisoner of State (£*?iasi'n n.f. 
imprisonment confinement ; incarceration 
captivity [A] 

ij*^(asis' n.f. (dial.) blessing ; benediction 

ase'sar n.m. assessor (E) 

£/!/(?! isharat' n.m. (pl. oft^N.M. it) 

&jL'\is*arat’ n.f. insinuation hint [A~ 

* doublet of fol.J 

0j\2\ish*'rah n.m. (pl .Zi&iskarat') hint 

suggestion indication gesticulation 
gesture , .wink sign token note 
clue (11) syrrtboll*/ $j0l ishi'rah kar'na v.t. 


signal beckon' hint suggest indicate 
— ityl isha're par eftaina V.I.' be at the 
bcek an d_ call (of) be under control (of) 
^-jlf tjOuZ^aql' maftd ko isha'rah ka'fl jiai 
prov. a word may suffice to a wise personjM-^ 
isharali adj. symbolic(£/l7/ijfra'ri adj. 
symbolic index (card)y>l5t ishany'yah n.m. 
index Vj*J/gj\?\\6hariy'yah mural' tab kar'na 

v.t. compile an index (of) (A] 

£S\!>\ isha'‘al n.f. publication propaga- 
tion dissemination circulation , 
spread ; difusion edition *», (rta) 

qa'bU-e isha'‘at adj. (not) suitable for .publica- 
tion [A ~ J 

pC'\P\adia'‘irah n.m. (pl. of n.m. if) 

£A?'lashbah‘ n.m. (lit.) Bodies objects 
, [A- SING. ] 

tlsloshbah' n.m. (pl. oi^shib'h n.f ★) 

ts&ii 'a 1 ' n.m. elongation of vowel sound 
k (fu£'!ishba' , i ADJ. elongated (short-vowel) 
'ma (pr Jai'ha pr kas'ra)-e 
ishba'i n.m. elongated u (or a or i ) 
g^jPiishtibab' n.m. ambiguity doubt 

suspicion uncertainty hesitation 
distress ifi&fishliba'hi adj. doubtful sc*i- 
pulous [A~ 

) l£?t ishlidad' n.m. strengthening in- 

. creasing in violence [A 
^Aiush'lUr n.m (same as sh't'tur n.m. if) 

\y2\ishlira' n.m. purchase selling 

y # trade ; commerce [A - lif 4 ] 
u T)*^'f ishtirak' N.m. partnership society 

company co-operation colla- 
boration (rare) subscription (to periodical) 
ba'dal-e ishtirak' n.m. (rare) subscrip- 
tion (to periodical )J(^l!y/i/tYa’Ai n.m. socialist 
ADJ. socialist socialistic ishtirakiy'yat 

n.f. socialism [A~ 

J \Pi ishte'ai' n.m. provocation instiga- 
tion incitement (1‘lbij ishte'al 

it ’na (or dila'na) V.T. provoke ; incite ; insti- 
gate C^JU*^lishte‘al-e tab' 1 n.m. provocation 
ishte'a’lak n.f. instigation incite- 
ment ishlt'a 'lak de'na v.t instigate 

incite {A- J*'] 

J u4 ishtfghal' n.m. occupation avoc?- 
.. hon trade engagement [A -J* 3 } 
{J UVf ishtiqaq' n.m. Derivation 

» ishti qaq n.m. etymology [A~ Jr'J 
t trbtemal' n.m. (land) consolidation 
comprising ; containing (f'i/lJP'l 
ishtemal-e ara'zi n.m. land consolidation ; con- 
solidation of landholdings krJL Jiriishtima'l-e 
be' ja' n.m. misjoinder ishtima'l-q 

da‘'va n.m. joinder of causes of action J (At 
ishtim'ti adj. & n.m. Communist; Commu- 
nistic O^V^tishlimaliy'yat n f. 'Afcmmunism 


[tyZ'l ishteba' n.f. appetite hunger 
.. . (rare) urge [A] 

JVY^ n.m. (PL.iP'jlr^hshleharat') 

advertisement bill ; poster hand- 
bill notification, notice publicity 
currency placard _ (arch.) renown ; cele- 
brity^t^tJ^jOiC^i ishtehar' ave'zafi (or &as'- 
{pan) kar'na, ishtehar' laga'na v.t. put 

up (or affix) a prater ,. \yy jCr^ishtehar de'na 
v.t. advertise ishtehar' kar'na v.t. 

(arch.) notify ; publish^l^^f frhteAaVj adj. 
proclaimed ^popularized through advertise- 
ment ('/tfjCr y Ushteha'rl mitj'rim n.m. pro- 
claimed offender one who has decamped 

{Jh^iishliyaq' n.m. liking; fondness 
wish ; longing yearning ; hankering 
bent, i desire [A - JA 1 ] 
jf^lash'tami n f. eight day (of Hindu month) 

** » [I] 

j\P\ashjar' N.M. (PL of^ N.M. if) 

* • 

jash'ja' adj. Braver of bravest 

^ ,(more or) most valiant [A£.^ s 'siip.] 
a shkh at’ NM (pl of^/^N.M. if) 


X>\ashad‘ adj more or most vehement 
urgent extreme severe excessive 

violent ^jy^Atoshad' zaroo'rat n.f. urgency 
I fsr/tj&iashad ' zaroo'ri adj. very important 
urgent [A - vtA^SUP.] 

Jir'lashar' adj. (more or) most wicked ; more 
or most wiciouso'Oj^lashar'r-un-nas' n.m. 
the most wicked of menjj^lashrar' N.M. pl. 
the wicked criminals malicious persons 



being the real person btasa'latan adv 
in person ; ‘in propria persona’ origi- 
nally primarily [A ~ ij^l] , 

| asah' adj. (more or) most authentic 
asah' h-Ul-ku tub n.m. the most authentic 


n.m. pl. Companions (of the 
Holy Prophet) w comrades friends 
preceptors disciples nobles ; peers 
possessors of ; those having those pertaining 
to >-'l7*iasha'b-ul-fil' , (Jf.^d^lashab-e fil' 
n.m. pl. the army with elephants ; the .pre- 
Islamic Abyssinian invaders of Mecca l 
asha'b-e kah'f n.m. pl. Catacomb Comrades 
{A ~sino. 

jUtffisdar'. n.m. proceeding appea- 
rance production issue {A 
■Jy^lisrar' n.m. obduracy persistanee 
It I constancy [A] 

(pU*TI istibagh’ n.m. baptism C*C>UWi istibagl} 
de'na v.T. baptise tyfc'&'listiba gh le’na 
v.i. be baptised 

os’ total n.m. stable [A~ L) 

{or (is’ tarlab’ (or 

as'-) n.m. astrolable ; [A 


lltt*listifa' n.m. choice ; selection 
.. [A~^] 

islilah' n.f. term ; 
technical term slang expression 
conventional phraseology.^/kjlfc-’l islilahai' n.f. 
pl. terms; technical terms slang ex- 
pressions rWi{frvaz''-e istilahat' n.m. coin- 
ing of technical terms tfttWlislila'hi adj. 
technical conventional secondary 
istUa'fa ma l 'na (or-nl) n.m. technical sense 
conventional meaning [A~ if ] 
i^as'ghar adj. little tiny younger 

or youngest smaller or smallest n.m. (pl. 
/’Plasa'ghir) younger or youngest son, etc. 

this as male name a person of no impor- 
tance tS/^tasQali n.f. (false feminine used 

as female name) younger or youngest 
daughter, etc. [A ~ /g^sup.] 
jw*\as’far adj. yellow saffron-coloured ; 

of the colour of mustard-flower [A] 
tJU*| «j/fya n.m. (pl. ofd^N.M. it) 

L^as'l n . f . original principal ; princi- 
U | pal sum stock-in-trade root 
essence ; quintessence cause ; root-cause 
spring, source base ; foundation plinth 
basis (11) truth ; reality (12) lineage (13) 
pedigree adj. essentially vital funda- 
mental ; basic substantive positive 
important principal chief legitimate 
real ; true (11) actual (12) factual 
asl-e usool' asl-ul-usool n.m. funda- 

mental principal ir^tj^iasl-usoos' n.t. liquo- 
rice root asl' khair se adv. (W. dial.) 

safety at# 'j^lasl ma’ sood' principal with in- 
terest tyity*\as l-o-far'' n.m. root and 
branch cause.and effect i^J^tasl' nas'l n.f. 
(col.) lineage £? J^las'l naf" n.m. net profit 
Was' la Was' tan adv. never at any time 
at all ; in the least altogether <J?*las'ti adj. 

true ; real genuine , authentic pure ; 
unadulterated original natural . basic ; 
fundamen tal actual ; factual.^HW/ty^a/ n . f 

truth ; reality basic facts (about) origin 
genuineness purity authenticity 
originality [A] 

7 jUq islah' n.f. ( pl. t si a tat' ) reform 

U reformation correction (of pupil’s 

exercise) writing pattern (written by teacher 
for pupil) (rare) haircut (rare) trim- 
ming of(bcard) ICit/Wiislah’ banana v.T. trim 
(beard) ■Sp/Z/tf) islah'-pazlr adj. docile 
amenable (i'JljCiOWiislah.' de'na (or kar'na) 
v.T. correct rectify amend improve 
revise reform isla'h-t maz'hat 

n.f. Reformation ; the Protestant Reformation 
isla’h-t nas'l n.f. eugenics 
islah' bar' vaq't mum'kin hai prov. it is 
never too late to mcndC>biUl islahaf n.f. pl. 
reforms Ll/jsl'&lsWl islahat'^ ns’fiz kar'na v.T. 
impliment reforms Z/WLX/f taihrt' k-c-islah' n.f. 
Reformation [A -» ] 

as'h ADj. Ct^fasliy’yat n.f. (see under v* 

J*\ asam' adj. deaf (math.) surd -fP#* 
I miqda'r-e asam' n.f. (pl .fl/j&maqadir-e 
asam') surd [A 

£fb*losnaf n.f. pl. genres sexes 

species asna'f-e si'khan n.f. pl. 

genres of literature [A - sinq.up^’} 


^[s*lasn3tn’ n.m. (pl. of ^ w.m. 

CJ/f N.F. (PL. of^N.F. «fr) 

Sreof n.«. principle n.m. pl. funda- 
mentals. causes principles princi- 
ples of Muslim jurisprudence dogmas 

manners Utool-t mQta'a'rafah n.m. pl. 

axioms Usool'l-t mauzoo' l ah n.m. pl. 

(math.) postulates fcyjJ/*lusoo' l-o-ftiroo'' n.f. 
pl. causes and effects creed and law (of 
faith) according to Shi’ite sect [A~ sing. J*/] 
asil adj. pedigreed of good extrac- 
w tion high-born ; noble genteel 

pure; unmixed asil' 

gko're ko cha'buk ki ha'jat na'kih prov a good 
horse should be seldom spurred. [A~cPi] 

izafat n.f. genitive case mutual 
construction (of two nouns) ; construct 
phrase^ appendage ; adjunct reference 

J k/is'rn-*- ■irn'fat M.u. tim nf mn«hiict 

kas'ra-t - izafal n.m. sign of construct 
phrase [A doublet of fol.] 
j U?| izs'fah n.m. enhancement addition 
. enlargement excess surplus 

(j &tiza'fi adj. relative comparative 
additional supplementary surplus [A] 

iza ‘fy 'ya t £*> W*.finazariy'ya-t iza'Jiy'yat 
a n.f. ( theory of relativity^UltVa/i adj. 
(see,tmderJti/N.M. -jjlr) [A-prrc.] 

,Sy\ Uzboo'kah n.m-. laughi ng-stock J ojijfjl 
uzhoo'ka-e roz-gar’ n.m. butt of ridicule [A~ 

/j I o.zJia n.m. pl. sacrifices ; sacrificial ani- 
■ mals victims ff IH^id-uU azjha n.f., 
the sacrificial Eid ; Eid-ul Azha [A ~ sing. 

jjjj0\azdad n.f. pl. opposites. words 

each of which conveys two opposite 

izlirab' n.m. impatience rest- 

lessness ; uneasiness anxiety 
agitation anguish vexation distur- 

bance; commotion N.F. agitat- 
ed uneasy (fSJbj!) C^^iztira'HkaiJiy'yat 
(or hs'lat) uneasiness ’ restlessness [AJ 

iztirar' n.m. constraint force; 
t coercion restraint ..agitation 
violence perturbation (fj^iztiraii adj. 
involuntary uncontrolled cA/ifJ 

tztirz'rf ha'lat (or kcafiy'yat) n.f. compulsion 
involuntary state [A] 

n.m. pl. double things 
twofold things multiples 
zoo az‘a'f-e aqal' n.m. lowest common multiple 
LCM ^C/^az'af-e muza'afah n.m. pl. 
manijfold things [A~sino. jj^ze'f] 

az u qf adj. most (or more) feeble 
decrepit [A.~ ‘^'sup.J 

fljflii/lju&f az$a's-e Mam n.m. pl. mean- 
‘ ingless nightmares disturbed 

dreams [A] 

azl a*' n.f. administrative district ; 
districts parts ribs sides (of figuce) 

/JjjJrf izlal" n.m. leading astray [A~ Jtt+] 

jU^f izmsr’ n.m. use of a pronoun /&[£■ 

izmar ’ gab'l-vz-zik'r n.m. use of a 
pronoun' before mentioning its antecedent ; 
pronoun preceding own antecedent [A~^-^ j 
A llyrf izmrhlal' n.m. . weakness depres- 
sion ty/fyc^tabf'at par izmek- 

l&V tn'ri ho’rm v.i. feel very much run down 
be enervated (A] 

azy&f n.m. (pl. ofiiLfN.M. if) 

iSfilrhtfat N.F. obedience reverence 
worship Cjlyljj \ it a 1 at shi‘ar’ 

(or gazar) adj. obedient^l^t^W^tf 
shi‘n’t1 (or guzs’rl) n.f. obedience 
ita' s at kar’na v.t. obey pay homage (to) 
worship (A] 

Qibititaq' n.m. (rare) room Jlbluiaqi adj. 
Jrare) pertaining to room rooming 
. UtiCjIbl Uta'gi jo'ra n.m. rooming couple 
(J\jriqial’ int. may elongate i/ZnJlblata'1- 
aUa'ho Sm'rjahdo int. may God grant him- 
a long life [A ~ J>J 

Mlita'liyah n.f. ItalytfJIblita'lm adj. I talia n 
•\ u [E~It.) 

ctibba' n.m. pl. physicians prac- 
titioners of indigenous system of medicine 
[A~ sti)ic.w>l 

* .1 * 

alraf' n.f. Pl. directions side 
extremities suburbs environs 
outpost boundaries &iHs*>ibtatra'f-o-aknaf’ 
n.m. pl. surroundings all sides 
atra'f-e shaih'T n.f. environs of city or town 
suburbs [A ~ SINO li»>] 

tfjtl itri'fal n.f. a kind of medicated pudd- 

at'‘imah n.m. (pl. -fc) 

Ifijrlilfa' n.m. extinction (of fire) (A) 

N.M. PL. children babies 
issues J U>( Jrji. baZl'(ha-e atfal' n.m. child’s 
play [A ~ SXNOi 

yftifi ittila‘ n.f. information intimation 
comunication intelligence report 
notice notification (£Mr£/lhlittila"e ha'ziri 
N.F. joining repor de'na (or 
htt’n a) inform apprise acquaint 

report give notice communicate yl'frilkt 
ittila"-na'mah n.m. written notice rftfrl&i 
iUila"-ya'H getting information receipt 
or acknowledgment of notice, ctc- tfei ittifa c, -an 
ADV. by way of notification for informa- 
tion lit) i nils.' 'an 'an' kai ph. submitted 

for information [A ~ 

tftfjrt itlaq' n.m. application (lit.) setting 
at liberty itlaq' rakk’na v.i.'be ap- 
plicable (to) C/jifbl itlaq' kar'tm v.t. apply 
(to) use (a word or phrase) in a particular 
sense tyjjlih itlaq’ ho'na v.i* be apt be 
applicable Jl^lil^'alal itlaq' adj. absolute 
adv. absolutely 3toiild*Si'ha'kim(-e) ‘alal 
itlaq' n.m. (God, as) the Absolute Ruler -(A) 

, J&\at'las N.M. satin j-^t at'lasi adj. satin 


^A\jf\itminan‘ nm. satisfaction calm- 
** ness ; composure complacency 
confidence respite pledge surety cfLuJ’i 
fciMljM'itirHna'n-e kha'tir (or qalb'): n.m. satisfac- 
tion of mind (*/c itmjnan' kajna v.t. & t. 
satisfy (someone or oneself) i itmnan’ 

ke la"iq adj. trustworthy ; reliable [A] 
wlih itnsb' n.m. verbosity profusehess 
* (of speech) [A] 
t^U'l alnab' n.f. (pl. ofi.'D’N.F. ir) 

j\J?\atvar' n.m. pl . conduct ; behaviour 
.ways ; manners deportment 

characteristics practices customs 

khiih-atvar adj. well-mannered affable 
polite ; courteous [A - sing. 

athar' adj. & n.m. pl. unpolluted 
chaste (persons) non-menstural periods 

(A -sing. (a)yfU>(b) yfi 
Jrfat'har adj. (more or) most pure [A ~/t'* 
.sup.] , 

(JDJrladal’ n.m. (pl, ofjN.M. if) 

nz’lam adj. 
I .cruel] [A~ 

darkest (more or) most 

jl>H izhar n.m. expression ; expressing 

disclosure examination or deposition 
of a witness testimony display procla- 
mation (f^jt^rizha r-t ha' If l n.m. deposition 
QjjUFi izhar ' de'na y.u bear testimony 

attest depose I’/jfj’lizkar' kar'na express 
unfold announce assert izhar' 

le'na v.t. examine (witness) put 

(someone) in the witness-box ^^vl^) izhar’- 
navis' n.m. deposition writer izha’r-a 

ibla gh n.m. expressing and conveying of mean- 
ing ; communication [A — v>‘] 

J?\ az'har Apj. evident ; obvious dear 
plain az'har min-art-skams' adj. 

crystal clear ; quite manifest 
pjwfe'a'dah n.m repetition revision 
review ; renewal Ife/lel e'a'dak kar'na v.t. 
repeat revise {A — //] 
riylfia'adl n.m. pl. foes ; enemies fA - PL. Of 

P\f\ a'a’zm ADJ. & N.M. (PL. of VlADJ. tA) 

(JUla'a'ft ADJ. & N.M. (PL. of if l ADJ. it) 

lOdlfle' a'nat n.f. help ; assistance sup- 
port abetment ; facilitation ; extension 
of facility fecslfte'a'nat-ejurm’ n.f. abet- 
ment of crime ^sifijjlHimda'd-o-e'a'nat n.f. 

help succour [A — fc!/] 

m e'tibar n.m. credence confidence ; 
* faith credit esteem (lit.) taking 
a lesson from accordance ^j&^ke e'tibar' 
se ph. according to Cl jiff i e'tibar’ a’na v.T« be- 
lieve CjfZulpi e'tibar’ uik'ja’na v.t. lose credit 
e'tibar' kar'na v.t. believe trust 
give credit (to) have faith (in) ; repose 
confidence (in) depend (upon) 
e'tibar' kha'na v.t. lose credit losereputa- 
tionjC*i[ba-e‘tibar’ adj. reliable; trust- 
worthy crcditablcbfsjChlji'ba-tia' Zar-e e'tibar 
dekh'na v.t. take a lesson from (some event) ; 
draw a moral for oneself (from something) 

I fjO*1t'tibart adj. reliable , trustworthy 

creditable [A] 

m ,tida' n.f. tyrannizing cruelty [A] 

(Jltfl e‘ tidal' n.m. moderation tem- 
perance evenness balancell^yj Uh 
e’ tidal par raih'na v.i. be temperate 
observe the golden mean [A —J-O ] 

* tizar ' n.m- apology excuse [A ~ 

t? e'tirsz' n.m. objection fault-find- 
ing criticism observation tak- 
ing exception protest resistance ani- 
madversion e'tirsz ipesh) kar'na 

v.i. take exception (to) raise an objec- 
tion cavil at call in question protest 
disapprove e'tiraz' raj" kar'na 

v.i. remove the cause of an objection 
redress , thc grievance (of) Mift/l^'ie'tera'ze 
Zabilah N.M. technical objection [A ~ 
iZJl^fle'tiraf 1 n.m. admission confession 
avowal recognition 
e'liraf- kar’na vp. confess ; admit own , 
acknowledge tCfalp'le'lira'f-e gunah' n.m. con- 
fession of one's sin [A ~ $ lip} 

t'liz&z n.m. eminence respect- 
f .. ability [A ~ 

U ’ifl e'tizal’ n.m. dissent secession 

rakhina (or kar'na) v.T. repose confidence 
in depend upon [A] 

m e' tina' N.f. care solicitude exer- 

tion ; labour; .taking pains 
e'tina ke qa'bil, dar' khlr-e e'lina' adj. 

worthy of attention [A] 

M e'jaj n.m. miracle marvel wonder ■ 

* e'ja'z-e masiha'Ci) .n.m. 

Messiah’s miracle (fig.) wonderful cure 

,J\ a! Jam n.m. non-Arab, £ ‘a'jami n.m. 

■ * (see under it) 

o'joo'bah n.m.‘ wonder [A ~<^jJ'ajab] 
tjpla ! da' n.m. (pl. it) 

a'dad' n.m. pl. numbers a'da'd-e 

mutaba^yinah n.m. pl. (math.) prime 
numbers^l^i* I a'da'd-i-nru'tava'-Jqah n.m. pl. 
(math.) composite numbers J'C&jImi a'da'd-e 
mutada khilah n.m. pl. (math.) concordant 
numbers jtr'jjlvia'da'd-o-shlmar' n.m. pl. 
slatistics facts and figures [A ~ sing. »] 

\ e'rab 1 n.m. vowel points cases (of 
nouns, etc.) [A] 

Jt \f'\ a'rabi n.m. (pl. y jpla'rab ') Bedouin ; 

, Arabian nomad [A] 

</j A e'raz' n.m. shunning shrinking 

from eschewing vfSfWi e'raz' kar'na 

withdrawal Rationalism (as a school 
of Muslim scholastic philosophy) [A ~ J'f) 
f'laS'te'tisam’ n.m. holding fast .catching 

■' hold (of) refraining from 
t'lisartl be-hablillah' n.m. holding fast to the 

covenant with God [A ~ 

,Pr e'tiqad' n.f. belief' faith credence 
reliance (in) e'tiqad' rakk'na 

v.i. believe (in) have faith (in) 
repose confidence (m)Cljjj0i e'tiqad' la'na v.i. 

believe (in) become a convert (to) j ‘0'S 
Vjfe'tiqad'hp’na v.T. & u have faith (in) 
beli tvqf>0\e‘tiqa'dl adj. (matters, etc.) per- 
taining to belief [A ~ tjiif) 
l if&Urtikaf' n.m. retirement (to mosque) for 
continued prayer lyol&te'tikaf kar’na 
V.J. retire thus [Aj 

lO/rW n.m. (lit.) rise raise in- 
orease [A~>] 

P * tinted n.m. faith cpnfidcnce 
oiw reliance (lyj.ktfjlftrimad' 

shun shrink from eschew decline 

fj*lfla'raz n.f. (pl. of foaraz n.f. ^) 

a'raj (col. ai‘~) n.m. place between 
Heaven and Hell Purgatory [A] 
a' ’raj adj. (lit.) lame [A] 

]i'/le'zzz- n.m. (vL.&ljl'/U'zazat') esteem 
award title ; title of honour (con- 
ferred by government, etc.) exaltation 
extolling e'za'S adj. honorary 
t'zaziy'yah-NM. honorarium reception [A~ 


,f\ a'iz'zah n.m. pl. relatibns, relatives 

a'iz'za-o-aqa'rib n.m. Pl. kith and kin; 
near and distant relations (A 
ji^a'shar' n.u. pl. pieces-’ tom or broken 
.pieces (of) tens£A~j^J 

a'thBriy'yohHM. decimal decimal 
** point a'sha'ri (or «‘.j adj. 


decimal q'shs'ri sik'kah n.m. decimal 

coin a‘sha'ri nitsm' N.M. decimal 
system [A ~ 

uU) a‘jai' n.m. pl. nerves muscles 
d'Ltf a 1 sabi adj. nervous 
a'ss'bi jaiig n.f. war of nerves [A~siNG. fc ^ p ] 
vt^e'rar' n.m. extracting the juice (of) crush- 
ingj U'ia'ssr' n.m. pl. times ages 
eras [A -X] ?$• 

W a'za n.m. pl. organs limbs 

of tare ra'tsah n.m! pl. chief organs ofi the 
body («£., heart, brain, liver,, testicles)^-^ 
a l Za sbi'kani n.f. fatigue pain in limbs 
(owing to feverishness, etc.) [A ~ sino.^m^J 
USi e‘ts' n.m. bestowal grant |A~ [if] 

a‘.'zam adj. & n.m. (PL.^la‘a'^tm) . 

1 greatest (person, etc.) the great 
'sdd-e a“zam n.m. highest common factor ; 
H.C.F. J?ii’qa r id-e a ( ’zam n.m. the Great 
Leader (as title of the Founder of Pakistan) ; 
the Quaid-i-Azam a l 'zam n.m. 

the Great Moghul (as appellation of the 
Moghul emperor of India, .Akbar) [A ~ 
sup.} • * 

M e‘/a' n.m, upholding elevation 
1/1*0 eHa'-e kalimat-Ulfiaq' N.M- uphold- 
ing the truth [A ~ J* ] 
jtyl a l lsnd n.m. (pl. of ^‘alam n.m. ★> 

ffiPi <‘lam'N.M. (lit.) notification announce- 
I ■’ ment ^fldie l lsmiy'yah n.m. PreSs (Note 

handout proclamation [A ~ 

N,M * notification announdb- 
*^ , *^ , meht pronouncement [A] 

I if 1 a' la adj. & n.m. (pl. J lfa‘s'ti) topmost 
W ’ first-rate principal superior 
higher elevated most dignified (person) 
supreme being God {A ~ J 
' a 1 am adj. very common most (or 

I more) common {A- f sup.] 
m a ( msq' n.m. (pl. of J^n.M. ■£) 

Jifi a'msl' n.m. actions acts beha r 
viour ; conduct ^Ci^a'mslns'mah n.m. 
record of (someone’s) doings record of 
(someone’s) misdeeds [A ~ sing. 

a'msm n.m. pl. unclesJA ~ j*f] 


I a ll ms adj. blind (A] 

^/id'usn’ ti.M. name of a Rajput clan 

its members n.m. p.l. nelpers (A~stNO. 


{/[/la'yari n.m. pl. eyes dign&torks 
) cdt> u) if'l a'ys'n-t dau'lai (or sal’tbnat ) 
n.m. pl. dignatorics of State {A - sing. <£] 
Ajfjtgh/iBom' N.m. capture as booty; seizing 
pillaging [A - . 

SJf\a$'ziya'k n.m. (pl. ofj^N.F. 

a$rat' n.m. (pl. of (f/g haraz n.f. ir) 

*♦. ♦ 

{Jiff ighTaq' N.M. exaggeration hyper- 
bole [A. ~Jf] 

Ufa f idghtqt n.m. pl. mistakes errors [sing. 

»• » A iM] 

jjfyfi ighfaq' n.m. abstruseness [A] 

Jjfch/a/'.N ,M. pl. yokes chains [A~ 

\ SING, 

/flffigblsm' n at. sodomy ; paederasty [A 

' .toy], 

i^iMfagh'lab adv. probably very likely 

adj. probable quite , possible [A ~ 

. sup ,-l 

/ t^/Jf/a‘gha/ Aa'gfW adj. on either side 
’ right and left [ ~ 

^d^lagh'laf adj. uncircumcizcd [A ~ &D*] 

(fit I ighmsz' N.m. overlooking; neglect 

connivance (I l‘sf. C&j ijA) Ojfi/iti ighmsz' 
ba’ratns (oe raps' rakk'ha (or kar'rts) v.t. 
overlook connive (at) [A] 

(Jflaghtiiys' n.m. pl-. the, upper classes 
**, rich people [A ~ sing. fl 
ij/j ig}}vs' n.m, abduction (rare) seduc- 
tion ; enticement ; leading astray IZ/tPi 
ighsS karris v.t. abduct (rare) seduce ; 
lead astray [A— //'] 

^/faghysr' n.m. pl. strangers unfamiliar 
** persons rivals opponents [A~8 ino. 

int. ah;. oh no alas fie; for 

shame I n/' re int. ah ; oh aol'/sn*v&l 
fi/' tak na kar'rts v.i. not even to raise 
one’s little finger not even to utter a faint 
cry I’/cJtuf kar'ns v.i. sigh utter a cry 
of pain mount bum; consume ; destroy 
hojs’ns v.i. be burnt ; be consum- 
ed ; be destroyed [A} 




• 0 

enlarge rise in price Jj])lafzoo'r& n.f. in- 
crease augmentation plenty rise (.in 
price) [P-pREC.j 

jOlafsM N.F. (same as (J&w.t. if) 

JH*ffafsa'ruih,}lJfasa'nah n.m. short story 
concocted story fiction 
efsa'na-khaft, J iCHafsa'na-go n.m. fabulist ; 
romance or story teller j tpii^iafsa'na~nigar ' , 
<ji)j>C>\afsa'na namt n.m. short-story writer 
<Sj ftkO I afsa'na-niga' ri, tf$iUiafsa‘na-naui'si 
n.f. short-story writing JiCtj^mukhtasar-qfsa- 
nah n.m. short-story j&fjtyjktadir makti- 
Uuar-qfsa'nah n.m. long short-story [P] 

taf'sar n.m. officer 'If^lqf’sar a 1 ’ la n.m. 
superior officer chief authority^^L^ ( 
of sor-e ba’la das't n.m. superior officer 
afsar(-e) mol n.m. Revenue Assistant f /** 1 
af'sari n.f. being an officer officer’s 
rank or cadre [E] 
ff\qf'sar n.m. crown [P] 

0)y*?\ afsUr'dah adj. dejected spiritless 
melancholy bleak frigid 
benumbed ; deprived of sensation # withered 
extinguished ; extinct 
kka'tir . f h uj^UtfaUr'da-dil adj. dishearten- 
ed downcast fafsOr'dagi n.m. dejec- 
tion melancholy ; depression bleakness 
extinction (rare) frozenness [P~cfj^|] 
In' n.f. wormwood ; 

absinth [A ~G] 

ifjPfafsos' N.M. 


sorrow woe 
trouble ; afflic- 
re morse ; repentance int. 

jf/ ■ • •* 


(also hti’e afsos') . alas , 

ah dear ; dear dear \!j(j^j\cfsos'kar'na v.i. 
deplore regret moan; bewail; lament 
ttfeve ^sorrow pity mourn [P] 
^jpfqfsooti n.m. charm; enchantment 

incantation 'magic ; sorcery 

afsooft' tfcal'na v.r. be successful in charming 
afsooti kar'na v.i. enchant use 
spelb or charms conjure exercise 

afsooti -g& n.m. magician conjurer 

wizard seer {Pj ./ 

tf ft? n.m.' divulging disclosure 

. . i/dp'-troti n.m. disclosure of a secret 1A~ 

o&w 'shah n.f. tinsel strips for 
bedecking face, hair, etc. 
suf. sprinkling ; dispersing ; 
diffusing ; spreading strewing 
strewn sprinkled diffused 

shah dkun'na v.t. sprinkle 
tinsel strips ‘J &lqfsha'nl sup. 
strewing diffusing scattering adj. sprink- 

led wjth gold dust [P ~jjiUp I strewing] 

ffjJ^lafshur'dah n.m. juice squash suf. 

crushed messed ; squeezed out 
filtered ; strained j/lt&\qfshuT'da-e dhgoor 
N.M. (fig.) wine strain] 

of ’sat} adj. eloquent (more or) most 

.eloquent (A~ gf? sup.] ’ p 

J&lafzal' n.m.pu favours excellences 

0*^1 if&t' n.m. (rare) doing goor caus- 

ing to excel or exceed leaving a ha- 
lance [A ~ prec.] 

^af zal adj. & n.m. (pl. jftafa'zif) «*_ 
cellent supreme most prominent 
(person) ^Iqf’zal-ul-mur satin' n.m. (the 
Holy Propet as) the most distinguished of the 
prophets ofzaliy'yal n.f. supremacy 
excellence [A~ prec.] 

jQstfiftir' n.m. (co\.(fj\SH\ifta'Tt n.f.) break- 
ing a fast breakfast light breakfast 
I’Jgilffl iftar'karna v.t. break a fast [A] 
JlPfafal' n.m. pl. acts ; actions deeds 
conduct functioning 
ul-ad'viyah n.f. pharmacology 
o-'Za n.f. physiology [A - sing. J**] 
rf&lafi (pcd. of “a) n.m, asp ; adder ; viper; 
serpent [A] 

U* I a/gh 2 n'JiPfigl} ah' (or/g-) n.m. wail 
clamour , complaint [P] 

(ji^lafgfan' oT (df’ghah) n.m. Pathan a 
# native of Afghanistan [P] 

JWfnq n.m. (Ph.Jlitafaq') horizon uf'qi 
n.m. (ped. u'fUqi) adj. horizontal [A] 
jPlUfknr' n.f. ideas thoughts ; thinking 
notions meditation cars ; worries 
poetical works writings philosophical 
system ; philosophy [A — sing. 
j\£)\ afgar' ,j$figar' adj. wounded ; lacerated 
suf. wounding ; lacerating [P] 

^riaf'gan, ^Pfigan' suf. overthrowing; 
flinging hurling ejecting bUjJ&i 
J adj. & suf. throjm fallen prost- 
rate fjj>)ajgatida$ t $j$figatidagl n.f. 

ing hurling throwing down casting away 
downtrodden state 

(jDiliflas' n.m. poverty ; penury ; indigence 
want [A] , 

qflatoori n.m. _ Plato 
boaster ; braggart I af la toon' kd 

said ph. (col.) conceited personal* 

D^/ba'ra a yd ka'hxfi se afldtoori kd said ph. 
what a conceited person ! aflaloo'nl adj. 

Platonic nau-faldtooniy'yat n.f. neo- 

platonism [A ~ G] 

L f [\ilaflak ' n.m. PL. heavenly spheres , 
spheres the heavens ; sky ; firmament 
starry host Heaven [A~ sing. 
fyi)l a f'vdj' n.f. pl. armies armed 
forces hosts crowds legion^'i^j/l 
afvd'j-e qd'hirah n.f. victorious army 
armed forces &ty , ((j’baih'rx afvdj' n.f. pl. Navy'fi afvdj' n.f pl. Army ; land forces 
2 J/i{j!ti'}jJ&faZd'’i (or hava"x) afvdj' n.f. pl. 
Air Force [A ~ sing. &>] 
f\vffo,tj\uf'f°h int. (expressive of surprise or 
regret) oh [onO.] 

fijiqfvdh' n.f. rumour hearsay gossip 
town-talk tipi Jjlafodh (or 

afvd'hth) ura'rtd (nxpiaila'nd) v.t. spread 
rumour(s) ; bruit abroad ( £j\ hj)\) Uy t lj I 

afvqh' (or afvd'hth) 3 r'na (or pkail'na)~ v.i. 
be rumoured (of rumour) be spread [ ~ A 
sing. fooh or ‘J fam mouth] ' 

njlifhdm’ n.m: causing (someone) to under- 
stand ; driving home \o ha' m-o- 

tafhim' n.m. mutual understanding talks ; 
negotiations conciliation rapprochement 

[A~ Vcaus.] f . . 

Jr\aj\rh JjfJafyoon' n.f. opium 
'.afyri (or ajyoori) kdgha'Id n.m. dilute opium 
(^vOC^^b^afim' (or afyoon!) ki dkHs' Ai n.f. 
a sip of opium tf~\afim'dtl, (^Jafi'mi, *Jj£i 
afyoo'ni n.m. opium-eater n.f opium 
eater [~ poll.] 

afyoon' n.f. (same qs pl n.f ifj^jfj 
afyoo'ni n.m. same as//l(sec under j?\ n.f 
★)[A] ■ * 

f I aqd'rib n.m pl . relatives, relations 
• •• 

kindred >~'j\t\jy'f i a!X z-o aqd'rib n.m. 
ri “ kith -and kin ; kindred i near and dear 

ones [A ~ i ~ js^sup.] .. 

aqdlim' n.f. (pl. of^fiN.F. if) 

I iqg'mat n.f. stay sojourn .dwell- 
ing iqa'mat ikhliydr kar'nd 

v.i. , stay dwe\lik / £sifUqd'mat-gah n.f. 
dwelling ; lodging ; abode (rare) hostel 

S[)\oqdriim' n.m. pl. bases Pjpfi/iaqdru'mt 
(** sald'sah N.m. pl. (dial ) Trinity [A ~ sing. 


(JOliqbdl' n.m. prosperity luck ; fortune 

confession acknowledgment name 
of philosopher-poet who gave people vision of 
Pakistan ; Iqbal (j/fJO'tiqbdl-e da l 'va n.m. 
confession of guilt ; ‘cpgnovit’ acknowledg- 
ment of a claim iqbal-i-sikah’darj n.m. 

(fig.) extremely good fortune li/fjlfiiqbdl' kar'nd 
admit confess (guiltU^jti’i iqbal-mohd adj. 

■ fortunate well-off thriving prosperous 
Jifijqbali adj . confessional n . m . confessor 

^UUliqbdliyyat' n . m . books on the poet- 
philosopher Iqbal Iqbal bibliography [A ~ 


J'O^Uqtibds' n.m. excerpt; extract 
* quotation derivation (of bene. 
etc ; ) [A] 

\%\iqtidd' n.f. following (person, action 

or example) accepting the leadership 
(of) c£&'l(fkt iqlida mtit , under the leadcr- 
shipjaf [A - &jG] 

jtJ&f iqliddr n.m. power sway authori- 

ty influence eminence ; dignity 
Ifljljfl iqtiddr-e a 1 ' Id n.m. supreme authority 

,.)l‘pliqtiran' n.m. closeness ; getting close to- 
^^ether [A- <tf) 
y iqhsdd' n.m. economy (rare) 
moderation ilSZtt^ilm-iU-iqlisad' n . m . 
(rare) political economy , economics 
iqtisa'di adj. economic C>jiC£\ iqtisadiyyat' n.f. 
economics ; political economy (A — >*2>] 
\jj3fiqli7d' n.m. exigency expediency 

need ; necessity demand ; requisition 
iqtiza'-t maslaJjat n.f expediency 
Cifitetlrfalat kd iqtizd' n . m . exigency of 
situation [A] 

jijfl aqdar' n.f. pl. values jljtljlPlakhla'qi- 
aqddr' n.f. pl. moral values 



roofa'ri aqdar' n.f. fl. spiritual values yltfl if A 
mad'di aqdar' n.f. pl. material (istic) values 
If ~ sing .‘ib'qadr] 

pjffaqdam' n.m. pl. of i''.* n.m. if) 

flv t iqdam' n.m. initiative courage ; 

valour going forward attempt 
intent J*/]jj{iqda'm-e qot'l n.m. murderous as- 
sault iq dam' kar'na v.i. take the initia- 

tive attempt take steps (to) [A - fjt } 
^Jjffaq'das adj. (more or) most holy 

very sacred t-e aq das N.F. sacred 
personality (A ~t/>i'sup.] 
jl} ( iqrar' n.m. promise assent admis- 
sion contract declaration 

iqrar' kar'na v.i. promise ; confess admit 
accept assent agree iqrar' - 

na'r.iah n.m. agreement contract 

written bond indenture assurance de- 
claration compact ; covenant pact ; 
treaty iqra'r-e sa'leh n.m. solemn declara- 
tion iqrar-vd mah sa'lisi n.m. arbitra- 

tion agreement^)! iqra'rl adj. confessing 
confessional n.m. confessor [A - jljf] 
yijjfaqran' n.m. pl. peers [A ~ sing, dyqirn] 

^/*Haq'rab adj. (more or) most near n.m. (pl. 
w-ylTl eqd’rib) relative ; relation 


b" aqriba' n.m. pl. relations ; relatives 
kindred ; kith and kin allies [A — sing. 


ffaqsat' n.f. pl. instalments parts 
'^C’Dlbil-aqsal' adv. by instalment 
flJi aqsam' N.F. pl. kinds sets various 
kinds very sorts ^C^lkfjam'la aqsatri 
n.m. all types [A - sing, ^pqism] 
r ^Jioqsam' n.m. pl. oaths [A ~ sing, ^qasam] 

, M 

lj*}\aq'sa adj. most (or more) distant; 

if* mas 'j id-e aq'sa' n.f. E 
the Rock [A]' 
j\$Saqtar' n.m. pl. regions ; zones dia- 
, w meters [A -sing. 

fjjffiqla 1 ' N.M. pl. tracts ; pieces of land [A- 
sing. jJ^] 

*fj^\iqta 0 n.m. {pl. &ltUdiiqla < al') feudal 
grant ; Rcf^flldl iql’’iy'pat n.f. feudalism 

Dome of 

tv >'i 

jflaqal' adj. least ^^.^ba-da'raja-e aqal’ mini- 
^ mum tylaqal'lan adv. (rare) at leastC^I 
aqalliji'yat n.f. minority y^iaqalUy'yaii adj. 
minority jy£d?\aqalliy'yafi fir'qah n.m. minority 
community IA-^'sup.] 
iZJflaq' laf adj. & n.m. uncircumcized (person) 

(£jt\uqli'das n.m. Euclid geometry 
£ [A~G] . 

frfiqlim' n.f. (pl. yij] aqalim') country 

\ zone clime iqlim' n.m. the 

whole world [A - G] 

y* filuqnoom n.m. '(pl./£VI aqanim) basis 
' m (dial.) one of the Trinity [A] 
j^fiqva' n.m. rhyming with unidentical 
vowel sound(s) use of imperfect rhyme 


tj]J\aqval' n.m. pl. sayings ; saws ; maxim 
words precepts (Jlti(jtj'laqva'l-o a‘mal' 
n.m. pl. precepts and practices [A — sing. Jj) 
r\J\aqvam' n.m. pl. nations races 

castes aqva'm-e miitHahidali,*jStyl}l(Jji 
ida'ra-e aqva'm-e mui'tahidah n.f. United 
Nations (Organization) ; U.N.(0.) 
aqva'm-e magh'rib n.f. pl. Western nations ; 
the, West [A ~ sing., 

at>], oncjioitkbar adv. once (fjf/itk- 
bsr'gi adv. suddenly ; all at once (sOlikta'ra 
n.m. single-stringed harp j)i"Jlik-ia'la n.m. 
name of a tune on ' tabla’ Ir^fi ik-j a ' adv. 
together at one place fil/tik dam' adv. 
suddenly immediately ; m in a jiffy JjJ\ik- 

rukkt adj. one-sided ik-ru'k^ tasvir 

n.f. onesided picture profile silhouette 
y/tJ\ik-goo'nah adv. sort of a little ; 
somewhat l£L/1 ik-la'ra n.m. single-stringed 
(necklace) [-fa^lcoNTR.] 

|j| ik ka n.m. ace (in cards) a kind of 
old-fashioned carriage adj. one single 
unique l/tik'ka duk'ka adj. desultory 
one or two just a few ( 
yf/l ak a' bir n.m. nobles high-ups; big 

guns adj. greatest aka' Mr -a asa'ghir 

n.m. rich and poor ; great and small [A -sing. 


a / ikad'M n.f. (rare) eleventh day of Hindu 
ifjifi months [I] 

6 ? 

(Ji^\ akad'ml, akai'dimi n.f. academy 

tmSjffl aka lib' n.m. pl. lies ; untruths ; travesties 
of truth [A~ ‘r'lysiNG. 

taiyp \ aka rat adj. vain ; unavailing un- 
profitable ineffectual ; fruitless use- 

less worthless unserviceableiy^KfataVa/ 
ya'n3 v.i. be of no avail be in vain be 
useless be profitless go fto) waste 
come to naught 

SjSIqI aka'sirah n m. chosroes (as title of ancient 
/ | / * 

- Persian kings) [A - sing. J ~ P ) s* r \ 

(f'viika'St aoj. & n.m. eighty-on? 1 

j ikasivaii adj. eighty-first 
jjpi^kal' n.m, (dial.) timeless ; eternal (as God’s 
attribute) J/lakali n.m. (member of) a reli- 
gious order of Sikhs [S] 

flikati've, ^.jlfiikyan've adj. & n.m. 
ninety-one J \>j/ifxkari vtvaii adj. ninety 
first " 

t^Jvlika'oan.f-tikfiikya'oan adj. & n.m. fitfy- 
P one (Jljjtf I ika'vanuan adj. fifty-first 

ika"Mt n.m. account SAtln iks" Tifttant 
n.m. accountant ( )yTjZjt%V\ika" uiitant - 
jariral n.m. Accountant-General ; A.G.^-^Vi 
ika'jlfitafisi N F. accountancy [E] 

/J q! ika"i N. f. unit digit one any 
j digit from zero to nine unity [ - 
Jiak'bar adj. greatest greater n.m. (pl. 

J.tfiaka'bir) appellation of the Great 
Mogul a male Muslim name J^ak'ban n.f 
female Muslim name (old use) guinea 
adj of Emperor Akbar ak'bari nau-ra - 

tan N.M. nine gems (i.s. , nine famous courtiers) 
of Akbar , 

u 'kaJ' n.f. strange thing &(f<2hn'kcU kt 
Una v.r. say strange things . 

iktil' Its adj. & n.m. forty-one 
**/ ikta'lisoafi forty-first 
ifcfliikta’na v.i. be bored be disgusted 
be tired of ; be weary . be browned 
off JUrjTl akta 'hat n.f. boredom disgust 
iktisab' n.m. gaining (skill) with 
effort attainment earning I 
iktisa'bi adj. gained with effort result of 
effort not inherent lacking natural flow 


iktishaf' n.m. discovery unearth- 
>ne (A~ cAS) 

i£f^iktifa'x.r. content sufficiency lyhAt 
iktifa kar'na v.t. be content (with) [A- 

j/yJIaktoo'bar n.m. October [E] 

. r*^ikat'tis (rare iktis’) adj. & n.m. (thirty- 
one (jjfA^ikattis'vait adj. thirty-fii 
uk'ta adj. (F.Jnuk'ti) mean fellow 

U'katna v.t. & I. revile worn out 
. (secret, etc. from someone) , dig up 
1%/iikat'ika, ikkat^a adj (f. ikat'thitf *\ 

ikhat'tt) tied up united A cirtkpted 
iJiarl ikat'ta kar'na v.t. gather ika?pu[ 
y ikhatte adv. together in bulk 
yjfak'sar adj. most much ; very many 
frequent adv. frequently ; usually ; 
often mostly ; generally chiefly 

ak'sar auqat' adv. mostly often ord'- 

narily usua 1 1 y aksariy'yat n.f. majority 

[Ar of^SUP.] 

ifiak’ra n.m. vetch growing under sprint 

crop uncleaned crop 

n / 1 ikram n.m. veneration deference 
, respect ; esteem honouring [A~ fj ] 

fj/iikrah' n.m. duress dislike; disgus; 

. abhorrence [A ~ kSf!/] 

//( ak'ram adj. most munificent mo. 

' , gracious ; most benevolent [A~ sup 

yia'kar n.f. pride vanity ; conceit ; haughti- 
ness stiffness ; rigidity ; firmness jiyl 

a'kar-baz n.m. proud ; haughty ; vain 
affected person fop (/j^a'kar-ba’H, oi‘/< 
a'karfooii n.f. pride vanity affecta- 
tions i^fa'karna v.i. give oneself airs be 
proud look defiantly at be ready to pick 
a qmirrel stiffen be cramped ' 

Hk'rooh adj. squatting ; on the hams Jtf) 
[^.uk'roofi baiih,'na v.i. squat ; sit on 
the herns'* 

l*l^Jlukszt'na v.t. excite, incite; insti- 
gate provoke ; fan a flame urge 
encourage lift ; stir up (flame, wick, etc. 

uksa'hat n.f. instigation induce- 


ikta ’iz n m. excise (E] 

ik' sath adj. & n.m. sixty-one 
sathvah adj. sixty-first 


6 a 

ukas’na v.i. raise oneself be stirred 

> wriggle out come out 

/AiiV n.f. elixir sovereign remedy , 
penacea alchemy iks\r'-ga ' n.m. al- 
chemist [A] 

lift ik/a' n.m. a kind of false rhyme its use 


iakal kkirs adj. selfish jealous 
» unsociable unmannerly 

ak'l-0‘sh~trb' n.m. eating and drink- 
ing victual [A] 

vjrliklau'ta adj. (f. Jjrtiklau’li) the only 
jj (child) sole ; solitary 
(J?fi iktil' n.m. crown [A] 

/Tiak’ma 1 adj. perfect supreme [A~ 


tOU lakrtaf n.m. borders environs [A- 

m ssino. 

^jJ\ak'nooh adv. (lit.) now ; at present ; 
j presently [P] 

t j\ ikau’na adj. unmixed ; picked (grain) 
Ijfafl4kfa'ra n.m. arena ; lists court Ky>! 
I,V» ik'dar ka akhz ia n.m. Indra’s court, 
place with a bevy of beauties 
ek%a're mrh n'tarna v.i. enter the lists 
I’j&l ukhar'na v.t. uproot pull out 

> dislocate demolish destroy ; ruin 
jijflukkar' n.f. . uprooting ruinous trick 

tL/jUiukiar pi Mar N.F. uprooting 
bungling pell-mell s 

Z/likhat’lar adj. & n.m. seventy-one J 1 /" 1 
ikhal'tarvafi adj. seventy-first 
\J\ ihaih'ra adj. (f. <///' ikaih'ri ) single- 

folded one-sided lean gaunt 

ikhattS adj. (same as A) 

[yffdMuirna v.t. (of something) offend 

^/.ok'kkar adj. uncouth ; uncivilised ; un- 
mannerly rough ; rude boorish 
obstinate quarrelsome recalcitrant n.m. 
i. lout; boor churlish person ak'kbar* 

pan n.m. obstinacy rudeness ; roughness ; 

u'kharna v.i. be uprooted be dis- 
’ placed be tom asunder be pulled 
out go off the track I'ljyiiukharva'nB v.t. 

cause to uproot have milled out 
A^lvkk'li n.f. (same as n.f. if) 


akhand' adj. (rare) undivided 
> partition [S] 

akkh-o mak'kho n.f. (Nurs.) formula 
recited by woman while stroking infant’s 
face while it stares at lamp hoax 
(f'i/i iky a si, adj. & n.m. (same as (/bilks' si, 

ADJ. & N.M. *} 

4^.4 1 / I ikyan've adj. & n.m. (same as^(f/ A Di. 

♦* 0 .v J 

y & n.m. +) 

tfjyiikja'van adj. & n.m. (same as yjtfiks'uan 
j adj. & n.m. it) 

jJlakid' adj. sure (reminder, etc.) [Al 

** s 

ik'kis adj. & n.m. twenty-one U 
j ik'kis van adj. twenty-first 
tyj\ake’la adj. (f . /flake’ li- lonely ; solitary 
alone ; single peerless; unique f~ 

— 1'3 

/*tft a 8 s ' r* n.f. forelegs - ropes with which 

horse’s forelegs arc tied front fore- 
part adv.^ forward ahead ; further on 
in [ront£$ (fjl/tfjlrfaga'ri picjjjka'ri lags' nd v. r 
tie together fore and hind legs of a horse 
aga'n mar'na v.t. attack in the front 
attack the vanguard defeat enemy force* 
[frugal' n.m. spittle, something spit 
V * 'out after chewing^ tfugal’dari n.m. spit- 
toonO\ftrigalnZ v.t. spit out 
^Vga'na v.t. grow (crop) ; raise [ - 

[yi/iugah 'nm realize (debt) collect 

gather (//iuga hi n.f. realisation (of 
debt) by instalments collection (of rent, 
etc.) proceeds receipts 
yia'gar n.m. aloe j I jJ^a' gar-dan n.m. censer 

//(/(ifsfiagar {ki) bal'd N.F.^aloe stick 
^jfa'gar conj. if ; in case qfl a!gar-c/eh conj. 

although ; though ; even if ; even though ; 
y^Jia'gar ma'gar n.f. hesitation excuses 

i Island buts [P] ^ 

yp >/) a'gar-ba'gar, ^y/\ag'ram bag' ram n.f. 

mess ; disorder ; pell-mell non- 
sense trash odds and ends 

a' gar dkal'ta adj. tall very large; 


spew . spue 
OlC. ADS.) 


® gar dhrnfi dkauit' ^ j . plump ; 
fleshy ; corpulent 
£ Ziftagast' n.m. August [F] 

(flag' la adj. agli) next past pre- 

vious ; former future first.; foremost 
fulfil ag'la ja'nam n.m. (rare) former; exis- 
tence future existence ag'la 

pifhk'la adj. (f. (fciftag'ti ptfhh'li) whole; 
the whole lot past and present 

bjf\ U'galna v.T. spit out vomit , spew ; 
^,spue disclose (secret, money, etc.) 
a'gan pref. fire JL/Jtfta'gan-bo} n.m. steamer 

(fJffig'na'V.i. grow rjse sprout; spring 

up gemmate . 

tt /f agau'ln, sfgau'la, tijfiakhau'la n.m. top- 
, s, shoot of sugar-cane 
LjU^I ugjurr'na v.t. undress expose 

reveal betray (someone’s secret) falfi 
ggfca'ra ADJ. apparent bare undress- 

„ fla'gkan N.M. eighth month of Hindu 
calendar corresponding to November- 
Decembcr [S] 

(Jfal pref. (lit.) tJxedWal-aman' int. God 
preserve us ; God help us dear ; dear 
dear^jM-aa' adv. (lit.) now ; at present ; 
prcsently5-(/ni/-Aaj' n.m. one who has per- 

formed the Haj ; pilgrim i/V tal-fa'sU adv. in 
short ; briefly ph. foe long and short of it is 
al-lfal adv. (lit.) now; at present 

at this moment ; just now jjS\al~jfazar' Int. 
God forbid ; God preserve us j&lai-Aaflz' 
int. Heaven defend us ; God preserve us 
dear ; dear dear I al-amSn-o-al-hafiz' 

int. God help us ‘tfial-liaq' adv. (lit.) really ; 
indeed ; in truth al-ham d-o-lillah' int. 

God be ptaised J\as*ala’m-o ‘ alai'kUm 

ra. (salutation) < peace be on you ; safety 
attend you good morning, (et r.Wld-‘riV 

/• _l: \ i. .» 

is great, all else comes to naught jp>lal-gharaz 
adv. i in short ; briefly on the whole 
al-^ajas ’ an. (lit.) help, help do me 

Justice ; justice ri&ial-qu' sah adv. briefly ; in 

short PH. to cut the long story short **^al'-qai 
adj. stopped ; ended [t/tis^al'-qat kar'na N.M. 
bring to an end al-mfun'‘af adj. 
double . twofold (col. al-vida*') 

n.m. farewell int. good-bye ; adieu farewell 
L>/t/ IjJIal-vada *' kaih'na v.t. bid adieu (A) 

,,i it'! a adv, or else ; otherwise if not 

” except ;>»!el5td(«T/a maph'allah’ ph. 
save what God wills except as a remote 
possibility rarely [A—ph if 1) not] 

Iff ala' bala’ n.f. worthless and unwanted 
stuff cheap snacks undesirable results 
t^fffalap' n.f. (music) > modulation prc- 
v lude to singing U'ilia/ap'/ta v.t, & i. 
modulate ' sing as prelude 
j\j I filar' adj. (of cart) heavily laden at the 
back liable to be upset 
\ ala' ram n.m. alarm [E] 

elas'tik n.m. Sl adj. elastic (cord, etc.) 

jjjlf I i7a”ijftl itM. cardamom 
* ila' y du-da nah n.m. sugar-coated 
cardamom Jb t&ljdana{-e-)ila'’idii n.f. 
cardamom seed [P] 

jiff ala”o N.M. bonfire v large fire 

ila^fins n.m. allowance [E] 

j ^/jfff filah'na n.m. (same axCflfiJak'na n.m. if) 

(fltf I ulafig'rta v.t. jump over (something) ; 

jump across ; move astride 
t^Ul albab' n.m. wisdom; intelligence 

* * hearts (A~sino. 

X^lalbat'tah adv. of course surely, cer- 

tainly positively ; decidedly [A] 
jJ I alburz' n.m. name of a Persian mountain 

j m 

flail' bam n.m. album (A] 

albe'la adj. (f. J^'albe’H) foppish 
** cute playful ; wanton lively ; gay 
care-free coquetish lovely n.m. 
fop ; beau ; dandy ; coxcomb , belle cute 
(girl) coquet I albe'la’pe* N.M. 
beauty ; elegance ; loveliness playfulness . 
gaiety ; frolic coquetry 


tfi) t alpa'ka n.m. alpaka [E ~ Sp. ] 


JVM ibas' N.M. confusion (of meaning) 

vagueness similarity resem- 
blance \A~i/U] . 

••Jr** ilm'mish (corr. (jnal'tamosh) n.m. 

L/ 1 advance-guard name of a king [T] 
illija n.f. entreaty , supplication 
* petition ; prayer ly if t illija kar'na v.i. 
beg ; request ; beseech , entreat [A] 

>•*,, m , M . taking upon oneself 

being necessary making concomitant 

iltifal' n.m. regard ; attention 

courtesy . inclination friendship ; 
amity respect consideration i'JS'&Ultifat 

kar'na v.i. show regard (for) ; have respect 
( for) JA] 

(p| iUimai n.f. request; entreatv 

prayer , petition supplication 
illimss' kar'na v. request ; implore ; beseech 
supplicate submit [A] 

al'tamash n. m. (same as n.m. •*) 


lal'lani n.f. rope round elephant’s neck 
preluding stirrups for driver 
i jJ\illiva n.m. postponement ; defering 
. delay adjournment stay cessation 
jabg' n.m. cease-fire ; truce ; 
cessation of hostilities (A) 

(tyl illiyam' n.m. healing (of wound) [A] 

bJiUlat N.M. inversion^ reverse over- 
turning ; upsetting adj. opposite 
contrary reverse obvcsdiSJUifiVai par'na 
v.i. change side or direction change side 
to attack pa'lat ho ns v. be up- 
side down be topsy-turvy be in a mess 
ptur' n.m. deception ; trkkyry 
embarrassment perplexity OflJbjj 
u'lat ke kar'vut na lend v.T. forget altogether 
pjiy no head drop from (one’s mindXta^' 
UV U'lat ke kaih'na v.i say in reply 

,K. ul'ta adj. * (f. i/lu'tt) inverted , 
topsy-turvy opposite perverse ^adv. 
,n the contrary , on the other hand wbfijV 
ul'td bksg'ua V.I. flee run away l£k U 1 

ul'ta pitl'ta adj. confused jumbled 
upside down inverted topsy-turvy.l /y-fftf'l 
ul'ts pkir ana v.i. retrace one’s steps 
turn back on IjVlul'ta la vs n.m. inverted hot 
plate^: convex hot plate adj. (fig.) jet black 
^f.Ui ul'ta javsb' n.m. impertinent reply 
crooked reply retort rejoinder j J i'j/ j?(j 

j zi/’trt chor kolval' ko dah'le prov. criminal 
chiding the judge 1 ul'ta sa'vnajhna v.i 
misunderstand ; misapprehend mis- 

turii upside down ; over- 

.-Julia na V T. 

lurn overset upset pervert ; thwart 
reverse convert modify CLkl'U lulta'na 
pulps' ns v.T. mix up shake up modi- 
fy t$lu/ia'na (aMpii.) IpjJcJl u'lat de'na over- 

turn : tilt upset turn over refute 
cancel counteract turn over empty 

adj. (f. of D'adj. ir) n.f. vomit 
ul'ii ii' ns V.I. vomit feci sick , feel 
nausea l iil'ti pat' ti parka na v. r. 

mislead poison the inind tfiai’s 

lasbik'’nS v.i. invoke a curse by counting 
one’s beads backwards ~ ul'ii nl‘ n.f. 
strange way jd £'# J I ill it sa'majk n.f. perver- 
sion erroneous view t ul'tj sidhi- 

iltna'na v.i. insult abuse • scold 
ul'ii kar'na v. vomit ; s'pe\HifSs»tf i iul'ftJ(kop'ii 
ph. crooked mind stupidity iil'ti 

haoa' n.f. contrary wind (fig.) strange 
trends V/jJ jj 1 Jill ul'te pa 'oh pkir’na v.i. re- 
trace one’s steps go back immediately 
^^lal'-ti metam n.m. ultimatum [E] 

\^J\ aljab'rs n.m. algebra [E~A 

a J V'lajhna v.T. quarrel ; be involved (in 
C&J quarrel or difficulty) ; fall foul (of) 
prevent *. hinder . be entangled be confus- 
ed feel uneasy Ufji itlajk'ns v.i, feel un- 
easy ; be disturbed V&. I Uljks'na V.T . ravel 
entangle , complicate involve ; embroil 
entwine entrap ; ensnare confuse mis- 
lead ; deceive embarrass confuse Lf' 
■nl'jka n.m. tangle rb^b/iii/’jAa par jd na v.i 
(of thread) be tangled I'jka ihjkira ns 

v.i disentangle ^^! iiljha "o, n.m. ^ liiljhan 

n.f. complex entanglement ; intricacy 

complication complexity ; confusion 
derangement difficulty embarrassment 
U'lajk par'na v.t. fall foul (of) Of Jl 
U’lajk.jU’nB v.l. be entangled be delay- 
ed be detained uljtn'ra n.m. diffi- 

culty ; quarrel ; broil entanglement ; intri- 

UUt ilhah’ n.m. beseeching [A] 

i U'i Mad' n.m. atheism ; disbelief heresy 

~U [i] 

i}\fl UhSq' n.m. annexation joining to- 
gether contiguity (Aj 
£ IJ I Man modulation; recitation 
. dJfari n.m. (pl. of [A - ^ ] 
rjilakh' adv. to the end of it ‘et cetera’ 
[A - I ABB. ) 

n.m. accusation ; charge alle- 
gation imputation blame 
tlzSm lags.' na v.t. accuse ; charge blame 


JZ/^lala'st ph. aint I n.m. (day of) creation 
[A~ + ui! ] 

/ JL-' | al'sinah n.f. languages tongues 
\ al' sina-e-sharqiy'yah n.f. a 

pl. Oriental languages [A ~ sing. d 

^ taCsl n.f. linseed 

alset n.f. obstruction 
fraud ; deception difference ; quarrel 

procrastination dilly-dallying 
alse'tiyS n.m. deceiver 
quarrelsome person 
AJ. H'liish n.m-' leavings (of food, 

(✓ dish, etc.) kar'ns 

V.l. eat a little from) [T] 

(jf/tfalgha 'rail adv. & adj. very much (~TJ 

alghho'zah n.m. flageolet ; oboe 

£)\}l}laUaf' N.M. PL. (A- SINC. 

lai’lah n.f. the Arabian Nights (A 
** | &i\alj thousand JJ lai'lah night) 

Ctba'lif adj. n.m. name of first letters of 
Vtthi alphabet adj. one alone 

straight stark ^Cdla'lif be' n.f. alpha- 

bet abc ; rudiments VjgCttt a' lif ho'na v.l. 

(of horse) rear be naked [AJ 
Jl$talfaz' N.m. pl. words terms [A ~SING. 

n.m. attachment ; affection 
friendship ; intimacy \o\’C. Ugi/d&luPJat 
ka bafi'dah n.m. sincere and loving friend 
one held in thrall by love \!/&&\v.Vfat kar’na 
v.t. make love (to) be intimate (with) 

[A] . 

^ifiihlaftah, X^lal'-ftah n.m. outsider, alien [~ 

. , P] 

/ ylalft n.f. long sleaveless shirt open at sides 

IfijMIqct' n.m. inspiration . revelation [AJ 

alqnb' n.m. honorific form of address in 
letters n.m. pl. (pod.) epithets 
alqsb-o adab' n.m. pl. forms of address [A ~ 

jOi al'kali n.f. alkali [E~ A] 

tdfialag adj. separate alone a lout 
, distincj apart detached ; loose 
asunder alag' adv. separate- 

ly severally individually one by one : 
apart th'ilag’ adj. solitary 

alone^ apart ; unconnected disjointed 
Cpisvlalag' raih'na v. live alone ^ live 
apart refrain from , shun li/i. ^vialag' 
kar'na v.t. separate set apart part 
divide remove unravel dispose of 
disixiiss ; discharge , sack 
•'gani n f. washline ; clothes- 
'Hne; line 

adv. at random ’ 

alaljkap ' adj. fickle unreli- 0^ 

able slovenly 

JJJl il'lallatf no fl'tsllazi 
m n.m. vacillating undecided 
J~ A^/corr.) 

L al'lah, atlgh’ n.m. A) ( lah,; Gody/jptailah-o 
^'ak'bar God is great ^XHal'la alt ah 1NT- 
my goodness _ goyd God ; good gracious 
wonderful al’la al'la khair' sal' IS PH. 

thank God it is all over that wqs the 

end to 

k. cjod 

Wltfl al'la al'lsh km ke adv 

fXlinam' n.m, pl. leade- chief large 

bead in rosary oil imam' ba'rah n.m. 
Muharram functions’ sanctuary imam' 

tn'min n.m. guardian saint Imam Kazim 
imam za'min ka rvpa'yah n.m. rupee 
tied to arm as offerty to guardian-saint 
i mg' mat n.f. leadership _ guidance 

imamiy'ydk Am. Shiites adj Shi’ite [A] 
[jLlam'm a* n.f. mother ? mummy [doublet of 

- ' on 

(Jlfa'mM (nntjilam'mah) int. hallo [ 


^Waman' n.f. ■' protection ; quarter safety 
security immunity mercy ; grace 
t A ~ j/l] 

JZs'ilama'nat n.f. entrusted thing or per- 

son ; trust , charge deposit security 
integrity trustworthiness jljCs’hama'nat- 
dsr n.m. trustee guardian adj. honest 
faithfuUfjj&liiama’nat-dart ti.r. integrity 
trustworthiness fidelity VtjdJ'Uama'nat 

rakk'na v.t. entrust deposit(6/$£j(j tyCsU 

oma'nat meh khiy a'nat [kar'na) n.f. & v.iT (be 
guilty of th*) breach of trust ^ ’ amz'ti aoj. 
official work done other than through contract 


/ /*L< ama'oas n.f. (rare) lunar month’s last 
u night [S] 

m *\ ant'bar n.m. (dial.) 


passage of time (A ~ <«^>] 

imtiznj' n.m. mixture mingling , 
commingling £/\y^l<)y£kimya'l imtizaj’ 
n.m. chemical mixture [A ~ £/)>] 
iPjimtila' n.m. sickness ; nausea [A] 

imtina" n.m. prohibition restraint 
Li ^ stay ; injunftion (fC*limtina'‘i adj. pro- 
hibitive (f&jj'kukm-e imtina'‘i injunction 
stay order ( A ~ q ] 

sheet ; covering [S] 

[yjambiya n.f. small unripe mango e /Sk 

** * [ -fT DIM -] i 

fy[s\ampa"ar n.m. umpire [E] Jsl j 

l ~j/a'mat,'(a'mat N.F. slave-girl (of) -V ||| (||f 

nr [A] 11111,11 

MSrfnm'mat- n.f. (pl. urnam') disciples; 

followers ; adherents nation brethren 
ifi faith [A] 

IjT+imiisaV n.m. obedience ; compliance ; 

execution /\f)&\imtisa'l-e qm'r n.m. com- 
pliance with orders ; carrying out of Orders [A] 
q) imtekan' n.m. examination ; test 

experiment trial Cttf&\imUhari de'na 
v.i. sit for an examination ; take the test 
i/^iimtehan pas kar'na v.i. pass the examina- 
tion (tsC)i%fc>OliniUAan Una (or kar'na) test; 
examine try experiment [A~«o^j 
ylj^iimtidad' n.m. prolongation passage 
(of time) ZiJjl&iimtidad-e zamanah n.m. 

imtinan n.m. gratitude [A~ 

/Pjum'mati n.m. follower of a faith Mus- 
lim (A~>— ^1] 

j imtiyaz' n.m. discrimination distinc- 
** tion jtyy&nishan-e imtiyaz' n.m. order of 
distinction' * imtiyaz' kar'na v.t. dis- 
tinguish discriminate I imtiyaz' *019 

kar'na v.t. decorate t imtiya'zi Adj- dis- 
tinctive distinguished special preferCn- 
tial rmjiya'zi aura/’ n.m. pl. distinc- 

tive features tfjPifjlXlimliya'&ftiqooq' n.m. pl. 
preferential rights ; privileges concessions 
^Sj^imtiya' a sulook' n.m. preferential treat- 
ment [A+] 

adj. indelible [~neo. i + *2*“] 

(J fyamsai' n.m. pl. proverbs maxims 

sayings ; adages r nbles examples 
^am'silah n.f. pl. examples ; instances [A ~ 
SING. (J l>] 

l(f/*lam' Ja ns v.i. be exhausted be 

' ' benumbed 

[am'jad n.m. most glorious (A ~ sup.] 


am.-fk.oor n.m. sun dried .mango parings 
^used as seasoning) powder of these 
i* l + powder] 

yfjkl imdad' n.f. aid ; subsidy relief 
support succour help ; assistance 
(f/ljUl imda'd-e ba'-hami n.f. co-operation 
imdad' kar'na V. ) help assist suCcur 
subsidy give relief jloltflma’li imdad 1 n.f. 

financial aid grant-in-aid aid rl*l 
imda'di adj. reserve subsidiary co- 
operative [A - j* J 
$lSma4'na v.t..(same as£j>/v.i. if) 

Marti r n.m. order ; command ; < 

S | matter affair business ^ 

. 4 . 


imperative mood / fy tanqik' ta'lab am'r 
n.m. point for determination ; issue ; point at 
issue y't/lam'T-Q nak'y n.m. command(s) 
and prohibition(s) (gram.) imperative and 
prohibitive tenses [A] 
jijsmar' adj. (rare) immortal ft/ 1 ( 

' amar' btl n.f. aircrecper ; dodder 
{ ~ NEC. I + ] 

\jtltimaTa N.M. pl. the rich; 

affluent people lords ; nobles 
grandees [A — sing^I] 

( amraz' n.m. pl. diseases ; ailments ma- 
ladies [A — SING. j>/\ 

n.m. ('rare) water of life ; nectar 

- [S] 

6/ i am'ritl n.f. a kind of sweetmeat 

am' rad n.m. (pl. } /murd) beardless lad 
Ganymede minion ; catamitc«>^v'i 
and rad parast’ n.m. sodomite ; homosexual ; 
paederast ftA^t/^arn'rad paras'lt n.f. sodomy ; 
homosexuality ; paederasty [A] 
fjy*\am'-ras n.m. thickened mango juice {~ f" 1 

+ c/A 3 

jjfjamrood' n.m. guava 1?] 

jjfl im-roz' adv. today the 
times \>/ ) z~» jar' da 

n.m. the times prevarication ,)>/* 

imro'z-a far' da kar'nA v.t. 
prevaricate [P] 
ill/* I amriy’yah n.f. (sing, declined as pl.) 
mango grove 

/ i r y*\ am'zijah n.m. pl. temperaments ; dis- 
position (bodily) humours their 
combinations [A -SING. 

c * It mas n.f. sultriness ; stuffiness ; closeness 
(of weather) 

..imsak' n.m. (sexual) retention 
parsimony ; miserliness ftjiJiS\imsak'-t 
ba'rah n.m. drought [A] 

M amsar’ n.m. pl. cities ; town garri- 
son towns ; cantonments (A~sinc. /*] 
\p/j am'a' n.f. pl. bowels get [A] 

, . im l an' n.m. depth of vision 

w I im'a'n-e na'zar se dtkk'na v.t look (into 
something) carefully (A] 

am'kit dh/im'ka, 

Dick and Harry nobody 


S imkari possibility potentiality 
(✓*'7 contingent existence (Jfrhmks'ni adj. 

possible potential contingent [A] 
l ^ftla'mal n.m. [pi., ft \amul') Hope ex- 
Y pectation desire ; wish [A] 

If I a'mal n.m. intoxication addiction to 
drugs law'/r n.m. d^ug-addict 
U'l imla’ n.m. dictation orthography 
taking dictation ftjfr limin'- naois n.m. one 
whp takes dictation (A] 
jpl amlak’ n.f. property possessions 
estate amla'k-e ghair' manqon 

Ink n.f. immovable property ; real estate 
Jjp* amla'k-t manqoo'lah n.f. movable property 
v*V. a'maltns n.m. tubular plant 
U used as purgative ; ‘cassia 

Jr I amal'gham n.m. amalgam 
I amalgamation [~E] 

/t I im'll n.f. tamarind 


ft I umam' n.f. pl. nations races 
* followers of various faiths as distinct groups 
[A -SING.ri*')] 

• am'n n.m. peace tranquillity 
O'' security ; safety ft am'n chain n.m. 
peace tranquillity comfortyjlbj/’f am'n-o 
amsri n.m. peace order [A] 

•> umafid'ns , ^Atu'madna v.t. gush forth 
P-Aej swell (of tears) fall (of clouds) 

% itmafig n.f. longing yearning 
^“''*'7 passion ambition 

am'ua n.m. (dial, or endearingly) mange 


„ , • amvat n.f. pl. deaths 


persons dead 
billows , 

sing. &/} 

. - amva 

C/'-'l surges [A ~ SING. &A 
. amval' n.m. pl. goods ; chattels 
(J* property (A -SING. 

umoor' n.m. PL. matters affairs 
j/\ things business actions orders ; 
commands Jlyjj'tumoo'r-e havalah n.m. terms 
of reference ft j/iumao' r-c miil'ki n.m. political 
affairs ; affairs of the State [A ~ SING, />] 



g/lytlummahat' n.f. pl. mothers (jt “S&lst 
ummaha' t-ul-morm'nn' n.f. pl. wives of 
the Holy Prophet (as mothers of the faithful) 
(S'&Ul ummaha' t-e sif'li n.f. pl. the four ele- 
ments (/’.A^f/luTwnaAa'I-e * tf/'tf n.f. pl. spirits 
iOuls [A~SING.f'/«Wl] 

fj'\amrni n.f. mummy ; mom <^Udim.] 

{JlUm'mi adj. illiterate unlettered [A - 
(\ fun] 

^ ^fa'nS ja'trH se adj. (W. dial.) safely 

(col. Qmed') ,n.f. hope ; cxpecta- 
“ tion trust anticipation pregnancy 
Cj/ASiummid' rakk'nd v.i. hope expect 
anticipate trust Ummid' se ho' MX 

v.i. be pregnant ; be in the family way 
ummid'-vsr n.m. candidate adj. hopeful 
expectant ^jljjt^tumijfid'-vUr ho'rta v.i. be 
a candidate ; be an applicant (for a post) 
hope expect^'v/^(«»wr?t(/'-raVi n.f. can- 
didature hopefulness ; expectation ; depen- 
dence ; apprenticeship ; candidature [P] 
yf\atrliT' n.m. (pl.I^I umara) rich person 
ruler governor prince commander 
\j i) ami'r-ul-umara’ n.m. doyen of the 
nobles Prime Minister /£( ami r-Xil-baK t 
n.m. admiral t^j/Sjanilr'-za'dah n.m. prince 
son of wealthy man ; scion of wcaldty 
family and! r-ud-momirHn n.m. Com- 

mander of the Faithful (as title oi caliph) jsj . W 
amir a nah adj. princely ; lordly of the 
rich (felamS'r'i n.f. wealth ; riches afflu- 
ence ; opulence [A] 

fairnn ' adj. trustworthy faithful n.m. 

trustee guardian minor (revenue 
or attachment) official custodian ffiamini 
custody guardianship [A 1 ) 
i \an pref. (used for negation) un- ; in- ; non- 
tfiJtari-ban n.f. discord j disagreement^^! 
anfparh! adj. illiterate unlettered, un- 
educated $c)l an-d/kha, adl ( F - an- 

dekhi) unique unseen **&(p'an-lkak' adj. 
untiring diligent£)l/W-j3/i' adj. ignorant 
unacquainted stranger C*ij\f[an-jan’ 
han'na v. feign ignorance ; be ignorant f k—f) 

» an-ja'ihi, adj . (f j If (ill an-jam), unknown 
unacquainted unique Ci/tflan-gin't, an- 

'gt'nal (co\. n/ {J\nn-giri ) adj. countless ; innu 

morable S' an-mif adj. ill-assorted jj'an-mol' 
adj. precious priceless ; invaluable 
in pro.n. these (polite PL. for single 
^ person) he, she (j )>ij' in di'nofi adv. these 
days ; now-a-days ; at present 
^JlUn rron those (polite pl. for single 
person) he ; stie (jj >(J\un di’nofi adv. then ; 
in those, days ; at that time 
0 a'na n.f. ego self pron. (ped,) 

ana parasl' adj. selfish egotistical n.m. 
ego i st ana my 'ya t n.f. -A (A) 

fan'na n.f. wet-nurse 


[JV L* ( inabat n.f. repentance ; penitence 

inabat ilallah' ph. return to God 
through penitence [A] 

’ianabib' n.f. pl. tubes ; ducts ; canals 
*** (fsfl&.L'ianabi'b-e sha‘'ri n.f. capil- 
lary tubes tiny ducts uniting veins and arteries 

^/[fsLsOanap' shanap' adj. nonsense ; silly 
*t ** (^slisLsl'lanap' shanap bak'nn V.I. talk 

SS\inas’ n.f. pl. women female [A~ 
sing. ^ I ] 

gyl J anaj' n.m. grain ; cereals 

I anajil' n.f. pl. the, New Testament ; 
** gospel [A ~ sing. H] 

jilansr' n.m. pomegranate a 
kind of fireworks S>\ jjL'nnar'- 
da'nah n.m. dried pomegranate- 
seeds ifjil anar' katt N.F. pome 
granate blossom m y 

C 1*1 anar' /ft n.f anarchy 
O'"’ andr'-kist n.m. anarchist [Ej 

t> » ana ft adj. unskilled unskilful ; 
0 >** inapt inexperienced green art- 




hur\g\zrrf(jA‘\ana'ri-pan n.m. 
clumsiness lack of skill 

less ; clumsy n.m. 
head sloven 

tin a si adj. & n.m. seventy-nine 
Una'sivan adj. seventy-ninth 
^i\anam' n.m. mankind creatures [A] 

I ana' mil n.f. pl. 

|A~sinc. S' ) 

lingers finger tips 



^Jt^ananHy yat n.f. egotism conceit 
** self-praise egoism [A - L'i ] 

jLA am ^ ar ' N M - hfap ; pile collection 

• 'stack r store k^jWambar' lag'na v.i. be 
piled^upU^U/amiar laga'na v.t. pile up [P] 
^(^>1 imbisst' n.m. cheerfulness merri- 

. , ment ; mirth joy ; delight [A ~ b~l] 

gj^^amboh’ n.m. crowd ; throng mob 
"multitude concourse abundance , 

great quality [P] 

Jfam' boh n.m. (ped.) mango [P] 

L tfiambiya n.m. pl. Prophets [A ~ sing. It) 

(dial.) n.m. end adv. in the end [S] 

f unta'lis adj. & n.m. thirty-nine^fW 
. unis' lisvah adj. thirty-ninth 

ff\J‘i%ntibah f n.m. warning caution [A] 


intikhab' n.m. selection choice 

extract ; excerpt l intikhab' kar'na 

v.t. elect select ; choose extract 
pick up compile edit [A] 

intidub' n.m. mandate Jj^i inlie/a' bt adj. 
mandatory [A] 

y/fah'tar (dial) n.m. distance dissimilari- 

ty adj. different 

L^lon’lora n.m. second line onward of song 
.pjaiit'ri n.f. intestines w entrails ; bowels 
if/] Ojfyytff'taht'ri ks bal' khsjl'na v. eat 

to the fill afit' riy an 
&Jaht'riyon ka qul huval'lah park' na I 

1$ ahl'riyofi men ag' lag'na v.i. be very hungry 

i_y| *>*( intisab' n.m. delication connection 

jlS^lintishar n.m. confusion ; anxiety 
— broadcasting erection [A ~ } 

jl^ltnlizar’ n.m. waiting anxiously (for) 

expectation intizar' dekk'nd 

v.i. be on the look out (for) b’/jtiPiintizar' kar'ra 
v.t. await ; wait (for), expect to look 
out for anticipate /^jli/’i intizar’ kash' adj. 

awaiting ; waiting looking out (for) 
expecting anticipating j Wflz/jzaih'mat- 
kask-cjntizsr' adj. awaiting anxiously fjrS/j 
I’jfjHi'izoiPmat-kqsh-e intizar' ho' ns v.i. await 
anxiously [A 

inti zam' n.m. arrangement manage- 

I * ment administration regulation ; 

order organization method 

intizam-e kha'nagi (or col, -ngi) n.m. domes- 
tic management private arrangementC^^'i 
intizam' rakk'na v.i. maintain order and 
discipline manage (£/VU Plintizam’ kar'na 
v.i. manage arrange regulate 

intizamt adj. administrative^!^ inli-jamiyyaA 
N.F. executive administration {A~ 
e, (-♦. inttfa‘‘ n.m. derivation of benefit pro- 
C/ 'filing (by) [A- ] 

| T»j mliqal' n.m. death transfer alie- 
U nation transmission conduction 
travelling ; departure migration move- 
ment transportation conveyance (11) 

(also tf/A()5/)intiqai pazi'n n.f.) mobility 
iniiqat'-e ara\zi n.m. transfer of 
land ; alienation intiqa'l-e^ ja'edad’ 

N.M. transfer of property ISA intiqal-e 

haqqyyal n.m. transfer of rights (fljJ&t 
intiqa’l-e da'irrg n.m. permanent alienation 
inliqa'/-e reh'n n.m. transferor mort- 
gage ii/ji&i inliqsi kar'na v.t. & t. die; 
pas seaway transfer carry out the mutation 

iJ/JljistintiqaV kinih'dah n.m. deceased 

alienator ^IfJlS'lintiqal'na'mah n.m. deed of 
transfer [A -t^] 

/[fi/Untiqam n.m. revenge , ..vengeance 
' reprisal retaliation Ojs&tintiqam le'na 
v.t. avenge take revenge retaliate ; 
hit back [A] 

frfinteha' N.F. extreme utmost limit ; 

extremity completion end ; close ; 
finish ifC/iinteha ka adj. extreme ; utmost 
perfect ; consummate [A ~*is£U'J 
f&litn’tis (dial ; utmt'ds) adj. & n.m. twenty- 
y** nine Jlj~tfin'hsvah adj. twenty-ninth 
ah'ta n.m. large ball of opium _ billiard 
ball large pill marble any ball- 
like thingf^J^VMn'ta ghafil' ho' na v.i. hg 
under effect of opium be unconscious / K 
okia ^tar n.m. billiard room > 

Jyt!\ in' tar viyoo n.m. interview t&fbjllQjs'] 
'* ^ ifitarviyoo kar’na (or le’na ) v.t. interview 

. V/J, *, Oht' saiit adj. irrelevant adv. at 

V afiti at'ti n.f. thread reel wound 
te ) round spindle ; spindle skein any small 
bundle handful (in wrestling) a leg-trick 


eft'li de'nn (or lags 'nd) v.t. trip 
(someone) up use the Leg-trick 

rintarain's n.m. entrance ; matriculation 
. examination (E] 

ih'tarnaishnal adj international (E] 

. .. 

/plan's a n.f (pi ..^Al inns’) (lit.) woman 
female [A] 

£/\fflinjdh‘ n.m. fulfilment (A I 

I at jam' n.m. result consequence 

’ ' issue, accomplishnicnt end con- 
clusion Ijr/jfflflaijdm'' ba-khair' ho' na v.t. 
have a good ending Clflflafjam' pa nd v.i. 
be brought to an end (or a close) be per- 
formed isifl/'iaijam dt’nd V.t. accomplish; 

complete bring to an end manage 

comply with discharge larjam' 

soch’nd v.t. have an eye on the end 
provide against be prudent be far-sighted 
j/flf'latjam-e kar’ adv. at last; in the 

end ; at length * eventually ; ultimately (PJ 
j^laHjabdr' n.m. (drug obtained from) a kind 

* * of creepier [P] 

| injizdb' n.m. absorption diffusion 

& £ I ah' jar pan jar ,n.m. limbs joints 

* skeleton I's; £Z-Jj£z'ati' jar pah' jar 

dhi'ls ho'nd v.i. weakening of limbs (through 
fatigue, etc.) . 

7 I ah jam n.m. pi . stars [A~/] 

r> ' 

injimad’ n.m. freezing congealing ; 
*, curdling, condensation [A~ ] 

rfflan'juman n.f. association society 

union meeting assembly Oh’&SicK 1 
anjiiman-e illehnd-e muzdoorari , 
mazdoor' an'juman n.f. labour union ; workers’ 
union (/'ibj^lJ^.jt^ianjuman-ha ’-r imdad-e ba- 
haml n.f. pl. co-operative societies - 

an'jan n.m. antimony sCgj| 

*y collyriunt 

uf, f.ih'jan.n.i*. engine loco- mra^"*-’ *- 
,, motive any motive force (E] 

/ZS if) jit' n.m. fig [P] 

AfliUjil' s.r. f i\LdJ^i'lanajil') New 
^Testament, Gospel [A ~ HJ , • 
s\f mji'tuyar n.m. engineer (jj/Ttv 1 SL. 

Si.) inji'nari n.f. engineering [E] 

q } (trade spelling S' I ) in(h N.M.inch[E] 

* * 

ji y itnehas' [di3i\ SStananchasj adj. &. n.m 
L/ ' for ty-ninc^ji^'^/M/icAai' waft adj. forty- 
ninth . 

iS/'JjL-latifht efi'che raik'na v.i. keep the dis- 
' v * tancc 

• tSinhiraf n.m. deflection deviation 

*— *^/*' refraction declination turn- 
ing away (from) swerving repudiation 

evasion inhirftj’ kar'nd v.i. deviate 

deflect decline turn against repu- 
diate recant rebel disobey evade 

I inhisdr' n.m. reliance; dependence 

», encirclement [A ~ 

1 in/iitat’ n.m. decline degradation 

„ detrioration fall [A] 

iljgjlan'da'/ri N.m. sustaincr master 

*1 * 

Jlklahdaz' n.m. . blandishment way ; 

manner ; method style measure suf. 
throwing firing ; shooting arranging 


pjlj/i ahda'zah n.m. estimate guess 

measurement weight evaluation 

conjecture forecast jSb j rjlilaiids'zz-t 

zilip'nat n.m. intelligence quotient ; 1. Q. fjf/i 
aitda zd-ejzihn' nal kar'nd v.t. determine 
the 1 .Q.. (of) U‘l and d'za-e fast n.m. crop 

forecast Ljijtit ahda'zah kar'nd (or lags' nd) 
v.i. make a rough estimate guess jon- 
jeeture weigh measure evaluate iJfjCl 

ahdd'zan adj. (col.) roughly approxi- 

mately [P] 

Shi,! afta’am' n.m. body figureJU^W 

ends' m-t nehd'tf n.f. female private parts 

l P] 

JJt\ ah' dor prep. within inside adv. in- 

ward JSi/Siah'daT-kh&'ne adv. covertly 
ah'dar se adv. from within from inside 

internally inwardly b'/jA andar kar'nd 
V. (esp.) put behind the bars drive in 
bring in l ~ P] 

'dih'dar (pcd. ihd'ra) Indra ; Hindu god of rain 
(counterpart of Greek Zeus) # * i/llfyji ih'dar ka 
akkd'rd n.m. Indra’s court place with 
bervy of beauties [SJ 


• ansab' n.m. pl. genealogy genera- 
tions families racesi—sU>l) l J* i ilm'-Ul- 
ansab' n.m. branch of history dealing with 
genealogies [A -sing.*-*"'] 

,, j .insan' (poet. alsojU'linraft') n.m. man 
human being mankind ; humanity 
insan' banana v.t. civilize educate 
polish humanize £1<J insan hi to 
hai' ph. but human ; man is fallible ; one is 
liable to erc{)LJimf&n'nt adj. human 
insaniyynC n.f. anthropology 
n.f. humanity civility affability ; hu- 
man kindness politeness human nature 
mankind [A~i/' l f] 

. ±J tarisnk adj. most suitable of very 
*✓, noble descent [A ~ 

liispik'tar n.m. inspector d/fs*' 
‘ mspik'tar jan'ral n.m. Inspector-General 

adj. & n.m. fifty-ninet^!> /r T2n'ia/fe'- 
oth adj. fifty-ninth 

jjfatl insidad' n.m. end; termination 

prevention , check bar ; hindrance , 

obstacle management arrangement 
uistda'di adj preventive y £ , Jji‘(fjLjlinsida'd1 
iadabir' n.m pl. preventive measures [A 

( 2?linsha ' n.f. composition style dic- 
tion writing jbylPl insha' pardaz' n.m. 

writer master of prose beletrist 
insha' -pardszs' nah adj. elegant (diction) adv. 
(writing) eiegenliyl/As/^tinsha'-pardu'S n.f 
writing composition authorship ele- 
gance of composition letter-writing 

belles-lettres J'&linsha’iy'yah n.m. essay 
(also adj.) (sentence) expressing uncertainty, 
order, wiyh, etc. [A] 

in-sha’-allah {ta’ali) PH. .God 
(Almighty) willing [A~g)/if4- 


£^2^ 1 inshir ah' n.m. laying open making 
clear manifestation lack of pre- 
judice^u^j^linshira'h-e sad'r se PH. with 
an open mind without prejudice (A ~ 
insho'rahs n.m. insurance [E] 

jL^fhnsar' n.m. PL. Medinite compansions 
(of the Holy Prophet) ; ‘Ansars’ hel- 
pers ; friends (fjUilansS'ri adj. scion of 

‘Ansar’; ‘Ansari’ weaver (A ~ sing. ^W i] 
£y[^)\insaf' n.m. justice ; equity fair- 
play impartiality division into 
halves ; bisection tybctlefi insaf chah'na v.t. 
seejc justice demand fairplay seek redress 
VjCSi^t insa f'kar'ns v.t. do justice be 
impartial LVtly insaf ka khoon' kar'na 
v.t. be unjust be partial be prejudic- 
ed tyrannize misrule [A ~ J^] 

I insiram' n.m. management (of estate 
* or business) administration ac- 

complishment performance conclusion ; 
completion [A] 

^{JgHmzibaf n.m. discipline regulating 

" restraint , self-control O&lpLdh 

• ' * 

inziba't-e auqui' n.m. schedule ; time-table [A ~ 


fLbJi intiba° n.m. impression being 

Z.' . printed [A~^t>] 

L intibaq' n.m aptness (of example) [A - 


f, *,,in‘am' n.m. prize reward favour 
I ^ grant g'h i present gratuity 
tip SlJlj/ e &iin‘ain~o-ikram' N.M. bestowal 
largesse uj in' am de'na v.t. award a prize 
reward ; give a reward tip 
trism taqsim kar'na v. give away prized ; distri- 
bute prizes tfijlin‘a'ml adj. prize ; presentable 
pj(f$iin l a'ml raj'm n.f. honorarium 
gratuity tn'a'wi baufid n.m. 

national prizebond [A - £***] 

1^1 an‘m' n.m. pl. cattle [A] 

iijUPfin‘ita/' N.M. refraction [A ~ u^} 

taking place 


jif^HnHgad' n.m. , holding 
celebration [A ~ Jr\ 

{J 3 in'ikas' n.m. reflection 

being reflected [A - ^/ ] 

s ' N.M. pl. breaths [A ~ sing. 

(4j)W\ infirZ'di adj. individual solitary; 

lonely infira'di musha'hadah 

n.m. individual observation case work 
• * infirsdiy'yat n.f. individuality [A - j-* 1 ] 
jTlan'fisu.fq.vL. souls people [A- 

S1NG. t 

infisal' n.m. separation decision 
settlement infisa'l-t mUqad '- 



damah n.m. decision of case [A~cK] 

JlM 1 tinfe'al' n.m. shame modesty 

bashfulness contrition reactions 
passivity a'raq-c info' at N.M, perspi- 

ration caused by shame [A ~ rf** ] 

infikztk' u.m.' redemption disloca- 
tion tjlij&>\tnfika' k-e reh'n n.m. redemp- 
tion of mortgage [A ~ i^,U] 

in' floorin' za n.m. influenza [E] 

» *♦ * 

inqibziz n.m. , dullness ; heaviness 
. ,. contraction detention ; restraint [A 


n.m. distribution, , apportion- 
ment ^ division partition [A] 
Litrifinqizs' n.m. expiry (of term) lapse; 

end (of period) termination comple- 
tion^ , extinction [A ~ i&] 
fc/ijph inqits'' n.m. separation disconti- 
nuance ..being cut or broken 
amputation [A ~ J 

inqilsb' N.M. (pl. dZL&linqilabat') 
revolution change ; alteration 

vicissitudes (A ~ ) 

•T^.inqtyad' n.m. (lit.) submission obe- 
dience subjection compliance (A~ 


inkar' n.m. refusal ; declining denial; * 
^ disvowal contradiction negation 
i infer' kar'nd v.t. refuse ; decline 
deny,; disown disallow [A~ J 
j\Jy\ inkisar' n.m. (col. (fjLk't inkisa'ri n.f.) 

humility meekness modesty [A ~ 

^ |* * inkisha l /' n.m. disclosure; revela- 

, ' tion exposition discovery [A ~ 

1 in'kam n.f. income in'kam-taks n.m. 

inepme-tax [E] ^ 

(J l^an afikk'riyat n.f. pl. eyes [~ 

V, used endearingly] 
wV?aft£N.M. body limb organ 
breasts style (in music) Uydt^Vlt^V} 
afig' afig j&a'rakna v.t. - have youthful exu- 
berance $kdlahg'lag'nc v.t. (of food) go to 
strengthen the body 

live coal embers ; adj. 

fed hot b)s(jjj&‘iafiga'rofi par lofna v.t. 

be on thorns be agitated burn with envy 
or rage &J4~-j\£’langaTe barasna v i. be exces- 
sively, hot 

^y^iaiigbiii, angabiri n.m. (lit.) honey [P] 

afig'rakka n.m. narrow-sleeved ‘achkan’ 
like coat with double fold on one 
breast and single fold on the other 
j>Jr\afgrez' n.m. Englishman Briton 
- Anglicized person ^yAaiigrez' -paras l' 
n.m. & adj. Anglophile (gne loving Eng- 
lish way and manners Jr^yjlaftgrez' -paras' a 
n.f. love for English ways and manners 
abgn'zi n.f. English language adj. English 

[ ^>^ nglaiSe) 

yO^J^Iangar khan gar n.m. variety of old 

I angra’i 


yawn ; 


n.f. yawn 
lahgra'l le'/ia v.t. 
oscitam stretch the limbs 
angusht’ n.f. finger 
angush’t-e bai’rat dar jahan ph. 
aghast ,'iahgUsh’t.e jyj 
shaha dat n.f. forefinger^ ^C^iafigUshta- 
nah n.m. thimble (p^>’lafgiisji'tart n.f. 

ri a& [ p ] 

Jr I uti gal n.m. finger finger’s breadth 

a (as measure) [doublet of fold.] 
tune' li n.f. finger flung K dhar'nu,^) 
&juhg It rakk'na v.t. criticize cavil 
(at) , find fault (with) take into possession • 
bring under control pick and choose 
ufig'li na lagand v.t. nor to touch at ail 
, show complete indifference \^^lf'‘iUhg'liyak 
uik'na v.t. be ridiculed ; achieve notoriety 
tU^jU^iufig'hyan chaxkh&'ni v.t. snap the 
fingers, L'lf jU^'liifig'lijSfi najja'ttfj V.t. twid- 

dle ; twirl fiddle with fingers 
uhg'Uyoh par nafhd'na v.t. make a fool of 
wheedle (someone) into following (one’s) 
whims k, 

Jt p\ ai, £ na l N F ‘ yard; court y ard t ~ (/'dim.] 

j, ^ atigoo'tha n.m. thumb (also 
U!r I pa’-h ka angoo'zka) great toe 0^1^) 
aitgoaih-a ttoos'nd v.t. suck the thumb 
ahgootkd ciioom’nd v.t. show great love for 
I'Ujahgootha dikka'na v.t. refuse outright 





mock ; jeer irritate challenge use an 
obscene symbol > , . . 

</^| atgoe'tb J n.f. ring (f/l JJ'ilsshn'A W 
^ x/, ahgoo'tkt n.f. wedding ring 
(£jr| atgo'&ha n.m. towcl-cum-topless bath- 
V ing sheet used by the poorer among 
Hindus ; towel ; kerchief 
jjtS afigoor' N.M. grapes granu- 
lation (ofbealinjL wound) 
scab (of sore) afigoo'ri sir'- 

kah n.m. vinegar i\ 

sharab’ n.f. wine 

L#*( afig'ya n . f. bodice bras- 
** siers (The old style ahgya was 
much different from the modern 
brassiere. It looked like a full- 
length half-sleeved bodice show in 
the picture) [ ~*X'\] 

atfi'thiM.v. stove grate j/JtomsrfF' . 

brazier +#*!*** 

ahgekht’yN.f. instigation [P 

A' ~ yXzh 

ahgtz suf. exciting ; rous 

ra ? nK causing ^ w ^ 
instigating tf-Jn aige’zi suf. exciting ; rousing 
JRr prec.] 

{.Ipltthgez'na v.i. bear ; endure ; brook 
k/V'f anannas n.m. pineapple ; ananas IPer»v.) 


N.M. PL. light 
. lustre [A~ sing. /j\ 
fyjt afce" n.f. pl. species kinds ; sorts; 

varieties ft?!j £ ( jianva' ‘-onqsam’ n.f. all 
sorts ; various kinds ; large variety [A ~ sing. 

i^yiamtop' adj. (dial.) peerless; incompar- 
* able [SI 
b * 

tja/y I an' vat n.f. grace blandishment 

belled ring for great toe 
j Jl an' oar adj. splendid resplendent 

J very brilliant [A~ /j] 

Ujlf arto'kkn, adj. (f. Aj\am' khi) . curious 

singular extraordinary ; rare un- 

«*$*•' * *■ pl. canals [A~*inc. y<] 

( lor Adj. 8s. n.m. sixty-nine 
m mhat'w-vsk adj. sixty-ninth 
yjrfi ii&idanC n.m. demolition (A~ ft] 

Vff I inhi&m' w.m. sustaining defeat [A ~ ft* j 

'finhimak' N.M. absorption con- 
„ centration [A] 

0^y/ianho'riyah n.f. pl. prickly heat 
jtftu' fduh paon. them 

/? \ a'tt n.f. point (of spear) prow J 3* 
W (of boat) Wfjia'ni ehal'na v.i. thurst * 

(in fencing) 

2J^hnnaya"e n.m. (dial.) injustice [S-neo. 

**.l+i^] j 

n.m. companion friend [A~u l 

/ fin'Bfr W.M. & adj. nineteen {I’fJ/Vj 
** un'nts tic" (kit far'q ha’ ni) PH. (be) slightly 
different ; (be) almost equal J^uC^ vn m 
na’hiii ph. (is) in no Way inferior 
ho' na v.i, be inferior (to) knots' tafi adj. 


(JjvJ'l anisoon ' n.m. (rare) anise aniseed 
[A ~ G] 

^\an'la adj. (F.jf'iam'tl) gull; dupe 
ani'la-pan n.m. gullibility 
y(o i nt.- O ; oh end (as i»L.) final por- 
## tions [A — sing. J'i] 

av&'zah lava'zah n.m. taunt ; jeer 
invends [~P#jblooRR.] 
a(j | ava'mir n.m. pl. orders commands 

' f matter affairs [A ~ sing. y*l] 

Iff aua"il n.m. beginning ; commence- 
ment (as pl.) early portions, etc. J'tjl 
yfava"ii -t 'um'r n.f. childhood early 

age [A~sing.Jji|] 

l^\jlava”i n.f. (correct but rare spelling of 
•. rumour [~ jlj l corr.] 

eubash' n.m. vagabond dissolute; 

* debauchee ; rake ; voluptuary ; liber- 
tine ; profligate adj. licentious ; dissolute ; 
profligate ^Ijtaubasha'nah • adj. rakish 

depraved (fljiauba'shi n.f. dcbaucncry ; 
dissipation ; dissoluteness; rakishness depra- 
vity [A~ mean] 

//*jM °P'tb N - M - * AD J- armed (person) 
mail-clad (person) 

Jjloo'par adv. up on ; at upon 
V oyer above high aloft Cfjtfatpar 
a '«a v.i. come up rise ascend ^»f^*i 
to' par oo'par adv. over and above one’s head 

secretly ; covertly £>Jitjjtoo'par os' pm u 
adv. superficially just for a show ) 
m'p * if to'^ar ka adj. best cream of £rj*i 



ee'par la' It adv. one after another ; in suc- 
cession ; continuously in a row I 

oo'par la'leke bach' At n . m . children bom in 
(quick) succession oo'par se adv. front 
above overhead 'in addition (to) over 
and tdOovc&Mifsjloo'pat kl am' d<u& n.m. bribe ; 
unlawful gratification- OU^Jtoc'fiar oa’la n.m. 

God (W. dial.) crescent OUbj/ji oo'par 
m’liy a® n.f. pl. maids, maidservants 
spirits ; residents of upper storey (W. dial.) 
fairies (W. dial.) evil spirits oo'par 
«s7rN.M. residents of upper storey officers 
■tun ; heavenly bodies strangers ; other 
persons servants J*\ (fyji oo'par M oo'par 
adv. secretly ; covertly {ffyrl oo'par ka kam' 
h m. odd jobs ; miscellaneous work ; general 
duty|f//l oo'pri aoj. unknown superficial 

specious n.m. stranger 
Coioot issueless dunce- crack 

oof na-poo'it ad/. & n.m. issueless (person) 
autad' n.m. a category of saints comprising 
only four at any time in the world [A] 
jfyautar' (ped. avtar') n.m. (dial.) deity 
incarnate (according to Hindus) [S] 

^rjf ot s.r. shelter cover screen ; cur- 
tain veil mask hiding ; conceal- 
ment «’ kar'na v.i. hide ; conceal 
cover screen shield ho’na v.i. 

be .^onccaled ; be hidden be behind 
cover J’j/owl' apj. lost to view behind 

M*hg. adJ> nonsense 
v absurd ; silly ridiculous 

.•k ' ), 

\Sjlefna v.t. gin (cotton) (fjrn'rt n.f. gin- 
ning machine 

gj faa; n.m. zenith acme apex 
apogee summit top highest point 

m ■■ ’ . 

jfj) ojk n. v. guts ; tripor (f/fjtojk'ri n.f. tripe 

[J£}\o'jka M>}- wizard \'$5t)lo' jha” n.f wizardy 

if o'JkalKDj. hidden ; concealed in- 
vincible but of sight lyffiio'jka! kar'na 
v.t. 'screen conceal ; hide , I'j^J^lo'jkol 

ht'na v.i. hide ; be concealed be screen- 
ed become invisbk jisjfifjnahkk' 

o'jkat pahar' o'jkal p*ov. out of sight out of 

ux o' Aha aoj. (f. (fijl o'Airt) mean; 
contemptible ; low-bred fickle ; car- 

v.t. 'screen 
VflV.L 1 

pricious petty ; trivial a... y grazing 
light amiss cf ty o Alia-paa n.m. shal- 

lowness meanness jbbfrlo’d Ika ear n.m. 
attack going amiss grazing stroke kfrl 
o' Aka hath! n.m. light grip gazing stroke 

iVWM* ho'na v.i. be shallow be 
mean becapricious 

irrJ I o'Ahan po'Akan n.m. crumbs 
* food left over 

Jji oo'd‘bla”o n.m. otter 

Ijjfoo’da adj. (f. tfjjloo'di) purir’^fe* 
pie violet*%!r luda'hat n.f. ’ 
being of purple colour 

oo'dham , ffjlUd'dham n.m. noise 
f uproor ; tumult turmoil; perturba- 

tion disturbance \?{/Jjjloa'dbam maAa'rta 
n.m. make a noise kick up a row 

create disturbance 

jjfaur conj. and also adj. more 
not this different else imXkjtSoar' yk 

adj. another different one more 
(Tur'iS'rto intj. just listen ridiculous 
how strange 0 rlaar f kya adv. what else 
indeed besides this }\/^jjlaar' mi' fan la 
adv. why not? if not, then otherwise 
tft/jlaur' hi quite different quite Chang- 
ed ,//lor n.f. (dial.J side direction 
climax (of) Jj$sjjlor na Afar fh. endless 
jljjfaurad’ n.m. pl. daily round of prayer- 
formula [A ~ sing. >/i\ 
ijjjji auraq' n.m. pl. leaves (of book) 

■ leaves (of tree) [A~sinjj. tf/i) 

Ljjlor’ma n.m. hemming hjlyjlor’ma kar'na 
T. & i. hem 

wvV/i wtshg' n.m. throne ouraig- 

ztb' n.m. adorner of throne 
this as appellation of av Mughal Emperor 
(adorner of the throne) l&tfj^Qriavrakg-zt'bl 
pko'ra n.m. carbuncle i aurah'g-e sha’hi 

n.m. imperial throne (Pj 
/ iAjloryab tal adj. oriental (E] 

|J;jJo'ra n.m. dearth (of) 

. k ork'na v.t. cover (body) with sheet 
dress (oneself) in a sheet t'jflZufi 
ork'na biAfau'na n.m. coverlet; severing 

and bedding (fig^jole interest 
or total possession N. f. 

(usu. cotton) shawl 
. . . aazar' n.m. instrument ; 

implements apparatus 






< Jljjl 



auzafi' n.m. pl. weights measures 
C'!#' (in versification metres [A ~ sing. &] 
^jl o.f n.f. dew os’ par'nti v.t. 

despair ; feel ' disappointed ; (of wet 
blanket) be thrown over 
l>)[sj\ausan' n.m. self-possession ; presence of 
mind ; senses IjftkfyUslaustin' kha’tti 
ho'na , lj*0l9l ausa.ri kho’ita v.i. lose one’s 
senses ; lose presence of mind be stupefied ; 
be stunned be non-plusscd 
oustin' qti"im rakk'nti v.i. not to lose pre- 
sence of mind not to be perturbed 

au'sar auj. barren; unproductive 
unproductive ; barren 
h^jl au'sat adj. & n.m. (pLo ksljtavaril) 

average mean mcdiuiri ; middling 
middle au’sat am'dani-ipv. average 

income oly' b/j I au’sat tankhpeh n.f. average 
pay 0PJ*4I au'sat niktil'na v.t. strike an averge 
J*ei dOy* shar’q-e au'sat (or usu.) though in- 
correctly il^QA'niash'riq-e ous'ta ) n.m. Middle 
East (A - bSj\ 

/j*| l&Al pushad-dtiA'Iiyah n.m. (dial.) dispen- 
sary ; drug-shop (S] 

tJjlsjlMsaf' n.m. pl. attributes charac- 
teristics qualities ; properties 
praises manners morals ; virtues 

properties *j/ctlpjtaUsa'f-e hand' dah n.m. com- 
mendable attributes ; noble qualities (A - 

yejiausij a' N.^t. pl. (pcd.) (of will) executors; 

# administrators {A- sing. (fj\ 
flfauza" n.m. pl. wuyujiJ'lf^iauia'-o 
L/''alvtir' n.m. pl habits traits of 

character [A~sjnc. £?>) 

m if* , au ?3< n.m. pl. limes ; hours 
‘-'WJ schedule n.f. status ; position ; stand- 
off lS/f&&auq*l' ha'. sari n. F ; whiling 
away one’s time means of livelihood 
■ Kr&fiS/bflauqat' ba'-sori kar'na v. 
subsist exist ; eke out one’s existence pass 
one’s time Vjgzfilauqat' tal'kh horn v.i. 
have a bad time lead a miserable life 
lal'kfp-e auqtU' n.f. misery 
bitterness of conditions l/^iioJ>j\auqat' «'V 
kar'na y.T. waste time jSriiii^tapyi ' *-<•' auqat' 
n. f. waste of time [A- smd.J^j] 

• .os . au 1^f n.m. pl. endowments charit- 
able endowments trusts properties 
held in trust (also CsWjt nmh'kcma-r 
auqif ) the Auqaf department (A - sing, jjj) 

n.f. palm of hand contracted to hold 
drinking water 

i-jJ j’LrW ook'ehook' n.f. oversight error; 
error and omission ; E. & O. 


pjlok’na v.i. feel sick vomit 

j£ji ookk,jfnkk n.f. (dial, m.) thin 
/sugarcane (as standing crop) . 

(J*jl okk'li n.f. large wooden 
s? mortar 

fjjhg’ra adj. (of stew etc.) unseasoned with 
/ butter oil, etc. „ 

o/jUu’gUn n.m. (dial.) bad quality [S ~ (/gun) 
&d>j\ au'ghap adj, rugged impassable 

(jjl au’gi n.f. embroidered upper 
of shoe 

( Jjlau'pal adj first foremost 

best excellent adv. at 
first ; in the first pla^e in. the 
beginning n.m. (pl. Jrtjlava’il) 
first part earlier part commencement 
beginning CrftJJJ-fi/sJjt ao’val khesh' ba'd 
darvesh’ Pnov. charity begins at home 
av'val dar'je ka adj. first-class ; first-rate 
class posh top aZ-gfst)t\av’val diti' se adv. 

from the very first day from the very- 
beginning ; right from the start CfjJjIao'val 
raih’ns V.i. stand first ; obtain the first position 
top the list Vjlau'valan adv. at first in the 
first place initially j J fj(Jj\av'lval-o akhir 
adj. the first and the last n.m. God avoal if - 

yal n.F. priority pre-eminence superi- 
ority excellence e^lao'ca/i* adj. first 
premiers former ancients past 
original aJdtirUt adj. the 

first and the last [~Ajsl] 
j)jt ola N.M. hail lUjj tito ta ho ja’na v. be- 
come very cold 

if yUll att ' ,a **»'/* adj. good-for-nothing 
n.m. simpleton 

aulad'ji.r. pl. chidren dccendants 
jlijl offspring ; progeny iUs' 

n.f. pl. daughters j/SjItjiouTd* gUkoar' n.f 
pl. sons jltjlJjlMalaC kl nilad' n.f pl . 
legitimate children well-behaved progeny 

Jlbl^l'iia-Ma'lqf aulad' n.f. pl. unmanner- 
ly or good-for-nothing progeny [A ~ sino. Jj J 

°al'to n.f. lower edge o r £ 

V roof 

/Ijf, j . ool'-jatocV adj stupid 
■ * unmannerly awk- 

ward ; clumsy sloverlv 

| j i uo ~ ud y 

n.m. nonsense Ofajjjlau/’ f au \ 

* Bah'ns v.t. talk nonsense 
Ujf toM. boiled mince meat 

urn a v.t. mince meat beat severely 


(Jjl no'l a adj. better best preferable 
y. chief ; main ; major [A - Jj|] 

ttim pik adj. Olympic (£U>1)A±MjI 

* « dim’pik Uul (or muq abate) "n^T. S»l. 
Olympic fE ~ GJ 

jj\ pref. possessed of 

having ; possessing owners of 
ulut'-etbsar' n.m. pl. discerning; wise y+ffIJji 
Alul -am r n.m. pl. chose in authorityw/UjlIj^l 
fi/i/ -albab n.m. pl. wise nien ; person of tin- 
demanding az m adj. enter- 

prising ; venturesome ; adventurous ambi- 
tious aspiring resolute 
‘ai an n.f. resolution • ac> emimation 
ambition enterprise S^Ujiulul'-'ii'm n.m. 
pl. learned people savants sages [A] 

JjlJj I au ' lo ° aa ' lo ° adj. awkward ; strange 
giving a strange feeling (on being 


N.M. PL. saints ; holy men 

(ped.J associates ; companions[A~siNo.fl->) 
» j avualijjai N.r^fjlav'oalit adj. (see under 

^JiIadj.*) - 

«m n.m. (Hindu name for) God (S] 
y)j| «en n.f. wool JjIm'ss adj. ★ 

£/j\ook\ N.M. camel 

dt'khiyt kif kal 

(orker’witj baitki mov^lct^us see J] 

how the wind b 1 ' J^te" 

rtnekt U ri kaun’si (f* 1 *£sJ 

U ji'Ai prov. u is rotten all over 
Ijft&jlnrtt kata ra n.m. a kind of thistle eaten 

by camels ** m ** h nu * f ' r<J * 

prov. a giant will SUrve on what surfeits a 
draft lOlpoit'M n.f. dromedary she- 
camel * 

CCjl *a V.T. boil Pjlauk t’n* v.i. seethe 

, bubble over boil 
Jryerttf'si n.f. (see under <£3 1 n.m. *) 

\fjl ooft'eba adj. (f. if ilfiofi ^n) high 

v lofty elevated tall precipitous ; 
steep senior UJj/(\ i A!\Jjtooti'ets (or bora) 
bnl bol'na ph. brag sUn'ita v.i. be 

hard of hearing ; be deaf Ly;i/jljf^katk ook'tha 
ho'na v.t. have the upper liand be muni- 
ficent ($* look'ek* dukari tdffka 

pakvan prov. great cr/ little wool 
ook (he boV ka mufth' ni'c&a prov. ‘pride gocth 
J before a fall fy(fjioofr'ch&"i n.f. height; 
altitude elevation loftiness tallness 

steepness fi^^ook'eh n.f. inequality 

difference in social status vicissitudes ; ups 
and down high and low 

aundha adj. (f. JVjlauk'dk }) prove 


upside down ; inverted topsy-turvy 
perverted l^lMjIauk dha lei' na v.i. lie face 
downward (fjpfydjlauh'dki khop'ri adj. (fig.) 
stubbornness perversion 
auks n.m ounce ; 02. [E] 

eft oobg'n a v.t. grease the axle (esp. of ox- 
y, t driven carriage) with tallow-coated jute 
Jrji ookgk n.f. dozing drowsiness 

sleepiness nod doze . ookgk’ na 

v.r. feel drowsy doze off 
oo*h int oh well 

(JjffJil oof-kook int. no ; never 

il y | 00m adj. woollen ( fUsJjioo'ia diaga 
M (or dha’gah) worsted knitting wool 

woollen yafls [ 

*K|J|y/oo’nl oo’m adj. idling ; wasting one’s 

j 2 ,jl mint pau'nt adv. more or less 
V irrespective of loss or profit at a 
loss at the price offered at cut price 
ySjjji o'var-s*".ar n.m. overseer [S] ^ 

1&* o'car-ktf' n.m. overcoat \ 

Ajtaukam’ n.m. pl. supersu- n fh f 

tions apprehensions fear ME 

lA~SINO./>j ^ . . J,/£T 

p* isT. who cares nevermind 

int. ho, hey 

*>' . , 

s. «#'’», ol’lah int. (W. dial.) 
l Heaven forbid oh ; 


jyViS aDer ' saeer ' adv at all hours 
** ** early or late 

(Jfjl aha'H n.m. PL. residents of a place ; 

people ; inhibitants citizens Jl/jjfi 
aha'H imwaft (ped. Jiyj^laha'tf-omava'li) n.m. 
ml, dependents retinue [A ~ pl. of J[(] 
iha'nat n.p. affront ; insult dight 
slander contempt ; scorn 
iha'nat kar'na v. insult ; slight defame ; 
slander [A] 

-ha int. (expressing surprise, pleasure 

AP • n 

or pain) oh ; ah 
ICrlthtid a' n.m. guid; 

lirflt-htida' n.m. guidance [A~id>ij] 

thliz&l' n.m. blowing (of wind) , 

„ vibration rejoicing [A] 
flrfiehtimam n.m. arrangement effort 
, management administration 

supervision vigilance care [A] 
rSjfi ohram' (or aih-) n.u. pl. 

pyramids. pyramids 
Egypt) [A~ 

a'hir ta'hir n.f. restlessness 
1 during approach, pf death ; 
pangs of death . , uneasiness 
gjfcfah'raman (or aih-) n.m. Zoroastrian god 

of darkness devil ; Satan [P] & 

(♦^f aih' ran n.m. anvil fiS /fi 

(ped. aA/') n.m. fit jiF 

■' capable worthy. • suitable . . M.Jf . - fjr 
deserving n.m. members of a Jferl 

family inhabitants, citizens people 
followers master : owners jl£l()laih'l-e 
ejtihad' n.m. pl. qualified jurists (of' Islam) 
£tJjahl-Mah' n.m. ph. saints pious 

people iflJrtoik'Le ba'tin n.m. pl. saints 
pious people £*f(jlaih'l-e bait' (-e athar') 
N.M. pl. members of the Holy Prophet’s family 
comprising Hazrat Fatima.Hazrat Ali and their 
children (according to the Shi’ites. .. Jtyl 
aik'l-e tosann'un n.m. pl. Sunnis gZ^Saih U 
*>& V'yo' n.m pl. Sh\'\tts s~jfy\aih'l-e tnfsir' 
m.m. cxegetical expertt I aih'l-e hir’Jah n.m 
workmen artificers ; artisans 
tradesmen •>^f(j’Jaih'l-e kha'nah n.m. members 
°* the household ; owner n.f. wife n.m. pl 
family jjl),iaih'l-e khirad' n.m. pl sages ; 

wise people JjJriaih'l-e dll' n.m. pl. saints- 
pious people VjJpaik'l-* dun'ya n.m. pl. 


worldly people laymen cJijJ’Jaih’l e dcu' Jot 
n.m. pl. the rich the upper classes 
aih'l-e zauq' n.m. pl. connoisseurs yfljJjl 
aih'l-e zaban' n.m. people whose mother tongue 
a particular language (fJj[lat/i l-e zonin’ (or 
lii') n.m. pi.. inhabitants of the earth 
people of this world jjJ’Jath'l-t zohd n.m. pl. 

pious people ascetics c (TM 

sakhun') n.m. pl. poets eloquent persons 

litterateurs pf'K'O) C^piaih'l-e sun nat {val- 
jama' f at n.m. pl. Sunnis Jjgfyiaih'l-e saif n.m. 
pl. swordsmen soldiers combatants 
£i / /Sj' l taih'l-e Aar'* n.m. pl. observers ol 
Islamic laws ii*()jaih'l-e safa’ n.m. pl. the 
pure in heart saints aih’l-e san"at n.m. 
pl. workmen artisans' tradesmen £&f 
{jd/aih.' l-e lari' qat n.m. pj.. (first-stage) mystic 
tiftylaih'l-e zar'f adj. magnanimous 
great tfljfylaih'fo 'irfan' (or l iifah) n.m. pl. 

mystics people having a real understand- 
ing of the ways of God J*fylaih’l-e ‘ aq'l n.M. 
pl. wise men sagacious persons J*(%\ 
aih'l-e Hl'm n.m, pl. the learned erudite 
persons scholars savants intellectuals 
intelligentsia jjfyaiit’ l-e gha'raz n.m. pl. 
interested oprsons selfish persons vested 
interests *jp/(} l laih' t-e Jaraig' n.m. pl. Euro- 
peans Westerners tf^aih' l-e fan- n.m. ,,pj« 

artists artistes J>£t aih'l-e fik'r n.m. pl. 
thinkers philosophers intellectuals 
intelligentsia J^ J’Jaih'l-e qib'lah n.m. pl. Mus- 
lims M aih’l-e qa'lqm (or -lam') n.m. pl. men 
of letters Jnflaihl-kar' minor official 
public tervznt^ifylaih'l-e kitab' n.m. pl. 
people of the, book (i.e., Jews, Christians and 
Sabiansj aih'l-e ka'ram n.m. pl. charit- 
able people ; generous persons liberal people 
*~*-~(J t laih'l-e kas'b n.m. pl. tradesmen 
aih'l-e maj'lis n.m. pl. participants of a 
meetine members of a society «*£( aih'l-mad 
n.m. minor court official office in cfiaige 
Cirt))! aih'l-e ma°rifat n.m. pl. people with 
an intimate knowing knowledge of God 
saints^M^faiA’l-r mdqad' damah n.m. pl. parties 
to a suit I aih'l-e^ _ man' sab n.m. pl. 

officers dignitaries [fijjaih'l-e nazar dis- 
cerning people far sighted persons wor- 

shippers (of beauty) tf&tjiaih'l-e nifaq' n.m. 
vl. hypocrites£jjJ[laih'l-e var'* n.m. pl. 
holy ; godly pious people ascetics (jjfiJ'J 
aih'l-o \ayal' n.m. pl. family Jfj t 'laih'l-t hi'nar 
(or nar') n.m. pl. artisans skilled workc. 
L~f?Jl*r'jll0lah'lan va • sah'lan mar'habz int 


welcome Crflaihliy'yal n.f. worth capa- 
bility aptitude skill possession -*[•) 
aiklh’yah N.f. wife {A] ^ 

, r , aih'U gaih’le adv. coquetishly 

Vyff aih'U gaih'le phir'na v.i. move 
about coquetishly 

s* aham' adj. most important urgent 
(/'pressing grave significant momen- 
tous ; stupendous aham' umoor' n.m. pl. 
important affairs; matters of import 
ah amn&y'yat (col. ath'miyat) n.f. importance 
gravity significance (A] 

^J^iohia'sa n.f. (dial.) non-violence ‘ahimsa 

M.ahv n.m. cowherd this as a caste 

..ahv n.m. 

'C' > 

this as a caste 

. .»• n.m. amity friendship 

association connection alliance 
unity [A~*S*»b) 

s.a‘im'mak n.m. pl. leaders religious 
^leaders [A~3Inc.^I»] ^ 

| at vocative particle oh O kash' 

int. would to God ! O. how I wish 
^.^.ax hat int. O 

• i .ay zz' n.m. name of the first Muslim Goyer- 

nor of Lahore who was originally a trusted 
slave of Mahmud of Ghazna mathmoo' d'o 

aysz n.m. pl. loving pair (/0&f2-/jS/l1ayqz 
tjad'r-e khud bi-shinai pkov know thy worth, 
ipan one should not forget one’s humble 
beginnings [T] 

* .ayagp n.m. wine-cup ; wine glass [T] 


.ay a! N.F mane [P] 


lyalal n.f. governorship govern- 
w^^ment sway ■ domination [A] 

M ~cyyam N.M. PL. days time period 
jlf duration menstura* period (rare- 
wars ; battles . engagements J^ftiayvam-r fcz 
n.m. Pl.. thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth 
nights of a lunar month (as the brightest 
nights) i'j^^hiayyam se ho'ha v.i. menstruate 
have the menses J^uavya'm-r mad a n.m pi.. 
heat period [A - sing, f 

aya'ma n.m. for F.) (pi., of 

/ ai’bak (rare i-l n.m slave messenger 
appellations of two famous Muslim 
kings (one ruling India, the other Egypt) 

[T] S. 

n.m. pl orphans (A -sing. 

S', ai' tarn n.m. atom > /^taitam bam n.m. atom ’ 
^ bomb [E] 

jfPfissr' n.m. selflessness [A] 

,y, Ijab' n.m. assent proposal, (by 

• 7** one of the parties to a bargain) 
positiven ess fta b-o qabool' n.m. pro- 

posal and consent (in matrimonial negotia- 
tions) tfgi ija'bi adj. positive affirmative 
zrffjljabiy'yat n.f. positivism [AJ 
y ijad' n.m. invention contrivance 
J'fj contraption (lit.) creation 
ijad' kar'na V.T. invent devise origi- 
nate creat Ljfjk£liJad' ho'nz v.i. be created 
(A ~j#} 

n.m. brevity [A] 

ejaftt n.m. agent (f^lt'jahsi n.f. agency 

l&jfjrjanda n.m. agenda [E] 

tujookeshan n.f education 

/ cch' peck, (col. &J&J rhek.' pehejt) n.m. 
complication fraud ; deceit 
crooked ways Ltir/ ^^il ech' peck ki ba'teh n.f. < 
crookedness double dealings U>y &:&' 
edi' pedk na jan na v.i be straightforward 
have straight dealings 

J >.atd'ras n.f address (E) 

IJjJe I 

** •• ^ 

y^aidvZhs ^yijfiadvaiis n.m. advance (E) 

* ( >, aid'mket n.m. advocate I E] 


4 ^ aid hak' adv ‘ad hoc' [E] 

4* ' ' 

Jr > ai' ditar, ^Jhidi'ur n.m. editor 
yyO aidtWnyai n.m. & adj editorial [Ej 

jphj aidl' shan, JUSiadf shan n.m. edition [E] 


jA> aiJUh ita/, fjrz^ttadish'nai adj. additional 

JZi f i e] 

^•j^l ddl kahg n.m. aide-dc camp (E - F] 

, Us 1 N.f. affliction pain trouble 

distress vexation ; annoyance oppres- 
sion (/>'>! izz dd na v..t, afflict injure 

hurt pain annoy; vex (jLi\fdiza'-rasaii 
adj. vexatious troublesome annoying 
oppressing j ^Hza'-rasa'm n.f. causing 
harm ; doing injury 

e'ra phi'ri N.F. fraud shady deal 
yp? (rare) exchange 
jf/l irad’ n.m. (pL.&jbliradat') objection [A~ 


» *j«r* -r, oi'ra fhai'ra {nat’tkoo khaira ) 

ic ^ n.m. Tom, Dick and 
Harry the scum of society , 

£ f l/i Iran' n.m. Persia ; Iran jjflira'ni adj. & 
** n.m. Persian, ; Iranian 1 [P] 
fyer n.f. spur Cvfytr laga'iia v.T. spur ; urge 
*• fa horse) [-fold,] j, k 
(Jyl e'ri n.f. heal UPjJjtfyftfJ} 

JktyfefrAe'ri se fho'u tok ph. from 
head to* foot : from top to toe (or 

bottom l‘ 50 (jj;J?le'rij>ah ra'gorna v.r. (fig.) 
be in straitened circumstances ; pass through 
hard times be helpless , 

j\}f lead' N.M. addition (of) VJityt Had’ 
** iur'na v.i. add (pseuda A~ #il>] 

Stud N.M. GoA.(f&}t'zadi adj. divine; 
** heavenly [P] 

[^)\ ai'sS adj. (F.^/m'ri) such like like 
** this resembling L^jUiai'sa vai'sa adj. 
(r.^r^lai'ri vai'si)^ inferior indecent; 
smutty* so-so IfifatWsi tai'si (vulg.) ph. 
to hell with tai'si tai'si kar’na v.t. 

do one’s worst (j^^lm'se meti adv. at this 
juncture in these circumstances (P^dtai’se 
in’ adv. so to speak ; accidently ; casually ; -by 
the way adj. so-so int. why ; how 
is' tar n.m. Easter [E] 

f^fjs/taiso'sU'^m N.F. association (Ej 

n.m. (Hindu word for) God [S] 

e'shiyi n.m. AsiaJ t^fesfcya"* adj. Asiatic ; 
*'** Asian pref. Asio- (EJ 
JififtisaT n.m. conveying conduction 
** sa’Ue savab' n.m. conveying 

reward of virtuous deed or rite l^tisa'l-e 
Jhra'rat n.m. conduction of heat -[A — ij 0 )] 
aizan adv. ditto [A] 

n.m. repetition of rhyme [A] 

\fiflifa' n.f. . fulfilment observance re* 
** turn execution (fjsjj^ifa'*i dig' ri n.f. 
satisfaction ii>l*fa-c ‘ah'd (or -‘aih'd) n.m. 
fulfilment of promise ; honouring one’s word 

[A~frV] ; V- 

/ti\j)fiqan' n.m. knowing for a fact cer- 

*' tainty faith [A~(j(^] 

^Xjtk adj. one only single sole 

** a certain one singular unique 

pth^tiek' a dk Apj. some just a few n.m. 

a. half j\>0sKMe'k a dk bar ph. once or twice 
(h£\ a dk ja'gak ph. (just) at one 
place 'tjffcj&nJjek? afida uoA' bht gafi'da pkov. 
but one* egg and that addled; the only 
child turning out to be good- for-nothing jW_/i 
ek' bar adv. once at one time once upon 
a time all suddenly JjU'tek-bar'gi adv. 

Suddenly ; all of a sudden all at once 
simultaneously^. ek’ pet ke adj, uterine 
(brother or sister) /a/' n.m. harmony 

unison; concckAfjtf^Mekjan' apj. 
of one mind intimate well-mixed 
ek' dil adj. unanimous of one mind 
of one accord ek' dil ho kar adv. 

like one man solidly ( unanimously^//*;!^ 
ek dam' (re) adv, instantly ; immediately 
forthwith k/iek gaban ho' Tin v.i. be, of 
one accord be unanimous 
sa'da ek' se din na raih'na. ph. (of fortune) 
have vicissitudes (frjijiMek In das'sUna’na 
v.i. to retaliate much more sharply^^jL# 
tW mail'. bap ke adj. I of children) bom of the 
same parents £Z*£X\ek mtuh't adj. lump sum 
entire adv. entirely ; in lump sum 
ek'. natk adj. one or the other (fiimdfeJt’ H adj. 

only one ; solitary unique adv. very ; 
extreme ly 

%,) \e'kz n.m. unity alliance pact 
**/ friendship unity of interest 
ft / j&Jt t'ka e'ki adv. all of a sudden- 
** ** suddenly unexpectedly 


{kj fctaik't n.m. act (of law) art (of 
drama) Jf/t aic'tar n.m. actor i^/riaUf- 
tares n.f. actress acting ; action 

[E] / 

fj^laik'tsra adj- extra n.f. extra girl ; extra 

A E] / y 

faik's re n.f. X-ray lj4~J"laik's re kar’na 
y v.t. X-ray [E] 
jg\ikh n.f. (same as dstH.f. if) 

$k\el‘cKi n.m. envoy ; ambassador . emissary 
L lT1 

jrl *Vm n.m. aloe 
(J~r\ailopaitki n.f. allopathy [E] 

at T»* 

ailominiyum /jh ailmo-niyam n.m. alu- 

!#♦** '* minium [E] ** 

J\ ay'yim n.m. widowed person ^filaya’ma 
»** n.m. pl. widowed persons f A] 
if lima’ n.m. sign hint suggestion - 
** instance intention assent 4}t}£ 
ke Ima par pn. at the instance or suggestion of 


iMf\ ima n’ n.m. faith • religion belief 

** creed confidence trustworthiness 
integrity VZ&kiiman be&na v.i. betray one’s 
faith (or truth) jlj&l/J Jinan' -dar adj. faithful 
honest; upright; conscientious trust- 
worthy true loyal (fjlJUliman'-dari n.f. 

faith faithfulness constancy in- 
tegrity ; honesty ; uprightness trustworthi- 
ness conscientiousness dZ^fUltman' se int. 
&adv. by God iman' se kaih'na v.i. 

depose t*Ufclhiim3n' /a‘na v.i. believe 
accept a faith ; enter the fold of a religion jlfj 
ll^Jfiman' mefi kha'lal a'na v.i. prove 
faithless fall pray to temptation [ A ~ i? • ] 

. j^y^Jaim'boolahs, '{jibflaint- 

** * boolafis n.f. ambulance 


e’man adj. most happy 
r ** auspicious [P ~ A ctl] 
i»r\ t'mm n.m. name of a musical 
r*\ mode [S] 

^T\ ax man N.M.^right-hand adj. right ; right 
** hand (fjh vadi-e ai'man n.f. Sinai 
Valley lying to the right of the mountain 
where Moses had a glimpse of God [A ~ ($•] 
UjSlaimo'nija n.f. ammonia fjfjaimo'myam 
** ** n.m. ammonium [E] 
tj | aih int. (expressing surprise) oh ; O 

adj. (only in combinations) this 
** ih'ja'nib pron. I ; we 

i*t N.F. brick ingot any bricklike 
'* thing (} As (&Bna'’l n.f. brick- 
work iftt' se ifit bajs'na v. des- 

troy demolish work havoc with 

knjavab' pat' Aar se de'na v.t. 
give blow for blow give tit for tat reta- 
liate sharply Jerk' itf 

ki mnx'jid alag' batta'na v.r. (rig./' recede 

sho^, schismatic tendencies 

aift'th-an n.f. convulsion coruor- 
* tion gripe colic arrogance 
obstinacy Ca^laivth'nu v.i. strut , swagger 
be offended contort tighten 
stiffen, > y . 

eh' (ha la Hi, J Fleif kfuii laiH N.F. 

V *• struggle tension 

ki'dhan n.m. fuel firewood 

■%J\<nhd adj. unfinished ho'na v. i. 

be unfinished 

Wd aihd'na v.t. strut ; swagger 
*' affectedly /byaiiid kar adv. wit 

ger walk 
with a Swag- 

gering gait 

b&J ind'vs NM.ifjA'Iindvi n.f. circular po»l 
k j^for supporting weight on head 
jffllfaCrlaifidl baih'di adj. (of talk) silly 

** nonsense nid» 

nonsense rude crooked 
aiti d* baih'di siina'na v.t. abuse; 
call names ; swear (at) talk rudely 
(jjjyi cAudn’ (Arabicized as tvan') n.m. (pl. 

iVatiaf) palace court hall; 
gallery " House^;(jK(^!>»a»»a'»-« te'/a (or 
ierifi) Upper (or Lower) House (of Legislature 

kmJjiay'yoob' n.m. Job I^J^h r 'JJrf*sab'r-e ayyoeb' 
* (or ayyoo'bi) ph. Job’s patience (fig.) 
great patience (fig.; forbearance [A~H] 

/t /ffAam' n.m. ‘double-entendre’ ambi- 
* '** guity ] A ~ ] 

k^bt second letter of Urdu alphabet (equiva 

* lent to English b) (in ‘jummaP) 2 j two 
LSbi pref. (usu. before Arabic article as 

* pr. bil or ii + consonant following J|) by 

with from in into on for 

towards near according to (11) I swear 

by (12) be ransom for tfh d>tyhi-abi' mn'tm 
va um'nn ph. my patents be ransom for; non are 
dearer to me than even my ki* and kin 
fo-it’lifeq adv. unanimously { 

wi* one voice with a concensus of opinion 
AlPd\bii- ijmal' adv. briefly ; in brief ; in short 
,jijli\bil-ira'doh adv. deliberately; inten- 
tionally^ purposely ■; on purpose voluntari- 
ly bil-takhsis' adv. specially i parti- 
cularly bil-tasrih adv. explicitly 

specifically , expressly distinctly »n 


— i *" 

detail ; at length tffUil-tafnl' adv. at length ba-khu'shl adv. with pleasure; gladly 
in detail ; detailed ^bil-jab’r adv. for- cheerfully by all means as you like it # 

cibly violent under duress adj. forced ba-khair’ adv. in safety in peace well 

JL-ft lil-jum'lah adv. on the whole : alto- | adj. (in salutation) goodnight, etc.) 0jj.ha-dri 
gether in a word ; in short ; brief! y^-af^ rajah (*«) adv. in a degree ^ l^y>,ba-da'raja-e 

bi-jin' si- hi adj. identical the same adv. adv. at least ftjlfytbada'raja-e oo'.in adv. 

exactly ; precisely^ Lbilrkhair' adv. well in the first place adv, as 

happily in a good manner adj. good usual in the usual manner unchanged 

welcome propitious (iron.l unlawful; ba-diq'qat adv. with difficulty {OcAJiba-ditf'qat-e 

illegitimate unwelcome (■ biz-zaroor' tamSm' adv. with great difficulty d*ba-dil', 
adv. necessarily inevitably certainly y! IfjJ'i ba-dil-o-jan‘ adv. with all one's 
definitely^r^lJj7-‘aA:'i adv. on the other heart ; from the cpre of one’s heart not just 
hand on the contrary ; contrariwise outwardly A» ba-daulal adv. through 

bi1- t 'umoom' adv. generally commonly by means of by dint of (Ji^ha-doo-ti prep. 

universally ibi-‘ai'nihi adv. exactly 
precisely adj. the sam cj^^bil-far'z adv. 
supposing granted ; granting that : admitt- 
ing for the sake of argument hypothetically 
speaking ()***[ bil-fe‘ 'l adv. now ; at present 
in fact ; actually adj. active . real 
bil'-kal adv. ^ entirely ; wholly ; completely 
APJ. all Ibil'-kUl thlk ph. all right 

bit kuUiy'yah adv. as a general principle Ji t 
bil-lah' adv. by God bil-musha' f ah ah' 

adv. faccto.face ; ‘vis-a-vis’ j [liM.bit-mtiqabil 
n.m. adversary adv. opposite facingJjl*U 
bil-muqa -balah adv. as compared (to) ; in 
comparison (with) [A] 

teV bi prep, (used for emphasis before certain 
* Persian tenses) do [P] 

ba pref. (used before nouns) (joined to 
the next letter or written as -r') with 
by for from to up to into in 
on upon ply l ba- if mt' adv. in abundance 

adj. abundant , plenty L*. ba-pa adv. 
on foot ; afoot going on ; *6eing held ; pro- 
ceeding £j£bd~tadrij' adv. gradually ; by 
degrees 'Jj^ytfba-tasrihat-e zail' adv. with 
(the following) remarks <-?l£ba-javal>’(-e) adv. 

in reply (to) ■ in response (to) inspired 
*-/ Lfba-hisabj-e) adv. at the rate (of) in 
the proportion (of) according (to) in the 
name (of) ; debited to the account (of) f/‘ 
ba-haq'q{-e) adv. in favour of in thp 
matter of : in the case of on account of J*’ 
ba-ffSk'm [-e) adv. under the orders (of) 
by command (of) by authority (of)^^ 
ba-khilsf ’ , CJ&j'bar khil&f' adv. contrary 
(tb) in opposition- (to) J/ba-khoo’ljl adv. 

well nicely ; in a* good mannej- 

thoroughly with grace : gracefully 

except ; save without lacking ; want- 
ing for want (of) j/jba-iot' adv. perforce 
by force ; orciblv ; under duress 
ba-sabab' adv. because (of) ; by reason (of) 
on account (of) f *~£jy*{ba-sa'r-o ehaeh'm adv. 
by all means most whillingly 

ba-sii silah(-e) adv. in continuation (of) 

as a sequel to ^ba-shid' dat adv. fully . i n 

full meagre forcefully severely very 
much ba-shar'te-keb adv. if in case- 

on condition that provided that ; with 
the proviso that A^ba-tad' adv. with much^^* 
ba-soo'ral(-t) adv. by way (of) in cast 
(of) ; in the event (of) in the manner (of) 
iS ba-son fal-c khilaf'-var' zi in case 
of I breach (of) ^ ba-si'ghah{- e ) adv. the 
department (of) on the (civil, etc.) side 
ba-zid' ho'nz v.i. stubbornly insis \jjt> ba-tar'z 
adv. in the manner (of) in the form 
(of) j# ba-taur' (-e) adv. as in the capa- 
city (of) after the manner (of) jJj£> 
ba-tau T-e khud adv. of one’s own accord 
voluntarily in one’s own way on one’s 
own account y“l£)ba-za'hir adv. apparently 
outwardly ostensibly^/*/ ba-'ivaz' in 
exchange (for) in place (of) in lieu (of) ; 
instead (of ') Jyiba- ( aun'{-e) adv. by the help 
(of); with the assistance (of ) ^Jtfibi'ai'nihi 
adv. exactly ba-ghair ' adv. without 

except ; save lacking i wanting jadba-qa'dar 
(or ba-qad'r{-e) adv. to the extent (of) 
by the power (of) according (to) in the 
measure (oi)J^ba-qual'(-e) adv. according 
(to) on the authority (of) in the words 
(of) j&. ba-kar 1 (-e) adj. useful; serviceable 
prep. for on behalf (of) j^/j\^ba-ka'r-f 
sarkar' ph. on official duty state service 
tfCJicJii&ba-ka'r-i dau'lat-e pn'kistan ph. on 


State service di'^fba-kas'ral oj. plentiful ; ing generous kind humane tpi Ju- 

abundant adv. in abundance >/. ) a - mujar' tad ma'zah adj. tasteful delicious 

adv. instantly immediately forthwith ke ba vVjood' pup. in spite of ■ despite 

~ i $ iba - mar'tabah adv. to some extent ; in a ba - mjoo ’ dt-ktk adv. altho u gh notwith* 

degree to the extent (ot ba - muqtaza'-e standing; in spite of the fact that ; de sp i te 

adv. in consequence of owing to be- the fact that (fjjilba-oar'dl adj. in uni- 
cause of for reasons ba - man'zilak adv. form liveried kmi'/ prkp. 

in the place (of); instead (of) of the status notwithstanding in spite of; despiteful 

(of) ba-moo’jib adv. by reason (of) ba-vaz’’ adj. sticking to habits snobbish 

in pursuance (of) in accordance (with); civilized ; cultured , civil* polite tme ; 
according (to) : in conformity (with) as per loyal ; faithful jfyl ba-vU’zoo adj. having per* 

by under feba-nam’ adv. in the name formfed die ablutions 

(of) to ^^^ba-nis' bat adv. in compari- t^Lbab n.m. chapter door ; gate topic; 

son (with) ; compared (to) than ?J,ba-vaj’h * * head subject ; affair ; kind 

adv. for ; because (of) ; by reason (of) ; owing bab met ph. with regard to this ; in this nutter 

(:o) J^ifJ^/L^bajiak' kirishhmah do kar'- ph. [A] 

kill two birds with one stone [P] l 1 ba'ba n.m: old man grandfather ^ 

(r ba prep. by ; with possessing ; having * father (corr. of) baby 
* (Js'lLba-Usool' adj. principled (man) of ba’ba a' dam kt zoma'ne ka adj. old ; ancient 

principles J/fllia-iwoo’/s n.f. acting on one’s 
principles being principled J>,ll ba-\h'-k*h t 
Jr\\ ba-ak’-keh adv. notwithstanding that ; in 
spite of that despite that jllba-a’sar adj. in- 
fluential effectual efficacious jQ^fiba- 
ikhtiyar adj. in authority ; wedding power 

powerful authorizedi/iirfl ba ikhlas’ adj. 
sincere ; cordiali-oltia-arfoA' adj. respectful 
polite ; well-mannered INT. (alsoJd^Oti-of I 
j\J> rfba-ndob' ba-mUla'hazah bosh y it’) Gentleman 
please rise in your seats (His Majesty, etc. 
arrives) tjWlb ba-afuta'zeh adj. & adv. 
moderate(ly) proportionately) accord- 
ing to measure g)Uf li>a iman' adj. honest 

pious religious faithful 

hamah' adv. in spite of all that ; despite all 
that bx-ladbir' adj. wise discreet ; 

prudent resourceful ^ t bdiamiz' adj. 
civilized ; cultured polite ; courteous ; civil 
sensible ; wise ( jplia hayz! adj. modest 
bashful £ l bs-kha'bar adj . wel 1-i nform- 

ed ; well-posted not stupid ba-khuda' 
adj. godly religious pious 

shu'oor' adj. well-mannered wise ; intelli- 
gent shrewd; sagacious JiJii’iba-za'bitah 
adv. formal official ; in accordance 

with law (cicJcJfl/ltba fara'^at adj. (man) 
of means adv. leisurely in a satisfactory 
manner »js\i\ba-qa’ i idah adj. regular 
formal ; official procedural in accordance 
with law (etc.) gji ^ ba - qati’itah adj. well- 
arranged £* J /{ bz - mwriu[vat adj. oblig- 

antiquated outdated ; outmoded 

baba jan N.M. dear grandfather dear 

daddy pop t*f/Uba’ba log n.m.sino. orn. 
(corr. of) baby mendicant(s) HP] 
ba’bat prep. usu. used as ph.£/IJ ks hi’ bat 
prep. as regards regarding ; about 

O a r’H 

Jiba’bur n.m. lion (as appellation of an Indo- 

* * Pakistan Moghul ruler) [TJ 
ba'bul n.m. father 

(Jl^lba'btl N.M. Babylon ; (Bib.) Babei [A] 

y | la' boo (endearingly or respectfully (fjLba’bor- 

* ji n.m. cleric father ; daddy* ’ lord 

vj(, baboo' nah N.u.camomile ; wild 

ivy [P} 

ba'to n.m, (also 
bi/yal) name of a heresy, of 
Islam Babi faith follower of this 
heresy ( founder’s appellation t-rl 


bap n.m. ‘ father CV'^bap’ bazta'na v.t., 
regard (someone) as one’s father cajole 

wheedleft’bl^l^C^'! ’bap' tbk pakHteh'na 
(or ja'na) phT * go to the extent of abus- 
ing (someone’s) father bij^bbap' da’ da 
n.m. forefather ; ancestors ; progenitors 
bap’ rc^idd-^bap’ re bap int. (expressing 
surprise fear /etc.) dear, dear dear; dear 
me help mercy /}l/^\bap' ka nou'kar 
n.m. (met.) humble servant 

ma'rt ki bair’ ph. family feud; longstanding 
enmity n.m. fore fullers : 

ancestors elders(>^ri jftl/bijtaslbap da' da ka 
team rauhatt kar'ni v.t. & i. bring credit to 
one’s ancestors be a source of pride to one’s 
family (iron,) bring a bad name to one’s 

family dj-ba'poo n.m. (dial.) lather 
„ . but h.f. matter affair subject ; 
^ . topic issue ^ question word say- 
ing speech ; discourse ; talk news gossip 
story ; tale. ; account point ; particular 
(11) proposal ; proposition (12) substance (13) 
taunt ( 14 ) advice (15) occurrence ; happening 

every time.; on 

every occasion in every particular 
bit ba’dalna v.t. back opt of one’s word 
bit barki'ni V.T. prolong a dispute bit 

bigar'na v.t. ruin one’s credit mar 
(someone’s) plan bring disgrace lliOl bat 
bana'na v.i. tell tales concoct a stpryi tfj 
U* kl bat ban'na v.i. prosper , flourish 
surged Ofti&Lbafna pach'na v.i. be unable 
to keep a'" secret Pj'&tbit pa' harm v.t. carp 
at ; cavil at V/J&bbit pak'ki kar'ni v.i. 
have (something) confirmed confirm 
contract Ofy&beSrse bat poochh!na v.t. 

question ’' inquire from hat 

hooM'ni v.T. inquire after (someoue’s) 

health or welfare express concern <or 
welcome show due respect to tyfJ^lbnt 
phtr'na v.i. change the topic equivocate , 
prevaricate I'H^^bil phnilani V;T. give 
currency to a report ; spread a rumour CUpt 
bat phail'na v.i become the talk of the town 
be talked about ; be bruited about or 

abroad IVj CA bat pi' ja’ni v.i. put up 
with an insult ; pocket an insult bear with- 
out demur hide a secret IjW&l bit pai'di 
kea'ni v.i. attain excellence create some- 
thing new put up an excuse pttS/Ua/ ti I’m 

v.i. evade or dodge (an issue or insult) 
put off bat fafi'di par' nit v.i. be 

shelved ; be put in cold storage 
bit duth'dl par'ne de'ni v.t. allow the / matter 
to cool down bat ihailiarni v.i. be 

engaged be settled Aai thaihra'm 

v.i. make a settlement arrive at a deci- 
sion betroth bit' ja'ni v.i. be dis- 

graced ; lose one’s credit (-VI ^ibitjimi'na v.t 
bring iomeone) round to one’s viewpoint 
iyj jr£t{bat dtaba' ja'ni v.i, swallow one’s 

word I'ifctSd bit (h.ali’na v.t. cut the ice' 
initiate (a subject) in discussion djsfCsl bat' (fait 
n.f. chat gossip talk ; conversation 
negotiations . parleys bat' shit kar'na 

v.i. chat gossip talk converse 
have negotiations ; have parleys CjfjJjtbal 
dohri'nB v.t. repeat recapitulate Crj^lJ 
(t*U tjb) kl bat' raik'na (or raih ja'ni) v.i. 
havejhe upper hand prevail succeed 
Cm^iV&bbatka batah'gar bana'na v.i. ex- 
agerate awfully ; make mountains out of mole- 
hills (If'Uv.yl,/ bat ka pakki (or poo'ra 

or sad' (ha) adj. true to one’s word; as good as 
as one’s word ut’l&lbal' kat'na v.t. cut 
in bat ka sir' pair na ho’na v.i. (of 

words, etc.) be irrelevant' be baseless ; 
be unfounded be illogical I'fyfeibat kan! 
par'na v.i. hear; learn kar'te 
pat'thar mar'na,v. talk rudely give a curt 
ft&QiiifflCtf&blm ko khat a'’» men jal'rn v.t. 

defer ; postpone ; procrastinate put in 
cold-storage ; shelve CM&tbat' khulj m v,i. (of 
secret) be out ; be laid bar bit 
kho'na (or kho de'na) v.i. lose** credit ; injure 
(one’s) prestige Oj/^lbat khol'na v.t, 
have a straignt talk reveal or disclose (a 
secret) ka'hl para n i hu’i prov. a 

word spoken is an arrow let fly 
bat' ki'ye ph~ooi jhar'na v.i. be eloquent 
be soft-spoken Cffolbat' ghar'na v.t. fabricate 
forge ; trump up (excuse, story, etc.) fjii&l 
jjfcjjoctt lakh.' ki, kartti khak' ki prov. roar- 
ing clouds seldom rain Cdl^lbat' man'na v.i. 

obey accept a suggestion 
bat' melt st bat' mkal'na v.t. bring out fresh 
point(s) p&l 2 l 4 &iA*lbat' men se bat mkal'na 
v.i. # (of fresh points) emerge from talk yipl 
Clfijbat men ft' nik&l'na v.t. ^cavil at” 
pick holes in an argument (etc.) C tJpjLba'lo* 
men a'n» v.i. be taken in ; be gulled'; be dup- 
ed l'rtl(£jj)ba’ion men ura’na .v.t. talk 
(someone) out of his wits ridicule ; hold tp 
ridicule Cjjf^j'Aba'ton men, bajfila'na v.t. 
delude with Ifair words C\^(Jjj)lba'ton men 
lags' na v.t. engage (someone) in conversa- 

tion divert (someone’s) attention I'Ot/ft 
ba'tensuna'n a v.i. talk repeat one’s story 

relate one’s adventure # abuse ; revil re- 
prove •_ reproach ha' ten' sun'na v.i. 

listen lend cars eaves drop P ut up 



with unpleasant remarks have to iisten to 
reproof ‘dJ^baioo ni adj. & n.m. talkative or 
garrulous (person) batoo'rii pan n.f. 

( talkativeness ; garrulity 

tittlebat n.m. weight jjl/jjiJslbZt aur tars' zoo 
r , n.m. weights and scales 
^slbat n.f. path 

fe/fcbaj n.m. tribute (rare) tax jllffy ( bsj- 
guzsr' adj. n.m. one who pays tribute ; tax- 
payer adj. feudatory ; tributary [P] 

(fl ba'js n.m. musical instrument UV'irLba'ja 

gaja n.m 


musical instru- 


baj’rs n.m. millet (rare) drizzle 

* IL^j , A baj'ra ba‘ rams v.i. drizzle A# 

iaj're A» it Aa'r/iA v.t drizzle 
bsj'ns v.t. (dial.) (of musical instru- 

* * ment, etc.) sound 

baji n.f sister ; elder sister [T] 

g\ibadsfr.H.v. corner of the mouth assess- 
V ment of share of tax or subscription P(Sa?l 
Asjik dal' ns v.i. levy tax , raise by subscription 
rTc/^ft ba'ebjuh S'na V.T. have an inflamajion 
at the comers of the mouth 
ba (theft khil'na (or khiljs'tla) v.i. laugh : laugh 
loudly smile burst with joy be satisfi- 
ed be overjoyed 

-1. bakh'tar n.m. west Bactria [P] 

X r " 

„ * bakh'tah suf. played beaten (at play 
lost (by gambling) having lost ; 
deprived of [P~ 

y[bad n.f wind breeze sirelhtbad- 
* ban' poetfalso^ljliarf'-iaft) n.m. saill>t£arf-pa' 
ADJ. fast, swift n.m. courser bfylbad-paima' 
adj. fast ; swift n.m. aerometer courser 
idle talker one who builds castles in the 
air j&jtbsd-e tuft'd n.f. windstorm tem- 
pestuous g^le J&jjibad-nftar' ADJ. swift N.M. 
courser 1 bad-remg' (corr. as lba"o 
baraftg'} n.m. a cucumber-like drug root' 
bad-e samoom' n.f. simoom bad' -sab] n.m. 

air guage one who builds castles in the 
air bji'^bad-e shUr't n.f. favourable wind ; 
fair wind If bad-e rafcf n.f. the zephyr 
morning breeze bad-e farafig' n.f. 
syphilis J^yA. bad-firoM n.m. flatterer ; syco- 
phant (pjJjlbad-firo'fkl n f. sycophancy 
bad kash n.m. ventilator exphaust fan 
‘Mbad-gard, jljJgtrd -bad n.m. whirlwind cA&A. 

bad-e mukha'lif n.f. contrary wind s\sA, bad-e 
murad' n.f. fair wind 1$ i/sl bad-e mo' ‘S' fa n.m. 
favourable wind ■ fair wind L-^A^bad-numS' 
n.m. weathercock , vane [P] 
njlbadam' n.m. almond 

bada'mi adj. almond.' 
almond shaped light brown , 
nut-brown j'f(/bl [ bada‘nn oft'kkefi 
N.F. Pt. almond-shaped eyes , 
fllSli* tad shah' (also tiyjlpadshah') 

n.m. king ; sovereign ruler mag- 
nate highest name (in) iAJt&\bad'shah- 
za'dah n.m. larch.) princcifAjiiAsL bad'shahza'di 
n.f. (arch.) princess . sister or wife of a prince 
Jt&tl bad shah-gar adj. & n.m. king-maker 
badsha'hat n.f. kingship sove- 
reignty realm ; kingdom : tmpirctSftA.badsha' 
hi n.f. reign , rule ; sovereignty king- 
ship realm . kingdom empire adj royal 
regal ; imperial [P] ^ 

(Jjtba'daf n.m, cloud C ijilba’dal ana v i. be 

* cloudy CLfJjCba'dal djia'na *v.i. be 

cloudy ; be overcast with clouds ba'dal 

ga'raj'na v. i. (of clouds) thunder [P] 
\)}lbad'la JsUad'Inh n.m. brocade gold 

or silver thread 

ba'datjan N.M. brinjal [P] 

pjlba'dah n.m. liquor , wine r spirits ; strong 

* drinks ; drink ba' da-par ast' adj. & 

n.m. drunkard ; toper ifyt>\ba'da-paraAt\ n.f. 
intemperance ; fondness for liquor jrtAba'da- 
ka\h‘ adj . & n.m. one who drinks , wine-addict 
(f~^$j[ba' dtfkaski n.f. intemperance ; fondness 
for drinks (/juiba'da nosh' adj. wine r addict ; 
one who drinks ’ffinlbs' da-noshi n.f. fondness 
for drinks [P] 

ba'di adj. beginning first ; SrtA 
b^dl-Un-na' zar melt (ped. ba'dm-na' zar 
meh) adv ‘prima facie’; at first sight 
y ba’di ADJ. flatulent ; windy rheu- 
(jyi matic &t(filba’di ba’dm n.m. corpulence; 
bloated body [P~ •»(] 

/A Ijl badiyttri, jlAba'diyati N.F. anise 
** * aniseed [P] 

'fyl ba'diyoh n.m. desert wilderness : 
•* * waste ; wasteland LyffsAba' diya paima' 
adj. wander# ; tramp' deser traveller 
ft ba'diya-paima' ’» n.f. desert travel 

tramp [A] 

Oj t ba'diyoh n.m. bowl [P] 




0 J )r 

n.m. body [E] 

ba'dl bodice ; brassiere [ ~ E bodice corr.] 
gar’d n.m. body guard [E] 

oar n.m. turn time chance ; occa- 
) ; sion ; opportunity (dial.) day of the 
week jij\bar' bar adv. repeattdly ; again and 
again ; time and again ^jlbar'-ha adv 
often ; frequently times out of number [P] 
y bar n.m. burden ; load liability 
J j{ heaviness leave ; permission ; admission 
court sitting of a sovereign to give 
audience ; audience produce ; fruit onus 
(of proof) jjljL bar-a' var adj. bearing fruit 

fructuous jbjAbar-bardar' adj. (beast) of 
burden n.m. porter ; carrier (jj bjj l bar-bar dan 
n.f. transport freight beasts of burden 

Ji/jjfji ba'r-e suboot' n.m. onus of proof ; burden 
of proof ybijjlua'r-e kha'tir adj. _ unpleasant 
disagreeable offensive j\pj\baT-kha'nah 
n.m. gddown< IjlAjlbfir-e khuda(ya) int. Great 
God ; Lord God jljjlbar'-dar adj. (of tree) 
burdened with fruit pregnant fortunate 
i> I jyl bar-da' r.ah n.m. gunny bags (etc. in 
which provisions are kept) ; packages pro- 
visions fojage I'bjl bar-e ‘am' N.M, public 
audience \!jj\ bar-kar’na v.t. load j^j[bar'kash 
n.m. cart or animal for carrying loads ; load- 
carrier tl^jlbar'-gah n.f. palace court 
place of audience yJj l bar'gir n.m. pack ani- 
mal rider or cavalier not owning the horse 
he rides jjjlbar'-wtr adj. fruitful success- 
ful fortunate laden with fruit Vjfjlbar’- 
ho'na v.t. be laden be an obstacle or 
burden t-slv l Aaryai adj. & adv. admitted at 
court or into company ; granted audience J jyl 
bar-jia'bi n.f. admittance at court ; audience 

l ! ] 

yvba'ra n.m. lifting of irrigation water in 
bucket from well with a lever; lever-lift irriga- 
_ tion bucket used, for the purpose person 
turning the bucket song Sung on the occa- 

&\jy barat' ,0^bara\i n.f. marriage procces- 

I ( sion . 

(Jjvba'raft n.m. rain adj. raining(yA’fJ^ 

bara'iu (tamin') adj. & n.m. rain-irrigated 
(land) relating to or depending on rain 
VJsblbar -ai\-la' ph. Bar(rister)-at-Law [E] 

Joj l bar' bad n.m. name of a lege ndary Persian 
* musician [*} 

l^A bnr'ja, ( bar' j ah n.m. inside balcony 

Pjlba’rid adj. (f. & pl. gjfjlba'ridah) adj. 
cold frigid [A] 

Jjvba'riz adj. apparent manifest [A] 
Qjiba ' risk n.f. rain showers plenty 

*1 f /) vindfal, l P ~ 

\_jJJ V ba'rak-allah int. God bless you ; may 
& . * you prosper [A ~ oCj-f Jbi] 

LJjlba'rag n.f. (usu. as pl:) barracks [~E 

barood' (co\. C^rAb&root’) n.f. gunpowder 
Z^^SjjAbarood-kha'nah n.m. powder 

magazine gunpowder factory [ ~ T] 

I . ba'rah adj. twelve (UtAba'xah imam' n.m. 
bJ , the twelve ‘Imams’ (religious leaders) of 
the Shi’ite sect (viz.) Hazrat ‘Ali, Imam 
Hasan, Iman Husain, Imam Zain-ul Abidin, 
Imam Baqar, Imam Ja‘ far Sadiq Imam Musa 
Kazim, Imam Riza, ImamNaqi, Imam Taqi, 
Imam Hasan ‘Askari, Imam Mahdi) 
ba'rah bat ho'na v.i. be scattered be torn 
by internal, dissensions confused , non- 
plussed £<£ *-;*?*> £ barah 

ba’ras ke ba‘d ghoo'rt ke bhi din ph-ir'te hain prov. 
adversity is followed by prosperity 
V'jfjtyAapSrf ba'rah baras drill null rahe aur 
bh&r jhofika prov. a boor who has failed to ac- 
cept the civilising influences of society ; arrant 
fool ba'rah pal’ thar ba'har 

n.m. outside the city limits 
ba'ra-da'ri n.f. (usu. square) sum- 
mer house with a dozen-doorway 
pavilion 1 ba'ra-sih'gha N.M. 
stag ijlba'ra-ma'sah n.m. 

calendar (as a genre of Hindi and Panjabi 
poetry describing woman’s pangs of separation 
through various months of the year) 
ba'rah v a/a/' n.f. Rabi-ul-Avval 12 (as the 
Holy Prophet’s) death anniversary (and now 
mostly as his Nativity day) jIjrAbar'havah 
adj. twelfth / 

J ^ ba'rah adv. (same asZ^ljf) 

I ba'ri n.m. the Creator HAAtfA, ba'ri la'a'la 
n.m. the Elevated Creator , God [A] 

Y. . ba'ri N.F. time; turn jlt/ifAbari ka 
V J Z bukhar' n.m. ^ tfj\ba'ri Ai tap n.f. 
intermittent fever jfjil/A ba'ri ba'ri adv. 

tfjtrj J 


in turn 

— i- earh in duecourse( ~P-(/J] 

^Ajlbarik' adj. fine thin minute 

slender delicate threadlike subtle 

\A harik'-bal' N.F subtle pointj^J^l 


bank' bih adj. _ shrewd sagacious 
penetrating Jrf^tharii'-bini n.f. 
shrewdness Subtlety hair-splitting 

(Jj ! f bariki n.f. fineness thinness deli-' 
cacy i subtlety discernmentCd^Jt^tc^/t 
(met) b&ri'kijah nikal'nav.i. pick holes (in) 

find fault (with) split hairs 
'^rjiba’rf tjiba’rah adv. at last , a length 
kt ba'rt meh adv with regard 
to , in respect of regarding concerning 

^JXba're adv at last at leng h (P - Vl J 

jtftar n.f. hedge fence / 
edge (of weapon or tool) l’l &}l 
(Cfji i)bar lagana (or bandh'na) 
fence put a hedge round 
l^lba'ra, fitiaVtfA n.m. en 

* closure - pen . fold 

&jl bark* h.f volley VAtiXbatV mar’nb y 
* fire a volley -<aa 

' *i baz n.m hawk falcon jbJt 

• bat'-dar n.m. falconer one 
in charge of someone’s hawks! - A 


agent actor . doer 
player (P) - >j 

f . bat suf. 


oaz pref re- aga backl'Utia^' ana 
v.i. abandon ; lea off turn back 
(from) ; obsiain (from) efuse declin 

bat'-piirt' n.f. explanation called 
scrutiny interrogation ; inquiry calling 
to account b&t'patifi'AO). last 
batrhia'sat n.f remand to custody >j)l da.?' did 
n.f return visit bat' rakk'nd vt 

prevent - prohibit dissuade restrain ; 
holdback hinder repress disallow 
debar UyyyJ bat raih'nav.i. desist , refrain, 
abstain forbeai shun leave ofl , cease 
J^ll^jibat’gaskt n.f return retyeat 

relapse resumption (also U* 

tadt'-e baz'-gasbt‘) echo JlAbat-ya’bi n.f re- 
covery bat-y&ft' n.f.’ recovery re- 
sumption (of alienated land) [P] . 

n,m. bazaar marked 
* batar' gar’m ho na v.i. (pf thing) 
be in great demand (of trade) thrive 

" " ' " ■ 1 i 

, be brisk bi in vogue ; be the 
order o/ the day . be r mpant C0A}tb at*,' 
lagan a v i establish a market display 

one’s wares gather pc Ic (round oneself) 

l'/7 lift IJt bazar' n 'da (or far’d) ho'n a 

v i. be in the little de land (of trade! 

be dull jij ljJ£ihpr batar' n.m. blackmarket 
<{M J fA 0T bata'ri n.f. blackmarket, black - 
marketing l)lj<L-/<fAjlzJrckor bazar* kar’nt 
oak n.m. blackmarketecr jijlj/kku'/a b*za> 
n.m. open markct(f)l;jia?sri adj. vulgar 
inferior relating to the market indecent 
lax in morals uncultured incredible 
(report, etc.) (/itfjfAjlbata'ri ad'mi n m 
vulgar person ; uncultured person low com- 
msirr person <2j/f(fjljlbaza'ri *, au'rat n.f prosti- 
tute harlot . whpre ; street-walker woman 
on the sireet ^A/jljibaza ri gap n.f. in- 
credible report hearsay rumour fajiJA'A 
bazar * nir'kh jted \fjl j\ batar ka bha'o n . m * 
market rate [P] 

jjLbd too i, arm wing (of 
bird) side frame (of door) 
side of bedstead hank (of army) 
accompanist , accompanyisi 1 (of 
"marsia’ or dirge-singer) com- 
panion supporter associate-^)! 
ha' zoo-baftd n.m. armlet bracelet 
ba’zoo pharak'na v.i. have an augury of meet- 
ing some friend (^J)jlba' zoo toot'na v i. lose 
one’s supporter (through death, etc.) [jjjA 
ba'zoo de'na v aid , assist . help support , 
lend a helping hand ^/jjjlba'zoe da''va n.m 
suit for the restitution of conjugal rights [P] ^ 

, n.f. sport , game, play wager 

bet , stake lAtfjLba'zl bad'na v.i bet ; lay 
a wagcr(lV / /t ^tj*>iJ’jiia , ^i jil'na (or mar ja'n a) 
v i win come out victorious excel 
C^lJjlbazf de'na v.t. beat win (a 
game) checkmate kba'na 

[or bar' na) v.t lose be defeatcd» |^J 

n.f. theatre circus playground 
stadium gjlba'frgar n.m. acrobat rope- 

dancer^ juggler . conjurer magician-, sorce- 
cer (] Jrj t ba'zi-garni n.f female acrobat 
acrobat’s wife sorceress (/Jrjiba' tk-g^ri n.f 

rope-dancing jugglery legerdemain 
£$t/jlba'zi taga'na v.i. wager lay a wager 
stake . lay at stake lk^.(£/l£8'.Ei It jStOt^ v.i. 

win excel /jl ba&'&ak n.m. toy 

plaything fun Tr 


jL L 


baa' &a-a*tf al' n.m. child’s play (P) 

(St 1 ? N.r. smell . ad>'ui sent un- 
pleasant odour n m. (dial ) abode . dwell- 

jf'lta'sofk adj. & n.h. sixty-two 0'r\ 
m ba’safkaan adj. sixty-second- 
bn' sit n.m. Giver of prosperity (as an aitri- 
# /buteofGod) [A-J^J 

bat' matt n.m. basmati ; a superior kind 

-Vi* °f ricc 

tJT"basatlq' n.f ‘vena basilica’ , the great 
** * vein in the arm [A~G] 
l ha' son n.m. vessel ; utensil 

ba'si adj. stale overnighj n.m. 
* (dial.) dweller , inhabitant 
ba'si ba’dtc no kut'ta kha"e paov not to lay by 
a penny ba’si ‘id N.r stale Eid . dayfS) 
after it b‘Ji/\ba' si kor’na v.t. make stalq/%*i 
ttVifiljZba'si ka'fhi melt *bdl' (a'na) ph 
wish to be young in old age storm after 
event ba'si rnhhtf Aov before breakfast 
i bash sup. staying, living being int 
{j\ (ped.) stop : stay (fi%vr stay being 
existence (P~ftbj(be] 

tj&iba&itiiah N.m. citizen resident , 
, * inhabitant [P~ prec.] 

^Iba'dtak n.m falcon . hawk ; sparrowhalk 


I'siroh N.M sight [A~ /*> J 

tu. ba'til ADJ spurious false null 

ir *and void futile, ineffectual 
fictitious unsound (IsUJjrjOfcPlbati/ 

so'majhna (orjan'na) v i. regard as false 
bait kar'na v.t nullify rescind , cancel 
abolish vitiate revoke falsify [A] 

L. ba'tvr n m. heart mind innermost 
{J ? part inside (jfbba'ttni adv internal 

intrinsic hidden concealed . latent 
esoteric Cartnathian (sect of the Shi‘ites) 
'j}0f[ba'tv& fir'qah h u Cartnathian sect fA 
- pff) 

•Jr ba'*ts n.m cause reason condi- 
**} tion ground , basis origin (rare) 

instigator [A] 

p I N M . .garden orchard grove 
yl (£lrjrJj;)l'j{t/\ibtl)>WI) bdfh' bagti ho na (or 
.ba ja'na) ph rejoice greatly be overjoyed 
b't ba fh N m (fig i • deceitful pro 
vain hopes Q/i&l/fsob i ba gh dtkha na 
v 1 (fig.) raise vain hopes excite dqire 
and expectation fay deceitful promises 


ba%h~t-ma‘ilaq n.m. b raging gardens 
bag^-o-bahar n.m. garden in spring ; spring 
garden adj. beautiful (sc ne) delectable 
(personality) tflslbafk-ban' n.m. gardener 
vagetable grower i}iHbagh-ba'ra N.r. 
gardening ; horticulture vegetable growing 
%%ba$at' n.m. pL. gardens orchards J it l 
bagha'n adj. pertaining to gardens horti- 
cultural baghifaah (tare y jf}bagh'(fcdh) 
n m. grove orchard kitchen garden 


ft'lba gh I n.m. rebel insurgent traitor 

fjjlbafsvr weaver woven 

* fntta'rt-baf n.m. lace weaver CJl (fjjiftl 
iaf N.M. gold-lace weaver [P ~>gpt A.. J 
&{baft texture web (j*\baf'tagi n.r. 

weaving knittingJ^ia/'taA adj, 
woven knitted n.m. tissue rjjibafihdah Njm. 
jweaver [P~cT tf ( weave] 

Jl tba'qir n.m. rich scholar adj. 

— at lea.-ning and wealth [A] 
ba'qir-kha’ni n.f. a kind | 
of crisp .ragile bread 
i ba'qila n m a kind of bean . a 
m * potherb [A~ (P.] 

'qi adj. remaining outstanding 
existing alive perpetual n.m. 
balance remainder surplus arrears | 
im'Lf'ba'qi hisab' n.m balance of an account 
jlrJib a'qi-dar' n.m. owing a balance 

debtor defaulter Ufjjlba'qi raih'na v 1 
be left remain (unpaid) have a . balance 
(or »>" U? Iba'qt^mah'dak n.m re- 
mainder residue adj remaining resi- 
duary Ofifibba'qi ntkal'na v r subtract 
find the difference between two numbers 
strike a balanced Citia^iyad n.m pl. arrears 
balance remnants £lj Ua^ya'l-e- 
saltbat n f pl. the good that on? does 
memory of one’s good deeds (A- l^j 
^jfibak n.m fear terror harm [P] 

fib ba ktrnh n f virgin (A ■ 


bakk n.m udder « bakk r» , j \ bakk' it 

* n.f cow or buffalo when sjie ha* given 
milk for five months or so t}r^ba'kkal n.m 
enclosure * courtyard enclosed by several horse 
cattle-sheds, etc 




I’&lJibag utha'nd V.l. 
start on horseback give die rein 
set at full gallop^* oibag'-dor 
n.f. rein halter (fig.) 
control 'si kt 

ks A' meh bag'-dor ho'na v. i.Yfig.) 
exercise control over I'JjffJibag dfu'li kar'tia 
v.T. give free reins (toK leave (someone) 
free in his evil ways bag' (t'ns v.i. 
take the rein pull up b’j/Jbbag mor'na v.t. 

turn the reins change the directiop (of 
horse, conversation, etc.) 
hath.' st chkoot'na v.i. lose control miss 

pLba'gS n.m. (dial.) apparel bridegrooms 

f't bagar bit la n.m. wildcat (nurs.) 

. for scaring child) tom-cat (fig.) chubby 
child. " 

bagh. N.m. tiger 

^ym^ibages'n n.f. name of musical mode [S] 
y til pref. see under [A prep, w /- f 


' ji bal n.m. (ped.) heart mind condi- 

U* tion ; state [A] 

r l, bal n.m. wing, pinion U^jyjJlba'l-par 
U ; nik&l'na v.i. be fledged learn to fly ' 
oppose betray malicious designs [P] 

All bal n.m. hair crack (in glass or china) 
U . n.f. car (of corn) Cfjlbatatna v.i. (of 
glass or china) be cracked have hair (on 
chin or face) IjtiJlbal utar'na v.t. shave 
off cut the hair JlJifaU bal ' ad v. altogether 
completely C^JbJl bal bst bacb’na ph. escape 
by a hair’s bredth ; have a narrow escape^fjj 
\^>X>bal bat banifcna v.i. be inextricably 
entangled fltfijrjilJlbal bah’dhz gh8(am' n.m. 
very obedient servant ; one held in thrall 
C#jll){bal bshdk'na v.t. set the hair braid 
4r—i}{bal' bac&’ f be n.m. (one’s) children 

one’s family I'gfb^iyj/Jlbal' barn 1 bar far'q ns 
ho’ nil v.i. be identical ; have no difference at 
all bat bi'khnrniii v.t. have dishevelled 

hairi’ti Jt 4s(' beoa'iis v.t. do the hair , chess 
the hair Vj; bl£sj\ ( ¥'ka bal’ Wkana ho'na 
ph. not to receive the slightest injury , 
escape unharmed OjJl W pok'na v.i. 
(of corn) ripen (of hair) grey j'i£\ 

& adj^ (boil) caused by 
hair ( r^'OSbat-tarm' n.m. 

(of hair) 

bat -lor n . m . 
breaking of. 

hairdresser bal' jHar'na v.i 

fall off, (of baldness) approach Ji 
Mar n.m. spikenard , hyacinth jbjCbsl'-dar 
adj. cracked (glass or china ) &jjt bat rakk'na 
v l. allow the hair to grow wear (long, 
short, etc.) hair L'j^^JUal Slftd' ho'na v.i’ 
grey . grow grey age remain no 
longer young become elderly j tfjlbal- 
kama'ni n.f. hairspring (of watch) 
baLkka're ho'na v.i. (of hair) stand on encUjl 
(CgrtyOrdUba! ki khal nikal'na (or kkeheA'nav t" 
"split hairs be hyporcritical l^Jf Aa/!' 
le'na v. sha v <j one’s private pans tibJLbal'va'/a 
adj. hairy iT^yjJlba'lofi ka bursh' n.m. jwir- 
bru i ba ' loh ks ttl' n.m. haip 
ha foil ki hat rat n.f. hairiness (fjOJbba'lofi ki 
ka'nn n.f. thinness of hair 

bal (used as *~hjj\bal bodi'&e) N.m. (pl.) 
Ui childrenut^Ji bat hat n.f. obstinacyfof 
child) , childish obstinacy 
i .. La' la n.m. adolescent mere boy, 
Vy stripling large ear-ring >■ gramsprout 
adj. new young lisflitba'ls bko'la adj. 
ch'MlikcJ^jftJJba'l! bkole N.M. PL. children, 
tiny tots ^Jibba la-pan n.m. childhood 
infancy * adolescence if*# lar'ka ba'la n.m. 

a mere lad a slip of a boy ^4 ^Pflar'ke 
ba'le n.m. pl boys lads and lasses 
f . . ba'la prep. above on upon ADJ. 

v? high . lofty exalted foregoing . 

aforesaid ; above-mentioned suf. super, n.m. 
top upper part stature ; height l)t Hi ba'la 
ba'la, JJlOfiDbba'la A* ba'la adv. by under- 
hand means over dnd above the head (of) 
secretly ; privately U? 1)^ ba’la bala’na v.t. 
dodge ; give an evasive, reply jP^\ba' la band 
N.m. broach for turban ba' la-posh N.M. 

overcoat coverlet , coverlid cover bed 
cover .HPillba'la-kha'nah n.m. upper room . 
antic upper storey brothel Aa‘/»- 

dost' adj. superior high having the 
upper hand ff)$bba' la-das' H n.f. superiority 

hegemonyt^K 1 ba'la-nasfnn' adj . occupying 
the chief seat ' JZ*jf\)bba'la-o-p*st’ n.m. higl^ 
and low heaven and earth [P] 

. tala ’« adj. over and above external 
unusual . extraordinary superficial 
illegal (gratification, inconje etc.) N.r 
(euphemism for Jj 4) cream ljillbs/a j, i aw - 

dan i, N.F. perquisites 


bribe ; illegal gratification received*!^ 1^1 J li j 1 
ta/a'’i akhraiat' n.m. overhead expenses 
te/'t* N.F. 


pail backet 


bal'AHar n.f. spikenard ; hyacinth 

QJlba'lish n.f. pillow cushion [P] 

„~i balish't n.f. span 

balisht’ bkar adj. (of the 
length of) a span ig&lbslish'tiya 
n:m- dwarf ; pigmy ; midget [P] 

bal'shtnik adj. & ■ 
bolshevik [R] 

ba'ligh adJ. of age ; major having 
T attained puberty having reached the 
age of maturity n.m. adult ba'ligh 
ta''*-de'h\ ( ka haq’) n.f. (m.) adult franchise 
lVr£t fia'/ifh ho ’n& v.i. attain majority ; come 
of age [A] 

/ ba'lak n.m. child ; infant I flibal'ka n.m 
(dial.) Hindu sadhu's disciple 
J. ba'lam .n.m. lover (usu. woman’s) 
f . sweetheart husband adj. young 
youngish ; boyish large and superior ,, .. 

balah'goo n.m. a kind of citron 
Jr, tukhm-t-baini'foo n.m. its seed used in a 
cold drink [PI , 

ba’loo n.f. sand £*fyj[batoo ki bhti n.f. 
well of sand (fig.) anything frail 
/-lAj# ba'lno-ihahl n.f. a kind of 
swcetment ; disc pastry 
ba'h n.P. small girl ; mere 
slip of a girl earning ; spike 

(of torn) adj. very young 
bi h ‘umar ,fyf(Ji;ba’fi ‘S mar'ya n.f, young 
age (esp. of girls, sweethearts, etc.) [ - Jl] 
g ba/i'dah adj. grown up increased 

A d» enhanced j^Jl bad' dagp n.f. growth 

increase expansion ' lush vegetation (P~ 


j}, baltn n.m. pillow cushion the head 
CJ.J'ofa bed(PJ 

*>i bain n.m. housetop roof terraceffv'* 
f , lob-t bam n.f. (A adv.) (on) the edge of 
the roof 

V/ bim t ^sl banb, J^fibam math’k'li, n.f. cel 

I :tsj 



i . n.m dawn morning 

<i adv. early in the 

morning at dawn fP) 

fbaman NM.i/Lbam’ni n.f. (see under c/fv 
C^N.M. -A) 

• sbarn'm n.f. a kind of lizard disease 
j shedding eyelashes yellow stamens of 
lotus moonplant 

1 ban n.m. rush string (for plaiting bed* 
O', stead, etc.) bloody track of wounded 
animal (dial.) arrow (Hindu myth.) 

^ ban n.m. a tree yielding benzoin [A] 

V . i bun suf. driver guardian keeper [P] 


». ba'na n.m. woof ; weft staff with balls 
l ' fixed at ends and used as weapon ; balled 
stafT • its use at military weapon (Arch*) 

distinct uniform (arch.) guise 
^^buntt 1 n.f. broadcloth 

’^ba*'bi tt.r. (snake’s) hole 

baht n.f. division distribution 
share (rus.) feed fc>‘ibaftt'n<X v.T. divide 

distribute apportion share dispose 


sf bar jh adj. sterile barren 
y bat jk- pan n.m. sterility 
.. v bahet’na v.i. decipher (letters) make 
*y»out read carefully ignore over- 

. • *. bahdk'na v.t. bind pack tie 

pack fasten chain fetter ; 
shackle shut construct ; build (bridge) 
embank (II) plan ; design (12) seize (13) 
bind in marriage (14) set (15) settle (16) 
form (17) compose (18) versify (an idea) (19) 
pitch (20) set (21) take (aim.) (22) chamt ; 
captivate (23) pair (24) liken (25) put on 
(armour) (26) take upon oneself 
.a *i bah’di n f. handmaid maid 

to *> 

to' in AB'H to’ vi tki to band* hu"i raov. victim 
of vicissitudes of fortune 
•fr.i bahd n.m. bond jifnf hi I in' Uiht bahd n.m. prize 
^ » bond [E] 

**i ban da ao|. & n.m. (person) with crook- 
ed legs tailless (bird or reptile) 

1). bihtti.u. bamboo, lett- 
ed • foot-long measure 
bShi par thaiha Ha v.T. (fa-) liaise 

(an umvortliy man) (O/i; 

bait roh u'chkatna (or* kood'na) 

v.t. (fig.) be overjoyed J^ibah'M 

adj. bamboo ; of bamboo 


l^lbafi'sa n.m. bridge of the nose 

bait' s3 phir’ ja'na v.i. approach of death 
(denoted by the turning of the bridge of the 

( babs'n (rus. tft bats' li) n.f. ^S| 

* pipe ; flute reed ; fife [ . 

^J^lbatk n.f. anklet dagger- 

* play type of dagger used : 

in it ; curved dagger piece of t ' 
wood protecting a wheel fault : offence ; 

| filbah’ka n.m. fop ; beau ; coxcomb 

snobbish bully (esp. of Lucknow) adj. 
curved crooked ; cunning spirited 
babk'-pon n.m. cuteness smartness 
foppishness ; gaiety ; wantonness /’t bat'ki adj. 
& n.f. cute (woman) 

kmd&baiig n.f. crowing (of) cock) ; crow 

cry ; shout fusu. yjfjL J&bah’g-c azan) 

call to prayer bat'g-e dura' n.f. sound of 
bell (as signal for start of caravan) 
batg' de'na v.i. Crow [P] 

) : bahgar n.m. & adj. upland ; highland 

Jt/fy batg' roe churlish stupid ignorant 

/ /. n.m. boor highlander 

(/ t ban'gi n.f. sample 

jlba'no (ped. ba'noe) n.f. lady princess 

* syp. (used with female names) woman [P] 
l ban vc ADJ. & N.M. ninety-two 
t * ban'vtrah adj. ninety-second 

bath n.f. arm sleeve support 

supporter surety -, guarantee 

bath' pa'korna v.t. succour support 

defend come to the aid of bath' 

joof'na v.t. have a broken arm lose one's 
prop ; support or friend bath' de'na v.t. 

help : aid succour OJU'l bath gaih’na v.t. 
I (rait) support ; come to the aid of ; 
fHte'aiN.M. founder ; author originator 

* builder cause of (trouble; etc.) 

ba'idre ftsad 1 n.m. mischief-monger one 

stirring up trouble [A~ fe,] 
r ». r 

/Jlia'itJ n.f. words sounds tale 

* nature bad habits 

jjl ha'va n.m. father grandfather 

(nurs.)doIl (someone's) superior 


summate knave /jlltlbaloa a'dam n.m. Ads 
ply 1 *» ba'ca a' dam nita’li he' 

v.T. (fig.) (of person) being curious (of 
situation) being strange If'ljbba’ua ka adj. 
(iron.) own ; personal inherited 

Jjlba'var n.m. credibility faith ; belief 
trust adj. credible trustworthy 
true t ”/jj\ba 'oar kar'na v.t. trust believe 
to be truttfilflji/jl bs'oar ho'na (or a'ira) v.i. 
be believed 

bavar'f&i n.m. cook i Htfjs £ bivar'&h 
V * kha'nah n.m. kitchenf^jl laoar'&i ga'n 
n.f. culinary art v 

yljl bason adj. & n.m. fifty-two jyjU/tbf 
ba’van lo'le pa'o ra(H adj. exactly ; pre- 
cisely Stf^j\baoan gat ka adj. tall mis- 
chievom tat’ ka nut jo ' hoi so 
ba’van gag ka prov. everyone here outdoes the 
others in mischief (or oddity) •>> i ba'vanaat 
adj. fifty second 

tlbahu.T. lust virility ,\£'jq*u>'oat-e bah 
* n.f. virility [A] 

ba’hir (col. ba'har) n.m. & adv. out 
1 * outside away abroad beyond 
external exceeding ba'hir ba'hir adv. 

outside at a distance int. keep away^J; 
l' If ba'hir ja'na v.i. go out go abroad 

go overseas by*[bahir ka n.m. outsider 
foreigner adj. outer external I’SsJ l 
ba'hir kar'na, 0 ba'hir nikaVna v.t. turn 

out; expel oust ; erect exclude dis- 
miss ; omit strike out LZ-fCyf {ba'hir bbfj'na 
v.i. send out expire send overseas 
Clftiyfi ba'hir U ja'na v.t. take ou) (of) 
export take abroad kaih'nt u 

ba'hir ho'na disobey refuse to listen be 
out of control t£y{ ba'hiri ADJ. exterior [A1 
SI ba'-hom adv. together, jointly 
I ’mutually reciprocally l ba'ham-di'gor 
adj. mutual reciprocal adv. together 
mutually reciprocally tf , ( ba'-hand adj. 
mutual reciprocal [P - ( +^i ] 

,,/ft bah' man, ^/[ba' man n.m. (col.) brahmin 
w * tf l bah' maiii, tf l bam'm N.F. (col.) brah- 
min woman j ~&fs. corr.] 
frlbah'na v.t. till (land) open wide 
(mouth) show (teeth) eg} 

^yiba"ibol n.m. Bible [E] 

Ai ta'“e n.m. seller [A - Cfi ] 

jl ba"o n.f. wind flatulence iwBU- 
* matism L Jyjlba , 'e borahg' n.m._ a cucumber- 
like drug-root ‘embelia ribcsfCT'tj ba * 




sar'na (or a'n3) v.i. pass wind ; fart i)/s[ba' , o 
go' la flatulence (esp. in women) ; hysteria 
ba"oTi n.f. (also (f£i 'jjZbe'jo ba"orl) 
children’s game played on small fK’i 
by lifting potsherds in toes filed for it 
tfjjt ba"ola (dial.l/jlia'Va) adj. rabid 
mad insane; crazy^iljlia'Va pan 
n.m. craziness J tljlba”ola kuha n.m. rabid 
dog (f)tba"oli (dial.^/lta'Vi) n.f. crazy 
woma adj. crazy 

Ajl ba''olt n.f. deep well with steps, etc. 

, * leading to water-level 

J>L ia'’<mi n.f. seed time sowing & 

y bo’na] 

() j ba"i n.f. madam (as title for dancing 
girl) ‘mother bawd ; old abbess ; la 
bonne (dial.) lady ; dame (dial.) flatus 
(dial.) fait' rheumatic pain > 

/f^l ba”is adj. & n.m. twenty-two 
** * ba‘'isvah adj. twenty-second 
(Jib ba'yafi adj. left junior bass n.m. 
j‘ left had pa' 'on pooj’tia 

ba'yan qa'dam U'na \.t. bow to 
someone’s 1 Superior cunning f 

ba n ak hatk, se rak/ua' It' fa v.t. extqrt ; get' by 
force l(J^)^JVS^(/'Xba n ak haik ka kor'tob' 
(or Hut) ph. easy job (for someone) 

• A , i ba'yod-o tha'yad adj. meet and 

proper ; as it should be rare [P 

l^bib n.m. bib [E]'bar, 

ba'bar Outr n.m. lion [P prOn. 
ba'bttr or ba'bSr] 

fy* bob' r a n.m. blue piebald pigeon 

(Jytbab'ti n.f. look of cropped hair hanging on 

* woman’s forehead 

lyj^ba'bi'a N.M. boy boy’s (clay) effigy 

* as plaything [~jj] , 

QjJbdbool' n.f. acacia ■ 0 » rj/?- baboeL’ ka 

* kah'ta n.m. acacia babool' kt 

p*r' bo'n a v.i. (fig.) do something evil. 
jfj^baboo'la, bjfbagool'la n.m. whirlwind 

(f,bab'bi, jjfvpap'pi n.f. (nurs.) Wm^l^kkat'a 

* (Jbab'hH) n.f. (nurs.) 'first 
(bab'tH) n.f. (nurs.) second kiss 
^l^bibjra’nab n.m.& adj. ladies 5tuff[~P Jilj 

1>M 'ta n.f. misfortune adversity 

r distress ; woe calamity ( 

op'rnr bip'ta kaih'na (or sSna'na) v.t. relate 
one’s tale of woe Ijg&bib'ia par'na v.i. (of mis- 
fortune) befall 

^yji^baptis'mah nj*. baptism [G] 

l* u'bi'pkarna v.i. fall into passion be 
A* enraged be out of control defy 
revolt show obstinacy 
£s>but n.m. idol image statue 
* mistress ; beloved lovely person adj. 
stupefied stunned dumbfounded IP, &•. 
Vj 7 tjpbUt' ba'na kka'ra ho'na v.i. be' struck 
dumb; be dumbfounded but’-parost' 

adj. & n.m. worshipper of images ; idolater 
{j-j&.bUt paras' R n.f. idolatry ; idol-worship 
( ?l)‘ii%but-torash' ^ carver of idols 
sculptor: statuary (/i/^ybit-tara’sb} n.f. 
sculpture statuary J,b^?bnt-kha'nah n.m. 

idol-temple place with a bevy of beauties 
^dPfbUt-shi'kan adj & N.M. iconoclast.; 
image-breaker tjlzsfbut-ka'dah n.m.. idol- 
temple (rare) pagoda [P~S Buddha) 
p but' la Df. balo'la n.m. delusion cajolery 
fraud ; trick ; evasion (usu. in) fy 
(C&UbtU'h (or batola) de'na (or bata'na) v.t.” 
deceive ; defraud dupe overreach 
evade; dodge Cf(J , i (JJ{}.)ai?bUt’U (or bate' It) 
men a'na v.t. be duped 

bata'sa, Odbatatha N.M. puffed sugir 
* drop a kind of small fire-work 
bubble „ 

bita'na v.t. pass or spend (time) 

1. # CAUS.l 

bata'na n.m. iron ring used as measure far 
f bangles 

1*12 bata'na v.t. tell explain indicate 
point out ; show acquaint describe 
instruct make sexy signs in dancing etc. 
fit?, batla'na v.t. tell explain talk ; 
converse point out ; show explain 
teach ; instruct [» <Ht\ *' 

%ba 'tar adj. worse [P- ) 

bUt'ra adj. having a dull blade 

^u^batak'kar adj. garrulous 

^ baton' gox n.m. accurate (usu. in) 

b’Vt bat' ka baton' gar ban a'na v.t. exagg* 
rate unduly [ ] 

^ybotoara N.M. dung-cake heap 

0 ?. ■ 100 

(Jf'batool m.f. chaste woman who is God’s 
true devotee <as fltle of Hazrat Fatimah) 
^virgin [A} 

jjyjbaio'la n.m. (same as •£) 

bat tt n.f. wick candle any sort of 
lamp electric light any stick like 
thing suppository plug (for wound, etc.) 

V Of if", bat' 'ii jala’na v.t. light a candle (or 
lamp, etc.) switch on a light Cbis*# bat'd 
dtarka'na v.t. raise wick (of 
hat' a dikkana y.T. show a light bat'd 
dt'nav.r. plug (wound with gauze, etc.)(j?J)y 
&${{& m (etc.) bal’d (s' gat n.f.' 100 

(etc.) candle-power t,‘S(f£ bat'd gut kar'na 
v.t. put out a lamp (etc.) ; switch ofT the 

fjiS^batb'aa m.m. a kind of potherb; 

‘chenopodium album’ 

Uyt bato'la n.m. (same as I^n.m. if) 
ijs. halo lan n.f. deceitful 
woman loquacious woman [ ~ Oj>J 
J^batti n.f. wick light ; lamp 

fJ^bat'tU adj. & n.m. thirty-two O'rf.bal'- 
lisvatt adj. thirty-second(^5fcli’vt/y> ; /-*t^ 
bat'lis datt'toh men zaban ( lio'na ) prov. (be) 
surrounded by enemies 

ball' salt (col. b-Kpati'sa) -n.m. a kind of 
* „ crisp sweetmeat ; crisp candy 

batti'si n.f. set of teeth any flec- 
tion comprising thirty-two units 
batti'si dikha'na v . t . grin laugh mocking- 
ly (or in a si ily manner) ifi^-batd’si bajna 
v.t. (of teeth) clatter (with cold) 

bat m.f. path portion (alsottltat) 
*“• measure of weight fold (on fat body) 
any fold shiny part of tripe banyan J&. 
baymur' n.m. / highwayman footpad 
\tbat *ta, bat'tah n.m. measure of weight 

brickbat piece of stone pestle 

discount juggler’s casket blemish 

stigma CkbiZ.bat'fa laga'rta v.t. reduce the 
value stigmatize b&l/.batta lag'tia v.i. 
have (value) reduced be sold at discount 
be stigmatized ; be defamed ZtfJkbat'tak- 
fti'tah n.m. irrecoverable balances ; bad debts 
account jit^bat'u-baf' adj. artful ^ crafty; 
fraudulent n.m. swindler ; sharper (old 
use) juggler ^ iirbat'u par adv. at a discount 
Ir'l/kdtJv.i. get divided divert (atten- 
* lion, ctc.)$l?Aff/a'’i n.f. division of 

crop between cultivator and landlord wages 

far twisting ropes 

ba’fan n.m. button [E] 

ba\m v.t. be divided (of attention) 

• be diverted form by twisting n.m. instru- 
ment with which ropes arc twisted 

ji»* bUi'na n.m. same as n.m. or n.m. if) 

y [*«}« n.f. (same as JL> if) 

itbaf'va NM. p purse; wallet b'lj; bat PS sS 

adj. . (f bat' os ri) small but lovely 


/ ltd Partition ; division of (each) 

d'7. person’s share of) joint property 
batvi'ra kar'na v.t. partition jlyibawsr' N.M. 

toll collector tax gatherer who collects 
in kind [ - b* ~ fcW ) 

,-fibam'na v.t. cause to twist get 

V (something) partitioned [ - I/Acaus.] 

bator'na v.i. amass (wealth; dv fraudulent 

• Kbidta'n^ KMbiAa'de'nav.-r. seat 

»“'• instal (on throne) impress plant 
set fix cause to sit down persuade 
(election candidate) to withdraw cause 

(child) to pass stools send (child to school) 
for first time, ( II ) not to send (married girl) to 

[ in-laws c/j lid bitka' rakk'na v.t. keep 
seated keep waiting refuse to send mar- 
ried daughter to her home keep daughter’s 
marriage in abeyance for long 
l hm*. yibitto n.f. daughter int. my little 
” ^daughter l ~ Jj dim.] 
j£bayr' n.f. quail 

ba-ji adj. correct right ; proper 

* opportune suitable ; fit in the proper 

place adv. properly precisely tfjtft/. 

ba-ja' a'varl n.m. execution (of orders) * 
compliance (with wish) Cip(r&l)' {irsSgtdt) 
forma' na v.i. (said of a superior) speak aright 

fjl ? ba-ja' la'na v.t. obey comply 

with : obey put into effect; implement; 
execute accomplish ; perform [P~<in + fr 

\f / .bVj'ja, Cf-b'j'na (crude form of) 

* sanitary towel ' plug (to stop flux from 

jgbijar' n.m. bull (fig,) lusty fellow 
llff'bija'ta adj. full of seed | ) 

(ifbqja'na v.t. play upon (musical instru- 

* ment) beat (drum) blow (whistle) 
(vulg.) be active agent in sex relation [ ~ fy 

ba-ja"*, JL~l/?fkc bo-ja’'t adv. 

* * in place of instead of ; in lieu of 

C -Ff+ir] 

\bjf ba'iat n.m. budget [E] 

fbaj'jar, ba'jar km. hard heavy stone 
** thunderbolt adj. unwieldy immovable 
\fbaj'ra n.m. yacht flat-^__ 

•^•bottomed boat 

fif ba'jar bat’ too n.m. juggler’s^S^pS^ 

** wooden ball toy a kind ^ 
of black seed for making necklace 
/ffbaj'ri n.f. grave) small 

'* hailstone 

fba-jUr! raw. except ; save . with the 
'* exception (oO withoht [P ~ + jg] 

/ 1/* btj'H n.f. electricity (electric) 
current lightning thunderbolt 

kernel of mango stone ear-ring y>j 

active ; smart very swift ( IW/}J 
(U-^t fry 'ft da'makna (or kauhd’na or la’pakn a 
or Lamina) v.i. (of lightning) flash i'/ityjf'- 
bij'tl por’na (or gir’na) v.i. (of lightning) 
strike (fig.) blast (fig.) (of evil) befall 
(jpbii’ti is tolvar’ n.m. sharp-edged 
sword lf*/(fbij’tl ka’rakna- v.i. thunder 
JVbij'ti H ka'rak n.f., Wtftf.bij’tl ka kar’ka 
n.m. thunderclap 

fcfbaj'ia v.i, sound be sounded (of 

* musical instrument) be played (of bell) 
be rung (of teeth) clatter (of clock) 
strike . chime strike so as to produce sound 

(vulg.) be poked for sexual act (*)/* bajva'na 
v.t. cause to sound cause (musical 
instrument) to be played (vulg.) be passive 
agent in sex relation 

bujna n.m. (samcas tf'-iujja n.m. *) 

yZbij'joo N.M. badger hyena (fig.) 

tiny-faced or small-eyed person 
fjf* bijau’rl n.f. small knobbed lid (for 
V Af. pitcher, etc.) 

^JjV* bijog' n.m. separation of lovers [S] 

bjtfia'rat (JjfbVrjkav'val n.f. riddle [~ 

. v* . Cflti '■ 

btijk'na V.i. ' be quenched be put 
out ; he extinguished (of spirits) be 
dumped ; be depressed Clt/.bitfta'na v.t. 

extinguish ; put out quench slake (Kmc) 
temper (steel) depress smother (anger) 
explain cause to comprehend bong 
round pose (a riddle) [ — uf‘CAU».) 
if* bu&'Aa, IsJboo'Aa adj. (f. (f;b*d'di, iff. 

V boo'dl) ear-cropt (fig.) usn. (fjj*' 
nak'fjl bud' At) with no jewellery in Cara 
(fig.) shameless (woman) 

bidar' n.m. (Usu. as Jf&r'iod bid* »r') 

V reflection worry ; r care£/Kfrf$tSr'ap 
v.i. & t. (dial.) think ; ponder 

\j\f bids’ ra adj. (f. (f jtf bids' tI) same 
f (see under f^-J 

/iff bids'll n.f. straw fa- horse’s bed 

j . 

bad' pan, Ufrbad’Jma N.m. in fancy 

v childhood 7 ‘bad’ pane ki ba'tek 

n.m. pi.. childhood’s memories childish 

gij fba’dal n.f. (see under (£?v.i. if) 

tf&bad'dagati km. pl. (rare) children 

V little ones zvf.bad' dagBnah (col. baekga '- 
nah) adj. of or for children childish 
[Posing, f] 

/.j&ba’dan n.m. (dial.) pledge ; wad of honota 

]yf»bad ns v.t. escape (from) ; save oneself 
¥ dodge ; evade ; avoid be spared 
recover survive (of money) remain un- 
spent (of material) remain unused ; prove 

to be spare frf tyba’ds kku'ds adj. n.m. 
remainder ; residue adj. remaining left 

over (after use or exploitation) t,‘f bads' na 
v.t. protect save spare preserve 

defend ; guard help secure put aside 
ty.bada'o km. rescue .. defence protec- 
tion preservation security escape *tf 

bada’’o ki soo’rat nikal’na v.i. contrive 

escape n.f. savings ptwiiti^* 

bo,' do int. look out ; watch 
fbad'doo, (£/-bad'dooji int. sonny 

(as a terra of endearment for own son) 
sonny (as term of contempt for foe pP/ % : 
badoofig’ra N.M. (term of endearment fa) 
child brat [ ~P f-] 

(Jfbido'a, yfbidol'ja n.m. player part^ 
* cipatmg in matcl* w both sides 
mediator arbitrator agent pimp ; 
pander (~ #.] 

^ bad' dab n.m. child baby Iqfcqy 

f young person young (of an animal) 
adj. green inexperienced innocent 


ba&'fka-ba'zi n.f pedcrastxjU^K^' 
bath? jia-dan' (or rfa'nj) n.m. womb ; uterus 
ty^bash (h*- bhara'na v.iy (of 

birds) feed the young Jf/jA/ tx 

ba& sh°b ka Hul’ n.m. entertain- 
ment for children children 
play (%•) mere child’s play^^J^^ 
^^baeh'dta-kSM N.F. infanticide JJ ' " 

ytfjj&adi'choli ka bsH'kar n.m. large number 
of children i/'jg- bash' chah kach'dia n.m. (pl 

^ bachh'rs kkootiu 

kt bal' par nach'ta hai prov every 
dog is valiant at his own door 

bi’ehkarna v.t. be separated (from) 
go astray get lost 

faf'bichh’na v.t. be spread lie flat 
^ humble oneself (before) (of mangoes, 
etc.) be helped; lie in heap t'U \a£bi'ehka 
ja’na v.t. be extremely polite Cl/'.biehk.a'na 
v.t. spread extend lay 

bifhbva'nd v.t. cause to spread 1 M Jf 

bich'choo n.m. scorpion 

jjotfbishh'va n.m. iron claw w fS‘ 

*«* a kind of dagger ring for 

bishhau'na n.m. bedding ; l >’v 
bedspread [ ~ U/-] 
baehk'yft n.f. female calf !# 
bachfc'ra n.m. ★] 

\y^f‘ bachht'ra n.m. colt «-<• %-r 
*>' bashhi'ri n.f. foal ; filly \ 

bash' ehi n.f girl female tUlAi J 

child [~P^J »/T/ 

& ba-hal' adj. reinstated ^ " T 
, \ restored in normal state or 
condition unaltered upheld refreshed 
flourishing again CdjJtf ba-hal' rakh'na 
v.y. maintain ‘status quo’ uphold a 
decision maintain in the same condition 
keep (something) as it was int. as you were 
W ba-hal' kar'aa v.t reinstate rcstor 

^•establish issue orders for maintenance 
of 'status quo’ refresh Vs, ba-hal' ho'na 
v.i be reinstated return to a former 
Mate or condition begin to flourish again 
be refreshed J IS? ba ~ha'li n.f. ‘status 
quo’ j ‘status quo ante* reinstatement 

restoration maintenance ’ rehabilitation 

return to former state or condition pros- 
perity recovery ; recuperation 
ba-ha‘li-e ara'zi n.f land reclamation f ~P~ A 


baih's (ped. bah’s) n.f discussion 
debate controversy question ; issue 
argument ; dispute ; alteration (jtf&lbaiKsa 
baih’si n.f. prolonged argumentlV^AaiVb'aa v.t. 
argue ; dispute bath's kar'na v.t. dis- 

cuss raise a question debate dispute ; 
argue [A] 

baxh'r (ped. bah'r) n.m. (pl. jt/l abhar' 

' ab'hur, j/.buhoor?) sea ; ocean n . f . (pl ,/• 
btihoor ) metre UjJf. baih' r khul'na v.t. (of 
memory, intellect, etc.) improveuJKjjjqjy/, 
baih'r-e oqiyanoos' (or arch, zulumat', arch. ‘col. 
zulmat') n.m. Atlantic Ocean (lU^zffbaih'r-t 
mufi'jamid-e) shima'li n.m. Arctic Ocean 
$J?baih’r-e mM'jamid-c) janeo'H n.m. Antarctic 
baih'r-e hibd' n.m. Indian Ocean iff' 
baih'ri (ped. bah-) adj. sea of the sea 
marine nautical maritime naval t/; 

baihriy’yah (ped. bah-) n.m. navy 
Pakistani baihriy'yah n.m. Pakistan Navy tf. 
bohai'rah n.m. -pc [A] 

ll) IS, bo hr an' n.m. crisis , criticaj moment 

' turning point of disease (etc.) abnor- 
mal condition ^fbohra'ni adj. critical 

abnormal c^j/Jfbohra’nt kaifiy'yat' n.f. 
crisis . abnormal condition [A] 
jf, bahoor’ n.m. pl, seas ; oceans ; n.f metres 

f buhai'rah n.m. sea large lake^/j^* 

■ bohai'ra(-c) as'vad n.m. Black Sea (*{*/£' 
J bohai’ra(-e) room' N.m. Mediterranean 
bohai'ra(-e) qul'zum n.m. Red Sea 
bt>hai'ra(-e) kha'zar n.m Caspian Sea [A~ /> 

j\y. bukhar' NM, fever ague steam; 

vapour grief ; anguish worry ; 
anxiety rage ; anger grudge ; animosity 
11 jfr. bUkhar' a 'na v.t. hav£ fever; run a 
temperature ; be feverish UK’i/^Jjyi/lbukJtar' 
dil'meh rakh'na v.i. bear a grudge; harbour 
animosity U^jiif/Jjdir ka bUkhar ’ nikalaa 
v.i. vent (one’s) rage , give (someone) hell 
air (one’s) grievances &ljl%bukharat' n.m 
pl. steam fume vapours [A] 

bukha'rl n.f. high-up niche used 
a^ granary fireplace in wall (also 
5< W bukha'H) name of a famous 
collection of Traditions adj of Bukhara (in 
Central Asia) (A- T1 , 



bai-kft&l'q I n.m. rudeness jj> bad-khoo ' adj. 
evil-minded malicious rude J/s bad-khoo' ’I 
n.u.. malice ; evil disposition rudeness 
t|l/> bad-kha'bi n.f. insomnia ; sleeplessness 
bad-khsh' adj. malicious ; malevolent 
malignant inimical n.m. evil-wisher 
enemy </,!/* bad-kha'ki N.F. enmity ; 

animosity malevolence l 04 bad-do' s' n.f. 
curse ; malediction ; imprecation Jyj>bad-dil' 
adj. frustrated disgusted dishearten- 
ed hopeless ftij/bad-di'll disgust 

frustration l/t^bad-dimagf}' adj. haughty ; 

prude peevish ; iretful rude J'\,»J ! bad- 
dima'ghi n.f. pride ; vanity preevishness 
rudeness cXit-i b«d-diya'nat adj. . dis- 
honest unreliable faithless (fiy^bad- 
diya-nali n f. dishonesty C/lj^baz-Zat' (or ped. 
bad-znt') adj. low-born ; of bad disposition ; 
base ; ill-bred ; unprincipled vicious ; evil- 
minded wicked base; low-born jf S4 
bad-zs'li n!f. wickedness vileness 
meanness bad'-zd"iqah adj. unpalatable 

bad-rnh' adj. wicked sinful evil 
debauched *~>tfij<bad-rikab' adj. (of horse) 
difficult to ride bad-rafig' adj. dis- 
coloured dull ; faded jj^bad-roo' adj. ugly ; 
ungainly bad-roo”i n.f. ugliness Jj* 

bad-zabnti adj. abusive; reviling; foulmouthed 
ftjjibad-zab'ni n.f. abusive - language ; abuse 
isy*bad-z<b' adj. ungraceful ugly (fjj> 
bad-ze’bi n.f. ill grace ; bad grace y^bad- 
ss'*at n.f. unhappy moment unfortunate 
occasion ui Jtybad-sirisht' adj. ill-natured 
bad-sigal' AV]. malicious ; malovolent ; malig- 
nant Jjtybod-suloo’ki n.f. maltreatment 
misbehaviour bad-si rat adj. ill-natur- 
ed evil unmannerly rude bad- 
si' rati n.f. maliciousness rudeness 
bad-shak'l adj. ugly ; unbeamiful ; ungainly 
bad- shak'li n.f. ugliness j bad-shZgoc' ril 
n.f. ill omen inauspiciousness <&//% 
bad-soo'ral adj. ugly ; ungainly j j^bad- 
soo'ratl n.f. ugliness ungainliness 

» Q 

bad-tt'nai adj. malicious ; malevolent ; evil- 
minded {fifjbad-li'nali n.f. malice (Jlfbad- 
tpri adi. suspicious distrustful bad- 
tan nl n.f. distrust suspicion juf'jtbad- 
‘ lik'd adj. false ; faithless ; treacherous 
disloyal untrue to one’s word (f**frbad - 
4 th' dl n.f. breach of promise backing 
out of one’s words faithlessness treachery 

( y > j>bad-J*‘’li n.f. criminal assault Un- 
natural offence jfybad-kay' adj. sinful 
(sexually) immoral jljX*bad-kirdm‘ adj. 
sinful wicked ; evil bad-kirdar' 

shakh's n.f. bad character evil person 
bad-gumztri ADj y suspicious ; distrustful 
disbelieving bad-gima’m n.f. sus- 
picion ; distrust JJbad-go’ ADJ. foulmouthed 
n.m. slanderer ; calumniator ^jCfbaa-go’f n.f. 
abuse ; slander ; calumny ^ bad-gau'har 
adj. (lit.) evil J>*(^ bad-lihaz’ adj. rude 
disrespectful impudent (fljjbad-liha'zi n.f. 
rudeness impudenceft&r bad-lagam adj. 
foul-mouthed rude, (of horse) hard- 
mouthed ; wayward (/^Ubad-laga'mi' n.f. 
rudeness waywardness frljitbad-mizaf adj. 

peevish ; fretful proud ; haughty (/J^i 
bad-rnizu'ji n.f. peevishness pride ; 
vanity bad-maz'g\ (ped. bad-ma'(agi) n.f. 

bad taste Unpleasantness between friend 
tiff t^Abad-ma'zah adj. unpalatabJe 
having a bad taste tasteless ; vapid ; insipid 
£mX bad-mast' adj. deed-drunk inebriated ; 
sottish ; tippled l fig.) lustful (fig.) 
drunk (with power) ts^wtbad-ma'ash' adj. 
immoral ; of an evil profession roguish n.m. 

bad character blackguard rascalJ^Uif 

bad-mo' ma alah adj. dishonest ; fraudulent 

/ ntrue to one’s word unfair in dealings 

lyi* bad-mo' a.' malagi n.f. unfair dealing 

dishonesty bad-nsm' adj. notorious ; 
disreputable ; infamous ; ignominous de- 
famed vilified ; slandered bad-nam 

kar’na v.t. defame ; asperse ; slander ; vilify 
(JVm bad-nami n.f. , notoriety desrepute , 

infamy ignominy dishonour ; disgrace 
bad-nas’l adj. of low breed of low origin 
bad-nasib' adj. unlucky ; unfortunate 
miseiable ; wretched bad-nasi'bt n.f. 

ill-luck ■ misfortune misery bad-numa' 
adj. awkward ; clumsy ungraceful ; in- 
elegant unbecoming tyi/s bad-numa'i n.f. 

awkwardness ; clumsiness ungracefulncss 
inelegcncc bad-nihad’ adj. ill-iutentkm- 
ed ill-natured ; evil ; malice j/A j>bad- 
niha'di n.f. evil disposition d^&bad- niy'yat 
ADJ. greedy ; avaricious ill-intentioned ; 
ill-disposed malicious ; malevolent dis-- 
honest jfitbad- niy'ydS n.f. C ill-will, 
malice ; evil intention dishonesty 
greed ; avarice gitbai-wz' adj. ugly, 
ungainly clumsy ; awkward unmannerly 


bad-va^'i n.f. ugliness evil disposi- 
tion unmannerliness dishonesty evil 
ways bad-haz'im n f. indigestion ; dys- 

pepsia bad-hai'at adj. ugly inele- 
gent ; ungraceful awkward ; clumsy 
bad-yjtm'n adj. (lit.) . ill-omened unpro- 
pitious (jrfj bad-yum'ni N.F. (lit.) ill-luck (f> 
ba'di n.f. vice evil wickedness mis- 
chief Cjl /(fJjba'di bar u'tarna v i. be bent 
upon mischief ba'di kar'na v.t. do harm 
(to someone) [P] 
r JL bad' n.f. bubo [S] 

^iJlbada'hat n.f. extemporization (A) 

fyjbada" adj. wonders rarities 
curios rhetorical devices [A ~ sing. 

(!*| Jt Jt budbuda'na, V/jjkjJ^bu dor bit dar kar'na 
* * v.i. mumble mutter grumble 
Jjbbad'r n.m. moon bad'r-t ka'mil full 
*moon (fig.) exquisitely beautiful person 


Jjtba-dar adv . out ; outside suf. banished from 
* 1 '/jjba-dar' kar'na v. extern banish 
extradite expatriate dar' ba-dar' adj. 

from door to door forced to lead a 
tram’s life 1‘jl/^Uvjj^jidar' ba-dar' khak' ba-sar' 
ho' nil Fit. be forced to lead a tramp’s life 

move from door to door without success 
fall on evil daysj^r-^shaih'r ba-dar' adj. 
banished from city ; expelled from townj>,J(t 
mSl'k ba-dar' adj. exiled ; banished ex- 
tradited |P~ v -fvjdoor] 
yjjjt ba'dar-rau (ped. ba-dar -rau) 

N.F. sewer (FJ 

JSjJi bad'raqah n.m. escort 

convoy drug moderating 
effect of others in a recipe; moderat- 
ing drug [AJ 

pjje badrah n.m. (arch.) purse puije 

containing a thousand rupees 
£M t bid' * at n.f. innovation in religion 

schism heresy any innovation jjfy 
bid' 'alt n.m. innovator in religion ork 
creating schism heretic innovator [A] 
UCjf bi'dakna v.i. shy . start be scared 
take flight bidka'na v.t. cause 
to shy . startle scare , frighten estrange 
ba'dal n.m. substitute alternative 

noun in apposilion CbfJj ba'dal ja'na v.i. 

change back out ba'dal de'na v.T. 
change ba'dal le'na v.i. exchange (some- 

thing with) ^JjysiJjiba'dal-ishlirak' n.m. (ped.) 
subscription (of periodical) 

IPjb ba'dalna v.t. change alter shift 
move vary (fjehadli n.f. transfer 
change of guards {">b,badlana v.t. cause 
to change alter exchange f 'jijibadta"i 
n.f. exchange commission barter [A~ 


Jjt bcd’lah n.m. exchange : lieu ; compensation 
revenge retaliation exchange s 

return rie ka bad'Jah ph . tit for tat 

bad'lah de'na v . t . requite ; reward 
compensate ; indemnify bad'lah le'na v.t 
take revenge ; wreak vengeance on ; avenge 
[ ~ PREC.] 

I^Jrbad'li n.f. small cloud [~JL»Idim.] 

jMa' dan n.m. body physique l^JO-kba'dan 

tuot'tia v.i. suffer racking pains in the 
body feci feverish O^JJ/ba' dan phmVna v.i. 
have boils all over the body I’st&tfJ/ba'dan 
pht ka ho' ns v.i. feel feverish - be running 
a temperature \>Jjflji m ba'dan c&ura'na v.i. feel 
abashed %£jj(£&J!){ba dan ke) ratthg'te 

kka're ho'na v.i. have the hair stand on die 
end (owing to extreme fear or cold) feel 
intense cold be terror-striken 'J^ba'darii adj. 

bodfly ; corporal corporeal [A] 

[*jj/bad'na 1"-* ly'shart bad'na v.t. & I. bet ; 

wagcriy,\jiba'dd ho'na v.i. be preordained 
if j.l>ba'da ba'di n.f. emulation; contention 
adv. trying to excel , outbidding 
' )Je bad'doo n.m. & adj. (one) who has a bad 
* name 


}JL bad'doo n.m Bedouin [ - foil ; corr.] 

ba'davi adj. & Bedouin 
desert , of desert n.m. 
the desert IA ~ Mjl ] 

JpJ* budh. n ,m the Buddha 

* Buddhisi(s) wisdom; 
commonsense consciousness Wednesday 
(the planet) Mercury ^j»j,budk mat n.m. 
Buddhism jr’j.bud' dkoo n.m. simpleton 
arrant fool fA/eAbudh! budkkegax'je N.M. 

P.I., small potsherds tossed and caught in 
^opposite side of hand in children’s game [ ~ S] 
£ [gbbadka'i n.f. (dial.) congratulation 

tyjebadh'na n.m. earthen jar for Persian 
wheel spouted earthen jug 



n.f. garland mark left on 
* body by a hit 

badh'ya rot. castrated animal 
* bullock Vj Utf badkya kar’na v.t. castrate 
l J* bid'deya, t j J vii'dtya. n,j. (dial.) know- 
** ledge ; skill Ijjfl&Jkar'te ki btd'deya 
prov. skill comes with practice [S] 
iJ^Jr baits’ n.m. foreign land ; alien country 
** * adv. abroad (f?* bade' si adj. foreign; 
alien n.m. foreigner [ -%r^r] 

& badi l ' f AX>}. wonderful novel n.m. 

** (pl. ^/i^bada"t t ) rhetorical device also 
bait 1 ') science dealing with 
rhetorical devices ; rhetoric (J^iC/^badi”-ul~ 
- jamal' n.m. paragon of beauty adj." exquisite- 
ly beautiful [A] 

badi’kah adj. appropriate apt ex- 
'* * tempore ; impromptu badi 'ha-go' ’i 

N.f. extemporization ifa badi' fa adj. self- 
evident axiomatic plain unpremedi- 
tated.C'UjfJarfiAyjya/' n.f. pl. axioms ; self- 
evident truths [A~ dyif] 

IfrjbSd'dha adj. aged old elderly 
* n.m. old man father i/j^X.bad'dha 
pfmfts' adj. & n.m. decrepit old man^SjAfid'- 
dfa adj. (arch.) old 
yji baz’l n.m. munificence [A] 

Jjibaz'fah n.m. witticism ; joke witfirt* 
* baz la-safij' adj. witty (person) \ba£fa- 
sati'jl n.f. wittiess [A] ^ 

1 n.m. land land mass fUjbar'tt- 
a‘'zam n.m. continent l&JJbar’n adj. if gS. 
karriyyah n.m. (see under (f^bar'ri adj. -&) 


•j/ bar n.m. body lap ; flank [P] 


bar n.m. groom ; bridegroom husband 
width (of cloth) 

bar pref. on upon at above 
out suf: bearer ; carrier n.f. bosom ; 
breast heart body fruit Ct^bar d'na 
v.i. (of hope) be fulfilled t^Aar-^a' adv. 
afoot ; on foot in progress lijiybar-pa' 
kar’na v.t. establish set oq foot con- 
vene fa Ijl bar-pa’ ho’nzv.v happen ; take 
place befall be established be conven- 
ed be in progress JJ. bar' -tar adj. higher 
suprenor eminent excellent 
supreme (fjybar'-tan N.f. supremacy 

superiority excellence ■~<~f$ t barjas'lah adj. 

apt apposite extempore ; impromptu 
ifj. har-haq adj. right justifiable 
inevitable . inpontrovertable CjQr/^ke bar - 
khilaj', bar-ak's adv.^ on „ the 

contrary as against SjfyjJijgrflJJl 

bar zabafi' tasbl'h'-o dar dil''ga’ , e khar’ "prov. 
be a wolf in sheep’s skin C^/.bar taraj adj. 

sacked ; dismissed ; discharged aside 
apart separated ^/c^bar-ta'raf kar'na v.t. 

sack ; dismiss ; discharge'raf 
ho'm v. be sacked ; be dismissed; be discharg- 
ed Ojl/. bar-tar'fi (pcd. -ta’rqfi) n.f. dismiss; 
discharge J/j. bar-qarar’ adj. continuing as 

before extant firm established 

la'ria v.t. fulfil grant (/jlbar-mafyd' 
bar-mau'qa‘,£d%barvaq't adj. apt ; apposite 
opportune ; in the nick of time fabor- 
mala adv. openly publicly [P] 

J.bir N.F. virtue obedience adj. (rare) 
obedient [A] 

s/ t bnr n.m. nap, n.f. vagina 

bitrs n.m. bad person ill-wisher 

accused adj. bad 

worthless faulty defective mischie- 
vous ill-mannered ugly ungraceful 
CfUbu'ra ban' ns v.l. be deemed an enemy 
be accused be condemned tftfL /.ba'n 
bha'la adj. indifferent tolerable ; pass- 
able of all sorts assorted good or bad 
n.m. abuse reproach ; admonition only 
id+fik{U,bu'ra bha'la kaih’na v.t. abuse ; 
revile admonish ; reproach give (some- 
one) hell Jlr Id bur a bal n.m. straitened cir 
cumstances. pitiable condition L'J^J Ul^ 

bura bal kar'na v.T; maltreat reduce to 

pitiable condition badger chaff ; aiwoy 
ruin ; reduce to straitened circumstances 
( , !f{/,bu'ra k&m n.m. evil deed sexual 
intercourse t^/Au'ra lik’kka n.m. bad luck 
tfUbu 'ra lag'na v.i. be unpleasant ; be dii 
agreeable C>hly,bii'ra manna v.i. take 
offence ; feel offended ; take as an affront 
be displeased ; take (something) ill CidjUbu’ra 
vaq't n.m. evil days ; hard times 
bare ba' loft jfna v.t. fall on evil days^lrJ^/A/. 
Cfj/bu'roti fajan' ko ro'na ph. complain of 
tyranny comphin of wrong step taken by 
elders vaq't ka ko"l 

sa’tki ua’kii prov. none helps in adversity t)v. 

4flra”l n.f. ie 

bar'ra n.m. (dial.) (same as i%ba’ra N 

J\J ban! bar adj. equal ; equivalent 
* even ; level uniform plain smooth 
straight like alike on a par (with] 
exact accurate opposite regular 
continuous adv. equally abreast 

uniformly evenly smoothly straight 
similarly exactly near over against 
beside opposite regularly 
continuously ^[/^Jibars'bar bora' bar (colj/j/.!/ 
ba'ra-bara'bar) adj. half equal adv. 
side by side abreast continuously 
regularly ^(/.Isrs'isr ka adj. equal 

match grown-up bora' bar ka be' \a 

n.m. grown-up son 1/4 bar a bar kar'na v.T. 

squander level up smooth match 
adjust divide equally assimilate do 
continuously do unhesitatingly 
bara'bar ki tak'kar ka adj. equal on a 
par (with) match VtyjU.bara'bar ho ja'na 
v.i. become equal be on a par (with) 
be full to the brim become level be 
balanced be spent; be squandered l# 1/4 
bara'bar ho'na v.i. be equal fit be on 
a par (with) overtake come abreast (of) 
mit be spent be squandered end ; 
come to an endtfj'Mbara'bari n.f. equality 
parity par emulation competition 
contest tt/^/U.bara'bari kar’na v.T. try 
to equal emulate vie (with) match 
contest resist ( 

N F - 

* marriage procession 

barat’&orh'na v.i. (of marriage 
procession) ret out for bride’s 
house bara'n n.m. wedding- 
guest (fig.) participant of a procession 

’C'U baral ' (ped.^f!/.ba r /' at ) N ;f; ,ot 

* (ped.) cheque I*' If oi/.barat-* 
•a’ddqdh bar thakh’-t ahoo prov. lovers are 
penniless true love goes unrewarded 
shab-barat', ^^^shab-e ban'' at, 
lai Iat-Ul bard" at n.f. (see under^N .F. it) 


MU biraj’man adv. (dial.) sitting (on 
* throne, etc;) tjfcl l/i/.birajmdn ho'na 
v.i. (dial.) sit ; be seated ; grace 
jj\/ t bira'dar n.m. 'fcjnother cousin (dis* 

9 all 

tant) relation J \J?'j)Ubira'iir~* akhja'fl 
n.m. half-brother (i.e. onebom of same mother 
but different father) J^jji(bira'dar-t haqiqt 
n.m. brother ; own brother ft l kjjrkbira'dar-t 
riza" 1 n.m. foster brother»j(/jil/. bira'dar-za'dah 
n.m. nephew ; brother’s son ‘$fr*jji/,bira'dar-t 
‘ala' Ci n.m. step-brother ; brother descended 
from same father but different mother 
birs’dar-kush adj. & n.m. fratricide 
bira'dar - ku'shi n.f. fractricide {ft^J^bira'dar-e 
nis'bati n.m. brother-in-law ; wife’s brother or 
sister’s husband 2> \ji!/ t bira'dar’nah adj. bro- 
therly ; fraternal adv. fraternally^ U bira'dari 
n.f. outer family circle kith and kin 
brotherhood ; fraternity group ; coterie 


Q)\ybura'dah n.m. filings sawdust 

^iPjj'bndklst n.m. broadcaster^. 

brad'kasting n f. broadcasting [E] 
j \j baraz! n.m. faeces ; stool ; motion 

baul-o baraz' n.m. excrement of bowels and 
bladder [A] 

I j[/biraz' n.m. single combat challenge 
‘ton [A~JU] 

£?jjlj/'bar-afrokh’tafi adj. (of person) 

' enraged ; in a fit of passion (of 
fire, etc.) enkindled [P ~ j*. -ft 
l*if/buraq' n.m. lightning horse (i.e. the 

* quadruped on whose back the Holy Pro- 
phet journeyed during Ascension [A] # 

jbarraq' (ped. barraq') adj. shining d'di*' 

* sifed' burraq' adj. very white milk 
white [A 

Jb\J bar-a'mad n.f. (n..&b.l/bar-amadaf) 

* export land thrown up v by a river 
recovery recovered property coming up 

coming out exit *Als m bar-a' madah adj. 

exported recovered thrown up by river 
(P~«<out-|- *>lcome) x 

fjfl/baram'dah n.m verandahe J'Ubaram dt 

* tneft adv . on the verandah [Pg~LorPg 


/J I / bur' rah adj. of sword, etc.) cutting , 
sharp [P] 

1*1/ barra’na v.i. talk in one’s sleep rave 
(in delirium) 

t*j/ bar' ana v.i. (of hope) come true 

prove mort than a match (for) (-P-/4 + 


$ 1 / 


n.f. branch [£] 
batah'di n.f. brandy [E] 

bar-abeekh' tah adj. roused ; awa- 

** kened stirred up*, excited 
erect enraged vSz—STi/. bar-abstkh' taK 
kar'na v. rouse stir up incite 
cnto&tyZ^l-tbar abgtkh'tah ho'n a v.i. 
rouse stir up be incited be ajraged ; 
fall into a fit of passion [P ~ ] 

0^1 baxa'himah n.m. pl. Brahmins [A~S 


M/I/ barahik' n.m. (pl. of if) 

(^1/ bara"at (preferably to be written as 
^ C-fJ^N.F. acquittal [A~ i}J.\ 

$ U bbra‘*i N - F - badness evil vice 
mischief wickedness harm ; wrong 
adverse comments t/£j l/,£~se bura'i kar’na 
v.t. harm ; do wrong to lb*l/fy,(Jt/.bura'‘i 
par ka'mar buftdk'na ph. be bent upon, mischief 

i'/'t) U /”’?*■' pi'dik* ( ki ’ si **) 

bjira'H kar'na ph. backbite (someone) [~ U 

adj. -*] 


^ J j bars’’ e adv. for on account of ; 

owing to ; by reason of for the sake 
of in order to ; with a view to ; to the end 
that Ctf^ilbara'e bait ’ adv. nominally ; 
cursorily just a little not enough 1 
bars” e khitda’ adv. for God’s sake fl'^l/bara”e 
nam' adv. nominally ; cursorily just a 
little not enough [P] 

(, I J bars' ya n.f. (ped.) creation ; creatures 
•* * people [A ~ sing, v/] 

M bar-bad' adj. ruined ; destroyed ; laid 
* waste wasted squandered flung 
to the winds ty t^ybar-bad' kar'na v.t. des- 
troy ; ravage waste ; squander fling to 
the winds I’^L^bar-bad' ho' ns v.i. be ruin- 
ed ; be destroyed be wasted ; be squander- 
ed be flung to the winds ('di N.F. 

ruin destruction ravage waste 
loss [P~/on+ .>1 wind] j 

tyjburbTira'na V.T. (same as CO.ic] 

L *V// barbariy'yat n.f. barbarity [A—.//* 
•* * * Berber] 

jx)/ bar'bat n.m. a' kind of harp ; duckharp 

4 *[-43 

&i/. bar't n.m. fast as kept by Hindus (8] 

t >> Va N.M. power courage ability 

* support tig!/2</,birU par usftfca/iaa v.i. 
pride oneself on the’support (of) 

kis bir'te pa tat'ta ps'tn PROV. why this vain 
. show ? 

1^/ bar' tan n.m. vessel ; utensil 

^Jjba’ratns v.T. use put to use treat 

* try know by experience Lt ’^bart'na 

v.t. didi out cause to. use ji'^bartt’o 

n.m. treatment behaviour conduct 

practice intimacy usage 

barta'o kar’na v.L treat ; behave (towards) 
/JAAaC/bartk kanvroV n.m. birth control [E] 

iPfaf fyj^birj’ bkasha, idaf &/birj’ bha ka N.F. 

* mediaeval dialect spoken in eastern 
U.P. in India in the area now called Mathura, 
then known as ‘biij’ or cowshed of Krishna 
fc/bVr'j n.m. (pl. tJ'barooj) tower 

* turret bastion sign of the zodiac 
bur'ji’ n.f. turret [~A] 

bir'jis n.f. breeches [E] 

birjis' n.m. Jupiter [P]' 

J bar' (bha n.m. spear lance javelin 
V * (fabar'diJu n.f. small spear dart 
t!U^y,bar^Aait n.m. lancer 

baxkhsst' n f. sacked dismissed 
discharged removed (of 
court! rising up (of meeting) adjourned 
barkhast' kar'na v.t. dismiss 
discharge remove from office (of meeting 
break up (of court) rise for the day (of 
Assembly) adjorn tjr«S» |, fe^ barkhast' ho’na v.i. 

. be saked be dismissed be discharged 
j rise for the day breakup adjoum i ptr>. 
barkhas'tagi n.f. dismissal discharge 

recall removal breakirig-up dissolu- 
tion adjournment [P] 

barkhurdar’ n.m. (euph. for) 

son lad adj. enjoying long life 
and prosperity [P] 

x yJbUrd SL’F. requisition borne taking 
* away n.f. checkmate owing to loss of all 
pieces save king (P . 

fyjbard n.f. striped shawl J kjj. burd-t yarns' ni 
Vf. striped Yemen shawl [A] 
jli^bar-dar’ suf. carrier bearer (£>«/• 
' bordari suf. carrying transport (F~ 



bar-dasht' n.f, endurance pati- 
ence tolerance resignation 
iar Jsfht' kar'na v.t. brook ; bear ; endure ; 
tolerate bar-dasht ' ho'na v.x. be 

tolerable be endured ; be brooked 
bardask'tah affixed raised removed '^hs. 

Ijf^lsbardzish' la-khz' tir ho'na v.i. t be disgust- 
ed be frustrated [P ~y. up -hi^thave] 

x/burdbar ' adj. forbearing ; enduring 

* tolerant patient meek (Jj\jS.btird- 
bn'rt n.f. .forbearance ; endurance 

patience toleration ; bearing of a burden 


Ijy bar' dak n.m. (arch.) slave woman 

‘abducted or^ person kidnapped for being 
told as slave iTj/t-idba/da-firosh' n.m. 

(arch.) slave dealer trafficker in women and 
children#*^* bar'da-Jird’shi n.f. (arch.) 
slave trade trafficking in women and 

fj//bar'takh n.m. partition purgatory 

(Jjybar't* m ft. street quarter (of town) 

tfyba'ras n.m.. year <J> ba' raidin' he 

din ph. at this annual festival ('sl 
NX death anniversary (rare) any annual 

4^1 Sybarszt’ n.f. rainy season ; the rains ly^J. 

bars a' H n.f. -raincoat ; makintosh 

open-sided room on top of house patio adj. 

of rainy season flooded by rains [ 
Jy/SJMr sar-e kar adj. employed 

engaged in business [P~y +s"+ jV\ 
fy/'ba'rosna v.i. rain (fig.) pour a 
torrent of invective ba'ras par'na 

v.i. begin to rain (fig.) give (someone) a 
piece of one’s mind l l^barsa'na v.t. cause 
to tain shower down pour down 

fyjjbar'ruk n.f. cutting ; sharpness [P] 

CU 6 ** * n.m. brush [EJ 

Jtfifybarshagal' n.m. rainy season ; the rains 

t u* \'ras n.m. leucoderma [A] 

^rJ'barta’nijah n.m. Britain (f)lk/,bartsn’ ft adj. 
** * British [A~ E] 

k£JJb«r’f h.v. or f. ice snow adj. ice- 
‘ cold snow vihiicty&tbrffpqh' adj. 

snowcapped l i'JJj'bar'f par'na v.t. snow IjfCt/. 
barf ho'na v.i. ‘ (of thing) become ice-cold 
be benumbed jli^barfa'hl adj. Very cold 
ice ; icy snowcapped [P] 

‘Jybar'ft n.f. white toffee [~ prec.] 


lyjbar'q n.f. electricity lightning 
(arch.) firing^ iy.barq-ab' n.f. hydroelectri4 
cityJ.L*V barq-abt adj. hydro-clcctriqjUlf/bar'i; 
atidaz’ n.m. musketeer sentinel (**&>-* 
bar'q-paima' n.m. electrometer y. io/bar' q-za’ dak 
adj. struck with lightning y/ojMr’q-^r’ n.m. 
conductor Qjbar' q-nUma n.m. electroscope 
JS'bar'q * adj. electric ; electrical'qi 
rau n.f. current; electric current 
bar'qi sho’a’' n.f. flashlight &iMj/barqi 'ilaj' 
n.m. electropathy &'q I maul n.f. 
electrocution „ &'qi qiv'vat n.f. elect- 
ricity barqi 1uvana"t n.f. electric 

cnctgyj^djy, bar'qi laimp n.m. electric lamp 
bar'qi maq'naHs n.m. electromagnet 
bar'qi mo' tar n.m. electric- motor I'itJ, 
barqa'na v.t. clectrify*£'lv. barqiyyal' n.f. 
electrology electricity ^iarjiyjaA N.M. 

electron [A] f\ 

*>JMr' q<? n.m gowped U]® 
‘veil ; ‘burqa’ (;are) veilfc fjfft. | J |k 

bur'qa ‘ posh’ adj. & n.f. veiled 1 djlB 
(wojnan) [A] WVZ 

&V bar’ hat (ped. ba'rakat) n.f. (pl. &WA 
barakal ) auspiciousness good 

fortune blessing abundance prosperity 

(euphanism for) nothing ; nil ; nought»s/vJ 
bar'kat de'na v. (of God) bring good for- 
tune (of God) vouchsafe abundance 

(dUl. bless [A] 

{yybi’rakna, I'l^birbiira’na v.T. add a pinch 

Ipj (ybar'kha n.f. rain £Z>j\ ^'kha rat n.f. 

/ rainy season ; the rains [ ~ S] 
i Jybargn.M. leaf petal provisions 
‘for journey jLj*J/.barg-o-bar' n.m. 
leaves and fnfiit (of tree) provisions prftv 
perty ij j h/'g-o naoa ph. provisions Jpf 
gaUbar'g n.m. petal ; rose-petal 
jfjbar’gai n.m. banyan 

qjyjJbaT-gk&'dah adj. _ chosen elite 
** elect saintly Jj>iu,bar-guzi' dagl N.F. 

saintliness being respected [P~^up+ 

/ Jt jL/j.barg&smati n.m. armour (for hone or 
V-r wider) |P1 


'•^bar-gash' iagi n.f. /iisgust renun- 

ciation TC\olt^M/,bar-gash' lak adj. 
disgusted (person) rebel [P~ 

t^bar'ma n.m. drill auger gimlet It/. 

barma'na v.t. drill (fig.) pierce 
/py*/'bitr-~noofi'hi n.f. ugly person eye- 
sore forbidding countenance cat 

adj. foul nasty 

/• )j>ba'ran n.m. (rare) figure face looks 


yj» barns’ n.m. youth adj. young Jiybarna’i 
51. F. youth ; youthfulness [P] 

biritij ' n.m. rice brass gJ.birift’ji 
adj. brass ; brazen n.f. small nail [P] 
bar' n.f. name of a musical mode 

Ij^bir'nS n.m. plant sapling 

£j\.jb£horihaT bit'va ke chik'ne chik'ne 
*t v v 

pat! prqv. a precocious child shows the man 
inside him, 

fyl/'buroaj' n.m. (pl. of Sybyr'j n.m. *) 

l **<m > bur 00' dal n.f. coolness coldness 

/j chilliness [A] „ 

Jtb/brreg' n.m. separation JjS. biro’gi N.m. 

'separted lover (Jjui biro' gan n.f. separat- 

ed beloved grass-widow 
jf/pJ bgjroo' maitd' adj. lucky ; fortunate 
^prosperous ; thriving [P] 

; / birooti adv, out ; outside externally 

~*fp~ J4^C<?NTR.] 

fjbat'rah n.m. kid lamb also 

bar'ra-e Ja'lak) Aries [P] 
tjbi'rsh jsJbir'hs N-. separation of lovers 
* (rare), song describing pangs of separa- 
tion (/Aj^/.bi'rah ki mart, tfj.bir’han N.F. 
woman separate from her beloved 
i/bor’hs n.m. channel for passage of water 
* 'from well 10 field ; aqueduct 
l^jnfburfrsn' n.f. (Pi- rfUbaraftin) argu- 
* merit cause ; reason proof mani- 
festation (A] 

bar-ham adj. ( annoyed ; upset dis- 
1 blcased ; angry in a mess disorder- 
ed : troubled dar'-ham bar' -ham adv, , 

topsy-turvy upset : in a mess confused 
jumbled troubled (/Ubar'-hami n.f. 
annoyance } vexation anger ; displeasure 
confusion ; upsetting anarchy lP~y.+(Cj 
[/‘jbatah'wa n.m. supreme Hindu deity 
4 Brahma fobarahm ' frrf. of Brahma 

braAm-fhsri n.m. (dial.) celibate [S] 

/ tjf, /. barah'man (or in P construction 
bar’ human) n.m. Hindu priest 

high caste of Hindus ; Brahmin 


iffy baraih'nagi n.f. nakedness 

nudity bareness obscenity shame- 

lessness J^ybaraih' -nah (rare bar'hanah ) adj. 
naked nude bare obscene shame- 

less [P] 

{fV, bir’/n, adj. (of bread) inlaid with minced 
meat, etc. and fried tyjJlfS.bir'hi ro'fi 
n.f. such* bread ; salt pie 
Ififj^barofhs n.m. vestibute 

)Jj, ba'ri n.f. groom’s wedding gifts to bride 

ba'ri adj. acquitted released 
exonerated free ; absolved 

b ariy' mah adj. free from blame 

free from obligation absolved of responsi- 
bility unaccountable ; not responsible &!/. 
bariy'yat n.f. acquittal release exonera- 
tion [A] 

^Jbar'fi adj. land ; of land *J.barrly' yah n.m. 
land force [A ~ l/.J 

(Jl^bir’yafi adj. parched grilled , broiled 
" roast ; roasted JJt/btrya'ni n.f. multi- 
coloured) rice cooked ip A soup ; sophisticated 
variety of ‘pulao’ [P«T^roast] 
gfjbariy'yat (me sMnriy'yah) n.f. (pl.iU 
** bara'ya) creation ; creature (see also 
under ba'ri adj. ★) [A] 

J/jbarW N.M. (ped.) messenger runner 
** * courier postman tmJpk^/Jbaaii-t Ja'lak 

n.m. (fig.) Saturn [A] 

barih' adj. high ; lofty sublime adv. 

* at this ; thereupon thjn JP.f-K^O 
jFjt'bart'sham N.M. (CONTR. ~ 

c- * 

y, bur n.m. banyan 

bar R.F. brag ; bosttt ; bowt- 
*ful talk tall story tijfj'.bar- 
bo’lz n.m. braggart adj. boastful ; 
bragging'lapun n.m. 
boastfulness ; bragging hsttkns, UP/ 
bar’ lags’ m v.i. boast ; brag 
Ifya'ra (dial .L(bar'ra) n.m. (usu. as Pt.) pulie- 
"pie jJyjfyda'to ba’rr n.m. pl. pultc-ptcs 
served in curds 

ly'ba’ra adj. (f. tff.bari) old elder 

eldest large : big huge senior 

superior chief supreme rich _ res- 
pectable noble • grand<pt 

bn' ia bol age a la hai prov. pride goeth be- 
fore a fall vain boasts are liable to be ex- 
posed OjJj_iyba'Td bol bol'na v.j. boast ; brag 
I'A ji fyha'ra Hr' mar'na PH. (iron.) achieve 
a lot accomplish nothing y)j\/,ba'ra din n.m. 

(dial.) Christmas long day adv. much 
daytime left IVfr^Aj’.ba'ra di'dah ho'ni ph. be 
saucy—^Ul^ia'ra snhb n.n. (col.) ‘burra sa’b’ ; 
big boss fy/'rd ko"i,\ dj. (iron.) clever 

skilful wicked ; sly Jk \*J. ba'ragkar n.m. 
spacious house (fig.) rich or noble family 
(iron.) gaol re gkar' k\ sair' 
karri nit j»h. jail ; send to gaol; put behind 
bars j^ba't a gkar rind n.m. rich or noble 
family V/fVfyba ra nani kar'nd Pit. famqjjW-5< 
[?j*~^Vba'rt bol' ks sir' m'dfd • prov. pride 
goeth before a fall^Aa'rj, J ^Aa'n bi" n.f. 

grandma (title of respect for) old woman 
A'iAaVr also n.m. pl. big people big 
bosses the Big (one) elder ^y^iibn're 

mi'yah n.m. (title of respect for) old manfclUfe/. 

iiVrfy'i’jfol&JZs'b a'rt mi'yafi so ba're 
mi'yan tJAo'u mi'ysk sibhrin-aUah prov. the 
senior was just bad, the junior is much worse 
jfabara'i n.f. greatness magnanimity 
superiority excellence bulk huge- 
ness boast ; vaunt praise exaltation 
exaggeration bar ri'-i kar’nd v.i. 

brag ; boast ; vaunt parisc ; extol ex- 
aggerate ' > 

y^bai/bar n.f. chatter; prate 1 'J^'bar 
‘kar’nd v.i. prate : chatter cfjt>%%bar'bar 
lag a rakk'na v.i. prate ; chatter rant 
i£Sl bar bart/jm n m. chatterbox 
*/Jybltr'bur n.f. murmur grumbling 

birbirrini v.i. mutter murmur 


ijTj/kirbkas n.f. youthful lust in old age 
I *l ^x/^.burbahas lag'na v.i feel such lust 
j>^y,bnrk»pa n.m. pld age senility [ - 


\jtb, bafkn3 v.i. advance moveforward 
rise swell grow increase stretch 
expand exceed surpass thrive ; 
prosper rise (in social position) of 
kite) fly higher (of lamp) be put. out 
(of shop) be closed (of dining-table) be 

cleared be surplus (of profit) be yield 
ed£j>%baikke adv. out (do) forward 
exceeding limits in behaviour or talk 
CJy. baik bark' ke bol'na v.i. brag ; vaunt 
barko’tari n.f. gain profit surplus 
prosperity increment advancement 
increase; enhancement £\j&barh.o'na v\.t. 
advance ; put forward augment ; increase 
enlarge expand extend ; lengthen 
aggrandize amplify promote ; elevate 
praise ; eulogise exalt clear (dining- 
table) put out (lamp) close (shop) 
fly (kite) higher take off : changeCt«/.>*>->•^- , 

doodh ! barka'na ph. wean jb&,bar'ka"o n.m. 
projection swell (fj'.barh.'ti adj. increas- 
ing ; enhancing growing rising more 
than usual n.f. excess surplus if%barh.'ya 
adj. superior quality : of good quality 
cjlass posh 

jj t Jba\ka"i n.m. carpenter 

L JPj*bitrkiya n.f. old woman (rus.) 
** * mother hag ^jbirkail N.F. hag [ - 

^j^bari n.f. (pi . ijlj'bar'yah) sundried pulse- 
dough for stewing ^ 

y^bltl n.f. .goat akh’fash n m. 

dunce (f/y.buz-e ko'ht n.m. mountain goat 
buz dii adj. & n.m. chickenhcarted (per- 
son) ; coward . dastardly (person) (jjri.blz-di'li 
n f. cowardice ; dastardliness [PJ 
jiy,bozz3z' (col. bazat') n.m. draper ; cloth- 
merchant ULr! bazriza n.m. (slang) doth- 
mzrkct(fJtt bazrizi n'.f. (slang) drapery [A] 
dybbzur’g adj. aged venerable great 
noble n.m. old man (one’s) 
elder saint religious preceptor, (usu. 
pl.) ancestors gentleman (jC'Jjj'.buzir'g- 
ma'nish adj. magnanimous j \Jjjr bqz irg-var' 
n.m. saint (one’s) elder gentleman 

bizir'gi n.f. greatness grandeur 

eminence old age [P] 
f/iboz'm n.f. association meeting 

• company social gathering 
^birzari imp. strike slay behead 
"charge 1‘ kar'nd v.t. strike 
slay behead put to the sword charge [F 

'rrbas adj. enough , sufficient plenty 
* abundant adv. in short and so int. 
hah ; stop enough ; no more (jftjtbas' 
has int. no thank you, no more of it 


charge [P 


stop, stay halt ^J^M^ibas had' ho get l ph. 
stop, this is the limit ribas dtkh! liya ph. 
you have (or it has) been exposed ft bas' 
kat’na v.j. stop ; cease end ; close' 
finish az bas'-keh adv. whereas 
a lthough tit) i&'basa auqat' adv. many a 
time often ; generally • very frequently 
|f mostly ; generally [P] 

n.m. control power. authority 1 
sway ; influence ; contro\Qf(J? has' chal'na 
v.i. have power (over) avail (against) 

(/h (jibas'meh under control ; under one’s 
thumb ilttjjtbas' met a ns, Vfy£<j!bas' mefi 
par'nn v.t. fall into the clutches (of) ; come 
under the control (of) bas' men rakk'ns 

v.t. keep (someone) under control 
bos' meh kar'na v.t. overpower control 
subdue ; subjugate [E] . 
t/fbas n.f. omnibus \ii%(/.bas pa'karna v.t. 
catch the bus tfyjl >*&{/! bas men savar' ho'na 
v.t. get into the bus JEj 

/jt bis n.m. venom \pijfbis u'galna v.t. spit 
^ venom say spiteful things tyf/ibis' bo' ns 
v.i. create trouble ]/f<jibis' bha'ra adj. (usu. 

». form) venoptous malicious ; spiteful 
virulent if* bis' ki pur'ya , iffyi/bis' ki 

ga& malicious or spiteful person 

devil mischief-monger i 

*/l ^Jbisa'n n.m. (correct but little used spelling 
/of J’Lfti.u. it) 

IjL^bita’ra n.m. seed loaned out on condition 
*of double payment after crop [ - toll.] 
t j[^bisar , nav.T.(Ke underwit) 

^ Jbisat ' v.r. capacity ; capability chess- 

* board ybLtQl/IUsM bisat' k kya ph. what 

can he do ? ; he has no power bisat' 

S’lapia rtf. end (someone’s) power spell 
(someone’s) ruin be upset ; come to an end 

/ftjbufa n.m. (morejjoirectly but 
W rarely spelt as jt^pedlar ; 

S^basflatxx. bravery , courage 


lAjba-sa'n-e adv. like ; in the 
^ manner of[P~ <r -fcfb'like] 

Ct Jbcstf na v.t. from (into a State) build 

* (city) colonize (land or country) 
bring under plough settle (someone some- 
where) (of man) ge( married have sex 
relations (with wife) cause (something) to 

be sented [ - U-Zcaus.] 

J\rJbasatid' , bas ahdk' N.f. smell ; stink ; 


£^bas'l n.m. thing (only in) bast 

. n.f. things ; articles 

j£Z'j£**?bas't-o kushad' n.f. control ofaffair 
t CJj<di^Lf>ljlarl/a'b~e bas't o-kushsd 
n.m. PL. those at the helm of affairs [P^V 

bust sh’ , (jC^/ bos’ tafi n.m. garden 
orchard [P] 

bis' tar (col. bis' tar a) njl bedding fojZd 

' tt-ActfjCigy&bis tor (or bis'tara ) 

bi&ha'na (or laga'na or 'kar'na ) v.i. do the 


, 2^ bis' tar (col. bis' tar a) NJC bedding fojZd 

' (i-ActfjCigy&bis tor (or bis’tara ) 

bi&ha'na (or laga'na or kar'na) v.i. do the 
bedding bis' tar baf.d n.m. hold all 

(%$)to*b<J&bis'tar (or bis'tara) batidk’na (or 
gol' kar'na) v.i. roll the bedding (fig.) 

I qu^ ; leave for good [P] 

I jp^bas'tagi n.f. lack of gaiety constipa- 
I tion ; costiveness congelation ; congeal- 
I ment [foll. P~] 

I bas' tarn n.f. covering for cage case 

I ” for musical instruments fP~^*%bind) 

I %rfbas‘tah n.m satchel bundle xw jw 
I bufease adj. frozen ; con- 

I gealed tied ; bounduhs^bas'ta- / )^| 

I bardar' n.m. recordcanier ; servant 
I carrying (boss’s) papers [P ~ VKsc.f*tSnf\x y 
| /f^bas’H n.f. any peopled place ; /yXXhjf 
I * village ; town ; city CCtiffbas'a basa’na 
I v.i. colonize a place have a new settle- 
] ment (~ - ] 

| y^ba'-sdr (ped. £«-w')adv. passed; come 
1 ' * to a close ; spent readily ba'-sar 
I kar'na v.t. pass ; spend ba'-sar ho'na v.i, 

1 pass ; spend ; come to a dose^Sf^*^ ba-sa'r-t 
I t &ash'm adv. readily by all means 

I (,* ^Jbi'sar'na, bi'sarja’na v.t. ft I. for- 
I ■'* get be forgotten ; slip out of memory 
I IjLjbisar’na v.t. forget &$>*. bkooti bis’ri adj. 

I long-forgotten (J^bisra na v.t. put of mind 
l cause to forget 

I ^.Jbos't n.m. expansion ; detail (usM only 
I * xt^hJttytshar'h-o beas't n.m. detailed ex- 
I position [A] 

I \jfifebiskhap'ra n.m. at kind of some- 
I what large venomous lizard name of 

I a grass-like, drug ; polypody [~ 

1 Jktlfj bis'm-illa h adv. in the name of God int, 

1 f watch it ; mind it ; don’t fall down 
* welcome ; hail n.f . beginning ; com- 




opening (ceremony) 
first lesson on first admission to school Jj\ 

m-illa'h-ir-raftma'n-ir-ahlm' ph. (for- 
mula preceding all but one chapters of the 
Holy Quran ; In the name of th ( e most Merci- 
ful, most Bountiful God l "/Xiifib is'm-illah 
kar'na v.i. begin (at table) be the firjt to 
start eating commence 
bis'm-illah kt gttm'bad meti bank'na ph. be 
complacent ; be selfsatisfi^d act like a 
simpleton [A ~ w +(*' i+ £> i] 

^y^bismil n.m. & adj. victim ; sacrificial 
animal chagrined (lover) wounded 
(victim) l’SjK > 6is'mil kar'na v.t. immolate 
wound lover’s heart) [A - prec.J 
faJbas'na v.i. settle inhabit -dwell; 

' reside ; .abide live in husband’s home 
have sex relations with him (also 
met bos' na) be scented with 
£j^basaM' n.f. early spring festival of 
Hindus name of a musical modtfy&M 
basalt' phool'na v.i. (of mustard flowers) 
blossom in early spring grow pale ; have a 
yellowish colour 0 kkon men 
basalt’ phool'na ph . be' dazzled 
basal' ft adj. yellow 
| tjfJbisoor’ns v.i. sob pre- 

pare to weep put on a cry- 
ing face 

ilpjbaso'la n.m, axe rfrJbaso'li n.f. 

• brick-axe " ! " 1 

fj^bis'vah n.m. land measure 
(equivalent to one-twentieth of 
*bigah’\jlstj-fbis'va-dar n.m. share- 
holder in coparcenary village 
4 m ^j^(r'bis (or sau ) bis've adj. 
surely; certainly ^^bisval'si n.f. 
twentieth of ‘bisvah’ 

j^Jbisyar' adj. (lit.) much many 
very plenty ; abundant [P] 

LmJbast'ra n.m. roost; perch a night’s lodg- 
ing abode roosting(U**l )Lfy~ibase'ra 
kar'na (or le’na) v.i. roost base' re ks 

vaq't n.m. roosting time [ -U-i] 

Jp^basW adj. simple primary un- 
** /nixed expansive [A ~ ] 

kOi/l iZbisha’ral (col. bushs-) n.f. good news ; 

glad tidings divine inspiration 
ktgfl 'rat de'na v.t. convey good news ; give 
dad tidings [A] 

fjl Sfbashshasb' adj. hilarious ; cheerful ; in 
good spirits ^iPbagfl'shat N.F. cheerful- 


ness ; gaiety |A) 

Jifba'shar n . m . human being ; man (f^ba'shari 
adj. human bashanj'yat n.f. hu- 
man nature human weaknesses frailties 
oHlesh and blood [A] 

bush'rah (pcd. ba'sharah) n.m. face ; 
countenance visage physiognomy 

[A].. . . 

j*2fbtshnoo' ,y^jvish'noo n.m. Vishnu ; Preser- 
, ver (as one of Hindu Trinity [S] 

basJHr' adj. harbinger of glad tidings 
* (dail.) evangelist [A 

bSjldfbasa’rat n.r. sight ; eyesight vision 
mahroo'm-e has a rat, ft /t* t'-A e‘ 
basii' rat se maihroom' adj. blind [A—^^MJ 
jfitflbasa'ir n.m. (pl. of CZ^n.f. if) 

jjl) ba sar n.f. (pl. absar") sight vision 
eye s*?4-be~ba'sar adj. blind un- 
perceiving ; lacking foresight [A] 
tubas' rah n.m. name of an Iraqi port-town 
t fs*lbas'n (rare bis' ft) adj. of Basra 
^Ajhasir' adj. Omniscient (as an attribute 
** of God) wise prudent 
£ 44 / bast' rat n f. sight insight discern- 
' / ** ment prudence [A~prec.] 
£if\£)biza'‘at n.f. stock-in-trade mer- 
chandise capitah^t^fo'£t£'<a{ adj. 
poor ; penniless incapable of anything 


jjJbat n.f. duck goose swan<£j Oba't-e 
mai' n.f. (duck-shaped) goblet [A] 
jj’fbat 'ha n.m. a name for Mecca 

vadt-e bat' ha (ped. va'dt baths ) n.m.' the 
vale of Mecca [A] 

bat'takh n.f. duck duckling [P] 

n.m. bishop crusading 

General [A~G] 

(flbat'l n.m (pL.JllOlabtal) hero [A] 

button' n.m. refutation abolition fA 


bat'Hmoos n.m. Ptolmey (j^j^bat'Hmosl 
J*"' adj. "Ptolemaic (system) [A~G] 
ytybat'n n . m . {pl. tfjkJbutoon') belly ; abdo- 
men womb inside (of anything) 
mind bal’n sa adv. borne by ; born 
of djtybutoon' n.m. pl. bailies intend! 
parts wombs minds [A] 

4 i^ba t 's n.m. resurrection i^ibe“sat n.f. 

Annunciation (of the Holy Prophet) 



apostleship [A] 

adv. after; afterwards subsequent 
ly liter since pref. post (J^ l ^ba' , d 
az-stt' adv. afterwards after that— 

Wd azjghg' adj. post-war adv. after the war 
bat'd st adv. ever since./!— r$i£/<U*> 
ba“d az khars bi-t bisyar' ph. with great 
difficulty having had to eat the humble pie 
y.Cbt 'l)sjlj*>ba t 'd az ■ sal am va'zeff ho ph. 
(arch.) (formula used as opening lintof letter; 
after salutation be it known . >/ , )luMba"d 

az marg' va'-vai'la prov. crying over spilt milk 
tv* ba' 'd-ahmaut' adv after death 

‘post mortem’ £j*fba ( 'do-hoo adv after that 


n.m. distance ; remoteness; difference 
(i^^L^bo’jHil-mashrtqain' n.m. radical 
difference ( bo'd-il mashriqain' 
ho'na ph. (be)"poles asunder [A] 

^^bat’z adj. some a few certain [A] 

tyu^bagh'lch baja'na v.i. be overjoyed 
be happy over (someone's) downfall mock 
(someone) £PkfJd*!bag\\'ltn jhaftk'na v.i. 
feel ashamed ; hang one’s head in shame ; 
look from side to side in • discomfiture be 
non-plussed look blank or foolish 

sjjnlai'ka ba'gbal men dk&ndo'ra shaih'r men 
ph. much ado about nothing (fibagh 'll adj. 
of armpit side (room) ; ante (chamber) 
n.f beggar’s sack trick in wrestling 
bagh'Ji lak'y ah n.m. long, pillow for sides 
L^S&bagh'ti ghooft’ss, JZtfibagf'ti dUstiman 
n.m. enemy in disguise , hidden enemy ; 
friend turned foe fP] 

baghloi' n.m. simpleton dullard ; 
dunce ballot’ n.m. repect- 

^ble-I coking fool 

tfibaQ 'y n.f. transgression disobedience 

t9 W 

[fijbafa n.f. scurf ; dandruff 

j^jdba'id' adj. distant ; far remote 
batl'd az ‘ aq’l adj. improbable 

not rational ifOtJl^fibaH'd az qiyss' adj. 
inconceivable improbable (A~ J*! j 

baths’ oat n.f. revolt ; rebellion 

* mutiny disobedience defiance 
recalcitrance [A] 

t’pbbagi'latan adv. suddenly ; all of a sudden 

bd$h'Aah (ped. ^bUq'Aak) n.m. bundle 
y * small bundle tied in a piece of clo t 

ijjjbugh'da n.m. heavy chopping 
‘^knife ; cleaver 

j6^bu$h'z n.m. spite malice 
^ grudge* hatred ani- ^ , r ... 
mosity Jftfbug'z HUa'Iil un- 
reasonable hostility [A] 0 

iS^baf^al n.f. armpit sidey^.di/7 ba'ghal 

* ka Am' ph. favourite turned enemyt^Vj^V 
io'jh at gar m kar'ta v.t. embrace '(lover 

or behaved), condescend to have sexual 
relations ba'ghal-gaiid' n.f. 
stinking armpits I'riyJ&ba'ghal-glT 
kt'na v«t. hug embrace (for 
salutation) 1*1 tj^t/iba'^tal men 
dabs' it a V.T * conceal (something) 
under armpit (fig.) carry (some- 
thing) off deceitfully ba'gbaf meh U'na 

v. hug embrace be taller thin (someone) 

yP baqa n.f life existence conti- 
nuance permanence fij^Aejbaqa'-e davam 
N.F. everlasdngness immortality 
baqa’-e as'lah n.f. survival of the fittest [AJ 
Atybaqqal' n.m. grocer ^greengrocer 

* petty shopkeeper (A ~ ) 

^ baqa y a n.m. dues arrears remain- 

** „ der balance [Arsing. U)] 

Jk bUq'Aah n.m. (same as^N.M. if) 

9 #♦ 

j^a) ba'qar Id' n.f. sacrificial festival ; Mus- 
** * lim festival of Zilhij 10 in commemora- 

tion of Abraham’s sacrifice [~ A^cows-t-x^’ 

bkqrat n.m Hippocrates (A~G] 

buq'ah n.m. distinct patch (of land) ; pro- 
* minent spot noor' n.m. dazz- 

ling light luminous spot [A] 
i \&baq'l,J>>baq'lahK.f. (ped.) vegetable 
potherb g/^baqlal-Ql-liamga' n.f. purslane 

rfibaqi 1 ', tfdt&Zjan'nal-Ut-baqi*' n.m. the 
sacred Madina graveyard [A| 

jjQbaqiy'yah n.m. "t remainder arrears 
clues balance baqiy'yat-us-saif' ad] 

survivors of war, etc (A- \a) ] 
tybuka n.f. weeping wailing lamenta- 
* tion #)tfa'h ‘0 bCika' n.f lamentation 
moaning IA] 



iHo^baia'rat n.f. virginity ; maidenhood 
Cjj&JIJ i tzs'la-t baka'rat N m (woman’s) 
first sexual intercourse [A] 

$$)bika'oo adj. on sale • for sale sale- 

J able venal 

jCtJ bika' va! (or out) n.m. head cook , chef 
butler steward [A] 

( yjii.bakc ' ’oil (or bak&'vali ) coveted legen- 
dary flower legendary princess who 

is the heroine of a well-known romantic tale 

‘Gul Bakavali’ <jS^(/gul bakn'oh nm_ this 

lagendary flower 

(Zjty baks" in n.m. a kind of tree 
j ‘raelia sempe virens' 

bak -bak, -jhak t 

* * m jfc^?bak'-bak jkak-jkak 

N.r. chatter ; babble ; gabble prat- — C 

tie \ZfiXLSbak' -bak kar'na v.i. talk idly; prate 
babble ; gabble 

fr^bak'ba'ka adj. (dial.) vapid : insipid 

bak'tar N.m. armour cuirass-*->£^ 
bak'lar^batid adj. armoured (vehicle, or 
to\<Her)j^d^i bak' tar- posh adj. clad in armour 
n.m. cuirassier^^yy zi'reh bak' tar n.m. ( soldier’s) 
defence zquipmcnt()frClliCty£jJ(zi'reb bak' tar 
laga'na (or) bahdk'na v.Y.’ put on armour fP] 
J*/ blik'ta n.m. handful clawing 
*■» blik'ta bkar'na v.t. claw 

N.P. virginity . maidenhood [A^ 

l/W* mk 'las n.f. idle talk chatter 

prattle damn lie silly stuff 
incredible yarn loquacity . garrulity 
talkativeness bakva'si n.m idle talker 

chatterbox lier adj. talkative [ - 
bik'rm ] 

l*^bi'kkarna v.t. be sea tt •'red be dis- 

persed of hair) be dishevelled & 
hakhet'na v.t scatter sow disperse 

bakht'ra x m. dispute ; quarrel fix- 
awkward or difficult situation vexa- 
tious point difficulty trouble 

complication contention (usu. undesir- 

able means I’tyfyfbakke'ra chuk'ana v.t. settle 
a dispute . stop a quarrel tits bakke'ra dal’na * 
v.t. create a difficulty raise a dispute 
complicate matters bakke'rtya adj. 
quarrelsome contentious troublesome 

difficult (person) n.m brawler mis- 

/j bak’kl adj. talkative n.m chatterbox 
V prater braggart lier [ - tf'bak’na] 
jssbigar' n.m. 1*1(5 bigar'na v.t (see under' 
v.f. if) 

> kr bag'-tut adv. at full gallop . very fast 

gar n.m. (flour of) ric 

: v >cen 

5'ta n.m. rice-meal &>J J ba'gar lit ro ' ti 
n.f, rice-meal bread 

bi'garna v.i. go out of order be out 
of gear be damaged be impaired 

be disfigured become debauched or vicious 
lose modesty be enraged rebel ; revolt 
deteriorate be spoilt , be spoiled Cjjjf 
hi' gas baithiia v.i be displeased ; take offence 
unpleasantness estrange- 
ment discord quarrel enmity 
bad blood deterioration harm damage 
yifj&tf meh biga?' da/'nii v.t. cause un- 
pleasantness sow seeds of discord create 
bad-blood . create misunderstanding 1*5$ 
higar'na v.t. mar spoil bungle 
damage injure ruin disfigure 5 

s , bigar'na v.t. displease jj£> biga'rafn.u one 
who spoils a show etc. clumsy or ill-intention- 

< cj worker 

bi'gal n.m bugle [ - E corr.) 

Jjtfjbag '/a ‘N. m. crane , heron adj. very white 
bha'gat n.m, hypocrite l/> 
bago'ya n.m. (W. dial.) evil-s peaking 

lampoon [corr. of. P -ft)/] 

I / bak'ra n.m he-goat 
■** n.f. goat she-goat 

i$£ bak'ri 

n.f. goat sne-goat 
(JJ^ bik'n n.f. sale [ - C? bik'na] 

bak' $ (col. bat's a) n.m. box 


bi'kasna v.i. 

blossom wither 

baksoo" a n.m. buckle [ ~ E buckle 


'kal n.m. upturn (of stoic, 
shawl, etc.hiiU’Jt’tfj buk'kal 
laga'na (or mar na ) upturn (stoic, 

ejeO (Jf 

&bUk'm adj. dumb . mute (only in 
! Quranic ph. ) ^rjf’sum'mun buk'minn 
and dumb unaffected tA -SlNti. Jj 

talk ijily prate' prattle 


bak'na v.i. 

talk nil 

ybable . gabble</lSf bakvas' n.f. if 
UX bik'na v.i. be sold be disposed of b'lj* 
, bikva'no' v.t. cause to be sold ; get disposed 
of bikva"\ n.f. salesman's commission 

gftr ka - 

» w 

bagoo'ls ho' ns v.i. be enraged ; fly into a 



ns v. season with freed condi- 

ments ; season oagnar' n.m. season- 
ing fried condiments for seasoning 
tj%bag'tfa n.f. buggy light carriage 
.gig horsefly 

tyjf; bagte'ts n.m. young tiger name of a 
Rajput tribe 

n.m. strength ; vigour might 
power twist contortion convulsion 
wrinkle coil Vjfibal boo'ts n.m. 

strength might t’i'J'ia/’ parns v.i. have 
convulsive pain be curved be twisted 
bal'-dsr adj. twisted coiled curved 

crooked VjJfbal' dens v.t. twist en- 
twine coil curl tVj [bal' khans v.i. 
be twisted be .entwined be curled fret 
and fume £i &\£bal nikal'ns v.t. straighten 
(coil) set right punish (0^1) \^'Jbal 
ni'kalns (or ktel'ns) v.i. be uncoiled 
Straighten out be set right *4"Cfc bal' be int. 

(iron.) bravo how unreasonable 
d bU n.m. hole burrow (fig.) hideout 

M n.m. bill draft legislation ; Bill 
draft t\s$bil' banana v.i. draw a bill 0. 
I'Jtfjlfbil'jaii kar'ns v.t. issue a draft 
draw a bill dins (or ada 

kar’ns) v.t. pay the bill foot the bill 


fybil'l a n.m. 


fcbU'la NM. cat tomcat badge 

t I'M*' N.F. calamity misfortune dis- 
tress evil fiend undesirable consort 

awful or terrible thing trial adj. 
terrible : dreadful awful ; enormous 
Cabals' ap'nt sir It' ns , VjJ (Jstk bats’ mol' 
it'nS V.I. nvite trouble get involved in 
trouble » tali' bad' tar n.f. rubbish ^ 
worthless stuff unhygienic eatables 
bals ' t al'ns v.i be relieved of troublei-Ui^#/ 
mt'rl bats' js'ne ph. who cares ? it is 
no concern of mine (etc.) t > jib bats' .za'dah 
adj. in the grip of calamity ; struck with mis- 
fortune bids' st ph. who cares? rubais' 
ks adj. extreme intense; severe ex- 

cessivetT^W; bats-kash adj. afflicted in- 
dustrious lb, tali' -gar' dak adj. (person) 

offering himself as a sacrifice for others 'jfy 
balarnosh' adj. toper glutton (_>*../ J - it 

bals'-e be- darmsii n.f. great calamity 
unmanageable person bats’ 'eh tins v.t. 

express extreme affection and concern (for) 
offer oneself as sacrifice (for) ; pass one’s 
hands over another’s head in token of drawing 
all his calamities on oneself [A] 
fy m bi-la' n.m. without un- ijl bi-la' 

tkrah' adv. voluntarily ; without compul- 
sion l"b bi-la ts’am'mul adv. without 

hesitation ; unhesitatingly instanta- 

neously ; recklessly ; rashly tji&'b. bi-la' 
tahs'shs, Olf d~be tabs' shs adv. rashly 

recklessly headlong excessively 
bi-ls trad' did adv. without hesitation ; with- 
out ; rluctance • unhesitatingly tf^bbi-is’ 
tasan'no ‘ adj. & adv. uneihbelished 
spontaneous(ly) frank(ly) ^O^bi-ls’' lakal'luj 
adv. without hesitation ; unhesitatingly 
without formality C&' tavaq'quf adv. 

without delay ; without loss of time 
speedily 'jjj* bi-ls' shak\ bi-ls' raib' adv. 

without doubt or suspicion; doubtlessly ; un- 
doubtedly unquestionably ir/a' shar't 
adj. & adv. unconditionally ) absolute- 
ly) ^I'tybi-la' ns'thah adv. daily regularly 
constantly without intermission bi-la 

vsi tab (or ped. -vs’sitah) direct directly 
bi-ls 'vaj'h adv. without any rhyme or 
reason [A with 4- Jf not] 

jjfo bilsd' n.m. pl. towns ; cities, n.m. sing. 

, country [A ~ sing. Jt ] 

fj&,bals$' n.m. communication convey- 

, in 8 l A] , 

£/sfybais'ghat n.f. rhetoric eloquence 

^fybulsq' n.m. septum-ring 

* septum 

^ buls'ns v.t. eall summon 

* invite convene I'lkiO'Dfl 
ijlss ' buls'ns summon or convene 
a meeting I'll ft bills' Is'ns V.T * fetch 

I bila'va n.m. invitation Cfj\stb.buls'vs bkej'- 
* na v.t. send out invitation (to) 
bils'o n.m. wild cat tom-cat 

* bil'ls] 

^Ojbalb' n.m. bulb [E] 

{bil' bit n f. (or m.) (ped. PL- 0- 
bala’bil) nightingale J^lftbul'bul- 
etasji'm n.m. a kind of chequered 

' b ' it 




cloth [ ~ A] 

n.m. bubble 

UJUz balbala'nh v.i. (of camel) cry (or 
camel) be in heat 

LjJL^bi/bi/a'na v.i. sob blubber feel 
uneasy ; be restless complain from 

pain or grief bilbils' ith’na v.r. cry from 
torturous pain 

\^jJ^bi' latns v.i. get lost insist childishly 

IL-f bilta'tia v.t. ruin cause to get 

Qf^bihi n.f. consignment bill of lading 
receipt for railway consignment )Et. 
dubious; prob. E~corr. of B.L.T. pr. 
bre-tl-tte' abb. of Aill of fading by train) 
jJ*ba'lad > tjibal'dah n.m. city town 
’settlement region jlfc bildd',^ji>_ buldan' 
n.m. PL. cities : towns country *ji>, 
baldiy'yah n.f. municipality ; municipal 
committee urban area with local self- 
government baldiyyal' n.f. pl. munici- 
palities ; local bodies ‘filjSbaldiyya'n adj. local 
body ; municipal baldiyya'Ci ida'rak 

n.m. municipal body /* \£)Jl>J'baldiyyati niiam 
n.m. system of local self-government 
municipal system [A] 

J^/ibal'lamlair n.m. (iron. corr. of) volunteer 

balasan' n.m. balsam 

bilas na v.i. enjoy ; derive pleasure from 

bulagha' N.M. PL. eloquent persons [A ~ 

bal'gham n.m. one of the four humours 
f phlegm Jf{ bal'ghami adj. phlegmatic 
generating phlegm sluggish 
bat' gham mizaj' n.m. & adj. (of) sluggish 
temperament |A~G] 

Z&bitqis' n.f. the Sabaean queen converted 
ijrCT'bi Solomon 

nfLbi'lokne v.r. weep bitterly cry 
*"'• persistently be uneasy or restless 

demand by crying consistently wail 
bilfca'na v.t. Jet child wjeep bitterly 

bal’kik CR3NJ. rather on the contrary; 
on the othej hand . 

Uk bal’ kips. Lit tval’kiya n.m. silly boyJp^Jv 
be_ bal'kiyt ka'Iah % ph. 
(lovingly) begone you silly lad ! 

Sbal'tam n.m. lance ; spear sceptre 
' staff of authority jbsJ’.bal'lam bar dir' **,«*; 

lancer one carrying the staft’of authority 
befoie its owner ; sceptrccarrier 
J^ba'lam, 14 bal'ma n.m. lover paramour 
f husband (as beloved) [ - il jj ) 

bill and' adj. loud high lofty 

tall raised ; elevated exalted sub- 
lime jlji^y.bulah'd-avai' adj. loud-voiced 
Stentorian loud ^j-XJ^bulaiid'-payah adj. 

exalted high-ranking i^CrdXkbhlah'd- 

ahavg adj. loud high-sounding jtt/2K 
bul and' -pari'ai adj. sublime ambitious 

soaring high btilaftd'-parta$ N.F. 

high thinking soaring ambition high 
flight sublimity Jy/# bulahd hau'salah (col. 
haus' lah) adj. ambitious; aspiring 
magnanimous n m . high stepper J^j&.bulaiid 
haus' lags (ped . hau'saiagi) n.f. magnanimity 
ambition biilahd kar'na v.t. raise ; 

lift elevate exalt b bland' -maglabah t 

?jj&bulahd' -rut' bah adj. high-ranking 
bulahd' -rut' bah log n.m. pl. the eliie (of the 
the city, etc.) bulahd'- nagar ‘adj. 

ambitious noble-minded bulahd' -him' - 

mat adj. ambitious ; aspiring magnani- 
mous bulahd' -him' mali n.f. ambition 

of magnanimity 1 'fj* bulahd' ho'na v.i- 
ascend be above (something) bulah'di 

n.f. height elevation loftiness 
stature exaltation [P] 
tJfbal'vah n.m. riot tumult distur- 
bance fyf'balv&'i n.m. rioter ADJ. riotous 

1 . 7 * &) 

buha’na v.t. send for summon 

invite [~ l"ik — tfjIcAus.] 

‘j^billaur’ (ped. balloor' n.m; crystal glass 
adj. transparent bright (fjrfbiUau'n, 
UjjL billau'rih adj. crystal ; glass trans- 
parent bright [PJ 
^ baloot' (ped. ballooV) n.m. (also 
Jrpf&shah' baloot ') oak 

^chestnut tree acorn [A] IftMr ... 

££ buloogh', NM.Cftbaloo'ghat s.r.fmgj* 
maturity ; majority puberty 
coming of age [A] 

bi'looh bi'looh n.m. hue and cry (op. 
over some trouble esp. hunger) 
want ; scarcity 

l‘jf» bilo’na v.t. churn (jjhbilo’ni, n.f. churning 

adj. (dial.) brave n.m. hero [8} 

(£ll £ balik^rf adv. term of affection) offering- 
oneself as sacrifice to protect (child or be- 


fjbaTU n.v. prop long wooden post 
long thick bamboo (for rowing or steering 
hosts) jlA. bal'H-mar n.m. boatman jltybal ti- 
marah' n.m. name of a well-known Delhi 
street (originally known as Boatmen’s street) 
n.f. cat female cat bolt 
latch £y\}\ /jf.bil'h ulahg'na ph . (of cat) 
crass someone’s way (fig.) be upset 

io dihickk' roit ke khsb ph . 
wishful flunking tyj fa bil ti ke 
bfoxtgoi. chfatu ka toet'na PH. be a godsend (to 
someone) (fjfibil'U lo tan n.f. spikenard ; 
hyacinth (f. ~ ^ bit' la) 

bcdiyyat’ n.f. (pl. of A. n.f. if) 

jy^batid’ adj. & n.m. thick-skulled ; dunce ; 
duffer [A] 

jJ^baleA' n.m. blade : .razor blade [E] 

yA^bil’yard N.M, billiards [E] 

yiboH&‘ adj. (pl. UHfiiagha') 

eloquent (person or style) 


lyjljt balaik' adj. & n.m. 

" * black blackmarket 

marketeer balaik' mal n.m. blackmail^# 
balaik me'tar "n.m. black mailer [E] 

baleh'da n.M.(fj&balrfi<fi n.f. long 
** bamboo ; ridge pole (fig.) tall person 
J^Jf bale'lah n.f. ‘bdlariq myrobalan’ 

^Jmliy'yak n.f. (vl. C^Oibaliyyat') calamity 
** misfortune fiend [A~ ill ] 

* Abam n.f. shaft (of carriage for yoking 
’ horse) uproar '£*Abam'~diakh n.f. up- 
roar ; clamour t ‘\^/'fy^bam'chakh mafha'na 
v.t. clamour pP] v 

A bam.' N.F. bass ; deep tone jj &’ r-o-bam 
I n.f. base and soprano n.m. pl. ups and 
downs ; vicissitudes [P] 

Kd bam N.m. bomb (fA ibam-ba'ri n.f. bombing 
V/tfAfibam-ba' ti kar'na v.t. bomb (E] 

LA bam'ba n.m. hand-pump tap 

* fountain ; source (of river) ; waterhead 

pitl-box [ ~ E pump) 

tfban n.m. wood ; forest ; junglej/i^iaa bat' 
n.m. banishment ; ostracism ; exile t^rfbait 
bila'o n.m. wild caX^l^ban-ma'nas n.m. 
guerilla ; chimpanzee 
y/'bfin n.f. rcot [P] 

bin n.m. son [A abb. of caused between two- 
r names] 

(Jibing. bina adv. without ; except ; unless 
V/$\tfbin a'i mar 1 ns v.t. die a sudden 
death be ruined for no cause J.-tf'dbin ja’ne 
adv. unknowingly ; unwittingly flk-Aty/inJ. 
bin da' mofi ghulam'jt.M. one under heavy 

obligation devoted person one held in 
thrall hAdl’()s‘J2A <J. bin mafi'ge 

mo'H mi'lefi our msh'ge mi'Wna bhik' prov. for- 
tune has its vicissitudes (JU^l^iJ.bin bula'ya 
nuhmah[ ph. uninvited guest 
JL-lfd* bin bula'e khuda’ ke hah bhi na'hifij a te 
prov. to a wedding (or christening) go not 
without an invitation aujt 
if} (j^bin ro't mah bhi (bacfi'^te kofdoodk na'hth 
de'ti prov. a closed mouth catches no flics ; 
nothing venture, nothing gain , 

ba'na (rus.bban'na or lj%ban'ra) n.m. ( 1 
* bam, ban'rti(fP:ban'rl) groom ; bridegroom 
bina' n.f. (pl. jA.Iab'niyah) foundation 
basis root came motive origin 
edifice structure (J UXi bina' bar-an 

bina' bor-ifi adv. therefore owing to this 
because of it I'JV, bina' kar'na v. begin ; 
start ; commence u/j 0. bins' rakk'na v.t. 
lay the foundation (of) give rise to [A] 
lb L ba'na bana'ya adj. completed 
•** * finished manufatured readymade 

t 'j/lfaltflVtC' ba'na bana'ya khel' bigar'na 
v.t. upset the (or someone’s) apple-cart [~U* 

&b banal' n.f. p-l. daughters girl^r \5v. 

bans' t-un-na 1 ’ th n.f. constellations of the 
Greater and the Lesser Bear [A~ sinc.C*'] 

ba'na ika'na (f. yAjtba'ni ihn'ni) adj. 
foppish chic „ welladorned 
bans' dir n.m. bandar gaheh n.f. 

* piw ports . harbours (P — sing . jjlS) 

{fjb t ban a rat n.m. name of an Indian .city 
* well-known for its Hindu shrines 
banar'si tbag n.m. respectable looking swindler 
or ‘thug’l^yytlianar'ii kap'ra n.m. brocade 
I banar'si labg'ranM. a. kind of good 
quality mango sub'fr* bona' rat n.m 



'd-u-bast' n.m arrangement 
* management system (revenue) 
settlement bafi'd-o-bast-e istimra ri 
n.m. permanent settlement ^*7 a fid 
ro'zah bail' d-o-bast n.m. temporary settlement 


+ .bafidooq' n.f. gun rifle (old use) 
tA>"^musket l/fijsjjbandooq' bitar' n a v.t. load a 
gun 1‘ti'JiM.babdooq’ chala'na v.t. fire a 
gun fire shoot (at) bahdooq' 

djkatya’na v.t. put gun to the shoulder ; whip 
it ou.t baft' dooq’c fit N.M. .musketeer [T] 

fj£/baii'dah n.m. 1 slave , bondsman 
obedient person tjjbaii' dab ba'shar hai 

prov. to err is human jj/ tj* bail' da-par' var. 
j\) iXtban da-navat' adj. patron bene- 
factor (respectful or iron ; mode of address) 
boss cherisher of this slave of yours c 
bail' da-par' van' tfjtjv/baii'da-nava'zi n f. 
kindness munificence ti^jt^bart'da-e dargah' 

n m devoted servant most humble servant 
1 3 bail’ da-za dah n.m. one’s son (when 
introducing or referring him to one's superior 
\%%£ J ba1uth.'na v.t be tied stand commit- 
ted be arrested fall into a trap 
bahdfla’i n.f. remuneration for binding 4/% 
babdhan n.m. relationship tie 

baii'dkan har, jljiJ^baftdkanvar n.m. garland 
hung at someone’s door by gardener on cere- 
monial occasion l ^^vbaiidhva' na v.t. impli- 
cate accuse cause to be bound 

j}j.baii'dfU mat'ihi lakh' bora bar prov. unity 
is strength 

foC/biitdh'nct v.i. probe ; drive a hole in 
be probed; be strun gibpj^bifidk'jana 
v.i. (of pearl, etc.) be bored or strung 

be aptly used bifidh.' ga'ya so 

mo' d prov. whatever is done is well-done 

whatever word is used is aptly used 
[fat C'bundhan'ya n.m. mixture of parched 
** coriander-seed, etc. 

fjj/baii'di N.F. (rare) prisoner 1 ISA 

bah'di kha'nah n.m. prison ; gaoI [P~ rX{] 
./‘bitidl n.f. (dial.) zero; cypher 

^•saffron speck (or crystal spangle for fore- 

()ji/batidal n.m. bundle [E] 

bah'di n.f. quilted waistcoat 

\^/ban‘ra n.m. , (f^sbaitri n.f. (see under 0 
*n m *) 

^ 7 iSbansalodian n.f. bamboo-sugar ) 

V • 

trfban'sl n.f. pipe ; flute fishing rod 

t/banaf'shah N.F. & m. violet 

^^baitik (or babk) n.m. bank (for monetary 
transaction)^ /$bafika'ri n.f. banking 
batik’ bad labs n.m. bank balance [E] 
Ifj&'brt'ter’na v.i. make noise : be noisy 

Jj^baiiga'll n.f. Bengali (language) 

// Bengali (citizen) adj. of Bengal 

Jfi'bafig’lah n.m. bungalow a kind of 
// betel-leaf n.f. Bengali language 
jSbah'goo n.m. bah'gX n.f. humming top 

tMban'nsv. 1. be made be constructed, 

be built be manufatured be prepared 
be mended be cooked be achieved 

have affected manners pose i^j^ba'na 

raih'na v.i. be unaltered 4ast long 
prosper ; thrive remain in good state L'IJ< 
banva'ns v.t. cause to be made get built 
or constructed cause to prepared have 
repaired have mended Jl y'.ban'va’i n.f. 
remuneration for making, mending, etc. 
completion ; manufacture 1 

C* ban' ns v.t. weave knit OjdbZnva'ua v.t. 

get woven get knitted (of chair) 
have (it) caned Llsibunva’na v.t. cause to be 
knitted have woven get caused 
bunva i n.f. remuneration for caning 
(chair), weaving or knitting weaving, knit- 
ting or caning 

ysbinnaut ’ n.f. club-fight fencing with 
cudgels, etc. Xj>fes.bimaut' ka hath: n.m. 

I (& v.t.) use a trick ©f this game 
if^ba'noo n.m. pl. (same as^N.M. pl. if) [A] 

j binau'la n.m. cottonseed 

ban'ni n.f. (~ u n.m. if) 

'. fba'ni (rare) Jiba'noo) n.m. pl. children 
*(of) ; tribe (of) sons (of) f'sl^ba'rd a' dam 

n.m. mankind ; human beings f'lrffia'm 
is'ra'il n.m. Jews • childrcA of Israel ; Israelites 
fA ’-smb.fc/'ij 





[faban’ya n.m. petty-shopkeepcr petty- 
ntjnded person miser usurer [~- & ] 

jiJ'bQn'jad 1 n.f. foundation foundation* 

** stone groundwork bas is (2 IjjOi b any ad' 

dal' nil v.t. begin introduce set the 

fashion U/j jL* bunyad’ rakk'na v.t. found 
lay the foundation (of) lay the founda- 
tion-stone tfjL} bitty a' dl adj basic ; funda- 
mental bunyu'di jvmhooriy'yat n.f 

Bapic Democracy’; B.D. system [P] 
^i^bunyan' n.f. structure i/y^^libinya n-t 
** marsoos ' n.m. reinforced structure 
strong group 

n.f. (dial, m.) vest 

lV > » 

/jptbane'p, bane' did n.f. whirling torch , 
rod lighted at both ends and used as 
weapon, etc. 

boo (p)n.f. smell; odour stink 
scent' a' nav.i. stink; smell I'ljboo' 
pa! ltd v.i. (of dog) scent know ; guess’-dar’ adj. stinking adorous 
^ boo n.m. father possesser of endow- 
ed with having -er ^IJ'' tirab’ 
n.m. title of Hazrat Ali boo' ‘a'li st'na 

n.m. Avicenna ^UbuWajabl n.f. wonder 
marvel folly Grange thing Jjib^ 
n.m. prattler unmannerly person l J> 
bul-havas' ^n.m. lustful person ; slave of 
passions one false in love adj. lustful 

false avaricious (f^Hj.bQl-ha'vasi n.f. 
lust , pretension of love avarice 
boo-qa! Imooft adj. variegated marvellous 

boo-qalamoo'fa n.f. colourfolncss variety 


t£boo"a n.f sister paternal aunt 
(woman’s title of respect for) older female 

^tybavaslr' n.f. piles j^J.jrkhoo'td baoa'str 
** n.f. haemorrhoids [A] 

«*| j bpto&'na v.t. (rus.) cause to be sown 
* get covered 1/ buva’ 't (dial. jlJ.bauar’) n.f. 

seed-time sowing [ ~ l’j. bo »a) 
kfZtfUb/wa’Us n.m. pl. reasons ; causes [A~ 


^)^J t biva”i n.f. chilblain kibe 

r **' * 



one who has not suffered cannot understand 
thepuffering of others 

ujfjboo'bak n.m. simpleton aged tester , 

• »fool J ’ 

JJbo'bo N.F. elder sister old governess 

fyboo'la n.m. strength ; might ; power 
bal boo'ta n.m. strength ; might , power 
f\) t bolam' n.m. (old use) button [ -E. cor*.] 

jjfJ'bo'tal n.f. bottle liquor 
bottleful of ; as much as a 
bottle will contain \.'/d 
bo tal meh bkar'na v.t. bottle [E] 

Zjboo'tah n.m. (rare) crucible [E] 

J 2 'jbo'tah , tybo'ta n.m. youAg camel |P) 

. ** 

J\Sj t boo' Omar n m. heron [PJ t(r~^ 

L^jl'boot, kJsj'boobt n.m. green gram 

Ifyboot n.m. shoe bootie ladies’ 

sandal wtyjf/'j//' boot n.m. boot [=3 
Ijf'boo ta N.M. plant sapling floral 

pattern (on somethingjOHjjAoo'ta sa qad’ 
adj. small but well proportioned statu 
boote ka\h.'na v.i. t embroider work 
floral patterns jUJ^Jboo'te-dar adj. embroi- 

24 bo'iX n.f. joint slice bf meat for serv- 
ing at table l^jClfabo'ti itar’de'na v bite 
off (piece of flesh) L^J^'p bo’tl 
pkarakana v.i. be naughty; be fottof mischief 
Ojl(Ji-^'tiysn ura'na v.i. give a good 
hiding beat black and blue 

bo’tiyafi tor’na (or kat'na or noth’ na) v.i, 
press hard demand with constant taunt 
give corporal punishmcndlfe jsfoy’jbo'fiyafi 
kit'toh so nucbva'na ph. (threat to) bring 
torturous death 

Jjboo'* N.F. herb or root used as drug 
Indian hemp (~1 ^dim,] 

Jfjbojk n.m. load burden encum- 
brance debt obligation responsi- 
bility (^Zy/jjfJbojh. (sir' se) Ular'na v.t 
put down the load or burden discharge the 
obligation throw off the encumbrance 
pay off the debt relieve (someone) of rcs- 
ponsibili ty(V/(^^. bojh. (sir pi) udia'na v.i 
bear lift up the burden carry the load 
undertake the responsibility be under an 
obligation si/ par ko'na v.i. 

be under an obligation ('jkal adj. 

UV. boojb'na v.t. __ | guess I make out jfj. 

boojh. n.f. (rare) undemanding 



sa'majk'boojk, Jj^soojk'-beojt n.f. com* 
monsense understanding sagacity 
boajk bajkao'val n.f. solving the riddles 
boojh b jkak'kar mm. wiseacre ; sententious 
fool tyjy.btojh' par'na v.i. (rus.) appear; 

boo'&a adj (r. tff boo'dki) same as 
** budk'dia adj. ★) v ’ 

^ bdo'dtar n.m butcher beefvendor [E] 


"Mj. bauchhar' N f. driving rain ; wind 
v and rain heavy shower spray 
drift abundance volley (of questions, 

etc.) windfall I’^iL^baudthar’ par’na v.i. 
face heavy shower <$ kl bau(hhar' ho'na 

v.i. face severe (criticism) face vplley (of 
questions) have a windfall (of) K/51 ki 
bmtdsfrar’ kar'na v. squander ; spend lavishly 
give in abundance talk incessantly^^ 

baudtha'n n.f. sunshade f< ' 

yjbood n.f. existence v.i. was </ t*jJ. bood-<r 
bask n.f. residence existence (some 
one’s) society jjba'vad v.i is proves to be 


\}Jbo'da adj. {r.tfjjbodi) weak; feeble 

'timid ; faint-hearted foolish'da 
kar'na v.t. weaken enervate [P] 

DjJ. bod' Is n.m. simpleton name of a 

mendicant fraternity adj. simple ; gullibje 
bod’ti n.f. tomboy member of this fraternity 
adj. simple ; gullible 
Alj^'dam be dal’ (joc.) fool. 

V ’I owl — f)J.~ J 1 was] j$i Z-jj. 
oor n.f. chaff ; husk sawdust 
* boor ’ ke lad' 400 n.m. a kind of sweetmeat 
deceit ; specious thing false hope 
boor' ke la4'4oo 
kbZ'e to' pad&iti'e na kha”t to' padthta”* 
prov. attractive but unpalatable ; something 
whose fharm wears away soon 
I j j m boo'ra n.m. powdered ^ugar sawdust 

AjJ. bo ' TS n.m ..('ri n.f. gunny bag 

• sack 

iVjJ boors' ni n.f. roasted brinjal served in 
j, * curds [P] , 

>j) bor'd n.m. board Jfjj Jor'ding n.m. board- 
ing house [E] 

{JjJ.bau'n n.f parched barley'ri n.f. gunny bag 

{/jjbo'riya n.m. palm-leaf mat bjJ. 

** ik&bo'riya bodh’na N.M. (one’s) 
belongings (,’{£/ fevbJ'bo'riya bad'na 
Hjka'na v.i. quit make a 
move f y bo ' riya bis' tar U&a'na 
V.i. quit make a move [P] ^ 

\ 0 fyj, boo'rha n.m. old man adj. ('rki) 
old ; aged elderly i,l t la>'dea 
ba’ba n.m. old man yMlSl bjj.’boo'rka ba'la 
bara'bar prov. an old man is twice a child 
l&j rJpjJ. boo'rha diotdtla, {Pt)i('rk i 
fflo'rS led' lagam' ph. youthful blandishment* 
in old age llyibrjJ. boo'rha ho’na v-.u grow old or 

lJj)boo'r\ n.f. spike at end of staff point 
. 'of spear * 

9jJ m boo'zah’ n.m. beer Jejj boo'(a-gar adj. 

brewer s^—^'za-kha'nah n.m. 
brewery beer shop pub [P] 

Z/jjhootnah. Jsjjfioo&'nah n.m monkey {P] 

/j\^J,bos'tan,(J tabus' tab orchard name 

*of a Persian classic [P] 

^yj'bo'sah n.m. kiss tfj i bo^sa-ba'g n.P. 
fondling ; kissing ; dalliance t/J, bo* sur 
kissing touching (as^Tj [jtfefa'lak-bos n.m. 
ski-higlvC6</<5'.io'*-0 kindr' fondling; kisses 
and caresses ; kissing and hugging [P] _ 

bosl'dah *Di. decayed decaying 
” * rotten £j£*%bosi'da& n.f. decay 


\jjJbo$'mah r*M. rags ; tatters worth- 
less stuff adj. ugly [T] 

Qjbooq n.m. bugle ; clarion [A] 

CjjJj. baukk'lana v.i. be unnerved be 
j confused lose one’s presence of mind 
jjj>y t baukhla , hat n.f. nervousness con- 
fusion* jitters J^Mn'kAal n.m. & adj. 
nervous (person) 

Jjjfo'gi n f, bogie [E) 

(Jjbaul m. urine [A] 

(}jJbol N.m. words of a song utterance ; 

’speech ; words syllable fame J/.bJjS' 
nA'tka bol n.m. soft words ; sweet word^JjJL^ 
ml'jjka bol bol'na v.i. say sweet words l&ljs. 
bol' teih’na v.i. speak out exclaim lib Jd. 
bol' ba'la mm. success; prosperity b'jjliiJJ. 
b<d ba’la ho’na V.I. achieve fame thrive ; 
prosper WjVsa v.i. lose one’s 



patience JJfJj Ml'-tfcal’ n.f. talk conver- 
sation , dialogue dialect LrfJbJiboT-ebal' 
ho'na v.i. be on speaking terms ( - Oj.] 
tKy. baula‘nS,CCfUj.baula' ja'na v.i. lose 
one's wits : lose one’s presence or mind 
have the jitters 

Qj'bot’na v.i. speak say talk utter 
tell call pronounce 90 und 
bid chirp be reconciled rave 

(of peacock, etc.) scream OlgOj,bol'na fhal'na 
v.i. talk converse 

(Jj'bo'ti n.f-. dialect speech ; language 
chirping song taunt bid auction 
bo' it de’na v.i. bid at an auction 
bo'ti tho'ti n.f. taunts ; jeers l‘AJj,bo‘ti mar'na 
v.t. taunt ; jceTOjf(J(-^fy,bo'liyan bofrts. v. 
babble speak in (different) dialects or 
languages chirp ; song ^UUJ w bo' fiysh sin' ns 
v.i. hear taunts [ ~ prec.] 

i n.m. (lit.) owl land JP) 


t *J, bctu'na n.m. j/bau'id n.f. dwarf ; pygmy ; 
midget adj. dwarfish 

l ’J bo' ns V.t. sow cultivate plant 

(of stallion) cover $ Ij.buea'i n.f. (seetinder 
v.t. +) 

burhd n.f. raindrop drop bootid' 
boond adv. drop by drop (fjlljtybooh’da 
bab’di n.f. drizzle /(X)boobd' bhar adj. just a 
drop ; just a little l C&’deh ta'paknu 
v.i. drip ; trickle tjlT^juCJjiJ.bookd' 

boohd kar ke talab' bkor'ta haintov. small addi- 
tions regularly made become large accretions 
(fjlJ'booti di n.f. a kind of sweetmeat ; gram 
j drops [P ~ PREC. DIM.] 

(£jy,boofi'di n.f. the germ of a plant after the 
, flower is shed 

i/JM nas n.m. bonus jpljy^jl bo'nas va’uetar 
y n.m. bonus voucher [E] 

+ bauiiga n.m. gamilous fool adj. stupid 
awkward g J.bauti gi n.f. such 
wo mar nousensical talk - 
vyfj, boh' rah n.m. member of an Ismaili sect 
(old use) (member of) a class of 
village money-lenders 

[ffjboh'rii n.f. first sale for ready money in 
y the morning handsel ; hausel 
^jbo"iya n.m. small basket for spinning 
** cotton 

X^jbaoo’ siya t babt'siya n.m. confirm- 

"** ed catamote in advanced age one 
suffering from I piles (fig.) chatteibox 

'beh adj. (rare) well ; good bih’tar adj. 
better superior tfyfbeh' lari n.f. 

welfare betterment improvement 
good (J^fbthlarin' adj. best [P] 

V beh n.m. hole pricked in woman’s ear or 
nose for holding jewellery 
J U*'" bhs'bar n.m. a kind of plant yielding fibre 
* for bed VringS 

^IjfbkS’H n.f. (same m^IV’n.f. (() 

i^baha' n.m. (lit.) value price rate 
khooh-buha' nju. (see under gl/N.M. ifc) 
bha'ti n.f. sister-in-law ; brother’s wife 

bhap n.f. steam vapour exhala-. 

** tion Q&'ufld bhap' rn'kalns v.i. emission of 
steam or vapour 

£/\fifbhat' n.m. boiled rice dower given 
to bride by her maternal unci e uH/Jbdat- 
bhat' n.m. daily bread ; bread and butter 
k£t(afbhat n.m. (dial.) bard ; minstrel 

ihfbka't a n.m. ebb-tide tUjIj’javar' bhs'va n.m 
ebb and flow 

(fU.bka'jis.r. (dial.) vegetable dish 
guest’s share 

JfW, baha'dur adj. brave bold cour- 
ageous valiant honourable n.m. 
hero ; champion (fj>W.baha' dm n.f. 
bravery boldness courage valour [P] 
Ojyiif.bka'doh N.M. fifth month of Hindu 
calendar (corresponding to August- 
September) d/fi bhtfdoh to bha'ran n.f. 
heavy August rains (inundating -dried-up 
ponds) tflf/djj Ldbks'doh ka jka’la 

bha'doh ke dofig'r* n.m. PL. light August 

ji^bahar' n.f. spring verdure prime 
(of life) ; bloom (oi youth) beauty ele- 
gance flourishing state pleasure; enjoy- 
ment jW. bahar' par a' ns v.i. blossom, 

flourish tfjtJjW.babareh loot'na v.i. enjoy 
revel in lead a life of pleasure dOM. 
baha'ristan' N.M. Springfield tfji/bahrfri adj. 
vernal [P] 

jW.bhsr n.m. man-load of crop 

4 rfLfb 

/jyfbhsr'kas n.m. cart strap binding 
draught animal to carriage shafts [~P 
{/■{/j’ weight-pulling corr.] 
jy bka'rat n.m. ^(Hindu name for post-part i- 
J tion I nd id c/j&jU bka'rat oar' A n.m. (an- 



cicnt Hindu name for; India [S] 

Y.T. sweep dust tidy up 

l$ji*fboka ran n.f. weepings JjL.hoha too, (fjW, 
totd’rl (usu. bbhi’roo n.f. 

broom VJrjWutf' jha'roo boha’roo *a/n s v.t. 
sweep dust 

(Jj\jfb1ia'n adj heavy weighty fat 
large ; big voluminous great 
loud hard ; difficult cumbersome 
Sluggish (11) strong (12) costly (13) valuable 
(14) important (15) ominous fyftfjbfbka'H 
bkar'kam adj. grave fat plump heavy 
bbd'ri pal' A mt ehoom kar 
thkor' de'no v.f v withdraw from a difficult 
under taking iagrto v.i. 

appear to be heavy find difficult or tire- 
some IsttfjUhka'n ho'nd V.i. be heavy 
be fat be cumbersome ,, ominous be 

%Jbhar N.m. . fire-place for parching grain 
' oven furnace wages of sin 
bh t r' jkohk'na v.t. make a fire of faggot for 
parching grain be unable to equip oneself 
for a means of livelihood lUjL fbkdr' hka'na 
v.i. be a pimp live on the wages of sin 
run a brothel j bfM a\ men jhofik' na 

v.t. squander ; cast to the dogs 
l^bha'rd NJd. fare freight 

* bha'ra kar'no V.I. hile 

fareVl f'i-j kbits' re ka tattoo n.m. 
pony hireling drugaddict 
need of constant repairs 

bits' sha, bits' kha N.F. (rare) 

J vernacular language speech [SJ 
t JV i hihng' n.m. name of a musical mode [S] 

f[^bhsg' n.m. lot fate ; destiny ^ 

* fortune ; good luck ; honour 
bhdg' pkoot'na v.i. be unfortunate ; he' very 
unlucky i^^/Ubkdg' jag nd, &djtkbhag‘ 
khAl'na>$jy,bkag‘ lag'na v.i. be fortunate; 
be in luck become rich be honoured ; be 
exalted & >J^bhag' van' adj. lucky; for- 
tunate wealthy munificent 

g v.i. (see under UUv. '• ★) 

y[ff(bftagar n.f. stampede flight from 

* immediate danger defeat \~ffljbka gar 
tnfidi'na v.i. be a stampede [ -foll.J 
Cfitfbhag 'na v.i. run run away escape 

-* ft- jttfbkag' ja'na v.i. escape run 


settle the 
thing in 



flee abscond elope 
bhag' adv. hurriedly swiftly 
&' utk'na v.i. run away ; take to heels 
n.f. spike point (of arrow, or 
bayonet, etc.) blade (of spear, lance, 

etc.) search Jbfd'fdekk.'-bhal' H.r. search 
supervision reconnaissance 

dtkh-bha! kar'na v.t. look reconnoitre 
yl^bb-a'fa n.m. spear ; >ance 

Jlrfbfm'loo N.M. 

tv* a’na V.I. turn out to oe likeable 

* please ; be pleasing be agreeable (to) 
be acceptable (to) 

\Xdbaha‘na v.t. spill shed (blood) 
cause to flow set afloat or adrift 
squander spend lavishly Iw,/ 

rUpa'yah ps'rd. ki tor' A baha'na v.i. squander 
money spend lavishly 
\jj>{jfbk.ahp'na v.i. guess make out 

* know ; perceive surmise divine 

see through fy^b/bhatip' j&'na. ty-sUbkanp' 
U’na v.i. guess " 

V&bf&'L tfbkatit’ bkatu ka adj. diverse 

of various kinds assorted ill- 


^{dfbhatj n.f. discount in getting change 

bhan’ja n.m. sister’s son ; nephew Jjltt 

* , bftan’ji n.f. sister’s daughter ; nice 

if Lfbiutl'jt n.f. obstruction putting a 

spoke in another’s wheel ; marring some- 
one’s plans tale : bearing backbiting jjv 
jfbhalt’ji-khoT, jl'J'bdbhah'ji-mar adj. mar-plot; 
one who tries to put a spoke in another's 
wheel tel i/ybkah'ji mar'na v.t. tell Ules to 
mar (someone’s plans) put a spoke in some- 
one’s wheels 

>U bhditd n.m. buffoon 

street actor jester * mimic. 

^blab disreputable person? 
tjZZ a IS bkabd' bkog'tije n m. pu.I 

buffoons street actors riff- i*U 


\jb\rfbhah'<!a n.m. earthen vessel (fig. I 

* secret tfjtftiAr'^tfc’ybkan'da (ch aura' he 
mefi) phootna v.i. be found out (in public) 
lose one’s character (of secret) be divulged 

be publicly disgraced t'JjdtL/fe-bsjfaU.bhsh'da 
(&aura’hr men) phor'na v.t. divulge (some- 


•fee’s) secret disgrace publicly 

Mum, '-matt n.m. juggler ; magician 
ofakf bhdn'-maii ka kUn'bah ph. 
ill-assorted things ill-matched things or 
persorn unholy alliance •£■%}(} d" 

& *"t' Aa'Art ka ro'ra bksti- 
maR nt kiin'bah jo’ r a prov. ill-assorted group 

unholy alliance 

Jt/^.baka'iiah hm. excuse plea, pietext 
pretence feint ; nrtc evasionJT^lv. 
tMJia’na-joo adj . (person) seeking an excuse 
baha'na-joo"i N.f. (putting up) false 
excuses Vjt'j*jilfibaha'nah dkwf.d'va, C/^C-v. 
baha'nah kar'tia v.i. put up a lame 
excuse ; evade ; dodge come out with an 
excvseJL^U.baha-na-sae adj. (person) who 
puts, up lame excuses (fJIyiU'bahs'nZ-sa'gt h.f. 
^putting up) false excuses [P] 

n m. pl. animals ; quadrupeds 
i bruits f A -sing, ^r.l 

jyfbk-a'o n.m. rate market ^price 
* gesticulation (in dancing) 0* I l'/h bjlfc 
bka”o utarna (or gir’na or gkat'na) n.f. (all 
in price (of price) .fall (V> ji^bHa”o bats' na 
v.t. give the rate gesticulate (in dancing) 
(ljr^^L)l>Jgtb(bia'’o {barfs' na (or tee' ho'na) 
rise in pnee (of price) rise or soar V&jif 
bka"o Aaks'ns v.t. settle the rate(s) 

$Lr'baha”o N.M. flux flow gliding along 
direction of current [ - O;] 
bha’voj, J'ljtbka'bi n.f. brother’s wife ; 
p sister-in-law 

tyj baha”i n.m. (member of) a heretic sect of 
Islam which has tried to set itself as a 
separate religion [~ founder’s name A] 
Q[ffbha’'1 n.m. brother kinsman 
* friend companion ; comrade ally 
£)U( jlaC bha"i bia"i n. m. PL. friends 
allies comrades >£JUAia”i bafid n.m. pl. 

hindered ; kinsmen ; kith and kin ’ rela- 
tions brethren fraternity {fMj}\i(bhs' T 

bakdl, ljlrj)\j/bh.a''i &a'ra n.i*. friendship 
tty /. i 

bka^ti bhaTek n.f. calf’s cry 
' /J ^M.bka' , ek bhaf'eti kar’nZ v.i. 
(of house) be deserted (of place) be 

^jLrfbka'iak n.f. sudden burst (of flame) 

• * bhab'ka n.m. effusion (of stench) 
offensive vapour blast (from furnace) 
alembic stilt mug ; tankard C&bha'bokna 

v.i. burst into flame (of flame) bunt 
cajch fire fly into a rage 
. Lit bhab'kt n.f. threat ; menace tfijjJ&i * r 
^ * * bhab'ki n.f. (usu. pl.) bullying 
empty threat bkab'ki dt’na v . t . 

bully threaten Mutf* 

kijofi meti n'ns v.t. feel jittery before a budy 
sil'jfbhaboot' hm. cow-dung ; ashes l) MjAjf 
* * (Uhl C$bhaboot’ rama'na (or laga'na Or 
mal'na) become a (Hindu) saint by besmear- 
ing body with ashes [SJ 
jyY, beh-bood' n.f. welfare well-being 
good betterment benefit : utility 
U jjft beh-bood-t khala'iq n.f. public 
welfare public utility [P ~ ? ■+• 

|f jjfbhaboo'ka n.m. blaze flame adj. 

ablaze hot glowing furious 

lovely [~~6(] 

[•bffbhapa'ra n.m. steam vapour 

“ steam-bath Vj<jl*fbh.apa'Ta dt'na v.t. 
give a steam hath (to; 
flldtbkqpa'TS n.m. fraud ; deceit 

a'hot' (dial, bahul') adj. many 

much most copious excessive 

enough ; sufficient plentiful ; abundant 
adv. much very much largely ex- 
cessively enormously exceedingly 
intenesely b£l£*<ba'hot a&'&a adv. all 
right ; OK very well very good 
accepted ; agreed ; granted U*di£*fba'hot ihik' 
adv. all right quite true too true 
uf/yC^ba'Aot khoob' adv. well-said well- 
done all right ; okay ; OK bc^ba'hot sa 
adj. a great deal quite a lot much 
plentiful ; abundant ^jOtba' hot rat ga"e 

adv. quite late in the evening in the 
early hours of the morning 
i t %bhat’ta n.m. allowance emoluments 
in addition to sariary (arch.) travelling 
allowance ; T.A. 

£/fi/bohtat‘. (dial, bahiitaf) n.f. abun- 
dance ; plenty excess 
tf&lbohlan 1 n.m. slander ; calumny uper. 

sion false accusation imputation 
(.C&l L^n Oijltf&.boktan' iatidk'na (or dfutr’ni 
or laga'na) v.t. bring a false accusation 
against slander ; calumniate 
’Z/fbahat' tar adj. & n.m. seventy-two 
' ‘ bahat'tarvattxDj. seventy-second 
Z/'beKlat adj. (see under adj. +) 




(Zfltott’ns n.m. imp ; goblin ghost 
demon ugly person I'jtbVZbkat'na 
ba'na ho'na v.i. be so untidy or besmeared as 
to lode like a demon f&btotfrd n.f. femaje 
demon old hag ugly woman tf#f £&■ 
HiUt'ne H (had'dhi n.f. a kind ofboys* game 
ypfbM'a n.f. funeral feast i'lty&’.bjui'H kha’na 
vh. (also fig.) see (someone) dead 
l baih'le pa'm men hath, dho'na m. make 
hay while the sun shines 
^bkarcja^-u. brother’s son ; nephew 

• ** bhali'jl n.f. brother’s daughter ; niece 

baUite'ra, bahole'ra adj. many much 
** ADV. enough ; sufficient quite mffi- 
dent a great deal much ; most 
li^NA*. den ; lair pit hole 

hpvgl glowing plaster of fire-place 

pa' re voh so'na 

jis se too' teh kan’ prov. to hell with the treasure 
that brings harm . fc ( . 

n.m. cob ; corn-cob 

* bk&i'ta sa (sir) ura'na, ph. cut (head) off 
clean with one stroke (f f &£bh3t'te ki gulti 
n.f. ear of corn without grain 
[kjfbkat'pi. Jjfbkattah n.m. kiln 

V&tbhatka 'na v.i. mislead lead astray 
cause to wander deceive UWf 
khofok'na v.i. go astray lose one’s way 
miss the right path roam about 
Udf'ka (or bha'tokta phir'na) v.i. lose (one’s 
way room about (in search of) 
ijfya/bkaf katay'ya n.f. a kind of wild 
prickly plant 

ykkf bkit'td n.f. pap ; teat 

^^bka\ai"i n.f. fawning ; sycophancy [ ~iiU) 

N.u. furnace (washerman’s) 
■cauldron still name of an Indo- 
Pakistan class f&arfca'na v.T. 

boil clothes in cauldron light fire in 

Ujffttafjra'ra n.m. innkeeper cook 
** J working at an inn, etc. 
kka'nah N.M. (fig.) home with frequent 

brawls slum mean restaurant JjI*( 
tha&a'ri n.f. female innkeeper inn- 

keeper’s wife female cook at an inn 
gjffbah'jat (or baih-) h.f. joy ; happiness 
* * delight beauty ; grace [A] 

$bhnj> f'bhadt n.m. & adj. lout(ish) 

^ flat and dark 

^ftbha'jan n.m. (dial.) hymn [S] 

tm jfo{bk jahg, &Sfbh. joti'ga n m. king crow 

* adv (of person, etc.) jet (black) 

(,*/ /Cbhijva'na v.T. send cause to be 

* sent [ - caus.] 

j'ya N.F. fried vegetable dish 

— * 

bhich'na, 1'lff-bh.idk jn'na v.i. be 
V squeezed be compressed be sitting 
in a very tight place „ 

J^bhod n.f. disgrace thud VJ^Adbhad' 
se gir'na v.i. fall with a thud cttlbfc&pf 
ki b%ad ni’kalna (or Ur' no) v.i. (of someome) be 
disgraced Mtefbhad bhad n.f. footfall (of duck 
or fat person) 

\jjfb%ad' da, adj. (f . (fjtfbhad'di) ugly 
. ’awkwardness ; clumsiness 
p j tfbhada'ka n.m. dull heavy sound (of fall) ; 

* thud 

Jeiwbeh-da'nah, A^s/be'tii-da'nah n m. (see 

* under fa n.f. ^) 

\jjjfi bhad'ra n.m. shaving off top hair (in 
f Hindu mourning) [S] 
iJjjUf bhad' rak n.f. elegance ; grace 


jfjjpfbhadvar' n.f. land prepared for sugar- 

* cane cultivation 

y^baik'r,yfjlaz baih'r-e prep, (lit.) for ; on 
’account of ; for the sake of [P] 
yy'ba-har' prep, (lit.) in every to every 
Jke(ba-har' hal' adv. anyhow ; in any 
case ; at any rate jJ’sd ba-kar’ taur' , 
ba-haf soor’ral, cgfaba-har' kaif adv. by 
all means somehow or other at all 

events ; in any case ; at any rate ; anyhow>£> 
JWtar' aff. full all whole up to 

* as far as as much as a ; one (as 
ser' bhar a seer) I'^/dMur' pa'na v.i. be 
paid in full be fed up with /( bkar-pa"i 
n.f. receipt in full j/yfbkaT-poor' adj. full 
complete brimful dgt(l&arpti‘ adv. to 
one’s fill A/dbhbr mar' nTf. plenty ; abund- 
ance excess VjA/f f hi bknT-mat' kar'na 
v.T. do- or give in abundance A* 

bhar-mar' ho'na v.i. be in abundance be 
in full strength din, bhar adv. the whole 
day ; all the day long ^ tyt'um'r bhar adv. 
during the whole (of one’s) life ; all (one’s) 




lifetitn madoor' bkar adv. to the best 
■of one’s ability or power to the utmost 
\ dbkar'ra n.m. (also pl.) deceit incite- 
' ment ; instigation Oj \/fbhar'ra derm v.t. 

deceive incite instigate ft t bhUr're 
mefi a'na^f^U^d bhar'roti mefi ana v.i. be 

I ^fbkir'ra adv. jet (black) 

baih'ra adj. & n.m. (f. tf/Vbaih'fi) deaf 
(person) hard of hearing 
/'Ly^baikram' n.m. Mars a Persian name 
j/fjs.baihram' gor n.m. name of an an- 
cient Persian King fond of zebra-hunting 

'bkafa'na v.t. cause to be filled (of 

* bird) feed its young get (animal) cover- 
ed l)^fbhaTa'i n.f. filling stuffing 
watering getting covered remuneration 
for these [ ~ I^caus.] 

j^( yrfbharra’na v.i. be husky become 

* hoarse 

AA bk&r’bhu'ra adj. (f. bhur' bhuri) 

crisp • (of soil) somewhat sandy 
bhurbhurana v.t. sprinkle (salt, sugar, etc.) 

bkar bkar ahat n.f. crispness 
tlAA W utr bkaiid' adv. upset, topsy-turvy 

&d bka'rat n.m. copper, lead and zinc alloy 

t yi~ A) 

t jf bkar' t a n.m. mash ; fried vegetables mash- 

* ed in curds (bj/ljU bkur'ta nikal'na 
(or kar da' ns) v.t. make a mash of beat 
to a pulp give a good hiding 

72 d bhar'fi n.f. recruiting ; enrolment ; 
enlistment stuffing ; insertion of 

inferior stuff fdling completion L'sJ/f 
bkar'li kar'na v.t. recruit ; enlist ; enroljl/j/*' 
bkar'li kn mat' n.m. inferior stuff 
mixture [ ~ tyd] 

bhariMt adv. (dial.) polluted 
A" bbarish’t kar'na v.i. pollute [S] 
/jrfifbhur'kas n.m. husk; chaff chips; 

* splinters U&yyf biter' kas ni'kal'nav. t. be 
severely beaten & (mar mar kar) 

biter' kas nikal'na v.t. beat black and blue 
bha'ram n.m. credit ; trust prestige 

secret (£L/b 1‘lf^dbka'ram jdna (or 
kk&l'ra) v.i. be exposed lose one’s credit 
Wyfe bka'ram gafwa'na v.i. lose one’s pres- 
tige (*l ^dlkarma'na v.t. tempt deceive 

misl ea d 


^Jdbka'ran n f. heavy Bhadon shower fylij/f 
x * (tl^Ljbka’ran pai 'na (or ba'rasnn ) v.t. 
fall in heavy shower [ ~ fold.] 
tfdbkar'na v.t & i. fill load be filled 
(of wound) heal pay indemnity 
irrigate pollute be polluted besmear 
be besmeared pay realise suffer 
tolerate (of body) grow fat grow 
or make rich (of fare) be crotVded ilyt 
bkar’ ana v.i. (of wound) heal (of heart) 

be filled with pity ly v lyf bka’ra pu'ra adj. 
happy (home) Al/fbka 'ra gWar’ N.M. happy 
or well-equipped home Oy^bkar de'na v.t. 
fill besmear make good (loss) give 

presents or settle dower profusely 
bkar' na'zar dekk'na v.t. glance fully Iddpdf 
bkar' nitid' so'na v.i. have a sound sleepCJl^^jf 
bka'ri bar sat' n.f. heavy rains tyy.tfyf 
bka'rl java' ni n.f. prime of life; blooming 
youth iA L j bka'ri javatS mah'jia 

dhl’la ph. one lazy in youth 
bka'n god' khali ho' ns v.i. become issueless on 
child’s death I A Id bka'ra litk'ra adj. be- 
smeared bedraggled 

maj'lis (or maik’fil) mefi adv. publicly ; in every 
body’s presence L'jf bka'ra bai'tka ho'na 
v.i. be greatly enraged be on the point 
of weeping I’d bkar'na bhar'na v.i. pay 
debts incurred hy others support someone 
unwillingly V yd f^/bka'rt ko bkar'na v.t. 
bestow more on someone who is already rich 
baihroop n.m. disguise actor’s 
’* make-up mimicry baihroop' 

bkar'na v.i. disguise oneself mimic 
baihroop' piy a n.m. street histrion charac- 

ter actor expert in changing one’s guise ’• 
[yjdbkaro'sa, bharo'sah n.m. confi- 
dence ; faith trust reliability 
assurance hharo'sa kar'na v.i. trust 

rely on 

gy^baih'rah n.m. share ; portion lot 
destiny fortune j}‘>/*.baih' rarmahd' jj*d> 

baih'ra-var, ^/Ir/V.baih'rayab' adj. lucky ; 

fortunate prosperity baih' ra-mah'di' , 

Jl ty/.baih' ra ya'bl n.f. happiness pros- 

perity [P] 

iCd baih'ri n.f. female hawk ; falcon adj. (see 
^ under adj . *V) , 

Kfbkir n.f. wasp ; hornet ^*0# bhi’rotf ka 
' djjiat'ta n.m. hornets’ nest Uljfy AASjfe 



i&i'roft ke chhal'te meh hath.' dal'rta, A 

^-bki'roh he chkal'tt ko chher'na PH. 
stir up a hornet’s nest rfy/jsAtfr'so'ti bhi'ron 
kojaga'na ph. rouse a sleeping monster 
ijffA bkaras' n.f. grudge ; resentment 

rage ; animosity ; spleen 0 
dii ki bkaras' nikal'm v.i. vent one’s spleen 

{jfebkira'na v.t. bring into collision 

' * bring into clash embroil set up one 
against the other [~ 1 ^/caus.] 

bkor' bhar n.f. crackling (of fuel) 

Lybkar' bhar kar'na v.i. (of fuel) crackle 
burn fiercely 

Clfyfybfuir bharu'na v.t. play on or beat 
f'S' ‘tabla’ y 

bharbhoofija N.M. cfyfA 
• * bkarbkooh'jan n.f. one, 

whose trade is parch gram 
^fefbka'rak n.f. sheen lustre 

' " glitter blaze; refulgence 
flash ostentation rage ; 
fury shving (of horse) nervousness 
jitters jf/pf bha'rah-dsr' adj. refulgent 
gorgeous tawdry ) fau'q-Ul bka'rak 

adj. refulgent or gorgeous (dress) fyfebha'r- 
ki'la adj. (f. JL bhorki'tl) gorgeous ; 
splendid refulgent tawdry £~ foll.) 

Iff] tfjbharak'na v.t. flare up be enraged ; 

S' fly into passion startle (of horse) shy 
t ojA, bharka'na v.t. kindle inflame 
incite ; instigate scare startle 

ijfrfbhxr'rm v.i. collide clash fight 

' ' (of door) be shut (of opposed armies) 
fall upon 

j ffybftAr'oa (dial. Jryfbkar'mal} n.m. pimp ; 
pander ; procurer shameless man 

’nn v.t. betray (someone’s secret) 

d'ri de'tia v t. train pigeons 

.ttjfabkare'ri n.P. pile (of utensils) placed one 
"above the other 

rrflto n.m. husk bran chaff straw 
gram cliaff, etc, (for asses) I'Jydfbtous' 
kar'na v.t. stuff with chaff (fig.) fill with 


bhits meii chjftgt (or Aihgiri) dal’ Htjama'lo doer' 
kko'i f prov. mischief-monger washes his hands 
of the crime after instigating it j[yfbhliSakoo 
n.m. tasteless tobacco 

jAfbba sam n.f. ashes ; cinders I'J^rlfbka'sam 
1 kar’na v.t. reduce to ashes ; burn out 
destroy itfj-Jfbha'sam bona v.t. be 
reduced to ashes ; be burnt be destroyed 
writhe (ih rage) . 

tfjZ sbehisht' n.f. paradise ; heaven 

behisht' kg hava n.f. cool refreshing 
breez ejr^fbehishli adj. blessed celestial 
n.m. water-carrier 

dtfbhak n.f. blast ; sound of explosion 
roaring (offire) puffing (of steam-engines 
etc.)t '/^JfifAibkak bhak kar'na v.i. puff 
chugirisji^t^dfbhak se uf ja'na v.t. 
blast explode be cut clean, off fly off 
l jiiib^Llfjt^A^bWak' seitr'ja'neva'la mad' dab 
n.m. combustible material explosion 
(Jj^jdbhika'ri n.m. (e (Jj^bkika’ ran) beggar 
. . mendicant ( - 

llC/baihka'na v.t. seduce allure mis- 
lead ; lead astray cause to err tempt 

C\r*L&,baihka' le ja’na v.t. elope kid- 
nap carry off lure away baihka'va 
n.m. delusion trick misleading 
baihka've mefi a'na v.t. be deluded (by) 
be taken in (by) faU into the snare (of) 
be,tempted (by) [ ~ caus.] 

\jjjAbhik' sha n.f. (dial.) alms[S] 

jpJjf bhik' shoo n.m. Buddhist mendicant ; Bud- 
dhist priest [S ~ prec.] 

[Z/jfdf bkakos'na v.t. eat greedily devour 
&i m0 ^Qbhik' modi' ga beggar pauper 

j 'Jy.+ tfi) 

^Wbai'hokna, Of^M.bai'hak ja'na V.i. be 
* deluded go astray ; bepjislcjl talk 
in a state of intoxication ft baih'ki 

baih'kt batch kar'na v.i. talk as if drunk 
tajk nonsense , 

ijpbhok't a adj. (r.tfjfbkak’n) fool 

{f&dbhagtfna v.t. put to rout ; put to 
' flight ; defeat gallop (a horse) away - 
drive off cause to flee or escapciC^^^k 
bkoga' le ja'na v.t. elope kidnap to 

runaway with ; carry away drive off 
gj&bka’gat n.m. (dial.) devotee rogue 

( jjAbkag'tiya n.m. street-dancer 

(* K^b&S'gatna v.t. bear with patience suffer 
experience pay the penalty settle 


with be requited (for) appear (at a court- 
hearing) (iiu*bkugtari N.M. payment 

adjustment full settlement disposal (of 

customers, etc.) bh&gta'na v.t. dispose 
of pay adjust settle do ; execute 
^fabhae'dar' n.f. stampede ; sudden wild 
^ commotion ; flight due to panic 
Jj^flhagah'dar' n.h. fistula in rectum 

bhagopn' n.m. (dial.) God &j&bhag'eat\ 
bhag'vatit' adj. (dial.) Divine£(y$ 
Mag' vat gi'ta n.f. Divine Song (name of a 
Hindus scripture) [6] ^ 

1% jVf bhagau'ra, (dial. bhag'jgoo, 0$ 
bboge'la) adj. & n.m. (f. tfjjk bhagau'r I) 
rieserter runaway ; fugitive 
tfjUt bhigo'na, 0/J? bhigo’ tie'na v.t. w^t ^ 

* moisten soak drench 

bhigo' bhigo' ke mar'na v.t. put to great 
shame taunt with apparent suavity in- 
dulge mock praise [ ~ caus.] 

bha'la adj. (f. jjtf bha'R) nice excel- 

* lent good virtuous gentle ; noble 
humane ; courteous pleasing ; agreeable 

delectable adj. & n.m. good virtue 
favour bha'la diati'ga adj. in good 

health ; hale and hearty ; healthy 
bha'la sa nan! hoi ph. wheu d’ye call it C&jJjf. 
bha'la lag'na v.t. look agreeable be attrac- 
tive (fjilM bha'la ad'ml, l Jjsf bha'la ms'nus 

(or ma'nas ) n.m. gentleman nice person 
respectable person iMriiaf bha'la shah'na v.t. 
wish (someone) well tl/iU' bha'la kar'na v.r. 
do good do a favour [‘n bha'la ho'-na v.i. 

be good be well that bha'R kar'na 

v.i. (iron.) treat unfairly bha'li ho' ns 

v.i, (iron.) get a rough tdeal 2^-TJZ-bha'le a"e 
ph. (iron.) you turned up well on time £lj 
bha'le din pl. good old times better days 
/d £ £ bha'le ko conj. it was a happy 

coincidence it is well that ^jj^bhala"i n.f. 

good virtue welfare prosperity 

beneficence kindness ; gain ; benefit 
tffttfbhala"t kar'na v.t. do good show 

^Ij^bhula'na, is/H# bhila' de'na v.t. fojget ; 
* cause to forget 

baihla'na v. divert amuse ; enter- 
tain chew coax ; cajole IjJhii 
boihla'oa n.m. entertainment; amusement 
cajolery false hope batidfvt 

de'n a v.T. raise false hopes (in mind) 

Ijjjofbhal a vs n.m. guile; deception Is/ IjIU; 

* bhula'va de'na v.t. beguile ; deceive 
play a truck ; use a ruse 

bha'lak bha'lak adv. (weep) bitterly 

m bhXtlak'kar adj. very forgetful ; obli- 
vious thoughtless ; careless ; negligent 
remiss [ ~ Ojh] 

bhal'mansa'hat, bhalman'si n.f. 

* nobility civility ; politeness 
nice treatment [ ~ 

ty/'bai'halns, I'lrJ^bai’/ml js'ns v.i. be 
diverted be amused ; be entertained 
baihlol’ (ped. bahlool’) n.m. cynic 
joker simpleman (also I'liJjU'. 
baih’lol-e ds'ns) name of a cynical saint [A] 
baikHi, {ft baih'l n.f. light two wheeled ox 

/Sh/i baih’lah n.m. falconer’s leather glove 

/)\}fodbkula'vafi n.m, ‘semi-carpus anacurdium'; 

# nut used by washerman for marking 

JK ba-ham! adv. together bo-ham ’ 

{ pahufidta' naf v.t. procure provide 

supply convey bring about VffsC ba-ham' 

pahuftcji'na v.i be procured be provided 
supplied be acquired come to hand 
ba-hatii di‘ gar adj. mutual recipro- 
cal adv. together^ L^y. ba-ham! rasa’ hi 
supply provision [P ~ * ) 

baih'mon n.m. eleventh month of Persian 
calendar (corresponding to February) 

(tf'C bai'han (dial, ba'han, ba'hin ) n.f. sister 
female cousin VsCbaih'na n.f. (dial.) 
sister dear sister LCrfbaih'napa n.m. » sister- 
ly affection or kindness friendship between 
girls or women (I'A) ftflCsMhna’pa jor'na 
(or kar'na) v.t. (of girls)’ become (mutual) 

baih'na v.i. . flow float drift (of 
liquid) run (of sore) run (of solid) 
melt ; dissolve H^f^.boih ja'na v.i. (of 
liquid) run : run but (of solid) melt away 
l * (Jjf bhuna’ns, ClJJbhunva'na v.t. get ( ""all 
change for cause to be fried or parched 
$ C* bhUnz'H, / ’Jiyf bhMnva"t n.f. discount 
on giving change remuneration far parch- 

Ifofbkinna'na v.i. (of ears) have a ringing 
* sound (also O I (if Minna' Hfh'na) be 


annoyed react, sharply 

bhaftbi'ri n.f. a humming insect con- 
” stantly dancing on water 
hkafibi'ri ss daur'ta pkir'na v.i (of child) run 

llZtr&bkifibkina'rta v.l buzz hum 

bkin bhin,JZfCte?f bhinbkina' hat N.F. 
buzz hum buzzing humming 

bkaftbkor*na v.t. (of beast) gnaw , 

^ devour by gnawing mangle 
Jjjijf bkafidar' , IjlJtybkahda'ra n.m. free meals 
public mess at shrives; etc. alms- 
house meal store serving free meals belly 
bkafida’ra lag'na v.i. (of mess) be run 
0+ bkafida'jil kkil'na v.i. (of belly) be 
ripped open (fjLjfbh aid a rl n.m. steward 
keeper or persons in charge of free mess 
tf£g(bhiti' di n.p. lady's finger 

C&f bhi'iiak'na, l‘n j <j ^ybki 'nak' rah& ho’na 
y v.i. (of flies) buzz swarm around 
:~Mfbki'nak n.f. buzz hum rumour 
something in the air km mefi 

bhjknak par'na v.t. get wind -(of) [ ~ r rec. ) 
mJjjfkhafig n.f. hemp ; cannabis 
plant yielding it 
Muth'gar n.m. hemp-addict 
silly braggart rumour-monger 
irresponsible talker 

bkafi 'gar-kha nah n.m. hemp pub _ ; 

nojsv place with idlers lolling aroundil^V 
»¥<} bkaft' gar-kha’ ne ki gap ph. silly rumour 
Ifcjifbiuft'ga n.m. a kind of winged monsoon 
y, insect 

\yfaf bhotig’ra n.m. name of a Pakistani 
folk dance ; Pakistani jig a kind of 

fijf bkabgl n m. sweeper scavenger a 
” sikh caste bkafi gtyo ft ki top N.f. 

Kim's Gum 

,EV baihfi'gl n.p. thick bamboo _ _Je£- 
^ * stick with slings at ends for -vv~ 
carrying load on shoulder J\\ i 

\*jjfbh£n'na v.t. be roasted 

* (of rupee, etc.) be converted J) \\ 
into small change . ^ 

baurwa'na v.t. cause to be fried 
•(cause to) get small change (same as 
UHina'na v.t. •*) 

jjjfbhah'var n.m. whirlpool eddy , 
vortex (fig.) grief misfortune Jlfor* 

bhah’var jal n.m. woridv its temptations 
worldy ca.res(l^fL)l^(y*jj^bhafi'varmcfi pat'na 
(or pkafts'na) v.i.' be afflicted suffer from 

vicissitudes of fortune be caught up in an 

jjs-y baihno n i n.m. brother-in-law : sister’s 
husband [ ~ tf*.] 

( J^boh'nl n.f. (same as jfjboh'nx -fc) 


bahne'li n.f. adopted sister girl’s 
female friend Jk^baihne'la n.m. sister- 
ly affection ; friendship between girls [~ 
c ■/■] 

j^bci'koo n.f. daughter-in-law bride 
wife sttf&ba'ri ba'hoo n.f. senior wife 
elder son’s wife chko'u ba'hoo n.f. 

junior wife younger son’s wife 
ba'hoo be'tiyafi n.f. pl. respectable woman 
chaste homely women 

jjy^belwar' u.M. (also j^j’/kur' behuar') n.m. 
(rus.) business &i>J Jyf.behvav' ki bat’ pi., 
fair deal straight talk 
^ t jpf bkoopa'li n.f. name of a musical mode 

yy. bkoo'bkal n.f. hot ashes ; embers 

bkoo'pooh bkoo'pooh n.f. hoot (of 
V ' *•* car) [oNO.j 

gsyfbhoot n.m. (F.fftybkiil'rii) demon 

fiend ; ghost apparition , evil spirit 
goblin ugly figure (fig.) rageOffoij*'' 
bhoot' ular'na v.t. exorcize l‘y bkool' 
u*larna bhMt'&nrh'na (or 

savar' ho'na) v.t. (of evil spirit) possess 
be obsessed ; be possessed be distracted with 
rage be intoxicated act like a devil 
££J v bhooV paret' n.m. ghosts and fiends b’yC/A 
bkool' ho'na v.i. be very untidy look 
shabby act like a devil ( ^ 

bkool' ban kar (or ho kar) lipatnH v.t.” possess 
(someone like a devil) distress annoy 
bore, obsess (fjfbhDOt'm n.f. (same as 
bkUt'nt n.f. ^f) 

HM bkoj' pal'tar n.m. Indian papyrus leaf 
r bark of a birch-like tree for writing 

bko'jan n.m. (dial.) meals ; victuals , 

* food [S] 

bhmtckak'ka adv . (same as jgy? adj . ir) 

j/fbhor N.F. (rare) dawn . early morning : 
daybreak ; break of day 



W adj. (p.tfjj* bkoort) buff (paper, 
etc.) aubpra (hair) brownish 

ijftibaho'ra, baha're ka khans n.m. 

meals sent to groom’s house along with 
bridal procession 

XSjtfbhoo'ia n.m. chaff srra w (fp? bhoosi 
n.f. husk bran 

fo/fbhos'ra n.m. vagina bkos'rt n.f. 

y dim) vagina (derog,[ woman 
JyfHuok n.f. hunger appetite ir^ed; 

want desire keenness lust CvJjf 

thook' tag 1 ns v.i feel hungry l ‘Aj’isJj* 
faook' pyss' mar'na v.t. repress" one’s 
appetite mortify oneself Ijljfcbhook' mar' ns 

v.i. lose appetite be np longer hungry 
N.m lose of appetite V/jM bhook'kot mar’na 
v i. starve to death ijljfc bhoo'koh mar' ns v.i 
famish ; die of hunger be hard up 

bhotk' hartal n.f. hunger-strike tfjfbhoo'ka 
A0J. (v. Jrfbfaooki') huugry starving . 
famished desirous needy 

Qjjtbheg'ns v i. suffer endure 

{ )jtf bhool n.f forgetfulness ; oblivion 
oversight mistake , fault oversight 
lapse omission J 
bhool bhulayyan n.f. maze , 

labyrintlj baffling matters Jyf'j 
jyiff'tJfbkool' tfiook' le’m de’m ph. 
errors and omissions excepted ; e. 

& o.m. Cjjrjy? bhool ' shook mo' of 

ph . oversight overlooked bhool' ke 

bhina’hln, jWjferJ^bkoo'h se bhi na'fcft ph. 
never, under no circumstances . (not) even by 
mistake [ 

bho'la adj. (f Jjtf) . simple artless, 
guileless inexperienced innocent 
childlike Dbflbf bho'la bha'la adj. innocent , 
guileless bho' la-pan, ^yfbhol-pan n.m 

being childlike inexperience artless- 
ness childlike innocence guileless beauty 
JtW bhjo'li baleh n.f. pl. innocent 
prattle comments lacking shrewdness 

ifybho'li bho'li ba'tefi n.f. pl. innocent prattle 
Wj/fbhool na v.t. forget , become oblivious 
miss err stray be deluded . be 
deceived be misled go astray estray 
IrtQffbhoo'la burs adj. bhoo'b 

bts'rl) forgotten (matter, story callei, etc.) lijf 
bhoo’la bkat'ka adj. (k Jfj bhoo’ti 
bha t'kii striy traveller etc .t&s'Jy* bho'H 

soo'rat n.f. innocent looks 
(Jjtfbhoo'ml n.f. (dial.) land . place (usu. ut) 
ja'nam bhoo'nd n.f. birthplace 
native land [S] 

4 , Jjefbhauit n.f. eyebrow 

ka gi’lah afikh’ ke sam'ne prov. complain 
against someone before his friends Lj 
l‘tpjr)bha'veit tan'na (or ckarha'na) v.i. Chit 
the brow become angry 
^j£bka'van n.m. (dial.) house ; building [8] 

horn (of car, etc.) 


yytbhoiipoo n.m. 

•t hooter 

(J bhaUchal' N.M. earthquake 
X, tremor ; quake [ ~ OJ e f~ O'] 

bhaufi’chak'ka K>j4bhau'(hak'kd AJDv, 
*ighast ; astonished flabbergasted Clfijl&i* 
bhaufi'&ak'ka raihja'na v i. be struck aghast 
be flabbergasted 

3 fiA bhoii'doo n.m. simpleton . booby . noodle 

ifrjSbim 'dii adj. (f. (fj.'yfbh, i'di) awkward 
ugly ungainly deformed 
unlucky bhaii' da-pan n.m. ugliness 

I \Jyf bhauh'ra (or bhaufira) N.M. 

moth-like insect black 
beetle cellar (fi/sfbhmh'it, 

bkaho'ri n.f. female black beetle 

Datch of hair growing in a distinct circle 
bhmtfik'hav.i. bark talk foolishly 
y CdJj^bkatritka'na v.t, cause to bark, 
bhofikna v.t. thrust , drive 
chkura bhohk'na v.t. stab 
tyyt bhoon’na v.t. roast parch fry 
* bum torment Oljyyfbhoon dit'na v.t. 

bum torment Wyyf bhoon' kha'na v.t. 
roast and eat squander 
yrffbho"* (mode, of address) dear friend 
look ABB.JU') 

) (/, ba'hi n.f, day-book old type accounts 

book sown at end 2 | /'tf ba'hi kha'ta n.m. 
daybook and ledger accounts fojp/rf 
bo! ft par chaih&'na v.t. enter in day-boolt 
itfbe'to n.f. quince s>>ybtfh-d&'nak, *fc*t 
beh-da nah n.m quince-seed (used as drug) 
(PJ . 

slfLf'- btht-khshj adj well-wisher 

bt h-kha'hin.r. good wishes 
being a well-wisher (P ~ <f ) < 

(f.bta adv. also , too even as well 
as well as likewise moreover 

l&bha/ja n.m (usu. with pl. v.) brother 
elder brother (term of endearment) 
flear broth** (.node of address) dear friend 


Ibaiangk adj. terrible , dreadful ; 

** * frightful ; formidable dismal 

**,.oS bitit n.f. wall embankment 
*** vestige of dilapidated bouse 

\ jtfbbi'tar adv indoors inside within 


ifgbtuja N.M. brain grey matter (ani- 

*** mal’s) brain (used as food) Cl/' Iff? bhe 'j'a | 
kha'n&m. bother tire out with questions 
^fjfbkefrta v t. send despatch remit 

*** transmit gram ; bestow 
jjfb’ked N.M. secret mystery point 

t \ j^fbhtd ps'ng v.t. , discover a 
secret solve a mystery bhtd' de'na v.t. 

divulge a secret give a chic 1 /jibbed’ 
rgkk'na v.i. keep a secret lpj//dbhed khol'na 
v.t. divulge a secret betray a confidence 
tyf bhtd le'na v.t. find out a secret 
spy • pry into worm oneself into another’s 
confidence J^bhe'di n.m. jx-rson in the 
know Of a secret confidant 
ghat' kn bht'di fab'ka dba"e frov. betrayers 
turn victories into defeats 
W t bahli n.f. camp followers baggage of 
/** army lines near army camp where 
soldiers, families live H^f'.bahjr' bub'ga n.m. 

rabble of camp followers ‘impedimenta* 

of an army 

tjUbkai’tok n.m. one of the major modes of 
"'•* classical Indo*Pakistan music connected 
with early winter (j^bkair'a, J^bbkaira’vik 
n.f. name of an early morning musical mode 
lUV/l » N.F. crowd , throng ; press . multitude 
*** nufo ; concourse *(/ /f.bbir' bhar,/i#jZf. 
M|r bkarak'kn N.M. crowd ; rush c6 tybklr' 
leg' mu v.s. (of people) gather in large numbers 
{'£j *J' bkir laga'n* v.T. collect concourse ; 
gather people (round oneself) 

£gfMur n.f, sheep ewe blur' dal 

Asl N f. mob mentali- 
ty following a custom blindly craze /juf 
C^fbkr\’ kagoskl n.m. mutton ijgbhtra n.m. 

l^ffbehtia n.m. belcric myrobalan 

I //bbe'riya n.m. wolf bktriya 

5/ » (see under fjf,bkef) 

( t+bhes n.m. guise disguise garb 

**** feigned appearance assumed likeness 
O-tof^bfus' ba’dal'na V.i. disguise oneself 
change ihc guise 

n.f. alms chanty 
•• * bhik' ka tblk'ra n.m. beggar’s bowl 
bhV;' maiig'tia v.t. beg beg alms 
^J^bkig'na, llft^fbktg' ja na v.i. get wet 

** * become moist be drenched (of 
whiskers) grow (of nigbl) be advanced 
bki'gi billi Pii. wolf in sheep's clothing 
OS^J'.bki'gt billi bata'na ph. prcvcricatc 
shun ; work thus 

jUfbhit n.m. name of an aboriginal tribe of the 
4/ ** Indo-Pakistan sub contidcnt 
tffbkeTt N.F / get' H bke'ti n.f. lump 
*’ of raw sugar 

[Zgtbhai’na n.f. voc. (dial.) sister 

J> /j dfbiuM‘ N v. sacrifice bhrfi\' 

" choTkana v.t. sacrifice for 
bhefit charh'na v.i. be sacrificed for 
£/jf{bhU)ch ns v.i press squeeze is'f 

v ' hhimhna v.i. be pressed be squeezed 

n.f. (female) buffalo ; water 
buffalo l/ff bhaift'sp n.m. (male) buffalo 
water buffalo C\}f (£//•£ rfffbk.aibs' kt age bin 
bpja'na ph. caste (one’s) pearls before swine 
tfwfbkoitiga adj. & N.M. fpfff 
" bhaingi, squint-eyed (person). 

bhaiti' ga-pan n.m. squint 
J^bhi'n^Jff&fbkA’rit bki'ni ADJ. 
mild (scent) 

it bi affix, (somewhat respectful 

V * title for women used as pref. or suf. with 

I 4 b 

their names) Mrs. Miss n.f. lady JJV. 
ba'ri bi n.f. old woman grandmother 
senior woman in t)ic house n.f. 

young Miss little woman Jii,bi'bi n.f. 
lady respectable woman housewife , 

mistress of the Muse affix (respectable title 
for woman used as prff. or suf. with names) 
Mrs. Miss 

_ be voc. par, (familiarly or contemp 

* tuously used for men and male childrenj 
0 ; ohPRON. you 

fj^fcePREF, not without lacking 

* in ; un ; il- . dis* ; un- . -lesswi ^brab' 

adj. waterless lustreless dull lack- 
lustre A'b- o- gay ah' adj. barren 

desolate bt~aV*iQO adj shameless 
disreputable ignoble ignominious 


^)/t^be-ab-roo n l n . f . disgrace dis- 
honour n . f . discord lack 

■of unity want of harmony fyjLbe-a'sar adj. 
unaffective ineffectual inefficatious 
powerless having no voice lacking force 
not producing the desired effect >(>f 4- 
ehtiyat' adj, careless ; negligent ; reckless 
indiscreet ; imprudent intemperate 

not caring (or health J'^I^Lbe-eitijia'd n.f. 

carelessness negligence incautious* 
ness imprudence indiscretion intem- 
perance indifference to hygienic rules or 
dietary nguteitionsj&t^be-ikhtiyar' adj. 
helpless having no control powerless ; 
wielding no authority having no- choice 
faced with no alternative adv. involuntarily 
ifjl^'ltLbt’ikhtiya’ri n.f. helplessness 

powerlessness lack of choice adj. invo- 
luntary ^jU^bt-a'dab adj. disrespectful 

insubordinate rude impudent inso- 
lent unmannerly faidL-Pe-a'dabi n.f. dis- 
respectful rudeness impudence 

insubordination un mannerliness /i4- 

be-arom' adj. uncomfortable (ftil d~~be- 
sra'nd n . f . lack of comfort restlessness 
uneasiness < J^l^be-os'l adj . unfounded 
groundless baseless^ 1 ^. be-eUibar' adj. 
unreliable untrustworthy of no 

CKdiufJ&ld'be-e‘tiba'ri n.f. untrust- 
worthiness mistrust ; distrust dis- 
credit adj. immoderate 

intemperate J lJ>l*Lbe-e'tidali n.f. im- 
moderation intemperance; &'U r be-c‘tiqad’ 

adj. disbelieving lacking faith incre- 

duloustfiplZ^e-s'h'jadi disbelief lack 
of faith JliJl^rbt-iltifa'ti n.f, disregard; 
want of regard unconcern ; indifference 

inattention inconsiderateness 

be-imtiyaz' ADv. without discrirninationt/ifAii, 
be-intizB'rrd N/F. mismanagement bung- 
ling Cf‘\d r be-inUha' adj. extreme unli- 
mited ; endless * boundless infinite adv. 

extremely infinitely „;/>*» 4, be-ahda'zah adj, 
countless numberless adv. extremely 

infinitely CtW^rbe-insaj' adj. unjust , 
iniquitous unfair, j [i>iLbe-aulad' adj. child- 
less ; issueless (j be-imsn' dishonest ; 
lacking integrity unprincipled having 
no conscience faithless ; infidel l'/&UU r 
bt-ima’tS, kar'na v.l, act dishonestly cheat 
misappropriate embezzle . defalcate 

play false ; betray JU’.bt-baq' adj. clear 
(account) paid up or off having no 
arrears tj/jl $bt-batf kar’na clear pay 
uptrfjU bt-baq' ho'na v.i. be cleared ; paid 
settled be paid up or off jLfbe-ba'qi n.f. 
settlement (of account) repayment 
quittance’ adj. bold fearless 
daring J^.be-ba'kt n.f. boldness 

fearlessness temerity yjJbdL-be-ba'l-o par 
adj. helpless powerless having no 

resourcess unplumed unfledged i)A^ 

be-badai adj. incomparable match- 

less unique inimitable jl t 
bar'g-e bar' adj. (of tree) bare ; desiccated 
j-^^r be-bos' adj. helpless powerless 

weak having no authority (ff^be-ba'n 
n.f. helplessness powerlessness 
debility weakness ; Igij, be bUnjad 1 adj. 
unfounded groundless basseless 

be-baha adj. invaluable very precious 
of inestimable value ly^^be-baih'rah adj. 
unfortunate unsuccessful deprived 

(of) lacking jljfaL'be- pn'yak ADJ, un- 
fa thomed abysmal baseless ; unfounded 

be-par'dagi n.f. going about unveiled 

unveiling being open to view ex- 
•posure of residents to neighbours' view *^4" 
bt-par'dah adj. nnveiled going about un- 
veiled (of house) exposing its residents to 
neighbours’ view 0 ^ 4 - be-parva' adj. care- 
less ; heedless negligent inconsiderate 

unconcerned ; indifferent above want ; 

content be-parva'ya'nah adv. fit adj. 

indifferent(ly) ; unconcernedly) careless(ly) 
contented (Iy^J/jL/4, be-parva"l n.f care- 
lessness negligence indifference 

pir' adj. unskilful cruel merciless 4-/# Ae- 

tab' adj. impatient restless fidgety 
anxious ; keen PbOibe-taba'nah adj. fit adv. 
impatient(ly) restless(ly) anxious(ly) 

keen(ly)^Pt be-ta'bi n.f. impatience 
restlessness keenness; anxiety 
tasir' adj. (of drug, etc.) useless ; inefficacious 
J V’tir be-tal adj. outof tune 1) i^be-ta’am'mlU 
adv. pat unhesitatingly ; without hesita- 
tion without deliberation adj. promptl%&- 
be-tajfa’sha adv. excessively ; extremely 
rashly; recklessly headlong £A*L*be- 
tadbir’ adj. imprudent indiscreet re- 
sourceless be-tadbi'n n.f. imprudence 
indiscretion resource] essness be 
ta'al'luq adj unconnected ; unrelated iuv 

concerned ; indifferent (f^A'bt-ta.'al'lurfl n.f. 

being unconnected or unrelated in- 
Aifitnntyff^bt-taqsU' ad;.' innocent ; blame- 
less guiltless • not guilty innocent adv. 
without one's fault ; through no fault of his 
jA^^be-takal'lnf adj. frank informal 
unceremonious (of friends) fast ; close ; 
intimate adv. frankly ; openly intimate- 
ly > HJ^L-be-takal'lifa'nah adv. Sc adj. | 
frank(ly) intimate(Iy) J^2~-be-takal’lufi 
n.f. frankness informality J~ / 4'be-tamiz 
adj. uncivil unmannerly ; mannerless 
silly bt-Uwaj'jok adj, inattentive 
inadvertent be-tavaj'joki n.f. 

inattentiveness ; lack of attention inadver- 
tancc indifference l/&*L-betfuka'na adj. 

(of talk) meaningless (of person) seldom 
found at home uncertain ^U'^be-sabat’ adj. 

impermanent unstable transitory 

passing inconstant “(}^'4 J ' faba' li n.f. 
impermanence instability ransitoriness 
> 4* be-sa'mar adj. fortkfr v unfruitful ; 

infructuous vain ; unsuccessful 4-bt m 
t a' mart N.F. fruitlessness vanity ; futility 
failure ifd-be-ja' adj. . improper illtim- 
ed unreasonable out of place ; misplac- 
ed wrong I’tfif^be-ja ho'na v.i. be 
improper be ill-timed impropriety ^ 144 - 
he-jan' adj. lifeless dead inanimate 

listless fjT^'be-jur'm adj. innocent ; fault- 
less b^be-jor' adj. unmatched ; unsuit- 

able inharmonious discordant uiftbe- 
cfo'rah adj. (f. tfjtfbe-cka'n) (col .eg bichara 
m. ^/14 f. bickart) ' poor unfortunate 

miserable £,1^4 be-ckirazh’ adj. _ (of home) 
childless (rare) (of place) dark ; unhghted 
, jrjtfSJr be-chp 0 ' n-o-tJiir a adv. & adj. t un- 
esitatmg(ly) without demur unquestion- 
ably) be-ikairi adj. _ restless un- 

easy won-ied ; anxious (jjgjrbe-ckai m n.f. 
uneasiness restlessness" anxiety ; worry 
be-bal' ADJ. out of sorts ; out of con- 
dition indisposed weary ; tired miser- 
able on the verge of death J >4* be-ba'li 
n.f. miserable plight ^i/'^-be-bijab adj. 
unveiled immodest unreserved 
hf-bijab’nak adv. unveiled immodestly 
unreservedly ^^<4 be-biji'ln n.f. going 
about unveiled immodesty be-hadd' 
mfj. boundless ; endless adv. extremely 
xccssively infinitely be-ha'rakat adj. 

motionless still immobile £SjiLbt~ 
ffur'mal adj. disgraced molested with- 
out any sense of prestige (j^J^bt-Aar’mafl 
n.f. disgrace molestation (f^-be-Ai*' adj. 

unconscious senseless w CzZL-be-hisab' 
adj. excessive unlimited countless 
innumerable be-fau'talah ADJ. weak 

dispirited ; spiritless having no guts <4" 
ft*? be-ftau' salagV n<F. weakness lack of 

guts want of enterprise unenterprising ; 
unadventurous adj. shameless 

immodest impudent : bare-faced ; 

brazen-faced filf^be-haya’i n.f. shameless- 
ness immodesty impudences 

adj. without thorns beardless minion 
ij jiirJ' be-kha n-o-mah adj. homeless 
destitute driven from home be-kha' bar 

adj. unknowing ignorant stupid 

careless ; negligent uninformed ; not well- 

posted be- kha'ban n.f. ignorance 

stupidity Ut?J r be-khata adj. innocent guilt- 
less blameless (rare) infallible be- 
kha' tar adj. safe undaunted be- 
khsb' adj. sleepless restless • uneasy 
JJ/^be-khabi n.f. sleeplessness in- 
somnia restlessness jJ'4'be-khud' adj. 
transported ; enraptured ; in ecstasy intoxi- 
cated ; inebriate unconscious beside 

oneself (with) unegoistic ; selfless (fjjZbe - 
khii’di n.f. ecstasy ; rapture inebriety 
unconsciousness forgetfulness of ego ; 
selflessness jl/,be-dad' n.f. ^injustice ; ini- 
quity tyranny ; oppression /) Ufi be-d ad’ -gar 
J>, j (v. be-dad’-pe' shah adj. unjust ; ini- 
quitous tyrannous; tyrannical 
adj. spotless immaculate unblemish- 
ed innocent ^jJ,lf()l>4b~dal' ka boo' dam ph. 
(same as ( f b4' be ' dam '> 

be-di'ram adj. & adv. got^ without incurring 
any expense(^4'f;^b4' bah'da-e be-d ant' 
(or be-di'ram) devoted servant slave got 
freejj’itye-damsb adj. foolish short-sight- 
ed imprudent (f^igbe-da nishi n.f. folly 
imprudence Srl^.be-da'nah adj. seedless vd?.' 
be-dakh’l adj. evicted ; ejected (/*tbe-dak^U 
n.f. eviction ; ejectment jjM, Be-dard’ adj. 
cruel ; merciless ruthlessJ^fc-rfflnfc'naA 
adv, & adj. mercilessly) ; rutlilessly^4^- 
dar’dl n.f. mercilessness ; cruelty jhi^be- 
darmati adj. ( incurable bala'-e b* 

dar’malt n.f. unavoidable calamity 



dar'd-e be-darmafd n.m. incurable ailmentu^-H I 
he-darafig' adv. at once ; without delay 
unhesitatingly $J^tbe-dare%h f adj. unstinted 
ungrudging adv. ungrudgingly blind- 
ly rashly b b-das't-o-pa’ adj . 

crippled helpless resourceless power- 
less ftlj ^yjtLbe-dos't-o pa”i n.f. being 
crippled helplessness lack of resources 
powerlessness d-fcbe-dil’ adj. sad ; deject- 
ed dispirited disgruntled chagrined 
loving ; devoted n.m. devotee lover 
(jjS' -be-di'li "n.f. dejection dissatisfaction 
chagrin lack of hope devotion; love 
be-dam’ adj. breathless lifeless fatigu- 
ed ; dead tired C^be-dimagh' adj. irri- 
table impatient senseless indifferent 
J''gtji n.f. irritability indiffe- 
renceljjjrbe-dava adj. incurable (orJypiL) 
be-dhn'xak adv. rashly readily 
fearlessly without fear or hesitation bold; 

fearless : dauntless ; undaunted c^L-be-diri 
adj. faithless ; irreligious dishonest 
unreliable^* n.f. lack of faith; irre 
ligiousness dishonesty ftej^be-daul' adj. 
ugly ; ungainly shapeless ; unshapely 
disproportionate awkward L^Xtbe-dhab' adj. 

awkward ugly unmannerly tJjitLbe- 
zauq' adj. unappreciative , lacking taste 
(for fine arts) tasteless ; insipid ; without 
relish fti)4-be-zau'qt n.f. lack of taste , 
inappreciation tastelessness inspidity 

be-rak' adj. wrong, erring 

walking in sinful ways ; debauched ; dissolute 
not on the right path (fjj s 1<L be-r ah' -rati 
N f. debauchery not being on the right 
path Jfi/sLbe-rab't adj. irregular, contrary 

disjointed , unconnected incongruous 
delirious p Pj 4-be-rab' ti n.f being dis- 

jointed incongruity fj^be-raih'm adj. 
cruel merciless ; ruthless tyrannous ; 

tyrannical (frf be-taih'mi n.f. cruelty 

tyranny be-rok' tok adv. without let 

or hindrance ; unhindered ijtLbe-nya' adj. 
sincere ; candid guileless unpretentious 

not showy 3 ly^be-riya’i n.f sincerity; 
candour unpretentiousness lack of show 
be-ttsh' adj. beardless n m. minion >*-!/.£• 
be-re'shah adj. (ibreless . without fibre j 1%. 
be-zar adj. disgusted (with) .sick (of) ; 
fed up (with) chagrined (fjljfbe-za'ri n.f 
disgust chagrin^./^,/) s-^aian' adj. 
dumb j mute speechless quiet ; taciturn 

helpless n.m. brute ft[!d-be-zaba'rn n.f. 
dumbness muteness specchlessness 

taciturnity helplessness Jjd' be-za*' adj. 

poor ; destitute having no wherewithal ; 
moneylesstf;j*£-be-za'ri’ n.f, poverty 

want jSfy } be-za'n-o-jaTzati' adj. 

widower bachelor • unmarried jjjJf-be- 
zor' adj. weak powerlessii>C/>*-{f^Ar- 
ze'b-o zi’nat adj. inelegant unadorned 
‘^^be-sa^h'tahAD). artless natural 

spontaneous ; unpremeditated adv. art- 
lessly extempore ; impromptu unpreme* 
ditatedly be-sakh'tagi'^^d i/^be-sskh'ta- 

ban n.m. artlessncss unstudied or natural 
behaviour unpremeditated; spontaniety 
be-sabab’ adj. without rhyme or 
reason unfounded khan adj. 
quiet taciturn j/^^be-sU'ra adj. 

out of tune unmusical t / ^^be-sa’r-o-pa 

adj. absurd ; baseless without head or 
tail ; unreliable ; untrustworthy 
be-sa'r-o-saman’ adj. without means un- 
provided unequipped ; not fully-equipped ; 
lacking necessary equipment ft l Uj/SdLr be- 
sa'r-o-sama’m n.f. poverty lack of means 
hetylcssness^ydf' be-saH'qaA adj. im- 
polite ; unmannerly clumsy ; awkwaed 
unaccomplished unskilful unmethodical 
be-satl'qagl'H.r. lack of manners 
want of accomplishments unskilfulncss 

lack of method awkwardness ; clumsiness 
be-shar'm adj. shameless immo- 
dest immoral impudent gCrt^be-sbar' mi 
n.f. shamelessness immodesty immo- 
rality impudence b-AtPoor’ adj. 
unmannerly Stupid ignorant 

be-sho'oo'ri n.f. unmannerliness stupidity 
ignorance be-shak'k-o-ihub'h adv. 

certainly ; undoubtedly ; doubtlessly 
be-sh itnar' adj. innumerable ; numberless ; 
countless numerous^?'^ be-sab'r 

be-sab'ra) adj. impatient restless 
anxious (fafdr bcsab'fi n.f. impatience 
restlessness anxiety M&4rkt’za’bitah adj. ^ 

irregular unlawful unmethodical^*?!^ 
be za'bitagi (col, brzab'Jogt) n.f. irregu- 
larity unlawfulness <5^ adj. 
weak enervated powerless ftrlbJLbe- 

ta'qaR n.f. weakress powerleanes 
be-ta'h, be-ta'rah (col.) adv. excessively ; et- 
ceedinly inextrically adj. (of ‘ghazaP) not 
to the set pattern zJ^^be-imf adv . t ex- 



cessively ; exceedingly inextricallyij^ 
be'iz'zat adj disgraceful disgraced 
without any sense of honour J’/Zbe-'iz'zali n.f. 
disgrace be-'aq'l adj. unwise stupid 
-br'aq'li n f. folly stupidity O&tL- 
be~‘il'lai adj causeless be-' aib' adj. 

faultless unblemished J'/Zt^be-gharaz adj 
selfless disinterested unselfish ; hav- 
ing no axe to grind Mj/eL-be-ghataza'nah aDv 
& adj. unselfishly selflessly (J'/tUbe- 

gha'razi n f unselfishness selflessness 4- 

be %hil'l-o gkish adj pure un- 
adulterated plain ; straightforward 

be-gham' adj happy knowing no grief 

J^j/fiL-be-gbau'r-o fik'r adv unpremedi- 
tated(ly) thoughtlessly) jy^L-be-^naVrat 
adj. shameless immodest wanton n.m 
cuckold D^fiL-be ghai'rati n.f shamelessness 
immodesty wantonness cuckoldry fa'idah adj. useless ; in vain of 
no consequence Unprofitable silly , 
absurd ill-timed brfikr' (col. 
be-fik'ja) adj. free from care or anxiety 
thoughtless , unreflecting inconsiderate 
eontented (jji^be-fik'n n.f. freedom from 
care or anxiety contentedness unconcern 

thoughtlessness J^fd^be-faiz adj. & n.m. 

miserly ungenerous JJi'tL-bc-qa boo adj. 
wayward ncqjitrollcd ; uncontrollable 

out of one’s reachJJ tig-bc-qa'idagi n.f. irre- 
gularity disarrangement fy\£/be-qa''idah 

adj. irregular unlawful ungrammati- 

cal not properly arranged j^Ji-be-qad'r 
adj. worthless ; unimportant not in de- 
mand ungrateful ; thankless JjjttL-be-qad'n 
n.f. worthlessness disesteem ingrati- 
tude Jyit be- qarztr' adj. uneasy ; restless 

impatient anxious perturbed be- 

qara'ri n.f. restlessness impatience 
anxiety perturbation jj&^bt qUsuor' adj. 

faultless not guilty innocent 
be-qusoo’rt n.f. faultlessness innocence 
ifO'JL'bc-qiyas' adj. immense unlimited 
inconceivable J&be-kar’ adj. unemploy- 
ed ; jobless idle worthless ; unserviceable 
useless silly ; absurd unprofitable lt/j& 
he-kar' kar'na v.t. render . useless make 
unserviceable throw out of \ob(Jj\Jg>b-ka'ri 
n.f. unemployment idleness worth- 
lessness absurdity bt-karafi' adj. 

boundless . shoreless immense enormous 

y**f.bc'-kai adj helpless lonely forlorn 

destitute'nah adv. & adj. 
helplessly) alone be-kas\ n.f. help- 
lessness loneliness destitution 
ka'fan adj. unshrouded J^d-be-kal' adj rest- 

less uneasy disturbed (fA^be-ka'h n.f. 
restlessness , uneasiness ci^/j/^be-kam-o-kas’t 
adv. & adj. exact(ly) - accurate(ly) 
without any omission jC^tL-be-khaj' ke adv. 

unhesitatingly undauntedly doubtless- 

ly (jU>dLbrgumati adj. ^doubtless with- 
out the least suspicion t \£.be-gunah' adj. 
blameless guiltless sinless innocent 
&*^JL~brlibaz‘ adj. impertinent incon- 
siderate adj. tasteless insipid 

dull unpleasant j^tL-be-lut'fx n.f. 
tastelessness dullness insipidness un- 
pleasantness ('&4'bt-lagam' adj. unbridled 
wayward uncontrollable ^ lJ r be-ma'yok 

adj. poop ; indigent resourceless 
mean ; \ovt(f\*L-be-ma'’igi (or ped. be-ma'yagi 
n.f. poverty ; indigence resourcelessness 
meanness J%“- be-mis'l adj. incompar- 
able matchless ; unparalleled ; peerless ; 
unequalled unique USeLbe-moha'bs adv. 

undauntedly ; fearlessly unhesitatingly 
adj. fearless ; undaunted ^ JLbe-mahal' adj. 

improper ill-timed out of place 
be-muruv'vat adj. unkind ungrateful 
inhuman impolite lij/eL-be-muruv'vatl n.f. 

unkindness ingratitude uncivilityj/^ 
be maz'gi (ped. ma'zagi ) n.f. tastelessncss 
insipidity unpleasantness ^tibc-ma' zah adj. 

tasteless insipid unpleasant j^eLbt- 
ma''na (or be-ma‘'ni) adj. meaningless 
silly ; foolish absurd useless ; vain 
be-maqdoor' adj. powerless resourcelcss 
weak jjoor tfjiMfti- be-maqdoo'ri n.f. 

powerlessness proverty lack of resources 
t^y^be-min’nat adj. without incurring obliga- 
tion be-mausim adj. (col. m. 

be-maus'ma, f. be-maus'mi) unseason- 

able out of season gf eg-be-mau'qa 1 (pcd.j*y<f- 
be mau'qe'i) adj. improper ; inopportune 
ill-timed ; untimely out of place 
inapt be-mau'qa * mahal' adj. & adv. 

inopportune ill-timed yS. be-meh'r abj. 
unkind ; cruel unfaithful tf/rf'. be-meh' ri 
n.f. unkindness ; cruelty unfaithfulness 
bt-na'm-o nishafi’ adj: unknown 

unidentified insignificant issueless 
^wiped out adj. (of sale, etc.) in 

another’s name bt-nasiV adj. un- 



fortunate cursed be-nas'bi n.f. mis- 

fortune ; ill-luck be-na&r adj. incom- 
parable matchless ; unparalleled ; unequall- 
ed ; peerless unique >mXi^-be-na'mak adj. 

insipid unattractive saltless ir*Lbe- 

na'maki n.f. insipidity unattractiveness 

being yrithout salt f C'j be-nafi'g-o-nam, 

Lj ^'d-bc-nati g-o- namoos' adj, charac- 
terless notorious without sense of honour 
\jdi*bMuaa' adj. poor ; indigent ; destitute 
jjJ; -be-noor' adj. without light; dark (of 
eyes) blind jdeL-be-niyaz adj. without want 
independent ; free carefree unconcerned 
indifferent (fjdd-- be-niya \ji n.f. indiffer- 

ence independence^* J-^Lbe-nai'l-e maram ' 
adv. unsuccessful fjtL-be-vaj'h adj. cause- 
less without rhyme or reason tfjiJ>bevaz'n 
adj. not weighty ; insignificant worth- 
less (fj^be-va'tan adj. homeless away 
from homeland tfj^be-va' tarii n.f, homeless- 
ness be-vafa adj. faithless ungrate- 

ful treacherous ; perfidious "i} \)/i be-vafa” i 
n.f faithlessness ingratitude treachery 

perfidy be-vaqar' adj. undignified 
disreputable be-vaq'ri n.f. blow to 

jrresugc&j^be-vaq't adJ. & adv. / out of 

season untimely ill-timed 
bevaq't ki rsg'm ga'na, \^JiS($&>j*Lbe- 
vaq't ki shailwa”i baja'na ph. do (or say) some- 
thing at a time when nobody is prepared to 
appreciate if ; do ill-timed (things) Cj 'jjf; be- 
vuqoof adj. silly ; foolish ; stupid gulli- 
ble unwise ignorant be-vuqoof' 

banana (or simply 1‘Cj; banana) v.t. ridicule 
make a fool (of) ; make fun (of) J JS-be- 
vaqoo'fl n.f. foolishness ; stupidity want 
of understanding lack of wisdom igno- 
rance t 2 *SJL-be'kim'mat adj. unambitious : 
unaspiring unadventurous ; unenterprizing 
cowardly ; pusillanimous lazy ; slothful : 
indolent Cfd-be-hamta' adj. unique 
peerless incomparable be-hu'nar adj. 

unskilful unskilled unaccomplished 

^t^J^bt-hahgam' adj. untimely Cjfd^bc 

. hah' gam adj. unwieldly egregious 

be-hoo'dagi n.f. absurdity folly breach 
of etiquette frivolity obscenity»j>vIA«- 

hoo'dah adj. < absurd foolish unman- 
nerly obscene frivolous adv. foolishly 
idly /urC’brhoo' da-go adj. one. who 
talks nonsense foul-mouthed person 

be-hoo'd<rgo”l n.f. talking nonsense idle 
talkt/%2* be-hosK adj. unconscious sense- 

less in a fit careless ; inattentive 
be-ho'M unconsciousness senselessness 
carelessness [~ P] 

ba'ya (dial, bay'ya) n.m. weaver- 
** bird 

^)i\^bayaban' (til.tfty.baya'bafi) n.m. 

1 ’"desert; wilderness (jlC.jtfi 
ijar' bayaban' n.m.. wasteland 
baya'bah gard^fy^ t U bay a' bah naoard' n.m. 

wanderer one traversing deserts # tU 
bayaba'ni adj. desert ; of the desert wild 
n.m. wanderer [P ~ *— '+ ] 

fris.bayaj' n.m. (dial.) interest [S] 

(f'isbaya'si adj. & n.m. eighty-two 
** baya' Avail adj. eighty-second 
ifUbayaz' n.f. commonplace-book n.m. white- 

J neSS ^ i j 

iji/baya'lis adj. & n.m. forty-two (Jjfd. 

baya'lisvah adj. forty-second 

fly, bayarri (rarest J, boyam') n.m. earthen jar 

fA^bayan' (lit also -an) n.m. statement ; 

** declaration account ; description 
narration explanation (also dj?-/* ‘il'm-e 
bayan ') branch of rhetoric dealing with meta- 
phorical use of language bayan' ba'dalna 
v. go back upon one’s statement ; prevaricate 
bayan' de'na v.i. (in law-court) make a 
statement ; declare i/dj* bayan kar'na v.t. 
state relate ; narrate ; recount des- 
cribe l< bayaniy'yah adj. & n.m. narrative 

ITU baya'n a v. (of animals) bring forth young 

pt** biyah' (or by ah') n.m. marriage ; wedding ; 
*** wedlocklV/fL-' 4:>aA' ra&a'na v.t. celebrate 
a marriage (• /, C. biyah' kar'na v.t. & I. marry 
be married t'i/ #U biyah la'na v.t. bring home 
(the bride) ^."biya'ha, adj. (F.tfJ>»5'fo) 
married biyah' ta n.f. married woman adj. 

duly married (wife)(^U.6i>aA'na v.t. marry 
give away in marriage t.^d'. bin-biya’ha 
. adj. unmarried ; bachelor^ a/, bin biya'tA 
adj. unmarried (girl) ; virgin spinster 
J A Mbi n.f. lady title of respect (also 
’./as tfjyltn'bifi) Mrs. ; Miss 
0% bait' tl adj. unfortunate (woman) 

j[*PJ>epar N.M. ifjl£bepa'ri n.m. (same as 

y **N.M. ifl/Ajr.NM. it) 

tm^bait n.f. distich ; couplet n.m. house; 

abode cell ’t-ullah’ ' n.m. the 

Holy Ka’bah (as the House of Allah 
bai’ t-ul-har&m' n.m. the Holy Ka’bah (as the 
Sacred Hous e)cJp^l»C^.bai't-ul huz'n (or ha'zan) 
n.m. house in which Jacob bewailed 
Joseph’s separation cell of sorrow 
bait-Ul’khala' n.m. latrine ; lavatory ; privy 
C KTlC^.bait-ul-aRq' n.m. the Holy Ka'bah 
(as the most Ancient House) 

'ahkaboot' N.M. (rare) spider’s web (met.) 
something very huikj^L^.bai't-ut-gha'zal n.m. 
best verse (of ode, etc.) /‘Ltfbai't-ul-lah'm 
n.m. Bethlehem ; birthplace of Jesus 
bai't-Ul-mal' n.m. public exchequer ; treasury 
J r^itS*ibai't-Sl-ma‘moor' n.m. the Inhabited 
House ; prototype of the Holy Ka’bah in 
heaven (jtiPizgbai't-ul-muqad'-das (or bai'l-ul- 
maq’dis)(j£3lal~qvd's n.m. the Dome of the Rock 
ifjl&s.bait'-bazi n.f. verse-recitation contest , 
a contest in which each opposed team has to 
recite a couplet beginning with the last letter 
of the couplet recited by the adversaries [A] 

*1 ZtSbet n.m. cane [~P xcorr.] 

n.m. ghost ; goblin ; fiend 
'* baital’ paehejii'si n.m. title of a book com- 
prising twenty-five tale* narrated by a ghost 


I V.t. befall happen (of life) 
*•* pass ; elapse (of time) elapse become 

a thing of the past 

t£i/bit N.f. droppings (of a bird) 

♦♦ • 

Jtte’bait. n.m. bat [E] 

♦* * 

Ifybi’ta N.M. son boy (endearingly 
to eit)ier sex) my child CV> \£r. beta banana, 
bl^iftybe'ta god' le'tta v.i. adopt a son 

be'i a be'ti n.m. PL., (someone’s) children 
va’la (or va’le) n.m. groom’s 
father (Or relations) 

jfobai'tUk n.f. (unpretentious) drawing 
** rooth a kind of exercise in which one 
alternately squats and rises posture i^j 
haitkak de'na v.i. convene of spiritual assembly 
held to the accompaniment of dance and 
music (esp. as practised "by women) foll.] 
^Jpbaitk'na, L'U Jf. bait kja'na v.i. sit sit 

".'down perch subside (of heart) 

sink (of house, etc.) collapse (of boiled 
rice) become a hash settle down (at bottom 
!JsJL>Ja£baitk kar ni'kalna, v.i. (of moon) rise 
late^on the 15 th night of each lunar month 
Jlyf/baitb'vzfi adj. flat flat-bottomed 
low bai'tke bitha"t, £-ilef&bai' the 

bith'la'e, jf^bai'tke bai'tke adv. sud- 

denly ; all of a sudden abruptly unexpected- 
ly unjustly easily bai'tke raih’nit 

v.i. stay on reside permanently (of 
woman) stay at parents’ home 4)/^. bank' vail 

AD J . 

fjjbe't l N.F. daughter (endearingly) my 

** child be’ti de’na v.t. give away one’s 
daughter in mamage^bjtllbj^for't? va'la (or 
va'le) n.m. bride’s father (or relations) [F ~ (J>. ] 
£'• bij n.m. seed source ; origin VJ, 

** bij' bo’na, Oit&bij dal'na V.i. sow 
(fig.) enr; -1 ler ; sow die seed (of) (fig.) be 
the cause of jlj£bij'-dar, jtf'bijtla adj. seedy 
full of seeds j> jb ^bij’-mar kar'na v.t. 
destroy the whole family (of) annihilate 

f'.be'jo n.f. goal in children’s game called 
""jAb n f. * 

£*• bick n.m. middle centre mid , 
■'“midst interlude interval interstice 

distance difference adv. in ; into 
between ; among during ; (in the) mean- 
t\m<AL-S'££ bitfi bicka”o n.m, ediation 

settlement intervention (ty/b ) b’ffy&bitk' 
bi^is'’o kar'na (or kar de’na ) v.t. mediate; 
settle intervene i/ &bi(k' ka adj. inter- 
val central medium average Jr l if Si. 
bick' ki mg'H n.f.' middle finger £]*<&,' 

meh par’na v.t. intervene arbitrate ; 
mediate stand surety (for) /M‘ &ah HA 
adv. right, in the huddle ” keeping clear 
of the sides or edges centrally 
Ifibi'fh a n.m. (nurs.) bogey ] 

i/l fibejia'rah adj. (see under <d-) 

±Jtf / .bic£ak n.m. invoice 

[y.becjinav. t. sell; vend dispose of 

transfer by sale bt&ne ke 

la 'iq adj. saleable not worth retaining 
a /frbeeli' kks'na v.t. sell away and 
squander proceeds l)b*£;‘, beA'ne va'la n.m. 
seller ; vendor 

V bekh n.f. root origin foundation 

bekh'- ka' ni n.f extirpation 

extermination eradication annihila 
tion l ' beklt'-ka’ni kar'na v.t. up- 
root ; extirpate exterminate eradicate 
annihilate [P] 

X-'baid n.m. (dial.) same as J-jvaid n.m. ★ 


ll/bed n.m. cane willow Ci^bed'-baJ n.m 
** *(old use) cane-weaver basket maker 
t>y^J>(p^bed' ki lar'h kafip'na v.i. tremble 
with fear shiver in one’s shoes Vjljfibed' 
mar'na v.t. cane flog Os*f&'.be'd-e maj'nooh 
n.m. a species of willow t^&X>bed'-m7tshk n.m. 

musk willow its essence [P] 
tjS'bed n.m. (same ns)gjved n.m. 

beddr adj. awake ; wakeful watch- 
** ful ; vigilant alert >^jjUibedar'-bakh’t 
adj. lucky ; fortunate bedar'-ma$}'z adj. 

wise intelligent " shrewd i/jbs.beda'rl 
n.f. wakefulness vigilance alertness 
l Cfi^H'dha adj. & n.m. person under influence 
** of magic 

j^bir' Ji vir n.m. (dial.) hero brother 
•** adj ."brave 1‘jthir'ta n.m. (dial;) bravery; 
gallantry [S] 

ybair n.m. enmity ; animus ; animosity ; 

** hostility malice ; ill-will ; grudgel 

men bait' par' nn v.i. be bad blood between 
( l ’JhVvi^.bair bahdk’na (or kar'na or 
rakk'na )’v.t’ hate bear malice ; harbour 
a grudge against (Ul^tjU^Aatr (or 1 

nikal'nn) v.t. take revenge ; retaliate 
avenge fjy^pbai'ti n.m. , [F.yfrfbai ran) enemy 
adj. hostile malevolent 
Iy 0 >b(r n.m. jujube ; a kind of berry 
• • 

Y \y^bair a n.m. bear ; table servant ; boy (~ 

** * Anglo-Pakistani [E bearer CORR.] 

bai'rd n.m. tenon-like piece driven in wall 
** to hold door frame in place 
g,U bd'raj’ n.m. barrage IE] 

^jj^bairag’ n.m. (dial.) renunciation of world- 
*** ly pleasures; asceticism C \d*fjs.bairag' 
le'na v.i. renounce worldly plcasuresji<6<nra'£l 
n.m. (F. u /t / *baira'gan) (dial.) Hindu recluse 
ascetic cross-shaped stick 
/rV hit bn' h utl n.f. scarlet fly 

jP , 

/***>£• boms' (ait la') n.m. barTister-at-law 
*« j bai’raq n.m. pennon ; pennant ; flag 
on spear standard ; banner ; ensign [Pj 

bai'ran n.f. & adj. (see under jfbair km. 

<&** 'ran n.m. (dial.) brother f-S /.bit) 

yJM'berahg’ (or bai'rang) adj. (of letter, etc.) 

** jxjstage unpaid ; bearing (postage) n m. 
pl. ball bearing [E] 

^/jfytr^bai’ rormtar n.m. barometer [E] 

fjfobero'zah (coi.rjj/biro’zali) njh rosin 
■** gnh'dah biro'zah n.m. resin f P] 

^fabe'raoh Ji/.biroon prep. out outside 
*’ aDv. outside i^'lfj/iberoan' idt n m. 
suburbs (old use) overseas Jl r jgbcroorja t\ 
ADJ suburban rural outside n m (old 
use) rustic Jfs!beroo'm adj. external outer 

(£/*bai'rt n.m. (see under S.bair n.m -fc) 

& be'ri n.m. (see under f, ber n m. ft) 

l^be'ta n.m fleet large boat raft <1^ 
** V/A I % [kd) be' id par kar'na (or laga'na) 

v.t. bring success (to) relieve from 
remove difficulties (of) (rare) forty across 
i'y; jt l}uV)(ka) be’ra par' ho' aa v t achieve 
success'; gain one’s object tide ovci a diffi- 
culty (of boat, etc.) arrive at the destina- 

| fabn'ra n.m. prepared betel-leaf 
*’ folded in triangular shape ; fm 
triangular fold of betel-leaf l£; (K) IjKap 
l‘(Jft(Aa) bi'ra iiika'na v.i. pick 
or take up the gauntlcnt under- 
take (to do something) (rare) |J?. 

accent a folded betel-leaf 
(fjfobe'ri - n.f. (usu. pl.) shackles; fetters 
** irons chain irons for animals’ feet 
boat boat-like bamboo basket for watering 
fields, watering-basket ^O^'riyah pai'na 
v.i. be shackled'; be chained 

be put in irons OijjlJkberiydfi IS, 
4&lna v.t. shackle ; fetter put I fpw 
in irons &VjlJ<be'tiyaA kai'na v.t jCjf 
unfetter ; take off the chains ||T 

set free ; liberate 

(jfabl'ii n f a kind of inferior cigarette 
'* tobacco rolled in cheap leaves ; ‘bidi’ 
/*bez suf sifting diffusing dispersing 
*' tf/*be'z i suf. sifting diffusing dis- 

persing (P ~ (j*K: 1 

jl^bezar' adj. disgusted displaced 
** annoyed bored i’J j^.bezar’ kar'na 
v.t. disgust annoy bore lyrjl^.bezar' 

ho' ns v.i be disgusted be annoyed 

be bored i/j^beza’rt n.f. disgust dis- 
pleasure annoyance [P] 

(jr\b\s adj. & n m twenty J^Ms'vsfi adj. 

Iwenticth Jj^ibi'sofr, J*j>~£bi' siyofi adj. 

many ; many a ; scores of numerous (rf bi'si 
n.f score a collection of twenty 
bi'si gki’si N.F. (woman) looking old while 
yet in her twenties , teen-ager looking old too 

jX^baisakh' n.m. second month of Hindu 
's calendar (corresponding to April-May) 
L*£baisakhi n.f. (esp. Sikh) fair held 
on the first day of Baisakh (usu pl.) 

be-suloon n m name of a Persian moun- 
tain which lagendary lover Farhad had 
to dig out a milk-canal to win the hand of 
Shirin |P| 

ft/^be'ean n.m. gram-flour be'sani ro'tl 

n.f bread with condiments and gram- 

flour in it ; salt pan-cake 

bes'va n.f. prostitute, whore; harlot 
loose woman 

\y>, bis van adj., jrfbi' sob adj., 

** bi'siyoft adj., bi'si n.f. (see under 

A # DJ. & N.M. T*f) 

,'l^besh adj. more better superior 

*'** excellent high (priced, etc.) 
be'sh az besh’ (ped. Jljftbe'sh az pesh') adj. 

more than ever evermore great deal 

oft y'i/^besh baha' j^j/J^besb-qi'mat adj. 
costly ; expensive precious bed±tar adj. 

most major ; chief adv. mostly 
often be'shi n.f. increase; enhancement 
addition surplus excess 
2j> e'shah n.m. wood ; forest ; jungle 

" ‘wilderness [P] 

{ti/ jbaiz a* adj. white bright ; luminous 
** incandescent refulgent \jg£ya'd-t 
baiza’ n.m. the refulgent hand (as one of the 
miracles of Moses) [A - J'tt ] 

ibai'zah n.m. egg (usu. pl.) testicle 
baiz n.m. pl. (ped.) eggs J’jftbai'zavi 
adj. oval [A J 

jlS^bm'tar n.m. veterinary surgeon (old- 
** use) Carrier ^U^baita'ri n.f. veterinary 
science profession of a veterinary surgeon 


tf'bai* n.f. sale deal v/gbar kar'na 
"v.t. sell ; transfer by sale *si.'g : bai‘-na’mah 
n M sale-deed (£s's&bai' t -o shara' n.f. sale 
and purchase business transaction {A] 
^lft/bai‘n‘nah n.m. earnest money Oji U; bai'a'nah 
** de’na V.t. give earnest money : give 
money in advance agree to sell U^Uc'Aa/'a'- 
nah le'na v.t. reserve earnest money 
agree to sell [A ~ prec.] 

J£i*/bai'‘at n.f. ritual for accepting (to be- 
come) a disciple oath of allegiance (to 

a saint, etc.) homage ; fealty 

(kt) bai"at kar'ns (or ho’na) v.t take the 
oath of allegiance (to saint, etc ) ; become (his 
disciple i% l i2*'.bai'‘at le'na v.t. administer art 
oath of allegiance accept (someone) as a 
discjple // 

lm jfa'ba-yak‘ adv with onCt^C^Xyak' ba-yak' 
adv. suddenly ; all of a Sudden 
ba-yak' kirish'ma dii ksr' prov. kill two bir«Ts 
with one stone 

^sbi'ka adj. awry (usu. in) bi'ka 

** na ho'na PH. escape unhurt be out of 
harjn’s way 

bai'g n.m. bag [E] 

Xh n.m. (Mughal title of respect corres- 
ponding to) Lord ; master ; boss suf (part 
ofa Mughal Muslim name) [T] 4 . , 

J&ibegar' N.F. forced labour ; duress 
" begat pakarna v.t. cause to work under 
duress press (someone) into one’s service 
Utj&i begat' lain a v.i. work carelessly; 
work in a perfunctory manner not to have 
one’s heart in the vtoekiSJd/.bega' n n.m. im- 
pressed or forced labourer ; one working under 
duress one working carelessly or in a per- 
functory manner 

yl {/.begs'nah n.m. unrelated person 
" stranger unfriendly person adj. not 
related (one) outside a group unfriendly- 
callous strange ; queer y's&bega’na- 
khoo' adj. unfriendly^ callous hard- 
hearted ; adamant jbJblts.bcga'no-var adv & 
adj. like a stranger callous (ly) in an 
unfriendly manner indifferent(ly) tf’nfabega’nS 
vaz'‘ p dj. queerly dressed strange-manner- 
ed tf&bega'nagi n.f. not being related or 
aquainted strangeness shyness un- 
| friendliness 

fib*' gam (ped. bt'gbm) n.f. wife part of 
r female Muslim names (as title of respect 

lady^t^C^ be' gam sa'hibah (col^byK be' gam 
sab) n.f. mistress of the bouse lady-^U 
£;)lsafcb aur bigam (col. sab-) Mr,, & Mrs. 

master and mistress .of the house (f< be' garni 
n.m. & adj. a superior quality of (rice) 
a superior quality of (betel-leaf [T] 
jS, bi'gka n.m. land-measure equivalent to 
f 120 feet square or four kanals 
(Jibel n.m. spade mattock shovel 
**bel'&ah n.m. spade ho c jfjy bel'-dar 

n.m. assistant to gardener digger 
^labourer in a construction work [P] 

(Ji M n.f. creeping plant ; creeper 
** climber offsprings embroidery lace 

tip (given to singers, dancing girls etc.) • 
charity-tip a kind of crustaceous fruit Ifyjk 
btl' boo'ta n.m. shrubbery ; shrubs and creepers 
bel’ boo' ft n.m. embroidery floral 

designviL^M’ dttr adj. embroidered 
engraved with floral designs 
bel'-mak'dlu (hafh-'ns ph. (of something) suc- 
ceed ; thrive 

.m. ox ; bullock blockhead ; fool 
** iJjMty-bail-ga'rl n.f. bullockcuit 
j^bt'la n.m. a kind of jasmine shrubbery 

or forest along river bank; riparian shrubbery 
a fiddle-like musical instrument charity 
(esp. one given on wedding) Ik be' la bat'na 

v.i. (of -charity) be given Jll/JM be'la-bardar' 
n.m. person entrusted with the task of distri- 
buting charitable money ; charity ;-bursar ; 

yftbeltenKM. rolling-pin roller cane- 
*' crusher cylinder Uk. bel'na n.m. rolling- 
pin cane-crusher cylinder v.t. roll 
• (flour) into flat cake crush (cane) [~ foll.] 
fckbel'na v.t. roll crush (cane, etc.) 

(il^bailoon' n.m. balloon [E] 

/j^be'il n.m: guardian ; helper ; proteetpr 
** friend ; companion ; comrade 1 
allah' he’ll (or al-) ph. good-bye ; farewell ; 

adieu God lake care, (of) 
J^Um n . m . fear ; terror 

danger ; dread 

jiribimar adj. sick ; ill ; ailing unwell; 
indisposed n.m. patient sick person 

(fig.) unrequited loverp*'^jU'. Umar" -pur' si 
N.f. visit to a patient inquiry after 
(someone’s) health Vjy~*fj\gb%mar'-pQr'a 

kar'na v.t. visit a patient inquire after 
(someone’s) health ikjlf.bimar'-kha'nah n.m. 
(old use) hospital infirmaryjl Umar'- 
dar ; n.m. (ped.) (sick person’s) attendant ; 
nurse (fjbjk.bimar-da'ri n.f. (ped.) nursing 
k Umar 1 kl rat' pahar' bars' bar 
prov. hard times are prolonged times 
blms'ri n.f. disease sickness ; illness ; 
ailment indisposition Jj{fstrfbma'rl-e dil 
n.m. love (rare) heart trouble jP] x, t 
^Umah n.m. insurance : assurance 

Ztii'dagi ka Umah,Jy>'j££U'ma-e zih'dagi, 
jjL*7£bi'ma-e j an' (arch.) n.M'. life insurance ; 
life assurance ; policy on life jj* 7 

a'tash-za’ni (or ag') ka bi'mah n.m. fire insurance 
l‘y*£(f)(ka) bi'mah kar'na v.i. insure (some- 
one or something) (ka) bi'mah karu'na 

v.t. insure (something or oneself) ; get insured 
bi'mah kl qist (or bime-) n.f. premium 
insurance premium [ ~ P ] 

^y»bHi suf. seeing seer scope sight- 
** ed (jf; U’m suf. seeing [P~el*j see] 

N - F - dried gourd flute ; snake charmer’s 
** flute tfpjvila'yan bin n:f. bag-pipe 
bain bag-pipe (usu. pl.) wailing (over the 
**dead) ; lamentation 
bain pref. inter pref. between ifljDllfi 
bain-ul-aqva'na adj. international 
bain-ul-mil'li adj. intfa-Islamic^yt^ri bain' bain 
adj. middling adv. between ; betwixt j UstJlifc 
bain-ul jami’a'ti adj. inter-university 
bain-Us-sutoor' n.m. distance between^ two 
consecutive lines adv. between the lin esJlyfcA 
bain'-sooba’’i adj. inter-provincial JU^stbcun- 
kulliya'ti adj. inter-collegiate £W$.bain-ul- 
mam'lakatl (ped. jj 1 k* bain-ul-mama'li/a) 
adj. inter-dominion international [A] 
liftboy' yin adj. obvious ; evident clear , 

** lucid cogent (reason) apparent 
bay'yinah n.f. cogent argument obvious 
truth adj. cogent categorical evident; 
ofyvipus n.m. pl. cogent argu- 

ments categorical proofs obvious truths 
adj. cogent categorical obvious (A) 

£yUna' adj. having eye-sight ; not blind 
; ” discerning wise I'S Una' kar'na 
v.i. give eyesight (to) restore eyesight 
confer discernment (on)(^fl>.iJna' ho'na v.i. 
not to be blind ; have (one’s) eyesight intact 
ftfybina’'l n.f. sight ; eye sight; vision [P~ 




discernment [P 

brinjal egg- 

(Jl^bcna’mt n.f. & adj. dummy (sale); (sale of 
property) apparently in name of other 
than real buyer 

Lp^bifidfk' tta v.i. bore perforate say 
^ ** piercing words (to) 

J&bailul' nm. band (of outdoor music players) 

t £ ] 

\jj>f>aiii'da n.m. latch aoj. (f .(jXf.baih'di) 
*'^awry uncouth 

n.f. braided hair skein (of 
** thread, etc.) twist (of fibres) 
vj^b$fi'(!i}'a n.m. extra draught animal used 
as support 

Q^bi'nish n.f. eye-sight 
/j ~ to see] 
dPbairi'gan / n.m. brinj 

** plant iQ iZtka'li ka baingan 
ph. unreliable ; untrustworthy 
(person) ; trimming his sails accord- 
ing, to the prevailing wind fickle 

^jbbin'ns v.t. glean 

l^lfibaib' hat'tla adj. & n.m. left-handed 
J ** (person) [ ~J,U + ]'n n.f. nose guard of sword up- 
turned side of binding reinforcing strip 
of wood fixed to door-board, etc. »>,/(£/ bi'nl 
bUrl'dah adj. nose-clipt (person) 
jlyibtopar' (col. baipar') n.m. business ; 
V " trade (fjjjft be'opa’rt, (col. baipa'ti) 
n.m. dealer ; businessman, trader ; merchant 
£*jj*huvnni' N.M. PL.' houses N.M. & (PL.^t'^f- 
“ buy ola t' palace household expendi- 

ture [A'~ SING, atf,] 

i lyibajo'ra n.m. detailed account day- 

-book ; journal j\}£*-jStbayo’re-var adj. 
detailed adv. in detail 

[^p’yibiyoht'na v.t. cut off (cloth) according 
** to measurements Zfyibiyoht' n.m. cut- 
ting (of cloth) ; according to measurements 
cut slashing (of expenditure; 
gj/be'vah n.f. widows## k'ragaii N.P. PL. 
•'* widows Jj^bt'vagl n.f. widowhood [P] . 
jbyibayohar' n m. custom transaction 

** bayohar' kl bat' n.f. something fair 
(fyi bi'vl n.f . wife mistress of the house 

** lady chaste woman free woman 
Hazrat Fatimahf'ilfi^ii'rf ka fhdlam' 
n.m. henpecked (husband) ; uxorious person 

** sai b' nak (<* dijaz) 

*■*•>!&/}>) ka damh ( or kooh'da) 

n.m. sacred feast to commemorate Hazrat 

^^baihar n.m. uncultivated and uneven land 
** (usu. near river bank) 

WWi oo'dah adj. silly ; stupid ; foolish ; 
nonsensical ; absurd vain ; fruitless 
impolite, foul obscene ; sweetly 
immoral gjjtfbehoo'dah ba'lth n.f. pl. 
nonsense obscene talk, indecent language 
immoral pursuits^ behoo' da-go n.m. 
foul-mouthed fellow behoo' da-go” i yt.r. 

idle talk nonsense obscene talk Jat# 
behoo' dagi n.f. nonsense absurdity 

silly behaviour 
y^.bi ar n.f. beer [E] 


w'/m third letter of Urdu alphabet (equivalent 
to English p) (also called Ba’-e Fa'rist) (In 
jummal reckoning equivalent to ; hence) 2 
*t pd n m. fifth note of national gamut ; fa 

't suf. (denoting abstract quality) footed 
f continuing ; lasting [P] 

( pa n.m. foot leg root ; stem 
pa-atidaz', jUibiPd far’ sh-e pa-ahda^ n.m. 
doormat ba'-das'te 

di'gar* das't bardas'l-e di'gare ph. under 
duress not having free hand l pa ba- 

rikab'.^Y'jjtbpa dar rikab' adv. ready to 
move l pa-bazahjir , ji)/^,pd ba-joo'lah adj 

in chains ; 'fattered Ipa-bahd' n.f. & adj. in 
bound ; committed’ habituated res- 
trained detained, imprisoned checked 
controlled subservient VfjjPbpa-bahd' 
raih’na v.i. stick ; adhere, follow ; con- 
form stand committed I'/js^pa-bohd' kor'na 
v.t. check bind down * restrain 
pa-bohd' ho'na v.i. be bound down stand 
committed (f^lpa-bati di n.f. restraint ; res- 
triction detention check ; control sub- 
servience commitment pa-bos' adj. 
adoring worshipping flattering; licking 
(someone’s) feet n.m. (rare) worship (f pa-bo’ si 
n.f. salutation adoration worship 
sycophancy ; licking someone’s hoofst^f^|/«- 
bo'sl kar'na v.i. revere adore worship 
c tyt* posh' n.f. (arch.) shoe 


fjls jj 

r > •?? 

pa-posh' par mor'na v.t. spurn aj^ipa-piya'dah 
ADJ. on foot walking {ll pa-ta'bah, f jC>paita'vak 
n.m. inner sole yfypa-ja' mah n.m. trousers -iLH 
pa-kha’nah N.M. latrine ; lavatory ; privy 
stools; excrement of bowels '^typa-ztb' n.f. 
anklet*-^ l pa-shikas'tah adj. dead tired 

resourceless' sjr'lpa-sho'yah n.m. fomenta- 
tion of the feet laving of the feet ’Wpa lagh'z 
slip wrong step ‘faux pas’ Jllpa-mal', 
JiJ Ipa'rmal' adj. trampled down- 
trodden laid low ruined devastated 
JU pa-maTt, (Jill pa e-ma’ti N.F. trampling 
ruin devastation lja/l pa-mar’ di n.f. 

bravery ; valour ^llpa-ya b' adj. shallow ; 
fordable * ' . 

^^bpap n.m. (dial.) sin vice W^lpap' 
‘•'^katna PH. (of dispute! be settled (of 
( trouble) end djpa'pi n.m. (dial ) sinner [S] 
t i papa n.m."' papa ; pop ; father Pope 
'‘' f ()j£.llpapa-e rom' n.m. the Pope [E] 
tl pupa n.m. rusk 

by l pa par n.m. thin saltish cake dried 
V <!> layer (of mango-juice) adj. very thin 
dry ; parched Cbp.ylpa'par bel'na v.i. roll 
out these cakes (fig.) undergo much suffer- 
ing (fig ) turn to one thing after another in 
a bid to do something or earn one’s liveli- 

\j>\)pap'rs n.m. fruit of ‘butia frondesa’ used 
.*?■** a imgji/l^pap'rci khar n.f. its askes 
used as seasoning* 

pat n.m. leaf metal plate orna- 
*•* ment for upper part of ear , earplatc 
(doublet of ^.] 

^j(; ipatal' n.m. ‘(dial.) Hades ; hell ; (according 
*•* to Hindus) lowest region of world infested 
by fiends and serpents [S] 
bjpl pati'rm v.T. get dung cakes ready for 
V drying up mould (bricks) 
pat n.m. breadth (of river, 

V etc. ) milestone depth (of 
voice);)., dblpat'-dyr adj. (of voice) 
deep ; sonorous blpat'na v.t. 
fill up (pity, stream, etc.) roof 

cover plaster spread loose earth over 
shut pile ; overstock give in abundance 
paji adj. mean ; base silly 
pa'ji-pon n.m. meanness stupidity 

L pachh'na v.t. incise make an mci- 
*»* V s ion (for extracting blood from body or 

opium from poppy, ^IpacJA. n.m. incision 
( pad n.m. (vulg.) fart I'slpad'na v.f. fart , 
pass wind (fig. ) pass a silly remark 
^fig.) show the white weather 
Q'lylpadash' n.m. punishment retalia- 
*' tion penalty requital padash 
nut ph. as a penalty for [P] 

(fijl pad'rl n.m, clergyman minister of 
, *** the church [Pg.l 

U'jt pad' shah N.M.,£^i?jlpadsha'hat N.F.tfil/jl 
*' padsha'hi n.f. (same as;l/jiN.M.t£t?l^l 
N.F. (f<0>l n.f. (see under Assl n.m. if) 
IjLpad'na v.i. (see under jl) 


jt par n.m. opposite bank opposite shore 
' other side termination (of life) 
successful end adv. across over on the 
other side to the other side through 
beyond adj. past ; last ll/lt A par vtar’na v.t. 

ferry over take across Vji\jlpar' u'tarna 
v.t. cross get or move across get 
through gain one’s end die ; pass away 
par' kar'na v.i. ferry over get across 
finish transfix I'l&jlpar' laga'na V.t. 
ferry over bring supcess ; make successful 
kill squander C&jJ, par lag'na v.i. be 
ferried over succeed' finish be squander- 
ed ; go waste 

Par'ti n.f. partvjl^l par’ti-baz ADJ. & 
** n.m. factious (person) (one) guided 
by party spiriyJjltfjlpar'ti-ba'zl n.f. party 
spirit factiousness ’[E], 

jrj\j par'chali n m. (ped.) cloth piece of 
v *** cloth dress ; garment piece ; 
mcnl par' eha Jirosh' n.m. (ped.) draper 

j^jgjlpar' cka-firo shi n.f. (ped.) drapery 
pa'ras n.m. philosopher’s stone 

ifj L par's n.m. Persia ; Iran (fji n.m. & f. if 

w y 

pdfs a' adj. chaste abstemious ; 

*•* virtuous holy pious J isjlparsa”i 
n.f. chastity abstinence virtue piety 


(Ji/jl par’ sal ADV. last year [P~ 

par’ sal N.M. parcel Cfyfol par' sal 

' bhfj'na (or kar'na) v.t. send a parcel by 
post [E) 

^jlpar'si n.m. (f. same as occ par's an) 
** Parsi n.f. Persian language ; Persian [P] 




H/t psr'Hman n.f. Parliament j l4<- par lb 
* ma'nl ADJ. Parliamentary (WJtdL psrli- 
ma'm nizam’ n.m. Parliamentary system (of 
government) [ - E potL.j 
. 'J j l par'limaftt N.M. Parliament ifs-^yk 
, ** par' kmatitarl KD}. Parliamentary [E] 

tjl (or 1/l/aVa n.m, mercury ; quick silver 


9 j l pa’ rah n.m. piece scrap slice 

** fragment V/tjl tjLpa'rapa’rah kar'na v.t. 
tear to pieces [PJ 

JUjl/ pari'nah ADJ. outdated outmoded 
" ** %jj>y>daftar-t pntl'nah n.m, (fig.) out* 
moded stuff [P — 4} 
jt par n.f. scaffold scaffold- 

ing hole made by burglar 
'A par' batdh'na v,i. scaffold 
P j*5l'par' kkol'na v.t. dismantle 
the scaffolding 

tjl pars, N.M. (alsoWfl/a'rfca, col. i^pah'rs) 
** a species of deer hamlet boundary of 
field kat’na v.l. harrow (paddy- 

field, etc.) 

pazhatid' n.f. exegesis of Zoroastrian scrip- 
tures jijjijjfzhali’d-o-pazhatid' n.m. Zoroast- 
sian scriptures with their exegesis [P] 

Jr l pas adv. near ; close about along- 

*• side up to at hand nearby ; close 
by with tft/lpas’ a'rta v.l. come near , 
draw closer to come up to ; approach 
pas bitta'na V.T. seat close (to) accept 
as' apprentice (to) teach manners l ’ffalpas' 
baiik'na v.i. sit near be a constant 
companion of be apprenticed to learn 
manners from Db tflpas' baitk'ne val'a 
n.m. constant companion ; companion 
disciple (of) apprenticed (to^lj'ipas' pas 
adv. close by next to each other next- 
door to each other roundabout there- 
abouts (Jit/J^pas' paros' n.m. neigebour- 

hood ^vicinity C^f^i/l’pas' no pWtakna 

v.l. not to come near not to call (on) 
\jJ^j&iif \pa's‘ na pha’tak sak'na v.i. dare not 

approach jldCkt pas’ prep. , with ke 

pas' ho'na v!“t. hay 

Kfl p ss n.m. regard ; consideration de- 
U *** Terence watch three-hour period 

'i pas-ban” ti.M. watchman sentinel; 

guard protector ; guardian J ^pas-ba'm 
n.f. watch guard > protection , guar* 
diansihp><#i/ya'J-#i*a^t' N.M. out of regard; 
■hr consideration Mifj'U.bfpa’ s-t kha’lir PH. 

out of regard for jLslpas’dar’ adj. partial to 
n.m. partisan ( fj ^ pas-darl n.f. partiality 
favouritism favour regard; considera- 
tion i’/wl fka pas' kar'na v.t. show regard 
for be partial to favour take sides 
^with) [P] 

“'Ipas n.m, pass success in examination 

' adj. passed successful approved 

&lS*'{,fiBs de'na v.t. issue a pass V/i/fpas 
kar'na v.t. & t. get through (examination) 
declare successful (in examination) 
pas ho'na v.i. get through be approved; be 
passed ; pass master [E] 
l^l'pa'sa n.m. (same as pah's ah n.m. if) 

Pas' tafi,u)\Plbas'tafi adj. ancient ; old (PJ 

^tpa'sukh n.m. reply [PJ 

1 m t pas'na v.t. fondle animal’s teats urging 
V her to yield milk 

ba-sahe' n.m. make-weight; some 
thing placed in one scale to balance 
the other insignificant portion [P~ l 
(fk pa' si n.m. fowler name of a low 
** caste of Hindus crude net ; meshed 
^container for bundle of hay 

pash suF. f sprinkling shedding 
’’ scattering J^fpa'M suf. t sprinkling 

shedding scattering [P ~ 

M fyt, pash' pash adj. shattered broken 
** V ** to pieces shivered l /art' 

pash kar'na v.t. shatter break 'to pieces 
shiverljfjrl (J'Lpash 1 pash ho'na v.i. be 
broken to pieces shiver [P] 

pa'sha n.m. (Turkish title) lord gover- 
? nor boss general JT] 

♦*^ (. pash'nah heal [P] 

pak adj. pure undefiled spotless , 

** immaculate chaste holy ; sacred 
free innocent (am. for) Pakistani n.m. 
(ABB. for) Pakistan juipakpbai' adj. pure 
undefiled chasir^jUlpak-ba'zi n.f. 
chastity virtue p'ok-khaslat adj. 

ehaste well deposited J’jJipak-da'maryADj. 

virtuous modest chaste f pak- 
damans n.f. chartity; modesting virtue 
innocence tiipMuji pak- si' rat adj. virtuous 
angelic pak' saj adj. clear 

pure undefilcd,; unpolluted spotless , 

immaculate y’jj^ubpik'-soorol ad|. pretty; 
lovely i'/Ji pak kar'na v.t. clean 



vn dl (somewhere )*&•?&/$ pah'&li ‘oib 

t^ar'H H.m. deadly sins; the 'five prohibited 
Sins, viz. , lying, stealing, drinking, fornication 
and gambling {.Is.ijfjjjls'ij&.pahdi 'veh savs'roh 
meti {ho" ns) prov. (be a) self-imposed comrade 
of heroes j^Lpan'sftu adj. five hundred 
ULpaftda (u'su. (^ipsltde ji ) n.m. (dial.) 

Brahman title a 'earned man ; scholar ; 
village school master 
Jjblpandoo n.f. chalky soil 

• • • 

»« • 

l/l pahs n.m ; alluvium manure dung- 
^ hill Obc/Lpsfis dal' ns v.T. mapure 
t+d Ipatfsah, Of i part's a n.m. dicet^^.J 
* pah' sah pkebk'ns v.t. throw the dice;] 

I%1 Ol^lpaii'sah ul'ia pat'nS _ v t. 
loose be unlucky (in throw) 
psft'sah par'nS v.i. win be lucky (in 
throw) pansah pa' lain a n.m. turn of the 

tide v.i. (fig ) (of tide) turn 

O/l (or jipa'oh n.m. (same as 0>\pc) 

y * 

^ t pZi'nl n.m. water rain tears 
v sweat flood polish ; burnish ; lustre 
plating modesty chastity gust ; 
courage adj. watery very dilute thin 
or dense Vtftj> parti s'na v.i. rain suffer 
from cataract suffer from the whites (or) 
leucorrhoea have water be floody V'Jlftb 
ps'ni u'larnS v.t. & I. (of water-level) fall 
suffer from cataract V*JI>ftLpa'ni bstdk'ns 
v.t. build dam or dyke round iisftl ps’ni 
bath' ns (of water) flow l ps’ni bhar’ns v.T 
draw water be or become subservient to 
( r!/f^JjtC^ / ‘rnbhh' melt ps'ni bhar s'nS ,v.l. 

(of mouth) water be avid VjlrJ^'Jipa'rn 
band kar’iii v.t. put a stop to flow of water 
stop water-supply l ps’rii bahs'ns 

v.t. pour or spill water (of eyas) shed 
tears ; weep bitterly tft/ft l ft L pa'ni pa'ni kar'ns 
v.t. put (someone) to sfiame Ljfftlftjfpa'rit 
pa'ni ho'na v.i. be overwhelmed with 
shame be drenched Wftjr ps'ni par'ns v.i. 

rain (of wound, etc.) suppurate I'tyfftj’ 
pa'ni ptir ja'n* v.t. be in or regain good 

health ; be radiant with health (of achieve- 
ment, etc.) go to waste be undone 
ps’ni pker de’ns v.t. undo end ruin ; 
destroy guild ; plate give radiant health 

pa'. A pi pi' kar kos'ns 
(or kos'ru de'ns) PH.‘ h?ap curses upon 
pa'n} pi' ns v.i. drink water i'/fU'ftjpA'nl ta'ra 

ho'na ph. (of water-level in well) by very deep 
l' id ft!; pa'ni tor 'ns v.t. decrease or pilfer 
water-supply Ojrft t ps'ni (hurs'ns v.t. & i. 

(of wound) suppurate pilfer irrigation water 
pa'ni cfaarh'na v I. (of watcrlevel) rise 
'(of river) be in spate pa'ni chhnr'na 

v.t. discharge (water, etc'.) C l/> ft L pa'ni 
dikhs’ns v.t. take animal to the wa'tcring 
place cause it to drink pa'ni cho'a'na 
v.t. let water fall drop by drop 1st ft l, pa'ni 
de'ns v.t. water ; irrigate give water (to) 
VJerjftlpa’ni dkal'ns^ v.i. loose radiance 
lose shame ps’ni ss pal' Is adj. 

watery (of milk) adulterated 
ps’ni sir se oon’dia ho'na v.t. (usu fig.) be in 
deep waters l‘s t 'ftj' pa'ni samo'na v.i. mix hot 
water in cold one Jfk. tfftl pa’ni ks bul'bulah 
n m. bubble (fig.) unstable thing & l/ftb 

pa'ni kal'ns v.i. turn off the water ijruo an- 

other channel breast the waves i)/£ftl pa'ni 
ke mol’ ph. very cheap [‘/ft l ps’ni kar'ns v.i. 

stop flow be stagnant jjbJ ft!: ps'ni ki 
iks’dar n.f. sheet of water (p'jlpani lag' ns 
v.i. (of water of some place) agree with ; im- 
prove (someone’s) health t/*J Ipa'irt mar' ns 
v.i. (of water) seep (in wall, etc.)^ be a 
weak point (in) be put to shame 
ps'ra men s g' lagans v.i. sow seeds of dis- 
sension do a miracle ; work wonders 
pa'ni men bujks'ns v.t. temper (steel, etc.) 
iypl yftl pa'ni na msltg'ns v.t. die all of a 
sudden be killed with a single stroke 
ps'ni har'na v.i. (in quial-fight) lose (one etc.) 
round (in a total of ten) 
iJiPa "ip n.m. pipe [E] 

pjtf, ps'in'dah adj. durable ; lasting ever- 
v lasting^! pa" ih' da-bad' int. long live ; 

‘viva la’ [P] 

j t pa’o n.m. quarter seer fourth part ; 

* quarter ^ ps"o bhar t y~f'5l ps"o ser adj. 
quarter stcT^Jjj}j>pa"o ta’&,$l^VnSn' pa'*a 
N.M., l ftiJ(}Jda'bal ro'ti n.f. bread ; loaf of 
bread ftjl pa'uli n.f. quarter-rupee 
(arch.) lour anna bit 

oSkfok or )ips"on n.m. foot step 
foothold leg pedestal basis > root 
standing guts ; courage firmness 
pa"o1t it' tarns v.i. (of ankle, etc.) dislocat- 

ed (of foot) be sprained uJ§ijip3"on a'jisM 
v.i. step forward ; move ahead 
psP’aft Bjta'is dial' ns v.ifwalk at a swift pace 


ara’na v.t. meddle ; interferejj}. 
iy t pa” oh ukkar'ns v.t. lose ground lose 
footing be routed ; take to flight be push- 
ed bade be carried off one’s feet 
U tf}) pa” oh ba'hir nikal'na (or nikal'na) v.i. 
transgress limits bi' chains v I. 
slip lose firmness yield fall a prey to 
temptation bps' 'oh barks' ns v.i. step 
forward move faster transgress limits^jl 
h&kfpa'' 0 * bha'fl ho' ns v.i. be pregnant; 

be in the .family way be tired 
pa’on bidk' meh ha'tis \.i. be mediating be 
responsible pa" oh pa” oh dial' ns v.i. 

(of baby) walk without support 
pa” oh par pa” oh rakk'na v i. sit cross-legged 

lounge lead on easy life I'Jjjl/jil 
pa” oh par ps”oti gir'na,”on par ns, 
Cypa”oh pa'karna V.T. fall at the feet of 
; mpk>re ; entreat ; beseach 
ap'ne pa"oh par Sp' kulkari msr'ns ph. mar 
one’s own career , spoil one’s own chancescbl 
lji^ps”ofi passr'na v.i. stretch one’s legs 
be obstinate ; show stubbornness die 1 
pa” oh pa'karna v.t. (also) prevent from mov- 
ing ahead. l^jilps” oh pkat’na v.i. liave chil- 
blains Vk-f(j}lpa”oh pki'salna slip err 
yield fall a prey to temptation VJjgyfy 
pa” oh pkool'na v.t. be unnerved 
pa” on phoofik pkoohk kar rakk'na v.i. 
tread softly be cautious or circumspect (Jjl 
i^*] J *'jfapa”oh pkaila' kar so' raih'na v.i. 
sleep with the legs stretched out be perfect- 
ly happy and contend ^Utkpa'oh pit’ ns v.i. 
beat one’s heals pa U oh pi-chke hat' ns 

v.i. loose heart *’*beat retreat 
pa” oh ta'le mat' ns V.t. trample under footJg^r 
QftftfJcZ-P*’ 0 * ta'le se gamin' ni'kal js'ns v.i * 
stagger be stunned feel the ground 
slipping from under one’s feetdXljl $jjj>pa”oh 
tUfna (or jam' na) v.i. be serene not to be 
beside oneself .(1^1 f(Js^Pa”oh jama' ns (or 

gar'na) v.i. plant (one’s) feet firmly ; get a 
firm Iboting Wj(j}lpa”ohjkMnna'na v.i. be on 
pins and needles C^fypjjp^J)\.pa'oti chkal'ni 
k» js'ns v.i. (of feet) be blisteced be 
dead tired ; be fatigued bjij'pa’oh 

dab' ns (or fhap'pi kar' ns) v.t. press (someones) 
feet by way of message < CfjL) ljpijjj>ps'’oh 
dkar 'na (or rakk'na) v.i. set foot on enter; 
step in begin (enterprise, etc ) ; get 
V>J(j0'jj*jl)pa”oh dko' (or dko dko') kar pi' ns 

v.i. wash (someone’s) feet revere! 
pa” oh iagmags'ns v.i. f > feel shaby fall 
a prey to temptation l’^//Jt},pa”oh r a' gams v.i. 

make fruitless efforts have a very uneasy 
time implore 1 lfi/(jfLps”oh raih’ ja'na v.i. 
be exhausted ; be fatigued P a ''°k 

gamin' par na rakk'na v.i. fie overjoy- 
ed be very haughty ( C^lj sips” oh 

gamin' par na par'na (or tik’ns) v.V' be over- 

joyed Jtt haughty be very naughty 
fidget CfyjXjjyiJtbpa''oh sir par rakh! kar 
bkag'na ph. flee ; run away llgr'jjbpa”oh so' 
js'ns v.i. (of foot) be benumbed tyjrJjyfa'jjib 
pa”oh sau’ sau man kt ho Ja'na v.i. be very 
much fatigued pd” oh ' e lo'gi 

sir meh bu'jki ph . 'llareuD, be greatly up- 
set be greatly hurt (JrlJ^jj^pa”ohkiahg'h 
n.f. toe ^J^'lgjjjipa'^oh ka ‘ahgoo'tka . n.m. 
big toe ; great toe l#^&lb/u%pa”oh 
gor (or qa'bar ) meh latka”e baith'na v.^be very 
old ; have one foot in the grave U-djJjlpa”oh 
gkis'n a v.i. run useless errands Ifo 
pa’oh nun tkak'kar ho' ns v.i. be ever on the 
move &(/j^QjiJj^pa” oh meh maikh'dl lag na 
v.i. have the feet coated with hernia paste 
be unable to set foot on ground not be in 
position to move Ul/t Jjbpa”oh nikal'na v.i. 
be coming up transgress ; exceed limits 
step out of withdraw from Hfyj^tLjda'be 
pa'oh ana trend softly come unperceiv- 


( pa" i n.f. pie ; a small Pakistani coin no 
** longer current t 

Vrfl pshoo’ns N.M.JsjLpahoo'nl n.f. (usu. pl.) 

* song(s) sung at bride’s departure for her 
new home 

&r a 'hi n.m. temporary tenant adj. temporary 

^\ps”e n.m. (pl. of *1 n.m. it) 

i ^y / jps”e takh't n.m. (same a 

-»(/'(, ps 'e-js'mah n.m. (old spelling of sty 
''•'n.m. ★) 

jiJZlps’e-dsr adj. durable wearing well 
V permanent (fjl£j>pa”e-da'rl N.F. 
durability permanence firmness 
wear [P~Lf 

ZJll P*' e ' k °V ADJ- dancing j/^lpa'e-kobi 

'lit* * NF * dancc £ F ~ i -hsfei/l v 

pat mal (same as ^lU/A) 



Jr' t pa'ineha n.f. one of the legs of a pair 
*.*/•* trousers [ - P l ] 

//H pa’iii adj. &'adv. back- 
** V c„t r - 



seat or 

side ; back 

beneath ^J^^pa’ih-bafh n.m. 
backside garden kitchen 

garden [P] 

pa'itti n.f. foot of the bed 

/jit pa’yah n.f. end conclusion extreme 
***** extremity jktfUpayan-e kar' adv. at 

last ; at length ; ultimately [P] 

\ {pay at adj. (child) bom with 
»**• feet first n.f. jingled anklet • 

^ l pa'yah n.m. leg foot 

***** pedestal support base 

step rank ; status &j£lpa'ya-e ~ 
takh't,£jfypa't&takh’t capital 

headquarters of government f f&/sbptiya*t 
suboot ko pohuruji'na v t. Be proved ; be 
established beyond doubt [P] . y 
J^pab' lishar n.m. publisher rf^Zspub' likayshan 
n.f. publication [E] 

lu Jlj*j)ab' lik n.f public [E] 

♦ » 

I)* bapra nav.i. become crusty ^,pa'par n.m. 
V' plaster coming off the wall tj^pap'ra N.m. 
(T.tfJS'paprl) crust; scab a kind of 
sweetmeat L'k-^jf^pap'riyati jam ja'na v.i. 
(of lips) get parcheci jjpspap'riya adj. layered 
\jsAy£pap'rtya kat'tfu itt.M. white catechu 
^ b y papo'ta n.m. eyelid 

Qj papal' na v.t. munch , masticate 

I rypapi'ta N.M. papaw fruit 


{ySpapi'ha (dial. L^papafya) N.M.'* 

crested cuckoo with yellow eyes and 
patches of white on its black coat children’s 
whistle made of leaves or mango-stone _ *, 
gSpttti.M. bile gall ehlorophyllCii^. 
*** pit dal'na v 1. vomit bilious stuff 
paf'-jkar n.m autumn , fall 
/*r*vpat'-jkar ha'na v.i. lose leaves in 



p pi'ta n m. (dial.) 

(fig.) decay (from old age) ( •» b; + 
father sire 

y* pat' tar n.m. leaf sheet metal plated 
*^metal ; gilt (J '^pat’ll n.f. brace 
jjspat'tal n.f. (dial.) leaf trenchar 

& at'la, adj (f. J^.pat'li) thin lean 
v fine sharp watery straitened JUj% 
pat' la Hal' N.M. sad plight ; straitened circum- 
stances kjp^pat'la dub' la adj. lean deli- 
cate {‘Jtfjpat'la kar'na v.i. dilute shar- 
pen make slim ; reduce {IfjClfcpat'la tie 
ja'na V.I. slim become watery 
iOpnt'la n.m. puppet effigy statue 
~0l)P' ia <!’l ka put'la adj. clever , skilful 
foolish ; stupid ii£ l/jtrkhak' ka put'la 
n.m. human body human being 
^JZfpatloori n.f. slacks ; Western type of 
*•* trousers [ - E pantaloon j 
.input'll n.f. pupil (of the eye) puppet 
» v cute woman ; spruce little lady frog 
(of horse’s hoof) lJ/tff(Jx}$pUt’liyoii ka tama’sha 
n.m. puppet shQwl‘brf0fjtiput'liyafi phtf ja'na 
v.i. (of eyes) turn ar the ‘Approach of death . 
bepn the verge or point of death , a ^ p 
^Jyfpatahg' n.m. flying kite ; kitaLhiU^pata/ig' 
V ura'na v.i. flyj, a kite ; jl*J%paiatig'-baz 
n.m. lnitt‘flkr(£ji~j>patahg' -ba'& p'h. of kite- 
flying kat’ ja'na v.i. (of kite) 

1 I A—* J .4 — 1 

be annoyed 

j\J%, patuar' n.m. rudder helm 
•*jpa'tah n m. address where- 
's.* abouts clue sign , symptom 
t 'LZ'Z.patah bata'na, pa'tah rfW ( 

de'na ' v.t. give one’s _ Address ( I f 
give a clue direct I'ldJjP pa'tah taga'na 
v.t. locate ; trace , search out , out dis- 
cover get a clue l ^pa'tah lag'na, 
pa'tah ctal'na, \jP>patak mil'na v.i. know 
be known \LfX‘ £■ pa'te ki kaih'm 

: na v.i. 

expose (someone) tell the . truth (about 
(something) make a point mS'jk* 

pa'tah nahih PH. I do not know who knows 
i'yp'A. P atak ko'na v i. know be known 
J £. pa'te ki bat n.f. fact of the matter 
the truth the point 

£*pat'tah Ci.pat'ta n.m. leaf card (in game 
•; of cards) an ear - ornament %%.pat'U I pat' t ah 
n.m. every leaf LzJledf jJ%pat'tah tor' kar 
bhag'na v.i run away make oneself scarce 
{^ifZpat'tah kat'na v.i. sack destine 
death* tf^h^paftah kkar'ka ban'dah 

sar'ka ph. (used of a'cowardly person) flitting 
at the stirring of a leaf ^jfjjrpat'toti vali n.f. 
(W. dial.) radish / 

pit'tah HM. gaffbladder anger ; pasion 

».• guts l j{%pit'tah mar' ha v,i. work 




hard control one’s passion V/^pit'tah mar' ns 
v.i. be appeased Ijyjt Zpit'tah pa'ni ho'na v.i. 

have the blue funks be appeased have 
no aspirations 

£*pat'tksr n.m. stone anything hard 
* adj. hard heavy inflexible 
difficult callous cruel hailstonell^ir’. 
pat' thar ba'ras'na v.i. hail C^^y^pat’thar ‘ban 
ja'na v,i. pertrify become' as hard as 
stone grow callous I’jf'J lyf pat' thar pant 
ho'na v.i. (of stone! melt fof tyrant) give 
way to compassion l 'yy£pat thar par' ns v.t. 
& 1 , hail be cursed Ij^^J&xJfpat'thar 

( phehk ') mnr'hn v.i. (fig.) give efirt feply 
say (something) msblyUPX^J^igpat' ta'le 
se hath ni'halna v.i. get rid of trouble or tyrant 
$ dP/rfpat' thor tdle ka hath ph. straiten- 
ed circumstances pat' thar Ast 'ns v.i. be 

sharpened on whetstone OfjJ^iSyCpat'thar 
Afro,' & par rakh'na v.i. be patient ; ’suffer with- 
out grouse \!S%St pat' thar 4 ho'na v.t. & 1 . 
carirry stones work hard 

pat' thar se sir' mar' ns (or phor’ns) ' ph. try to 
drive something home to unreceptive person 
pat' thar ka (khapa n m. . ligho- 


lithograph yJ 
unchangeable ; u 

pat' thar hi lakir' 

. ..v > •• - ,wy«'i L 

pkeftkns otbarsa n, 
stone(s) at 
v.t. persuade 

adj. uncnangeaDie ; unalterable inexor- 
able (L’L'jl pot' thar tnsr'na (or 

' tirsa'npj v.t. pelt stones ; aim 
pat' thar ko mom' kar'na 
de cruel person to show mercy 
[*\j& / pathra'na v.i. (of eves) become glassy 
'* become blind be petri- 
fied Sjl/fapathra'o n.m. stoning ; j_ 

lapidation \lj . jU^pafhra"o kar'nafm 
v.i. pelt stones ; lapidate jg 
throw brickbats path'rt n.f.{ 

stone in the bladder ; calculus’ _ 

grit fr/fpathri'la adj. (f. pathrfti) 

stony * rocky gritty 
^ pother' n.m. place for moulding bricks 
v pathe'ra n.m. brick-moulder 
(}i,po'tl n.m. (dial.) husband pat'ni n.f. 

* (dial.) wife 

(jf^pat'R n.f. petal small leaf thin 

* metal plate hemp leaves share ; por- 
tion jIjifcpal'H-dar n.m. shareholder 
Ibtf'patja'na v.t. care (for) 


N.u. l ar gc saucepan ; small cauldron 
*•* jp^sfi'6 n.f. saucepan 
L^pot n.m. (of door) flap ; leaf ; 1 
^ Valve fold single width (ofll} 

cloth) screen a kind of coarse Il| 
cloth sound of falling or beat-xji 
ing.APJ-. pronej prostrate HI 
uj** flown ; overturned sov, put 5 promptly 


cudgel-play foil . 
cudgel L'tyL'pa'ta hils'ns 


iXO'JZspat batld’ kar'na, Cjg^ppt bher'na V, 
close the door; shut the door 0‘j*4ypat khol'ns 
v. open the door unveil 

\?pata, J^pa’tah N.M. 

V wooden scimitar 
t/'JLLi.N.M. pa'ta ba’zi n.f. clubbing; falsi 
fencing ji&^pa'te-baz,'ta-baz, 
patait n.m. cudgel player ; club-man 
1 (j \ pats' -pat adv. constant tapping sound 
*• • (of raindrops, falling fruits, beating, 

lpl£r pata'kha n.m. cracker ; squib frolic- 
*some beloved 

\j\£pita'ra nm. (wicker-work or palm-leaf) 
Sbasket^VL'/dta'rl n.f. betel-basket 
clothes basket basket (of juggler or snake 

fJ&J>atakh n.m. sharp report ; burst pat 

^JXZpatak' n.f. sound of falling fruit 


t. ★) 

(see under 

po'takhna v.t. (same as 

/VJi pa'ikhorU n.f. same as//“£ n.f. 

V* **?.T . *) 

patrol" nm. petrol [E] 

j&patra n.m. washerman's plank 

<* harrow plank fear' bathing* 

corpse low. wooden seat 
damage OjJI^-pat'ra kar dt 
v.t. , damage ruin Clertl^pat'ra ho ja'na 
v.i. be damaged be' ruinedl^jysj d ho' bi- 
pat' r a n.m. name of a wrestling trick' tjl 
dho'bi-pat’ra mar'na v.t. throw adversary 
supine over one’s shoulders 
(Jy-Spo^ri n.f. rail track path ; root 
v thigh 1‘ltT (fjspotri jams' na v.i. sit firmly 
on^horseback [ ~ prec.] 

pit'tos n.f. beating wailing (V-i 

* pit'tas par' ns be beaten wail v v 

san. jy san n.f. jute ; gold fibre 
Ppat'ks n.m. turban girdle mortar 

*layer (between rows of bricks) tPpat'ka 
baftdhna v. wear a turban pat 'a ' girdle 
(round the waist) gird up the loins ; resolve 
firmly prevenj > 

CJ&pa'takna, CJf.patakhna, ( ^,,^<-4 pa'tak 
*' (or pa’takh) de’na dash’against . throw 
doym violently cracky burst ^ jy*paikar&, 

(fKpatkhanl pat'kl J\.pat'khi > N.T. throw 
sharp blow ‘ fall LZ&(y%l)J-%pat'kaia 
(or pat'khata) de'ns v.t. dash against on the 
ground>with violence • throw down violently 
l' V (&%!>,)($ P a t' fa* (or pat'khaiti) kks'ta v.i. 
b&dasheti' against j (all down with a thpm n , 
destTictkm curse d-\$r 
fo'n ra. rain seize (it) ; my it 

come to naught 

Spa'tam AD j. closed [ ~ l>pat'na] J. pat' tan 
, n.m. ferry wharf 
pit’ns v i. be beaten ; get a beating n m. 

* toal'ct , wooden hammer used for pound- 

?R n M. one who often gets beaten 

pi tv an a v t. cause to be beaten 

f v r - roofed (of pits, etc.) be 

• filled (of roof ) be plastered (of land) 

be watered (of price) be settled (of 

account) be squared be in abundance 
patoana V.T. get filled or plastered get 

roofed ■ get (land) watered 

jgpot'toc n m. a kind of coarse woollen cloth 

| j^pat'oa n.m, braid maker 

aA patva'U n m. lowest revtnue pfficiai . 

* village registrar , patwari jlfpotvar' 
n f, patwari ’s job 

J^pat'tah, Lt.pai'ta N m collar (for dog) 

• girth (for nouse) lease lease deed 
(usu. pl ) locks (of bobbed hair) Iji'lCpatia 
Ular'na v.t, unite (dog, etc ) sock* \,'\*/ 
pat'ti tura'na v.t. break loose . break the* 
collar j\}&.pai\e da* n m. lessee ; leaseholder 
3<*»ee * ' 

puth. n.f animal’s hip joint (as food) 

I#? pvt'fka n.m. muscle tendon, 
v sinew young deciple »(esp. of 
wrestler) young person ZC^pat the 
n.m. pl. bobbed hair ' 

^ put' dm n.m. rump^ buttock withers 
r j * J put' ike par i iatk na 

rakk'ne de'ns ph. be restive ; be inaccessible 
(of one’s withers) be unwrbng 
fjLr 1 Pnthan’ n.m. (Pushtu speaking) people of 
former N.W.F.P. of Pakistan 
pit'tkoo n.m. stooge campfollower 
£ (old use) playmate (in children’s game) 
pithi N t washed pulse ground when still 
” *** wet 

[Jr* path-'ya n.f. young hen yying female 
♦•V buffalo young woman ( ~L<.] 

/P. pat'ti n.f. bandage strip ‘ 

(of cloth) side of the bed 
(writing) tablet calligraphy * W 

lesson parted hair row ; line B 

a kind of crisp sweetmeat h|j - 

coaxing ; cajoling reduction , , * 
trickcrv tutoring (of witness) l>> j-^at ti 
hafidk'na v.t dress ; bandage blindfold 
\^ } A pat'ti dins v.t. deceive ; cheat l Uy (ft. 
patti patita'na v.t. seduce counsel evil 
tutor (witness) irkflJifkpattiyakjomaPM v.T. 
ccrnb haw dowp to the temples ij^patti 
kar'na v.t. drew bandage i, 

pattl' n m. village headman 

^X>patil'ns v t. cheat ; diddle ; swindle 
** *j,heat sell at fantastically low price 
iy^ t paxilcoh n.m. cry of partridge 

y _ 

(g^putin N.F pudding putty [EJ 

l(j Puja 'ri n.m, (dial.) Hindu priest 
" * devotee lover fa.^pvjdran n.f (dia y 
Hindu priestess female devotee de- 

voted woman [ - l^yj 

pujna v.i. be worshipped j be adored (of 

y h ] 

pvch n.m. point of prestige parti- 

sanship defence pref. (abb. of five 
iy^'poch kar'na v.t. support take the side 
(of) £j'J$pach'& bar'na v.t. become a 
point of prestige cal ; for defence 
ij\yU/if>cia’rd n.m. thin coarting of clay, 
*•’ lime, etc. wiping with wet cloth 
whitewashing brush 

^path'chas' , patpas adj. & n.m. fifty 
t* * pad*' chat' i-ait, pacjias'vah aoj. fiftieth ( 
/A{^‘pacheha'si, pacha'st aoj. eighty fivetOJflf; 
^ V * pcchcha sinah adj. eighty-fifth 

P ac -p° na V.t. digest ; assimilate 
*»* * keep secret V | /,paejia"o n.m. digestion , 
assimilation maintenance of secrecy (about) 
{ [<? (igehchan'i’t. packarive adj. & n.m. 

*•* "ninety-live cjyjifpachehan'vtvin adj. 
ninety-fifth v ’ 

£yjf. f pichpicha'na v.i. be clammy be- 
■T* ‘ come damp be flaccid lg£picJt‘pi(ha 
adj. clammy damp : moist flaccid 
pack' pan adj. & n.m. fifty-five o'rPytP 0 ^ ' 
panvan adj. fifty-fifth 

ponvafi adj. hliy-tiitii 

V paeh'char n f. piece stulTed in crevice 
V’’ wedge obstacle [llOijlIjIyg* 

paeh'char ata'na (or toga na or ikohk na) v.t. 
insert a piece (in crevice) drive a wedge (in) 
X’ l /path' (par mar'na v.i. put up obstacles 
^j/'pach-ran ga adj. fiye-coloured 

multicoloured ( ~i fa j|.l 
l‘tf/. t puchkar'na v.t caress kiss from a 
v distance cajole appease call 
for fondling &'.puch'kd(£j\fcpu<hkan n.f. 
caress kiss from a distance 

(Jj$/..ptcbk a ri n.f. syringe squirt 
V V ‘douche injection inoculation 
enema I'jitfj&pickka'rt mar'na v. discharge 
liquid from a sypmge, quirt, etc. 
^iij/^pafk-halyH' auj, animalwilh whKe 
*»• 9 patchet oh hoove* and forahtad 

be definite Jr(. pukh' tagl n.f. ripeness 
maturity development strength ; firmness 


pidda n.m. brown robin 

• • 


■jjkpi'dar n.m. father 'JfyjJJri' dar-sokh' lah adj. 

** rogue ; scoundral ; blackguard J^jspi'dar 
kildh'i n.f. patricide jJ^\k/Sf*sJ>,pi'daram sultan' 
btod prov. brag ; boastful talk unsuccess- 
ful idler’s boast about his noble ancestry 
pidarz'nah adj. fatherly : paternal pidari 
adj. paternal patriarchal [P] 

( ffapid'H n.f. tomtit : titmouse 

fapa'dam adj. one thousand billion n.m. (dial.) 

' '* lotus 

y^pad'mant n.f. paragon of feminine beauty 
v and virtue exquisitely beautiful lady 

[S] t> 

JJkpad'dao bs/padau'ra n.m. one addicted 
** to farting coward ; dastardly person 

podidar' adj. apparent adv. insight [F] 

^tffyp&'ding n.f. pudding [E] 


jjt (or /X) pnzir' suf. able ; ible suscep- 
** *** tible to liable to endowed with 

admitting (of) taking (or £j Up pozira'l 
n.f. welcome reception ovaition 
acceptance ^/i(or^>0 pazi'rl suf. capacity 
for acceptance of ability ; ibility [P] 

1/ par prep. at on upon above 

** at the point of by for through 
after cowj. yet still ; but still how 
ever ; nevertheless but 
"typar n.m. feather pinion; wing^C*!''. 
** par' -af shaft' adj. fluttering the wings 
perturbed 'd&}/par-afsha'ttl nf. flutter OtyL/. 
par' bafidk’rta v.t. bind (bird’s) wings 

render unable to fly or act 0 ft^jy^par pur'ze 
niknl'ns v.i. come up L^J/, par tol'na v.i. 
get ready to fly plan to run away /z-0»jss.< 

K/^/jjpar' piir'zoft se durust’ ho'na v.i. be fully 
equipped \£jspar toot’ns. Of Spar' jal'nd ph. 
not to have access (to) become powerless 
1 &P aT ’ jkar'na, Caspar' gira’na v.t. moult; 
shed feathers j\j/par’-dar adj. winged 
par'-shikas Lah adj. disabled afflicted 

par' shikas'tagi n.f. disability afthc- 

tioa l!/tffs.P ar qaifich kar'na, Ojs,P ar ' Idna 
v.t. pinion disable J* IP's, par'' k a qo'lam 
n.m. quill-pen Cjbl/i^Pv' 'U kav'ta batin' 

de'na ph. make a mountain out^of a mole-hill 
L'l j I i/s_,par’ kati ura'na PH. Caspar lag' na Fl. 
be fledged come up become decorous 
1 par ' na msr'na v.i. not to be able to 

approach U^por’ niksl'fia, & ^jLjspar'-o bal’ 
nikal'na v. ' grow up be fledged grow 

new feathers 

S' pur AT>j. full of abounding in -in 

-ous -ful &’/ pur-peep’ adj. intricate 
winding ; serpentine abstruse 4^S,pur- 
takal’luf adj. (of feast sumptuous formal 
ceremonious ; standing on ceremony y _jfe^. 
pur-kha’tar adj. dagerous risky ; hazard! 
ous jjjS'Pur-dard' adj. painful doleful ; 

dolorous tragic pathetic Jyspur-soz’ adj’. 

pathetic tragic doleful ; dolerous 
>-pS pur-far eb’ adj. treacherous fraudu- 
lent 'djsfur-kinah adj. spiteful f]psj>ur-malnl 
adj. sad ’; sorrowful /jspur-noor' adj. l um i. 
nous refulgent holy ' 
jypa’ra n.m. rank ; file ; troops herd (of 
* animals) swarm (of birds) wing (of 
army )( CifL ) (>> 1 4 -Spa re bafidk’na (or jama'nn) 
v.t. draw up in battle array 
I ji!y!/pars'pegah'ds n.m. propa- 
***** *** ganda [E] 

Os}/ par at' n.f, flour-kneading basin 

[ft j/para’tha n.m. fried bread ; 


/.praspaik'lus n.m. prospectus fE] 
parar thana n.f. (dial.) prayer request 


w y[^'parsk'rll nf. one of the ancient 

* Sanskrit dialects 

. «/] j paragon dah adj . dispersed scatter- 

J *z ed disturbed ; distracted 

paragah'dagl n.f. dispersiom disturbance 
being dishevelled [P~ u>j/I/ v ] 

Jf/pural' (or para/) J iyjtura’ll (or para'll) 
*** n.m. paddy stems used as loose matting 

}/ par antes' arl not n.m. promissory* 
'** *** note ; lOU 

^ypurari n.m. part of Hindu scriptures [S] 

/A \Sjparm n.m. (dial ) soul fSJ 

bj/pitraPa adj. (f. JJ^purm) old 
*♦ ancient antiquated outdated out- 

moved worn out experienced . veteran 

J l’iS PQra' na gkag adj. crafty old-timer 
I* N.H. elderly penom 

-ancient people 

jtfjrjJjl/parclvtdaM ftthS n m. provident fund [E'j 

.. .. 

' aimary adj. primary [E] 

i * £ . 

pars" im minis' tar n.m. Prime Minister 

uW’ lE] 

JZ/yy para'ivat adj. private [E] 

1 1 J par s' y a adj. (f. Jb par s"l) not one’s 

** v own another’s n’.m. person not relat” 
ed one stranger IJy (£ l ap'ns para'ya, 
ap'ne para'e n.m. own’ and other people ^Al/, 
para'ya dhan, J Lily para'ya mal n.m. oilier 

person’s property (fig.') daughter(s) ; girls 

/I*, a /. a fb. X «-» e. a. ' . 

if/par'diam n.m. flag banner ensign 
(v ••tyjfcpl l'1/l) 1‘ijl /-/par'dam srs'na (or 
laihra' na or bulafid' karris) v.t. hoist a flag [P] 
pa' r a Ana v.i be coaxed ; be cajoled 

f v be satisfied be consoled appeased 
become familiar (with) 

t\/y pdrehoi n.f. scrutiny inquiry; 

V probe 

^ fry parehopn' n.m. grocery retail 

V v parctoo'niya n.m. grocer retailer’' 
par'ehah n.m. question-paper answer 

*•' *» book ; script scrap of paper slip ; 
chit periodical first information report 
(with police) ; F.I.R. t’JiJUj'Spar'diah Ask' 
kar'na v.i. record a first information report ; 
prepare an F.I.R. Uy gd.par'chak dens v.t. 

answer question paper . distribute ques- 
tion-paper report to the - police l>(?yj>ar'Aa-t 
saza' n.m. conviction slip y^jsypar'Aa-navis' 
n.m. repoter report writer ' spy 

ap'ni risk' kat'va’na prov. cut off one’s nose to 
spite one’s para"e bas melt ph. 

under another’s control 

/Jit/ par-bsl' n.f a depilatory eye-disease caus- 
v **»* ing crooked hair to grow again on eyelashes 
CZS/ par' bat n.m. (dial ) mountain ; hill [8] 

* V 

para’bhoo n.m. (dial.) God [S] 

* V 

j\j/ pat' pars/ ad v. year before last [~P jff] 

V V 

• H 

•* pat~po'ta n.m. paternal great-grandson J Js 
par'po'n n.f. great-grand-daughter [~ S 
remote ; another 4- 5^.] 

IL y par' tala n.m. sword-belt cress-belt 


//par' Um n.m. reflection short view 

v splendour influence l'!^Jd, t par'lau par' ns 
v.i. come under the influence of {P] 

I £ / par' lava n.m. (col. for JJ n.m. ir) 

, par'ja (ped. pra'ja) nf. (dial.) subjects 

* 1 rajs par'ja n.m. pl. the rulers and the 

ruled _____ 

_ .pir'A n.f. saucer, pir'A 
pays'll n.f. cup tuid saucer 
. , patfjiar' n.m. (dial.) preach- . 

ing propaganda propagation I'/jfy. 
par Aar' kar'na v.t. (dial.) preach pro- 
pagate publicise 

.» t par£a’na v.t. make (child, etc.) 
" if y* familiar with one appease (child) 
cajole ; coax console 
km j(y J pit'Aok nf. mild instigation 
v v support 

par Aa navi st n.f. reporting espionage 
\£/ par' Aba n.m. reel for winding thread ; reel 
V V 

parAha'vak n.m. influence 
^ ' possession or obsession by evil spirit 
(rare) shadow l‘^,jbb£/parAhafi'iah par' ns v. 
possession by evil spirit ’ 

par&hq’i'h n.f.^ shadow reflec- 
•* v '* tion l/1/(jyZ-(/''\j?/'parchha"ifi se bhl 
bhag'na PH. fly from the influence (of) 

par (fchat'ti n.f. subsidiary rooi 

^ thatch, etc. on leaky housetop 

. slip of paper ballot 

Y coupon [~ ^s v ] 

tf'ifr/ pUrkhash' n.f. quarrel conflict 

V tiff wrangle^f (J'isspUrkhash'-joo adj. 

quarrelsome [P] 

£ parakh'che n.m. pl. pieces ; bits l 

par a A' (tr ur's’na v. tear to pieces 

thrash ; give a good hiding 
, pat-ds'ds n.m. (paternal) gerat-grand 
!> )£. lather /A } J t par-ds' di N.f. (paternal grea 
grandmother [ ~ S remote ; another-)- IjIsJ 
•• J[Pd P^rfoWt N.F. care ; patronage 
1 accomplishment [P] 

*| , pardsz’ suf. -er ; -or initiator ont 
* who does or accomplishes something n.f. 
beginning adornment decoration jb/^ 
(Qllbl'/pardaz’ kar'na (or 4 al» 9 ) v.t. begin 

wdanj/j/porda'd nr. doing begin* 




ning adorning decoration -ing JP~ 


9 ty par'dah n.m. veil going about veil 

* women’s stay indoors privacy curtain 
sci'een cover secrecy drum (of ear) 
pretext (11) key (of musical instrument) 
musical note \!(y\»jspar'dak fi tka'na v.T. 
lift or raise the curta’in reveal ’ expose 
raise the veil discard the veil ; go about 
barefaced (£> pur' dak par' ns v.i. be cover- 
ed ; be concealed V-i'yjy sjr'aq'l par par'dah 
par'na ph. lose common sense l/Jay par' da-posti 
n.m. & ADJ. veiled woman' \ one who 
connives at the faults of others tf'jssJpar'da- 
po'shi n.f. keeping a secret connivance 
par'dah chkm'na v x. discard veil 
hang a curtain keep secret jljtsSpar'da- 
dar' n m. & adj veiled (woman) 6ne who 
does not let out a secret par' do-dart n.f 
being veiled - going about in a veil 
keeping secret; secrctiveness jj fjjpar'da dar 
N.M. & Anj. betrayer of secrets**' (one) 
who rends veils (Jji 0 }J par' da-da' rt n.f. 
betrayal of secrets rending the veil 
par'dah dal' ns v.T. -draw the curtain hang 

a curtain keep a secret connive at 
par'dah rakk'na v.T. hide things (from) 
conceal ; not to reveal ; not to give outlVjr-J/ 
par'dah raih ja'na ph. not to be exposed 
par'da-t ghdtb' n.m. the invisible hand of 
Heaven the inscrutable ways of nature sj-(. 

par'dah fash’ kar'na v.t. expose 
betray If par'dah kar'na v.i. go’ about 
in a veil stay indoors not to come before 
hide oneself par'dah kata' nS v.t. 

cause to stay indoor^ cause to go about in a 
veil L'iy^Jypar'dt bitks’ns v.t. cause growing 
up girl to take up the veil 

pardksri nm, (dial.) president 
* chief or leader (esp. of any evil groups) 
Pardes n.m. foreign soil ; alien country 
** * (jTjjparde'ii n.m. foreigner ; stranger 
ff far 4- country) 

tjjpur'zah n.m. part (of machine) (pl.) 
‘.'works (of clock, etc) scrap (of paper) 
bit piece Clji^-Jypur'ze ura’na v.t. 
hack to piece tear io bits i‘f»jy»)/pUr'z9 
pUr’zoh kar’na v.t. hack to pieces tear to 

bits V/!tjj vjp*r’za par’zah ho’na v. be 
hacked to v pieces be tom to bits (of 
machinery) have parts dispersed 

pur’zah n.m. (same for f.) cunning person 
resourceful person [P] 
try par's n.m. purse ; ladies’ handbag [EJ 

irfpur’s suf. one who inquires if~3pUrsl sup. 

V inquiring ; inquiry [p-o^j 

ldj> par ' sa n.m. condolence visit for this 

*•* purpose (sjLy, P*ir's a de'ns v.i. condole 

call at (someone) to condole 
(Jl//pursali' n.m & suf. ond who inquires JyjU 
hal pur’s ah (col. JU^L^pSrsS'n-e fal') 
inquiring after someone’s health ; solicitous 
about someone [P ~ e/vj „ 

Of/parasl' suf. worshipper devotee ify, 
*«' paras' ti suf. worship devotion [P] 

parastsr' n.f. worshipper devotee 

** » 3 (/!/ Id^ypa raslar'-zs dah n.m. son of a 
free father anda slave-girltfjiZ*^ paras ta' rl n.m. 

worship devotion service [P~prec.] 
(j) ^/Parisian' n.m, fairyland wonder- 

land [%■ P (f/ v + J P] 

paras' tish n.f. worship devotion 

(J excessive love or greed (for) * 
paras,' tish gah n.f. place of worship [P~t/*^] 
tj**y pur'sish n.f. inquiry questioning v 

*** chastisement 

bar soot' ks mkhar 1 n.m. puer- 
”* V peral fever 

(Jyi/par’soh adv. the day before yesterday 
*•' the day after tomorrow 
\j/j[yy parsiya'oshah n.m. name of a jnedici- 
** v nal herb ; ‘pteris lamulata’ ; maiden- 


jyyparkar' n.m. compasses j pair 
Vof compasses 
jvJ parte"' clever 

v parks’ ri n.f, cleverness [P-j^ 

(yy parks' lah N.M. spark parka' -la-e s’ task n.m. 

'•‘(usu.fig.) spark J its s' fat ks parka'lak 

adj. very clever naughty [P] _ 

fypa'rakk n.f. test scrutiny AJ^fjsnA 
*•* pa rakh n.f. scrutiny test 
pa'rakk'ns v.t. try test scrutinize 

JZypar’kt adv. last year 

V v 

tf.par'ganah n.m. (old adminstrative) subdivi- 
r^siom; tehsil Ji^Jjpar’ ganadar' n.m. chief 
•executive of ‘par’ganah’ 

Dypar'la {col. pal' la) adj (f (^par'll col. 
* pd'b) next qppsite distant of 




the other side adv. on the other side for 
beyond ; for away ; a long way off ; in the 
distance next door opposite 
par' It dar’je ka, l/^StL-j^par'le si' re ka adv. 

extremely excessively ; exceedingly 
thoroughly ; utterly adj. arrant egregious 
extreme tJ^PJypar'li ta'raf adv, on the 
other side next opposite > 

> parlok’ n.m. (dial.) the next worldb^dr/, 
*•* parlok' sidksr’na v.i. (dial.) die [S] 
liL y P arm3t ' ma n.m. (dhd-) (Hindu name for) 
V " • God (as the supreme spirit) 
tJZjtftpar'mit n.m. permit [E] 


par' mat n.m. (name of) a low-quality 

*»* rice parched rice, barley, maize, etc. 

j parmesh'var n.m. (dial.) (Hindu name 
t for) God (as chief god) [SI ^ 

J[j! parva'lah n.m. gargoyle 

*•* drain ; drain-pipe conduit; j N 
drain J i'/ t pama'li n.f. small drain; 
small drainpipe 

par-na'na n.m. maternal great-grandfather 

V fyjar-M’rt n.f. maternal great-grand- 
mother f ~ remote ; another +- ft* ] 

pariti\ar n.m. printer [E] 

jfyparahd’ n.f. fine quality printed silk 

V ' t 

PjJj/paritidah (rare lit .jt^Jtarihd) n.m. bird 

V CfZsj l fj&jJiarifi' dak par rta'klh mar sak'ta 
TO. none dare approach 

Lit, parih'sipal n.m. (or F.) Principal 
Principle [EJ 

(jlfypar'niyah n.m. a kind of fine painted 
Chinese silk dress made of it [P] 

(j i/parva' n.f. care concern ; solicitude 

* f worry ; anxiety ; fear inclination ; 
affection want ; desire 
jjj/PUr'va n.f. east wind (as foreboding 
Vrain) ; easterly breeze [«* 
j\j/parvciz'. n.f. flight suf. flying' soaring 
v tfjljj'parva'zi suf. flying soaring 

(FI * . 

,» h> . . partin' cftari'na v.i. (of child) 

'Jjf gfbw up thrive ; prosper (of 

hope) be realised .become perfect 
p scwwt doria'ita v.T. cause to grow up 
make prosperous make perfect cause to 
be achieved 

‘.jjperva'nah n.m. moth {%.) 

** T lover ; self-immolating love 

H tf $ s 

permit licence command war* 
rant tf'0bj parva'na-t tala' M n.m. search 
warrant (jjlf, ffj tj^parva'na-e rak-da’ri n . m . 

pass permit safe conduct ; past* 
port (fjOJ'ti/j'parvat'na-e girifla'fi n.m. warant 
of arrest 1/jpiJi jUirfj^parva’nak par fida ho'n a, 
parva’mh ho'na v.i. be an ardent lover 
cufb^parva'najat n.m. fl. passes permits 
Jbj> v parm'nagi n.f. (rare) permission [P] 
parva'ya n.m. piece of wood, brick, etc. 
Ufjf placed under bed to raise it 
7- j parota n.m. food gift to mens 

gift to menials at cere- 


JSZj+tjjf parautastakt n.m. Protestant [E] 

JiJ Par' vox suf. nourisher ; cherisher : protector 
*•* (j/jjpar'vafl suf. nourishing protect- 
ing bah' da par'var my lord (iron.) 

$ateori(fjl/»jZbafida'par'van n.f. patronage [P 

JliJPJ parvardigar ' n.m. providence ; chensner 

V (as epithet of God) [P - JjjjjQ 
0)JiJ parvar'dah n.m. domestic servant 

brought up in masters house from 
infancy slave adj. reared brought up 
nourished patronized [P 
tyjiJ 1 P ar oar i?h n.f. nourishment juste- 

V nance protection patronagq 
rearing ; fostering upbringing 

par' parish pa'nav.i. be, fraught up be 

fostered ; be nourished Isijrjss par 1 parish hn'rm 
v.i. bring up ; rear nourish ; foster 
support patronise [P ~ „ 

parofai'sar n.m. Professor parofdt- 
sari n.f. professorship [E] 


SpJ parogaram' n.m. programme [E] 


piro'na v.t. thread (needle) 
v ( thread Jhrough eye of needle) string 
(pearls, flowers, etc.) prepare (garland) 
its) V poronof' hm. promissory note ; IOU 

par o' hit n.m. (dial.) family priest [S] 

* V 

partUn" (lit. alsot/v/kjr'oi*) n.m. 

^ Pleiades ; Pleiads * a female Muslim 
name [P] 

%f/ pdrhtz' n.m. prevention forbearance 
** V abstinence temperance abstention 
keeping aloof evasion regimen 
frir'lSl^perhtz' sab st *thka Ws'kjtokhai mBv. 
prevention it better than cun '>/jftprb*! 

V J < 

kar'na v.t. abstain (from) ■ avoid keep 
aloof (from) be on guard (against) be 
under regimen (fjfyparhe'zi adj. (of food) etc. 
prescribed for one under regimen 
parhe'zi kha'na n.m. diet prescribed for one 
under regimen [P] 

ijjpa-'rt n.f. fairy ; peri graceful lady ; 

"•* exquisitely beautiful woman ; beauty PREF. 
fairy angelic ^,fsj>a'ri-pai 'kar, 
pa! rt-cheh'rah,jlZtfypa'ri-rUkh'sar 
too n.m. & adj. fairy-faced angelic 
(beau ty) very graceful ( woman) > lyjpa’ri-zad 

n.m. & adj. exquisitely beautiful '(woman) 
faiiy-born superhuman l 
pn’ri ka say ah ho' ns v.i. be possessed by a 
fairy J'jypa'ri-vash n.m. & adj. fairylike., 
very graceful (person) lovely (woman)^^, 
l‘j 1“ pan S hi' she men Utar'nn ph. coax, 
cajple or wheedle the beloved »./ i/i par'yoh 

ka ikhn'ra n.m. assembly of beauties [P] 

jz-t'N.M. (PL. Ofi/N.M. it) 


f pa're adv. away on the other side 
further off at a distance beyond 
yonder ^st^/pa're pa're, ty^spa'rt raih'na 
v.i. keep away not to keep alooflji^/^-s/, 
pa're pare raih'na v.i. not to mix with others ; 
not to be a sociable type 
\£Sjpaeit n.f. (dial.) love beloved 
** Vfari' tam n.m. (dial.) love beloved 


paret' n.m. evil spirit (usu. asjCy^bioot' 
£// pa'ret n.m. ghost and evil spirit ’* 
fj, j pari' dah affix, flown J>y pari' dagi affix. 
**V flying away ; flitting [P]' 

^ j pared {co\. paret') n.f. parade [E] 

•■r . 

JrJ/j ^ pare'zidaht n.m. President [E] 

l/ji pares' n.m. press the Press [E] 


.A, pireshan” (lit. alsoj iPjpire' shaft) adj. 
perplexed ; confused' disturbed 
troubled (in mind) dishevelled (hair) 
embarrassed distracted ; deranged miser- 
able dispersed loose (leaves] harassed 
(J ^0 &/J>ire'shafi-hal adj . embarrassed 

miserable Jr lf(J Inspire' shafi-kha'tir, 
pire'shsii~d>' f trouble in mind I'Jj&Spire’shan 
4 kar'na v.t. embarrass hare "confuse 
pdrple perturb dishevel (hair) scatter 
cast to ute winds $ JO fyjpire &an-go' *l n.f. 
confused talk J^JlJjpirt'^xn-m’zfa adj. & 

n.m. purposeless distracted 
pire' shafi-na’ zari n.f. lack of purpose dis- 

traction L'j^Oii^ypireshan’ ho'nn v. be per- 
plexed ; be confused -distressed feel 
embarrassed j lPy piresha'ni n.f. perplexity 
confusion / embarrassment perturba- 
tion misery scattering 
JJparem' N.M. (dial.) love t/jpare'mi n.m. 
[/•' lover [S] 

Cj/ .1 , pan' vi kauh'sal N.F. final British 
L/JOssC court of appeal [E] 

\j!pa’ra adj. prostrate I'll^pa’ra pa’na V.I. 

*• find (something) lying find (it on high- 
way, etc.) get for nothing fyppa'rz pgr’ 
adv. (beat) with incessant strokes C fjl J !/pa , ro 
raih'na v.i. remain unused be idly all 
along]- t'^.] 

typu'ra n.f/ large packet ; parcel ; package 

s pars'* o n.m. camping ground encamp- 

P £• ment camp halting-place : hall 
para'o dal'na v.i. encamp [~ 

par' tit n.m. share ; portion dividend 
( •* contribution revenue rate ] — 

\jipartal n.f. scrutiny cheeking ; check 
'* audit re-appraisal Jfy£lfjat&' 
portal' n.f. scrutiny portal’ iar'na v.t. 

scrutinize check audit reappraise 

V par'na v. lie down rest : repose 
l*-/. fall • drop dovm befall hang about (or 
around) concern ; worry Clf^par jans v.i. 
lie down ; fall flat ^^J^pa' re pa're adv. 
while lying down while in bed idly \Jg£d 

'se kya pa'ri hai ph. why should (he, 

etc.) ? 

> paros' n.m. neighbourhood vicinity 
(fjJparo'si n.m. neighbour tf'sZparo 
n.f. female nighbour 
***) fia’rhin n.f. mullet 


educated learned literate (JP frtyparlut 
hu”a jin ph. intractable person 
pc' tit na lik'kke nam mofam’mad fatal 
j>rov. brag of knowledge without education 

f*'* b f'&* '-** 

paov. educated but unfortunate t Igypenria'na 
v.t. make literate teach instruct 
teach (bird) to talk tutor (witness) 



mislead incite J la>}parba”i n.f. literacy 
education teaching tuition C^parh-afit' 
n.f. charm ; magical incantation Oyfyparkva na 
v.T. cause to be read have (something) 
read out get educated 

I b, pur'ya n.f. small packet does of 
vS. medicine ; powder [~ 
g j |> pazn'vah n.m. kiln [p 1 ) 

pizidi'k N.M. (rare) doctor [P] 


padmBr'dah adj. dejected blight* 
0-y cd pallid withered decayed 
bleak ifr/j 1 pazkrnvr'dagi h . f. dejection 

blight pallor being withered decay 
bleakness [P] 

pas conj. then therefore so 
' hence adv. after behind 
pas -and ad kar'na n.m. save by and by 
pas-pa' adj. driven back ; repulsed \!j pas- 
pa kar'na V.t. drive back rout;*repuIse 
pas-pa hb'na v.i. retreat be routed 
ctyjgp&'s-t piish't adv. behind one’s back 
in one’s absence 0 s-t push't dal'na 

v. postpone ; put off neglect ; ignore 
osj/jdpas-khur'dah n.m. food left over on 
the table crumbs tJ^pos-mafi' dah adj. 

backward remaining behind surplus 
survivag^^ It^pas-mafi dagan' n.m. PL.survivors 
J*fypas-man'zar n.m. background ifpas-o 
pesh' n.m. hesitation ; reluctance indeci- 
sion ; doubt shilly-shallying vacillation 
Jv*(J?.P as ~° P e — ^ ar ' na V.I. hesitate ; 
show reluctance shilly-shally vacillate 


i»| . pasar’na v.t. stretch spread 
>»£• extend display ]/{*>pasa'ra n.m. spread 
extension (mangoes, etc.) spread out 
.«. . pisa'na, 1‘ljflpisva'na V.T. cause to grind 

•j i pasfl'na v.t. pour off water in which 
»*i(rice, etc,) has been boi\e<l / jUj)asa'’o 
water in which something has been boiled 
A . pisa”i,tyjtfpisoa' , i n.f. remuneration for 
grinding [ ~ It-*] 

„ j past adj. low mean vile 
‘•A? inferior lowbrow J^C^pas't-khayal' 
adj. haying low ideas n.m. low idea^bti^. 
pas'l-fit'rat adj. base ; mean n.f. vile nature 
pfis't- qa'matjt£jrfpast qad' adj. of 
small site dwarfish, N.M. dwarf short 
stature^jw^'pes'* ker’tfd v.t, to yittj^p^pas'l-o 

grocery market 

bulaiid' n.m. ups and downs , vicissitudes 
pas t-him'mat adj. spiritless unambitious 
cowardly n.f. low spirits &fdX?pas' l-him matt 
n.f. low spirits cowardice ljp£~>pas't 
ho' ns v.i. be low be short statured be 

humiliated duck (f^pas'ti n.f. lowness 
inferiority humility lowland [P] 
piston' n.m. pap ; teat ; nipple ; breasts 

^jt^pistaul' n.m. pistol revolver (E] 

pis'tah n.m. pistachio nut pistai”i adj 
V pea-green (colour) [P] 

I J pi'sar n.m. son boy "^pi'sar-e nooff ' 
]/• PH. (Noah’s son as example of) vicious 
progeny of the virtuous [P] 

| • * pa'sarns v.i. (of child) insist unduly 
yr or behave obstinately be spread out 
be distended 

i> j pasdr hatta n.m. 

padli n.f. rib infantile tuberculosis 

'tipas'll pta'rakns, C^lJ^J^pas'li 
pha'rak utk'na ph. (quivering sensation in 

the ribs as) sign of absent friends impending 
visit know without physical communication 
be restless owing to beloved’s absence 
( pas'li ks t dard (or dukh or 

‘3 rizflh) n.m. pleurisy U^pas'liyafi tor'na 
V.t. give a good hiding * (cause to laugh) 
to excess 

[V| pis'n a v.i. be ground be pulverized 

v be crushed * be ruined [ 

SJ pasafid , (JlJijXfpasafidt dagi n.f. choice 
1 approval approbation liking 
disaetionlji^pasaiidi'dah adj. choice ; 
chosen favourite approved desirable 

pleasing ; delectable [P] 
j pasahdo n.m. slice of slashed meat 
such roasted slice as food [ ~ P prec.] 
a | pi'sanhari n.f. corngrinder ; 

-woman grinding corn. etc. 
for livelihood [ ~ U-£] 
yJ piss' oo n.m. flea 

.*. jpisva'na v.t. same as llJpiss'na v.t. 

* tysjpisvd’i N.F. 0 piss' ’t n.f. d 
|* j pasooj'na v.t. baste ta.cV£,jXpasooj' 
• 'v n.f. basting 

j'na v.i. show compassion (of 
T—* heart) melt with pity become over- 
saturated owing to humidity (of limb-ends) 



t/ pak'ka adj. (f. (JJak'kl) ripe , mellow 

^ (of meal) Baked of (meat, etc.) 
cooked ; dressed (of bricks) burnt (of 
building) firm ; strong (of road) metalled 
(of colour) fast experienced shrewd ; 
cunning instructed ; tutored fearless 
resolute authentic valid 
sound true settled ; finalized 
permanent U’ltf&pak'ka paks'ya mil'na PH. 
get without toil 'or trouble \tpJVpak'ka poo'rha 
adj. (f .(fjjpjpak'ki poo'rfn) settled , finalized 
Va n.m. suppurated boil 
person on the verge pak'ka pi'sa adj. 
(f •(fvj.pak'klptsi) shrewd well-tutored 
of bursting from anger or grievance \!s & pak'ka 
kar'na V.t. reinforce ensure confirm 
corroborate ; attest l^l^a^a ho'na v.i. 
be confirmed be made permanent be 
reinforced be established be settled ; be 
finalized [~ C£] 

^fivkar'na V.T. shout ; call, ; cry • bawl 
rjvi, exclaim complain Ppuka're. 

ga'le adv. \oni\y pukar' n.f. complaint 
call cry shout bawl 
•*/paka*na v.t. (of food) cook ; dress ; bake 
‘'’S (of bricks) burn "£} ^paka'’i, ty/pakva'i 
n.f, remuneration for cooking, etc. 
jffipik'ting n.f. picketing [E] 

/^pik'diar n.f. cinematograph film ; film 
/ 'v * picture [EL 

Jb/pa'karna, Cdi^pa'kar le'na v.t. seize 
catch hold of handle overtake 
detect (error) pick holes in arrest ; appre- 
hend catch ; capture jCpakar n.f. hold 
grasp grip; clutch pimishment j?. 
pakra'nn , iV# pakarvn'na, [>> \t%pdkra' dt'na 
V.T. cause to be areesttd make over ; 
handover; deliver jU'j^jxt'kar dha'kov n.f. 
round-up (of bad characters, etc.) ; arrests}^. 
pa'kar la'na v.t. arrest fetch 
l&p'aKna v.i. be cooked, dressed or baked 
* ripen ; mellow (of hair) grey {of 
boi), etc.) suppurate become an expert 
pakvan' n.m. cookies fried foodstuffs Pre- 
pared from gram-flour, etc! 
ootiehZ dukan' phi'ka pakvan' PRO v. great show 
without real worth {‘ijLpakva na V. T. cause to 
cook or be cooked ty^pakoa'i, tytfpaka in. f. 
remuneration for cooking 

pakau'ra n.m. fried saltish gramfloim paste: 
*** fried gram drop ; saltish pastry t/l (/'(£/£ 

be wet with sweet 

Pjj^pasx’mh n.m. sweat ; perspiratIontV^aj>j>-> 
*' v past nah pastnak ho'na v. be covered 
with sweat (owing to boil or heat) perspire 
profusely (owing to shame) 
post it* meh doob'na (or naha' ja'na) v.t” be 
drenched in sweat ; perspire profusely 
£*h )(?Bsh’t n.f. back backbone genera- 
^ tion ancestry descent support 
prop tiiifygjZfpUsh' t ba pudt't Ctfi/J&tfi&sh't dor 
push't adv. generation after . genera 
(Jf/i l) push' t par rath' na {or ho'na) v.i. back 
up ; support ; be at the back (of)J^£i^push't- 


panah', »^jC^fpush't-o panah. n.f. patron 
support refuge ; ally £&>2&pusVt dikhana 
v.i. flee set out on a journey 

de'na v.t. flee ; turn tail back oluo*,^v 
puMn-ban n.m. helper support j L*% 
puMi-ba'nj. n.f. help support * 

succor CCl'ypushn'm adj. hereditary [P] 
Oj\£jZ/fiishta'rah n.m. bundle load 

^ J^StbSsh'tak n.f. (horse’s) kick with hind 
* lpgs children’s game in which one 
bonds with palms resting on his knee and 
Others jump over his back is tX^push' tak de'na 
v.i. (of horse) kick with hind legs [ ~ P £&] 
2%pa,h'to (dial, pustito or r^pakh' to) n.f. 

* the language of the ‘Pathans’ 

P&pish'tak n.m. embankment ; ‘bund’ 
v dyke dam buttress prop back 
of a binding (fjZ^push'ta-batidi n.f. embank- 
ment [P~«5^] 
pashm n.f, 



around private parts 
mar'na v.i. (indecent) care not a 1 fig. 
bar pash'm-e qalah'dar ph. (indecent) I do not 
care a fig for it ZJrfptshrm' nah n.m, a kind of 
costly woollen cloth [P] 

• i Uj plshv a*’ n.f. dancing girls’ long gown 

with ample folds ; dancing dress 

J2J pasti&ah n.m. mosquito gnat [P] 

(Jf^pash »' (mers.) n.m. urine int. urinate 

pidhe'man’ ^J^r^pidiemati' adj. re- 

# ’’ morseful disgraced put to shame 

{} \rHpishema'rd n.f. remorse shame 

lumiiity [P] 

pit'ras n.m. Peter ‘non-deplume' 
*** of a great Urdu humorist [L] 


pakaura ri nak n.f. thick large nose <f*/pakau‘n 
n.f. (usu. pl.) such small bits served in curds 
(J^pakhMl’, Jfypakhal' N.F. water-hide 

pakh&'vaj n.m. a kind of drum ; timbrel 
* (fj&pakha'wji n.m. accompanist 

• v 


n.m. topaz 

pokk'va n.m. lap (of one’s mother) 

pakfu’ roo n m bird P u 

V pakht'roo n.m. pl. winged creatures 
t^Xpag n.m, (rare) foot (f^jppag-dah'di 
v n f path ; footpath by path; 

t tP Vga'na v t & t. (cause to ) end (game) 

9v P«R«h N.F. dawn ; morning [P] 


sbfpog'H n.f. turban black-transaction 
gratification lOMj>)Vili(f%Pog'Ti utar'na 
(or iiMal'nd) y.T. ’ disgrace in public 
scandalize Cailtf pag' it bahdk'na v.t. & 1 . 
wear a turban tie a turban round (some- 
one’s) h^ad in token of some qualification, etc. 

P a g‘?i bafidk'na v.t be honoured thus 
n.m. investiture admission to a degree 
CJ^J'^pag'ri ba'dalna v.t. interchange 
turbans (in token of intimacy) 
pag'ri pai'rofi par rakh-'na v.t. place*" one’s^ 
tuiban at another’s feet for apology J,j 
(1^* l*f pag’ri sahbkal'na (or tham'nd pii. try to 
maintain one’s honour pag'n va'la n.m. 

turbaned person (arch.) doctor 
l at pag'ri valla n.m. policeman 
\p)pag'la adj. & n.m. <r. iff. pag'h) silly 
'‘/person) ; fool mad 
fcl& pigjuil'na v.t. melt be smelted 
**Tuse dissolve softed be mollified 
^pighta'na v.t. melt smelt fuse 
ahssolve soften ^jjjrpigkfa'o n.m. melting 
{j pagya n.f. (dim.) small turban | - | 

*• V 

pal n.m. (old use) time measure about a 
‘•‘second moment pal' bhar mtti kbv 

in a moment ; in a jiffy ’jf/fjrpd' h (ml adv 
for a while ' v tf 

if pill n.m. bridge causeway ; causey 

T btib^PUl bafidk'nd v.t. bridge thow 
a bridge across ; build a bridge across ex- 
aggerate (in ipraise) pul-sir it' n.f. ex- 

tremely narrow bridge ; ’’’providing the only 

approach to paradise , paradise pathway 
HiP a'la n.m. ladle £ pa'li n.f. if 

pal' la n.m. pan, scale ; one side of 

*•* balance border (of cloth) ; side leaf, 
shutter or fold (of food) distance help ; 
support (arch.) three-maund weight 
load carried on head or back l"jf(fjidfrpal'la 
bha'ri ho'na v.t. have greater chances of 
success have stronger allies be heavier 
bal' la pak' ho'na v.t. be settled 
be rid’of pal' la pa'karna v.t. fall back oh 

(for support, help, etc.) I'l^iPpal'la chkura'na 
v.t. get rid of (of woman) get a divorce 
(from) pal'le baiidhlna v.t. not to 

forget , remember (derogatory) marry some- 
one (to) give away in marriage b'tr^pal'le 
pai'na v.t. be allotted (to) be married 
(to) I'fyljjL-pal'le kiichk na par'na v .! not to 
get the hang of ; fail to understand anything 

1‘yJd- pal'le ho'na v.t. be wealthy I'yriJjL- 
' v , ./■ , V v 

pal’le kuepk na ho' na, by* OJ <±- pal'le ta'kd na 

ho'na v.t. be poor ; be without means ; have 
no money jljJ^pd’le-dar' n.m. porter 
porter in grain market 
\fpil'la n.m. pup; puppy whelp fptf 
*•* hara’ ml pill a adj. bastard * - 

tifett. pa'la pal 4' y (i, ^ j> fpa’li pald'i adj, 
•* *•* ** (sec under t ' if) 

^ifypalat' n.m. plot [EJ 

, •• 

^ fjfpalas ' n.m. pliers (EJ 

y # * 

(fijipatas' n.m. hessian jute matting 

pains' n.m. (tree called) ‘butia frondesa 
*•* palas' pap'ra n.m its seeds (used 

as drug)’ 

pdas' na v.t smooth edges (of shoes, otr.) 

<m jb^pa1*s' tik n.m. plastic [E] 

. pila'na v.t. cause to drink give a 
drink suckle take animal to water 
add (molten metal to) soak in, saturate 
with run (weapon) through speak, (to 
someone) against 'J tyildi n.f. wet-nurse . 
foster-mother suckling wages l - Uicaus ) 
pula' V (pcd. pal do) n.m. rice cofiked in 
'‘meat. soup ; palau’ [P] 

.1 L P'lpHa ao|. (r. j^.pilpih) fiabby, 

flacyid weak , feeble soft {'^kpilpila na 

['dJpitpila na 


v.i. soften J>U> pilpila'hat n f. flabbiness 

* l, pulpulana v.t. chew without (using) teeth 
U 57 ilU' pul' pula adj flabby ; flaccid 
soft * V 

I jppal'ts n.m., CO'paltana v.t. (see under 

* v t - *> 

W> paTta n.m. reverse retreat turn 
stroke (of ill-luck) , vicissitude lucky 
stroke change retaliation ladle for 
turning pancakes, etc. OjLbpal’ta de'na v.t. 

Uim reverse hurl back upturn , tilt 
L'l/lbpal'ta fcha'na v. tilt turn over . 
turn upside down change (for the better or 
the worse) l’$> pahs’ na v.t. turn over 
convert return CjCbpal’ts de'na v.t 

yJ^pdl'tas s.f. poultice [E] 

Jfypd ’tan s.f. regiment [E ~ platoon) 

pa'latnh v.t. & t. return retreat 
^rebound suffer reverse turn over 
(of fortune) cause reverse 
l^b pairs n.m, pan ; scale ; one side of balance 
l-^lfjytypal'ra bh.a'ri ho' ns v.T: have the upper 
hand 'I'jjjJjjQpd'ta bars' bar ho'na(o( scales ) 
be even 

J^palas’tar n.m. plaster [E] 

/. pa’lak n.f., (pl. j&pal’kth) 
eyelash Jifm'bk pat'ya n.m. 
blink person '{^(^palak jha'paknS v.t. 
wink blink Iftggtqpa'lak jka’pakte ( met ) 
adv. in the twinkling of an eye ; in a moment 
in an instant , in a jiffy iP p lak 

se pa'lak nS lag'na v t. not to have a wink of 
sleep ;dtave a sleepless night 1 5 J Jb 

pal'kon si zamin' jhsr’na show great respect 
extend warm welcome serve with full 
devotion ( pal'kon se na'mak 
Stka'na (or tkun'na) v.t undertake arduous 

• tiJtpil'ka n.m. mottled pigeon 

assalut , attack 
be bruised 

P.pil'naS*J(jl pil'par'nS v.t. 

*'? rush 'press be trodden 
jostle ; push , press 

palna v.i be brought up be reared 
be nourished be bloated thrive ; 


prosper l If ibpa'la pala yd adj (f. J IkJ pa h 
pala"i) grown up carefully nurtured 

pilot' da n.m. parcel ; package pile 
Z bundle . 

^JCi> pa' long n.m. couch bedstead 

’ f pa latig-posh n,m. bedspread coverlet; 
cou nter pa ne y pa "laitg-tor ' n.m. idler 

one given to sleeping too long good-for- 
nothing (eHowjS’^jtypa'latig tin' chor n.m. 
Greater and Lesser Bear f'jfl Jji dP/p/jpp, 
pa'latig kc tat' mar kar kha'ra ho'na v.i. 
recover after serious illness have a safe 
deHver/^>/>a70#£ri n.f. cot 
jb pa? lot n.m. of cloth) border , hem jbA. 

** pal'loo-dar' aoJ. having an expensive border 
n.m. fringe-maker 

( *1 jb pilvs'na v.t. cause to be crushed 
** cause to serve (water, etc.) for drink 
\jf jb palo'tha ^ fej^palo'tki ks N.M & ADJ 
V (same asfr/teN.M. & adj. if) 

/V. pa'li n.f. ladle for measuring out liquids 
from canister, drum, etc XjjzJ'jjF pa'li pa'li 
.jor'na v.t. lay by gradually &ve little by 

pul'ya n.f. small bridge culvert 

.♦*, palt ta£j*Jali' l a n.m. wick ignited 
Wf wick for fireworks (arch.) match (of 
gun) C^pali’ta (hat ja'na v.t. flash in 

panU/C^ paii'ti de'na v.t. ignite (gun- 
powder, etc.) instigate 

tl &£pale' than n.m. dry flour used for faci- 

liating the rolling of bread 0 
pale'than nikal'na PH. give a good hiding 

pain jar am n.m. dais platform 

I **'* platform ticket [E] • 

Jjji pali'dar n.m pleader ; lawyer ; counsel 

** V lE] 

pamp n.m. pump [Ej 

V *• 

pamj'lat n.m. pamphlet (Ej 

jJ> t paled' adj. unclean defiled , pol- 
** * luted evil spirit, ctcdijJpali' di n.m. 
uncleanliness polluuon [P] 
l^ifpan, tbpana svr (denoting the abetnet^ 
quality) -ness *ity -hood 

^ pan pref. (abb. for [}£) water (abb. 

*fc>r&) five (abb. forc/l) betel-leaf 
!./ pm n.f pin hairpin [EJ 

W V 




\,jPu* n.m. (dial.) charity ; alms [S] 


l*j pa'na suf. (same a stfsvr. ■*) 

pa'na n.m. width ; breadth ; span [~P 1<J] 
tf * 

pan’ ns n.m. emerald upper (of shoe) 

* sheet (of metal) tinsel (gold or 
•silver) leaf sweetened tamarind water 

pinna n.m. lump of oil-cake, etc. any- 
thing' rolled into a ball ; roll real 
panana v.t. fondle (animal’s) udders in pre- 
paration for milking 

plx panah' n.f. protection refuge 
'' shelter asylum Up #l£panaA' rfr'na v.t. 
protect harbour give shelter# \ftO panah’ - 
goh n.f. shelter asylum refugegjyiti 
panah'-gS&n' (or -zin) y/^panah'-gir n.m. 
refugee iy# UpanaA' le'na v.t. seek protection 

r take shelter ; take cover take refuge 
lA ttypanah' matg’na v.t. avoid ; shun 
seek riddance (from) seek protection (of) 
take refuge (with) [P] 

/far pan bij'ti n.f. hydroelectricity ; hydel 
y v power 

^ *Jf pom'boh N.M. (lit.) cotton il^pam’ba-da'nak 

* V W.M. (ped . ) sxrt tonsced Jj j^pam' ba-doz N . k 
cotton c&rder (/jf^pam' boh-6a-gosh' , 
pom' bandar gosh i' adj. feigning deafness 
Ata.i^t^hpam'ba-da'hm adj. (lit.) quiet ; 
taciturn [P] 

..•pa'napna v.t. flourish ; thrive ; prosper 
(of plant) take root ; grow recover 
revive gain in strength fatten 
^rpafitk n.m. (dial.) fesp. Sikh) relgious 
border path fatjjjir’LXlek' pahtk do' kaj' 
pro v. kill two with one V stone j^pah'thi n.m. 
(dial.) follower of (a religious leader or 
order) [S] 

V patj adj. five (arch.) five-year-old 
(horse) (arch.) in cards or dice cinq ; 
cinque ; five t^&pafjab' n.m. the Punjab (a 
former province of West Pakistan as the land 
of five rivers) (J \gpatija‘bi n.m. inhabitant of 
the Panjab ; Punjabi n.f. Punjabi (language) 
adj. of or from the Punjab ^ Ifipatja'ti n.f. 
five-pronged rake lockingyoke (for a team 
of oxen) (j£pci>j'-tan, ijitffpahj' -tan pak' n.m. 
foe Holy Prophet, Hazrat AH, Hazrat 
Fatimah, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain 
(as the ‘five holy persons’ esp. revered by 
Shi’ites) rJiQpatj-ro'zeh adj. of five days 

short-lived (as human life) sjjJ&&J*B*'bat-e 
patj-ro'zah n.f. short span of life short 
tenure of office, etc. J L'^jicyj-satlak adj. 
five-year (plan, etc.) quinquennial ; five- 
yearly JOfcparj shakh'ah n.m. metallic 
hand with fingers ivory hand to scratch the 
back with five pronged chandelier.--^/ 
part}- sham' bah n.m. Thursday j^ii^pahj-ga'nah 
namaz', P^jUnama'z-t^ pafij-ga'tmh n.f. five 
daily prayers < aibshar u i ph. 

same as *''£v%P aft j'S°'£ ah 

adj. pentangular five-cornered n.m. 

9 If* pariah’ adj. & n.m. (ped.) fifty 

• ^ > *> 
j&poft jar n.m. skeleton ribs 

^•**atijar pati'jar dkt!la ho'na v.i. be aching 
"all over the body; owing to severe jolt* 
pah' jar ho'na v.i. become very lean; be reduced 
to a skeleton 

| Jr* Pty'Ta, o^pihj'rak N.M. cage trap 

frZpabjum adj. & adv. fifth(ly) n.f. fifth 
* class (in school) fjlfn pakjQm&li adv. 
fifthly (P ~ £*] 

pitj'ra n.m. a bow used for cleaning and 
Cfc* beating cotton 

Ut pahjah n.m. open hand (of one 
<V hand; all fingers (of one foot) all toes 
toe claw grasp ; clasp- (in cards) 
five (of dice) cast of five impression of 
open hand rays ^^sQiflfpah'j a-e aftib' n.m. 
(lit.) rays of the sun ‘fpah'ja-e mar’ yam 
n.m. a kind of fragrant grass ty JZpah’jah 
pher'na v.t. twist (adversary’s) hand by inter- 
locking fingers (1‘liH.) yj^patijah kar'na (or 
lara'na) v.t. interlock fingers (with someone) 
in a bid to twist his hand j^^pahja-kash 
n.m. instrument for exercising fingers in 
interlocking one practised in interlocking 
fingers I'jlg pah'jah mar'na y.,T. pounce upon 

claw oh ke bal dtal'ta v.i. 
tiptoe; walk' on tiptoe (I# ft )£if£fPatfje 
jama'na (or gsr'na) v.t. sit fornjly > 
stabilize one’s position daw t 
pafi'je jkar' kar pi'fblu par 4 ja'na ph. 
harass press hard take to task severely ; 

I ^ patji'ra n.m. tinman 

"paftji'ri n.f. sweat fried flour 
V ** f this with a total of five iagredieu. 

•• » 


late *£tcm6onbjjpoor‘bij3 n.m. inhabitant of 

eastern U.P. 

jJ fjJ poo'nm poor * adj. 
V [- < 

full brimful 


peo’m-ma’M n.p. (dial.) night of full 
Af moon [S] 

»f. 'see under jJpcr n.f if) 

tyf* 9 'r| n.f. thin pan-cake 

\jJP°*’X9> (dial. \jtpoo”a) n.m' fried cookie 
•t * 

ijjpoz n.m. muzzle , mouth of boncMjjpoz'- 

V bahd N.M. muzzle 

V Jjfpoi N.M. posture before camera ; pose [E] 

r/Jjpo'zish n.f. apology S>t/'jJpo'zish-pazir’ 
*•* AO^j. forgiving [P] ** r * 

\Jf“jpoos n.m. tenth month Hindu calendar 

V (corresponding to January-February) 
£nSjpos'i n.m. crust ; shell skin rind 

V hark poppy poppy head used as 
drug(/wt<y pcs' t-kan N.M. skinner ; flayer 
,jrpost-kah' dah adj. full brine, hidden 
facts to light adv unreservedly Crif^post 
kh*t,(b'na v.t. flay ; sian(f*Opos’R n.m! 
poppyhead addict (fig.) indolent person 

xJjposSin n.f. fur coat 

•* leathern coat jji^JpOitin 
dot n.m. furrier maker of 
leathern garments [P 
/?fJZi*ypos't-a'jis .n.m.- post office 

V ,£v , /J>QSi-mas , tar n.m. post-master 
J posx-ma'.’tar jan'tal n.m Post- 
master General - post' -main n.m. 

postman [E] 

JjjrM/J post' -mar’ tam n.m ‘post marten 
f examination ; autopsy (E~LJ 

\*/Jpos na (usu. as \ZsjOipul na pes'na ) v t 

t * ..m • aAnv* nnnPieli f nc • />r 

•p bring up ; rear 
sup. wearing 


nourish , foster 
covering l*J 

Tjpoi&ak' N.F. clothes dress gar- 

Vments , attire livers accoutre- 
ment ; equipment fj^po'shish n.f clothes 
dress garments', raiment livery 
accoutrement upholstery (P~ t ?■*%} 
tjpjpo&'dah adj. secret hidden 

•* Vcealcd covered underhand 
ulterior f^JposH'dagi n.f secrecy 
cone ealment [p ~ &J>j] 

fyjljjpo* port .frjposj! t/ipo'is INf 



V donkey-drivers . etc f watch make 

room please [ ~ P] 

J>Jpu kkar n.m. pool name of a tenting 
l *• or cudgeling trick 

(JjP o1 n.m land measure' equivalent to fifty 
Y *** yards ; pole Pole ; Polish national [Ej 
Ajpol n.m. hollowness U^Ofy/j/’jk'dkol ka) 
V pol’ kkul'na ph. (of hollowness) be exposed 

[ ~ FOt-L. ] 

po'la adj. (f. (jjpoli) hollow empty 
V soft ; spongy 

D j poo’la N.M. bottle of grass or hay^ii 
** v/poo'h ta’le gizran kar'na ph be miser- 
ably off 

to N.F polo [E] 


Jfctypoli'tikal adj. political (E) 

pii'lis (or polls') n.f. poYiceJf<jfj polls 
** *• chau’kl n.f. police' post [E] * *" ' 

0jpaun, h'jpaum adj. (f -.Dpati'ni) three- 
V quarters n.m. quarter to one 
pa' van n.f. mild wind autumn wind 
winnowing wind 

f. capital princinal 
stork wealth wherewithal 
\Jj bautichii adj five-and-a half (times tablet 

n.f. tail 

** winnow 
if y poott'ji n 

*> *» stock v 

.v-T wipe clean this 
V patfhk kt adv. 

having wiped ' * having cleaned having 

^•Jpauhd n.m, pound ; £ pound ; lb [E] 
paunda n.m. thica variety ol sugarcane 

z V 

poti^a n.m. anj hollow lube phalange 
V J-'/pohgl n.f. flute juggler’s flute 

scrpant-cntchcr’s pipe 

jjjpoo'ni n.f cotton roll for spinning 

IjypPniya adj (of paper, cloth, etc ) of 
•* V sub-standard stze ■ . 

y J po'yah adj . amble canter Of-jpo yah 

*f£al'na v.i amble canter ( ■» P 

s£pa, pe conj. but ; yet ; still PROF, on at 


•pf\J\JphA--pha ktit'rA n.p. hag procums 
if V v tale-bearer mischievous woman 
jfapht'iak h u gate barrier 


j{^ pahar' n.m. mountain 
f range of mountains adj. (also 
pahar sa) huge difficult 

arduous burdensome tiring ; 

tiresome long and ^tedius 
terrible ( i>J*^pnhar‘ pot'na (or 
gir'na or toot par'n a) v.i. be overhelmed (with 
troubles) C/^i/jitpahar’ si rat ph. terribly long 
and tcdius night' (of separation, etc.) t'UjJU, 
pahar dha’na ph. subject (to tyranny), 
pahar’ se pik'kar It'na ph. be pitted ^against a 
strong adversary ; face heavy odds b/tU pahar 
kat'na v do the impossible (/Ijftlf pahar’ ka 
da'manUiAida'mott-e koh' n.m. foot of the 

mountaintfvW'paAa'rs n.f hill hill-lock 

mount name of a musical mode hill* 
man ; mountaineer adj. hilly moun- 
tainous Ijyjlgpaha'ri kao'va n.m. a jackdaw 

lilt/ pahar a n.m. multiplication table 

V paha'reyad kar'va v.i learn one’s tables 
lj[j/phar'n a V.I. tear rend rip 

V split cleave mangle L'l/jitf pkar’kkana 

vj. tear to pieces mangle gnaw 
^]fi(pA&g n.m. (dial.) Hindu .festival of 
t ‘Hoii’ coloured watej- thrown during it 
its revelry ' ti mefi pkag 

kful'na ph. (derog.) be happy despite poverty 
.,f\^pha'gun n.m. twelfth month of Hindu 
** calendar (corresponding to February 

^J[^ph2l N.F.,{jff/fb/ n.m. ploughshare 

^{fifpka'na, Mfa'nah wedge any Du 
*» driven into a crevice to fill it up 
[rfphafid’na v.i. leap jump spring 

v Jbfpkahd n.f. leap jump spring 

^jUjli^iJLdphatid laga'na (or mar'na) v.i. 

leap " 

(Jt^yphatidi n.f. bundle of sugar-cane 


tft^pkahs n.f. splinter CtsafZ/Vpkafis' (hub* 
Vja'rOi v.i. have a splinter driven (into) 


u\t,phahs'na'v. involve 

i catch 


catch entrap 

yjyphah 'st n.f. hanging till 

*** death capital punishment 

strangulation execution 
noose look fytf't'phafi'sl pa'na, 
&%'<f :i ypkatisi diarh'na, l$<r'la£. 
pkah'sl lag'na v.i mount the 






scaffold be hanged till death if* Lfpkafi'sl 
ddnh v.t. hang till death execute crJtrV. 
phafi'si kt tik’tiki n.f crossbar for hang- 
ing noose 

^jf^bhaiik n.f.’ (see under it id. v.t. it) 

pkah'kar, it^idpkank'ra adj. robust ; 
V lusty bold 

(pkafik’na v. chuck (powder, etc.) into 
. V the mouth from the palm of the hand 
ijfcitfpkatik n.f. flake slice piece 

mouthful (of) (fyphaftki n.f. mouthful (of) 
(rare) slice or flake (or fruit) 

I U Pha'’°Xa n.m. mattock shovel 

spade *1^1 pha"ora se daht' n.m. 
very long teeth (fjjypka'ori n.f. shovel 
dung-rake mendicant’s crutch gymnastic 
staff (for ‘dand’) 

L {rfpia 'ha , l Upka >a n.m. pledget 

V lint scented cotton flock 
c/j^pkaha rakk'na v.t. put a 
pledget on soothe console 
Ppjdpkab'd n.f. witty remark fun 
verbal carricature ura'na 

(or kaih'na ) v.i. make fun of come out 
with a verbal caricature tyr'ffiphob'ti soojk'na 
v.i. (of verbal caricature or funny resemblance 
strike [~foll.] , 

.•/,pka'bakna, CL'pha'pakm v.i. (of plants) 
grow, flourish (of seed) shoot faith 
fatten thrive t^&pha'bak, ^tpka'pak n.f. 

growth flouridling of plants, etc.) 

[pyf phab'na v.t. suit sit well on be 
* •’desirable tff$pkdban n.f. grace 
[rffphzp’pha n.m. (same as U££n.m. it) <f£ 
•t * pkup'phi n.f. (same as ^^n.f. see under 
1£>4 n.m. it)j'is\g*pkup'pka sas n.f. father- 
in-law’s sister ^'je^phap'pka susar n.m. her 

h at hkafikat n.f. noise noisy stub born- 
y^V^ness I't/jetf-rpkap'pkat machana v.i. 
nutke noise noisily insist ^Hs^f^pkap' (dur 
dal ale n.m. pl. specious sympathy 
j&jfpkap'pkas adj. very fat ; plump 

IJj^jfpkapkar'na v.i. (of snake or steamengine) 
V ** hiss 

D +fgpkapko'la n.m. blister puffed up 
"v * part isj*<Ljrffphaphj)'U^pkoot‘na v.i. 
(of blister) buret 'i'y Jd- ja'le dil kt 
phapko'le pkoi'na ph. take revenge for grudge 
rail at appease one’s wrath by castigat- 

(Jjlyrft 1 

ing with harsh or sarcastic -words 
(J jCjit^phaphooMl n.f. mould ; mildew & 

'** pkaphooftd'jtji v,i. become mouldy 
be mildewed 

\»f^phupfu' rci, ADJ. (f. (f^phupfu'ri) relat- 
►»*♦* ' ed through ; paternal aunt 
fyf pkat'ta n. m. board (obsolete, save 
** C'jJjli£paTa ,, e pbat’te meft pa"otide'na, 
trf ’e phat'u melt tsfig ara'na 

ph. meddle with unnecessarily ; put one’s 
finger in another’s pie"; poke one’s nose in 
other people’s affairs 

pkitketrim v.i.. reproach revile 

^ cry shame on - curse>^/>fcit'fcir.N.F. 
reproach curse ; malediction 

phit n.f. opprobrium ***£ phi'te mufih 
int. shame i'jtfidphitkar'na v.t. strike (with 
whipy beat (of hair) flap for drying 
phitkar’ v.f. sound (of whip) sound of 

beating (person, laundry, etc.) 

f • i/>j4 Phatka nakha'na ph. die on the 

[jjtfqfpkit'kari or phaf'kari n.f. alum 

, pkixkal adj. miscellaneous odd ; 
sundry retail 

i*jjbfphayik'na v.t. winnow sift 

*•* separate (usu. neg.) pay a flying 

•visit * come near y&fphatkan n.f. husk ; 
chaff siftings 

^J^f’phapna v.i. burst crack break up 

*»* disperse (of clouds) scatter (of 

milk) become sour wear off be torn 
become tattered be estranged have 

chilblains I'ljCjfpka 'ja pura’na n.m. cast-off 

clothes rags adj. warn off. tattered 

parna v.i. burst swell 

come out with grievances become excessively 
fat V^Jjdil phat'na p*. be estranged b 
kale'jak phat'na ph. be grievously shocked 
Vfy&sp'ka'ta pttf'na v.i. (of beauty, youth, 
etc.) be out of control^ se Apv. im- 
mediately ; without hesitation pha' u 

fa' loft adv. in miserable condition 
pha'te pha'te di'de n.m. pl. large eyes^rf^f 

^ h .& J.h .i I t i h n* *t rnih in' ri/L 

l'i, fjrffJ tff.afi'khefi pha'ti hi pha'ti raih ja net 
pH. "be stunned be astonished look 

phat'kt n.f. fowler’s net. ete. 

I (£ef phutn n.) tailor bird spot 
* badly prepared curds undissolved 

portion of soluble stuff stain 
.* .. paihctan'na v.t. recognise identify 
comprehend discriminate & If? 

paihepan’ n.f. acquaintance recognition 
discernment sign ; distinction 
[ffy/phs’dakna v.r. (of small birds or child- 
^ ren\ hop dance about in token of 
delight (fy’phud'ki n.f, a sparrow-like bird; 
hopper hop VAjyfyphudki'yah mcn'na v.i. 
hop around (with j’oy, etc.) 
ofpkur n.f. sound of small bird suddenly 
** taking wing ; whir ; whiz 
se urja'na v.i. take wing suddenly 
oPphir adv. & conj. then again 
-'*»* afterwards ; later ; later on some other 
time lifyphir' ana v.i. come again 
return come some other time ; come later 
to have visited' bhS' adv. yet ; 
still even then; notwithstanding ; neverthe- 
less ; nonetheless I’lfytfphir' jana v.i. back 
out (of one’s words) retract ; recant; revoke 
revolt go again have visited 
phir' se adv. again ; anew ; afresh 

paik'r n.m. (arch.) watch eighth 
» part of a day ; three-hour period 
paik'r din charhe adv. Jong after sunrise tir&fy 
paih'r rat' ga"e adv. late in the evening 
| paik'r a n.m. watch guard ; time ; 
'v season paih’ra birka'na v.t. place 
a guard over impose restrictions ; curl 
paih'ra de'na v.i. keep a watch (over) 
wait till late in the night [~prec.] 
i eP phar'ra n.m. thin sewed strip (of beam) 

tyoPphira'na v.t. turn ; to wheel ; cause 
/v to go rovmd take out fora stroll^ 
show round ; take round on sight seeing ji/f 
phira !, oo adj. (of goods sold) returnable 
(J pharphafPdi n.m. swindler adj. artful; 

/i tfphfr'ti n.f. agility ; alacrity alter- 
ness promptness ; readiness 
phur'li se adv. quickly; briskly jCj/jfcVJ j/f, 
'phar'ti kar'na (or dikhana) ^i:(*£'fyphdr' ft 
se ksm le'na v.i. be quick ; hurry up act 
briskly p'^phurttla adj. {v.Jrfyphurti'li) 
smart quick active alert nimble 

^Xdphit fd N.F. shuttle ; anything turning 
V/V on an axis whirligig small top ; 

top’s taper used as separate plaything 
L'ofphir'na v.u walkabout stroll ; take 

Vy a stroll turn ; whirl ; wheel return 



travel ; wander evacuate (bowels) 
back out (df one's words) ; retract ; recant 
change' be coated or besmeared with real 
I’ytfysir’ pkir’na ph. go mad pkir’na 

ph. become satiated IS/ff phir'ta adj. (rare) 
return (fare, etc.) Lfjt/Spkir'ia raih'na v.i. 
walk about wander go about in search 
\J if plate' rn n.m. flag ; standard ; banner 
•• V 

phitr/ri n.f. shudder shiver 
** ** scented flock of cotton (‘itfj/fpkare' ti 
ana v.i. shudder shiver have the hair 

standing on end tytfs/tphure'n le'na v.i. 
shudder shiver 

Ififpkar n.m. gambling den r'ya n.m 

** keeper of gambling den cheat 

ftfajpfpkarphara ns v.i. (of wings, flag, 
'"'v •* etc ) flutter move with convulsive 
motion be impatient phurpkara'hat 

n.e. flutter agitation impatience 
tykflfpha’rakna v.i. twitch throb; palpit- 

*** ate writhe flutter , display 
vibrate involuntarily appreciate greatly 
bc,nioved be dying for , pine ; languish 
^fyfphrirnk n.f. flutter throb , palpi? 
tatidiv, vibration involuntary restlessness 
pka'rak pka'rak kqr adv. with great 
difficulty ( Clfl) c£ l i$tfpha'i ak utk’na (or jana) 
be moved ; be ^greatly appreciated be 
afTected by love Ctyttpkar'kana v.t twitch 
cause to throb • flutter ; display . move 
effect ; be greatly appreciated y^/fjfpkar'kan 
ka adj. (of child) cherished 
(, brtphur'ya n.f small boil ; small sore 

jg pkjis n.f. low hiss whisper 

jf(jf</fphus' phis me’ re kan' meh 
ghus' ph. (said to child given to whispering in 
people’s ears) you whisperer 
jjfphis int (used to put unsuccessful child 
to) shame 

[^Jtf^pkQs'pkitsa adj. (p. plus' pkusl) 

• flabby , spongy insipid ; vapid 
weak ; feeble 

. b , pkisad’ili adj. (OPP. ) loser 
laggard late tail of (class, etc.) 
jg pku'sar. pku' sat, /^*J>khu'sar phii'sar 

fits '** n.f. whispering M , 

b fi,plasak‘ia n.m sprawling 

phasak'ia mat kar bank'na v.i. (usu. of 
women) sprawl 

be squeezed ; be press- 
become loose at seams. 

' pha'sakira v.i. 
ed slip 

pkisla'na v.t. cause to slip cause 
** to skid cause to slide cause to err 

[ ~ M^fphi'salna CAUS.j * 

I'jjn-df phusla'na -v.t. entice ; seduce 
* coax ; cajole ; wheedle amuse 
pkusla'va n.m. cajolery seduction: entice? 
ment Isj IjiLfpkusla'oa de’na v.t. cajole 
entice ; seduce 

phi'salna v.i. slip skid slide 
' err incline towards t^fplislan n.f. 
slippery ground error ; s\ip (Jjl^pkssitlpali 
adi. slippery 

pfutk' pkak n.f intermittent gush (of 
V *f air, etc.) 

Yffi phak'kar n.m. indecent talk mutual 

abuse ‘j J $6fphak'kar-baz n.m. indecent 
prater one indulging in obscene language 
/J ^fi pkak'rl n.f. disgrace L' '/ (J phak' rt 
v v kar'na v.i. disgrace slandar 
bring bad name (to someone) 

bhiik'na n.m. . bladder child's balloon 

** v.i. (also l^fplukk'na) ^ be blown up 
into a flame be yery hot (of body) be 
running high temperature 
phuk'nt n.f. blow-pipe 

‘idpphike'lt n.f. clubbing ; cudgelling (ap 
an art) lancing fencingC^'i*’/ 
phikt'li ka hath pkeitk'na n.f. use a fencing, 
lancing or cudgelling trick cfitdpkiket n.m. 
fencer club-fighter 

j. pai'hal n.f. initiative precedence 
(/l beginning ; commencement cotton 
flock cotton pad pai'hal kar'na V.i. 
take the initiative ; take the lead precede 
begin ; start ; commence 
.Ufpkal n.m. fruit yield ; produce ; 

harvest benefit ; profit reward 
result ; effect ; outcome child , progeny 
(of knife, etc.) blade ploughshare 
ii&LjCfJtfpkal’ a' ns (or lag'n a) v.i. bear fruit 
(UHj Clffiphal'pa'na (or mil'na) v.i. reap the 
reward i(of) Ci/fiphal kha’n^y.T. eat fruit 
get the reward of kka'na 

asan' na'hiii prov. profits do not come without 
toil vitffpkal'-dar adj. fruit bearing (tree) 
fruitful , profitable fjtfphal' la'na 

(or de na) v.t. bear fruit succeed reap 
the reward of bear child vSydffa 1 *> 


v.t. cause to arrive cause to send 
supply convey inflict bring ; cause 
Ijltypi'htoxbA ha" 3 adj. (f. pa'huti&i 
kB"t) God’s chosen ; saintly (person) 
secretly in league with adversary l‘ljffpakuii&- 
ca'na v.t. cause to arrive cause to be 
sent cause to be conveyed — 

Ifgpa'lm&a n.m. wrist 

^ pa'hWt&i n.f. bracelet 

noose snare grasp; 



ij&f pkah’da n.m. 

9 clutches ; stranglehold entanglement 
knot ( ) foltjfphafi’ da par’na (or lag' ns) 
v. be entangled ^ be strangled be noos- 
ed be knotted l‘&iXq£phatida laga'na v.t. 

entangle ensnare kno/l 
phaH'd t met a 'na (or par'na or phons'na) v.t. 
be trapped fall into a trap get into 
trouble ; get into hot water 
phohde men phafis'na v.t. entrap ensnare 
put into trouble 
ph&fid’na. n.m. tassel 


photo' na v.i. 

be arrested ; be held 
be ensnared be caught stick 
get involved ; be entangled get into hot 
water iUotphotoa'na, Cij-^fphotova'na v.t. 

cause to be held or arrested entrap ; 
ensnare cause to be ensnared or entrapped 
it 3 ?* n'sl n.f. pustule pimple 

\fitfphotika n.m. mouthful (of) (L'i 
^ pkoh'ka laga'na (or mar'na) v.i. make a 
moutjiful (of) 

lj £&p&ofikar'na v.i. (of snake) hiss j&jf 
j ^ pf&hkar' N.F. hiss ; hissing 
1*J Qe( phut'kna v.i. (same as Off v.i. if) 

V have 
l~ C^CAUS.] 

^ijpfphitkva'na v.i. (see under v.t if) 

I jfafphok'ga N.M. grasshopper 

. (iof phnn'gi n.f. sprout 

phu’nang n.f. top (of tree) 

ph&n'nl L# phony a n.f. (nurs.) child’s 
w V penis 

jljfgphe'ar’, jj;j*fphokar' n.f. drizzle 

9 fine Mrops of rair it/ j^pho'ar' par'na 
v.t. drizzle 

v.t. cause to be blown 
(something)- set ablaze 

phoot' ns v.i. burst 
^ broken ; be shattered 

| gfyd phoo'phs n.m. paternal uncle jfj* phoo'phi 
V ' n.f. paternal aunt 

phoot. tJSj^pkoojit N.F. vapid melon 

split be 

bud ; sprout ; 
shoot up (of boil) burst (of tears) flow 
(of luck) become adverse (of earthen- 
ware) break (of head or eye) be smashed 
^N.f. discord split ; scliism break- 
age toot' phoot n.f. breakage 

wear and tear phoot' par'na v.i. (of 

dissention) arise" (of split) occur 
phoot' dal' ns v.t. sow seeds of discord or 
dissention cause a split i~££k£'j£pkoot' 
pha'tak n.f. discord phoot' bail’d na v.i. 

(of boil) burst (of tears) fall &//J sjd&jd 
phoot phoot kar ro’na v.i. burst into tears 
if* phoo'ti kati'ri pas' no ho'na 
PH* be quite penniless ^’[^phoo'ts mufih n.m. 
tongue of ill-disposed person phoo t‘ 

kar ni’kalna v.i. erupt (of unjust acquis- 
tion) afflict acquirer with Icprosyyjvd l\Zur* JjS 
phoo'ti qismat (or tcqdlr') n.f. ill-luck ; 

phoo'rs n.m. boil abscess infiamma- 
9 tion iS^f^pho'ra phuh'si n.m. boils 
and eruptions 

Cfjgpho r'na v.t. break cause to burst 
9 shatter split ijjo(Ss{r phor'na v.i. 
break the head try unsuccessfully to 
convince (a fool or tyrant) ijjedljCLdbhaft'da 
phor'na v.t. (see under thLd n.m. £) 

phoos, ifjgphooiu n.m. hay thatch 
** v adj. decrepit (old man) ^jtfio^bSddho 
pkoofis n.m. decrepit old man 

phoos'ra, pkoohs'ra n.m. rag 

y 9 ravel (fig.) child ; brat 
lm Jyfphok n.m. residue left after extraction 
•'of juice (fig.) worthless stuff; dross 
pho'ka (f. (J/gpho'kj) adj. hollow light 
soft (soil) mere £yfpho'kat n.f. 
worthless stuff anything obtained gratis 
Jp.J^ydpho'kat men adv. gratis 
/ jjfphool' n.m. flower blossom 
9 (dial.) (fl.j charred bones (of cremated 
corpse) charred part of wick any light 
thing llj/fphool' a'na v.i. blossom have 
the first memei^lJjJphool'-pan . n.m. 
slender body good and evil ^(Jjffphool'- 
pat'ti n.f. riband knot rosette ; cockade. 
tt)dJP ko ° 1 ' 101 n “ V I - P* uc ^ flowers 



p%ooT jhar'n a v.i. (of decayed flowers) fall^> 
I'tfJSmulih se (fool' jhar'na ph. speak 
sofrlyor swiftly speak with a rhetorical 
flourish of style Vlt^Jjdpfool' parks' na v.t. 
place a wreath (on tomb, etc.) C^J/fpkool' 
epun'na v.t. pluck flowers glean char- 
red bones dZdjgpkool' sa adjJ delicate like a 
flower C/J^pkool' halt am a v.i. trim the wick 
CjjQjttpkoo)' khil'na v.t. bloom; blossom; 
flower 5 ' ki 

bki n a laga'na ph. not to beat at ail 
(fool' go'bhi n.f. cauliflower phoo'loh 

mth tul'na v. be very delicate lead life 
of luxury i)lj()j*fphool' va'la n.m. flower vender 

&° o1 ' oa lon ** Sair ‘ N,F ‘ 40111141 
festival near Delhi (introduced by later 

Moghuls) if/gJoJjftfoo'l 0 * ki dha'ri N - F - 
garlamled wand (used in post-marital cermony 

J} lf JuJjf(fo°' l °* *» &“ dar N /‘ lar 8* J° tcr ’ 

woven garland ; wreath ^oO^Jyffo 0 l°k ki 
sej N.F. bed writh a layer of flowers on it ; 
bed of roses phoo' lot ka goth' na n.f. 

elaborate wedding garlands 

yphool'na, ClrJjifphool' ja'nfi v.i. swell 

bloat 'fatten be inflated exult; 

be pleased flourish ; prosper ; thrive 
H jifpfioo’ la, ipphul'la n.m. white speck 
in 'the eye i\efp/*(phoota phxr'na v.t. 
be overjoyed ' be puffed up ^H^phoo'la 
(folia adj. grown-up developed pros- 
perous blooming t U'slijtf phoo f3 sama n 3 

v.t. be unable to contain oneself (for joy) 

{foot! n.f. hiss (of snake) sniff; snort 
(of cat, etc.) brag pride ; conceit ci/y 
I'Jjlj/jfooli' pkan' kar'na v.i. brag; boast; 
swagger take the airs li/jj^Jj<f.(fooii' ffooh 
kar'na v.t. sniff snort boast ; swagger 
take the airs 

^gf/foots n.m. (same as cTj?n.m. ★) 

, phoofik'na v.t. puff blow blast 
get on. squander breathe ; exhale 
charm Jfephootk' n.f. puff blow 
exhalation charm \y fk0 #jtphflohk de na v.t. 

bum down blow up squander 
whisper mislead incite ; instigate blow 
(bugle, etc.) QliJ^pkooitk' dal'na v.t. 
born down charm \P&j 

phoohk' phoohk' kar qa' dam rakh'na v.i. act 
cautiously be very scrupulous 

phoonk mar'na v. puff blow /.sojff 
(candle, etc } ; put out charm flfJrUjf 

phoohk' ni'kalja'ua v.t. breathe one’s, last 
J(*jd(foo'har aoj. slovenly (woman) ; sluttish; 

‘ v slatternly n.f. sloven ; slut slattern 
ffoo'har-pan n.m. slovenliness ; sluttishness : 
slattern ess 

jLytpkohar' fjljitjfo’ar’ n.f. drizzle 
• ffohar' par'na v.i. drizzle 
l lyd(foo”i n.f. mildew butter oil scum 
v drizzle^ fine drop Jy^ J Ji^(foo'’i 
(foo n i, (foo' ’ lyoh (foo"iyot adv. 

(of rain) in lip drops little by litde 
L yfpko'ja n.m. scented cotton flock 
'* (soaked) cotton nipple (for feeding infants. 
week person 

^/pa'hiy a, rfpolhiyah n.m. wheel 

Ifor^phepk'ra n.m. lung 
** V * b 

\jj dphai'ta n.m. (same as n.m. U^n.m. ★) 

***** K 
t4^pkai t'na v.t. (same as v^v.t. if) 

.* 7 . 

j&pfur n.m. wrong notion dubious 
•* * course thing of doubtful value ' 
crookedness stroke of ill (luck) dilemma 
catastrophe drastic change ; revolution 
loss (ofan amount) error (of judgment or 

discernment) curve ; bend ; turning 

circuitousness distance difference 

discrepehey (Pj^phcr' de'na. v.t. turn 
(something) “'return restore re- 
fund ; reimburse Vp'yjdpfo*' par'na v.t. be a 
discrepency (of) i ’ifcffjfor’la'na v.t. bring 
back Cf^pfor' le'na v.t. take back (of 
expected baby) delay delivery (Ctyljl' men a'na (or par'na ) v.i. be involved in 

difficulties follow a course of doubtful bene- 
fit harbour wrong notions be muled U*4. 
0 15 (fo>" mth dal'na v.t. mislead iace 
(someone) with a dilemma [~ fy] 

S^phe'ra n.m. visit ; call pilgrimage 
perambulation circumambulation 

(round bride or beggar) tfpkt'ra (fo'ri 
n.f. (frequent) interchange f~ fy] 
i^ffor' na v.t. return refund ; reimburse 
'C’l turn over ; to return reverse 
change shift besmear with (print, etc.) 
break ; break in (a horse) [~ f^jfcAUS.] 
{Jjtpke rt n.f. hawking pedlar’s 

phe'n laga'na v.t. & 1 . hawk ; peddlelf(^(. 
phe'ri va'la n.m. pedlar ; hawker (Cgk’ e ' r * 
phe'ri, (^i^he'ra (fo'ri n.f fraud 

shady deal e'ra (or he'ra) 

pht'ri kar’na v.i. deceive practise fraud 
(on) l%] 

fpke're n.m. pl. (dial.) marriage (according 
** to Hindu rites) ; circumambulation of 
groom and bride round bonfire to solemnize 
marriage (according to. Hindu rites) 

(IMlpie’re dal'na (or le'na) v.t. solemnize 
marriage according to Hindu ritual ( ~ 
jfafpta’ka, adj. (f. (fephi'ki) tasteless ; 
'•* insipid ; Vapid with little sugar (or salt) 
pale ; sallow dull faint ; light dull 
off colour ashamed ; feeling humiliated 

M&fiH'k* P° r'na v- 1 - fade ; become 
faint be ashamed 

£J^/phAi!'na v.i. expand spread grow 
" ' luxuriantly become public be scatter- 
ed be diffused Olfphaila'na v.t. expand 
spread distend stretch propagate ; 
publish ; diffuse increase ; multiply ex- 
.tend open out ji^phaila'o n.m. growth 
development * diversity expense ; ex- 
pansion extent breadth spread 
prolixity profuseness profundity 
expense &)Mphflilavat n.f. expense ; ex- 
pansion extent prolixity profuseness 

iyfpaheli n.f. enigma ; riddle ; puzzlelfG^ 
V"" pahe’li boojk’ns v.i. answer a riddle 
CtfJjOU^pahe'li ( OT Pahe'liyafi) bvjhva'na vj. 
riddle (someone) 

n.m foam scum 

phalli' ia, &fphaiht'na n.f. small turban 

(^jjpkaifit'na, CXf.phah'na v.t. beat (the 
•* v egg) beat thrash 
^l^phaifi' ti n.f. skein (of "thread) 

yfafphthk'na, C,jyphe1ik' de'nav i. throw 
*** fling hurl cast throw away 
spill waste squander ignore 
Ufifphx'nl n.f. thin bread-like concentric 
strings ; yermicilli bread 
^ pa"i n.f. suitcase picking (of cotton, 
*etc.) ({,/£pa' , i ko ja'na va. go out for 

£ pi n.m. (same as I^n.m. ir 

' pat n.m. foot footstep pursuit 
pa’r, "ZirjtAar pa'e adv. in the footstep 
of in pursuit of PREP, after d^lcpaya pat. 

Jg pal' ba pat Jg-jt^rpai dar pai' adv . 
one after another repeatedly inces* 

santly consecutively on end ; in a row 
l'f2^j>£ke dar pai' ho'na v.t. be after 
pursue vigorously importune [P] 

(ypi'ya, pi n.m. (woman’s) beloved ; 
*** sweetheart lover husband (joc.) 

acronoym for Pakistan International Airlines 

pays' dak n.m. (at chess) pawn foot- 
"** soldiers one who goes about on loot 
jay-walker (also ^l/fobpaya'da-e mafia' sil) 

bailiff l ejlspaya’ da-pa' adj. on foot wffc 
paya'da-rau' n.m. pavement ; side-walk ^^>1^, 
paya'da guzar n.f. zebra crossing [PJ 
jiypiyar' N.M. love affection friend- 
ship attachment kiss IfljJ^piyar a'na' 
v.t. feel a love for fyj^.piyar' de'na v.i. 
fondle ; caress pay regards (to) pay 
compliments (to) i'Jj^piyar' kar'na v.i. 
love fondle ; caress kiss b^piyara adj. 

(F.tfjl'piya'ri) dear Deloved favourite 

sweet charming delightful pleasing ; 

delectable n.m.. sweetheart friend 
relative dear one piy a rail pi ij n.f 

one with near and dear ones dead 
jU piyaz' N.rymion /jjt.piyaz' ka gaft’tha 

'** n.m. if Q jlf.piyaz' ki gapithi n.f. onion 
bulb ifjl^.piya'zi adj. pink [P] 
if & piyas' n.f. thirst strong desire ; 

** </ longing (for) Vbfj'jp.plyas' bujha'na 
v.i. slake or quench thirst satisfy dcsirc 
(for) ; satiate & J^piyas' lag'na v be or feel 
thirsty Lsfgpiya'sa adj. & n.m. (f. ifl^piyasi) 
thirsty (person) desirous (of) ; "thirsting 
(for) ; longing (for) ‘ ^HjlUJfPtya'sa 
mar'na (or mar' ra'ha ho'na) v.i. be dying of 
thirst be very thirsty Clfyi/^piyas' mar' 
jata .v.i. (of thirst) have its sense lost 
owing to extremity of need be no longer 


U payal, J is, pay a' li n.f. dry stalks of rice 
** ' or grain ; straw ; dried grass ; fruit 

paya'lah n.f. goblet bowl cup 

** * beggar’s bowl (of 
mendicants) third-day funeral 
rite (musket) firepan 
(fencers ’ ) assembly (fencers’) 

fcastfypayd 'lah ,\DJ. cupful 
of 1 'Ify&J It. pays' lali hh,ar' ja'na 
v.i. (of the cup of one’s life) 



be full; die fill the cup C*jy v pays'lah pi'ns 
v.i. drink drink the cup (of) become 
ihe disciple (of mendicant, etc.) tyjlspaya'tah 
de'ns v.t. offer (someone) a drink ^ (>) 

Jlj ham pays' lah(-o)^ham nivalah n.m. (usu. 
pl.) boon companion bosom friend J t-i 
pay all n.f. cup J^O’Y. pir'di pays' li n.f. cup 
and saucer 

pay ami n.m. message errand 
> '*'** communication^ b^paysm -bar, yJypayam'- 
bar n.m. messenger apostle ; prophet 
payam'barl n.f. apostleship; prophethood 
pay ami n.m. messenger 
jOjiya ’no n.m, piano [E] 


M.M. free w ayside stall °r tub for 
** ^ drinking water [ ~ 

i aS pip n.f. pus ; matter ; discharge ; puru- 
V** ' lence V!}t-*tspip' par’ ns v.i. fester 
become mattery suppurate 

pi' pi n.m. cask barrel canister 

J^J^mdpe’partr.iht n.m. peppermint [E] 

bepar-vet n.m. paperweight [E] 


/jp^pi'pal n.m. a sacred Hindu tree; peepul, 
•»*** ‘feans religio'sa a drug called long 
pepper vpi'pti peepul fruit DL^fpip'/a n.f. 
point of sword (jyb)^ylpp,pip'ls moot (or moor) 
n.m. long-pepper root 

-rr- 1 j 

love ; affection Ml' 

£t?plt n.f. lov 
** * ki rit nira'ii prov. strange are the ways of 
love pt-pitam n.m. woman’s sweetheart ; 
lover' beloved husband 
9i0“ pails' vah n.m. (cob) same as t*j> (see 
•* \ under ) 

I s&fpaiM'ra, i^f.. pait'rs n.m. wrestler’s 
** * preparatory poses pre-fight flourish 
(of cudgel, etc.) trick tactics ; strategy 
stand; stance Vy;l^.painira ba'dalns v.i. 
change one’s tactics change the stance 
change one’s stand 
i'tal n.m. brass 


pi' lam n.m. (see under •£) 

■Llx pet n.m. abdomen , bclley , stomach 

.♦ V , 

ovary ; womb ; uterous pregnancy 

interior of anything , bowels cavity 
capacity hunger mundane needs 
livelihood side ; team [‘ apharns 


j V.i. suffer from flatulence be puffed up 

’ with pride be pregnant 0>l bsPdh'ns 

v.r. not to eat stint oneself of food 

*r^&lSJ l . l ~Y.P e \ Wa’ hai prov. we are 
driven by" our physical needs l‘t/.J*-f,pet 
bajs'ns v.i. be overjoyed i tyj^pet' bark’ns 
v.i. became fat be gluttonous be 

greedy Cfafyjispet baths' ns v.t. become glut- 
tonous y * pti bhar adv. bellyful VytJZf,. 
pet bhar'ns V.t. & t. eat ; fill the stomach 
be satisfied OjlJ^pet' bo/' ns v.t. (of 
stomach) rumble I'yjsi Vjfapet bhs'n ho' ns 
V.i. suffer from indigestion ; have heaviness 
in the stomach Ll/Jfl Jsr/fjspet bha'n ki 
bs'tehkar'ns v.i. have a ricli person’s view- 
point \}ilJi+spet' pains v.t. maintain or 
suppqrt (family, etc.) live from hand to 
mouth Ql Jjy*(f\Zf'\ap'ns hi pet' psl'ns v.i. 
be .selfish pet par pat'thar bsndk'ns 

v.i. starve (oneself) lead a life of 
austerity 1'xdlJtps.petps'm hons v.i. have 
watery motions -tjM’ pa'kar kar 

bliss" ns v.i v be greatly shocked run 
nervously ^■•^fypet' jdt'ns v.i. be impatient 
with hunger &‘eZ-ja£.£y'pct pith.' se lag' ns 
be very lean be very hungry (fo 
pet thafi'ds raih'ns v.i. have the children alive 
It) yyjLS/ptt phool'ns v.i. suffer from flatu- 
lence have the belly swollen £ofdgad 
body) start rolling be pregnant WjfJ '*^pn 
phatns v.i. (of belly) burst be jealous 
laugh to excess (taps'll ho 

js'na v.i. be very hungry dWifjlfb&r&'ptY 
chains (or js'ri ho' ns) v.t. suffer from "diarr- 
hoes t t)S~?(.P e t L -dl a '$ adj. pregnant woman 
whose belly does not swell I't/j Jrfpet dikhs'ns 
v.t. beg for food; ^ undergo an examina- 
tion by midwife iL'i/biOb^pet' dstns (or - 
girs'ns) v.i. have an abortionff \f B j bjdfj 
pet raih'ns (or raihjs'ns) v.i. become pregnant 
-Vje£';'-y / 'tyrP t i sab ’ rafyte kaih prov. no 
food, no service ; no supper, nnsong ; money 

makes the mare go is^Ja^J^.pet' sab' 

kueth sikhs' lets hai prov. the belly teaches all 
arts ; stomach is the greatest schoolmaster 
^Jb^pet se adj. pregnant ; in the family way 
f pet se ho' ns v.i. be pregnant ; be in 

the family way Cl^ljJl^J^pefsepso t 
bs'har niksins v.i. transgress ; go beyond 
bounds show one’s claws k3 

bach'chah n.m. own child get unborn 
child Hk Jj, /SJ^spet ks pa'rn hil' ns v.i. have 


no jolts (in carriage, etc.) t^pct' kat ke 

adv. starving oneself ; at great personal de- 
privation if '/tippet' kat'na v.i. starve one- 

self ; pinch one’s belly deprive (someone) 
of livelihood ; kick in the stomach '(/f/ £*f.. 
pet ka kut'ts adj. greedy gluttcnous 
pet' ka hal'ka adj. unable to keep a 
secret 'l/tif'Zsptt' Ai ag’ n.f. maternal affec- 
tion ; hunger L'L£<Jtj**%pet' ki ag bujhs’na 
v.i. eat something Jkeep the wolf from 
the door (*0 hh* T '~ 

fh$n (or pofi' fhkanj n.f? (woman’s) last child 
I’jlZ^pe t' gir'na v.i. have a miscarriage; have 
an abortion Lji>JZ^pet J mar’na v.i. eat less 
J?.*~?vP e t' a ill' nah mufth 

men daft/"' adj. old and decrepit 
pet' men afiga're bkar'na v.t. amass wealth by 
unfair means nth bed' par 

par ja'na v.i. laugh excessively IjfO*. 
pet' men pa" oh ho'na v.i. be too clever j/t 
\ijiifj\sped meh da'rhi ho'na v.i. be a pre- 
cocious child men sabs' na 

sama'na v.i. be jittery; have the blue funks 

pet’ meh&oo'he daur'na v.i. be very hungry 
df.jZ&Zpet' niefi baitk'na v.t. warm oneself 
into another’s secret J Ijtk^pet' va 'It n.f. preg- 
nant jtf/pe'too n.u. glutton adj. gluttonous 
tfj^pe'ta n.m. span circumference 
nver cliannel curve in stretched thjng 

string (of kite while flying) j^&rXrke, pe'te 
meh adj. about so many years’ old 
. > pit'na v. thrash ; beat strike 
iVJydash punish tread thresh 
mourn ; lament curse jJfcJ>spit’ pit kar 
adv. with great difficulty after a severe 
beating by dashing & t/ pi' ta adj. cursed; 
cussed y t *Jfipit'tak pay r ya n.m, general 
mourning " melee, 

Jr * v AD J-- patent [E] 

Pi, pitk n.f. back backbone loins 
back pant support /j'frpi'ik par ka 

pitb! par ho’na v.i. be at the back (of) /*>_#> 

1 , /{iy o»*t 

pitkph/r'na v.i. turn one’s back on 
depart ; withdraw flee' Jr!, pith.' pi' dike 
adv. behind (someone’s) back ; in (someone’s) 
absence pi' Ah.' kathna v.i. 

backbite ; talk against (someone) behind his 
back iC6&ljtf£^piik'th.ofik'na (or tiok'tm) 
v.i. encourage"; embolden buck up 
pith, dikha'na v.i. depart turn tail 
charpa'i se lag ja'na 
v.i". become "very weak owing to illness Issjr !, 
Jnih.' de'na v.i. depart shrink from 
flee C&Jr*. pith! lag'na v.i. fall flat supinely 
have^a sore back be defeated :n wr< t- 
ling tl&fft.pith.' lagana v.i. be thrown 
down in wrestling na lag l na v.i. 

be impatient 

P e 'A.a n.m. ash goUrd ; sweet gourd 


fa&k'paith'na ,V.T. sit seep through 
" * yjf.j^gfiMs' paiih. kar adv. squeez- 
ing in JJ'.paith, n.f. influences weekly 
market fair 

pt'ti" n.f. belt box iron safe 
'** 1‘jClifype'a utar'na v.t. sack or suspend 
{constable, etc.) I’Jl ('tl utar'na v.t. (of 
constable be) sacked 

sift, pat-jamah n.m. (same as vbt pa-ja'mah 

‘***N.M. *) 

gj,*fpt'A n.f. water strained from boiled rice; 
" rice-water ; rice gruel 
peck n.m. screw tricks (in wrestling) 
** tactic ; strategem turn twist 
entanglement (of kites) turn of turban 
complication deceit ; fraud fa: peek' 
par’na v.i. become intricate occur as an 
obstacle (of kites) be entangled l fa?. 

peAl bafidk'na v.t. grapple in wrestling 
tie a turban kl-^f.fajpech! A ai'na v.i. resort to 
(new) strategem fajfa?peck' de’na v.t. 
screw twist deceive circumvent jUfav 

pedt'-dar adj. twisted coiled ; spiral 
winding complicated intricate ambiguous 
fafapeek' chhut'na v.i. (of kites) be dis- 
entangled fa'/js fa-peck' dar peck' ad v. coil 

within coil complicated ; intricate en- 
tangled complex Ogfafpesk' tkal'na v.i. 

play a trick OlSfafpeek' dal' ns v.i. put 

obstacles ; make matters complicated en- 
tangle kite’s string (with another) I '/fa* 
peH kar’n a v.i. seize in wrestling entangle 

derive ^^fapeA’ kash n.m. screw-driver 
l&hf/le'jfappe'tk o tab' kh.a'na v.i. fret and 
fume 'iM&peek' khul'na v.i. be disen- 
tangled be untwisted be unscrewed 
of (mystery) be unravelled Oj*fafapetb kh.ol'- 
na v.t unscrew untwist unravel 


solve CXft&prcli ktul'na v.t. play a trick 
(on) Cl$) jjyi v.t. entangle kite’s string (with 
that of .another) £*pe'ch-o-tab' n.m. 
annoyance ; vexation restlessness writh- 
^jUype&ak' n . m . 

bends and curves of path twists and turns I 
(of tresses) intricacy difficulty [ ~ P] 

jj£s£p*'dL l *h. n.f. dysentery ; gripes [P~(^») 

, pt'diak n.f. reef (of thread) 

V*** [~P]' 

tril f'vPt&PZn adj. hookah with Is J 
V ** long flexible pipe [ ~ P] / 

\^ ? pt tjfjka n.m. rear back ^ 

V " hind part absence < ®* 
pursuit following” support 

tVf (if 'j (fjULti-pi'c&a W-a'ri (or ? a'ri 
Ao'na v.t. have parental or other support 
have a large following be liable to face 
trouble later be pitted against a reinforced 
enemy I'l^ijfvpi’diha chkura'na v.t. get 

rid (of) sflake (someone) off escape 

(from) [s’jrf'&vpicbh-a cfAoot'na v.i. be 

rid (of) P ' * escape (from) 
ejkor'ns v.t. let alone cease give up 
kar'na v.i. pursue give the 
chase* shadow press ; importune of 
gune ase bet on or back (a horse) [rfi 

v.t. pursue pester importune (of 

gun) .recoil ( '^pfi^frpi'^dia na (hhor'na 
v.t. continue to shadow or harass or pursue 
or follow ; harass force one’s company on 
importune 4C* pi' dikhe adv. behind 
at the back ’ in the rear ; astern in the 
absence (of) after the death (of) for the 
sake (of) as a result (of) Cl pi' (hhht ana 
v.i. be late follow v "ensue ltpg£j r 

' . •/ 7 " 

pi’tjlhe par'na v.t. importune pester 
pursue doggedly run after; dance attendance 
(on) put heart and soul (in work) 
pi'&ke phir'na v.t. run after pursue v 
follow /return d£*pl'<hht pi'tbiu adv. 
behind shadowing backward ; back 
pi'chhf raih'na v.t & i. 
be sfiy r not to come in the limelight 
follow show respect to pi(kh/ dat’na 

v.i. outstrip ; leave behind ' lay by ; save 

ignore cause to follow ; set on ; urge 
(hone, etc.) after cause to harass ^4: 
pi' (Mu raih'na v.i. lag behind keep back 

lag' na v.t. pursue follow 

doggedly Of 1 (j^rpt'chhj lags' it' na v.t 

set on cause to shadow cause to harass- 
cause to importune Wjtdspi'&u ho Una 
v.t follow become! a disciple of 

fjL&f pt&i'dah adj. twisted, coiled 
♦*?'* complicated ; intricate difficult 

J’^t^'fpeehi'iah mo’a’malah n.m. difficult 

case intricate problem tricky question 
C> .■^’■pfdii'iogi n.f. complication; intricacy 
difficulty ; abstruseness [P—c^afJrJ 
(J&iPoi'khal' n.f. droppings (of bird) 

^[<i.paikha'nah n.m. (same as n.m. •*•) 

• */• 

i^Spai'da adj. bom created brought 
** * into being for existence gained 
produced manufactured (lit.) clear ; 
manifest obvious ; evident n.f. income 
produce gain jjfl^pai'da-a'var adj. 
gainful productive ./jlu^ghair poids-a'var 
adj. unproductive "unprofitable il/lv.. 
pai'da kor'na v. give birth to create 
bring into being (or existence) hatch 
produce manufacture find ; obtain ; pro-, 
cure earn gain pole (question) ; lead 
to (objection) pai'da ho'na v.i. be 

bom be created come into being (or 

existence) be produced be earned (of 
question, etc.) arise ; crop up (of idea, etc.) 
strike ; spring up jht^pai’davar (col. 
pai'davari) n.f. produce (of land) fruit 

out-turn income jjr > }vj>aida”lxh n.f. 
birth creation Genesis (as first part of 

the Torah) engendring ^lu.paida'iM adj 
inherent j innate natural' bom (blind, 

etc.) 'df(/^lupaida' , ida haq n.m. birth-right 
paid a' ’I n.f. manifestation [P] 
/l^/pai’dal adv. on foot adj. foot 

pai’dal fauj n.f. foot soldiers -. infantry 
(JjUpai’dal n.m. pedal [E] 

iy^ pir, (-fj pAt ka din n,m. Monday ( ~ P] 

r pir n.m. (pl. also Oi£' r P i ' ra *) spiritual 
guide saint (lit.) old man 
pl'r-e tas'ma-pz n.m. Sinbad’s lanky captor 
difficult to get rid of £? tytfplr bha”i n.m 
fellow-disciple (C£<h ,L ' i $J* r ' pa'kaxna (or 
bana na) v.i. adbpt spiritual (guide) oMjZ-. 
pir-za'doh n.m. saint’s sot ; saint’s progeny 
Ji i/fr fUr’-t zal' n.f (lit) old woman 
hag " J/lsPsLpir' {hou ba-yamz' prov live 

and learn <X*f } J’f f Pir-t-tari'qat N.M. spiritual 
guide &‘jJf.pi'r~e-fartoot' n.m. decrepit old 
man (Jij/^pi’r-t-kan'sti n.m. old man of 
Kanaan ; (the prophet) Jacob jy’f.pir'-mar'd 
n.m. old man jU^/tf'r-r-mughafi' n.m. 
tavern-keeper (fig.) spiritual guide £/lCer, 
pi'r-e na-ba'lifh n.m. old fool iffpi'tl N.F. 
flit.) <dd age (also (£*/({/' miti’di) 
spiritual guidance as profession V/tf 
pt'ri muri'di kar'nS v.i. become professional 
guide na-mi parotid 1 

miri’dsn mi pars’ nafid prov. sycophants turn 
their patrons’ head } [ft? pits' nah adj. old 
elderly growing old J^^l/^pira'na-sal 
ao j. old & IsJjJsipira-na-sa'll (£/S*l£pira'na* 
sor’rl n.f. old age [P] 

pair n.m. (usu. except in Luck, dial.) 

« ? foot footprint & & \fepair' ka nishari 
n.m. footprint L’y'Jjlet/^pair bha’rl ho' ns v.i. 
be pregnant (f pai'rok meh 

maihti'di lag' na' v.i. come** ouf with a lame 


I \yjpai’ra, CflJj/ZN.t*. paragraph [E] 

* If , pai’ra n.m. superstitious sign of (sorae- 
•* * one’s) arrival 

^ If, Pf?' ra9Vt ‘ decorating manifesting 
**' (fj/*pn:>a”l n.p. decoration mani- 

festation [P - effc) 

If pairas'tah adj. decorated ; adorned 
« ? trimmed pair as’ la n.f. 

decoration (ped.) trimming {P~prec.} 
J'^pairsk' N.m. swimmer ^ t/i pairs’ ki N.F. 

svrimmuigjlfrpaira'’oo adj. (of 
water) too deep to ford (of water) deep 
enough to swim able to swim '^\yipairs"i 
n.p. remuneration for swimming 
^Pcro’-i n.m. drum maker singer 

o/kf e'ramoot adv. around about £P] 

•* * 

i*filf Pairs' han, (^Tfpai'rahan, n.m. shirt 

i»^dresS(j^j^/*a'|h<t3 /ifli'ra hart n.m. 
plaintiff's dress mortal coil 

pairS'han ka’ghad ho' ns v.i. be a plaintiff 
be mortal [P] 

yl/ pairs' yahvM. manner; style be- 

'•Whaviour &!ii £l/lpoira'ja-e baysn’ n.m. 
style way of exposition [P] 

ijj pai'rodi n.f. parody [E] 

tfbai'rau' n.m. disciple follower 
•> * pat' -rau-knr’ n.m. follower pleader ; 

Htigant s agent in law-suit (fj/jfpai-rau-ks'ri 
n.f. pleading (of law-suit) (fjfpai'raol n.f. 

devotion following pleading (of law 

/J^y/Sairol' HMm [®1 

•* * p 

r /fJ Av . n.f. (dial.)- pamj^jj/para''i pir n.f. 
w^other person’s trouble" 

Pf ptr n.m. tree sapling U&s'Per loss' na 
***v.i. plant sapling(s) ^ 

yifPoir n.f. footprints track 

j^Pe'roo n.m. pelvis 

\J^J>i’rS n.m. dough ball a kina of sweet- 
** 'meat made of evaporated milk 
l pftb n.f. low old-fashioned chair ; 

••Mow stool generation (f’f.S'lf/tpi'tll} 
dor pH'fhl adv. - generation after generation ; for 
successive generations i^pir'ha n.m. low old- 
fashioned chair 

jj^>/paizar' n.f. shoe dZ'J hams’ ti paiisr' 

3 •♦**« int. my foot “who cares i‘jl J 

p&zar' par mama v.i. spurn condemn 

V l/jj£ f pakar' dikkans v.t. slight show 

no regard for [P ~ l ) 

^Jkpai'ssh n.m. hundredth (or formerly 
•* V sixty-fourth) part of a rupee; copper 
money wealth ( riches Vi h j)^>pai' sah irons 
v.i. squander spent lavishly embazzle; 
defalcate Cli^.pai'sah bans' ns v.t. earn ; 
make money pai'sah t hik'ri kar'ns 

v.i. spend lavishly Uljf^pai'se m'ls adj . 

rich ; wealthy moneyed pai'st 

ka kkel fh. matter of money privilege of 

naftfjjtPls' dal'na v.t. grind ; 
♦•^pulverize gnash (teeth) bruise 
crush ruin 

vowel point represented as c 
"*or U front fore past former 
state prep. before in front of pref. 

state prep. 
fore far 

ahead a'na v.i; 

happen ; occur ; come to pass behave; treat 
Ikjlj U/Jli/iPtsh az mar'g vssai’ls (or col. 
te'ia) prov. cry before one is hurt , call a sur- 
geon before one is wounded (Jjy£pe’* f az-ih’ 
adv . formerly before "that (i\J$po'sh- 
imsm' jbjtpedt’-bakd' n.u. apron har- 
ness belt pass over horses breast (fjjifpfsh-bafi’di 
n.f. foresighted </;</&*&> *»' ** A »J A wise 
prudent ; far-sighted ; circumspect jt(jipt*k- 




bt'ni n.f. foresight ; prudence M m»I l (J?,pe'sh-e p a 
vfts'dah adv. not far to seek easily struck 
(idea) self-evident (truth) quite ordinary 
trite s~iptdf-lar adv. formerly 
before sooner than ; prior to ; earlier than 
l ^fjrf.pfsh' ja'nCt v.i. (only nkg, & inter.) 
have effect ^ivjrf.pesh' -khid' mat n.m. servant 
Xl/f.pesjj-khe'mah (ped. khai'-) n.m. pre- 
lude (rare) tent, etc. sent in ad van cey/ii I (^Tv 
pesh-dalan n.m. vestibule iTXjft ptsh-das ti n.f. 
initiative transgression L'jiXXj^.pesh' -das' ti 
kar'ns V.T. take the initiative exceed the 
limits pesh'-rau' n.m. forerunner 

leader in football ; hockey, etc.) forward 
ah pesh'-rau n.m. left forward 
jy^>,da'yah pesh'-rau n.m. right forward 
vas'ti pesh'-rau n.m. centre forward pejj- 
ra'v ijs.f. preceding advance leader- 
ship i/^jjhd.-pfsh'-qab'z dagger (fj>(jfypesh-qa' daml 
(gob pesWqad'mi) n.f. attack forward 
step forward initiative I'/j^J^-pesh'-qa'dmi 
kar'ns v.t. attack push forward take, 
the initial) vejXfJripesh'-kar n.m. a minor 
court official ; reader producer (of film, etc.) 

a S ent ^/7Tv^ f — ' ! :a X na V T - present ; 
submit ; put up Jrjvpesh' -kpsh n.f. offer 
artistic presentation fA>tf£pesh-kghiri dah 


pesk-go’’l kar'ns v.t. predict prophecy 
foretell ^(Jypesh-laf'z n.m. foreword XjiX.’ 
pe'sh-e na'zar adj. & adv. in view in sight (jfX- 
Jf) ke pe'sh-e na'zar adv. owing to in view of 
j UXtpesh'-mhad n.m. presentation 
tender [P] 

peshetb' n.m. urine ; piss Vjpji^^t.peshab' 

' " * bahd ' ho' ns v.i. be unable to pass urine 
l‘j7tbf~'l>peshiib' khata' ho'nd v.t. have very 
great fear ; urinate (for fear)- VJXVjj.peshsb' 
kar'ns v.i. make water ; urinate ; pass urine 
spurn ti/ * ljXf'£* t peshub' tihi^na karjns v.t. 
hav| no regard for ; despise [P -d] 
tX&'pesha'm n.f. forehead ; brow fate 
•***' title top portion of printed paper 
left blank (I'J'l lVi)if(JsjLi>pesFia 'nt par bal' 
s’ ns (or Is' ns or par' ns) .v.i. frown ; _scowl 

J' til J f * V 

" — j — : * \ 

view with dislike l yvj C^pesha'ni ra'garna 
V.i. supplicate ; humbly implore 
./>.». *•**..!. ti,? ; ^m-~Spesh'tar adv. 

(fjifjtpeshqa'dami ^n.f. j \£&: t 

[A A.rl.'i./t.f. u r (l Phj> I. nn'^m 

impish bah' di 

*•' pesh’rau — 

ptshkar’ n.m. J^typesh'kash n.f. JJ&ptshgo 

N.F. (see under n.m. -fc) 

,&*P<ih'gi n.f. earnest money , ar. advance 
w..* earnest money adj. advance adv. in 
anticipation } \ JzHpesh'gi ada'igi n.f. 
advance payment (P - Jk. ] 
ljZ>pesh'va n.f. leader guide chief 
" * priest Cold use Mahratta minister’s 
title peshva'i n.f. leadership 

guidance reception ; going out to receive 
(someone) I'Jty/hf.peshya’i kar'na v.t. wel- 
come going out to receive 
/ j!>peshah n.m. profession ; calling ; trade suf. 
"'practising ;jX>pesha-var n.m. artisan, 

workman; tradesman oh'juman-t 

pe'sha-va'rah N.f. trade union [P] 

•*> pe'shi n.f. court hearing ; hearing • 
v- " date of hearing trial presence (fX?.. 
katb'cjii pe'shi u.r. preliminary hearing "[P~ 


n.f. •+( which see under <&*) 
9j\jt^paig)}a'rahttM. (lit.) taunt S’jj^paighs'ro- 
'* 'jo adj. (lit.) taunting [P] 
nj/paigham' n.m. message communka- 
*' v tion sf&paighm'-bar n.m. messenger 
envoy emissary ^jk~paigham -bar n.m. 
prophet apostle messenger of God 
paigham'-bari n.f. apostleship prophet- 
hooyl office of God’s messenger [P] 
lm ^Opaik n.m. messenger courier [P] 

try! sCpaik' kar'ns v.t. pack < J&pai'king n.f. 

/ '''''packing Jufipai'kU n.m. racket [E] 
^jC'pfk n.f. betel-leaf spittle tjtypik' dsn n.m. 
"^spittoon [P] 

jQSpaikar n.f. war battle fight 
" ' bar sar-e paiksr' adv. fighting 
piUed against [PJ 

yfj&paiksn' (lit. also jjfjpaikah') n.m. 

'*'** arrowhead blade (of any 
pointed missible) 

Xdpai'kar n.m. embodiment (of) body 

#IP] , 

irpil, jy/it n.m* (I* 1 -) elephant (col. 
'*** ili/f'/a) bishop (at chess) ipLyjil'bsh^U^/il'- 

6aftN*M. ‘mahout’; elephant-keeper ^.J^fnl'-pa 
N.F. elephantiasis *b(Xjril-pajah pillar ; "column 
(jVfpit'-lan adj. gigantic ; huge £/'Jr'piP-niii 
n.m. turkey fowl [P] 

ft/ Pi’ la adj. (f. (fcpi'ti) yellow pale 
••'•‘sallow jaundiced sj l^pll's-pan n.m. 



^ llowness paleness sallowness 
^J^pel'KS v.T. shove ; push ; crush (seed 
•* ' in oil mill, etc.) extract oil from oilseed 
do (the physical exercise called) ‘danr’ 

K pi' Ink a. v.. ‘salvadorajpcrsica’ its fruit 

•* name of a musical mode 
ji^Hpi'lah n.m. cocoon kir'm-pi'Iah n.m. 

** * chrysalis silkworm [P] 
l/Cypaima sCr. meter travelling traver- 

** sing "(j is), paints' i suf. measuring 
travelling travel. sing [P ~ ] 

ij/lffP' 11 m * n ' (lit also O^pai'maii) n.m. 

“ otomisc assurance LV> 1<J Lfpai man' 

bsndk'ns v.i. hold out a promise'” give 

word of honour (to) [PJ 

paima'nali n.m. measure cup (of 

.*>* wine ) 1*1 

fy {S paima’iih n.f., measurement 

survey *^jjPj J tsj>aims"ish bat'd-o bast' 
n p. revenue survey [P'~ 

pay cm bar n.m. (see under n.m, if) 

pa if * mak n.f, gold or silver lace gold 

.. Vor silver string 

<X* ,IN ' F ' buzz squeak Oj, (j£plfi bol’na 
m ' v.i. eat the humble pie [ono.] 

f4'na, W()pi' Wna v.T. drink quaff 
•• ** gulp ddWn smoke absorb sup- 
press one’s (wrath, etc.) smoke h'^Jpi' 

ja'rm v.T. drink quaff suppress (one’s 
wrath) refrain from retort, etc. pocket 
(insult, etc.) 

Afjj^^jlpai'n-isla'mizm n.m. pan-Islamism 
V *•* i^Cjj^liptpai'n-isla'mik adj. pah- 
Islamic [E] "* f 

yd paint alls adj. & n.m. forty-five 0^7. tdv 
U,t »’<* paints' lisvsh adj. forty-fifth 
yJ&paiti'tis adj. & n.m. thirty-five 
* paift firoaft (adj.) thirty-fifth 

n;f. weekly village market ; mart 
'»* Cfi^paiiith lags' ns v i. (of such market) 
be Ipdd 

n.f. strip with tmy bells for 
V. M * pigeons’ feet support for axle-tree 
^•}p&i*dk n.f. tail (of peacock) 

n.m. ijji Ppttidi n.f. bottom of 
** * vessel, etc; iCftftixsperi dt ks hoiks adj. 
unreliable ; untrustworthy 

n.f. fried sweet ball this as 
• ** * tonic or candle , . 

! j^pi’nis icol. i /ypi'nas),jrZ > fi'nas n.f. palan 
" quin ; litter 

JL-^pain'sath. adj. & n.m. sixty-five J , j at Zv 
painsatkiyh adj. sixty-fifth 
^Jy’pi'nah, kJ^Ji'nak n.f. drowsi- 
'* ness (caused by opium) yf-. 
pi'naki n.m. one drowsy from 

. j fcypiiig n.f. (dial, m.) mo- 

•* **tion of, swing (rare) > 

swing L>3-*6)pihg' bark'ns v.i. 

be swung with force grpw 

more intimate (i{#J)iipsCJ&pihg' ch arks' na 
(or barks' ns) v.T. take tfte swing high up 

(usu. pi.) develop intimacy (with) 

/'c^.pai ni n.f. penny m 

/■'baivas't apt. sticking pasted join- 
»•*•* cd; linked transfixed Jp-^y.pawas'tagi 
n.f. connection link adhesion 
attachment ^-^paivas'lsh adj. always ; 

ever contiguous in separable sticking ; 

pasted linked [P ~c/^v] 
jfypaivaW n.m. patch graft ; engraft 
*•*•* (usu. unmatched) connection 
paivafid' lags'ns v.T. patch graft & >'X.. 
paivafi'di adj. grafted.; ungrafted n.m, engraft- 
ed tree’s fruit J^/tJ^f.paivandi meotichht* 
n.f. pl. moustaches joining the beard 

[P -ifVA 

^pih n.f. tallow fP] 


yy J „pi'har n.m. (woman’s) father’s house 

JYlfpai'-ham adv, one after another; in a 
■ * series ; in a row 

yy-' pi’hoo, j^j^.pi'hoo pi'hoo n.f. crested 
*** cuckoo’s cry 

I ■ ~ ’ * 





te fourth letter of Urdu alphabet having 

no equivalent in English ; sound represent- 
ed as t (in jummal reckoning) 400 
ti pref. three [ cont.] 

[‘“la int. (nurs.) I am seeing you 
Y Eureka behold 

adv. & prep. to ; up to until ; a- 
as as long as con j. since while 

| in erder that ; to the end that ; so that 

5 Y Eu 


. ! far 


•Z+^jCta ba-ztsfc, ba-hayat' adv. till 

\£i £‘ta ba-kijjL adv. how long how far 
whtfhcr^T>Pfa ba-kai' adv. how much 
how^ many till when Xrl'tn diafid' adv. 

how long how many how much ?Jbf 
la #a/* adv. till now yet ; hitherto yjjl 
la titfdagi, j^jl'ta ilsi' adv. till death adj. 
life-long A" ta-keh conj. so that ; to the end 
that f'tCta' -ham cott}. yet; still neverthe- 
less nonetheless jsf C'ta-hBnooz' con’J. yet 
•till adv. till more [P] 

n.f. power endurance light 

* refulgence heat convulsion twist 
curl radiation suf. shining; luminous 
illuminating tab' la'na v.i. endure; 

suffer patiently L'llii^Ctab' na la'na y.i. . be 
unable to endure be powerless ^ixLUab-o- 
ta'qat, (Ji jif>l’ta'b-o-taoa1t’ n.f. endurance 
capacity strengdi J 1 L la' baft . adj . 

refulgent glittering splendid J A'iaba'm 
hj. refulgence ; brilliance splendour 
(f *f>Ctab' til'll. (cor Ft.J'^lltap lil'li) n.f. en- 
largement of the spleen ; splenic fever ; 
splenitis j l* C’tab'-dsr adj. luminous ; reful- 
gent warm curly h/CH'iai'nflA adj. 
brilliant refulgent [P~ ybx.l] 

a'bar-tor' adj. successive ; repeated 
adv. repeated ; one after another 
*! Jlta'bislsn n.m. summer J C^ltabista'm 
adj summer [PJ 

‘‘ta’blsh n.f. refulgence ; brilliance 

* splendour heat grief [P ~ ut//i ] 

fyiia'be 1 adj. subordinate obedient 

n.m. follower doublet used as 
adjunct adj. (col.) obedient 

n.m. (col.) loyal , servant (fJjtlC'ta'be'-da'ri 
n.f. loyally allegiance obedience 
(jA^'ta'be'-t moh’mal n.m. meaningless adjunct 

J’C'ta’bt'i n.m. (fl. ytfillabe'ln') successors to 
the Hojy Prophet's companions [A~ prkc.] 
fyCiabiVdah adj. bright ; luminous 
refulgent aft*’ tfagf n.f brightness 

rnitji taboof N.M. coffin 

* Wer [A] 

fever J* •rfftap' til'U. (col. for 
w (fifCiap’ til'U) n.f. (see unden^iN.F.^) 
lx l tap’na v.T. w arm oneself at or over (fire) 

mi iiiiom 

** *• 

jl l/a'ter' n.m. Tartary tfjl fials'rl n<m. & adj. 
Tartar [T] 

^x?**,** > 

(jh t in' la"l n n f. words used for 
beating time with dance, drum, etc. 
time signal dance or music measure [ono] 
J/l iaas’sur sj/. impression ZlAta? os' sura? 

n.m. pi/.' impressions r la'as'ur 

pax' da kar'na, C’.i'jl ta'as'sur de'ns v.t. give or 
create the impression CJyCia'at'ur le'na v.i, 
foriu the impression [A~y’/] 

% tasir' n.f. effect efficacy [A ~ j' 1 ] 

£,1 taj' n.m. crown ; diadem sovereign 
authority , the crown (cock’s) comb ; 
crest (Jf^itaj-po'shi n.f. coronation jhfC'taj'- 
d‘~‘ r , jJ?i"taj'-var n.m. sovereign ifjlifllaj-da'ri, 
(Jjf'.i“lai'-va‘ri n.f. sovereignty ; kingship 
y ta j'mahal' n.m. the Taj [A] 
yfta'jir n.m. merchant businessman 

trader [A ~ Ujl?} 

‘“fik'’ *-40a'jik suf. inhabitant of 
Tajkistari in Russia (arch.) trader 
(arch.) one born in Arabia but bred in a 
Persian or Turkish speaking country [T] 

takh't n.f. invasion ; inroad; inc.ursion 
attack , assault plunder ; ravage 
iakh’i-o la' raj' kar'na v.t. 
invade plunder ; ravage ransack 
devastate (PI 

s* ta'akh'khur n.m. being late dela y ; 

jOy la’kfSr’ n.f. delay procrastination 
st adv. late t^/fla'jWjfr' kar'na 
v.t. be late put off ; postpone pro- 
crastinate [A ~ jri] 

4-x)l tadib' n.f. chastisement ; admonition; 

* correction _ discipline teaching 
manners tadib' kar'na v.t chastise ; 

admonish discipline [A 
l/ir’lar n.m. telegram wire thread 

string steel wire warp chord 

elongated drop of sticky substance oily 
speck floating on liquid way , manner 
Oxlyl'/ar' bahdk'na v.t. repeat intenvp- 
tedly send out a spate (of) , overwhelm or 
deluge (with)3y.vl'Var bar'ql n.m. (arch.) 
ttlegramtfSsj’vnar' bafidi'na v.i. be deluged 
(with) jty'tar' tar adj. tattered tom to 
pieces Wtar’ tar kar'na v.t. tear to jneoes 
OjA''tar , 'toct'na v.i. (of series, etc.) be broken 
be interrupted Csy&jV'ia'r-t * onkaboot ' n.m. 
cobweb^r^i^ar'-kafft n.m. wiredeewer fjA 
tar'-ka'shl n.f. kind of embroidery done by 
pulling out woof w Redrawing ye ji'tat'-^ltr 


n.m. telegraph office sJjjita'r-o pod' N M, 
warp and woof . texture structure 
existence ty^iJsA tar'-o-pod' baJchtr'na [P] 
*yl*'lar adj. blactiL A’iff/fl&'ra-o-tar' adj. quite 
dark [P] 

t ta'ra n.m. star .apple (ot the eye) 
fc/ i bC ta'ra toot'tm v.i. (of star) shoot 
Cif f/ljOara ho^ ja'na v.i look tiny owing to 
great distanced I^J^-A'ta're nazar a 'naAsfi t 

la’re dikha’’i de'na n.f. be stunned with 
Wow be perplexed (%UAj’fd-j£'ta're tor'na 

(or utar'na) v.t. do the impossible be 
very tricky ; be too clever \irfd~jCta' tt cAkat'na 
v.i. (of sky) be or become clear (,* &td~jCta're 
dikha'na v.t. bring ouj (as a sixth-day 
ritual after delivery) CJdA “tart gin'na v.i. 
have no sleep ; pass a sleepless night 
dOm'-dar ta'ra n.m. comet 
gil" taraj' n.m. ravage ; plunder spolia- 
tion devastation ICtaraj' kar'na 
v.t ransack ; ravage , plunder despoil 
devastate Vjt&H’taraj’ ho'na v.i. be ravag- 
ed ; be ransacked fP] 

&A‘ Uu'pido n.m. torpido (E| 


J&l tafpdn n.m. turpentine diYtf/C'tar'pin 
m j ka tel' n.m. turpentine oil [E] 

^JjV ta'rik n.m. relinquisher abstainer 
one who foregoes confirmed 
bachelor adj. relipquishing 

tari'ki gDAa' ja'na v.i. (of darkness) spread all 

:* Ma ja m 

bachelor adj. relipquishing abstemious 
abstaining Uj t JjCta' rik-ud-duh'ya n m. 
hermit recluse adj. leading the life of a 
recluse /jCta'rikah n.f. spinster [ ~ A , Jy] 
JA ta'rak n.m. bead ; crown ; pate 
y helmet [P] 

J/A terkol, jQjkol'tar n.m. tar [ ~ E tar -f 
V M coa, l 

^jl tarlkh' n.f. datp history annals; 
chronic je data (of hearing) ; hearing 
(usd. verse) -anagram recording year of 
some occurrence ; chroihogram fyfrft/l'hrlkh' 
fhaihra'na v.t. fix date (of marriage'; etc.) 
VsPfc'A’tarlkW dtai'harna v.t. (of such date) 
be fixed l’(*%(Al'}arikh' darka'na v.i. date 
bj&jClarlkJi’ dina v.t. give the date of next 
hearing Ur £a tarlkh' kaih'na v.i. compose a 
chronogram Mari' kh-e muqar'raroh n.f. 

fixed date day of appointment V ))£A" 
tarjkh-t oUqoo 1 ' n.f. date of occurrence jIj£,A" 
tarlkh' -vat adv. datewise [A] . 

Jj0arik' adj. dark obscure jA'iarifj 

’ n.f. darkness 

obscure JA'l 


: JjUarito 


switch off or put out the lights (P) t 

A tar n.m. a kind of palm; toddy-palm tS 4 ^ 
ta'ri n.f. toddy 

l‘Jfl“tar'na v.t. stare mark out with evil 
intentions ogle make out Of 5 f tar' 
ja'na v i. make out guess ; conjecture 
understand ; perceive apprehend yftar n.f. 

stare eviUintentioncd look perception 
jl%' tar'-baz (dial. / jCla'roo , ljl"la'riya) adj. 
* q quick of apprehension 

ta'ri n.f. (see under jTn.m. 1c) 

OjCta'zah adj. (f. same ; col. F.(/ji"ta'&) 
latest recent new fresh not 
stale not gone bad fjCitKta'za ba-t'd'zah 
adj. fresh latest new ; brand new 
up-to-date not stale freshly blooming 
ptjlTta'za-dam adj. fresh ready un- 
tired l ta'za-dam ho'na v.i. be 
refreshed be in good spirits be untired 
v/,;rta'zak kar'na v.i revive or refresh 
(memory) change (hookah) water t'A 
ta za-ia rid N. ncw-comcr IjJtjC ta'zah ko'na 
v.r.iof memory, etc.) ; be revived; be refresh- 
ed ifWtii'zagi n.f. freshness [PJ 

N M - & adj. Arab (horse or dog) 
reputed for swiftness of its speed ( 
ta' to kut' la n.m. greyhound [P] 
r (jj\Ata'zi adj. (see under 

A jl taziya'nah N.M. whip ; scouragc t*&U" 
** ( L'j l };) taziya'nah laga'na [or mat' na) v. 

whip ; flog ; scouragc ; castigate 

ta'as'suf n.m. regret remorse 

grief ; affliction pity ; commiseration 

ta' as' siif kar' nn v.t. & i. regret 
grieve pity 

tf’tasis ' n.f. foundation ; establishment 
i/t/^itasis' kar 'na v.t, sc; up ; cstab- 
. lish ; found (Srfj'jfyaum-e lasts' n.m. foun- 
dation day [A~j/Vd] 

•9 f* 

Jl lash n.m. playing cards ; cards , 
(arch.) gold foil (arch.) ti|Mie 

ta'shah n.m. scm«-#phencal i ./ fftZ - 

drum [P] 

'Al”taf'tah n.m. taffeta adj. TtjW 
glossy cr.eam horse or \\ j\ sj 
pigeon [P~ cTt J jwM 




tab N;F. vine IP! 

stare at peep ogle 


ambush ; lie in wait for 

. /- tak'na V.T. 


tsk n.f. keep look-out aim wait- 
ing for opportunity ogle lak' jhaftk 

K. f. ogling peeping peeping about 

oJU'tsk' rakh'na V.T. have an eye on 
UfJ Ut tab' meh raih'nu v.T. be on the 
look out for He in wait fctt*$t/l‘7ak' lags' qd 
vit. stare ogle. ambush IV L J jl" 
lak' Jcar mar'na v.T. take (a good) aim at 
jJ'ftakid' n.f. stress ; emphasis urging 
pressure l[ f jj'ftakid' kar'na v.T. 
stress ; emphasize ; eiijoin press ; urge 
insist (on) enjoin 1 jj'ClakVdan adv. as a 
reminder strictly emphatically 
peremptorily tfjJCiaki’dl Adj. urgent 
emphatic peremptory [A] 

jfC ta’gs n.m. (same as tfhtjN.u. if) 

/ai n.m. lake pool 

IT la/ n.f. musical measure rhythmic 
beat (of hands) OiJC'tal’ de’na v.i. beat 
time in music l'J?Jl?(Jl!'tal' bc-tal’ ho'ns, 
l>jTl)&*Z'dC‘tal’se be-tal'ho'na v.i, be out 
of tune i y ( Ji'tsr mel n.f. accord agreement 
hamono n/jrfjC'tsT mel khans 
lUTla'/a n.m. lock f t6i)Oa7a lagans v.t. 

Jock put padlock on jf W'ta'la kuii’ji 
HOI. lock and key Jf J ki kufi'ji n.m. 

key (to lock) key (to) Jfta'li n.f. •* 
* taia-bah'di N.f. lock-out. 

' rtalcb' n.m. pond,; pool water 

reservoir [- (jf-f P<-'* ] 

, •'la'al'lqf n.m. (ped.) intimacy friend- 

t^vship | A~ ] 

la'al'lum n.m. gTief torment [A ] 

wc talmukhha'nah n.m. lotus seed (used as 
, a - *«8) 

/KjV tel n.m; admixture impact 

ylTla'fw n.m. palate uvula an eques- 
trian disease £l/ijl"la’loo utha'na v.t. raise 
(infant’*] uvula i^lJ&rjC’taloo se Zulus 

M Utgna v.i. talk incessantly ; chatter t ‘Jiijl!' 
tl'ko la’fakna v.i. (of uvula) fall 
^ {,** fa'ft N. F. clapping (col. ) key J U (" 

. /a'tiyaft n.f. pl. applause ; plandit 
Ul’Vitj f’ te’ti (or ta’lijafi) baja'na (or 
/*?'*) v.t. & I. clap applaud ; clap 

(l>lj OyjUCta liydh baj'ns (or pit’na) v.i. 
be applauded be ridiculed with clapping 
^ d C'tali ek’ hath! se na'liih baj'll » 
do'nofi ha than se baj’li 
hai prov. it makes two to make a quarrel 

(alt/' n.f. compilation consolation 
** winning ovcr\^J>£tJl"tali'f-e qal'b, 
tali' f-e quloob ‘ n.f. winning over 
ZadH'lali/' ■ kar'na v.t. compile [A — 

*tam, ^hl&m'mah adj. full; complete 

r 1 ' 

entire ; whole [A ~ £ u j 
r “‘"lam chini n.f. enamel ware 

chini n.f. enamel ware; enamel- 
•* ' led iron vessels 
WIT tarn' jham, cJl/L" 

* ' lam' j art n.m. airy 


ly ^'ta'am'mul n.m. hesitation hitch delay 
disinclination careful thought 

deliberation meditation C/cH ta'am’mul 
kar'na v.i.- hesitate delay consider 
deliberate meditate [A~ 

Jd’C 'tain' lot, lat n.m. tumbler 

any drinking vessel [~E corr.J 
tan n.f. (in music) keynote tune 
palanquin's steel bracing (\jl (j/Clj^Ctan 
(or ta'ueh) ura'na v.i. sing strike up 

tune(s) (tVt l ty}.) Iz^d^'lan bkar'na (orle'na 
or .mar'na) v.i. sing repeat (tune) f 
tan' tor'na v.t. wind up a tune end talk 
(with) finally come out with the basic point 
(at) i tan' -sen n.m. title of a famous 

singer great musician 
['IJ'ta'na n.m. wrap^t’L I’lls'na ba'na n.m. wrap 
and woof [ — 1>* C ] ^ 

Ij'tatiba n.m. copper 1'j^cllf'TuiH'iati'ba sa 

* asman' ho’ns v.t. (of sky) be clear and 
hot HjiA jCYtL'H'tafi'be ka tar’ no ho'na ph. be 
penniless ; be destitute 

£s(Jtarit n.f. gut catgut chord (of 
guitar, etc.) isdisC tatit sa adj. very lean 
yfl 'laft'll n.f. line or row (of) (dial.) 
weaver (fig.) children. 

lah’ta n.m. long line mobile crowd 
[/ l> flux ( Cu^JjL 1 tak'ta 

bahdh’na (or baiidh' ja'na or lag' ja'na) v.i. (of 
people) be a flux 
iLH'ialw'na v.t. maltreat 
be unkind to 

J fenace 

‘Vtatigah, l^Oah'ga n . m . 

tonga ; dog cart 





become a 

|*|.M t 

[j Hanna v.t. stretch extend expand 
poll tight (over) knit (the eyebrow) 
tighten be at full length brandish 

,/cH tan' kar adj. having stretched 
with full force 

ta'ne tasKne, ta'’ne..tidfnt n.m. 

pl. (col.) taunts [A-cCj^n.f. ★] 
tanii' n.f, feminine gender being a 
** female 

tavan' n.m, damages compensation 
indemnity mulet penalty 

repar a tion U j ,\) t j a van ' dt'na v.t. make 
amends pay a penaltylN^ljl’/arart' laga'na 
v.t. 4ine amerce {penalize 
jjfy^tsml' n.f. interpretation elucidation 
** reinterpretation interpret with 

ulterior motives V/fjtjCtadil’ kar'na v.t. 
interpret elucidate’ reinterpret 
pret with ulterior motives [A] 

Jk (,** ta’ah'hul n.m. marriage 

family man [A- Jj;(] 
i _ 0 S\f*ta"ib n.m. penitent one who is 
remorseful [A ~ 

jl^la’o n.m. heat rage ; passion 
twist curl l‘7jUa”o a'na v.i. fly into 
a passion ; be enraged / accept a challenge ; 
pick up the gauntlet jl“ta"o bi'garna v.i. 

loose the opportunity be spoiled in cook- 
ing£Ujl"ta”o bW'o adv. very- little C'ljL'yJtC 
ta’opat la'o a'na v.i. heat curl (mous- 
tache) Cl/j l“(a”o kks'ns, (f ( jtjtia' , o men a’na 
v.i. be enraged ; be angry fly into a 

f'jC'ta'o n.m. (dial.) uncle ; father's elder 
brother [~ U“] 

\)j> t**la”o/a adj. & n.m. hasty (person) 

ta'id’ N support corroboration 
” aid ; assistance seconding ; sponsoring 
being seconded ; being sponsored "Sts 
ta’id' -kar' dah adj. seconded by ; sponsored by 
V/j£V‘ta id' kar'na v.T. support cor-, 
roborate confirm second sponsor f'UCpt’" 
ta’i'd-t kalam' n.f. suppon of sutement 

[A->J , .. 

1 1** ta'ya n.m. uncle ; father's elder brother 
** ia*'i n.f. wife of father’s elder brother 
tab adv. then ; at that time ; afterwards 
* A tab’ Hi adv. & conj. yet ; still ; 
even then notwithstanding ; nevertheless ; 
nonetheless UlL ?tab' tak adv. & conj, till 
then up to that time }\stab’ to adv. & 

CONJ. then in that case ; in that instance 
l J^tab’ se adv. & conj. since then 
thereafter ; thence tfJ'lab’ hi, jC ta’bbi adv. 

at that very moment ; exactly then, for 
that very reason Jtf^tab’ hi to, J Jf la Ida to 
adv. for that very reason Roving to the very 
fact lab" hi se,^£-jf la'bki se adv, 
thence; thenceforth from that very moment 
^ytab n.f. (rare) (same as w-^n.f. if) 

ta'b-o-tsb' n.f. guts heat labour 


^Jj^laba'dul n.m. (ped.) exchange [A ~ -*>) 

Jj&’tabdd lah (pseudo-ped. taba'dUlah ) N.M. 

* transfer exchange L'/^vyrJjtftabsd'la-e 
khayalat' kar'na v.t. exchange views 
have a chat [~A Jtif] 

jtftabsr' n.m. family dynasty [A) 

ffj^'liba'rah adv. third time thric< 

* [~^-fP4] 

labs' rak adj. (of God) hallowed; glorified 
(j U* if tabs’ rak{a)-va-la‘als int. hojlow- 
cd and magnified (be His name) [A~ 

S'? libs’ si adj. three days’ stale 

tobaMr" n.f. medical sugar found 

** * between bamboo joints 
g [ftabah" adj. ruined destroyed 
wasted spoiled wretched I'/tO'tabah' 
kar'na v.t. waste squander ruin U 

tab uk' ho na v.i. be wasted be squandered 
be ruined J U? ^tabah'-hnl adj. ruined 
reduced to straits poverty striken miser- 
able if 0 tabs' hi n.f. ruin destruction 
perdition wreck misery ['T (fid' tabs' hi n'n a 

v.i. be ruined be wrecked l/i tabs' hi 

ka mars adj. wretched afflicted ruin- 
ed I'iJ if, 17 tabs' ht Is' ns v.t. ruin destroy 

m.. ' 

tabs' yUn n.m. difference [A ~ jtbaiii] 

# # M 

J \y tab-khs' lah n.m. eruptions on mouth 
comers (as aftermath) of fever fP~ 

tabakktut n.m. swagger [A] 

« *» 

ij tabkkttf N.F. evaporation vapo- 
risation heart bum low fevf- 

temperature (A 

(Jy^tabad'dul n.m. (lit.) change ; alteration 
(usu. in) J^i^lafhay'yar-o tabad’dul ph. 

changes reshuffling [A ~ J>] 
iJfjjtah&il' n.f, change ; alteration 
" modification (Xv tabdil' shu'dah adj. 

changed transferred ij$j ^J^iabdl'l-e a'b-o 

bans' n.f. change of climate l '/ tabdil 
. kar’ns v . t . transfer change; alter 
tabdiV hons. v.i, be transferred change ; 
alter l'/*Z+ > !'(}j£<tabdi'l~chai' , al kar'na v . t . 
disguise change the aspect metamorphose 

( j jSflabdi'ti n.f. transfer changing 
** alteration V/fij&tabdi'li kar'na v . t . 
transfer change" alter i'mjPj&tabdi'li ha'ns 
v.u be transferred be changed ; be 
altered [~A 

jX> tabzir 1 n.f. extravagance [A~ j-i] 

»• • 

yX* la’ bar n.m. hatchet axe t lj/i‘ta'bar-zan 

n . m . wood-cutter [P] 

\Ju tabar’ra n.m. curse malediction 
expression of disapproval abuse; abusive 
language ; fulmination ; invective! V/p) 
tabar'ra bhtj’r.a (or kar'na) v . t . express dis- 
approval curse fulminate inveigh 
ta'har'ra'’ l n.m. member of a seat expressing 
disapproval of (or fulminating) against first 
orthodox Caliphs [A ~ 

tu'bar'ruj n.m. (of woman) make a show 
of her make-up, etc. ; move about en- 
ticingly {A] 

^Vtabar'ruk r:,M. left over food or other 
giftfrom a saint or shine gift bene- 
diction l/yftabar’rukan adv. as a gift; as a 
present for receiving benediction &\fe'tabar'- 
riiktil' n.m. pl. such gifts relics [A ~oCi\ 
jb Jr tab' rid n.f. cooling dose taken after 
* ^.purgative (fig.) cooling down [A 

tabus' sum n.m. smile H/fr tubas' sum kar'na 
1 v.i. smile [A] 

tab'suah n.m. review criticism 

(a -a] 

^ lab' 1 n . m . follower ( ! /*.lg‘tab , ‘-e tablin' 
n.m. follower of the - successors to the 
Holy Prophet’s Companions (usu. as the third 
link in chain of tradition narrators) [A] 

tabllfh' n.f. preaching missionary 
*' work pro&lytism spread or propa- 
gation (of vitv/s)£Sluljgft'tabli'gb-o isha'‘at 
n.f. propagation (of faith, view, etc.) [A 

(rare X’tab) n . f . fcver(ytV<^ , ta/>' utsr'na 
** v . t . reduce temi>erature ; cure of fever 
i'jiXtap' u' tarns v.i. be cured of fever 

tap' dkarhnu v.t. have fever ^‘ta’p* di<f 
n.f. consumption ; pulmonary tuberculosis 
L/Ji-x' ta'p-e zard' n.f. yellow feveriUtxyi^ 
tap kn moof ja’na v.i. having after-fever erup- 
tion on comers of mouth VjXfta'p-* lar'zah 
n.f. malaria agu k ji/j? ta'p-e motf'riqah 
n.f. typhoid CfjXta'p-e nod bat n.f. (ped.) 
intermittent fever [P] 

^jiutapak. n.m. ardour ; warmth ; zeal 
’• cordiality regard ; esteem [P] 
tJV’tapah adj. agitated resdess ; uneasy 
•' hot[P] 

taps' na v . t . heat cause to glow 
y •* ^test (metal) [ ~ C^caus.] 

L? tipa” I n.f. trivet tripod teapoy ; 
v small table low stool (dial.) [^threc 

+P ] 

bp" tap’ par n.m. (dial ) matting mat seat 


^ tafias’ siva n.f. (dial.) prayer [S] 

. (ort/v*" ) la' pish n.f. heat au’our 

^ uneasiness grief [P] 

[X tap'na v.i. become hot glow burn 
V with grief 

> (or tapabfhah n.m. pistol re- 

♦»* * volver [P] 

tjjftapidah adj. glowing restless [P-cU-JJ 

M V 

Q'tat'ta adj. (rare) hot warm ; tepid 
*# *♦ 

totab'bo ‘ n.m. following toeing the 
. Ijpe following in (someone’s) footsteps 
& latab’bo' kar’na v.t. following toe 
the line fellow in (someone’s) footsteps 

tit' tar bit' tar adj. dispersed scatter- 
* ed ; lying here and there l‘j7jis'tit'tar 
bit' tar ho'na v.t. be dispersed be seat- 

^ytu'tUq n.m. (lit.) tent its curtains 
tn'tuq-e ni'tl n.m. the heavens ; sky 


I'jytatla'na v.i. lisp 

(p**tit'n, tsptfit'n n.f. 

butterfly sportive^^^^IrtjW Q /fa) 
beauty ; painted doll 
\Jj? titam'ba n.m. (W. dial) 

* „ fix dispute 

jj? talim'mah n.m. supplement appendix 
post-script [A-z^i 

i • / /j/y tat' too tiam'boo kar’na v.t. delay 
• • console 

I »* ft 

183 / 

j *L 

1 l‘*** 

\yy J tateh'r a n.m. (f /S tateh'ri n.f water- 

^Jttato/ya n.f. red and yellow wasp adj. 

** dever sharp pungent 
J*jJ2tas'tis n.f. Trinity ; triple godhead 
** of Pauline Christianity trine ; aspect 
of two planets 120 apart division into three 

^frtas'niyah n.m. dual form ; dual [A 

£ taj n.f. (bark of) bay-tree cinnamon 


tajs'zub n.m. attraction gravita- 

* * tion [A~ w^f] 

JVT tajjnr' n.m. merchants ; traders 

business community j&ldfima'lik-ul- 

tujjzr' n.m. business magnate* ; tycoon [A- 


tajaOiib n.m. pl. experiences ex- 

* * t periments [A - sing. 

£/j\^ tija'tat n.f. trade ; commerce 

* traffic business t/'/ci'jtf tijs’rat kar'na 
v.t, deal (in) trade ; traffic business 
tfojl/'jijarat-gah n.f. market business 
centre (tp? tija'rall adj. commercial 
mercantile business tjhr^jl/’tija'ratl ids' rah 
N.m. ^business firm commercial firm 
Jbj&'tj jytija rati khutool' par adv. on busi- 
ness lines s' rat-e kha'rijah n.f. foreign 
trade [A] 

toja'vUz n.m. transgression devi- 
* ation exceeding (one’s limits, etc.) 
l‘Jjjti?taja’vUz kar'na v.i. transgress 
deviate exceed (one’s limits) [A] 

taja'hZl . n.m. feigned ignorance 

indifference; apathy taja'hul-e 
‘arifa'nah n.m. feigned ignorance [A~czll%\ 
tajad'dad n.m. freshness novelty [A] 

V taj did’ n.f. renewal revival (A 

y C taj'ribah N.M. experience experiment 
*' * j taj'riba-kar- (or. -be) adj. ex- 
perienced skilful ; expert conversant 
(with) veteran Jjld^taj'riba-ka'ti n.f. 
experience practical knowledge ; know-how 
being conversant with l ^ taj-ribah kar'na 
v.t. experience experiment try 
tal'kh taj’ribah n.m. bitter experience 
taj' riba l' n.m. pl. experiences wide ex- 

perience experiments “(jly? tajriba'ti adj. 
experimental [A] 

j / lajar'mi n.m. celibacy unmarried 
'^Vstate (ped.) solitude [A] 

taj' fid' n.f. abstraction solitude 
separation restriction to single 
meaning (as figure of speech) tfjfitajrVA adj. 
abstract (art, idea, etc ) (fjyttyyftajrt'dl 
mUsqv'virl n.f. abstract art [A] .. 

V */> taj'ziyah n.m. _ . (rare (fjfi tajaz'zi N .P.) 
*''* analysis^^j!' fji^na/'siyya'tl iaj'ziyah n.m. 
psychological analysis jij? taj ziya'ti adj. 
analytical [A~SJf] 

tajas’s&s n.m. curiosity inquisitive* 

V * ness prying in piiry ; diligent’ ; 
search tajas'sSs kar'na v.T. explore 

be inquisition ; pry into show curiosity 

[A ■?</*<'] 

tajas'siim n.m. incarnation ; embodiment 

I y l A ~ •? 

A? tajal'h (pseudo ped. tajal'la) n.f. 

* * manifested on brilliance ; refulgence 
splendour i/fj? tajal'ii bakh’rft, ‘jytf tajaVll'- 
rez adj. refulgent splendid* making 
(onjself) manifest [A ~ ijf] 
jjj? tajlid' n.f. flaying binding (of book) 


, Lf tajam'mul n .m. magnificence pomp 
* and show decoration adornment 

(j taj' na v.t. renounce abandon 

tajrns' n.f. alliteration pun 
w' * equivocation use of similarly spejt 
cr sounded words (as a literary device) 

tajnl's-e tarn' n.f. (use of) heteronyms (jft/ff' 
lajms-e khat’tl n.f. (use of) pair of words 
writtenalike but with different vowel-points 
Ujj^taj'ni's-e za’id n.f. (use of) two words 
which are alike otherwise t but one of which 
has an extra letter^^t/^ taj'ni's-t qal'b n.f. 
(use of) pair of words spelt in exactly the 
opposite ways i~ytfjytajm's~emurak'kab n.f. 
(use of) pair of words one of which forms pert 
of another j*l,’(/*?tajnl's-e na'qis n.f. (use of) 
pair of words whpse initial letters only are 
different tajni's-e muz'davj N.F. (use 

of) pair of synonymous words one of which is 
simple and other compound [A 
J* / tajvid' n.f. phonetics declamation 
** J recitation of the Holy Quran [A ~ 
taj' viz' N.f. suggestion proposal 

•* motion plan ; Lcheme prescription 
(Of medicines) consideration Vf'j£t*jr&z 


on the back j 1 / tahrir' kar'na v.t. 

• •*', * ' 

write ; reduce to writing put in black and 
white give in writing compile compose 
record (rare) free (slave) 
ho'na v.i. be written be recorded ifjf 
tahri'ri adj. documentary in writing ; 
written [A] 

( tahns' n.f. temptation instigation 

tjP Jr tahriz' n.f. incitement [A] 

** 1 / 

lahnf n.f. distortion (of meaning) tam- 
** / pering (with text) [A 
lm J{ l £ taihnk' (or taih-) N.-f. movements 

agitation motion incitement 

urging encouragement tahrik ckala na 

v.t . launch a movement iy Zjdjf 1 tahrik'kar'ns 
v.T. urge move incite 
tahrik’ pesh kar'na v.i. put or, bring for- 
ward or move a motion tV tJfuC. / tahrik' pesh 
ho'na v.i. (of motion) be moved ? 

tahrik' manzoor' kar'na v.t. adopt a resolution ; 
accept a motion tahrik' numzoor’ 

ho’nav.i. (of motion) be carried [A ~ 

J Z tahrim n.f. glorification ; honour 
['*-* prohibition assumption of a 

pilgrim's garb tahri'mah adj. forbidding 
othe^things than prayer [A~t^p J \ 
rL^tahsin' (or taih-) n.f. appreciation 
approbation acclamation 

tahsin" kar’na v.t. praise approve” 
appreciate applaud acclaim [A~tf^] 
lahshiyah n.m. annotation 

tahsii n.f. administrative division 

in district its headquarters 
(revenue) collection acquisition attain- 
ment learn ing^ri-^Ta^tt ’l-e fa'sil n.f. 
superfluous attempt tahsii -dar n.m. 
Tehsildar ; revenue and administrative official 
incharge of tehsilj’/jrf^tahsil'-dan n.f. office 
of Tehsildar^/ n.f. pl. (old use) 
collections acquisitions education 
tahsii 1 kar'na v.t. acquire .Receive 
education collect (revenue)^/ Ijj) tarsi' l-e 

mal-guza'ri n.f. revenue collection of revenue 


tahaffuz n.m. safeguard preserva- 
tion conservation ZP ti^tahaffuzai 

n.m. pl. safeguards jCtl i^tafiaffuz-e asmar' 
n.m. fruit preservation tf i IJt&i ta^aj'/uze ars 
n.m. soil conservation j &&taha, j nr 

kar'na v.i. suggest propose move 
plan write out a prescription ; prescribe 
I’jf J/. tajviz" ho'na v.i. be proposed be 
moved be planned (of medicine) be 
prescribed '//.Jfzir-t tajvtz' adv. proposed 
.under consideration 

Jtuji pron. you th ec Ofaf tuj' he, f j. 

tiijk, ko , tuj'ko pron. (accusative) 

you ^ thee if)irJ , j//tujk' ko 

para't kva pa'ri ap'ni naber' too pr'ov. mind 
your own business ; do not poke your nose 
into the ,aflairs of others physician cure 
thyself jf tujhi pron. you alone ; thee alone 
ryf tajhlz n.f. taking out of funeral pro- 
*' cession jir. >jJf tajhi ' z-o tak'fin n.f. 
obsequies ; funeral rites and ceremonies 


t aha" if n.m. (pl. of 

tah't (or taih't) n.m. subjection sub- 
ordination charge ; control adv. 
subordinate (to) under control (of) below 


inferior (to) pref. infra 

undertf jl'sS'tah' t-us-sar a’ n.f. nether regions 
adv. deep down in earth Lp^tah't-ash-shu‘oor 
n.m. subconscious (mind) 

lalft-ul-lafz adj. (of translation) literal 
(of its printing) interlinear ’ (of verse) recita- 
tion (without singing) Ur^J^fS^iah't-ul-U^'z 
park.' na v.t. recite (without) singing! 
taih't men ana v.i. come under the control (of) 
j i? tamtam adj. (letter of alphabet) having 
dots underneath ; downdotted [A] 

tahaj' jut n.m. fossilization [A~yf ] 

^j/ldhad'dx n.f. challenge [A] 

^ryj/tahdis' n.f. narration ; recounting [A 
** U 

jijf tah'did n.f. restriction limitation 

" .. [A ~ 

tah'zir' n.f. 

** .. IA~v>1 

j & tahrir' n.f. 

**' of) writing 

document undertaking manumission 

line like stain jof antimony) (old use) 

. Euclid’s elements I tahri'ran adv. (rare) in 
writing ; written J^jjf^tahri'r-e uqlidis n.f. 
Euclid’s elements bain-iis-sutoor 

Mbit n.f. writing between the lines 
tahri'r-r zah'rl n.f. endorsement writing 

threatening cautioning 

(act of) writing (piece 
manuscript composition 


shikft'r-o ash jar' n.m. preservation of fauna 
and flora [A 

toh'fah n.m. , t gift : present rarity 
£*) taps" if, ^to'haf n.m. pl. gifts ; 
presjnts rarities curious [A] 
j*j&tahaq'quq n.m. ascertainment [A 

tahqlr' n.f. contempt ; scorn ; disdain 


ta/iqiq' (or taih-) n.f. research 
inquiry investigation ascertainment 
vjrification adv. verily ; truly indeed 
tahqt'qi^ adj. research verified 
authentic a &‘?tahqlqat' n.f. investigation 
inquiry research [A ~c£j?\ 
tahak'kum n.m. imperiousness 
| domination C&J? tahak'kum jat a' na v.t. 
act imperiowly(jl Jj&rtahakkum-pasat.d(a'nak) 
adj .Jl adv. imperious [A - 
tahkim' n.f. arbitration 
P* y 

. tahlif n.f. administration of oath 

taj^lll' n.f. analysis dissolving 
" legalization v/i^fiahW. kar'ns. v.t. 
dissolve assimilate analyse (T^tahlU-t 
naf'si n.f. psychological analysis IjfjJjS tahlil 
ho' ns v.i. be dissolved ta/fli'li adj, analytical 
&Lty?tahli 'll-o na/siyyai' n.f. psycho-ana- 
lysjs (A~th 

/ if taham'mul n.m. toleration ; forbearance 
** patience ; endurance Ijiy' taham'mul 
kar'ns v.t. forbear tolerate; bear endure 

, / tahmid' n.f. praise of God [A ~J?\ 

\ y tahvil' n.f. (Math.) reduction 
•• passage of heavenly body (from one sign 
of zodiac to another) trust ; charge 
custody Uv UtO'f tahnl' tnth dt na v.t. pluck 
in custody of HJ ^i}/takal' tneh fr'na v.t. 
take custody of take hold of lahvi'l-t 

tasar'ruf njs. (atch.) misappropriation ; em- 
bezzlement ; defalcation jlJ'j? tahnl' -dsr n.M. 
(old use) trustee treasurer [A —JlP’ ] 

tafyay'yir n.m. wonder astonishment 

amazement [A 

Js talfiy'yah n.m, {pL.&l/tahiyyst') salutation 


ytakha Ivf n.m. mutual opposition ; 

< [A] 

. .ytakna tvj w.iw. 

contention |A ~ 
•stakh't n.m 

throne wooden bed 
£#& yifkh’tbakh't n.m. (as blessing) 

throne and fortune wedlock and wealth 
t*l takh't par biths'ns v.t. be enthron- 
ed become a king L'tsf&ftakh' tchhor'na 
v.i. abdicate takkt-f ravSh' n ; m. 

mobile throne flying^edany/kfi^'" ( akh't-g^ 

sulaiman' n.m. flying sedan of Solomonlyi/**^ 
takh't se Star' na v.t. dethrone^^^ lakh'l-e 
ta'oos' n.m. the Peacock Throne^] (fey takh't 
ki rnt n.f. wedding night tlfe&lakWt-gah n.m. 
capital seat of government takh’l- 

nashifi ho'na v.i. ^ a.sfend the throne 
assume royal powers lakh' t-nashj'nl n.f 

accession to the throne coronation 
•^/l&S'takh't ya takh'tah prov do or die 
reign or ruin [P] 

••2 takh'tah n.m. plank ; a board sign. 
^ sign-board (ships) deck drawbridge 
(flower) bed £5 1 •£/ takh'tah v'latna v.t. 
overthrow (government) ruin , destroy^ 
Jj/J'takh'ta-e bar'qi n.m. switch-board 
takh'ta bafi’di n.f. arrangement of flowers 

bed wainscot takWta bafnk kar’ns 

v.t. arrange flower beds 
plank takh'ta pul n.m. draw- 
bridgcOjpX?takh'ta-e tsboot' n.m. 

bier hearse>L^y takh'tah 
siyah' n.m. blackboard 

takh'ta-e mash'q n.m. tablet 
victim jj-jFtakh'ta-e nar'd n.m. backgammon 
i'\fjfJf’taWtah ho ja>a v.t. (of 
body) become stiff takh’ti n.f. 

tablet small board [P] 

^•2 takh'rijah n.m. chronogram-writing ; 

♦' recording of date in chronogram form 


takhrib' n.f. destruction subver- 
sion^ (fLy’takhri'bi adj. destructive 
dVijt/jptakhri'bl karroos" iysh n.f. sabouge 


takhash'shQ‘ n.m. (lit.) humility [A 

takhsis' n.f. specialization 

peculiarity ; singularity [A ~t/&] 

" takh'fif' n.f. -retrenchment reduc- 
tion ; decrease alleviation ; mitiga- 
tion cut curtailment remission 

commutation £*Sc»?takhfif-t-qlmaL n.f. 
devaluation pricecut ; reduction in price 
v/jjjftakKJij kar'ns v.t. retrench 

decrease ..reduce curtail mitigate 

p-IleviatetVt^ 1 -®?^ takhfif.' nut ta'na v.t. re- 
trencjj (person) abolish (post) [A~t^*] 

. jpAS takhal'lus n m. (poet’s) pen-name , 
‘nom de plume’ (rare) deviation (in 
ode frpm introduction to theme) [ V] 

0& takhal 'la/ s m. being left behind 
» g°*ng back on one’s words (A ~£t&\ 
takh'liyah n.m. privacy private 

meeting [A ~ 

saturated to form part of cold drink 
tiikh'm-e bad', r’ly/tukh'm-t haram! adj. bastard 
yi lukfi'm tasir' soh'bat ka a'sar 

prov. heredityjmd environment go to make 
the man (Jlf/'ftukh’ m-e raihan' n.m. purslane 
/ 'Jj Y f tukh' m-re' zi n.f. sowing ; broadcasting 
O&Ct '/ tukh' m-t-katan' n.m. linseed [P] 
tikh'moh n.m. gastro-enteritis fA] 

- takhnir' n.f. fermentation; leavening 

ji f takhmiri n.m. estimate guess 
** zan'n-o takhmin' n.m. mere guess 
guess fork conjecture \'^ > takhmi'nan adj. 

about ; approximately^.^? takhrm'nah n.m. 
guess ; conjecture evaluation appraisal 

[A] •• 

L -l ) ^ takhvif' n.f. intimidation * 

" takhvi'f-e mujrima nah n.f. criminal 
intimidation [A 

Ly takhay'yul n.m. imagination; fancy 
hlea ; thought of imagery 
suspicion ^l^ftakhayyuiat' n.m. pl. idea ; 
thoughts flights of fancy [A~Jl>] 
tm Jjlj£‘tada'ruk n.m. amends remedy 

reparation precaution safeguards 
redress readiness I'/Lfjl/’tada'ruk kar'na 

v.t. remedy redress providfc,against 
safeguard be prepared for t yJj[i‘tada'- 
ruk ho'na v.t. be remedied be redressed 


tadab'bur n.m. statesmanship prudence 
deliberation JJi jjPfhau'r-o-tadab'bur 
n.m. careful thought [A} 
yfjt'tadbir' n.f. (pl. yiUtadabir') policy 

** device ; contrivance advice ; council 
arrangement course of action ; way out 
plan &r&%fc£tadhi'r-t sal'tanat n.f. (arch.) 
managementof st^te affairs ; politics 'dsfcM 
tadbt'r-e man'zil n.f. domestic economy js\i/(£ 

tadbi'r-e Ja rid v.t. plot vicious plan [A] 
jjjtadar'v n.m. cock pheasant [P] 

tadrij' n.f. gradation regular step 

** (rare) scale ^ti/ba-tadrij' adv. 

gradually ; by degrees ; step by step 
[T*j£ tadris' n.f. instruction teaching 

lectures (on ) tfjXtadrl'si adj. teach- 

ing^ instructional [A 

tad/in' n.f. buriai; interment [A ~ (Ji) 

yjftadqiq' n.f. close or minute study 
" going jnto minutia (rare) pulveriza- 

tion [A - 

MijStadnn' n.f. compilation editing 

" [A ~ d>y/] 

{yjr triday'yun n.m. religiousness prudery 


• *• , 

i — tazab zub n.m. vacillation waver- 

^ ing suspense 

Jv Jr tazkar' n.m. account narrative 

9yja taz'kirah n.m. mention memoir 
biography collection, of biographical 
nojes (on poets, etc.) [A ~ ji] 
yj/i tazkir' n.f. admonition helping 

to recall refreshing the memory 

in t g 

JVjh tazkar 





nojes (on poets, etc.) \A~ Ji] 
yJji tazkir' n.f. admonition helping 
to recall refreshing the memory 

/Pyt tazal'iul n.m. humiliation ; humiliating 
one seif [A~£Ji\ 

y tar adj. wet, moist ; damp saturated 

fresh refreshed green ; lush j juicy 
y*‘y tar’ ba-tar' adj. shaked drenched 
quite wet (of food) rich with much butter 
Oil in it tar-da' man adj. sinful • 

guilty immoral tar-da' mani n.f. 
sinfulness guilt immorality i /jin' kar'na 
v.t. soak saturate Jrjtar' luq'mah, Jlv 5 
tar' mal, Jlj /tar niva'lah N.M. morsel of rich 
food (fig-) good catch adj, easy work 
godsend tjVj/ta'r-o ta'zah adj. fresh and 
mellow (JJ ta'r\ n.f. moisture wetness 
ocean hydrosphere [P] 

^ tar suf. (indicating comparative degree) 
more ; greater ; -er (PJ 

tUrab' n.m. earth dust soil*.'!//! 

* a' boo turab' n.m. (Ke underyiN.M. ir)$W 

tum'H adj. earthen [A] 



tarji" n.f. repetition of formula ‘in'na 

lillah’ at news of someone’s death 
return of heavenly body to previous position 
(of singer or bird) lapse into earlier tune ; 
remodulation return J%tfZ/tarjV'-batid' n.m. 
stanzas with same refrain f A ~ (/AA 
\f2 tir'Ma adj. (f . (ft? tir'(hhi) slanting 
* awry ; oblique crosswise ; crossways 
askance tit' (hka dekh'rm / v.i ;> 

squint ; look 1, askance Ua£»z£<> 

tir'd&l na'zar (or nig&h') u dekk'na v.t. frown ; 
scowl ; glower (i (pjrjjptffi/tir'dtfiJ na’zar (or 
nigah!) n.f. ogle leer 

(fj? tar ah' hum n.m. mercy kindness 
' pity ; compassion 
na'zar-t tar ah' hath dal'na (or se dekh'rm) v.t. 
have pity (on) shpw mercy (to) be com- 
passionate (A ~ fA 

tarTchim’ n.f. (gram.) apocope 
I** curtailment [A3 

i)J lor ad' dud n.m. hesitation wavering; 

vacillation suspense anxiety ; worry 
delay {A ~ )j] 

Jt >J tar did' n.f. contradiction ; refutation; 

repudiation rebuttal venial 

tar did' kar'na v.t. contradict ; confute ; 
refute ; repudiate relent deny Vj/fjrsj 
tardtd’ ho'na v.i. be contradicted be 

rebutted be denied [A ~ »S] 

ta'rassnav. i. desire anxiously long 

for (f/ta'ras n.m. pity ; compassion 
tnercyfif l)Cff/ta’ras 3 na (or khs'tia ) v.i. ^ 
pity give way to compassion Or/L'lL'}' 
tarsa' tarsa' kar de'na v.t. tantalize dole 
out insufficient amounts l"U/ tar Sana v. 
tantalize cause to long for 
12 tarsa’ n.m. monk magus; fire- 
worshipper Christian suf. terrifying 

threatening ; menacing [P] 

^fjtdras n.m. fear terror cowardice 

timidity (jLt/iar'saft adj. fearful ; 

afraid timid uJCvta rasnnk adj. terrify- 
ing ; horrible (rare) terrified > 

£**2 tarisapi adj. & n.m. (same as adj. 
& n.m. ■*) 

tarisod' n.m. trident [S] 

ft/ tar soft, alar’ soft n.m. & adv. second 

day after tomorrow or before yesterday 
■^/tor'll/' n.f. despatch transmission 
remittance f/lf } sho''ba-c larsil' n.m. 
despatch section [A] “ 



'sh adj. sour acid cross ; craD- 
bed acrid ; surly Jjfstsrsh'roo adj. 
peevish cross ; crabbed surly; acrid 
tir sh-roa"i n.f. peevishness surliness 
£7 ?J 1 /tUr’sh-mizaj' adj. peevish cross ; 

— - turn^s 

late shah. n.m. acid (f'J'tur’shi n.f. 

sgirness acidity [P] 

^ J iarash’rhoh n.m. drizzle sprinkling 

tarash’ shoh kar'na v.t. sprinkle 

water over b'jfgjtarash'&hoh ho'na v.t. drizzle 

{^fyta'rashna be cut be clipped 

+0 If ♦» ** 

s^ylur'shak, if Jtur'shi n.f. - (see under (f/ 
JtDj. ★) 

jyfj taras'siid n.m. (lit.) ambush hope 
expectation [A ~ 

tarsi 1 ' n.f. setting (jewels) ; studding 
with (jewels) adornment ; bedecking 
setting out one phrase against another in cor- 
responding rhymes composing (lovely poem) 


targhib' n.f. inducement mcite- 
* ** ment persuasion temptation 
reduction OjuP/targhib' de'na v.t. induce 
incite " persuade tempt seduce ; 
(fyet targhi’b-o tahris' n.f. temptation 
(P/j^Jlarghi'b -o-lahriz' n.f. inducement 

taraq'rfl n.f. progress ; advancement 
improvement development pro- 
motion preferment „ proficiency in- 
crease ; enhancement bjfijtaraq'qi de'na v.t. 

develop promote give or allow incre- 
menf P Oil (}j inraq'qt pa'na (or mil'na 
or ha'sil kar'na) v.i. develop be promo- 
ted get increment \?J$Staraq'qi kar'na v.L 
advance : develop [A] V 

jpy lurqxm n.f. writing out figtircs [A 

^2 tur'k n.m. Turk (fig.) sweetheart ; 

beloved jffititrk-laz n.f. plunder 
spoilage depredation inroad ; incursion 


lar’k n.m. giving up quitting 
rclinguishiiig abdication desertion 
breaking (a habit) forsaking dropping 
(mission) desisting i'7 tar k kar na 
quit relinotiish ; forsake desist from 

leave out ; drop ; suit Jy'tar' k-e va'tan n.m. 
emigration I'/lfiJ/'tar'k-t va'tan kar’na V.i. 
emigrate go into exile [A] 

tnrki'rl n,f. vegetable , green (esculent) 
^ vegetables [P-^ 

jUJ turk'taz n.f. sec under * Jjtur'k n.m. -fc) 

-kash (ped. lir -) n.m. quiver 

J thr'kaman n.m. Turcoman 
j Turkoman [P] 

Sj tar' ham tar’ka n.m. estrange- 
A ment[A- J>7\ 

J y tar’kah n.m, legacy bequest estate 
(of deceased person inheritance 
tar kah bi-la vasiy'yat n.m. intestate property 
[A~ Jp-l 

J ytur'ki n.m. Turkish (language) (also 
turkiy'yah) Turkey bravery adj. 
Turkish tir'ki ba tiir'lcl javab' 

dt'na v.t. pay in the same coin ; give tit for 
tat LjffQ jstHr'ki tomam' ho’tta v.i. be all 
over (with) have courage spent up [T] 

(*!■.«/, S»ram analysis 
' composition mixture structure 
construction formation mode 
method ; plan I’l* uA/tarkU' bata'na n.f. sug- 
gest plan or way* as tarUb'batid' n.m. 
stanza ending with couplet tarklb' dt’na 

v.t. compose prepare (mixture) ; mix 
join form Ck te^JjUnkb' se thfll'na 
v.i. work methodically vfkgiJ/tarHb' kor’na 
v.t. analyte devise'; plan ; scheme 
kt,' tt tarkib' st adv. somehow or 
other by hook or by crook ypytark i to adj. 
component ; constituent composed 
'ana'sir-e larks' t$ n.m. pl. component parts; 
constituents elements going into the forma- 

,y*y tir'mira n.m. (floating) speck ocular 
speck or spectrum (caused by virtigo, 


j? tarmtm' n.f. amendment modifka-. 

J** tkm change improvements fj&Sj 

rmlm'-shU'dah adj. amended modified 
changed improved i*Xff/(^.(uidt) tarnum' 
kar'na v.t. amend modify change 
improve Vj?/fs(ify{mth) toma;n‘ ho' rid v.i. 
be amended be modified be changed 

> .. 

7.J turafij n.m. grape-fruit citron 
embroidered pattern like betel-leaf 
turavj'bin n.m. Persian manna ; lime juice 
cordial prepared in honey [P] 
imX'J taraiig n.f. caprice , whim fancy 
inebriation whizz tinkle 
rattle Jytaraft'gi adj. capricious whimsjeal 
tfjy tirafi'ga adj. tricoloured 

V « , 

r J tar an nQm n.m. singing modulation 
* taran'nhm se adv. singing (and hot 

just reciting [A] 

^ . *T . i :* .. _ . i . . 

be amended be modified 
be improved [A - 

v.t. become current come into vogue 
[A~ Q/bJ] 

y turai"i n.f. kind of cucumber (also 
tur'fil) trumpet J^^(j7tUrai"l ka pfurol* 
v.t. beedy eyes 
y ta'rl n.f. (see under j-f r) 

iy tir'ya n.f. (ped & dial, tri'ya) wonian 
(jJf, } t )Jf^Jtir‘ya dtaril'r (or cfialit ta" 
n.m. (usu. pl.’J women’s wiles or guiles; fein?,f. 
cunning^ lytir'ya'-hat n.f. female obstinacy 

(jly tir'yclq' n.m. antidote (usu. Jt/ 
** tiryakf opium (i^/tirya'ki n.m. opium 
eater adj . addict [A ~ P] 

tire’ pan adj. & n.m. fifty-three 
’ tire' panvan fifty-third ' 

\kjj tare' r a n.m. spurt (of usu. hot water) ; 
” get fomentation with spurt (of hot 
water) Isj I^Jiare'ra de'na v.t. foment with a 
spurt (of hot water) 

tarlz' n.f. gusset ; transverse piece in shirt, 
'* etc. [P] 

lire' sa ft, jr'j tiri'sath. adj. sixty-three 
„ jlt&j'tire'saik’vab adj. sixty-third 
fjjj hirin', 4 fytarih' suf. (denoting superlative 
" degrec)‘most ; greatest ; est [P] 

V tar n.f. sound of slapping, etc. ; whack 
Wtar' tar n.f. crack adv. quickly eJjtter' 
se adv. with a whack ^l^ta’ratar' adv with 
continuous whftcks 

taraq', JlAtarak n.m whack crack 
crash J ftihPiaraq' paraq, J^j'^Utralf 
parak' adv. insolently timidly 
arrogantly naught il y^J^taraq' se adv. 

witli a whack with a crash quickly 


flaraqa, l/ljttara'ka n.m. whack crack 
' crash snap smack sound of 
smoking hookah drought starvation 
tors' qa bit'na v.i. have to starve^ 
tora'qe ka (or kl) t (J)ifjy^‘tara'ke ka (or ki) 
adj. bitter (cold) scorching (heat) 

severe intense unbearable 

I’l^/tUra'na, L’b^turva'na v. break; break 

, M loose from change (money) [~ t'^VcAUs.] 
t> ^ to'rafma v.i. be uneasy ; be restless 
roll or toss about restlessly write ; 

wriggle flutte flounce be doing for 

thirst (after) ; be anxious or eager (for) 
suffer for unrequited lo vn^^ta'rap n.f. 
restlessness uneasiness great eagerness 
(lor) suffering in unrequited love passion 

(for) pain lossing flash fury 

tarpa'na v.T. make uneasy made restless 

cause to flutter cause to suffer from un- 
requited love tfitar' par b J k 7tar tar adv. 
(reply) quickly (reply) with audacity 
ta'rakfrna, iStTta'raqna v.i. crack 

split snap burst (ono.J 
Urt'ka,)j*j\jj}jvM' ka tar'ka n.m. dawn, 
day break A-i/‘tar'ke,jC&Cj}nooT' kt tarke 
adv. at dawn ; at daybreak ; in the early 
morning Ijflffiar'ka ho'na v.i. (of day) 

break be rained be beaten suffer from 

(tty to'ri n.f. beating deceit- loss 


tu'zuk (col. tutk) n.m. jximp and show 
diary memoirs {&'liSytitt!k~o thti- 
jtnf n.m. pomp and show [TJ 
/ ^iy’taz.'kijah n.m. purification ; catharsis 
** tK'kij/a* naf's n.m. purification of 

mind [A~ /;] 

tozal'iul n.m. earthquake com. 
motion trepidation (at death, etc.) 

IA~ #») 

fajy tamf n.f. marrying , taking a wife 
** „ coupling [A ~ 5')] 

Jf'J tae'sfr* n.f. bamboozling ; fraud decep- 
** tion/j?~(*b dam* ta&lr' n.m. fraudulent 
«f*p[A~*J] , m 

Uuyfn', taz'ln' N.r. make-up 
decoration ornament [A 
yrtif nmi.jjr'tii' Par ADV. par 

Wi nt. (same as underi/i 

wa»j. ♦) 

JiP tisalah adj. three-year-old triennial 


^J^Jtasa'moh n.m. pardon ; forgiveness ; 
indulgence connivance mistake 
tasamohat' n.m. pl. mistakes [A~*£* r lr / ] 

. \f ^Jtasa'hul n.m. carelessness negligence 
■ laziness ; tardiness b‘/<X&tasa’h9l 
kar'na v.i. show carelessness neglect 
be Jazy be tardy 

f*?* tasbil}' n.f. rosary chaplet glorifi- 
*** cation of God sanctification of God 
(by saying ‘Subhan Allah’) (%}.■>&$£? 
tasbil}' park'na (or pkir'na) v.t. tell ones t>eads 

fy taskhir' n.f. control subjugation 
** capture captivation control oyer 
some (evil) spirit spiritualism 'v‘J*AT 
taskhi' r-e-qUloob' n.f. winning over of 
people captivation of hearts [A] 

UJtasdr' n.f. writing ; scribbling [A~>k>l 

taskin' (lit. zteojirtas'kAli) n.f. conso- 
” lation, comfort ; soothing appease- 
ment ; pacification mitigatkm assuaging 
rest tranquillity tffyP' taskin' -bakh'A 
adj. ^soothing allaying consolatory 
taskin' de'na v.t. 1 soothe console; 
solace - t comfort; appease calm ; tran- 
quilllize fytjft&task'ln' ho'na v.i. be sooth- 
ed be consoled ; be sojaced be appeas- 
ed , be pacified [A - Jjr'\ , 
litas' la n.m. trough 

^yk^tasal’sil n.m. continuity aequence 
association (of ideas) [A~*l— 

Jtasal'lut n.m. sway ; domination [A] 


ij^tasai'li n.f. satisfaction consolation 
comfort ; solace assurance reas- 
surance tasai ti-bakh'sh adj. satis- 

factory consolatory , comforting assuring 
reassuring &>t rtasal'li dt'ra v.t. comfort ; 
console : solace assure ki tasai' ti kar'na 

v.t satisfy tasai' If. ho'na v.i. be com- 

forted be consoled be assured CrfcPw 
(ki) total'll ho'na v.i. be satisfied [A] 
jX^tastxm' n.f salutation greetings 
f " compliments acceptance , admission 
conceding granting entrusting 
surrender ^b^taslimat' n.f. pl. salutations 
int. good-morning (etc.) tastlmat' 

ba'ja la'na v.t. great pay one’s respeett 
make obeisance take leave (of) ; - bid 
adien b’/^tosllm' kar'na v.t. confer 

j-.dmit concede ; grant salute pav 
# . »». ■ . * 

homage surrender ^t(CT lasii'uro-rtzd n.f. 
surrender to another’s (particularly God’s) 
will taslim' ho’na v.i. be resigned ; be 

committed ; surrender [A ^ 

'itas'mah n.m. thong (shoe) lace 

tas'mah Is.' gu na rakk' ns v.t. sever all 
relations l ^Ptas'ma-pa adj. having lankv legs 


y-J tas'miyah n.m. christening ; naming 
" taking God’s name saving ‘bismillah’ 
[A f.i\ 

Ijlasannun n.m, following ‘Sunnah’ 
t*' profess being ‘Sunni’ tasan'nUn 

n.m. pl. the Sunnis [A ] 
l£i lasmm' n.m. name of a neavenly fountain 
f or stream [A] 

j^tas'soo n.m. one-and-s-half inch measure 

J, yStasnd' n.f. writing drafting 
** ^blackening [A 

^yJtas'viyah n.m. setting right adjustment 
*'■' putting in order ; arrangement [A~ 


Ly^tashW N.F. facilitation making easy 

tasks' boh n.m. • likeness resemblance 

* . M similitude [A 

tY&lasha' kul n.m. mutual resemblance [A~ 

» •* 

jt^tashbib' n.f. introductory^ part of ode ; 

' ^ ^amatory preface [A l? 1 
JL-) cashbih' n.f. simile comparison 

likening 0*Jptashbih' dc'nd v.t^ liken 
compare use # a simile [A-^-f-’j 
‘tashl n.m. (less usuaf spelling of 

(see under w^N-M-jir) 
iiZ**fashat'tul n.m. disunity 
J. « tashat'tut n.m. schism and disunity [A ~ 

^f-’tashakh' khUr N jj. identity identifi- 

*' r cation [A~ 

j&y taihkhls' n.f. diagnosis ascertain- 
V" ment ^valuation assessment ; 

appraisal (fXffyfy ta thkh ls' jari-b ir'Al n.f. 

annual revenue ’assessment li/j^^taskkhu' 
kar’ni v.t. jjiagnose evaluate assess; 
apgjaise 0^1/^ tashkhls -gah n.f. clinic {A~ 

tashad' dud n.m. violence third degree 
methods Ciyjj^tathad/diid hanrtna v.t. 
resort to violence [A ~ A*?} 

doubling a letter 

J/J^tashdid' n.'f. 

“ ^orthographical sign used for it [A 
fjjZ>tashctrro‘ n.m. acting on tenets of faith 


fjjPtashril/ n.f. anatomy explanation; 
»• exposition ; elucidation ; s commentary ; 
exegisisi^fv^rcf/irj^a/' n.f. pl. detailed 
comments i-, ,l -*i}J^ / i- , (ashrl'h~Ul-abdan' n.m. 
anatomy tff/J^tashrth' kar'na v.t. explain 
elucidate give details (/j^lashrik i 

anatomical detailed explanatory 
tashri'ht yad-dasht' n.f. explanatory memoran- 
dum [A~ bp) 

^fiJp/tashnf' n.f. exaltation (arch ) 
investiture -with robes jlJaip* 
tashrif arza'nl farms ’ na v.t. be pleased to 
takea seat honour with (one’s) presence 
£*;*££* tosh’ rtf' rakk'na v.i: ..take a scat 

be pleased to sit down Cb><if^taOa f /' In'na 
v.i. come ClfJ^cf^tadtrtf leja'm v.i. go ; go 
away , leave ; depart [A~4^] 

/P&tashaf'fi n.f. consolation satisfac- 
tion reassurance Vftf^taskaf’fl kar'na 

v.t. satisfy [A ~ {£>] 

^^jiUuhak'ksk n.m. doubt ; suspicion 
y ^.jcepticism [A - 

C^Cp^tashklk' n.f. raising doubts • causing 
*** suspicion making sceptical \k.~0*fit\ 
fp&tashak'kul n.m. taking shape morpho- 
logy [A-J^] 

. Liji.' lashtil n.f. formation setting up 

' organisation [A — 

tashan'nBj n.m. cramps convulsion 

spasm [A] 

^JiJtidi'nah (ped. ta&'-) adj. thirsty eager 
fld&tish'na-kam' adj. thirsty unsuc- 
cessful unlucky ; with unrequited love 
na-lab adj. thirsty with parch- 
ed lips unsuccessful un^icky eager 
with unrequited love (?• *r / tiA'na-laH‘ h.f. 
thirst having parched Upr eagerness 

failure to achieve object (ped.) 

task-) n.f. thirst ; desire ; longing ; temptation 

t^Uj* jAJ’l. 

ffitadntiS' n.f. reproach CCactV'M to*/* 0 
*’ n.f. taunts and reproach [A 
fjJgjitashrtsh' n.f. anxiety worry 
"»* disquietude [A] 

jjfltashah'kid' n.m. avowing faith by reciting 
the formula called ‘kalima-e shahadat' 



^ZJtashhir' n.f. public exposure (rare) 

" publication (rare) publicity 
tash'hir' kar'nz v.t. expose publicitylj^r^ 
tashhir' ho'ns v.i. bfc exposed publicly [A~ 

tashay'yo* n.m. profession of shite faith 
grouping [A ~ 

ryy^tasz'dUm n.f. collision clash ; 

conflict . [ A ~ SJt* ] 
jp/^jtasanlf n.f. (fl. ofo^*) 

** A# ** 

jtlJf taszrtr' n.f. (pl. of J^’k) 

*» " 

taslyjf n.f. correction ; rectification 
amendment proof-reading 
taskih' kar'nz v.t. correct ; rectify 

amend read proofs Lj} /rtasIfUf ho'nz 
v.t. be corrected ; be rectified- be 
amended (of proofs) be read [A~ ] 

QbJhasad'duq n.m. __ giving alms charity 
sacrifice tasad'dUq kar'fia v.t. 

sacrifice give charity HjjClJdtasad'dud 
kz’na v.t. . be^ sacrificed be given away 

in charity [A ~Au>\ „ 

^ijJ!g)tasdi u ah N.M.,^o>tasdl‘' n.f. annoy- 
** ance ; vexation trouble ; incon-^ 
yenience worry (rare) headache t Idld*** 
tasdi"ah uihz'nz v.t. take -trouble be 

put to inconverence worry (over) be 

vexed ; be annoyed [A] 

T4j$ tasdlq' n.f. verification certifies." 

*>• tion ; attestation affirmation 
authentication countersignature (logic) 

premise ; premiss t^iJU^tasdiq'-shudah' adj. 

verified ; certified attested ; authenticat- 
ed affirmed countesigned l'/i)jJ>tasdiq' 
kar'nz v.t. verify; certify 'attest 
confirm affirm authenticate counter- 
ngn sl'faJtasdiq'-nz’mak n.m. certificate 
testimonial I'jfJj^tasdiji' ho'nz y.x. be 
verified be certified *j£rs<j$<4tasdVqi dast'-khzt 
n.m. countersignature [A~ 

tasar'r&f n.m. possession use 

' expenditure disposal extravagarice 
change tampering with Urduization 
(etc. of foreign word) taking backj^iijy^ ' 
L*]l ap'ne tasar'r&f meh la’nz v.t. put to one’s 
own use tefyJtasat'ritf e bi'jz' n.m. misappro- 
priation ;"embezzlement ; defalcation 
tasarrVfat’ n.m. Pl. sum-total of expenses 
(unauthorized) changes tf^tarsar'rtifi n.f. 
aoj. (food) for servants (opp. -*'•£) 

S.jOhasriH n.f. clarification elucid- 

ation explanation V^tj/^tasriN kar’rOL 

v.t. clarify elucidate [A ~ 

. . *r tasrif n.f. conjugation declen- 

sion inflection conversion 
change from one state to another [A~tijy] 
Ju^tasghir' n.f. diminutive form 1 is’m-e 
” tasghir' n.m. diminutive (form of) noun 

l A a^ 

Jjp/ffitas'fiyah n.m. decision settlement 
** disposal reconciliation rapproche- 

ment purification : (of mind) purgation 
’purity fyah karz'nz v.t. cause to 

be ’reconciled (’Xjf*** tas'Jiyah kar'nz v.t. 
decide settle reconcile ; tasfyah' 

ho'nzv.i. be settled be decided [A - Li**] 
L ..L ^taslib N.F.- crucifixion [A-w^] 


fit# t as an' ns 1 n.m. hypocrisy 

^ [A~^] 


n.f. writing compilation 
** book literary (or other) workftf 4 ' 

v/lastiS' kar'nz v.t. write (book etc.) 
compile compose tasiAf ho'nz v.i. 

(of book) be written be composed*!^!?’ 
ftaqq-t' tasittf' n.m. copyright^fc^owil/df', 
CjglJJtaszriif' n.f. pl. books works 
writings [A] 

jy£)tasav'vBr n.m; idea conception 
~ fancy ; imagination contemplation 
reflection apprehension (logic) term Jjf** 

Mjtasav'vUr kar'na v.i. imagine ; fancy 

picture to oneself ; think ; believe con- 
sider [‘jfj/^tasao'vUr ho'nz v.i. be thought 
bejeonsidered ; be believed [A 
,*1 j0i taraa'ilUf n.m. mysticism Sufism 

.. [A~^J 

f^lasvlr' n.f. photograph; photo 
v picture painting portrait image 

likeness (fA ijj/dlasw' banja'nz v.i. be 
struck dumb ; be' Sumb founded ilfyyoUastUr'- 
khn'nah n.m. picture gallery &)/*> Ifk^tasvir’ 
ka doos'rarukh ph. the otl^r side of picture 
khen&na v.t. , take a snap 
draw a gicture paint a picture 

portray j>y*tfr"' i ak'si lasvir' n.f. (arch.) photo- 
graph ; photo [A~*Sfcy*] 

' - M - contradiction contrast 
^consistency [A~a>] 

J&tJtazhlk' n.f. ridicille derision 

mocking (Cl* * lS». lA ; V/Js* 



kv'na (or ktr&sha'nah ban’s' »a)v.T. ridicule 
expose to ridicule deride mock [A ~ 

* tozar'ro ' n.m. humility supplication 

U/* lamentation [AJ 

tfitazmin' n.f. citation of anchor poetJs„ 
ofST live or couplet on one’s verse 
farmin' kar'nay.T. site another line in one’s 

verse [A ~ 

W&rtaz’V n.f. 

tnr-A' rzz tat T N.F. waste spoil- 
Qf- ing i£>l}jl£??tazyi' l ~e auqat's.r. waste 
of time idling ; lounging [A l>] 

... .fteM Aity h.m. conformity concur- 
U. rcnce congmity [A~J>] y , - 
, - tata'vsl n.m. high-handednessJyj^^Ij'Uo 

(JD& das't-e tata’val daraz kar’na ph. show 
hig h-handedness (towards someone) 

~jjplatbiq‘ n.f likening comparison 
tatbiq dt’na v.t. make exactly 
alike** compare [- A 
<7 taihir’ n.f. purification purgation 

taza'lum n.m. complaint (against) 
f" injustice endurance (rare) cutting 
down (someone’s) rights : usurpation (mis- 
takenly) oppression VJj[t^&$yjdas’t-e tazal’lum 
dtii z' kor’na V.T. complain or pray against 
oppression (mistakenly) show high-handed- 
ness [A ~ Jdf) 

• - ta'a'rkz n.i*. — 7 

(jJ'r frontation contention [A~ ( y>] 

fa'a'rfi/ n.m. introduction prea 



lotion (at court or in society) preface 
VjUj ta'a'ruf kara'na v.t. introduce (some- 
one) toty^Jj v (^/a‘a'r«/ pai'da kar'ns v.t. 
gejrto know ‘(someone) [A ~ 
fj-la'a'qib n.m. chase pursuit ; 

* & ta'a'qitb kar'ns v.t. chose pursue 

I qub , 

itSta'a'la adj. most high , exalted ifyuta’al- 
allah' int. God be exalted how 
lovely [A~y*] 

(j). *ia‘a'vun n.m. co-operation 1 mutual 
*3 van kar'ns v.t. co- 
operate (with) 

^ 0 ^ta“ ab n.m. fatigue exertion [AJ 

_ « 

mfta’blr' N.F. interpretation (of dream) 
yl “' explanation putting up (new) construc- 
tion (on words) /^ta’bir'.go' n.m. interpre- 
ter of dreams [A -t^Lf'j 

7la l 'biyah n.m. concealment plastering 

* accoutrement make-up ; getting ready 
Jfta'aj'jub n.m. surprise astonish-- 

ment amazement admiration 
{par) ta'aj'jub kar’na \!yt^^//ko) ta’aj'jub 
ho'na v.i. be surprised wonder • admire 
be amazed [A - L 

ijf) ta'jil' n.f. haste ; hurry quickness;.. 
v- 'rility expedition despatch V/fU? 
te(,' na v.i. -hurry; expedite act 
with -.espatch adj. express (letter, 

telegram, ttc.) la' ji'li jaqsim' n.m. 
express delivery jjtJf&jj'jfijg'tajUl ks’r-e 
thfijatih ba'vad prov. fruit of haste is repen- 
tence [A~^ 

I „ta‘dad' n.f. number strength CCf'j.hM 
ta’dsd' bats' na v.t. give or tell the 
number ot[A~jjfi) 

2 -la’ ad' dad n.m. frequency being more 
^ than one being numerous ; targe 
number ta'ad’dud-e itdivaj * (or 
azvsj) n.m. polygamy simultaneously 
having more than one wife [A- jj#\ 

* "ta'ad'di n.f. cruelty oppression 

ty ranny (rare) transgression [A 
i/7tpiil'H.r. making balances equalisa- 
K. tion adjustment proper functioning 
correct performance ^ (fj '(JhJ ta'dl'l-t arksn 
n.f. (in prayers) correct performance of various 
postures [A~ (Jltf) 

•J7la‘a r'ruz n.m. opposition hindrance 

US getting in the way \7/\m) 
st ta’ar’ruz (na) kar’na v.t. (not) to stand in 
the way of [A 

u/JaT/a rii’ N.F. Arabicization [A] 

jd^ta’riz' n.f. hint 
U"S sly hit [A ~Jy\ 

• n.f. praise; 

veiled reference 

fjp!j ta ' ri f' N - F - praise ; admiration ; com- 

•ts mendation definition (polite form 

used for) name definition ; making (noun) 
definite use of definite article (before noun) 
V)#l ta'rif'^ kar’na praise admire^ 
kar'ttmihk' soakh'naOgbk 
“a'ri'fofi kt pH! b&tidk'na^y.T. lavish 
praise ; praise very highly kl ta'rlf’ 

ph. may I know your (or the other person’s) 
name [A~^»*] 

~-~ta'’ziyat n.f. condolence ztyat 

*Z!s kar’na v.t. condole J&ijta'tljat na’ma/t 
n.m, letter of condolence **' 

7 toyin’ n.f. Fixation determination 

./•fag h«f' n.m. mason’s lime-pit heap 
jU'of mud, masonry, etc.tfjy/agha'rt n.f. 

trough [P] 

jj./jfagha/tif N.m. indifference inadvert- 
te ance unmindfulness neglect - neglf 
gence/ [p^PO/tagha'/fif shi‘ar\ 
ktsh adj. indifferent unmindful "[A- 

w \.r , ta|h'4i>«A n.m. nutrition feeding 
nourishment [A ~ \j&] 

i sf toghaz'zut amatory poetry composi- 
tit ion of ode love element in poetry 

ecstasy of love [A - (J'fi] 

^Jtafhal'lub n.m. domination [A- 


i N.F. contradiction proving 

<4 to be wrong putting in the wrong [A - 


•jiaghay'ygr n.m. ^change alteration 
mutation ciiyf^lafbay'yur-o tabad'dil n.m. 
changes ^alterations upheaval 
mutations tafh ay'yur har'ns v.t. 
change alter entering mutations 
lsf»a/j*r ho’na v.i., be changed be 
Mitered ^l^iafhayya rat' n.m. change 
alterationT^U'j't^piiJlf'ajy'Sra't-r har sa'tah 
x.w. annual record *of rural mutations [A~ 

'^tafhtir'^N.F. change fat', 

r-e rafig' n.f. change of state 

[A ~ jy\ 

. *a! «Sf n m. vapour steam [P] 

# *rigfN.M. , curse _ (rare) spittle int. 
shame ; fie^/^,^#/' Aat a/ par ph. 
shame curse be on him (etc.) [~P^if] 

4 ttSl ta f a '!<h ar n.m. boast ; vaunt vain 


■^iftofasir' N.f\ pl. commentaries ; exegeti. 
• / *» cal works or wiitings (A ~ sinct^-*^] 

ml' n.f. pl! detail 

*• ..‘tiqf&'vit N.m. difference disparity 
diversity fA-*#] 

n.m. augury taking good 
^ otnen(A~J(J] 

tof'iah (rare) adj. parched n.m. (fig,) 

^ lover 

taftish' n.f. investigation inquiry 
w^** research jara'im n.f. 

research (A1 

criminal investigation {y^j(J%ivftqi q-o laftlih 
n.f. research [A} 

^Joltafah'hus n.m. search research |A1 

m Uta/ar'ruj n.m. recreation p| f&^tafar' ruj- 
Qy gsk n.f. place of recreation [AJ 
m •’itaf'tiqak n.m. dissension sabisrh 
division discord separation 
differences fjl^bjjji(^ta/'riqa atda't (or 
pardat') n.m. * one sowing seeds of dissension 
dhmpUonht , yj!^^j'}tjljjJ'tef'r!gd ahda'4 
(or parda'd) N.f. sowing of dissention 
disruption taf'riqah da'tna v.t. dis- 

rupt create dissension ; sow seeds of discord 


y tdfar'nxj n.m. (rare) Westernization [A~£ 
Vr Frank] .*• 

S£tafrik' n.f. (pi*.iZ\tfrtafrtfat') entertain- 
&/ ment amusement diversion fun 
jest stroll recess ; mid-morning break 
^{/^tafri'fan, Anv. by way of amusement 
jestingly , for tun gt£yJtofri'A-t tab'- 
n.f. cheerfulness ; hilarity amusement 
V/&}> ta f ,ih ' ^ ar na V T - refresh oneself 
take a stroll amuse oneself 
^j^tajris' n.f. Persianization [A ~ P] 

/ ..“ttafrit' n.f. minimizing lower extre- 
"j* mity [h~ bf\ 

n.f. subtraction differenti- 
Uy ation split-u P Ofyjtytof'iq' 'fal 'na v.i. 

create dissention “disrupt i,‘/jjf^Jtafr'q’ 
kar'na v.t. subtract differentiate [A~ 


.•tlafsir' n.f. exegesis of the Holy Quran ; 

Quranic exegesis exegetical writing 
commentary [A) a/ »j 

Sflafsil’ n.f. detail particulars 

\;f tafsil’ bay' an kar'na,lfy*fV~iqf'sir 
kat'na v. detail ; give details ; explain in full 
var adj, in detail ; detailed 
At l infni' Anv item wise in detail* 

yJ tofsilai' n.f: pl. details 

. *• / Jt, 

culars [A~ 4 ^] 

, 'jZ tafzial' n.m. comparison excellence 
1%; pre-eminence tafifi' mm. 
adjcctive.of comparative or superlative degree 
ba'Jiji.T. comparative degree 
(of adjectives) kutj n.f. super- 

lative degree (of adjectives) ^^•'fa/a'/-* 


ucf'ft n.f. positive degree (of adjectives) [A ~ 

-•ttfaq'qfii N.M. kindness ll/j^tafaq'qQd 
kar'a v.T. show kindness (to) lA~jj££] 
tqfaq'qoh n.m. discrimination 

knowledge beiog conversant with 
Muslim jurisprudence [A~ ] 

jfffi tafak'htr n.m. thoughtfulness re- 
Action cogitation meditation 

n.f. musket gun [P~ 

•gjtafaa'nbn n.m. diversion pastime, 
Cr amusement ; entertainment 
tafan'Wn-t-tab' 1 n.m. diversion of mind 
amusement [A~ £ ] 

« ytafae'vuq n.m. superiority pre> 

cedence (£«r) lafav'vuq 

faill ho'ia v.i. have precedence over 


toils' n.f. entrusting dele- 

gation (of righto etc.) giving 

(woman) away in marriage without dowry 
«*k 'z-t ikhtijsm’ N.M. Ft. 
delegation of powers (A j 

rfi-tqfok'ham n.f. understanding ; getting 
know [A~ £ ] 

'Jgttafhim' n.f. f teaching, instructions 
causing to understand 
Mf n.f, fl. explanation elucidation 
adds to understanding l A ~ ] 

L?-taqab{il n.m. . encounter com- 

pari son [K~ji ) 

Np ' ^ PI " 

l/j&taqarir’ n.f. (fl. ofyj^N.F. *) 

. • n.m, dun importunity 

***** demand urgency $/l) 
taqaza’-t-iin , (or.^'fiw’r) adv." demands or 
age, taolus '•< shaft d' n.m. 

. strong pressure ; great stress 
Utqaa‘-**vaq't n.m. call of times 
IsfS'eS iar'na v.T. urge press 
importune dun^tjs&agaea'i n.m. dun 

i~**Uya'l8r N.M. distillation. falling 
in drops drizzle [A~ gJaS\ _ 
n.m. intersection [A ~ £?} 

rjteJB'si n.f, "taccavi’ ; pecuniary 
'<•)*** advance to peasantry for capital ex- 

diversion pastime 

. * L 


diversion of mind 

penditure [A] 

j?“taqaiim l n.f. pl. „ calendars al- 
manacs [A ~ SING. (J*\ 
t'^ljtaqod'dus n.m. sanctity lioliness 

t m jX< u r / jj$ laf l a d'd\is-’nc‘ , &b' adj. holy,; 

’ sacred N.M. (as title) His Holiness [A ~ } 

I y£jtaqbil' n.f/ (lit.) kissing [A] 

"taqad'dum n.m. priority precedence 

(in time, order or rank) advance ; 
moving forward (A ~(j?] 

•Sj taqdir' n.f. luck fate fortune 
'{r destiny lot predestination ; 

luck^ „ divine decree (rare) estimate 

VbjiSja) taqdir' aztna'tta v.i. try one’s luck 
t 'V&Adtaqdir' bi'garna v.i. fall on 

evil days come under an evil star bj&jSd 
taqdir' phtrna (or pa’latna) v.i. Have 
change in circumstances L (.* Ut^j y&L,) 

£tfjS) taqdir' phoot'na (or pkooi janabr so*ja'aa) 
v.i. face hard time come^under an unlucky 
Star fall on evil days ^i^ZSTtaqdir' jag'na 
(or lar'na) v.i. have luck ;* have a stroke 

(good or bad) change of fortun 
taqdir ks lik'kha (or ba'da) n.m. 'lot ; fg tr 
divine decree writing on the wall fyft fJjSS 
taqdir' ka hi’ta n.m. unlucky bloke*; unfor- 
tunate person taqdir' ka 

A’ge tadtir' na'fttn shal'R prov. "there, is no 
cure for bad luck ; none can, withstand what 
is decreed by heaven [A ~ jj9\ 

i ~ taqdis' n.f. sanctity sanctification 
L/,'*** glorification [A-^/'jJ] 
j ~~taqdim' n.f. presentation prece- 

y*^ dence [ A ~ J 

taqar'rUb N.M. nearness ; proximity 

access; xppto&chil/^Utm^taqar'mb 
haul kar'na v.T. have accesr obtain 
proximity [A - 

m ~taqar'rur n.'m. appointment nomi- 

taqribat') 4 function ceremony 
festival occasiinl^^hffl'iai adv, about 
nearly approximately round about 
[A-u^J] .. 

j-rtaqrir‘ n.f. (VL.jgUttaqarir’) speech 
oration discourse address talk 


lecture (rare) comment taqrir' 

kar'na make or deliver a speech ; speak 
lecture address ; give an address give 
a discourse give a talk taqri'ri adj. 

verbal ; oral declamation (contest, etc.) 


.. - .taqriz n.f. (critical; appreciation 

JVf favourable review [A) 

•tflaq'sim n.f. division partition 
distribution apportionment. cir- 
' culation jf^^tagsim-e ksr' n.f. division 
of work tat l s i m ' kar'na v.t. di- 

vide distribute apportion, .partition 
share (between) laqsi'm-r-- 

mttrak'kab N.F. compound * division 
tnqsi'm-t muj’rad n.f. simple division t&fCT 
taq&'m-e mukam'mal n.f. division-jwithout 
remainder , exact divisionvtfCT^JfftfJim 
n&’mah n.m. partition deed taqsim' 

ho'na v.i. be divide be shared be 
partitioned be distributed be apoortion- 
ed f A ~ ) 

s "“jtaqsir' n.f. , mistake ; error omission 

shortcoming , defect fault sin 
crime ; guilt ; [A ~jj& ] 

V? taqtir ' n.f. distilatlion falling drop 
yg**by drop JjfJJ&taqfl’T Ul-hauf N.M. 
painful discarge of urine in drops [A ~ 
g£taqa‘' N.F. scanning size (of book, 

paper, etc.) [A~ ] 

J^taqUd' n.f. conformation ; conformity; 
being a conformist followipg in the 
footsteps (of) emulation I'Jj^taqkd' kar^ 
ni v.t. conform follow emulate (iyj** 

taqk'dl adj. conformist [A ~ 
ihflaqtU' N.F. minimising diminution . 

diminishing pjfjl&i** taqULe if a' dak 

n j\ diminishing utility iftj&taqhl-t ha'sil 
n.f. diminishing returns 
i ~Jjtdq va n.f. fear of God piety 
abstinence ; abstemiousness fijJJjilah'l-i 
taq'v a (or aik’.) n.m. pious persons God- 
fearing persons abstemious persons [A~ 


„ •utaq'mjat n.f. strength strengthe- 
ning support \jyCfy* *>taq'viyat dt'na 
v.t. strengthen backup 

/■„ *T taqvim’ n.f. (pl. ^CjQftaqavlm') al- 
y’r manae calendar JijkjfJyP taqvl'm-e 

pari'nah, N.F. past year’s*almanac (fig.) 
worthless things ; outdated or outmoded stuff 
taqvi'mf adj. calendar ^j^y^taqvi'nd sal 

n.m. calendar year [A] 
p/ ta'qi ADJ. pious 

devout abste* 

-"taqa/yid n.m. condition; proviso 
restriction {A — 

•”7 taqiy’yah n.m. permissibled subterfuge 

nr [A -ctyfi 

/ 'tak prep. till until to up to 

towards as far as ; so far as 
jCtuk n.f. (fig.) relevance ; sense ; justi- 
fication (rare) ryhme fff. ^^ tak'- 
batidl n.f. insipid versification 
tak’ nuk tuk' mils' na v.t. agree (with) ; play 
second fiddle (to) ^Tf^-bt-tuka n.m. un- 
reliable person outward or difficult adj. 

without rhyme or reason ; unjustified 
meaningless irrelevant n,F- 

bosh ; nonsense adj. nonsensical inrele- 
vam tf'l(f2~be-iuki hank'ni v.t. talk non- 

sense , 

j y*tik'k&, ^y"tik'kah n.m. bit or piece of 
flash grilled piece of flesh 
ka bo' ti kar'na v.t. tear to pieces hack 
mangle pull to pieces 

t/ftOk'ka n.m. grainless cob pointless 
missible mere conjecture . guessyj'jf 
'la'ga to tlr' na'hlfi to tuk'ki prov . 
a dart wide of the mark is no better than a 

■la J* taka'sUl n.m. laziness ; indolence . care- 
U i T lessness [A ~ A^] 

takalif ' n.f. (pl. of 4 j*<Jr*N.F. ★) 
“t/ftakan n.f. fatigue; tiredness 

taksn UlSr’na (or door‘s kar'na) v.t. & I. 
give or take some nsik^ff^iakan' duri'na, 
v.i. b tired be fatigued [doublet of 


Tyjakari n.f. shaking jerk Is^flytakan 
dt'na v.t. jerk [P] ^ 

gj! tckab'bur n.m. pride; conceit; haughtiness 
arrogance egotism insolence 
(rare) loftiness [A~ yf) 
fftekbir' n.f. praise of God repetition 
yT, die words ‘Allah-o Akbar’ takbir' 
ann ouncem ent of initiation of congregational 
prayers Jf* } ^JftakH'r-t oo'la n.f. initial 
‘takbir’ (f/^takbir' kaih’na v . t . announce 
initiation of congregational prayers repeat 
the words 4 Allah-o Akbar' \>%$) (p») takHT 
park'm v.t. (begin to) slaughter animai in 
I Muslim way [A ~ / ^") 




K > 

jL Qik' tik n.f. & i nt. (same as £ *£. 
fakh ' takh n.f. & int. -fr) 

&£taks1r' n.f. increase ; augmentation ; 
y£ multiplication f j( ff^'tqksi'r-e if a dak 
n.f. ' increasing utility J^f^^’taksi'r-e ha'sil 
n.f. increasing returns [A~ &ff\ 

, Astaksif' n.Fj, condensation density 


/ftakad'dUr n.h. turbidity disquietude 
JJT unpleasantness misunderstanding 

./£tak&b' n.f. contradiction falsifica- 
tion t, , jLsj£iakzik' kar'na V.T. falsify 
contradict [A~wjtf 

ifftakrar' n.m. tautology repetition 

argument altercation contention 
tokrar’ ko'na v.i. argue ; quarrel 
(tfl/ftakrar' kar’na v.t. quarrel ; argue 
repeat (fjjf'takra'ri ADJ. contentious 
querulous [A~ j\ 

J rthakrim' n.f. respect honour 

reverence fcfriS'iakrini' kar'na v.i. show 
respect t lakrim' ho'na v.i. be shown res- 
pect [A~ 7 */] 

fMfftak’rb adj. {r.tff'lak'ri) stout well- 

/ftakas'sur n.m. (math.) carrying figures 

(rare) beihg shattered [ A 
^fiakgir' n.f. (math.) carrying figures 
^ shattering [A ~ \ 

Itpt* takafful n.m. support ; maintenance i A ~ 

•jfftakfir' n.f. infidelity charge ex- 

j/TT communication \_K~Jfif] 
jtfrtakfln n.f. shrouding V/tfjf'takf in' kar'na 
v.T. shroud [A—^, y\ 
y> tuk’kal n.f. diamond sliaped paper kite 

.hAlak'la n.m. spindle (j tak'le kc sc 

r bd mkal'na v.t. bring '(someone) to his 
sense* ; put (someone) to rights l'/; 
sookh’ kar lak'la ho'na v.i. grow the very lean 
peak and pine 

# J^takal'luf n.m‘. formality ceremony 
inconvenience ; trouble ; pains 
lavish expenditure Jf^/u^takal’luf bar ia'raf 
AOV. ceremony aside ; frankly spealdng ; 
tube fraakfe/tj ^T S^y& iakari Uf ba'ratna (or 
Aar'xS) v.i. stand on ceremony tafcp 
pains he ceremonious ,Ja^,be-takul'lUf adj. 

unceremonious plain frank forth- 
right informal (of friend) free^j^J^** 

iakullofa f n.m.. pl. ceremonies formali- 
ties iSslfijfyfj ras'mi takallufaf n.m. fl. for-> 
malities specious cordiality* 

maj'lisi takallufaf n.m. pl. etiquette 

social ceremony [A] 

jytakal’lUm n.m. speech , speaking 
I conversation [A ~ f ] 

, yrtaklif n.f. trouble ; inconvenience 
difficulty ; hardship suffering 

torment ; affliction (rare) responsibility 
l*(g fy uika’na v.i. suffer be 

put to inconvenience undergo hardship 

Ci fjpJ &taklif' de'na v.t. trouble put to 
or cause inconvenience vex ; annoy 
taklif kar'na, v.i. take the trouble 
taklif-e ma'-la yutaq' n.f. unbearable 

trouble staggering or overwhelming responsi- 
bility [A] / 

iB’taffmilah n.m. appendix [A~ (JU] 

^tuk'mah Jim. button-hole loop ; eyelet 
sS tuk'mah n.m. cord knob 

and eyelet (as outmoded button and button- 

takmil' n.f. completion implementa- 
(/•* tion ; execution authentication 
consumatijon conclusion termination 
c *Cfy*f'takm' l-e tamos' sUk n.f. execution of 
bond (jpfyJf'l.akml'l-e rah'n (coh rth'n) N.F. 
termination of mortgage £/$gf‘iakn8l' kar'na 
C[£~f£k?(SvJ (ps'ya-c) takmil' ko puhMfka'na 
v.t* complete autlienticate execute ; 
implement ) (P&'y 3 -*) tokn&T ko 

pahufich'na, (yjj^lakmil’ ho'na v.i. be 
complete 'conclude terminate be 
executed ; be implemented [A ~^(/J 
."/’tak’na V.t. & i. look at gaze store 

at ogle expect &%>(($(&) rah’ tok’na 
v.t. wait for ; look out (for) &%lj,!{paraya 
hath, tak’na V.T. depend upon (someone) : be 
parasitical (,*( Pjftok'ki laga'na v.i. stare 

f niya adj. three-cornered ; triangular ( ~ 


jj'takt&ri n.f. creation bringing 
Genesis [A-^l/5 

jfitok'yah n.m. pillow bobter reliance 
•• support prop hermitage (, ’jlglQ 
(par) tak’jah kar'na v.t. depend (on); “rely 


la' g-n-po, g-n-taz' n.f. running 

about search endeavour gallop 
Mg-o-dau' n.f. running about endeavour 

t p L 

.*&tigad'dam n.m. clique of three ; cliques 
f ~ entanglement of (strings of) three 

fytsgarg' n.m. (lit.) hailstone [P] 

■y m 

tt&ig'm, adj. (f. g tig’nt) > threefold 
triple triplicate ; thricej/^^if^Tig'rri k& 
ndfft' naffcva'na Pit. dance r (somoene) to 
one's tune harass [ ~ + cA 

frtig'gt n.f. a three (in cards) [ - ut\ 


LtiV n.m. sesame-seed : sesamum pupil 
U of eye small particle ^ mole^/v'^tiT 
hard.' bar adj. very little cha'uali n.f. 

rice mixture adj. grizzled f til-chat' ts n.m. 

. -L .1— - 

JfiVtalatum n.m. storm dashing ; buffiet- 
| ’ ing (of billows) [A - ^ ] 

I, Ttata'fi n.f. making amends re- 
0- compensc ; compensation reparation 
vJljtf 'alafi kar'nu v.t. compensate 
make amends lyjjljr tala'fi ho'nS v.t. be re- 
compensed Lsb’iftiftcla'fi-t ma-f at' ph. letting 
bygones be bygones JA] 

• , J* tali' mU<ih Jslftalamiz’ n.m. (pl. Xf 

fz M M. *) 

Ifrtula'nu v.t. (see under O’ tQl'na v.i. ^r) 

jj^taia’'o n.m. pool pond lake 

L^Ziila'iat n.f. (of the Holy Quran) read- 
ing recitation [A] 

i SftrJhLi n.f. impersonation disguise 
C/- * deception counterfeiting (currency) 

j i.} f .• .. //Iiirnwv co vinrr 

(personation disguise 
counterfeiting (currency) 

cockroach lO'J’tll' ch/ita'na v.(. (as wedding | ^'tal'bijah n.m. (during ‘Haj’) saying ‘lab- 
rite) cause to^jecome hen-pecked l^i baik assurance of being at God’s 

t*j rStil’ dhar'ne ki ja'gah na ho'na v.i. (of place) 

. be overcrowded : be filled to capacity 
al’-bkQg'ga N.M. crushed jsesamum sweet- 
meat til'-shak'ri, 

til ADV. little by little ti'lofi 

meh id' na'Mt nrr. you can’t hope to have 
your way with so-and-so \J^til'va n.m. sweet 
sesamum rolls [P] >t 

C Ttal pref. low down fjtljftal-nag’ra 
U adj. & n.m. (W. dial.) sly person avoiding 
looking others in the face [ - ^C] 

,r Ml*, n.m. sole (of shoe) coating 
V* clump (of) shoes bottom ground flour 
l/jjfMla dt'na v.t. coat bottom of (saucepan) 
with fuller’s earth, etc. # „ 

£ til' la n.m. drawn gold gold lace^/Ufk 

^ til’la-sa'd N.F. gold-lace making 

,r ti'lla dan n.m. (dial.) alms equal to dis- 
tributor’s weight { ~ Cljf] 
ftjlL tala’ turn n.m. being mutually necessary 
( yj^tala'zUmah n.m.; (in speech, etc.) 
mechanical use of words relating to one idea 

Ttalash' n.f. search quest 1%/** 
^ talash' kar’na v.t. search for ; seek 
ma'dsh' n.f. search for em- 
ployment ; job-hunting n.f. search 

tf* baik ’ ; assurance of being at God’s 

beck and call 

i ±£tal'pat adj. topsy-turvy ruined 

U ' , V wasted lost [ ~(Jtal] „ 
if ^ lal'fhhat n.f. sediment [ — Jrtal) 

yta'lcjihna v.i. feel uneasy be test- 

is less loss (from pain, 
tal’tthoo mal'dkhao kar' na,^l(jy^jfa/^"’tat dijuoh 
mal'ftooti kar'na v.i. be fidgety 
•X'tal'kh adj. bitter pungent mtj. 

palatable - acrid ; acrimonious 

talkh-ab' /{& talkh-a'bah^tjM. bitter water 
wine bitternmiC^^trd'kh haql'qat n.f. 
unpalatable truth Z/tf£~talkh-kam adj. 

unpalatable truth talkh-kam adj. 

frustrated (person)^j(^/ talkk-ka'mi n.m. frust- 
ration fgtalkh-go, fig tat kh-nava' adj. 
person saying bitter things ; uttering unplat- 
able truths tal'kh-go"l, talkh- 

na ra'‘as n.f. utterance of unpalatable truths 

j£~tal'kh-miz&j ' ‘ adj. surly kTtit 

mi&ji n.f. surliness Ud'kfrodM’i. 

n.m. vicissitudes of life adj. sour and bitter 

&& Kjr - (fi«) 

various aspects of life y tat kit d.t. 
bitterness acidity pungency acrimony 

unpleasantness • bad blood [P) 

Jftalkhls' n.f. abridgment V. 
( J ** ka’rns v.t. abridge [A] 


• •rtalaz'ziiZ n.m. enjoyment; deriving pleasure 

-V[A ~^] 

JTtul'sl n.f. sweet basil 


t % uP talaflOf n.m. kindness favour gjjl 
^’ob k az ra'h-e tala' luf adv kindly ; gra- 
ciously talat'tuf karna v.T. do favour 

show kindness [A ~ ^gh>] 
t Zta'laf n.m. destruction , ruin loss 

waste VJ^d^ialaf kar'tja v.t. 
destroy ; ruin waste ; squander lose 
ta'laf ho'na v.i. be destroyed be 
ruined be wasted . be squandered [A] 
i* Zj^tala/'fnz n.m. pronunciation ^ 

ka lalaffuz ho' nav-.i. {of word) be pro- 
nounced [A 

fijltialqin' n.f. persuasion religious tn- 
struction (esp. at death-bed) pronounc- 
ing the creed to urge dying person to repeat it 


jfeta'lak adv {arch, or col. form of <_*v“ 
adv. ★) 

Jrti'lak n.m. (dial.) colour-mark placed by 
Hindus on brov/tf j[pj lm Xy~ti’lak-dhan 
n.m. one daily besmearing brow with ‘tilak’ 
($ l _Jy~ti'l a k lags' na v.t besmear (one’s 
brow) with ‘tilak’. - /•_ m 

dT talal'li (dial tul'tuli ) n.f. jet , spurt 

0 talal'li bshdk'ns v.T. direct a jet \JpjJ," im“ 
talal'li bahiknzt v.t. spurt out 

• £ talam'muz n.m. being or becoming a pupil 

studentship sha'raj-e 

talam'muz ho'na v.t. be a ptfpil of [A - 
<•. j L talmala ni v.t. be impatient be 
v res tless . feel uneasy fret 

talmala' hat J^'tal'maU «■*. uneasiness 
Jr et ting 

lalmlh’ n.f. (pl. talmihat') allusion 

O .J[A ~ ^ „ 

• l talmiz' n.m. (pl tala' mizak or JLs0> 

tahrmz') pupil student [A] 

.*/*to/’na v fry roast talvs'na v.t 
have (something) fried 
P'tS/'na v.t. {see underlay v.t. *) 

'C’tilanga n.m. (during British occupation 
#f the sub-continent) native soldier in 
Western uniform (owing to original batches’ 
training in Telingana) Telegu-speaking per- 

soi tilofigl’ n.f; Telegu 
fCial'v a, 0? tala' n.m. sole (of foot) 

* il/ fjb'tal'va khvja'na v.i. 

(of sole) itch have a foreboding of travel 
\Jj j\J>~tal'w na lag'i ta^v.i. be restless, be 
impatient gjl v °h se 3 S’ log' na v.i. 
be in a rage ' al ' wil se 

lag'na sir' men JO. kt ‘bvjk'na v.t be greatly 
hurtp^^jj,^ to i non se mal'na v.t. trample 
von se ankhet mal'na . v . t . 
evince humility be meel^jl t/b)l£\fz£tal've 

ehat'na (or saihla'na ) v.T. fawn on ' flatter 
coax cajole ; today l / 'y^j J ^£ r /tal've ckkal'n i 
ho'na v.i. have a tiresome journey have 
run about a lot have endeavoured much 
\Z$£Z’'£.ftal've se tag'nn v.i. follow meekly I'M!/ 
iLtalwar n.f. sword sabre scimitar 

talvar' chala'na v.t. strike with a sword 

put to the sword n. M i-fencing f^jj^talvar' 
ejiat'na v i. be fighting with swords n.m. 
sword-fight (ffitfjlf’talvar' ka dka’ni n.m. good 
swordsman \£y'j!jftalvar' soht'na , \jf 'alvar' 

kheiieh'na i v.i. draw the sword , unsheathe the 
sword talvar' ka gha‘‘o n.m. sword-cut; 

sword-wound i'/jtt ('isj/j^U/l/'lalvar' miyan' 
(or neyam') men kur'na v.i. sfieathe the sword 
ron kt clia'oii men ph well- 
guarded ; under shadow of swords 
nangr talvar’ li'ye- adv with a drawn sword 
bj/'tal' varya n.m. swordman 

j •jj / "nlvansalt l ‘J , tllauitda,\X/tilaufi'sa ADJ. (of 
* lamp) aslant (to bring oil nearer wick) 
Vtulav'vun n.m. fickleness capriciousness 
ar da/ ‘talav vun-e tab'' n.m. capri- 
ciousness fickle-mindedness gjy>{0/ialav ‘ vitn 
mizaj' adj. capricious whimsical 
fickle-minded (f'.i/fy/talao'eun mizaji n.f 
capriciousness fickle-mindedness [ A ~ ] 

£ til'll n.f. spleen milt this as food 

r ta'le adv. on the groundfloor down 
under , below beneath ke ta'le 
adv. at the bottom of at the foot of 
ta'le oo'par adv one upon the other 
Jg" ta'le oo'par ke adj. (of children) born 
, in luccession jjl j ta'le oo'par ^ki auUti’ 
n.f. children born in succession ta 'le pet' 
na v.i. sleep on the floor * 

| da ni N F - needle-pouch . housewife 

^ji/talai'ht, ^ttalat'tki n.f submontane 
0 *' region 

j^til'yar n.m, starling 

^ UWfcrstON. (nominative) you 

{fl?fems'siif n.m. similarity ; likeness ; re* 
V semblance [A ~ 

tiSj lamud ' di n.f. (lit.) passage (of time) 

V*** duration (tltf^/tomad'di-e ayyniri n.f. 

passage of time (A ~ 
vrtoma'rKt n m. valetudenarism 

C#* malingering 

^jj lftama'zat n.f. heat ; intense heat [A] 

, A| ‘’tama'3ha**\j~Uma' shah n.m. show 
•^^entertainment spectacle fun sport 

oddity film show business^ 
n.m. onlooker spectator igQ'Stamash'lAn n. 
rake ; libertine ; debauchee^jJ/iT/amasftAt'nJ 
n.f. licentiousness • debauchery U& ptflama- 
£ha de&h'na v.i. witness a show enjoy 

other’s misfortun tw\$\7tamadta Aor'na v.t. 

put on a show stage a play jeer ; 

jest ; make fun (of) (rare) see, view 
$\>itduM'sha kar'nc vala N.M. showman 
exhibitor actor one who makes sport 
funny pcnon&Lj^iftama'die hi bar n.f. 
funny thing t &tftcmash'~gah' n.f. show 
place theatre (A ~ J'O cork.] 

AjUmari adj. entire , whole total_ 

| ^ complete full n.m. end ; conclusioiy^i/ 
(or/*U) tamam' -tar adj. most all entire 

j&f&tanam' dfid fh. its all over ; its done 
withtt/fV tamam’ kar'na v.t. complete 
conclude 4a Asm tamam' kar'na v.t. 

kill ; murdeit/^l' /amam' ko'na v.i. be 
finished ; be concluded ; come to an end 
be completed; be ovcrtyftffWka kam tamam ' 
ko'na v.i. be dead^jt/jdj uma’m-o-kamal' adv. 

thoroughly wholly ; entirely fully ; 

completely totally iftftama'ntl n.f. 

completion conclusion n.m. a variety of 
brocade [A] 4 

J|^/ Utmba'koo n.m. tobacco [Sp, ~ s*MLg > 
‘..Hsid red Indian word] ^ 

^p /tam'mat adj. finis [A ~ 

~7umft n.m. utilization "JV 
C/ gain perf o r ma nce of minor 
pilgrimage along with the major one 

tom' soma na v.i. glow Audi 
l IT (of face) redden ; be enraged sparkle 

N.M. utilization 
pe rf or ma nce of minor 
along with the maji 

civilisation urbani* 

flash i ~f&tem'tama’haf n.f. glow 
reddening (pf lace) sparkling 
( tZjtomsal’ n.f. .stature portrait 

V . likeness [A ~J7) 
pAutmdT n.f. drama ; play allegory 
LT- parable apologue instance 
example resemblance simiIitude$5£/iS0* 
tamsil ’ peak kar’na v.t*. ^ put on a play 

adduce an example la'na v.t. 

adduce an example J^tamsi'lm adv. for 
instance ; for example allegorically ; as a 
parable [A -Jp*) 

Jftamjid' n.f. glorification (of God) 

• -tamad’din n.m. civilisation urbani* 
Uji zation 

jtamar’rud n.m. disobedience insolence 
■y transgression ; exceeding the limits 
haughtiness , concert (rare) tyranny [A] 

tamos' Mir n.m. joke ; jest fun ; 

Jt buffoonery [A] 

sUtamas'suk n.m. (monetary or legal) 
t-'w'* bond promissory note (rare) cling- 
ing (to) ; sticking fast [A] 

• jttamQah n.m. medal (arch.) royal 

^ charter (arch.) official stamp, etc. on 
merchandise " (arch.) poll tax [P] 

,ntam'kanat n.f. gravity power 

t*^Tpomp grandeur haughtiness [A] 
jyiam'kin n.f. dignity gravity [A ~ 
Cv^oublet of prec.] 

Utmal’lUq n.m. flattery [A] 

Jytajrdik' n.f. position settlement 
of property [A ~ 

I tu man-dor n.m. centurion chief 
(among certain Baluch tribes) [T+ 

100 soldien+Pjfo] 

tyttanum'na n.f. wish desire longing 
IZ/fcUt) tftaman'na (ta'kir) kar’na v.t. 
wish desire ; express a desire for 
_ j tarnm' vaj n.m. biHowing (of warn) 

, j tamoez (rare ta mmoot ') n.m. nameafm 
summer month intense heat [A] 

J jtanusv’val n.m. riches ; wealth weal* 

USjUamlA - Jt) 

IjU tumka'ra pron. your yours ( 

^.Jtamhti' n.f. introduction • preface 
•* preamble ; prolegomena prdimi- 



nary discourse preparation opening ; 
beginning tamkid' uthana n.f. in- 
troduce a subject broach or introduce a 
topic begin ; initiate {^{(Jj^tamhi'dell 
baftdh'na v.i. make vain suppositions 
make false promises try to introduce 
subtly make advances (jjgftamhi ’di adj. 

introductory, preliminary [A ~ js? ] 
s/ tum'bi^fedtumkif) PRON. you you ; 
V -yourself [ ~ p] 
ijfc t fUm'hek PRON. you ; to you [ - ^ ] 

n.f. manners etiquette 

A sense ..judgment direction 
distinction j\)fK tanuz'-dar adj. . „ well- 
mannered discreat judicious i rjfetamlz' 

kar’na v.X. be mannerly ».* distinguish^^* 
bad-iav&z' {pe&.ySJrbe-lannz’) adj. unmanner- 
ly (A~foix. CORR.l 

,1 tamyu? n.f. distinction qualifica- 
tion category J^li/harf-t tamflz' 
n.m. qualifying word adverb [A)_ 

sturdy tan' ba'dan^ pkoonk'na v.T. 

consume the body ^ tSiCfy& ian ' ba'dan melt 
ag' lag’rta v.i. fly into a*passion ; be enraged 
grow very jealous^y^/ tan'-par’var adj. 
selfish self-indulgent indolent^^torr 
far' varl n.f. selfishness self-indulgence 

indolence [^^ta'n-e Jtanha' adj. all 
alone all by one self tan'durust' adj. 
healthy hale and hearty t,y&fcflan-durust' 
kar’na v.t. cure fy*%&ian 'duriist' ho’na v.t. 
recover recoup hca!th^y^la»'rf8rBi’fi n.f. 

health recovery *fz^jl$%ft‘ridurUs'ti 

bazar ne'‘mat hat prov. health is better than 
wealth^Vtfc/) tarideti' n.f. devotion 
diligence^^W dhaftk’na v.i. have 
clothes go about in ordinary clothes -i/'fan'- 
zeb n.m. a^kind of muslin a kind of 
waistcoat<^W man n.m. body and soul 
Cff/Jtan' man' dkan’ n.m. body, soul and 
wealth all one’s resources man ' 

ikon' st ADV. with full devotion^jf£/W man] 
st ad v. with all one’s heart and soul 
tan' man' mar’na v.t. suppress one’s feelings 
work with devotion taa* man var'na 

v.i. be ready to lay down one’s ta'ne- 

M' n.m. strong bodyj^yUan-oo mold’ adj. 
sturdy [P] 

0 ** 

l^lan'na v.i. (same as (x’v.i. if ) 

struggle dispute con* 

tentiontJ^J'l/ tana’-zo' lilbaqa' n.m. struggle 
«..? .. .. / ■ ■ . 

Ttana'zo' n.m 

for existencc^l/'iana'^o'oA n.m. (col. quarrel ; 
dispute [A 

t m0 *£lana'sub n.m. proportion **tf/\stona' sub-t, 
* ^ a'za’ n.m. due proportion of the limbs 
1 ^‘tanajub-f murak’kab n.m. compound pro- 
pOrtiorduSl^iana'sUb-t mStfrad n.m. simple pro- 
portion L-^^^tana'sub-e mUn'qalib N.M. in- 
verse proportion [A -%5^] 
jf / t~tana'sukh n.m. metempsychosis ; trans- 

C/^migration of soul (rare) transformation 


Ai^tana'sul n.m. reproduction ; procreation 
tana'sal n.m. genitals 

penis [A-^] 

tana' fur n.f. putting together words 

^^hard to pronounce mutual aversion 

•X,~ tana qUz n.m. ..incompatibility dis- 
{J ^crepancy 

I ,~tana'oul n.m. eating .(rare) extending 
J tone’s hand to grip(^^t^jU>'iana'pfi/ 
kar'na {or farm' Ha) v.T. tAt£/jj^yl^na~ba'. 
zar tana'vul kar'na v.t. (humble request to 
guest to) eat whatever is made available by 
the host : partake of feastJA] 
iv’tam'fa (col. focdOuomban’) 

. n.m. loose trousers [P ~ ] 

'Mm' boo n.m. tent 

•• * 
f \tamboo‘ra,5y! 


j \tamboV n.m. cash. ^ wedding-gift 
OK (rare) betel-leaf ^(Jjrtambd’ par’na v.i. 
(of cash wetjding-giftsf be collected 
n.m. betel-leaf vendor 
m.t. woman vending 

betel-leaf seller 

\Ttanab'boh n.m. awakening 
* the warning [A- foll.) 

^pjtambih' n.f. warning reproof 
»* monition reprimand (pcd.) awaken- 
ing ; arousing tX^Uunbih' kar'na warn 
admonish reprimand vjfeff tombih' ho'na 
v.i. • realise be warned [A] 
i, / j *t IS*' pkan kar'na v.t. »y angry 
"sUhW things be haughty 

'rah n.m. 





-zjr — ; 

ka vaq'l N M right moment 
## • * ~ 

Jytantar J^y^lan'lat man' tar n.m (dial.) 

/ charm , enchantment 
• j 'jlitn'tUm n.m a kind of guitar 

^ *« 

*J ftiinkhah' n.m. pay ; assignment 

W salary wages pay lankha'-dar 

n.m. paid (servant) one of the salaried 
class [P 

ftuhd ADJ. fierce furious violent # - 

"^rough severe rapid swift ; fast S’X^ 
lUhd-khoo'^ ADJ. fierce ; furious irascible 

surlyjt&J'ffiftrf-rt^iiar' adj. fleet-footed 
ra.p\<l adj. foul-mouthed 

sharp-tongued^^/B*</'-»»i5/ adj. 
fieicc ; furious hot-heated irascible 

sui ly^c^l ka'd-e-lut,d' , tufid -bad ^ n.f 

tempest * storm strong wind(£>7u*V. 
fierceness ferocity fury violence 

swiftness sharpness severity force [P] 
jfc!‘ahdoor' n.m. (col forv^N.M. ■*•)- 

JrtAndail n.m. & adj pot-bellied (person) 

•• i ~>yi 

tjlanaz'zul N.m. decline ^decay de- 
motion : degradation!^!^'' tanaz'zil ho' na 
v.t. decline be demoted . be degraded 

L.ytanaV n.f. revelation (of the Holy 
0/ Qpran) [A ~ J/?3 
".Ctam&K n.f. purification purigation 
-/ keeping (someone) away from sins (A~ 

.J^jT tan sikh n.f. repeal abrogation 

£/* quashing cancellation ■ revocation 
annulment [A ] 

^ -aM tan&b' n.f. installation [A 

♦ ^ iansif ' n.m. bisection [A 

tan&n’ N.F. organisation , party 
j ** organisation ; setting in order discipline 
regimentation arrangement (rare) 
threading (pearls) (rare) versification [A -• 

I n.m easy life life of 

luxury prosperity [A ~cJ>} 
n.m disgust [A] 

<$m*f'fir n.m disgust 
aversion [A~^] 


j^tanaj'fos nji. breathing : respiration 
<J jV&tUlz't-t tandj'Jus n.m. respiratory 
organs^^ntja'm-e tana/ ‘/us n.m. respira- 
tory system^taruif'/isi adj. respiratory (A~ 


J^tangih' n.f. issue (in law-suit) point 
& of issue search ; inquiry c le a r ance 
of doubt decision ; determination ; settle- 
ment n.m. pl. issue (in law-suit) 
L^^Uanq-'-ta'lab adj. (point) at issue 
(point) to be determined ; decided or sett- 
I tedyf&tanqih' kar'na v.t., determine or settle 
issue in a „ law-suit 

kar'na.Q&'gf y 'lanqik nikal'rS) v.t. frame or 
draw up [A] 

I -Sftanqid' n f. criticism review criti- 
l-A'J' cal appreciation^ fault-finding 

animadversion t*l ha daf-e^/anqiA' 
band'm v.t. criticize slate [A~>#J] 

Jjftan'qls’ n.f, fault-finding advme 
»• criticism (rare) curtailment (A -*^•*1 
^dtan'qiyah n.m. purgation purge (A - 

~ ... i 

/f lunik adj. (lit.) slight having little 
tjjin weak short • lacking # large- 
ness c?&(£*tfin'nuA-.:ary‘ adj. mean^Jc^'lS'- 
nak-mizzj adj. short tempered ; peevish ; 
irritable [P] 

t/~tinka n.m. straw blade (of grass) 

^ dried stalk *&" 

aw &kap'par rakh’ du'na ph. put under graat^ 
obligation for a small favour {s&lSltf2dCf& r 
an'ka Utar'ne ka tfcan man'na ph. be oblidged 
for a small f&vour^jsg&Un’ka Ulna lor 
sak'na v.t. ^extremely lazy be very in- 
dolent^^jl/^fiVfa dak' to* mth IS** v.T. 

admit defeat : throw up the sponge ads 
for mercyCpv ^tin'ka *a rath'** V.I. be 
divested of everything (,*{£>£ h jS*M 
v.i. become thin and lean •. be emaciated 
tin'ke chun’na v.t. be intoxicated ; 
g-o mad ; become insane be intoxicated ; 
be dead drunk (,'lj^Wfc v.r. 

drive made make insane *»*'*» 

ka pohar' bana’n a p unmake mountains out of 
molehills Of It tin'ke ka soha'ra le'nB V.I. 

catch at stra^lvi ki-oi pohar' ph. 

just a shadow of lurking calamity even 
small timely more highly effective 
I { .&ti‘nakna v.t. flare up react sharply 
1 be uneasy flutter ruffle 


' fijtankir' n.f. being or making a common 
/; noun be unwary [A— 

//, tatig adj.. narrow tight strait 
fc^v' too small scanty contracted com- 
pressed straitened bored ; fed up 
poor ^distressed n.m. lap sack ; bag 
girth I’tlJ&tafig' ana v.i. be fed up (with) 

be utterly sick (of) ; have one’s patience 
exhausted jj^lattgrbal' adj. in straitened 
circumstances (f&plahg'ha'ti n.f. poverty 
want ^5 lu&tahg-das't adj. poor ; pennij 

less destitute stingy ; miserly 
tahg’-das’tl n.f. poverty ; want destitution 
tahg'-dil' adj. mean miserly ; niggardly 
narrow-minded (Jfa'tatig-di'li n.f. 
meanness niggardliness narrow-minded- 
ness {£2fctafig'-dahanja>i. small-mouthed (as 
sign of beauty) tjdL&tatg'-zar'f adj^ (less 
approved form oi£fjCj£) mean tyO&tatig' 
kar'na v.t. tease ; harass vex ; pester 
badger narrow down tighten con- 
tract ; compresses t&tafig’-vaq't n.m. ele- 
venth hour short notice Ijfi.^fc'tcifig' ho’na 
v.i. be penniless be badly off squeez- 
ed be in a difficuIty^^^Aa^L^Ia^' 
ho’tav.i. be penniless ; be in gtraitsai-(>''faii>F < - 
)ia’*e n.f. strait ; narrow place or passage fa 
tah’gl n.f. narrowness tightnests 
trouble ; difficulty hardship poverty ; 
want^^S'lajk'gt iUr'M n.f. want ; pover- 
ty trouble difficulty ; hardship^st/^^jp 
V/ffa tatigl tur'tjd se ba-sar' ho’na v.i. live 
from hand to mouth eke out (one’s) exist- 
e l lc %ji^Cr tab’ ft dt’na v.t. make life hard (for) 
£yitf tatig ho’na. v.i. lead a miserable life 
be in trouble be in property [P] 

|»*(or t?) ian'na v.i. be stretched be 

■ pulled tight stand erect or up-right 
sit straight react sharply defy stiffen 
(one's) attitude „ 
fitanoor* {col. jjr'tatidocr’ pcd. 
i* taimoor’) n.m. stove 
wen tanoor' jhottk'na v.i. 
beat an' oven light a stove 
eat ; (fig.) fill the belly [A] 
c, • jtanav’vo • n.m. variety 
Of [A- tJ] 

• tamo'mahd adj. well-built 
rchmt((^y tamo’ matull n.f. 


// taiwir' n.f. refulgence rays of ligl* 




jytanAn n.f. nunation ; doubled short 
C vowel at end of word read as the parti- 
ailar single vowel +(jl written with an extra 
^ | save when the final letter is ot ’ta'-e 
tarns" ,« 

ldnah\£ta‘na N.M. trunk ; stem stalk [P ~{J] 

. ,-tanha' adj. alone lonely solitary 
*T single adv- single- handed^ tanka' 'l 
n.f. loneliness solitude [P] 

.vi*to'nl n.f. ^clothes-line string share 
met! gatith.' de’na V.T. (dial), 
tie knot*" as memory aid betroth L>h lass' - 

ya n.m. drawers comprising strip of cloth held 
by string [ - 1>’C] 

V to (dial, tau) adj. then in that case 

* at that time therefore ; hence 
moreover in short n.f. (also faj to' to') cry 
to call dog (fj to' bhi conj. still ; yet ; 
even then nevertheless ; nonetheless 
J too PRON. 

"too' bhi ra'm melt bhi ra'nt kaun bhare gi 
pa'ni prov. all are generals, none a soldier 
to sa’hi ph. (if it is so) then l will see to it 
VfJVyJtoo tarnq' kar’na v.t. talk rudely or 
discourteously quarrel brawl jf&jtoo takar\ 

UZutjJtoo’ too maiti mailt n.f. rude talk 
brawl jjtao ' 'too maiti math ho'tta 

v.i. have aloud argument ; brawl 
. •Tta'va n.m. hot plate griddle ; crock 
w for hookah top copper plate at bottom 
of water-heater leaden base in well for 
cooling .water (slang) gramophone disc adj. 
jet black ; very dark (person) lj$lul'ta too a 
n.m. convex or inverted hot plate adj. jet 
black ; very dark person \^fjgo£-Jta've ka hafts'- 
na v.i. soot corruscation under hot plate (as 
good omen) 

flawab' n.m. (attribute of God as) 

Acceptor of Repentence penftant [A 

••tavti be' n.m. pl. adjuncts 

M*ttava'tur n.m. succession; continuity 

J\j being unbroken series (in tradition) 
having numerous chains of narrators [A] 

tava'rad n.m. sameness of theme in ver- 
iJ S ses of two or more poets [A ~j)jy] 

tavankh' n.f. (arch); history [A~ sino. 

n.m. balance counter* 
balancelj^terazSis-s iqtiiar' , n.m. 

i t"ta 





balance of power (A ~ tfjf] 

00f\lax>a'io' n.f. entertainment hospita- 
& * lity, (rare) humility (rare) politeness 
OttffeZgfjitQu&'zo' se kam ' Wni v.t. be polite 
show humility £jjff\)tava' zo' kafni T 

show hospitality ^^y toa'^o' 


ho'na v.t. be entertained [A~£p] 

~\, , \lava'juq nm. agreement concord 
U harmony [A~ ^j\/\ 
jfj tarn lid n.m. procreation [A-^j] 

I 9 * 

tau'am adj. twin [A] 

• "tuva'na adj. .strong robust 

* > powerful^j^iurana'*! n.f. 

# energy strength ; power [P ~ 

l*jiob'ra n.m. nose-bag (of horse) 

«• tau’bah n.m. repentence penitence 
adjuration ; renunciation ; giving up 
conversion ; reiteration of faith^y^y tau’baU 
m-nasooH N.F. true repentence lp~ M jtau'bah 
til'lah n.f. repentence hue and ‘cry /IrVJ? 
X’ftau'beh til'lah kar'na v.t. repent beg 
pardon raise a hue and cry ["jjfs/tau'bah 
tor'n 3 v.t. violate one’s faith perjure 

y) yjtaubah lav bah int. good gracious 
’ heaven forbid ; never again 
lam' bah tau'bah kar Jse kaih'na v.t. utter some 
unpalatable truth in all humility £ y^/jtm'bah 
tansoc'ks n.m. (cojrr. of 

tau’bS-shi'kan adj. perjurer ^fyjtauba-drt • 
kan i n.f. perjury (, ’l/yjtau'bak kar a' ns v.t. 
cause (someone) to repent make (someone) 
penitent l^Jtau'bah kar’na v.t. repent 
renounce (sin, etc. ) t \£/tau'ba gah' n.f. peni- 
tentiary [A] 

*£•.' "taublkh ' n.f. reproach ; opprobrium ; 
Ldf obloquy ^Jx/'JZaj’r-o-Umbikh' n.f. re- 
buke and reproach \A) 

•jtop s,r. gun ; cannon (fig,) corpu- 
l« nt person J&ftop'tkl n.m. gunner ; artil- 
lery man ; cannoneer ; bombardier 
C 12 ^ > £) top &ala’na (or dagh'na) v.t. fire 
guii or cannon cannonade^ljt^tjif 

fkol'na (or dafh'na) v.t. (of gun) be fired’ 
top-kha'nak n.m. arsenal jittery artil- 
lery llffi top’ -dam kar’ na£$£Z*g>y top it 

OTi'na, iij\Js£*~tjmp‘ kt mMh itri'na v.t 
blpw off with a ’cannon (A] 
m jtootf&pPshaih'toat (ped. shah-) nj*. mill- 
**f berry gtpjtoot'rl n.f. smaller mulberry [P] 

~**to'ta (usu. but wrongly spelt 0 *j4?n.m. 
v-f parrot brat ; infant with sweet prattle 
cock (of matchlock) CJ to t a pal'na v.t. 
keep a pampas a pet aggravate disease by 
" ash'm adj. treacherous 

'khrft phtr'na, cL) 
tyj, jfy ff lo'le ki lar'h di'dt ba'dolna v.t. 
■** •’ * ' prove 

withdraw the affections from 


tof>jl£,/^ijja( , [ha'tkoh ke to'te iir'na v. be 
taken aback be nonplussed ; be confounded 
fcjtot’la adj. (f. f) tot'li) lisping (child) 

•• a « *• 

0 to to' (also Jto') int. & n.f. cry to call dog 

£jtoo'tl n.f. (rare but same as^^N.F. ★) 

[))too'tiya n.m. blue vitriol collirium [PI 

• J U>o U hatidh'na Vjj$dfjf} : j£jto'te (or 
teo'ti/f) jor'na' v.t. "slander ; scanda- 
lize [conn, of A CJpjf] 

-JSjtausiq' n.f. confirmation verification 
4*7 " ratification ; corroboration 
taulq’ kar'na v.t. confirm verify 
ratify ; corroborate bear (someone) out [A ~ 


•ttavaj'joh n.m. attention care 

regard inclination ; tendency kind- 
ness ; favour consideratioo i^Upytavaj' jo- 
la' lab adj. worth noting ; requiring atten- 
tion calling for consideration 
hi tavaj'joh mabzool' katana PH. call, draw or 
invite (someone's) attention [A~^y\ 
j taujih ' n.f. excuse explanation 
tfT* notification causation ; tracing (some- 
thing) to its cause descriptive roll 

taujih' kar'na v.t. explain awav give as 
the reason (of) [A - 

A^tavah'hush n.m. shying unsociability 

Jltauhid' n.f unity of God monothc* 
ism ; belief in God’s unity oneness [A 

y _ 

» to'dah n.m. mound heapJli&jt pto'da-r 

khak' n.m. heap of dust (fig.) dead 

human body ; corpse [PJ 
M j "taurat'^/tauret' n.f, the Taurah . 

& tavar'ro ‘ n.f piety | A 

to rah n.m. (arch.) jhenghiz Khan’s 

constitution custom honour pride 

ostentation prudery blandishment 
sweetmeats on platters mutually exchanged by 
groom and bride’s ^families (JjCijjto'ia-bah'di 
n.f such exchange (ffteiJjto'rt pe'tl n.f. brag- 
ging womanjli^y tfre-dar' n.m. respectable^ 
families receiving gifts from royal feasts 
to're va'li n.f prudish woman [T] 

IjJto'fiya n.m. rapesecd 

0+ 0M 

ijy.jtauut' n.f (same as J/jj»N.F ~k) 

•• a 

— 1 

lau'nyak n.m concealment of real feel- 
ing this as literary device [A] 
to'ra N.m. shortage piece of string 
a kind of ornamental chain for neck 
(arch.) purse containing one thousand pounds, 
etc) (arch.) match (of musket) (j If/J 4 
to're-dar batidooq' n.f matchlock ; musket 
>** tor'na v.t break sunder pluck 

vJ* tear ; rend break into dis 
continue , stop win over (from opposite 
side) plough sever (ties) ^decrease 


on others live without earning own liveli 
hood^jT tor n.m. remedy counteraction 
counter-measure defence (against trick, 
jy^jJtor' phor n.f. destruction 
subversion C* jjJtor' it ra v.t. break 
spoil disrupt end destroy UbjJtor' 

dal'nZ v.T. break destroy pull down 
ijjjft or' kar'nS v.t. counteract retaliate 
Ciyjtor' Una v.t. pluck (flowers) gather 
fruit win over (members of opposite party, 
etc.) maro'rl n.f. (''»’ ' h*"-** 

and twists Ztftftor' jor tffrjor' 
tricks plottings 

'rtaoaz'zo' n.m. be scattered be dis- 
t/' persed [A] 

n.f. rent roll descriptive roll 
&JJ statement [A-»phec.] 

-tos n.m. toasted slice of bread [E ~ toast 

iff CORR-] ... 

, jUnas'sUt n.m. good offices ke 
tools' sit se PH. through ; through the good 
offices of [A ~ Js^)] 

“tacos' sal n.m. means mediation ^ 

good offices (uses of sacred bcings)^^ 
lavas' sol se PH. through [A ~ JU^J 
_,r tau'san n.m. steed . war-horse un* 
iyy broken horse gfyfitan'san-t tab" n.m. 

(vul.) bursts 
tor n.m. pl. 

nature ability [P] 

LSjtausV n.f. extension enlargement 
& f prolongation ~ ^ 

A J‘tosh n.m. energy (only i tan-a tosh' 
C'' n.m. physique robust body [P] 
j£"to'shak n.f. mattress^ %^(?)'to'diai~kka‘nah 
I n.m. quiet store or factory [P] 

j. *i toshah n.m. provisions for a journey, 

jJ — . . .V.JH , 

e'v provision _ supplies \\sJtosha-e 

a'khirat, a'qibal ka loshah n.m. pro- 

vision for . hereafter ; virtuous deeds 
to' sha-khsnah n.m. wardrobe ; clothing store 
tfVjyto'sha-dzn, d'Jj tosh' -Jan n.m. tiffin 
carrier cartridge box [P] 

* N '- F - praise eulogy com- 

i *“— mendation [A 

•' lau-zib' n.f. clarification explana- 

f tion elucidation (math.) corollary 
jjigfjtauzihat’ n.f. Pt. clarifications 
elucidations corollaries [A~^)y] 

‘itau'te'ah n.m. plot ; scheme slander 

preliminary remarks repetition of 
rhyme [A] . 

£‘‘tavagh'(hiel n.m. skill through long 
U y practice ; experience t*i 






'Jtaufir' n.f increase excess and 

y surplus (A~ Jpis] 

"jjtauflq' n.f. divine help or guidance 
i Tjr favourable turn of circumstances [A 
j>"tavaq' qo tr n.f. expectation hope 
trust ; relianc e£\f%\£jtavaq' q° l 8 ft' ja'nM 
V.I. (of hope) end^/t )b£>£jtavaq' qU rokk’na 
(or kar’nS) v.i. expect hope trust [A 

. t tavaq'quf n.m. delay heritation 

I stay respite suspension 

tavaq'quf kar'nS v.i. delay hesitate 

wait stay be suspended (A - 

Jjyjtauqir' n f. veneration honour [A- 

^tauqt" N.F. royal charter (A - £/>] 

j/»ltaaak'kul n.m. trust in God VffykkVjffl 
U* tavak'kul kar' ns (or par baitk'ni) V.I. trust 
in God Jfylffia'lal- tavak'kul (col. a lot- tavak'kul) 
ph. at random [A—* ZJlf}] 

Qjto'la, jjfto'lah n.m. 12 ‘masha* weight 

i ^•Ttavat'ta n.m. love affection , attach- 
I VJ ment$ $tavaUa"l*.H. Shi’ite who does not 
say tabar’ra [A - Aj oorr.J 

j^lavatlUd n.m. birth nativity CjfJJ 
tamd'lud he'n a v.i. be born 
.•.•jld'aav^lr. weigh estimate worth, etc. 
Vj(af)()jtol n.m. weight process of 

«• uto^bjat n.p. trusteeship govern or- 

L*%J ship supervision [A - jj] 

A Jttudid'^ N.F. reproduction generation 

Undid' n.p. birth control ! 
contraception family planning 
rnmtda-t Undid’ n.m. semen [A ~j)j] 

Jj tan'Uyak N.m. towel 

.h*fs'mri n.f. hollow gourd a 
VJ/* kind of firework projection 
on crocodile’s nose [ ~ CcJ ] 

.• **tovm'na v.T. card (cotton or wool) with 
V finger (before combing) 

fojitoo' ja'm v.i. animal abort- mis- 


I * jtot'ta n.m. hollow gourd bowl made 

Y* of it guitar made of it ; gourd-guitar 

trifM N.P. fresh gourd smalt gourd-guitar 
/fMrf n.p, pot-bellyc£s>Wda/, JtXJtotdail apj 
A f pot-bellied 

fi ffiUmtt’na feel very thirsty owing to 


(Seat' gar adj. well-to-do rich ; 

•r * wealthy opulent tffji tUcat’gari n.f. 

wealth : riches opulence 
-fawA'Aflm N.M. halucination fancy 
p/ superstition (A ~ffj] 

SHeutbiri NJ. insult disgrace con- 

tempt defamation : libelcjJhffftfj 

IskM'ih * adalat n.p. contempt of court K/(*rfy 
tmktf kar’m v.T. insult defame dis- 
mt* [A- tfj] 

NiP. a kind of embroidery 
M ink N.P. (usu. spelt as talk) except in 
^construct phrases layer ; stratum 
crease fold , surface bottom adj. 
under beneath below tffytaik-e ah' adv 
under watertt^i?f«'As Ufa rakh'ns v.i. keep 
(clothes, etc.) intact (SjtyZtaih-bazaln n . f . 
pound soit (for use of street area of self-built 
■tall, etc.) ; cess levied from shopless vendors 
? 4? ta.ik' he mh' adv. in layers fold on 
, fold piled one over another ha 

toil' kar'na v.t. fold ; pile one over another 
Wefta’ua v.T. put a layer (of )XfS 
latk-bakd' ,jtftaih'mad n . f . sheet use as gar- 
; for lower put of body ; leg-sheet 

taih pith n.m. strip of cloth worn under turban 
2 tribe Ugh' kar’na v.t. put to 
sword murder massacre (flfv taih jama'm 
v.t. place layer upon layer taih' ’ kfa f - 
nah N.M. basement cellar jby taih-dar' 

adj. plaited with a bottom or basest#,? 
taih'-e dil’ se adj. sincerely cordially 
from the bottom of one* s heart Z taik-di'gl 
n.f. pot scrapings OjJ? taih' dim v.t. add 
slightly tinge fjrfitf ka zik’r taih kar 

rakh'm ph. leave aside flJ’/S toi h kar'na v.t, 
fold (cloth, etc.) roll (bed, etc.) / 5 
OtfZtaih' ko pahuficK’nS v.t. find out # 
discover get to the bottom (of) ? 

taih-nashin' ho'na v.t. settle down as sediment 
ytaV'h-o btfla adj. upset ; topsy-tutvy 
upside down overthrown undone 
destroyed ; ruined jfJ* tai’ , H-o-bala kar'm 
v.t. upset overthrow ruin wiado 
destroy ; ruin [P] 

|». *T/Aa/>'na v.t. pat beat daub 
roll dung-cakes for drying up 
••thap n.f. thump beat (of dream) 
^Wtka'pa n.m. mark of palm daub on 
wall paw-mark n.f. pat its 

sound bat beater implement for beat- 

ing clay 

J, n.m. tray (rare) platter (rare) 
0*^ salver tftftka'la n.m. pit for planting 

sapling trench round tree trunk for water- 
ing base ; bottom buttocks J $ ska'll n.p. 

dish fiat dish (rare) platter (rue) 
salver<^%x#^#Aa'& aMa'h to sit' far 
gi’re ph. be a milling crowd ka 

bain’gan n.m. time-server ; turncoat cap- 
ricious person 

.» .**,Aam'n3 v.t. hold hold in hands 
puli up (horse) prop from falling 
down conceal (stolen goods) for another 
retain stop arrest progress, etc. (of) 
set on foot accept (earnest money, 
etc.) (12) hear support , maintain (1*) 
detain (15) recline (on) 

/ A n.m. ft adj. (holy prophet as resi- 

C/^dent of Hedjaz 

/jL'to'Aaft adj. thither ; there only in PM. 

la' hat adv. all over ; every- 

.t^dian n.m. piece of (cloth) ; (doth lace, 
C^etc. in) roll of standard measure , stall 
(for livestock, cap. horses) stable \J9c)& 
than ka far'ra ph. naughty at home but shy 


£*tk&tg v.r. hide-out (of thieves, etc.) 

track of thieve* {$j(;&thshi tags' nS 
v.T. trace thieves or stolen property 
n.m. one in league with thieves their 
chief detec'tive ^ 

*1 As’nah n.m. police station ( LCy Uf ths'nah 
<*** biAs'nS v.T. post ; police^ tflka’nt-dar 
n.m. / station house officer ; S. H. O. 
Police Sub-Inspector ; jUs&ljtfdho'ta As'- 

i^thsh n . f . bottom (of sea, etc.) end; 
*** limit; object llc&thah pains v.i. get 
to the bottom (of) * 

^\£tika' , l adj. one-third 

kjftksp'par h.h. slap cuff „boy 
buffet rebuff (i’jttj i^J^tkap'par 

tags' hS (or mar'na) v.T. slap rebuff 
<t %kj id&Aap 'par khs'ns (or par' na t v.t. 
be slapped be rebuffed 
l’{ / Jjt*a'pai*i v.t. pat lull to sleep 
*7 pacify encourage instrigate^^ 
Aap’kt N.r. pat JiXjfi-jGf thap'ak tka'-. 

pak kar salt's* v.t. pat to*nduce sleep 
dup'kl dims V.T encourage ; buck up 

\j 2 **p;nnvA. be daubed be imputed 

I up * ” • WV 11 

/**£ Aa/y'ra n.m. buffet (of bellow) 

or blast fof winrli 

•„ tah&V (or taih-) n.f. civilization 
etiquette manners politeness ; 

courtesy polish ; refinement instruction ; 

education discipline culture (rare) 

priming (rare) editing4)fl#j<£y<flA?J'A-* 
akhlaq' K.F. instruction in* manners 
moral edification Zi^xm^jjftah&b'-ysftah adj. 
cultured ; polished polite ; courteous [A] 
ith'rs adj. (f. icji uh'ri) triple ; three-fold 


.“f'jfthjirrs'na v.i. tremble : shudder 
shake; quiver quake Aar' tiara' ns 

v.i. __ vibrate shake shiver quake 
*fyj/$Aar'thara'hal,(jffifctkar'thtiTl n.f. 
vibration shivering quivering tremb- 
ling tremor awe fear 

\*f%Ai' rakna v.i. walk with dalliance 
/ belly-dance dance with sexy gestures 
./5 ta h' T l>(/y7tt>ta‘hi r i n.f. rice cooked in left 
over stew, etc. 

fk/f ika’rs n.m. (dial.) shopkeeper’s seat 

b** a - 

i.^ftkur'nsv.i. decrease result in shoct- 

or blast (of wind) 

~Jfltkaiiar adj. & n.m. seventy-three^) 

V* Uhat'tarvan adj. seventy-third 
C^gjjtkUtkar'ns v.i. pooh pooh, scorn 

exorcise emit sound of spitting for 
either purpore j&#tkutksr' n.f. sound of 
spitting ^(^/Aurta’rl n.f. (dial) harridan ; 
vixen jfj^tkutks'ripia ji.r. p u (dial.) 

slippers. fetters k\Zf Sf A*Aa'ns v.t. pout 
tkitks’ns ph. pout one’s lips 
•ptahaj"jUd n.m. supererogatory prayers in 
^ „early hours of morning [A] 
fP" togv'jl n.f. orthography spelling 
V (f"C fjS'huroof-e tahaj'jl n.m. alphabet ; 
letters of the alphabet [A- tf] 

Li&r^ Ask’ Auks' 'ns v.t. hate ; despise 
express dislike by emmitting spitting 
sound emit such sound for driving away 
evil [doublet of 

•J tahdid' (or taih-) n.f. holding a threat ; 

4 ■ threatening threat menace [A] 

*1 tah' diyak (or taih') n.m. presentation 
H- present [A ~ tf) 

• ,g • 

reproached by all Oy>tkur-di'ls adj. mean 

5 tax' has nai'has adj. ruined ; des- 

U U royed ; ransacked 
Aar nai'has kar'ns v.t. ruin ; destroy 
lai"has nai'has ho' ns v.i. be ruined; be destroy- 
ed .' ksfati'hati n.f. taunt* 
y •* “^disgrace 

v.i. tire ; be tired be fatigt* 
*^ed be exhausted fag away be led 
up Ifi? Aiks adj. tired : fatigued ex- 
hausted ; fagged ks oatf* 

sat s"t ko takts hoi prov^ to seek solace one 
turns homeward bail N>M 

sluggard vateran outliving his utility 
tha'ks mstx'dah adj. tired; worn-out,^ 
iha'kan^j^lhaks'vat.^laksn' n.f. tired- 

ness fag : fatigue ; exhaustion weeking 
Asks' ns v.t. tire ; fatigue weary ; fag 
harass j,- 

i gtfAJg’li.JZrAeg'Ii n.f. patch thig'- 

0 1* lagans V.T. put up a patch 

ssmsn' mth ikig'li lags' na v.i. be much too 
clever ; be \ ery mischievous 
Lethal n.m. land desert wltarfj^j^ 
*' tkoi be'ra n.m wharf trace {ot)ij* 


0^f}f.thol he'ra lag-'ns v.l. achiovo-aim 
lethal' btra ma’loom hen a v.! know {one's 
bearings thal' thafkor'na v i he flabby 

/*tah'lukah (col. tai'Halka) n.m. panic 
stir (rare) death ; perdition (ped.) 
mortal being i\£j&.tah'lukah madia na v.t. 

create a Stir * cause a panic [A~ Jfy] 
tJ/lahlil' n.m. declaration of God’s uni'y by 
pronouncing Ma ilaha iliallah, [A] 
jftham n.m. pillar • column post ; prop 
ft* plantain stem 

ttJfloh'mat n.f. imputation , aspersion 
calumny , Jf'J'is*'*' loh'mat kt ja'gah 
n.f. house or place of ill-repute 
flf) l ) loh’mat bahdkna (or dharjta or laga’na) 
v.t. “ slander , calumniate toh'maCi adj. 
slandering (person) n.m slanderer ; calumni- 
atorj A] 

^ytth’m-tan adj. stout; strongly built (person) 

*? taih'mad'N^./U. same as v ^v»'n.f./m. (see 
under Zir) 

^jdtkam'na __ v.t. stop , come to stop 
case i'l^thamana v.t. cause to hold 
give stop 

^l^than n.m. udder , teat , dug ; pap 

M^/tah'myat (or taiht') n.f. congratulation 
“ greetings good wishes [A] 

•\tkoo, yk thoo' thoo n.f. sound of spit- 
T *' ting hatred [ono] 
fitkoo'a n.m. heap of clav 

~tailwar’, j^yiu'ohat’ n.m. festival 
J Jr' festive occasion 

jh^ t ^ obra N M (joc or iron) mouth . snout 

*\ ihop na v.t. daub plaster impute 

f ilzam (etc.) ki'sike 
'sir' tHop'na v.t. by the blame at someone’s 

snout hollowness cavity 

iTJjAt )thz n.m. ADJ. hollow vain 

* nonsensical n.m. blunt or pointless 

.missile (blue) vitriol \£yd tho’tha 

th& na bajt gha'ita prov. empty vessels make 
much noise ; barking dogs seldom bite 

n.f. animal’s pointed mouth 
* (joc. or iron.) human face ; mouth 
jff lahav’ vvr n.m. rashness intrepidity 

^temerity (A) 
thoor’ N.F. (dli 

thoor' na v.t. 

^J^ thoor' n.f. (dial.) salinity 

beat devour 

sS thoor thar kar 
.b’ytho'ra ADJ. (?.{£<¥ Ao'ri) less a little 

'jSr a few meagre scanty \jyk\jtfk 
tho'ra tho'ra adv. little - by little tho'ra 

ha' hut adj. a little whatever is easily 
possible adv. more or less ; somewhat v/lJjP 
tho'ra kar'na v.t. decrease; reduce; lessen 
tho'ra ho'na v.i. be decrease ; be reduced • 
be in short supply dZ. ( j) > ^ J /ktho'n dine* st 
adv. of late /*ijx tho're se tho'ra adj. 
very little > the least ; the minimum possi- 

Jj* thook n.m. (see under t^v.T at i. *) 

fjjthok n.m. wholesale (JjftJj&tkok'-fing 
n.m. wholesaler 

.faihook'nax. T..& i. spit spit at . des- 
Uj* pise reproach thook n.m. spittle 
VoJjkthook' de'na v.t, cool down (one’s 
anger) renounce-in disgust 
kar diot! na v.t. withdraw one’s* gift go 

back on one’s word C&Jfitheok’ laga’na v.t. 
(vul.) humiliate defeat play a trick 

(jfdlhoo'li n.f. sweet porridge 
^rthoo'id n.f. prop 
jfjtftho’har n.m. cactus 

s£lhai”t n.f. pile (of loaves) heap of 
(j clothes) 

sjgs'gtha"* lha'i n.f. timing beat in mttttc 
(? or dance dance and music 
j/Jfthi'e'tar n.m. theatre; playhouse; show 
y^place [E] 

(arch.) Tor (with genitive) 

5ubi' adj. empty void vain 
v lebi'-dast' adj. poor ; indigent empty- 


handed '£,L)(y tthi'-dimafji' adj 
ignorant paih'loe-ub! kar’na 

v.t. dodge ; evade ; abstain (from) [P— J?] 

%thai'la n.m. briefcase haversack 
bag thai'la kar dt'ia v.t. beat 

mercilessly fifflhai'li n.f. purse pouch 
(jj&thyoo ri n.m. theory (El 



5>tahiy yah n.m. resolve ; determination 

arrangements (for) preparations 
iahiy'yah kar'nS v.t. resolve make pre- 
parations (for) [A] 

j^(rare j[f) layySr' adj. ready set to 
“ prepared (of fruit) ripe (of work) 
complete fat ; plump (of wrestler) in full 

vigour trained layySr' kar'ns v.t. 

make or get ready prepare (for) complete 
train fatten ripen I’rfj Ls tayyar' ho’ ns 
v.i. be ready be prepared (for) be 
complete be fattened be in full vigour 
ripcifj&layya'ri n.f. readiness prepara- 
tion final touches fatness ^ 

ffctaySg'nS renounce ; abandon jlflayag' 
n.m. renunciation Jlf taya'gi n.m. (dial.) 
ascetic ; recluse ; hermit [S] 

£%up'fbi n.f. basting ; tack adj. flimsy 
Cyf short-lived (marriage, etc.) 

*ba'tar n.m. partridge^t^ ban-li'laf n.m. 
/" sandgrouse (f/fti't'n) (fyjPlit’ri) n.f. 
female partridge (also Jftit'li) butterfly 
"i 1 a' (} int. cry to rally domestic fowl ; call 

tgtt'ja n.m. (dial.) funeral rites on third day 
* “after death [doublet of f-f. ] 

•• l/f£tej'-pst NM * leaf of lawas cassica(used 
‘“''vC? as spice) ■ \ <#& . 

5(tr n.m. arrow dart 
(rare) (also ib/idr'-maK) fourth 
month of Persian calendar Jf , — x 

tfr-altdaz', i^jgtir'-zan n.m. archer ; Bowman 
(fj Ufe a'r-atds'zl, ‘fcjgltr'-za'tA n.f. archery 
tir'-ba ha' daf adj. efficacious 

hitting** the nail on the head (L'fbfj 
ar' pkehk'na (or dials' na) V.t. shoot an arrow ; 
do something wonderful fyjj!/ (/£)(&) tars' zoo 
ko'n 3 v.t. (of arrow) transfix body and stay 
there CJ> U^fflr si lag'na v.y. cut to the quick 
r-efa'lak n.m. (planet) mercury 
Itr' kar’ns v.t. pilfer cause to end or 
disappear swiftly pass (life days, ctc.)^*//? 
S—f’tlr' kav've Hr* PH. take flight 1‘jfetir' 
mar'na v.t. shoot an arrow accomplish 
something extraordinary IP] 

^Stt'rs PRON. they thine 

fctairsk' n.m. & adj fig tabs' ki n.f. (see 
under v.i. ir) 

l» ••tair'ns Swim float <Jjg tairsk' n.m. 
^ WNxaaaer g^J^i 3 (^J^taitak' In doob'tihai 

proV. pride goeth before a fall even 
skilled people are likely to suffer through care- 
lessness Cj/j^tairs'ns, ty/lirs'ns v.t. cause to 
swim j set afloat 

52 It rath n.f. Hindu pilgrimage centre tyxig 

" Wrath, yst'rs n.f. (dial.) pilgrimage [S] 

te'rah adj. & n.m. thirteen (fjZ} fte'rah te'zi 
y* (i/fQjtU'rah te'zi n.m. first thirteen days of 
Safar regarded as inauspicious owing to the 
Holy Prophet’s illness Jlj^fter' havan adj. thir 

•* ti'rah adj. dark; gloomy gjfeti'ra-bflkh'i, 
/C jjJ°£ a ' ra r °Z J&JJtg 11 ’™ r oz-gar’ adj. un- 
lucky ; unfortunate (f? ti'ra-bakh' ti, (fj)Jag 
ti’ra-ro'zi n.f. ill-luck; misfortune Itragi 
N.f. darkness obscurity [P] 

•Jlez ADJ. swift sharp pointed 

/* keen pungent caustic strong violent 

clever (of price) up ; high ; soaring 
whetted jfyfetez-parvsz' adj. swift in flight 
(f-fjflez-das'il n.f. cleverness (j 0>A)fjy?ttz'-rau 
{or -raf 1st) adj. fast swift fleet-footed 

{(SMil)$yZtez'-ra'vi (or rafts' ri) n.f. speed; 
swiftness gfetez-tab’! adj. shrewd she- 
wish quarrelsome ^ y^tezfaih' m adj. intelli- 
gent sharp-witted (jrfetez-faih'tril n.f. 

quickness of apprehension ; intelligence ; 
acumen ; acuteness ; aptness 1‘jfe tez' kar’ns. 
v.t. sharpen what speed up make 
clever or skilled ftffelez-gam' adj. swift (fife 
tez-ga'm n.f. swi ftness tez-nigsh'^ ADJ. 
sharp-sighted sharp-witted tez' ho'na 

v.i. be speeded up be sharpened' be 
whetted become skilled or clever be 
enraged ; fly into passion^vV-jl' n.f. swift- 
ness speed sharpness acrimony 
violence [P] 

t.ltezab’ n.m. acid ‘aqua fortis’ [P ~ jg 


Cits adj. & n.m. thirty JtyUtU'vSIi adj. 
</* thirtieth tf)(X>£&{mahi'ne ke) tl'soh din „ 
ph, throughout**the month everydayjt^/J 
^1 ids' msr khan' n.m. lucky sluggard 

(iron.) brave guy 

•‘lai'ss n.m. such person adj. such ; like that 
»■* adv. in that manner ^ oi'st 

(or jai'se) ko lai'ss ph. tit of tat . 

I Ztis'rs adj. third 
/<• afikjiofi men thik’ra PROV. intruder (esp. 
loving couple’s affairs )^yg?,tls re adv. thirdly 
S» pe'shah n.m. axe : adze IP] 




Ip/egfc n.f. sword iJafgf tegh’ ba-kaf adj. & 
& adv. sword in hand bent upon killing 
{£>$ ~ ian N M - swordsman $J&Jtgh'za'td 
N.F. swordsmanship fencing [P] 

U^V*|ha n.m. short broad scimitar 
** \;J\gtt'ghah, bar'ns V T - c,ose ( doorwa y» 
arch, etc.) with bricks [P~prec.] 

layaq'qan n.m. certainty ascertain- 
ment [A~ J&] 

iCpti'kka adj. pointed sharp graceful 
curt { J^ J //t\kha : pan n.m. sharpness 
curtness grace 

L?t el n.m. oil charha'na v.T. anoint, 

bride and groom an wedding ritual 
J tel' dsl'ns (or lags na T. anoint rub 
oil tf’Jftnit' ti ka Jtd, n.m. kerosine oii ; 
gasolene j \&) te ^ ' dekko tel' ki 

dkar' de'kho PROV. see which way wind blows 
(fZte'li n.m. oilman oil crustjer (jyffi 
It' It lanbo'lt n.m. low classes i)j Yf? 
JZ-te'lt ka tel' j ale mash' l alchi ki jsn' (etc.) 
fa It ph. be over-sol icitous^ for something 
tel'n n.f. small oil pot^f he' lan n.f. wife of 
teli Lk? te'hy a adj. oily greasy (of 
colour) dark 

.4 ( |V ti'mar-dar n.m. person attending a 
J patient n.f. nurse tfjljjl£timar'-dan 

n.f. attending a patient nursing [P] 

^^tayam'mim n.m. dry ablutions [A] 


J* tayam'mun n.m. blessing benediction 
4/ ** auspiciousness 

JO tin adj. three 9/Z sitin' ter' ah dispersed 

scattered ti'n-te'rah kar'ns ptr. 

scatter cast to the winds disperse 
tin' -te' rah ho' ns ph. disperse &r Citin' -punch' " 
quarrel contention faintin' -pahch’ kar'ns 

ph. quarrel contend &S$if)(paT) tin har'f 

adj. curse (on) 

jr^lem'hs ADJ. & N.M. forty three /Ji 
U ^TJaMalisvah ADj.forty-tliird 
lj*£^tetitis adj. & n.m. 1 thirty-three 
*■' ** teh'tisvaft adj. thirty-third 

•y teti'doo n.m. a kind of tree whose leaves 
are used in ‘bidi’ manufacture ; tendu 
its leaf or flower 

,} 1 *y tetl 'du. , a leopard like animal legen- 
’ -'*'•* dary forcious sea animal small melon- 
like fruit for animals 

JZ te'var n.m. visage countenance ex- 
pression on face (glowering) look 

(^.b^O^jj^tt’var ba'dal'ns (or phtr’ns) v.i. 
change countenance glower ; scowl 

change attitude (to) ^ S ar .~ 

ns (or'ns) v.i... glower ■ ’scowl with 

hold affection (fjJ, Cte'ort n.f. frown 

scowl p o r i mett bal dal'naX\»Q^j/.. 
te'o'ri (harks' n a v.T. frown ; scowl knit the 
brow show displeasures 
* t Ji le' ota ns v.T. faint be giddy 
t stagger 

Jtf te’ohsr' n.m. (same as j\yf n.m. -if) 

i 0* * 

irf'tc'hs n.m. anger passion pride 


j^le"is adj. & n.m. twenty three (Jij'h te"- 
** ** i svaii adj. twenty-third 



(horse’s) tramp 
(person) with 


te (also called ta-e Hindi) fifth letter of 
Urdu alphabet (equivalent to English word 
represented as) (in jummal variant for £> 
and equivalent to) 200 

i* lap n.f. (horse’s) hoof 

V of hoof tap' -da r adj. 

disproportionately thick head 
tapering backwards 

^ ^ ta ps n.m. hen-coop bamboo frame 
-• for catching fish muslin-covered cradle- 
cover a kind of boat sugar-cane field 
i* ^ tap' ns v.i. leap over (wall etc.) (of 

*y* horse, etc.) paw beat time with feet 
try unsuccessfully feel-happy be impatient; 
be restless ; be fidgety wait impatiently 
search in vain to' ( i kar'ns v.t. 

search impatiently 'repair leaking roofs etc, 
(of house) 

Ilf tap' 00 N.M. 

island islet 

^j*tat n.m. Hessian sackcloth seat at 
V ^ shoes counter green gramli^ffaj'e'/atna v.i. 

(of business) close (or be closed) down be- 
come bankrupt ufbJzftSf'-baf n.m. shoe-Cm- 
broiderer fyif/ftat'-ba'fi n.m. shoe-embroidery ; 
embroidery of shoe uppers with gold, etc. thread 
L’jz'j l iXi" tat' bs’Jijoo'ta n.m. embroidered shoe 
jh fta rs tok adv. (weighing) exactly adj. 

iidji n.f. toffee [E] 





n.f. firewood shop 
.0" stack; rick bell for' 
animal's neck n.f. 

such small bell 

• .ftzYna v.t. shilly-shally ; dilly-dally ; put 

V* off dodge ; evade prevaricate put 
up lame excuses get rid of thus send away 
tipfjlftal’ motel' n.f. shilly-shallying ; dilly- 
dallying ; putting off dodging ; evasion 

Prevarication {^/(Jy^jl^taY matol' kar'nz v.l. 
delay shill-shally ; dilly-dally ; put off 
dodge evade Dtfta'lstftyfia'la bn' la n.m. 
shilly-shallying putting off evasion l,' 

ja'/a ba'la bata'na v.t. dodge ; evade make 
excuses put off ; delay 

• ^ > /.^ta'mak to’’iye mar’na v.i. fumble 

or grope (in the dark) hazard a 
follow mere conjecture 

J l ta'jw n.m. tyre [E] 

guess touow mere conjecture f . 

^ •f'tafrt n.f. skull ; crown ; pate i (*^r } ) L l h 

L^^takt khuja'na (or kkijla'na v.t. (vul.)., 
invite trouble scratch one’s head 
taA? gak’jiho’na v.i. (vul.) have a shoe beat- 
ing grow bald 

a, adj. strong ; stout 

n.f. inside gallery (used as store- 
A * room etc.) scaffolding 
b, flak' da N.m. (arch.) merchandize family 

bag and baggage : caravan tak'da 
CJtjCtflad'na v.i. pack up • be ready to leave 
Jctv* n.f. quarter ‘tola’ 

Uh *a'nik n -F. tonic [E] 

sAf}akk'na v.T. tadc sew ; stitch put on : 

^ * join to cobble solder annex 
add submit (petition; etc.) write down^’g* 
toltka n.m. stitch patch solder (rainwater) 
reservoirJJ^y^^^Jyl^Vfan'ka (or tak’ke u'dhorna 
v.i. open out at stitches (of character) be 
exposed^|^)(^u* ka (or tan' ke) udker'na v.t. 
unstich expose^f/^l^rfaft'ia bkar'na v.t. 
sew stitch LCr’jy&J&Vtali'ka.tooi'na (or 
kJpd'na) v.t. be unstitched open out a 
stiches be exposed I (Itffian'ka laga'na v.t. 
tack sew stitch solder fitfiak’ki n.f. 

square piece cut out of whole melon to exa- 
quality a kind of venereal ulcer 
chisel {y^ffatikl lag'na v.i. (of melon) 
be examined thus 

n-f. legLlJu^/fpbg' Btka'na v.i. 
twi** raise the leg W ara'na v.t. meddle; | il/^^tap’ tap gir' 

pop one’s nose in others’ affairs jyy^J^takg’ 
bara'bar adj. (of child) smalli Hg^*; f fiate’ 
ta'le st nikal’ naO^'H'^i^Ctaiig’ ki rah nikal'na 
v.t. (vul.) subdue persuade to yield 
t&iZ'tafig' ta'le se ni'kalna,tf‘ t \j${Jx\aitg ki rah' 
ni' l kalna v.i. submit yield 
tor'na v.t. dabble fin) render ineffective 
write shoddy (verse, etc.;) break tKe leg 4- $i > 

[pjtafig toot'na (of leg) be broken (of verse, 
etc.) be shoddy (,*(£( /&J^dl&C’ta1ig' se tang 
bahdk' kar bithanz v.t. not to allow to leave 
or move seat (someone) (beside one tfjfrlftatig' 
le'na v.t, (of dog) seize (someone’^ leg) to 
bite stop with force C&tJzCtati geh uthz’na 
v t. raise (ope’s, etc.) legs (vul.) copulate 
iyield OfejjifVtak'gtk raih' jana too tired 
to walk any further 

(2'lftaltg'na, i>i^lfiakg' de'na^^jftahg le 
hang up implicate 

t m */'\?ta"ip N.m. type kind 
** Ji/h ^ i b t a”ip ra"itar n.m. 
typewriter' ipist n.f. 

typist [E] * 

i ’ta‘ital n.m. title [E] 



C v ta"im (corr. faim) n.m. time }a" 
pees n.f. alarm clock ta’bal n. 

time-table ; schedule [Ek> 
yfta’un n.f. town jfyb l£a"un kame'ti n.f. 
(?) “ town committee haV n.m 

Town Hall [E] 

*£J \fta”l n.f. necktie [~E] 

i.\ ?l b jffta”ik ta’’ik fish' pk. flop bluff 
CTaU> that has been called ; mere brag 
tab n.m. tub [E] 

* j, 

(y ttb'ba n.m (rare) sand dune 
* Jr 

tm0 / > tap n.m. tonga shade ; tonga bonnet 


I > lap’ pa n.m. name of a (musical) mode 

range (of bullet, etc.) distance 
tack (dial.) post office small administra- 
tive sub-division ((/j 1 1 t a P'P s bkar'na 

(or dal'na or mar'na) v.i ~ tack advance 
unmethodically t s P‘ P 3 hha'na v.t. (of ball, 

bullet, etc.) rebound* M , 

C Lr^T taptapa’na v.i. , trickle patter 
tap n.f. patter (of raindrops) trickle (of tears) 
na v.t, . (of rain) patter 


(of tears) trickle 

tip' pas n.f. access connection b 

V* contrivance (old use) foundation^ 

( lj fifl tip’ pas lars'ns (or lags' na 
or jams'ns ) v.i. * seek access (to) contrive 
to profit from (arch.) lay foundation 
• /Pta'paknavA. drip trickle leak 

’'"v (of fruit) drop par' ns v.t. 

leak drip drop ^/tajt'ks n.m. continuous 
leaking (of roof, etc.) continuous dripping 
fall of mellow fruit mango ripening on 
tree \;%.$jtap'ks par’ ns v.i. be too evident 
■tap’ks iap ki n.f. trickling dropping* of 
ripe fruit one after another deaths one after 
the other \$ l^tap’ks lag' ns v t. become 
leaky (of ripe mangoes) drop continuously 
from tree I'^tapkans v.t. cause to drip ; 

cause to trickle cause to drop ftfstapka ’o 
n.m. dripping tap'ki n.f. coquetry ^jiplap'ki 
par'ns v.i. be conquetish • ’ 

tjijiptaypooit'jiya adj. petty trader < 
haying small capital 
ifta.t'tar n.m. large screen serving as door 

iJ&W'Toon took' n.m. (dove’s) coo adj. 
U^U-y all alone ; forlorn j, b 

N-F - ( usu - bald) pate 

Vs tat'ii gaft'ji hojs’ns v.i. have a good (shoe) 

i* j/^ titkar’ns (Ijl? titkhsr'ns) v.t. clack tongue 
to urge animal on ifjH&'titks’rl n.f. clack 
of tongue to urge animal on 
if tat' too n.m. (F.'tflp’tatvs'm) 
f pony ' h undersized horse (f. 
mare) f'lf^-LUbhs’re ks taftoo adj A?P^Y>s( 1| 
hired pony mercenary ; 4L \ y ~M 


•.bfjiatol'na v.T. grope search or examine 
by feeling : feel Jy^tatol’ n.f. groping 
feeling search sounding 

if tat' ti n.f. thatched screen matted 
if shutter light (wooden, etc.) framework 

•'jat'jl lags' ns v.i. fence 



.y^ap ' ri n.f. sandpiper raid’s play- 

Q/Z thing emitting sound $ 
ha! hilt utfi'ri se a smsn tka'me-gS prov. where* 
fore this brag 

da n.m. rake scoundrel ; 

V guard adj . mean worthless 
l/lftikh'khs ss adv. (of opened eyes) fully 

•5 •ftikh’tikh, i^ljftik' tik n.f. & int. call 
<i/Wto horse, bullock etc. to go on ; go, go 
Sftakh'nah, takhna n.m. ankle 

<iftid'da n.f, grasshopper ; cicala ; 

* cigala ; cicada 

n.f. locust dal N.M. 

locust swarm 

ftar n.f. croak (of frog) chatter Silly 

* talk fare held on day next to Eid ; post- 
Eid fare \j>tar'ra adj. garrulous naughty 
)/ tar' -tar n.f. chatter silly talk f 
tar' -tar kar'ns v.i. croak chatter ; talk 
rudely tftar’ra adj. chattering talkative; 
garrulous quarrelsome proud 

|* *lftarsm ', ^ jtaraim ' n.f. tram [E] 

.*( k tartans, v.t. chatter, murmur; talk 

tar sfts' port n.f. transport [E] 
tir'phis n.f. impudence sullenness 

Llpy tarkhs’na, [if/ tarks'ns v.i. work cate- 

' * lessly or perfunctorily prevaricate^*' 
tar’khal; fftarkho n.F. silly woman 
hag t 

^ ytarafik ’ n.m. sted trunk ; box [E] 

if wed' n.m, trade tated' mark n.m. 

'v^trade mark [E] ** 

fjjr/t are' dal n.f. treadle printing press [E] 

ijjJ/tare’zha rl n.f. treasury [E] 

{ _^ijtarai’fik n.f. traffic [E] 

jftarm f N«f. railway train vf^/tarert, kar’ns 
v.t. train ^JJwtn' ho' ns v.i. be trained 
yatbd' adj.** trained having a 
teacher’s diploma i^J&ftare'mng n.f. 

training [E] 

^flyisas n.f. tussore ; tusser : tussur 

Ajyi'sar ma'sar n.f. shillyshallying ; 
Sjr putting off prevarication hesita- 

j, h tas' se mas' na ho’ ns v.i 
not to be moved at all 

not to change 


fa'sakns v.i. move go away 

tu'sakr, ta v.i. sob cry 


^Jti’sve n.m. crocodile tears iLe^j^tis’ve 
•y bahs'na v.i. shed corcodile tears 
(jf'ti'fan n.m. tiffin [Anglo-Pakistani E] 

(obs.) adv. for a while; for a moment; 
a little while adj. a little Ur l/y 
ji >3 to Aya >«>a ph. a little rest'brings'no relief 
/fta'ks n.m. old coin worth 1/32 rupee 
(fig.) pelf />as' na ho'n a^ 

v.i. be penniless have no mone 
\a'keksa'da^i n.m. mean person 
ta'ke Jti auqst n.f. low status 
ta fa gac At 4a/ dial' ns v.i. lead a simple life 
J3 javsb' de'na v.t. refuse 


y^Hika’na v.t. lodge (someone) fix 
» (someone) up lay on beat ; give 
(slap, etc.)5(^*tAa”o n.m. stability ; firmness 
^ Ati'ka t n.m. ticket (postage) stamp 

judicial stamp label kat 

tigs' pah kar'ns v.i. affix stamps (to); stamp 
jtjiS’ti'kat-gkar n.m. booking office £E] 

/> /frtiA'tiA n.f. tick ; sound of 
clock, watch, etc. [E] 

6y\ik'tiki n.m. stare steadfast 
{j to gaze tripod which crimi- 

nals are tied for being flogged ( 

C&bj tik-tiki bstdk'ni (or lags' ns) v.i. stare,^ 

(at) regard with a fixed lookt^Jt^-J^^ 
tik'titi se bstidk'ns v.t. tie to the tripod for 

fbyik’kar n.f. butt collision antagon- 
f ism revalry encounter competition 
Vflrfki tak'kar ka adj. match tor^jr tak'kar 
tta'na v. stumble bump against collate 
with ^ vie (with) fti’J^ftak'kar lars'ns v.t. 
butt tak'kar lags’ na v.t. dash against 
collide with {yd ^tak'kar lag'na v.i. 
be injured in collision knock against 
Vjlrffyak'kar msr'ns v.i. but strive ; en- 
deavour say (one’s) prayers perfunctorily or 
too quickly y^jf/J/bara'bar ki tak'kar ka adj. 
equally piiatched ; equally good 
polar se tak'kar le'ni v.i. fight against heavy 
odds [ ~ FQLL.] 

.*j /fcfaAra'ira v.i. clash bring into colli- 
si on clang butt j^takra’a n.m. 


l« / /b /t> tU’kar tU'kar dtkk'ns v.t. look 

> wistfully look eagerly give 

(someone) a surprised look gaze despon- 
dently fa (i^iX^j/^'kar tu'kar 

(or tUk ' tuk) di’dam dam na kashi'dam. ph. look- 
ed wistfully without daring to speak 
b£*tik'kar n.m. thick hard cake 

^/btUk'ra n.m. 
tion bit 

piece portion frao 
bit slice- morsel li’ li- 
hood excerpt tuk'ar gads' n.m. beggar 
($» : uk’ra mafig'ns v.i. beg alms 

eftahd ka tuk'ra adj. exquisitely beautiful per- 
son ; a charming creature ^^(Ji/Auk'roii par 
par' ns v.t. be dependent (on) ^JlPZJjVtJik'r* 


tuA; re adv. disjointed piecemeal 
pieces t ‘/e£pdJstuk're tuk' re kar'ns v.i. 
cleave hack to pieces I’/t^tUk're kar'ns 
v.T; divide share cut into pieces 
tuk ri n.f. detachment group ; company 
flock (of pigeons) piece (of glass or 
mirror) tuk'kar n.m. hard overbaked bread 
Ji&taksal' n.f. mintyfl Ji/'iakssl' bs'har 
w adj. base ; furious ; counterfeit 
unidiomatic (words) unchaste language 
fcZtaksal' gftarA'na v.t. bear the mint stamp 
be judged for its worrh be perfect be 
rude ^{J^takss'li adj. of mint minted 
pure : chaste ^bj^l^takss'li zaban' n.f. 
idiomatic language chaste phraseology^ 
taksa'liyoh N m. mintmaster 
U/tik'li n.f. wafer small bread 
0 pendent for forehead 

'na v.i. rest tarry stay put 

~ im 

tak'na, \i&tatik'na v.i. be tacked (of 
file) have points sharpened 
tytak'vs n.m. chopper chopping-wheel 

Ac akor n.f. fomentation sound of 

drum takor' kar'ns v.i. foment 
\j^tako'ra n.m. beat of drum 

'Atokya'i, takbytf't n.f. low-class 

harlot [~ 

/ftik’ys Jfiik'yah n.f. tablet (of medicine) 
If cake (of soap) wafer small, bread 
^jj>^>ti7«7a'na v.i. have loose bowels 

'ptU'lakna v.i; 
(fig.) die 

move with feeble steps 


1 i tat n.f. tale talk , boast al'ldi 

T> mar'na v.r. boast ; brag 
f til' lam adj. nonsense silly 

gLtat'Mifcjftal' jam v.t. get out of the 
.way withdraw vanish flinch , 
shrink hom^tala na v.t. get rid 
of dodge ; evade prevaricate 
Kty tam-tam n.f. tandem [ ~ E 
\\ cork. ] 

‘rftimakh, Jlftimak' n.m. (dial.) female 
O'* vanity tawdriness[ ~ A£,Ijcorr.] 
y'.fy tamprt'cjtar n.m. temperature [E] 

. ^timtima'na V.t. (of light) (of star) 
twinkle (of life) flicker ; be at the last 
timtima’hm n.f. flicker , glimmer 


tfuut n.m. pride sense of dignity 

jj/t an n.m. ton [E] 


(Jr ttt'na, Jl/ta’rflk n.m. clitoris 

*j|<w tan' n.f. ring (of bell) chime (of 
U& clock) 

n.m. quarrel brawl : wrangle 
trouble U, fib* tali’ te-baz n.m. brawler 
,J ts^ adj. very little C\*j fe l^dt tars' na 


v.t. stan from scratch win by slow 



stump of arm stump of tree 

iJ’Aflfr'da adj. (f. handless 

having chopped hands _ b 
.Kitin’ da n . m . (usu. pl. a i^’tin'de) a wcll- 
known vegetable 
Jjtfiaitidar n.m. tender [El 

ijj&l&td'ra n.m. the Tundras [E] 

I b^yaitidvat n.f peg in wall of room with 
J ^ which to tie a sheet to serve as ceiling 
(,* t/J}anksr'ni v.t. pull (string) to test taut- 
■^“ness tap (crockery, etc.) to see if it is 

Cjffitaligar'na v.t. eat little by little 

/ fc*tatig'rl n.f. (leg )Clj , /(f}&taiig'n par at ana 

'*r > v.t. trip (adversary^ I ~ ^Ctaiig] 


..fctabgna v.t. be hung n.m. clothes-line [ ~ 




^cap OyTijy to'pt uehhal'na v.t. jump 
with joy 'disgrace (someone) publicity 
slander banttooq' n.f. match- 
lock top’ n.m" hat hood helmet 
thimbie^J^ran-cop' n.m. cap that can be 
drawn down to cover ears lj/ to' pa n.m. 
tack quilted cap 

to'iit n.m. (arch, or dial.) loss . damage 
\>J candle-enddvriyL'^t $to’ta at Ka'na (or 

saih'na) v.t. incur loss^^ L w'ta bh-ar'na 
(or de'na) v.t. indemniFy make repara- 
tions C%\?Jto'ta par'na v.i. incur loss 
y M tot' too n.m. a kind of small turtle-dove 
}J * ADJ. fool \s>}5jtt0t'r00 SB ADJ. lovely ; 
solitary ; forlorn foolish 
,yJ>ytot'ka n.m. ' charm . spell quack 
W na *AY%\g)yn-UJm-'.l n.f. & adj. 
(woman) resorting to spells . witch 
bhtoot’na v.i. break; be broken.- be smashed 
l d 3 be fractured be cut off . be separated 

dissociate rush ujson sa<!y forth 
(of body) be feverish fall dow n befall 
(of ablution) stand in need of renewal 
(of price) be slashed come down be pluck- 
ed (13) snap toot n.f. breach coolness 
(in friendshipJtij^^j) to»t ’-pkoot n.f. break- 
age wear and’ tear fracture I'b^jtoot 
js'na v.i. break ; be broken snap be 
smashed {toot) kar ba'rasna v.i 
rain cats and dogs toot' par'na v.t. 
rush (upon) fall avidly upon too' tii adj 

broken fy^ijytoota phoo'ta adj. in a state 

of bad repair damaged broken to pieces 
to'dl n.m. toady [E] 

t miyait ki to dl N.r. name ol 

V** a musical mode 

\jj) to'ra n.m. (in tip-cat) hit 


toor'namaln h.m tournament (El 

(jjJt o ri N - M - * ory I®! 

/ftok'ra n.m. basket (j/iyokri n.f small 
U Jr basket l') 0 ijJPy>k'ri dho'na v i engage in 
very low kind of labour 
,.(ftok'nd v.t. check prevent challenge 

*'■' object cavil tok n.f. check 
challenge cavilling influence of an evil 

eye tok'-tak n.f. objections 



jjjlol N.M. toll [E] 

Jjtacil' n.f. twill [E] 

foo’lah. If) tola n.m, band clique 
quarter of town inhabited by one trade ; a 
large pebble $ to’li n.f. band Clique 
small group 

j>L toom ' dikal'la n.m. petty ornament 

> trinkets „ 

..k. ta’na n.m. charm witchcraft fc/iy 
•Jr to'«a kar'wa v.T. cast evil o' tie* 

butt n.m. enchanter ; charmer $ {$ fon'hs't n.f. 
& adj. (woman) resorting to spells ; witch 

N.F. spout sugar-cane root left 
y 1 ' in earth for regrowth [fj^tf^tok'n-vala 
to' fa n.m. ewer 

sKjfooh'fl tf&tuA’di n.f. navel thicker 

■"■^end (of carrot, radish, etc.) 

v.T. (same as v.t. *) 


ns v.t. feel search 


i 3 sound be on the lookout (for) to A 
N.F. search spying watching secretly 
tracing (,*{$, £toA' logs’ ns v.t. watch 
secretly trace be on the look-out (for) 
kj^ffca'tar n.m. lattice such framework 
' for illuminations dove-cote 
i» . Kfkatk^ljithat n.m. (usu. pl.) splendour 
pomp and show dignity decora- 

tion elegance equipage bamboo frame 
lor thatching name of a fencing trick 
(pigeon’s) joyful flutterP^l thatk. bntdk'na 
v.t. prepare frame for thatch (of fencers 
stand at ready I i^i^L^L^sob tiat %! pa'ra 

raUtja'tiavj. (of dying person) quit all bclong- 

with great pomp 

i. /ljtia’'eft Aa'’rtN.F. reports of shot-gun 
Mu.v± tc fU'A ho’m 

v.i. (of shotguns) be fired i'J^?iirj*J&fka”et 
tha 'eft kar’na v.r. quarrel : brawl " clash 
lONO.] „ 

^fkafpeh, Lfdutp’pa n.m. pattern 
mould *die stamp impress (dis- 

tinctive) mark!*# {^ftiop'pa lagn'na v.t, 
stamp mark • 

> i’tiat n.m. throng ; crowd ijMf' 

ke that’ n.m. pl. milling crowd 

J* 4 ! l a £ e ho'na v.i. (of crop ’.) 

be ; gather 

( thot'tks n.m. laughter jest ridi- 

cnlcVjUs^tlmt'fha kar'na^v.i. jest 
ridicule deride^ logs’ m k 

(or mar'na) v.i. burst with laughter 
that ftu-baz adj. facetious n.m. jester k 

humorous person witty person 
tkof'ihrbaa N.F. jest J, fun ridicule ; 
derision wit tiaj'db mefi Ora'na 

ridicule ; deride make fun (of) 
i'fkar'na v.l benumbed shiver 

s . jyjitb (old) feel (very cold) be nipp- 
ed iJ^iAttkra’ua benumb chill nip 

.fig th.i'thakna,itf J jjL^fM'Aak kar mall' 
ja'na v.i. draw back in amazement 
shrink (from) come to sudden stop for 
fear, etc. 

^SfffutAol' n.f. ridicule , derision 
r jesting ; fun n.m. jester witty 

tft/ra n.m. brazier maker of 
]/^T hardware vessels seller of hardware 
vessels maize stalk 

jJ ^tiad'da n.m. main stick of kite (which is 
^crossed byJ^N.F. *) 

IjJZthud’Ja N.M. a kick ; kicking with the boot 


kesath! adv. 
and show elegently 

l J igfka'ra,lj(£tte'<la ADJ. Stout stand- 

/^tla'ter n.m. (dial.) Hindu diety 
>*idol chief landlord ; village chief 
bljjjfcfka’kir-dova'rah n.m. idol temple > 
ii n.f. idleness unemployment (ibr 
O^tka'ls adj. idle jobless * 

.. • 54a*i'na v.i. (doublet of Unused as 
•"j^lettcr’s adjunct) thurst 

jlas'aa v.t. resolve ; be intent uponjbfy^ 
fi (« d»t) met tfcui'aa v.l. set one’s 

heart on 

.b^t&Md’diH.F. (usu. pl.). unslit parched 
grain (same as ^*y*N.F. 

tkud’di pa’kar’tia v.t. 

jh»r n.f. chill 

flatter curry favour 

fcfkar’ra n.m. cheap wine a cheap kind 
of shoe main string of brassiere bad 
unbaked brick 

■k'lkoj adj. solid crammed heavy 

lazy obstinate ; mulish n.m. short 

weight or measure cracked (common vessel) 
JftiSis adj. duli-headed ; stupid (of 
t/ coin) not jingling heavy stolid 


clegance affected gait 

tkas'ia N.M. 

tha'sa fhos adv. (filled) to capacity 

sbtha'sak n.v.tfj)(jkas'ka n.m. low sound of 
fc *'v* , ^coughlng thas ak'na v.t. tap earthen- 

ware vessel to see if it is cracked 
|« ■fa tkus'na v.i. ^bc stuffed be filled with 
capacity (,’/ thSsva'rta v.t. get stuffed 
get filled (to capacity) 

(j? /k&ok' thak n.f. repeated hammer 
knock boring work quarrel 
tifT brawl 

1 10 Aik^na n.m. residence ; place; where- 
abouts address destination limit end 

decency ; suitability reasonableness 
trust ; reliance thika na dkoofnl'na v.i. 

look for residence hunt for job look for 
match (for marriageable young woman) 
tkikanakar'na v.i. find a room (for oneself) 
take asylum (in) Aika'ne chvka'na 

V4. pay off meanials, dues on death of one ol 
family (ftftf'Jj&tkika'ne ka ad' mi n.m. suitable 
person tfithika'ne ki bat n.f. reasonable 

point ^piika'ne lagz'na v.t. kill ; assas- 
sinate marry off dispose of squander ; 
waste spend in tight manner help achieve 
objective : cause to puccecdCP^&tkikane lag'na 
v.i. be killed be married off be disposed 
of be squandered, be spent m right manner 
(of endeavour, etc.) succeed C^aLbe-Aika'- 
ita adj. homeless unreliable inconsis- 
tent uncertain > 

Sf th&kra'na, l^thskra' de'na v.t. 

. spurn kick ; trample upon [ ~ ] 

*) lid fihokHTa'ta n.f. (dial.) village chief’s wife 

0^ [~s&] 

jkuk'na v.i. be beaten be defeated 
(of nail) be hammered (into) incur loss 
(of an amount) be gaoled [ ~ ] 

t ffgjbog n.m. thug ; cut throat robber 
footpad swindler (jfii m jQAag-ba'&. (rare 
bid'diya) .n.f. swindling; 
cheating thuggee Jr }ha’gi, fifoAaga'il 

N.f. swindling ; cheating ^ thuggee tfjk 
ibag'ns, Isf le'na, b'/J^tha'gi kar'na 

v.t. swindle ; "cheat rob tf&thagni n.f. 
woman swindler female thug 

j y? taih' l n.f. (dial.) drudgery ; service 

i* tai'hattia v.i. stroll , take a stroll walk 
•'^’llcfwly ij^rteahla'na v.t. takeout for 


stroll walk (horse) get rid of 

^dfihil'ya n.m. small pitcher 

id Jp AUtn'ri n.f. light classical song 

-'^to which it is set 

it/ri Au'mak'na v.i. strut amorously ; move^ 
coquetishly ; walk with dalliance 
tkSm'mak (rare tkMm'mak) n.f. coquetish strut or 
gait ’mak tkum’ak kar adv. 

with a coquetish gait Jlr tm ^&''ak dial n.f. 
graceful carriage coquetish gait 
'tftkVm'ki n.f. jerk given to string to keep 
kite flying thMm'ki de'na. (or 
lagz'na) v. give a jerk (to kite string [prec.] 

(^5 taih' na n.m. bough 

thanaka,^^ than' than’ n.f. 
* *** chime clang than' 

than gopal' 

n.m. bloekhead nought adj. worthless 
rt&than'na v.i. occur a clash (between) 
be pitted against be resolved be fixed 
(in mind) {la^jZmefi than' ja'na v.i. (of clash) 
occur between 

b^tfthut&h n.m. stump leafless branch 

*7 j, amputated hand 
j&e tfiafid n.f. cold 

-.old chill l&fhah'da ADJ. (f. 
thatidi) cool cold frozen 
cold-blooded ; level-headed extinguished 
pacified ; appeased patient ; enduring 
impotent frigid having a slump 
thak'4 a kar'na V.T. cool down k extinguish 

appease kill ; murder iy%l&fkan'da Par 
ja n3 v.i. be appeased become cold lose 
lustre be defeated^'^ jy \hah'dz ho'na (or 

ho ja'na) v.i. become cold die be extin- 
guished have a slump IV kole’ja 

.(fb'l&lthah'da satis n.m. sighjt^f^ 
tkah'dt gar'miyah n.f. pl. outward love 
unsuccessful coquetry 6~j&~j&Aan 'de thah'de 
adv. early in the day ; while it is yet cool Jjii 
lyd^i/fij^hjthah'di (or Aati'da satis bias' na) 

■ i Vim vi* o cic'h in Hrcnair t&JUi'de 

v.i. heave a sigh in despair Aon'de 

dit st adv. impassionately cool-headedly 
2&fkatida”i n.f. hemp beverage fresh 

cooling sherbet (of almonds and cucumber-seed) 
iSj&dutiidak n.f. coolness chHl com- 
fort satisfaction kale'je hi tkoft- 

dak n.f. satisfaction of ‘having revenge 
(also jfc£ifjy&'iatikhoii ki than' dak) loved child 


ilu'ke-dar n.m. contractor liquor vendor 

Jj dik'ra h.m. potsherd through (for 

dog’s food)'*^ ro’zi ka flak' ra n.m. 
means by which one lives ; means of livelihood 
iklk’ri n.f. small potsherd 
tkt'ke-dair n.m. (sec under n.m. ic) 

d&thJki n.f. bag load 

0* lags' ns v.t. fill tog with grain C^^ftke’kl 
lens v.i. unburden oneself (ake die load 
off oneself taken support > 

tike'/a n.m. .trolly car ,*1 

pulled or pushed by men 
.si^thel'nB v.t. push roll 

propel (rare.) nudge ^ 2 lill§§| 8 i^ 
i#£/ihifi'ga n.m. thumb smalf^^?' 

^~club (vul.) penis 
tAJft'ga baj'nsv.t (of quarrel) take 
place !,*(/) 1 t^fpak'ga dikka'na v.t. refuse 

^ propel 
J / ,*(ihifi'ga n.m 
“■~club (v 

turn down tease pay no regard to 
btW'yah<illsJto'’iyaft ADI. wee-bit 

1 1? W/yah> (JlsJ fo"iySb adj. wee-bit 
Uz, dwarfish iTm. a kind of small parrot 
> _ i's fee'-e ttM. travelling allowance , T.A. 

rfi ie] 

tl'-H n.f. tuberculosis T.B [E] 

ti'-par'fi (col. fi-p&'ti) tea party [E] 

*up n.m. tap cXl^tg^up' Tiksr'dar n.m. 
tap-recorder j^Pf*P (riksr'd) kar'ns 
v.t, tape-record [E] *” 

> tl/» n.f. shrill note best (of the verses) 
refrain cement streak along brick 
borders (in wall) ; grouting ^Igfip-tsp n.f. 

adornment outward show liL^tip' ks 
ADJ. choiccstor best (hemistic or couplet of . 
poem) I’jLsfip' kar’ns v.t. grout 
i£j(*yt*'i ak mak'j/ha difficulty embarrass- 
• ment broken cot 

A ' pH • ' O 

\j?JpyV’ x . c k ’Mh'jte difficulty embarrass- 
ment broken cot 

X K n.m. train ticket examiner; T.T.E. 
£ if Aar n.m. teacher (E) 

..yjlr'na, Ifi JjCzW kaT *‘«a v.t. spend 
(night, life, etc.) 

\j%*er'va n.m. water-pipe of hookah 

adj. (F.^Vrfe) crooked 
‘5Cbent awry uneven difficult, 
person ; difficult to tackle terk n.f. (same 

as n.m. +) &\\t>fcferk* idfh adj. 
beau ; fop ; coxcomb)^ btfu'rks m'rha adj. 

crooked zig zag irregular c4^5^f<'rk2 

pan n.m. terk. n.f. crookedness 
kar’na v.t. slant bend ; tip(/?( ffiJtt’rha 
ho'ns v.t. slant 

ufigli ke ba-ghair' ghi na'kili ni'kalts prov. 
crooked persons call for harsh treatment 
C& } £^u'rhi nftkk se dekk'ns V.t. cast angry 
looks look with evil intentions 
tt'rki kkir' n.f. difficult task 
Jtfis N.F. shooting pain (in book-bind- t 
ing) single stitch through all formes 
tis' uth'ns v.t. have shooting pain 1 ) 
mar'na v.t. (in book-binding) give single 

t Vsoo n.m. ‘butia froudesa’ flower 
L /kl ek NF - pron support (dial.) 

nmmien . t imiv 4 * LV a yt2- / *■— >n ^ 

refuse « promise : vow ctf tek'ns v.t. 

j /%tik'rs n.m. (sand) dune hillock 

talk's n.m. tax [E] 

^^b^X^aikst’-buk n.f. text-book [E] 
n.f. taxi [E] 

* •fitek'na v.t. rest (something on) 

**n.f. rest prop ^tt'kan n.f. prop 

J^ti'kak, $ ti'ks n.m. injection inocula- 

** tion vaccination stain blot a 

kind of ornament for forehead ^^‘ti'kah 
lagans v.t. inject inoculate vacci- 

nate (dial.) stain l"$££&'kalaiik' ks ti'ks 
lags' nSjV.i. be stigmatized 
^jfitaikni'kal adj. technical [E] 

ti ko'zi n.f. tea cosy[E] 

JSn'lah, ll^ti'ls n.m. knoll hillock 

jSu'lar,jSl£ft'lar mss’ far n.m. tailor [EJ 
&ye£tai'lifon n.m. telephone [E] 
li-garsm n.f. telegram [EJ 
^Ayy^faili-vt'zhan n.f. television [E] 


* taim n.m. time [~E CORK.] 





Stem t*. f. snuff (of candle, etc.) 

'IT () . 

St im n.f. team tlm -mrk n.m. team- 

>** " ork [El 

ylyim' tara N.r. outward show decora- 

f V* iion C E 1 

n.m. tin canister [EJ 

(J^teiit n.m. speck in eye cotton pod 

jrytaiht n.m. tent t taifts lags' na v.t. 

■" pitch a tent (E] . fc . t 

)*jstetit'oa n.m. wind-pipe throat 

tefit’va daba'na (or dabocfi'na) v.t. 
strangle , strangulate ; throttle force to do 
something ; constrain bring pressure to bear 

x hen ten (dial, tain' taiti) n.f. & 4 ‘nt. 
(parrot’s cry prate f efl ' l eil 

kar'na v.i. (of parrot) cry prate 
^jjPtai'nis n.f. tennis [E] 

taifik N.M. tank [E] 

•>*{#'«{ n.m. small hybrid species of hens 
(/•' adj. (hen) of this species tiny 

jr'KS n.m. (dial.) horoscope guess 

h xiyoob' n.f. fluorescent tube thin 
‘■S''-* pipe [E] 

i wwtwww t* 
i, « sixth letters of Urdu alphabet ; (it is 
a definite proof of the Arabic origin of 
word containing ; ) it (it is doubled .to replace 
tJ whenever Arabic definite article heads it) 

(in jummal reckoning) 500 
„ fits’ bit adj. (col. sa'but) whole ; un- 
broken uninjured ; unharmed un- 
damaged proved ; prove established 

firm stationary n.m. swa'bit star 

(opp. n.m. planet) (jj£/£sa'bit-qa'dam adj. 
steadfast firm constant persevering 

resolute unswerving (fcZftfsa'bit-qa'dami, 
I’/iZifajbit kar'na v.t. prove ; establish tjj'dJ'IT 
sa'bit tio'na v.i. be proved ; be established (A 

\j‘S3tqib adj. glittering glistening; shin- 
%m z' t ing brightly^ t if&sheftrf b~e sa'qib n.m. 

glittering meteor (A] 

Zjj'sa'lis n.m. arbitrator mediator 
C " K *' arbiter third person impartial per- 
son non-partisan^ a' l is bil-khair ’ n.m. 

impartial person bastard (child) 
sa'lis-e has'rl n.m. mutually acceptable arbi- 
tratorvi^/pa'/ir na'mah (col .yC^Csat'si na’mah 
n.m. arbitration award xi\?salxsah n.f. arbi- 
tress fftfsa’lisl (col. sal’ si) n.f. arbitration 
mediation'll C sa’lisan adv. thirdly ; in 

the third-place dejCsaloos n.m. (dial.) Trinity 

Asa’ min adj. eighth Celsa'mtnan adv. eighthly 

(Jj\?sa'navl Adj. (see under jlADj. if) 

* * 

. jf'ta'/ii adj. second . peer; equal 
^ match (f)Csa'naiA adj. secondary „ if)?!?* 
a‘7a sa'navx Higher Secondary jjS^jfia'navl 
ta'llmi bor'J n.m. Beard of Secondary Educa- 
tion 'la) sa’navi taHlm' n.f. 

(Higher) Secondary Education (jjjA&Atyt) 
(ala) s a' navi ntada'ris n.m. pl. (Higher) 
Secondary Schools {fsa'nijan adv. secondly; 
in the second place Slfiss'niyah n.m. second 
moment [A-c^] 

CZ>$sabat' n.m. permanence endurance 

'stability firmness constancy resolu- 
tion ; resolve (A — foll.] 

^ isabt n.m. affixing (signature or stamp) 
put or impress (seal) k/o^sdb't 'kar'na 
v.t. affix inscribe put impress 

enter ; put down ^ give permanence to , 
make lasting CrfiJZSsal't ho' ns v.t. ’re affix- 

ed be inscribed be put ; be impressed . 
be made lasting [A] 

tJ lysSboot’ n.m. proof testimony 

* evidence probate budi'hl sUbool’ 

boo’t-e ba’ din-nazar' N.m. obvious 

proof ; ‘prima facie* proof ^ tS'i'di 

suboot’ n.m. corroborative evidence 

tahri’ri suboot' n.m. documentary evidence (£* S', 
*« m " »■ 
&f.tanti'di suboot' n.m. rebutting evidence &/. 

lfy^sUboo't-e sarih', (col. sari'fi suboot') 

n.m. direct proof zifit'tS sUboot' n.m. 

collateral evidence suboot' n.m. 

circumstantial evidence &j}(9 W^'l s ^boot 

n.m. conclusive proof i^^QCJlisa'rn suboot 

n.m. verbal evidence &£j\,ba'r-t sUboot' N.M. 

onus of proof (A) 

22 ! 


•*j sakh'khaz n.m. seventh spt of abjad order of 
* letters [A~H] 

„ isar'mt n.f, riches : wealth affluence 
opulence jC? jfsar'oat-mand. adj. rich 
wealthy opulent affluent (fcfjSsar’vat - 
u uadi n.f. riches opulence , affluence 

[A] ^ 

VAsara' N.u. earth soil t-us- 

rara' n.f. nether regions very low 
position [A] 

j>y> s&ray'ya n.m. the Pleiades ; the Pliads tlfZ/ 
“s&ray'ya-jah adj. exalted O’ &Jlau'-je suray'ya 
n.u. very exalted status [A] 

.*/• ihstf'lah mis'ti n.f salep 
pulverized ‘orchis’ root [A] 

. j saghoor' n.m. pl. horderland , marches 
[A~sino ji ] ^ . . 

dJJ-saqnfal n.P. culture J\iisaqa 'fall (ped Q 
^saqa'Jt) adj. cultural JSffj&saqa'fali 
me'lah n.m. cultural dbov/Qtsjytf&saqa'faii 
sar-gar'-myM n.f. pl. culturaf activities [A] 
&} isaqa'lat n.f. heaviness tuj-gidity (of 
& word, etc.) bombast [A } 
<£/fif>siqa'hat n.f. trustworthiness reliabi- 
At * ity authoritotiveness serenity [A~ "2 $ ] 
’j^sufl n.m. (PL.Jttfasqal) gravity indi- 
gestion ; heaviness in stomach sluggishness 
of liver hardness (of hearing) load 

burden turgidity [A] 

AjJ saqalain' n.m. mankind and spirits 

the world and hereafter [A ~ prec.] 
jpsi’qah n.m. (BL.i^i^siqat') authoritative 
(person or statement) reliable trustworthy 


rffiaqiL’ (of word) difficult turgid bombastic 
{jZ (of food) rich indigestible _ (of 
stomach) heavy burdensome } . 

‘\,f‘sulasi adj. & N.m. triliteral (root) 
O'Sitia'si-e mujar'rad n.m. pure triliteral jpr 
suit' si mazidfih n.m. triliteral root with 

±j,suls adj. one-third n.m. name of a 
calligraphic style , offshoot of ‘na$kh’ 
with decorative flourishes in inscriptions 
jtfsimar' n.m. (fL. of^ *) 

^•{^sa'ma'niyah adj. (lit. ) eight [A] 



> sa'mar t/ jam' rah (ped. sa'marah ) n.m. (pl. 

alsoj$ simar’) fruit produce off- 
spring reward result ; outcome jjy* 
stltnttr wr adj. fruitful successful 

sa'mar-dar' adj. fruit-bearing (tree) fruit 
ful (endeavour) iZI/samarat' n.m. pl. fruits 

[A] A 

ysa'man n.m. price cost value^' 
™ samin' adj. valuable costly ; ex- 
pensive [A] 

tysana n.f. praise eulogy encomium 
( jljr\^‘sana'khafi ftfsatta garpftfsana’ -gis’ tar 
n.m. one who praise ; eulogist encomiast 
sana'-kha'm satta’-ga'rl, frA br 

sana' -gUs' lari n.f. praise praising 

i^jjsavab' n.m. reward (of virtue) (also 
fW^ljsaoab’ ka kam) virtuous deed [A] 
^y\ \^saaabit n.m. pl. stars (opp. planets) 

. [A ~ SING. o:C\ 

jsmr n.m. (a sign of Zodiac called Taurus 
(lit.) bull (also jJjif gba'r-e saur’) Saur 

Cave ; name of cave in which the Holy 
Prophet sojourned during his exodus to 
Medina [A] 

Jim seventh letter of Urdu alphabet 
^ (equivalent to English j) in jummal 
reckoning) 3 

. ja (rare or in construction^^/ a'*«) n.f. (lit.) 

. place space; room seat {f'.ifja 
ba'ja adv. everywhere here and “there ; 
hither and thither Iglfja be-ja' \f^Jj\fja'-obe-ja 
.at all times in or out of place right 
or wrong j^\fja-zurtxtr' l J t>^_\fja'~e. zuroor' 
n.m. latrine ; privy lavatory 
(oT-shih) adj. & n.m. f. successor deputy 
viceroy ; vice-gerent lieutenant^J ?, '^ja- 
nasM’rd n.f. succession vicegerency ; 

lieutenancy j (i Ipja-namaz' n.f. prayer-mat, 
prayer carpet (JpfcfeSZjs'-e e'tiraz' n.f. room 
objection, ja'-e pan ah' n.f. refuge ; asylum 

shelter [P] * 

ja'btr adj. despotic tyrannical 

/,Z strong n.m. despot tyrant [A-^] 

, jap n.m. (dial.) muttering of prayers 
Z counting (of beads) [-tgl] 

ItyJa'Pa N **• delivery , accouchement 
v • 

„ ,jat n.f. (dial.) caste high caste C>^ 
jat'-pat n.f (dial.) caste Hindu caste* 





★ ) 

system [~S] .. 

I 'jipj“ t TS ' l *- T -($^j 5t ' ri N - M - (same as l/£yat' 

* * n.T.Jyiyat'ri n.m.) fsee under 1/tN.F. i 


"« i_ j'a'fl n.f. (dial.) community; commu- 
v » nal group (dial.) caste Hindu com- 
munity [S] h 

n.m. (f.tflrjat'ni) name of an agri- 


culturist caste 

^[pjath. n.m. roller (of -oil or sugar mill) 

\p j s' jam n.m. printed linen carpet [T] 

i jsVoo n.m. magic wizardry ; sorcery; 
" . necromancy conjuring charm ; spell 
enchantment y} Ifjadbo bar hay' 

kar'ne-Vala kafir prov. magic is a ■ fact, its 
practice is however banned I'&jjbja'doo jaga'na 
v.t. test the effectiveness of magic.- charm 
'doo chal'na (or ho'na) v.i. be 
charmed be under a spell succeed in bring- 
ing round \rjadoo ks kkel' n.m. , conjur- 
ing trick conjuring 

kar'nu (or cfcala'na or daVna ) v.t. charm ; 
enchant test a spell Jjj^fjd' doo-gar n.m. 
magician a sorcerer conjurer 'tjJu^fja'doo- 
gar'm n.f. witch sorceress tfJjjlt'ja'doo- 
ga'rt n.f. magic wizardry ; sorcery ; necro- 
mancy charm ; enchantment [P] 

Ojifj* doh (ped. jad'dah) N.m. road centre 

* of road paved or metalled portion (of 

‘igjd'&b adj. attractive; alluring absor- 
• * . bent n.m. blotter; blotting-paper 
jd'zibah n.f. (power of) absorption (power 
of) gravitation [A ~ 

'jlfi'jor n.m. (pl. l yjf'jlran‘)(lit.) neighbour£A] 

f . jar adj. that gives ‘zer’ (') to words; that 
' • puts in genitive or dative case ; adj. 
drawing giving ‘kasrah’ thus JZOfhadf-t 
jar' Ofi’barf'-e jar n.m. preposition 
huroo'f-ejm'rah) [A ~ X ] 

ibj PjhridT'jat n.f. georgette [E] 

• • • 

J dribs' nah adj. offensive aggressive 
* jaxihiy' yat n.f. aggression 

jarihiy’yat pasahd' adj. agressive 
jarihiy'yat pasandi n.f. aggression aggres- 
sive policy [A] 

L _,»ibr jd T °b‘ n.f. (ped.) broom besom 

• • brush /}£,Hfjaroob'kash n.m. sweeper 

■ ^ ■ ■ 

scavenger (fvtyjaroob'-ka'sht n.f. sweeping 

, i ja'ri adj. current (of law) in force 
. prevalent continuing flowing 
rfjja'ri rakk'na v.t. continue carry on 
maintain ja'ri raih'na v.r. continue 
be in force remain in force ja'ri kar'ns v.t. 
issue start ; begin institute ; set on foot 
give currency enforce cause to flow 

ja'ri ho'na v.r. issue get going be 

current be in force be all the vogue 
flow [A] 

^j\g ja'riyo.h n.f. slave-girl ; maid [A] 

M * ^ 

>1 jars N.M. winter cold ague 

' * » jd'ra par’na v.i. be cold of winter 

come have ague cJt ijbja'ra lag'na v.i. feel 

y, ja'zim adj. rendering final letter quiescent 

\ J r 

jams' -mm. spy detective (fj/b 

L 7*s.jasoo'si n.f. spying; espionage 
detective’s work I'/lpy^jasoo'si kar'na v.t. 
act as a spy ; carry- on espionage work as 
detective [A ~ 
ijj/\yjd'kat jacket (TEj 

bj\pj'd.'kar n.m. conditional purchase 

X^jakkan n.m. wooden foundation of brick- 
~= svork in well 

rJl *j as ' m v>1 * get up from sleep .wake 

rouse be vigilant^^^/jt^ja^' 

utk'na (or par' no) v.i. wake up get up 
fiiom bed £lrjifjag' ja'na v.t. be up (from 
bed) (of many people) wake up tffsjag'tu 
ADJ. awake vigilant [fbQfjl'tz jag to. 
adj. alive * 

f^jagir' n.f. estate- fief; feud land 
'£’• revenue grant jagl'r-e davsm' n.f. 

estate perpetually rent-free jijjtfjagir'-dar n.m., 
estate owner feudatory grantee. 

jagir'da'ri n.f. fedudalism (l£)yl,jjJurjagir'-dara'nah 
nizam' n.m. feudal system ^yjk^jagfr'-sir n.f. 
such charitable grant [P ~ Cr] 

\\-ja'l n.m. net snare trawl trap 

* fraud ( l ; i^J \fj* 1 btdAa'na (or 

phailana) v.t. } spread a net trawl ; trawl a 
net set a trap pkehk’na, v.i. trawl 

Oi/J'fjal dal' na v.t. spread a net trawl 
lay a snare set a 

meb pkats'na for phobia’ na) v.t 
dupe met phabs'na v I 

trapped be duped 
.,i_ ja'la n.m cobweb gossamer 

” • web-eye [ ~ prec] 

J^J\pj aloof n.m. Goliath (A-rH] 



be en- 



,1 I ,J a ' n N ’ F 

V . ting grate lattice; trellis work lace 

caul integument (of foetus) thick coat- 
ing (of mango-stone)f,|'J|fja'fl par'na, v. hard- 
ening (of mango-stone) Cfjfylfja’li karh’na v.i. 

embroider stitch work lot n.m. 

bobbinet ( ~ prec. ] 

^J'^lpjiflinoos n Galen [A~G] 

‘l* fa jam n.m. jam (E) 

r (*\p n.m. (lit.) cup : bowl goblet ; wine 
1 ’ cup^flfja’m-e jam, (jl (jwfe ja m-e jahat- 

numa n.m. Jamshid’s wine-cup ; goblet of the 
mythical Persian king in which he could view 
the whole world any wonderful possesion 

tlrfeifl vjam eharha'na vt quaff the wine 
seh'hat pi'na v.t drink a toast 
drink to the health of [P] 
ji \p ja'rmd adj, unprogressive ; static 

* inorganic inanimate (of noun) concrete 
is'm-e ja'mid n.m. concrete noun [A 

jsmda’m N.F. muslin with patterns 
JUV' woven into it leather or wooden box 
cttisbja mo-dan n.m. such box wardrobe 

[P ~ sb+jb] 

pSig js’tne‘ adj. comprehensive principal 

** • (mosque) n.m. (ped). principal mosque 
ja'm'-e katnalai adj. & n.m. all-round 
(scholar) ; »J1- rounder mas'jid n.f, 

principal mosque of locality,^^'; a n.f, 

comprehensiveness [ A - gfl ] " * 

-pi ^ji’mt'ah n.m. university 

» society ( A ~ £?• ] 

ja'manN.f. rennet any 
I* • coagulator ‘jambolana’ 

'.dj. mauve (jfoja'mani adj. mauve 
jS'mah n.m* .(lit.) garment 

• frilled gown J'lly’lf jama-tala' tin 

searching the person ^fjpfja'ma-jjb adj . grace- 
ful ; (one) on whom every dress fits well tf-jslf 
jdima-ze'bi n.f. grace ; being one of whom every 
dress fits well 4 Jfja'me st ba'hor ho'na 

v i. be unable to restiain oneself with anger 

met pkoo'k na sama'na v.t. 

be overjoyed [P] 

/.J|W 5n aiso J afl ) N F life soul ; 

• spirit essence vigour ; energy sweet- 
heart , beloved ; love ; lady-love darling 

(tVt j>jL'itjlfjan ana (or a ja’na ) vi. be 
refreshed ; regain ‘strength recoup health 

tf^ltflfjab afrin' N m. Creator j Ofjat-bsz’ ADJ. 

intrepid daring , vemuresornetfjUtirjah-bazi 
N.F. spirit of sacrifice C l^(jl If jan, baftla'na v.l. 
save one’s skin '-'(Qfj(kam)^ se jan badland 

v.t shirk work 

jab' ba'eti lakhob pa r e (khan se bad'dhoo ghar' ko 
a’e) save life save a million iVft ^ J a * 

ba'haq (taslim') ho'na v t die; expire ; give up 
the ghost iffyifjan-bakh' shi (or jab-) n.f. 
sparing life ; forgiveness , pardon granting of 
life bar (na) ho'na v.i (not) to sur- 

viveiLyijtrskfjIfjab’ bo-lab' (ho'na) adj. (& v.i.) 
be dying ; be at the point of deathly 
bh-a'ri ho'na v i. grow weary of life V>f^lrjan' 
par ban'na v 1 . be in danger of one’s life 
jan par khel'na, v.i. jeopardize one’s** very 
existence lay down one’s life (j f’tflfjan’ par'na 
v.i. be revived become graceful being 
to thrive i'J'l;ju^^fcf.)(por\jan tasad’duq kor’na 
v.t sacrifice one’s’ life (for) I'tSjfjJfJIfjan' 
tor ’ kar lar’rm v.i. fight desperately ('tfy'jytyf&lf 
jan’ jo'kkob ka ksm n.m. hazardous task Oj^rtflr. 

O^iJ^jon jo'kkob mebdal'na v.l. hazard one’s 
life; jeopardize one’s existencei^^jan' (h&ra'na 
v t shirk shrink from O^fjlfjsn' 

cjrffura'na v.t. get rid of , escape Cf^^ifjan' 
dthfrakna v.t. be deeply devoted *(to) ; be 
ready to sacrifice one’s life (for) jjtlfjan'dar n.m. . 
animal adj. animate active vigorous 
doo'bhar ho’na v.i be heavy of 

(ped ) 

one’s life (sj(J l fjd n ‘ dt'na v.t. die par 

| jan' de'na v t. die for sacrifice one’s life 
for be deeply in love with j iJ> Ifjafi-sipar’ 
adj. devoted (of lover or servant) ready to 
lay down his life for mistress or master J^U-^V 
| jab-sipan n.f devotion readiness to lay 
down (one’s) liktf&lfjab-sitan’ adj. killing 
(work) cruel (person) $t£-Vjaft-«/a'jii n.f. j 
cruelty callousness etc.<J i f2*y / sokh’la-jah' (or- 
| jan') adj. afflicated tormented jyjlfjab-soz' adj. 
tormenting ; soul-racking se ja'na v.i. 

dieLjlrCfylfjan' se mar'na v.t. kill ; murder 
jan' se hath! dhe'na v.i. despair of 
(one’s) lifejji/wya* fiza' adj. animating 
invigoratihg ; bracmg refmhing^ji»fcya»- 

\Jka”i n.f. invigorating nature (jgjiUrjab'Jisbab' 




y a 

adj. devoted ready to lay down one's life 
very diligent n f devo- 

tion readiness to lay down one s life dili- 
gence ka jatjaf-. vaba'J-e jari 

n.m. problematick person (or thing) 
jan' ka sad qa mai prov save life save a million 
j&n ka la' goo ha'na v t. pursue one 
to death lyl^W jan-lr'oa adj fatal , mortal 
deadly lethal o^'lfjah-kah' adj. $ad ; 
pathetic heart-rending calling for diligence 

( fi&lfjSli-kahi n f sadness deligence 
l P a L ) an dt'na v t be deep 
in love ’with L‘ I jan ko a na v t 

take (someone) to task vexj£l\e>({)(<f'\ojah'-kani 
(kl l)a!lat) n.f agonies of death agony 
anguish l'jj/(Jlf((fi)j/[bariron kl) jari ko 
rona v. i wish (oneself) dead Cw^ffjari kka’na 
v.t. vex, annoy plague (Vjlbjil/tfbjari 
kkapa’na (or marina) v.i. work very hard ; work 
diligently vjari ki amari n,f indul- 
gence pardon ; forgiveness quarter 
Jj\jari ki aman' pa"ooti ph. crave your in- 
dulgence c£j/\s£jlfjan' ke bora' bar rakk'na 
v.t. regard (someone) no less dear than one’s 
life ^X^iari ke la'U por'na v.i. on the 
poirtof death despair of hfeJIJjlfjafi-gudaz’, 
J^ifjah-gusil' adj. killing baneful 

jari Isra'na v.t. jeopardize one’s life lay 
down Cd^jsn' It'na v.t. kill deprive 
(someone) of his life t fyfyftflfjari met jari 
be comforted be revived be no 


longer jittery feel no longer worried jl^ lf 
jah'-nisari adj. devoted (fjfclfjari nisar'l n.f. 
devotion (/yifja'n-e man ph. my darling 
ke jari adj. * lifeless ; dead inanimate weak 
enervated listless insipid [PI 
-. ja'na v.i. (past t. gay a irregularly form- 
»*f ed) go pass , set out depart dis- 
appear be lost be stolen be wasted 
be no more viJ^JeL^fjrine ( bhl ) do pc. never 
mind forget and forgive leave it off let 

(me, etc.) go no more of this silly stuff 1 
ca n’t stomach the lictsj2i£ja'ne de’na v.t. 
let go forgive ; pardon 

n.m. beloved , sweetheart [P~sino 

• | ja’nib N.F. (PL .t^rilfjosa’ nib) side ; direc- 
tion >-riffja'nU>-e, jrirdb adv to- 

words -ja’mb p*rov. (arch.) I adv (lit.) 

this side nib-dor adj. partial ^ biased 
n.m. supporter. panuamJjtiflfja'mb-da'n 

n.f. partiality tfftfjanatbairi n.m. both the parties 



jaruubaiii te adv from both sides 
mutually reciprocally [A] 

| ’£\p lahdt'na evaluate appraise assess 

1 • test ; try survey jy&jafick n.m. 
evaluation assessment appraisal test ; 

trial survey pa'rakh. n.f. scrutiny 

jstig'loo adj. wild ; undomesticated 
* j, • savage uncultured JP - j£f j 
J\e)Zfigk N.F. thigh 1 

J*\P J Ob' giyah (usu but less correct form of) 
l fiifjafi'gkiya) n.m. underwater drawers 

panfies wrestlers breeches [~^V loins] 

I N - F - P ra yw-carpet * 

1''*^ - prayer-mat [P~ (p +j0 ) 

jarina v.t. known be 
aware of think ; believe •* 
deem , hold conceive fancy own ; re- 
cognize understand ; apprehend perceive 
ohf. jan n.f knowledge awareness belief 

idea UV.l'lf ja'na boo’jha adj. well frequented 
not unknown C^Cfjrina paih&a'na adj. well- 
known C^c)^jari r parina v.t. appear^t^j^jlr 
jari boojk' kar (or ke) adv. on purpose*, 
purposely knowingly ; knowing full well 
intentionally jan paih&ari n.f. acquain- 
tance & ( yg'ljQl>jari kar ah-jari barina v.t. pre- 
tend ignorance ‘Ojj^jari le’na v. apprehend ; 
perceive^jjjriitflfjari na pthdiari ph. no acquain- 

li jari vat n.m. animal fool adj. 

- stupid ; foolish uncultured [P ~y/(P 4 - ;j] 
'4 r ja'M adj. vital mortal; sanguine 

0 . hearty , cordial n.m. beloved sweetheart 
darling dustman n.m. mortal 

enemy ; sanguine foe [P-^tj] 

jaoat'ri n.f. nutmeg bark ; mace 

I }rimd&h, £ljj\fjavida'ni j,y\pjavtd‘ (or 
O 39 . javid') ADJ. everlasting ; eternal ; per- 
petual IP] 

I jah n.f. status ; rank station in life 
® . dignity ; grandeur {)}jfjrifjah-ojalal' fjelf 
jrihro ha' sham n.m. rank and dignity 
grandeur ; magnificence splendour i^s^fclrja'h-o 
marisab N.u rank and position [P] 

L.ja'/fH, (pl. W.johala ;jLftokhalj adj. 

^•"• ignorant unlettered ; illiterate ; uncouth 
uncivilized . uncultured [A ~c 5 ^UrJ 
I ja' e-dad' (tare»fjffja-dad‘) w.f. .ptv 

7 perty estate real estate jflffyTabri'i 



ja’e-dad' n.f. ancestral property • inherited pro- 
pcrtyjlC<fJ'jj<ar“i ja'U-dad ^N.F. agricultural 
property ; landed property^* man- 

qoo'lah ja’t-dad’ ja’e-dad' ghair mare- 

qoo'lah n.f. immovable property j^^Jjy^matroo'- 
kah ja’e-dad' n.f. evacuee property j t? 
mutant za’ah ja'e-dad' N.F. disputed property 
jfj a‘e-d&d-e marhoo'nah n.f. mortgaged 
property y^^J^^muAta'rakah ja’e-dad' n.f. 
joint property (ji^^lfja’e-da'd-e ma’a'fi n.f. 
rent-free property^., 1^5^1 f ja’e-da'd-e mo’a'fl-e 
davsm' n.f. permanent land grant 
maqroo'qah ja’e-dad’' n.f. attached . property ; 
sequestered property jlA^r^’makseo'ba^t ja’e- 
dad' N.F. self-acquired property 
maJcfoo'lah ja’e-dad' n.f. hypotheticatcd property 
J^jrlhif ja’edad-manqoo'lah n.f. movable pro- 
perty jlX^Jj/materoo'si ja’e-dad' n.f. ancestral 
property ; inherited property [P~ fr] 

•j\pjet n it adj. permissible lawful ; legal 

• right ; proper just justified 
ja”k. rakk.'tta v.t. permit fallow justify ; 

legalise \^)jj}ytfja’’iz qarar' derm v.T. up- 
hold permit ; *ttowy\,l'na-ja”iz adj. not 
permissible wrong unjust unlawful -jyi' 

£Z-jj^na-ja'iz taw' se adv. wrongly un- 
justly unlawfully [A.- jlf.] 

^y^ja"izah n.m. checking review 
• examination survey exploration (of 
possibility) ty#lfja''izah le’na v.t. check 
review survey examine explore [A~ 

PREC.j ' 

. (tare / 4 a/) n.m. nutmeg 

U * [A~S] 

jab ADV. & CONJ. when at the time ; 
•■j ’* if 5 in case then « *fa^rjab' tak adv. & 

conj. till ; until as long as ; so long as 
while ; whilst till then « adv. & 

conj. since fff^jab' ka ’ Mi adv. & conj. 
whenever everytime that^f ja'bki adv. & 
CONJ. at that very time therefore ; hence 
Jfj^ja'bkl to adv. & conj. therefore; hence 
on that account ; for that very reason 
t-jebbar' adj. mighty n.m. Omnipotent (as an 
attributive of God) [P~foll.] 

~jab'r n.m. force ; might compulsion 
. oppression ; coercion constraint (ped.) 
joining (broken bone, etc.) reduction of frac- 
tions to integrals t ’jfojab'r kar'na v.t. 
oppress ; use force ; coerce compel ( constrain 
faJf/Zjab'T-o ta’ad'di n.m. oppression { 

coercion cruelty ; tyranny **li/ S/^.jab'r-o mfi- 
qa'balah n.m. algebra ^t/f.jab'rali, bil-jab'r by 

force ; forcibly violently ydfi/?. jab' raft va qah'rah 
adv. willy-nilly^' bil-jab'r n.m. rape 
t^.jsb'ri adj. "force under constraint 
involuntary compulsory ~{j/?lS/Zjab'r\ bkar'tl 
N.F. conscription [A] 

^ rjabroat' n.f. majesty magnificence 
>'** omnipotent heaven (sis sphere of 
God’s omnipotence) [A ~ y?.] , 

jibrit', J^yf.jib'ra'il, (J?y£ jibra'il' N.M. 

i''?'** Gabriel ; Archangel [A~H] 

.MYa n.m, jaw 

uyjab'bal n.m. (pl. (Ji^jibal’) hill moun- 
i'*' i&mQ bal-ut~ta riq n.m. Gibralter 
a'bal-e rah' mat Mercy ; name of a hill 
near Mecca [A] 

„iyjibil'lat n.m. instinct nature ; natural 
disposition Jfjibil'li adj. n.m. instinc- 
tive innal natural [A] 

jub'n n.m. cowardice ; dastardimess 

^jub'bak n.m. gown robe toga 5* 

* ' jub'ba-o-dastsr’ n.m. fl. 
gown and turban (fig.) religiousness 

jy jab'hah n.m. forehead ; brow 

jab'ha-ss adj. (one) humbling, one- 
self to bescach 'j C^jabha-sa'i n.f. beseech- 
ing humbly , fawing on humiliating (one- 
self) {A] 

,fC p;jabilt' (or in’) n.f. forehead; browjl^r^T 
C/«* jabi'n-e nayaz' n.m. (lowering of) forehead 
in humility 

i’jp jap'na v.t. (dial.) tell one’s leads 
*V * repeat God’s name tfufjap’ ]i n.f. (dial.) 
Sikh prayer book ram' nam 

jap'na para’ya mal' ap'na prov. saint abroad, 
devil at home 

,'i~jata'na, Llb^jat/a'na V.T. remind some- 

* • one after his failure admonish point 
out caution ; warn 

I V* jila'ns, UJZjitva'na v.t. cause to win or 
conquer [~ Iv^caus.] 

2 ? ja'tan, (ped .jat'n) n.m. (usu- pl.) effort ; 
{!/• endeavour exertion ; striving trick ; 
contrivance )jj/t bazar’ (or ba're) jafan 

kar'na pit, leave no stone unturned 
■ - jit'na, ’J* jit' ni adv. & conj. , as much , 
’*• as many as much as the more (etc.) 
...the jit'na Aka 'no Ut'na 4 i kir' 


kira prov. die more yoji sift (something) the 
worse you will find i tyfcl C*€\>?jit'na fhJw't a 
Ut'na kho'tg, iit'na oo'par ut'na nl'Ae 

prov. small or "dwarfish but naughty 
... iiH t'ijit'na gui ds' lege ut'na mt^ka ho'ga 

pkov. die deeper the well the warmer the Water 
y ) jit'ni cjiadar de'kkiye 
at' He pa"* phaila’ *tye prov. cut your coat accord- 
ing to your cloth jit'ne dam i it'ne gh am 

PMV. life is a series of sorrows 
jit’ni dau'laf Ut'ni must' bat pkov. the ^ more the 
wealth the greater the worry 
jit'ni deg ut'ni hi khur'dtan v*ap. spend less get 
less ; jit'ne mufik ut'ni ba ten prov. 

opinions are ever diverse everyone hazards 
a different guess 

.•» jat'n* v.i. (of animal) be yoked (of 
land be plougheditfj B/a”oo adj. arable ; 
culturablejlf'j«ta'’i n.f. tilling ; ploughing ; 
bringing under the plough tillage jutva'na 
v.i. cause toidll get (land) tilled cause 

to be yoked [~ £/jf£] 

m pjat'thah, &Tjat’tha (occ. ja'tha) n.m. 

/jf • party ; gang mob strength unity 

^lidTjat'tka bahdk’na V.I. unite 

glfr jutya’na v.t. give a shoe-beating [ ~ if.] 

jf*'(j^j a ' a sa l * AD J- (dial.) celibate [S] 

i+pjUt n.f. pair equal ; peer 

.> ja'ja n.f. (dial.) matted hair^U^Lfja'ja 
^ dha'rl n.m. (dial.) Hindu mendicant with 
matted -hair 

jUf'na V.T. set to (a task) earnestly 
vK toil grapple fight ; close with join 
be joined to copulate be matted 
'ii - Yjlfka'ui n.f. wife of husband’s elder brother 

^ > l"* 

Ap'jUs'soh n.m. body corporeal figure 
2*1 (dj** 'oo.'m-uljUs'soh adj. huge [A] 
g n.m. judge (fsja'ji n.f. eourts .[£] 

■ jajman' , ^•jajma'm n.f. superior; 

■ ' person entitled to menial’s services 
gja&Aa n.m. lying in woman [ -P^vcorr.] 

jatk'na v.i. 

suit fit well be tested ; 
. : tried be appraised be estimable 

nan' to* me k ja&'na v.i. be ap- 

proved by look presentable to 
sf.jeJfim' n.m. Hell [A] 

jp j&d n.m. (PL.jljtflajdad') grandfather ; 

• ancestor ; glory (of God) felicity tfjf 
jad'di adj. ancestral 9 jpjad'dah n.f. grandmother; 
granny [A] 

jid n.f. effort ; endeavour serious- 

• ness; earnestness ApJf jid' do- jah'd (or 

jok'd ) n.f. effort ; endeavour toil ; labour 

vjturtJf jid' d-o jah'd kar'na v.t. make an 
effort ; endeavour strive [A] 
jljp jv’da adj. separate distinct differ- 

• ent disparate discrete peculiar 

aside apart asunder ^tyju'daju'da adv. 

separately severally distinctly one by 

one ti/lJfju'da kar'na v.t. separate de- 
tach disunite disengage x \?ljfju'da-ga'nak 
adv. & adj. separately lyj fj? ju'da ho'ns V.i. be 
separated juda’e n.f. separation 
absence differences [P] 

jidal' n.m. contest dispute alter- 
cation fight ; affray j&JiiF jida'I-o 

qital' n.m. contest fighting contention 
affray fight [A ~Jjf] 

jada'vil' n.m. (pl. of Ja^n.f.-^) 


M jid'dat. n;m. 


innovation originality 
new point jid'dat 
pasafid adj. & n.m. (one) fond of new ways 
(of life, ecc.j (one) fond of new twins of 
speech jid'dat pasati'di n.f. such fondness 

j/jejadld' ★ [A] S' 

J ja’dal fight contention jLvji^^jan'g-o 
ja'dal n.m, fight encounter con- 
tention jada'li n.m. dialectician adj. dialec- 
tical^t ja'dali maddiy'yat n.f. dialectics 
jadaliy'yat n.f. dialectics [A] 
jfijp jadvar' n m. zedoary 

j jpjtd'val (PL.Jiitfjada’oil) n.f. (usu. 
U* • double) marginal line tabulated in- 
formation ; table ; schedule (rare) streamlet 
jad'val~bah'dt n.f. tabulation ]j 3 spjad'vali 
adj. marked with straight lines jlffjjjvjad'vail 
paima'nah n.m. schedule scale [A] " 

I ji'rf&ar adv. where whither wher- 
ever there /tf/ejfji’dhar ti'dkar adv. 
(arch.) everywhere wherever 
jl'dhar tab' U'dharsab' prov. he wlio has ’ God 
on his side has everything 
/gjpjBd'j (col* n.m. capricorn ^virkhat'-t-e 
V • jad'y n.m. tropic of Capricorn [A] 

jadld adj. new-; fresh modem [A~ 


/? • jiizam' n.m. leprosy Jfyjuzs'mi n.m. leper 
' • adj. leperous [A] 

^/jf/jaz'b n.m. attraction absorption 

*1 fjlsjfjaz’b kar’na v.t. attract absorb 
tmbibetyi*/ jrjaz'b ho'na v.i, be absorbed ; be 
soaked^>(^> l^jtjaz'b-t maqnati'si n.m. magne- 
tic attraction (Aj 

* jazabat' n.m. n, filjrjazaba'tt adj .CSljf 

jazaba- tiy'yal n.f. "(see under n.m. ★ ) 

. jaz'bah (ped. ja'zabah) (pl. Otyjazabn?) 

n.m. feeling strong desire ; passion 
emotion sentiment £\>jf jazba' It (ped. 
jazflba'ti) adj. emotional ; sentimental £Siji? 
jazbntiy'yat n.f. emotionalism [A~i^tr] 

• jazfr N.M. square root ; figure "multiplied 
***• by itself root (of any powerJfW^/ac'r-# 
sa'lim n.m. root of integer u^fjjfjaz’r-ut ka”b 
N.m. third root &SjJJrjoz'r-e murab'ba' n.m. 
fourth root jaz'r-e mUkas'sar n.m. root of 
fraction [A] 

2* jar n.m. dragging ; drawing genitive 
case ‘kasrah’ at end of word JZtfharf-e 
jar' JifCxP'har'fe jar n.m. preposition (J^/jar'r-i 
saqti n.m. mechanics [A] 

(ped. jurrab') n.m. sock stock- 
• ing hose [P] 

r''at N.F. courage ; boldness ; daring 
* valour ; bravery temerity audacity 
V / UZsl7jUr' , at kar'na v.t. dare have the 
courage have the audacity (to) tfSjdri adj. 

^•\jpjanis\m n.m. pl. bacteria [A~sino. 

f \*i arT *ft N,M - . sur 8 eon J'Sjarra'M n.f. 
U'S. surgery t$*j*SQ* * a' mal-e jarra'hi n.m; 
surgical operation ; operation [A~foll.J 
jira'fat n.f. wound sore [A] 

. i 

AD J* (of army) very large ; huge [AJ 
S I 

Jtijf )*ra”id #m. tl. newspapers ; dailies [A ~ 

N -M- crimes sins p-fL'fc'/V 
\ S. trlika'be jard'im n.m. committing of 
crimes crime incidence <*?/(]/ 7jara“im-e 
khafifah n.m. pl. petty offences / 
jara' l m n.m. pl. sdrious crimes ; felony 
rufiar'-t jara' f m n.f. crime.! incidence [sing 
^jfjUrsoo’mah n.m. (vL.(Clj?jaraslm') bacterium 
\ &l£J/:j'*rsoomijyat‘ adj. bacteriology 
(pbsS/TjBrsoo'ma-dan N.M. bacteriologist 
jursocmijya'H n.m. bacteriological [A] 

i^jar’A (col. jir'£) N.M. wound sore 
*■' * cross-examination criticism l'J'&J?jar‘l 
kar'na v.t. cross-examine 0"U^t l/Sjorh-o ta'diT 
n.f. critical examination [A] 
ij'gjdras n.m. bell.fA] 

^jUr'‘ah n.m. draught sip gulp 
^ drop JJ'^jar' l a-kttb hm. drinker 
toper [P] 

f ' jir'gah (rare jar'gak) HM. tribal jury; 
jirgah \;J )yS£fjrjir’gak ke sipUrd’ kar'na 
v.t. refer (case) to jirgah [P] 

.pjir'm N.M. (PL. ('Uflajram') body (esp. of 
inanimate object) Mfsjir'm-c fa’laki hm. 
heavenly body [AJ ^ 

. jUr'm n.m. (pl./ izjard‘im) crime; cri- 
f S* minal act offensive guilt trans- 
gression fault isba’t-e jur'm n.m. prov- 

ing of guilt &Cliriika'b-* jUr’m n.m. commit- 
ment of offence ffijlftiqba'l-e jur'm n.m. confes- 
sion of guilt|^-'JJ( iqda'm-e jUr'm n.m. attempt 
to commit offence be-jur’m adj. innocent ; 
frui\tness{'S& J ?suboo‘ t-e jUr'm n.m. proof of guilt 
e .kfsta’f-e vaz'e fit'ti N.M. 
unnatural offence jUr'm-e khafif hm. 

petty offence ; minor offence jUr'm! 

semun'kirhoja'nav.T. plead not guilty fj&f'S 
jur'm-e Outdid' n.m. grevious offence”/^^ 
jur'm-e ‘ azim ’ n.m. capital crime ^ j U* ■ / 

(J^£) jur'm qa'bil-e das'l ahda'zt ( pultrs '). n.m. 
cognizable offence qdbU-t zma'nat 

jUr'm n.m. bailable offence ( ■ Ur'm 

ka mur'tokib ho'na v.i. commit an "offence 
('JO’sa 'jibul-qat'l jUr'm n.m. offence punishable 
with dcadi&lsZjurmiyyat' n.m. criminology^ 
iZtUtfma'hir-e jurmijyat ' n.m. criminologist [A] 

. " jUrma'nah n.m. fine penalty tyjis. 
^rj'. jUrma'nah it’na v.t. pay a " fine 
pay a penalty \!/jt\tJ'.jUrma‘nak kar'na 
v.t. fine jUrma'nah mo‘af kar'na v.i. 

remit fine [ ~ prec. A] 

C jar’nal n.m. journal ; periodical jar’- 
C/S» nalizm n.m. journalism •^^jar’naiitf N.M. 
journalist [E] 

jUr’va n.f. (derog.) wife 

ja'ri adj. courageous ; bold valiant 
6Z brave interpid [A 
^^ju'riKM. rinderpest 

pjarayan’ n.m. (col. jiryan' Bright’s 

• disease glest flux circulation [A — 



^/jrjarW n.f. sixty-yard land-measure 
* *“ * chain for measuring that much (arch.) 
stick (,'Ji^'^'jarib kar'ns (or dal' ns) 

v.t. measure land by chain '~£Z'jatib'-kash 
n.m. land measure ^ / * •s'/jarib-' kashl n.f. 
measurement of land [A~P if/} 
g ^ jar}' daft adj. n.m. (pl. / l/^jars'id) periodi- 
- cal ; daily newspaper adj. lonely ; 
solitary alone ; unattended [A] 

Al, jar n.f. root stern basis origin 
r* root-cause )*Zjay_ (se) ukhar'na v.t. 
uproot extirpate L't&Zjar pa'karna v.t. 
take root be firmly rooted b?lff(j$)jZjar (or 
>' rek) kat'na v.t. strike at the root (of) 

destroy root and branch l^tHjarj'la adj. (r.J> ^ 
jaxi'K) having hardened roots 

J fejara'val n.f. warm clothes ; winter apparel; 
* * woollies [~ tfls] 

rfy. jar' ns v.t. frame stud ; set (jewels) 

• strike ; lay on (blow) stick on affix 
Cfyjara'naSWjarva'aa v.t. have (picture, 
etc.) framed have (jewels) studded cause 
to be set with jcwclsjl%jara' , oo adj. studded 
set with stonesJ<i#«ra'’» n.f. setting (of 
jewels) remuneration for it OZjar'ya n.m 
jeweller enameHcr paederast 
">yjur'nS v.t. join ; be joined unite 
be mended (of money) be saved be 
obtained ; come to hand$ ( >f jura"! n.f 
joining mending remuneration for it efijX 
jgr'wrt adj. twin (bfcfSr'tB* bad'ske n.m, 
pt. twins fijjrjwrva'tts v.t. cause to join ; 
to unite get (something) mended 
> ja'ri n.f. root of medical herb ‘’(Jjftft? 
j a > ri fco'ti N .F. medicinal herbs 
[ juz, yf.b'i’juz' ADV. except ; save ; except- 
ing ; with the exception of besides [P] 
v j&^&rjUfv N.M. {pl. I^ajzs') part ; por- 
t i ori ingredient folded forms (of book) 
ba'dan ho' a a v.i. be assimilated; 
he digested ifj%Xjuz-bah'di n.f. bind- 
ing (of bfek) with forms separated 
stitched j)/jrj1U-dan’ km. ' case for fijjgjp^ 
one’s copy of the HotyQuran P ort *|^ r 
folio satchel Uj£gja*tad' adj. 

n.m. (pl. JfiUZlW* ' zarbl) factor 
JCz-pagti adj. (of service) part-time Jrj'/tju'z-o 
kui , tfjiXjiU't**** 1 ADV. wholly ; entirely ; 
ja uil y from top to bottom adj. whole ; entire 
QjJj'Atfyulrn layatajai’za N.M. indivisible 

particle; atom ^JifjSXjuz'v-e layanfak' n.m. 
inseparable part jjXjuz"i, (fsXjB'zm* (col. 
jUz’oi) adj. partial Cstjtjuz'iyyat' n.f. details ; 
minor details [A] 

tyjaza n.f. reward ; requital ( blessing 
' compensation retribution JU/ Jfar jazs'- 
kallsh' int. (pl. ZnAyjaza'kUm Mah') God 
bless you [A] 

//X j°ZS”ir n.m. islands ; isles [A ~ sing, t/X"] 

yjrjtz'-biz adj. offended : displeased ; 

• * annoyed ; vexed . Vf,yyjiz' -biz ho’na v.t. 
take the offence ; be offended be displeased 
be annoyed ; be vexed 

/jfjaz'r n.m. ebb-tide ; the reflux of the sea 
J>jSJ?j a z'r-o mad', mad'd-o jaz'r n.m. 

ebb and flow of tide [A] 
c,yja‘za' n.f. impatience t/’/>tf%ja‘za'-o fa'za 
* n.f. crying ; bewailing mourning 


. y jaz'm n.m. diacritical mark making letter 

f quiescent determination ; resolve ; firm- 
ness (-/i (‘f 'az'm-bil-jaz'm n.m. firm resolve 
settled purpose [A] . 

9 yjazi'rah n.m. island ; isle byj-^jazi'ra- 
h nums' n.m. peninsula [A] 

jiz'yah n.m. poll tax ; capitation-tax levied 
•* * for exemption from military duty [A~/^] 
War n.m. (dial.) reputation (W. dial.) 
U m merit ; virtue hams’ re 

na’mak A* met jas nafdk' PH. our salt has ho virtue 
Otir solicitude evokes no response 

j^jis pron. who which whom 

l/* What that 4(J*jis' par adv. at which , 
whereupon ; whereat Jyfjis tis pron. (arch.) 

whoever whatever someone or the other 
H~\fdfy'£ti(Jj?jis' tan la'ge so tern ja'ne,Jt£y 
'(j'AjXf^.'fti/yj.fejiske na /Aa'fi boo a"i voh 
kysjs’ne pir pars"} prov. nobody can fully 
realize the other’s pain i/ffjfjis’ jis prov. 
whichever each of which £ f/fjis-ja’gah adv. 

where wherever jis' -dam adv. when 

while ; whilst as soon as ; no sooner than 
C’/jTjtf ta'rah (ped. jis' Utr'h) adv. as just as 
^ktfjis' ta’raf adv. wherever in the direc- 

tion that jJjrTjis' qad'r (or jis' qa'dar) adv. 
as much as to the extent that JfJTjisjks 
pron. (p. (fufjis hi) whose ; of whom ViTUy 
jis' ki'sl ka adv. of whomsoever f f jis' kVsi 

ko adv. (to) whomsoever \dj 
ne be' H di Us ne kya' rak'kha prov. let none 
malign the bride’s poverty-striken father for 

giving no dower C^i/fjis' vcq't adv. whenC^r I ^^.rja'd N.M.curl ; curly lock [A] 
tff.jis’ vaq'J bit adv. whenever 

is* ka km' fi si ko sa'je ( aur ' 
ka'rt to fkih'ga ba'je) prov. every man to his trade 
ka kka"e us’ ka ga"e prov. every 
man praises the bridge he passes over g-i fyfl 
jis' ko rak'kiu s5i”jah u’se 
mar sa'ke na ko ‘i prov. he whom God protects 
none call kill ke 

hath do"i 8 s' ka sab ko"i prov. everyone is a lifr'- 
friend to him who gives generously ' ' 

U^jis’ ki la'fkl Us' ki bkaihs prov. might is I 
right l/s&'fjZif 7“ ’ bsh’di men 

prja‘l*M. forgery fabrication j f>T ja’l- 
*"' * sat' n.m. forgerer jjUfja'lsa'H n.m. forgery 


ja ,r ti adj. forged counterfeit 

(y* spurious^ ja‘H dastavez.' N.F. forged 

document sik'kak base coin . 

counterfeit coin [A ~ prec.J 

■ja' Jari n.f. lattice ; trellis 

a kind of yellow flower [P] 
ja||ia'</ari' < fjilfjrjuga'dari adj 

seasoned huge 


kka'eb fl'ri met shjud’ kar’reh prov. ungrateful ifl^jS^ra'/iyaA n.m. geography 

person is foe to own benefactors /Jit'lf.QZ fiy&'i (ped.^I^/fighraTf) adj. geogra- 

..i.-' r— r* m 

ji'st pi’ya da' he vohi soha'gan prov. fancy passes 

&,s r ,jasn'rat n.p. presumption intrepidity-, 
J * temerity boldness audacity [A] 
i^ffjasa'niat n.f. bulk dimension [A~ 

| ".J'ias't n.f. leap ; bound il\fi};)l‘/(j**?jas't 
* bkar’n a (or lags' na) v.i leap ; bound [P — 


y [ ~ (AJ f'ias't n.m. zinc LfTjas'ti adj. zinc (of 
steel) made rust-proof with a thing coating 
■of z«>c y 

? -9 * tust ~ ioo' n.f. search quest 
/• • justvjoo' kar'na v.t. search tjf^fjtist&joo' 
ho'n a v.i. searched [P ~ if ~ ^^jus'ian] 

** _ „~jas'ta jas'tah adv. from here and 
**•<**• there ; desultorily 
j^yrjalsad n.m. (PL.jljrfajsad ) body {A] 

phical [A - G] 

n.f. oppression ; violence ; injury in- 
***justice J^&jafs'-peshah, f, isZjof i' 

jafa'-she'arjj/liTjafa-kar' jaf&'-kt* y for 

jafa'-gds'tar adj. cruel oppressive unjust 

jilting beloved^^{sJOo/a'-lra'»i n.f. cruelty ; 
oppression ; tyranny unrequited Jove ^ lit?; 
joja'-kash adj. hard-working ; diligent 
ja'fa ka'shi n.f. diligence liAizjafs' kafa' n.f. 
hardship hard times trials and tribulations 


adj. even (number) mated 
(with) ; coupled (with) n.m. pair of shoes 
ZjP'jGftah n.m. fold crease wrinkle _ 

crack threads running together spot adj. 

bent wrinkled C fyzleiZjttf'tepar'nS be 
threadbare have unwanted creases have 

(honour) blemished (jfijuf’tl n.f. pairing or 
mating (of animals) khans v.i. (of 

jism n.m. (pL.l'Uffe/ram,) bodyifcUV"^ 
f * jis'm-e jamrfdi ' 
jis'm-e kayos a 

naba'ti n.m. vegetable body 'J^Tjisma'm, ^rare. 

(f^jis'mi) adj. bodily physical ; corporal 

carporeal material carnal 

jisma'nt saga n.f. corporal punishmentiS^# 
jtsma'tA seh’hal n.f. physical fitness 
jisma'id var'gtsh n.f. physical exercise 
jismaniy'yat, C^Tjismiy'yot N.F. materiality [A] 

~-^jasim' adj. fat ; bulky ; corpulent [A 

( **. PREG.] 

{jTT jojfc'n n.m. festival festivity rejoicings 

jubilee (fU , cfcjash'n’e alma' si n.m. Diamond 
Jubilee C%Ubl)jfjj(f?jashn-e gar' rtt J ot tila'i) 
n.m. Golden Jubilee ( 3 Ph )l/f^t&‘jasKn~e 
si'niHi (or ntq'ra’i) n.m. Silver Jubilee I f }*& n.m. (dial.) epoch 

jash'n mans' na v.t. celebrate a festival [P) | L ^f ages of the world accc 

. . . ., animals) pair ; copulate [P] 

jamrfdl n.m. morganicjxjdy^ij^p*"^ ‘eZjaf'r n.m. occult science of numbers and 
I'ni n.m. animal bodyJA'yrfjrVm-e s' letters ; numerology curti-litcrology [AJ 

u_j.. ‘^jakarns v.i. bind ; fasten ; tie pinion 

stiffen ; become rigid bring under 
control join together Js^ ja kar-batid' adj. 

fight bound strung ; taut ja'kar 

ja'na v.t. be bound stiffen ; become rigid 
be joined together 

'fjag n.m. (dial.) world universe 
W T others people ; masses ; public 
jag-Wti n.f. things concerning < other people; 
tales or deeds of other people^ li>CArjag-hattsa"i 
n.f. public ridicule 
n.m. jug [E] 

of the various 
according to Hindus 

save little by little 

aov. forever and ever eter- ,‘t fp jagmags'no v.l. .glitter 

nauy always ‘-^fjug ' jug ji'yo int. ' burn ; brightly jag'mag, 

Kve forever l&S&&-jvga' jags' ksr rakk'ns t£\& I jag mag jagji\ag adj. & adv. shining ; 

V*jjQga kt rakk'na v.T. save little by little 
keep carefully 

AD J- (same as C^UfADj. ty «— t jag mags adj . illuminated glitter* 

cud Occclc 

jagtfhkar'ns (rua.Ct^jagal’na v.l. chew ^ - c„a.. — - 

the cud ; ruminate 

laundry ; bundle of washed 

C/ ' clothes 

L'S' jaga ' n V.T. waken rouse from sleep I 

' make conscious of test efficacy of 

(magic) light ; kindle [-cJWaus.] 

jag' mag jag' mg adj. & adv. shining ; glittering 
jag'mag (jag’ mag) kar'ns v.i. 
glisten glittle dazzle shine brightly 
jag' mags adj . illuminated glitter* 

\ •f^S'jug'noo n.f.. firefly ; glow-worm (also 
jug'ni ) thin diamond-cut locket (worn 
in string tied to neck) 

f'~ja'gak n.f. place room post 

vacancy occasion JfJf ja'gah ja'gah 
adv. everywhere ja'gah chhor'ns v.l. 

leave a blank leave a post or place make 
room for Ijyjf' ja'gah dens v.T. make room 
for fix up (in some job) provide (someone) 
a place 

1 ip jut n.m. trick fraud , deceit ; cheating 

C/* circumvention j\ £j*r •bag. n.m. cheat 

knave l/Ojf jil’-de'ns, Qjfftjul kjte/'ns v.T. 
cheat defraud dupe Vu r £tfjitl' meh 
s' ns v.i be tricked ; be cheated : be defraud- 

ed be deceived be duped 
KS? jut n.f. horse-cloth housing 

ftfoj*t*'** v.T. keep with care (only in) 

N.F. rim of well n.m. (dial.) 

universe j&ICjA ja'gat-ustad' , 
3 jJdA ja'gat-gv ' too n.m. renowned teacher 

skilled craftsman [S] 

..fcjZ'gat, cfcrzi’la ju’gat n.f. wit 
*■■■*• witticism joke pun jtrick coax- 
ing taudngjbJAfja' gat-bag, (fi jug'H, 

jugat'ys N.M. witty person quibblcr 
punster clever ; skilful cunning tfAcA 

jugal bs'gji N.F. witticism quibble pun 

O/jiAjU'gat bol'ns v.i. pun - quibble 
indulge in witticism^}; ju'gat tags' ns 
(or m*/a'na) v.T. coax intrigue entice 
^JjcJfjU'gat-rafig N.M. witty person quib- 
blcr punster 

j/riJ jag 1 jags n.m. brass tinsel thin oma* 

Ty mental brass plate 
Jff jitfjtg} n.f. sycophancy 

ji'gar n.m. liver (fig.) soul-heart 

* (fig ) courage (fig.) endurance I 
jig'rs n.m. (col.) courage endurance mA U * shs'nohne, tJlk- 
ji'gar-batd NM. son child glorious [A- JOf] 

ji'gar ckak' (or khoon) ho' ns v.l.' suffer a lot^i^ . jits' n,f. br: 
ji'gar-kharssh', })jAji' gar-dog adj. pathetic; **• lish bumisl 
heart-rending v/^/A ji'gar khoon' kar’na v.T. jljp? jils-dsr' adj . 

& 1. take great pains torment Zry'sT tening nickel p< 
ji'gar sokh'tsk adj. deep in love js^ ji'gar -sag' polish burnish 
adj. tormenting (fjy'Jt’ji'gar-io’gl n.f. suffer- polisher nick 

yr** n . f. horse-cloth housing 

ip jal n.m. (rare) water lAlJ^jal'-bshk n . f . 

U’ (arch.) dagger-play in water ; marine dag- 
ger-play d^J^jat-pan n.m. (rare.) light repast 
jal' pa'ri n.f. mermaid uAjtf jal'-larahg' 
n.m. trough bowls or glasses partly filled with 
water and beaten^ with sticks to produce music ; 
musical bowls {jrtfjal* that' n.m. marsh ; 
swamp : bog water and land I'rfuMjAjfcjal' 
that' ek' ho' ns v.i. rain abundantly tfjJJrjaT’ 
to’ri n.m. (Hindu euphemism forj fish (ftjrjat 
ma'nis n m. merman ( , 

Lpjal'la adv. git r.fied adj. glorious ^Istfjal'la 
U* shs'noboe, 'Jtk^fiyjjal'la jala’lokoo ph. God is 

. jits' n.f. brightness sheen ; lustre po- 
lish burnish nickel plating clearness 
jWf jils-dsr' adj. bright glittering : glis- 
tening nickel polish iff jits' de'na v.T. 
polish burnish purify jtftif jits' tot' n.m. 
polisher nickel plater burnisher [A] 

tfiA'ra n.m. $on child darling purgative lagna V.i. have motions 

ji'gar kadi n.f. hard labour suffering /?/& (owing to purgative or fear; C^Sfjulab' le'M 
ji'gar go' shah, A &Slakh’t-e ji'gar n.m. (fig.) v.i. take a purgative (A -P 

son child ’ darling tfJfjiVi (ped. ji'gari) , ^ jals'ps n.m. jealous spite [-1^] 
adj , intimate (friend) ’ hepatic [P] 

ifilPZ jala'rjil N M - p l anklets [A] 

it- jallad’ km. executioner adj. cruel , tyran- 
nous la'd-e fa'lak n.m. Mars^jUf 

j alla'di n.f. cruelty ; tyranny [A ~ Jf] 

&lj ^jala'dat n.f. tyranny endurance [A] 

* jalal n.m. majesty grandeur glory 

Qv% awe-inspiring qualities holy person’s 

wrath Jpfja/a'/i adj. majestic glorious 
awe-inspiring wrathful invoking God’s 
awe-inspiring attributes Cdbfjala'lat n.f. 
majesty dignity ^jfit-yyfjala'lat-nl ma'lik \ 
n.m. His Majesty [A] 

#•.!_ jila'na, Ujsbtjila,' de'na v.t. quicken 
*»• (the dead) revive give a new lease 
of life 

t*jj^ jala'na v.t. (see nnder. Of v.t. if) 

b jala-va'tan adj. exile ; banished person \ 
V/ct&jal* ‘-va'tan kar'nn v t. exile ; | 
banish fac/jDf jala'-va’Um ho'na v.t. be exiled; 
be banished^) Dfjala'-vat'nl (ped. va'tard) adj. 
exile : banishment (fijfjttla- 

vot'ni kl tih'dagt giuar'na (or basar' kar'rta) v.t. 

live in exile lead the life of an exile 

L jula'ia n.m. (Htfltrjula'to) (same as Ifc 

¥ •'» N.M. if) 

getting ; darvation 4 acquisition 

• * Zirjal'ibt man' fa st n.m. deriving bene- 
fit [A] ** 

, . jU'd n.f. skin binding (of bode) 
volume copy fajif/if jib d baftdk'na v.t. 
bind (a book) jL^jil'd-saz (nrch.A^iffjU'd~ 
bahd, Jjfc jil’d-gar) H u. book-binder Ipjrj il'd- 
M'd (or arch. (JjfJr jil'd-bah'dl, (fjfjjgjil'd 
ga'ri) n.f. bookbinding (fjfjil'dl adj. skin 
(/^Ifljil'di amrai' n.m. pl. skin diseases [A] 
ipjoi'd adv. soon quickly , swiftly 
at once j\j)fjd'd-baz adj. hasty rash 
impetuous jijljfjol'd-baga'nah adj. hasty 
precipitate ; expeditions adv. hurriedly ; 
hastily expeditiously rashly ; impetuously 
IfWJ'jaTd ba’d n.f. haste expedition 
joTdi n.f. hurry ; haste quickness , swift- 
ness celerity st adv. quickly ; 
swiftly at once speedily I'/fjJfjal'di karna 
v.t. hurry up ' make haste hasten 
expedite [A] 

kp jal’sok n.m. public meeting 

meeting gathering 
get together- (in prayer) final 
sitting jaVsah kar’na v.i. hold 

a meeting sah ho’na v.t. 

(of meeting) be held (A - <J*)f\ 

+lPja'laq n.m. masturbation ; self-abuse . self- 
V* relief lags' ns •v.t., masturbate 

»•(_ jal'na V I. bum be kindled be 
enraged feel jealous be inflamed 
with love, etc, (Jf ja'lan n.f. burning ; sensa- 
tion inflammation heart burn heart-burn- 
ing jealously sense of frustration il&IJfja!' 
ttfk'na v.i. (or fire) break out ja'ma v.t. 

be burnt ; be consumed be cut to the quick 
become jealous V/lXjol' mar'na v.i, be burnt 
to death lifja'la adj. (f. jail) burnt 
enraged Caf.lffja'la bhu'tta adj. scorched 
enraged J.J’otyjf’ja'l* pa’’oh ki bittl FH. 
uneasy roving' ■)*’** P° T noon 

f^ju'rakna v.i add insult to injury 
ja'li ka'tl sinana v.t. say filings bitter and sting- 
ing I'gfjala’na v.t. burn light ; kindle 
inflame make jealous cut to the quick 
(CflA jjda'. delta (or qal'na) v.t. bum down 
consume Ujfjalva'na v.t. cause to bum 
cause to be bymt 

-•tpjaloh'dkor, jjjffjthai da* n,m. dropsy [~S Jf. 

ja'laf n m. (n..fyfutjlaf') mean person (A] 

jilm retinue equipage bridle 
• kejilou null adv. in company (of) 
ahead (of) in front of jls£jilau'-kfu'n*k km. 

porch ; vestibule open space opposite 
palace gate jljJfjilau'-dar n.m. member of 
the royal retinue companion royal savant 


^ iol'aot n.f. public place crowd multi- 
*^yTtude i/p/f)ol'vat meft adv. in public 
jal'oat-o-kkatvat ,n.f. (one’s) public and pri- 
vate life jhjZjZ&Jfjalvat-o-khal'oat nth adv. 
in public and private [A] 

.ip jitloos' km- procession accession to 
l throne ; accession (rare) sitting [A] 
jpjal'oo/r n.m. manifestation splendid 
sight bridal display appearance (of 
sweetheart, etc.) lustre ; effulgence , fa 
jal'va gah n.f. place of manifestation place 
of display nuptial throne J fjfjal' co-gmr adj. 
manifest present ; in sight fa t fj/fjtfw-gar 
ho'na v.i. come make (oneself) manifest 
(fJl)fjal‘oa-ga'rl n.f. manifestation 

splendid appearance ^Jfjal'oo-t toot' n.m. 
manifestation of God to Moses at the Sinai 
Mountain [A] 

kp ja'ti adj. salient conspicuous 

if* evident (of type, etc.) bold (of hand- 

*L 232 

writing) plain and large fiJ^khafi.e ja'll n.m tion crowd ^,V.jama'vat n.f. freezing 

L f ft i andwrU,ng **$?-'* * congealment fitting f ~ ^caus.1 
& pl. bold letters or type Si&jal'li aa'lam nm J 

& *nv /Mikhuu 9 N ' /r'l r Jama » n.f. yawn g 

, * ** ft ft" (0r ! y ft ,ypc or b0ld Ciffiltjma’H U'm v.i. yawn ga 

. tCrs 0'J>V k r -‘je h n.m. invoking God’s name * ? , am ’ iam A nv Mial 1 oft. 

crowd t-'t&jama'vat n.f. 

& adv. (in) bold letters (or type) ; type or bold 
letters (jf^Jjzik'r-eja'li n.m. invoking God’s name 
loudly [A] 

n.f. fried coil kind of sweetmeat 

^A^jalW {a\sQ(jr}}ft kam-j alts') n.m. (pl. U*f 
ji'lasa') comrade ; companion [A -</#■] 
ADJ. (pl. Jfl ajil'lah) great iU-.s- 
. trious glorious ^ 'jgjalil-ul-gad’r aoj. 

illustrious glorious one of the elite of 
society [A ~ Jilj] 

J'jam, Jj&ljunuhed' (or stnd') n.m. name of 
I* mythical Persian king ,\fljom~joh' adj. 
glorious jike Jamshed [P) 

M | i ~ jamtnai n.m. minerals inorganic 
.natter (A -jU;] i 

J* m 3'd-al ukh'ra, S jama.' d-as 

(col. J j l}f(( itfjama' dijp-ul-av'val) n.m. fifth month 
of Hijn calendar [A ~ jtfij 

jamma'zak n.m. she-camel dromedary 

ft) [AJ 

a, i pjtma' n.m. sexual intercourse ; copulation ; 

* coition Aar na v.t. copulate 

(with w^man) (A ~ ^ j 

n.f. party bodv ; brgani- 
zauon association , society class 
congregation congregational prayers 
(jj& uaria"at-bak' di n.f. classification 
jama" at - 1 vHkala' n.f. bar association,/ 
jama"at-var adj. class-wise 'j wiama.'‘at 

se kara'mat hat Pltov. union is strength* jb/f 
jama"ah-dar n.m. (pcd. thrjic^*fN.M. -jfc-) 

/(1/ J ‘ yawn gape 

[jJ JUT. jama' hi le'na v.i. yawn gape 

7 ? jam' jam adv. (dial.) forever and ever 

f*' hi jam ph. (cuph) nothing 


* i*^ jim-khanah n.m. gymkhana [E game -4- 

'•'f * PM] 

jj? 7 jamshed' or jamshid' n.m. (same as (n.m. ■*) 


jam" (col. ja'maj n.f. addition plural 
' total ; sum-total receipts deposits 
collection ; accumulation state revenue 

(fjitfZjam" bah"di n.f. revenue ; settlement 

settlement record a'ma" ja'thaM.r. sav- 

i n &£/.f(j}£7‘j a ’n , ‘[- <1 -)!<ha r 'ih n.m. receipts and 
disbursements debit and credit cash 

account il/j^jam" kar’tta v.t. add up 

total amass collect bring together 
deposit (/jy^f.jam"-navis' n.m. (arch.) accountant 
VtfZf- jam" ho'n a v.t. be added total be 

collected ; be gathered together come together 
be deposited amass ■ 

tfr jam'^dar' (ped.j ljstftama"ah-dar') n.m. 
J " minor army ; official sweeper [P~ 

jum"oh (pei.ji'mo'ah) mm. Friday jd'j&f. 

jbm" a jum 'ah atk’ dtn (kt 
paidd’sh) PROV. (existence of) very few days 
CijpZju'mt'rat (ped .jb'm'a-rat') n.f. Thursday 

r jamHy'yal n.f. organisation league 
‘■2'v ’ gathering peace ; traosquillity 
satisfaction fi/l&gfjam'ty'yat-e aqvam' n.f. 
league of Nations Jr£iJjgfjam‘iy'yat-e f^a'tir n.f. 
peace of mind (A~ 

ma"ahrdar n.m. (pcd. tbrjic-*fN.M. -*•) I ‘^'Jjjamm-t ghaflr' n.m. milling crowd (~ A] 
(A- dfT j 

£\f* m ** " * weak^nd pocket money [P~ l&€j"* 9 gto*. JSZjam'ghat n M. crowd 

I ia'mnnl u m /Imvnailbni fAl 

ji^ jamil' n.m. beauty prettineas love- 
w ' liness elegence grace Alfjama'li adj. 

maiulesting divine mercy and beneficence 
mere hi love inspired n.m. a kind of musk- 

h i? | jamal’ go’ tah, (jfdlf.jamal' go' ta n.m. 
vy 0** a kind of purgative nut drug 
prepared from it 

• jama’na v.t. freeze congeal ; coagu- 
late curdle impress hit (blow, etc.) 

fix , affix jU?jama”o n.m. 

jjfjn'mal n.m. camel dromedary TAJ 
jj^jb’mal N.M. (PL. of n.m. Tfr) 

i ' UTjum'mal n.m. system of reckoning according 
y~ * to ‘abjad’ order in which every succeeding 
letter has been assigned an ascending values [A] 
ijfjUm'lah n.m. (pl. Jfji'mal) sentence 
clause kll the whole adj. entrn 
whole / *j>p u ' Jf.jum'la-t mo‘'tarizah mm. 
parenthetical clause or sentence (something 

con- 1 hy the way ; by the by witty interpola- 

gealmem coagulation cohesion consolida- |tj on dfil-jHm' lah adv. on the whole 

mitrjQm’lah adv. out of (these; of all (these 

1 A 3 

yfja’man n.f. (Persianized form of i-fN.r. if) 

V' . 

jam'na (ped. jdmSna) , (f.jwmn n.f. the 
Jamuna (a northern India river sacred to 
Hindus) (^fjt^tgoh'g-o ja'num n.m. pl. the 
Ganges and the Jamuna (fflf}fgatiga-jam't& 
of variegatedliue with gold fillings on silver 
fi.* ;W«a v.i. freeze congeal ; coagulate 
curdle stick be firmly established 
have a firm hold consolidate take a 
firm stand 

u$l %J* mn3s ji* k.h. gymnastics [E] 

jp jumood' n.m. inertness listlessness 

" ' inactivity state of suspended animation 
lack of vitality lack of progress 

jumood' (ki ha'lat) ta'rt ho'na V.i.* 

be inactive [A] 

jr jiimhoor' (col. jam'hocr') (pL v y?l£/Vwi3 / fer) 
-//* * masses people (Jjsf.jumhoo'rt adj. 
demoCTatic of the masses C^y^jumhoorij'yal n.f. 
democracy republic ; democratic State 
bunya dijumhooriy'yat n.f. Basic 
Democracy controlled democracy guided 
democracy [A] 

Jam**' adj. all whole 

IV Jwa*' n.m. wing ; pinion wing of 

** • army ziiljanah' n.k. (see imder 

j> pref. [A] 

’AWjoma'zah n.m. funeral 
* bier corpse funeral 
prayers foitjCr.jana'zah utka'na 

v. T. take out fhnera! procession 

( i»%*jCrjaita’zaA park’na v.t. say funeral pray* 
ers*; perform funeral rites tjOrjOnama'z-e jatia'- 
zah n.f. funeral prayers tj y tsligha'iba'naA 
(nama’z-e) jma’zah n.f. funeral prayers in absen- 
tia jana'zoh ni'kalna v.i. (of 

funeral procession) be taken out (of person) 
die (of plan, endeavour) come to naught [A] 
•• jana'na v.t. (of midwife) assist in delivery 

n.f. midwife [~ caus.] 

,1 iyjam'ban adj. shaking vibrating 

w. trempulous (jCfjumba'iti suf. initiating [P 

pfr'jum'Kth n.f. movement ; motion 
t/** gesture turn &>(j*^jitm'bish de'na v.t. 
move shake [P ~ 

jam' bah n.f. (rare)* side ; part (fjlZ&jam'ba- 
da’rt n.f. partiality (t/p^j^jonCbah (dart) 
kar’na v.t. show partiality ; be partial to [A] 
*p.jan'nat' n.f. (pl. OCg'jamtal') paradise ; 
* heaven (lit.) garden (fig.) blisss^c^ 
jan'nat-e nigah' n.f. something wonderful to 

look at delectable sight ffijan'nati adj. 
heavenly blessed n.m. blessed person [A] 
r. jan'ta n.m. (dial.) people ; masses ; public 

vz m 

Mp’jon'tar n.m. (dial.) charm still 
s' machine (also tfjp'jan'tan) perforated 
steel plate for drawing wire J^sy&jan'tar man' tar 
n.m. (dial.) charm magic observatory 


, jan’tart n.m. almanac perforated 

^"^ steel plate for drawing wire [8~ precJ; 

jon'tol-main n.m. gentleman 
(s" jan'tal mat'ru n.f. foppishnejs [E] 

to n.m* 

0. encumbrance difficult embrass- 
ment heavy work large family 
(L^Ljjakjai' men par'na (or ph&hs'nz) V.i. be 
beset with difficulties have too many encum- 
brances have very heavy work have to 
support a large family Jlffjatja’ff n.m. quarrel- 
some or troublesome person 
„ , juh'd-e bedas'lar n.m. otter’s dried tej- 
tics (used as drug) [P] 

jatrdr adj. 

</■ jan&V adj. (f. or n.J^jam'lah) 

U~‘ beautiful pretty comely sweet 
lovely elegant . graceful [A~ JlZ] 
win' n.m. (n.diCgjinnat' or lit. jyrjin'naK) 

(s' spirit ; ginius ; jinnee headstrong person 
one with extraordinary capacity for work 
Mlar'na v.t. exorcize Clmffijin'tkark'na 
be possessed fly into passion &\jrjinnat’ 
n.m. |»l. genii JOrjinna ' ft adj. supernatural 

of. genii difficult (word or style) bad (hand) 


I • ju’na N.M. (rare) (f. (fija'ni person adj. 
** begotten lyf] 

^iV/anat' n.m. Mr. the honourable n.f. 
• * (rare) britik (royal, etc.) court ifjt 
jan’ab-e aq'das int, your honour Ofjana’b^e 
a'ft int. respected sir ; your honour <— 
jam W adv. the respected ; the honourable tfimiOr 
jmoSht mom int. my dear sir [A] 

^ fojatm'bot n.f. pollution (resulting from 
coition) CsCfty^gfris'l-e jama'bat n.m. 

n.f. DOlh 


pwtooition bath |A] 
^Crjina’yat n.f. sin 

crime [A] 



rash ; impulsive zealous ; zealot 
^ jin'nah n.m. Ft. genii [A ~ sino. gff) 

jfcfcjin'hetf prov. whom whomsoever 

jan'ja n.f. darling [~PcJ(f] 

n.m. embryo ; foetus [A] 

A? jane" oo n v. (dial.) sacred thread worn by 
*•* Hindus 2 jane” oo fa hatk' jf.M. slaut- 

ing stroke (in fancing, etc.) 
pf jo prov. who what which that 
* conj. if ; in case gf. io' jo' prov. who- 
ever whatever whichevei yfi^.jo' 
d&jo" ku(hh prov. whatever whichever 
'&fzi 0 ' * 0 ”* prov. - whoever whatever 

(thing) whichever rfy'yfJCjo ho’ so ho' pm. 
come what may - no matter what the conse- 
quences jo ho'U SO gpi' koja'e 

PROV. whoever ventures a suggestion should 
conte l^^^/^U^^Tjo pkaV (bak 'kha nakih’ 
vo’fa srAxi& prov. forbidden fruit tastes sweet 
(kfl’rkegd so gi'rega prov. pride 
goeth before a fall oVjy'Z-dlS )° sa'hari 
Afca'V so ro'zah rak'kk e prov. he must suffer pain 
who has stood to gain i £'2z4.Ui2:/Zjo 
ga'rqjtt bait ba’raste Bahtti prov. barking dogs 
seldom bite fyjttjftzj 0 ba tidi men 

ho' go. vo'ls ntk'lega prov. nothing comes out of a 
sack but what is put in it 

~ jau n.m. barley garlic capsule 
** stitch one-third of an inch adj. (also 
jau' bjutr a little sma ll^/z jau-kob’ adj. 

powder thick grain I'J u^jfojau-kob kar’na v.T. 
powder to thick grain^/^jarirt' adj. hui\ey(jfyr&V 
m'n-e javiti n.m. brown bread poor liveli- 
hood [P] 

f. J m > jao've basil’ n.f. (lit.) space ; 

region beyond atmosphere 
\ y, joo (in const, joo’‘e),jL*g joo" e-bar n.m. 

brook ; stream Vfy/z£.jrjoo‘'-e sinr lana v.i. 
do a Herculean task ; accomplish the impossible 


* J 00 * w * ; seeker [P] 

l J® 0 ” 2 N -**- gambling ■ playing with dice 
'■** any game of chance with stake 
joo”a kkel’na v.i. gamble{^ff/o'a'7i n.m gamb- 
IcTifiJjrjifJjtjo'a'ri dkstda’ri n.m. (usu. pl.) . 
‘gambler walking in evil ways }^££ljoo''e-bae! 

n.m: gambler sto 4 ~£ joo " e - kha’nah 
n.m. gambling den 
*' yjoo"a n.m. yoke (,'jCl fjr.tT 
* ka joo' a utar'na v.i. unyoke 
be freed 

, - javab' n.m. answer ; reply 
- defence match; parallel 
dismissal ; discharge ; sack refusal 
jqvdlbe ba-savab’ n.m. proper ans wer^^ilf U 
( jjfjava'b-e ja'hilah b a shad khamo'tti prov. 
reticence is the safest reply to a fool (or uncul- 
tured person) (jf»~>\r,java'b-e da"va (col. javab' 
da"va) n.m. answer to plaint 'Lrtfjmab'-dth adj. 
answerable ; accountable n.m. respondent 
(fid' IPjauab'-de' ki liability ; responsibility 

defence (in law suit, etc.)\‘jtft&f?jaeab’ dr' hi 
kar'na v.i. defend (in law) be held res- 
ponsible explain ; account for 
javab’ de'hi se ba'ri kar'na v.T. no longer to hold 
responsible ; exonerate .,UC£/I?]anah' 
de’na (or de’ de’n a) v.t. & I. answe"r ; reply 
explain ; account for sack dismiss discharge 
reluse Jlf’^fijavab’ so' at’ n.m. questions 
and answers argument ; dialogue&&ljrjavab-e 
szf^tfijUsaf' ‘javab’ n.m. u^L>!frjavab' la' lob 
adj. reply paid (letter etc.) (matters) call- 
ing for an explanation I'Jl^LsIXjavab' tajab 
kar'na v.i. ask (or call) for an explanation 
javab'la'tobi n.f. explanation calling 
(someone’s) explanation L'J(ft i L'lf(fkl javab’ 

ta’lobt kar’na v.t. call (someone’s) explanation 
^f(^qal'‘i javab' n.m. definite reply 
categorical No CJ’^lj^javab' mil'na v.i. get a 
reply be asked ; be dismissed ; be discharged 
be refused (something) ^y^tjrjavsb' fut'm 
v.i. be sacked be refused Jijrjava’bl adj. 

post paid (letter, etc.) retaliatory 
counterpart n.m. chorus in elegiac recitation 
counterpart (arch.) respondent 

kn> javad' adj. generous : munificent n.m. 
b Bountiful (as one of God’s attributes) {A— 


jvovnd’ adj. munificent [A - jj?) 

Jj ly j avar ' N- F - corn, millet 

r M 

r M 

javar' n.m. fiood-ued&Jyljrjavar'-bha' ta n.m. 
ebb and flow of the tide 
javar' (col. jivar') n m. vicinity ; neighbour- 
hood ; area [~A{£(ff] 

pj\pi am ' re b N M - PL. Iimb3 a-zs'-c- 

& *• java'rt/f n.m pl. body limbs and 
organs [A] 

ri ~ N ' F ' d, 8 c8tive me dicine 
U • javs’riih-t jallnws n.m. digestive medipne 

named after Galen [Aj 

iSM >'»••«««. (see under £+) 

/£jlf'J aoa ' ri N * F * cross-string over bridge of 
stringed musical instrument 
•jffjrtMz' w.m. justification legality ■ 
lawfulness propriety [A] 

: i?* ja'va kiar' n.mV salt obtained from burnt 

■barky ; barky-salt 

it I o>) ava 'te V T - wheat adulterated with barky 

.Mill o' jo'a'la-mokhi n.p. (dial.) volcano [S~ 
V jff/T flame] 

ii^jama , lah A adj. spinning fast-revolving 
JIJ?J**Mho''la-e jaooa'lah n.m. spinning 
flame (fig.) blazing beauty (fig.) evasive 
sweetheart [X ~&Djr] 

i-jason' n.m. youth young man 
& * ordinary soldier ; jawan adj. (lit. also (Jl/f 

jaoaS) adult grown up young 4^; 
javah bakkt adj. fortunate ; having bright pros- 
pects JlS()tjrjma*‘-szU’ adj. youthful %}lj?javan' 
mat'd n.p. man of marriageable age ifjasah 
mat'd adj. brave ; bold ; courageous 
heroic generous ; magnanimous n.m. hero 
brave nun fine young fellow gallant 
t .jfynau-jasan ' adj. young n.m. young man ; 
youth ifj/lj?javairmar'dl n.p. bravery ; 

courage. gallantry generosity ; magnani- 

mity J)llf'j<aah'-mar'g, Jfffojrjava'na mar'g 
adj, dead in the priole of life cursed 
(owing to debauchery or high handedness) 
jaoan' moot N.F. uutimely death ; death in the 
prime of life ($0yjr} nau-khez' java n n.m. teen- 
ager'ni n.f. if [P] 

^jav&’mb m m. pl. vicinity , envirous 
. * part (of the country); area ^fjCfftalraf-o 

java'nib n.m. pm. vicinity ; neighbour 
parts ; quarter ; area sides [A ~ sing 
•» j^japa'nl n.p. youth , season of youth t 
w manhood adolescence puberty i 
titk'lijavarii n.f. flower of youth freshness of 
youth l '*y$' in cfcarh'na v.t. be adoles- 

cent attain puberty be full of youthful 
lust attain youthful vigour (jiyr^fjava'ril 
diva Hi PH youth is blind impulsive youth 

I* P 

^d&java'ni Jhal'navT. become old cross 
the threshold of youth lose youthful vigour 
tyxofcj o’sh e java'ni n.m. exuberance of 
youth ardour of youth 

Ap java'hir.'p.tfjavahirat' n.m. pl. jewelry; 
*t-** jewellery essences ; quintessences litf !#T 
java’ hit kha'nah n.m. jewelry v2.u\t J $/flj'jaoa'hir- 
nigar' adj. studded with. jewels ornament- 
ed /tfojjzar-o java' hit n.m. jewelry ; jewel- 
lery wealth [A - SINOyfiT^ , „„ 

p jvb'li (or job'll) jubilee JjnclJJi'j/'ijZjj 
Q * da'yamatid (or silver or golden) jubilee [E] 

. jo' ban n m. female beauty bloom of 

(female) youth well-developed breasts 
puberty \}f(ltf£jo'bati U'bkarna v.i. (of breasts) 
swell W^ffijo'ban par a'na v.i. reach the age 
of puberty bloom l‘%££j l Zjo'ban pkaf par’na 
v.i. (of woman’s youth bloom) (of 
breasts) swell CWfyjrjo'ban dkal'na v.i. (of 

woman’s (youth) begin to decay! 'h^'ban 
lut'na v.i. be ravished \}£}(JjU(£(£%jo'bankl baba- 
teh loot'na v 1. ravish “J LA^jrjo'ban k% ma'H n.f. 
woman in bloom of youtn 
.. ~j ot N - F - fight lustre wares in shop 
string which pans of scale are tied 
cultivation tilling cultivated land land rent 
paid by tiller strap fastening yoke, etc. to 
ox’s ncckCl^&fjotjaga'na v.i. kindle the light 

(°0 m * 

- ~j°°l n.m. shoe (.Cfiijb^C'Jfjoot' par'na (or 
lag'na have a shoe-beating be punish- 
ed have rebuff suffer the loss (of 
joot (bal’na v.i. fight it out to settle mutual 
differences ( ~ foll.] . ^ 

joo'ta n.m shoe pair of shoes llMllfl 
joo ta utha'na V.T. A t. serve devotedly 
defy pilfer shoes( joo'ta u'efchal- 
na (or dtal'na) v.i. have a boorish fight 
joo'ta ba'rasna v.i. have a shoe-beating be 

hailed with shoes fight with shoes liftffl’joot'a 
lag'na v.t. & 1 . (of shoes) pinch feel asha- 
med incur a loss l jllfc joo'ta mar'na v.t. 
give (someone) a shoe beating administer a 
sharp rebuff put to shame by kind treatment 
Df.joo'li n.f. if 

!j^fjo'tis±, J^&jyo'tish n.m. astrology ^7. 

* jot'shi, J^jftjyo'tisK n.m. astrologer [S] 
j.-_, jot'na v.t. till ; plough yoke force 
(someone) to do something 
**>» joo'ci n.f shoe pair of 

w * shoes sandals slippers 

oo'li par joo'ci { 

v.t. be an omen of impending travel S x uJj£)$5 r . pair comrade; companion tUOiTjor' 
I’jljoo'a (ki nok') par mar'na v.t. not 10 care bitha'na v.i. dovetail fit in a joint jljf. 

a damn spurn par jor' tor n.m. (usu. pl.) intrigue, conspiracy 

rakk' km n'fi de’n) t vu. feed humiliatingly "£f. contrivance ’’fajor 1 tor kar'na v. 
j .(sU/fl jjoo'ft ( orjoot ') pakar' n.f. quarrel intrigue ; consp 
at a iow level conttant tiffs L’//jlpij)f^joo'li all joints evei 
paizar' m ho' na v.t. have a quarrel at alow level de'na v. join 
(j^r^Uf'Joo'ti &kapa' , t N.F. money extracted by \,&jZ jor ' lag 
bride's sisters from groom by concealing ms shoes solder ad 
4>n wedding day j/^&Zjoo'tl-dtor n.m. shoe lifter jo'ra, n.m. 

adj. mean of bo consequence jf'fcZjoo’ti J * shoes ! 
kho'r(a) adj. given to having a shoe beating dowery n 
joo'tiyatt Utha'na v.t serve with devo- member of pa 
tion tiyah &a kha'te pktr'na v.i. n.m. costly (b 

loaf walkabout be jobless v.t. take off the 

joo'tiyati si'dki kar'na v.t. serve with devotion joo'ra n.m. 

{Jfrtfjoo'tiyah gahtk'na v.i. mend shoes ljUjifp: ^ hand-ki 
joo'tlya* k&a'na v.i. have shoe-beating £e nightingale, etc 
taunted be humiliated LjLjC'Zjoo’tiyaii mar'na as rest for pitch 
v.t. give a shoe-beating taunt humiliate h jor'na v.t 
L>fj( njp L , ^toe'tiwfi mtfi dal bo$'na have a * .affix 
domestic quarrel O fa] calculate 

^ jof n.m. pair (of oxen) under one yoke adj. match pail 
match ; equal [~ f/Tl by . save c 

>£ N,M> generosity ; munificence liberality invent (plot, et 
dpCS* ) rf} 00 ''*-? sekhaivat) n.f. generosity [A] accusations’ 
gjrjoo'joo' n.m. (dial.) bogey -J> jo'ri n.f. 

£ joojk'na v.i. fight , take up arms against 
V/J[Kjoojk! mar'na v.i. die fighting 
„ Jau'dotjH.v. sharp intellect keen apprehen- 
w> ** nonfc&yjrjm'dat-t tab '* n.f. quick- 
wittedness ingenuity 

.* —joo'di n.f. hilltop in Ararat range where 
v)"’ Noah's Arch came to rest in Deluge [A ~ H] 
-pair n.m. tyranny ; oppresion high 

intrigue ; conspire contrive k Jj£jor' jor n.m, 
all joints every joint of the body C^ijXjor' 
de'na v. join , connect link set unite 
i&jZ jor' laga'na v.i. fit in a joint patch 

solder add ; sum up calculate [ - t j£) 

jo'ra i. n.m. couple pair pair of 
shoes suit of clothes suits in bridal 
dowery match counterpart other 
member of pair; partner bha'ri jo’ra 

n.m. costly (bridal) suit jo'ra barks' na 

v.i. take off the suit [ — ] /S&ftHi : * r 

joo'ra n.m. back-knot (of hair) 

•*** hand-knot crest (of hoopoe V 
nightingale, etc.) hollow pad usedyfe^s 
as rest for pitcher ’ etc. ' 

[‘jfjor n 3 ■v.t. joint connect set (love) 

* * . affix annex unite add ; total 

calculate patch ; mend • solder 
match pair . mate ; lay aside (money) ; lay 
by . save collect harness yoke 
invent (plot, etc.) put (blame bring forth 

jVr* n.f. couple pair peer; equal 
match counterpart other member of 
pair , partner pair of shoes. double-value 
door pair of tambourines pair of cymbals 
pair of dumbics>b^JS/o'Ti-<far n.m. 
comrade ; companion colleague [~ fjjrJ 
n.f. ague ijlr] 

• -jmz n.m. nut ^(also $\si/’jZjau‘z-e 
l*' Isharasa'ra) walnut fijzjaaz bo" a, IJir. 

*** handedness ^^ si' tarn, jauz boys N.M. nutmeg [A] 

lUl'mo ja&r N.M. oppression and tyranny [A] ~ jauzs' n.m. the Gemini ; the Twins fas a 

. .pjo'roo n.f. v/ikfttfytrfjo'roo ka bksj’i n.m. sign of the Zodiac) [A] 

wife’s brother ; brother-in-law I jotb n.m. zeal 

'*t\'A\dV»jy.£>>JC\sa'* khuda"i tk t&'raf I k/f, excitement 

&/Ul%VyjjS.Oj''*Clsa'rt ktuda"l tk t&'raf I 
ja roe ka bha”l tk tot raj prov. one would listen to 
the wife’s brother rather than the whole world'rao khas'm n.m. fol. man and wife 
no ka ffculam (or jnSedseri) n m 
ben-pocked Husband uxorious husband 

CVdi-£)»— -<2 1 fysWjo'Toa naja'ta ol'lak m'yah 
st rra'ta ph. one living in single-blessedness 
^ jor n.m. join joint connecting link 
>'M.seam patch connection combina- 
tion addition total spelling match 

Jp/i aA n.m. zeal ardour enthusiasm 

excitement fervour J»ssion 

ebullition ; boiling effervescence **»■ 

berance ^fjo'^ah adj. 6l adv. t ebullient 

boiling • buhling up excited S’** 

v.i. boil flow over effervesce* swell 

with anger have zeal ; be fervid be en- 
thusiastic be excited J*’ o*tatf dak n.m. 
decoction WJ^Kjo** java'iA n.m. anion*, of 
youth © Syfajo'd** khoon' (or Moot I) n.m. 
plethora paternal affection ijikn/XJ 0 — 
v.t. dtuage instigate dr'ea v.t. 



boil cf-iJ'^josh'-zan adj. boiling in a fit of 
passion fervid <f*j?Jo'sJtish n.f. exuberance 
fervour enthusiasm j°?h' kka'na v.i. 
boil up effervesce over flow ; swell 
chafe fly into a rage be excited frenzid 
M (fa josh' <nar'na.v.i. boil chafe be 

frenzied ^of blood) have a sudden spurt of 
affection U)jjy*jp , jo'*h-o-khaT03h' n.m. excite- 
ment enthusiasm fervour [F—AJ 


jau'shanti.u . coat-of-mail armour 
cuirass armlet [P] 

joo‘ nm. hunger ; appetite j5l) l fc£joo' , -iil- 
V>J» ar'z n.f. love for territorial aggrandizement 
ft^t/f-j 00 ' ul-ba'qar, ^rfffioo'‘-Ul-kal'b n.f. glut- 

tony n.m. glutton 


^gjouftiM. cavity 

adj. gluttonous; voracious 


hollow interior 
spear wound in belly [A] 

•• pjauq (ptd. jooq) n.m. crowd (rare) 
O*' swarm (of birds) jauq' , jp, fa 

jmtq darjauq adv. in large numbers [P] 

w'/JT i m ~ kob ' AD i- see under t ~ ?J au ★! 

frj o'kham m.f. (same as n.f. *) 

/ jo'Uuh, (/zjo'kkam n.f. danger 

( jeopardy risk ; hazard suffering 
tribulation V&ljjfyjo'kkan itAa'na v.i. under- 

take hazardous work jeopardise life or limb 
under tribulations ^ffijj^ja'khoh ka kam' 
n.m. hazardous task dangerous undertaking 

otiutoAj *'- vx 

endanger : jeopardize cause to suffer 
jo' Huh - met par'na n.m. run a risk be 
endangered jeopardize life or limb under- 
go tribulations 

f jog n.m. (dial ) the Yoga. (dial.) asce- 
<JJT ticism (dial.) meditation lucky union 
lucky moment adj. suitable ; befitting l 
(CJl)jog' sadh'na (or U'na) v.i. (dial ) be- 
come an ascetic lead the life of an ascetic 
quit lay life JvjogM n.f. ^female Hindu 
ascetic sorceress witch (ffjog'a n.f. 
witcb Foreeress n.i*. Hindu ascetic 

sorcerer: magician CrfCgfifofa' & kls ’ ** "** 
raov. ascetics arc friend to none t/fjo’gija n.m. 

reddish name of a musical mode a 
kind of pigeon adj, reddish [S] ^ 

/£, jo'ga adj. (rare) fit; suitable I ap' j°'g* 

W fh. suitable for you 

jtf lah, {ex joo'lah) n.m. fetters ; shackles 
OM v irons ; chains / J0(or O P* ba-jolah 

or pa-ba-joo'lah adj. chained ; fettered ; shackled 


..tyjoulan (ped. jaoalan) n.m. coursing; 

* wandering springing t $$SZjau'lah-gZk' 
n.f. race-course parade ground (A) 

\ jaula'iA (ped. javala'm) n.f. strength of 
QVJ' body or mind ; acumen ; fleetness ; quick- 
ness ; swiftness (P— A prec ] 

L ii ~ jaulaha, \&qjulaha n.m. {r.^^jaula'ta 
1 ‘ tfpfjUb'b*) weaver 

jaulahe hi mas'kharl mati bai'han ke talk-’ 
prov. mean person ridicules own friends 

July (EJ 

Ijf'joon n.m. June (EJ 

■ n.f. (dial.) cycle of birth UfclXjoon’ 

ba'dalta v.i. undergo a change change 
from one cycle to another 

1 ipjoofi n.f. louse something very small 
^wSOV 90 * moot'ha adj. weak-looking but mis- 
chievous fyfJZjoo'thpor'nav. l. become lousy 
r ,-jooh adv. (arch.) like ; as ? such as 
V*' £fjoot{ toot' kor' ki adv. somehow ; 
somehow or other with much difficulty 
jooh'joot adv. as long as as far as jj 
jooti ka toot' adv. as it was unchanged (jr?. 
jooft f la adv. as soon as ; no sooner than 
the very moment immediately as 

rpjao’na n.m* improvized grass rope 

gmall rush bundle for dish-washing adj. 
(arch.) old 

jaun' poor ka qa'4 n.m. (fig.) fool 

jeon' ia adj. whoever whichever 

/Jotk n.f. leech ^J^^V.^/Cpat’tkor ko 
*^Kjetk' na'kiti lag’s prov. hard hearts never 
meltl '^^prjohk' laga'na v.t. apply leeches 
\PliiUDotk' ho ke li'patra v.t. not to 
get away (from) pester 
Qjrjoo'H n.f. string etc. of balance 

jau'har n.m. jewel ;,jem pearl 
essence ; quintessence substance 

merit ; worth skill sharpness intellect 
talent jau'har dar adj. (of sword) sharp 
ffzjw'har dikin' n& v.t. show one s mettle , 
display one’s sterling qualities ,^/tf.jau'har-e 
far'd N.M indivisible atom (fig.) unmatch- 
ed personality qa'bil n.m. talented 
person yjfajau'har kkul'na v.i. (of talent) 




be known shine /!?.& ah'l-e jauhar n.m. 
talented persons J/jf.j au' hart n.m. jeweller [A~P 


r^pjau'har n.m. (dial.) Rajput. custom of kill* 
Si* ing family before going out for (desperate 
fight) battle i 

^t^joh'r n.m. pond ; pool of dirty water 

^jrjoo'hl n.f. wild jessamine (or jasmine) 

0 jApjoin'dah, &jo'j>a, jifjo'yatl N. & adj. 

seeker searching 

yibindah prov. seek and thou shall find 
^jjyjaviti (see under f.jcuiif) 

u J^jehat' n.f. pl. directions [A ~ sing. 

I ^ jehad' n m. (religious) war supreme 

^effort [A-j#] 

I igjka'ba n.m. leathern oil container 
* ” leathern table-cloth straw plate 
tfjyTjka'rl n.f. long-necked ewer 

iiAjtlJp jha'barjhol'la n.m. ungainly person 
• h’tA'.^'M'jha'bar jhal'la s a adj . 
ugly loose lazy 

rjhat n.m. chandlier a kind of firework 
brake ; bramble (small) thorny tree 
volley (of abuses, etc.) l>> t jbZjkar bahdk'na 
v.i. utter a volley ot jtbuses *j l&f j &jhar jkoh- 
kar' n.m. (usu. Pl.) brambles ; (small thorny 
trees 0 / / * te^jka r ka kan'ta N.M. (fig.) whom it 
is difficult to get rid of l ho kar 
tipajna v.t. stick pesteringly to 

jha'ra n.m. charm ; incantation £ - 1‘jLf ] 

Oj[fii%a'ran n.m. (see under IvKv.t. if) 

V J 

'»a v.t. dust sweep brush 
clean knock off shake off beat 
(bushes) moult repeat spells or charms 
(over) exorcise jhar'na pkoohk'na 

v.t. exorcise repeat spells or charm; (over) 
r'~pkxwhk n.f. locus pocus exor- 
cising charm ; incantation 

poh& n.f. dusting tidying up ^ 

yV^jka'roe n.f. broom brusiu^U'^^’ 
•*,* jka'roo bokaroo n.m. broom dusting 
hyblrfJjWjha'reo boka'roo kar na v.t. sweep 

dun. L'UrffjjUfjka'rao pkir ja'»3 v.t. be made 
a clean sweep of have everything lost lose 
oucV-all ; be ruined (C'j^bjl^jj^jbi'roo 

•l~ jahaz.' (ped.jVAac') 
vessel aeroplane 

phtr’na (or pker’ de'ns) v.T. make a clean 
sweep of undo ; ruin yj\£ jka'roo de’na v.t. 

sweep jka'roo boharoo miina v.t. 

be swept be dusted cbfafjka'ran n.m. duster 

[ - PREC J 

jka *1 n.f. bush , shrub ; a thicket 

n.m. ship ; boat ; 
(rare) dowry/UrtfjW: 
jakaz ka jahaz" adj. huge iftfjL%johaz' ka 
kav "v3 n.m. (fig.) one who has to return again 
again to the same place for a living 
jahaz’ ko lat'gar kai'na v.t. anchor a ship^fjUl 
jaha'zi adj. naval nautical huge n.m. 
sailor iftfj^jaha zi kul'ia n.m. greyhound (A] 
jkag n.m. loam froth scum effer* 
* * vescense i'l J\£ jkag a'n a v.i. effervesce 

CllJbfjhag' la'na V.t. foam with rage 
i. johhal' n.m. ignoramuses fools [A-~ 
(Jufl SING.^] 

it# jkal n.f, box taste (of chillies, etc.) 
left in mouth pungency large 
basket soldering artificial cascade in 

.grjka'la n.m. short local shower eay* 
rings comprising pearl rings * 
jaha’/at n.f. ignorance imperfect 
knowlege illiteracy fooly [A] 
it/yjha'lar n.f. fringe {riUjIrJIaTjka'lar- 
***• dar adj. fringed frilled 
hlAjhal'ra n.m. well of solid masonry ; well 

season pickles , 
cool (in saltpetre solution, etc ) 
m n.m. large hoe used in 



fcigjkal'na v . t . 

^ * coo’ 

I * sinking wells 
aL^jha'mar n.m. 

' * spindles, etcydrff jh^tnar/if 

jkoo'tnar n.f. illusion ^ 

tipjoba*' N.M. (lit, a\soj\jrjah a A) world 
U ‘jahaz' a >a adj. world adorning 
jahah'-afrih' n.m. God (as creator of the world) ; 
creator c/t-XT jahah’-bah n. & adj. sovereign ; 
ruler world administrator ^[/[srjahan'~ban I n.f. 

sovereignty world administration (fiM". 
johan'-Ht n. & adj. traveller well travell- 
ed (person) eye a Vj 0 [/rjahal< -panah' n.m 
His (or Her) Majesty protector of the world 
int. Your Majesty jljlfjakah'-dar' n.m. 

I* sovereign rule of the world (foUWjahati -dan 

240 ' 

.L'jtf’W'oh, ^ 

mced/^f '*<** short view 
ihM’- I dikha’na v.t. °^ c for a, cj,^. 


r 0/1 
tor a, short 


N . sovereignty minion world-rule 
jahah'-di'dah widely travelled experienced 

seasoned veteran £ tffjaAaA'- 

tft'daA hijar' go'yad daro gh prov. travellers tell 

false tales jj^Urjatiafi'-soz adj. world-inflamtping *tjrjia"oo n.m. a riverin 
ifljlZjahzti-gar'd n.m. tourist traveller ^ * whose twigs baskets r 
globe-trotter ( fi / jUrjahah '- gar'di n.f. globe trot- n.m. pl. sk 

ting adj. world conquering n.m. ••• ^ tion (of face) ; dark 

world conqueror appellation of a Moghul face) ^ 
emperor Jehangir aha*' -girt n.f. world f J*\j[£yjha''ift jha^ifi n.f. quarrel ; argument 

conquest ; world domination adj. of a relating *** ** * 

M i, ‘ shortlived 


]ant firoir 
jpots (one 

to emperor Jehangir Ojltfjahati-nfimo adj. 
world mirror ‘fityjaham adj. pertaining to the 
world i)l£ I ah'jaha’id adj. with (non-Muslim 
names) the late [P] 

johah adv. where m which place 
U*'< while since tJ&\%jahah iak adv. as far 
as , so far as tak (is)' ka 

ta nl'lvq hai pH. as faf as this'h concerned Ur, 
ja’haii ja'hafi, hah ka'hifi adv. wherever; 

wheresocver^jjUfJff'^aft se adv. whence ; from 
where ka ta'hah adv. as it was 

in the very place , in the same place as 

n.f. coarse mat (used as door, 

• screen, etc.) mat or plank resting on 
beam, etc' to form ceiling 
/Mi***'** N - F king crow' loosewoman 

n.f pubic hair ; pubes j 

. fijr-fatijan, ^Jfjahjkan n.f. 

U‘^ m anklet with small bells 
JjWfcitfJi n.f. heat (of anger) 4 
impatience cymbals 
fjijrjfoti'sa N.M. wheedling 

trick cheating ; deception 
£ji- J b7’jta*'sa de'na v.t. wheedle 
trick cheat deceive ; defraud 
jhah'se mth a'na v.i. be wheedled be trick- 
ed be cheated deceived iJItfjkafi siya n.m 
cheat fraud 

.'A-jkatk'na y.i. peep . look out of win- 
** «*> tJow, etc. cast sly looks look fur- 
tively VUjftfjkatk a’na V.T. pay a short visit to 
* n f. peeping tjfojfclak' jh'ahk, 
tfU&lfiltith'ka jhot'ki n.f ‘peeping sly 
tools ogling jfyfjhan'ki n.f. (dial.) iso- 
lated s« cue of play tableau ; tableau vivant 
ibativah n.m pumice-stone ; pumice 

bte than oia adj (r-ifjjUfjhah' , an) tawny 

rr • 

jka“'iti jkap’pa n.m. 
coquetish blandishment 

Ih ma”ifi N.F. a children’s game ; 
round-and-round we go cawing like 
the noisy crow 

[ / JFjkab'ba n.m. tuft tassel 

\ygjUb'ra, adj. (r.tfyjfjUb’fi) shaggy (dog) 

rf jluip n.f. swiftness (only in following) 

V ■ jha'pa jhap, i^fi^f jkap' jhap adv. 
hurTiedly^.^fjkfl/1 se adj. in a jiffy Sf. 
jtapak st adv. sw'.ftly ; with a lightning speed 
rjkipa'Mr.l'L&jhifipanav cause to feel 
abashed [~ t^ffcAUS.] 

1 . *rjha' paps v.t/ pou.xe swoop leap; 

spring fly (at) attack suddenly 
snatch away Jlrtfha'pat n.f. L^fjkapat ja N.M. 
pounce swoop onrush ; onset leap ; 
bound L'A jh-apot'ta mar'na v.t. pounce 
swoop leap ; spring make a rush snatch 
away CdJ^fjha'pat le'na v.t. snatch away 
pounce * upon swoop (of speeding 
vehicle) crush fc/ttf J^fJ {or jkjpat'u) 
meh a'na v.i. be run down (by) ijygjioptt' 
n.f. onrush of speeding vehicle 
../g’jhet'pakna, C^jkapka'na, C^fU> t palak 
jhapakna v.T ‘ wink (eye) blink (eye 
doze off move eyelids coquetishly, fear- 
fully or bashfully ^ifjba'pak n.f. coquetish 
movement of eyelids modesty Jgjbap'h N.r 

drowsiness short vitw(i IjZfjIup'kl It'na 
v.i doze off 

^Jt'kat N.F. (pi .^brjtkat') direction 
*— **• side reason ; cause *r&rj\is' je'hat se, 

badthi je'hat conj. .ow'ing to ; because 
of for this reason je'hat n.f. & 
adj. (in) all the six directions 
i >» jfjhax, pot,eZ.J>fjh4t' se adv 

l quickly ; swiftly hastily , hurriedly 

instantaneously in a jiffy 



** jk&i&Tna v t eat a little (usu, out) of a 
large dish { ~ 

L&&jlUft' pita n.m. twilight ; gloaming 


jtw'takna v.i. jerk twitch shake 

pull violently J {&?iha\'ka n.m. jerk 
twitch shake quake •violent puli 
shock (dial.) non-Muslim way of slaughtering 

L%Tjk8('ia! adj. feigned ; pretended 

V* mock [ 

v.t. belie; give the lie to 


Pjh&uiil' n.f. leavings adj. promiscuous 

(woman) [~ ly£] 

ff jkajjatNM, earthen flask long neck* 

ed pitcher li^flkaj'ri N.f. small earthen 
flask ' 

' jki'juknz v.i. boggle start with ; 
. .figltt ; start or boggle ; shrink ; recoil 
hesitate ; demur have a stage-fright 
jhijak n.f. sltyness hesitation demur 


r )oh'd or jok’d n.f. strenuous effort 
endeavour exertion U^^jah'd lit-baqa' 
n.f. struggle for existence [A] 

-^jhUd'doo adj. cuckold 

of tumour • 1 

loud voice 

lacking sense 

nr jeh'r n.m 
■ * y^C^kU-jahU adv. loudly audibly 

J^jhir n . F. , l l/fikira 'ta n.m. sound mat 
tearing cloth [ono.] 

\j&j&jhir'jhna adj. flimsy (cloth) 

audible voice 


made in 

Tjhilr'jhQri n f. shiveringfit shiver; 
shake l# jh*r' jku'ri Una v.i. 
shiver shake 

adj. (of tree) with lopped 
* branches withered drooping 
. > j/tfjkur'mo) n.m. crowd; multitude (esp. 

women’s) cirrle hiding the race by 
throwing stole across itljlJs&jkSr'maf mar’na 
v.t. ^of women) circle round conceal body 
" with stole 

at’na v.i. trickle ooze 
n.m. cascade' sheet of 
water oozing through ..perforations 
in an inclined plane cullender ; 


jteniSi J^fjkaro'kah n.m. 
casement window 


itjfjkSr'ti n.f. (usu. pl.) wrinkle 
' * jhiirnyMi 'put'na v.i. be wrinkled be 

n.f. chink slit 

Kgjha-r n f. bolt (of lock) (also j^yla'r*) 
s" continuous downpour^^/fytfjkflr' bt'ri N.F. 
jujube ; wild berry 

'lap n.f. quarrel brawl skirmish 


jharq’ns v.t. shake ruddy 

’/‘s' gjvc (someone) good shaking {-(jJ’yT’j 
fjkgjhi'yakna v.t. scold ; chide snap at , 
browbeat ^^.jhir'ki n.f. scolding 
browbeating rebuff 

IJjpPikar'na v.t drop (oflcaves, hair, etc.) 
' * fall off (of feathers) be shed ; be moulted 
discharge semen ejaculate J’Jfjkar'jal 
adj. nonsensical 
^jf'fpP'jharoos n.m. cuckold 

dX jh i r},J>fjkaT N.F. continuous downpnqr 
'ri lag'na v.i. rain continuously 
L jL^jh-ak n.f. nonsense silly talk vain 
* endeavourCi*i^&/fc«i' mar'na v. t. talk 
nonsense make vain effort eat humble pte 
agree to adopt the rejected course 
jhak' jink cld^jhakan'dan n.f. dispute 
quarrel wrangle Ji'ft^Fjhak' jio'ri n.f. 

dalliance jfjhnk'ki adj. talkative nonsen- 

'na v.t. 
* fc^TcADS.] 
Pjpjfutk' kar n.m. 

* * hurricane 
jhakor' n.f. 

cause to cry 

harass [ - 

intermittent blasts 

waft (of wind etc.) 

bow incline 
stoop sliow 


.or^rjhuk'na v.i. bend 
**• dip submit ; yield 
respect to \ij'(*iy/i-&jhuk' kar sal am kar'na v.i. 

make obeisance salute respectfully (dial.) 
dip shock C^fjhuka'na v.t. bring (some- 

one) down on his knees cause to stoop hang 
down (head) in shame , etc. bend bow 
tncliney|fJf/ta/- V« n.m. inclination flexi- 
bility predilection 

jhahdla n m. wafi (of wind, etc.) 

j*J tfajka'garna v.t. quarrel have an argu- 

* ment with ; contend , argue dispute , 
wrangle brawl Hpfjhag'ra n.m. quarrel 

dispute argument ; contention squabble 



famak' ru n.m. 

coqurtish beauty 

ravishing charm 

\ flume lii , n.m. bother 

• trouble complication^ fuss ; ado 
confusion {^Uf^jk-ameliys, l^^f^ibati'jhafja adj. 
quarrelsome ; contentious " 

, \jf? ihuiihlana. l£l0efc\jhiifjhl&’ uik’aa 

v.r. fret and fume be irritated 
JfaZfjbuti jk’Ia kar adv. peevishly JZfjijg*’- 
jkifjhla’htt { n.f. irritation peevishness 
‘'jhafjhanansy.i. jingle ; tinkle 

• * rattle Jlfg^^jkanjkana' hat n.f. 

jingle jinkle rattle 

m n.m. rattle 

brawl wrangle IMtrpB.jfuig rautha ns. v.t. 
raise a quarrel dispute i'j1*jOCjhag'ra kar’na 
v.t. quarrel wrangle , brawl Jlb&fjhagrs 
i,io adj. quarrelsome ; contentions st.ii. 
disputer brawler 
Ufrjah'l n.m. ignorance stupidity 
y ‘ jah’l-e murak'kab n.m. false pretensions to 
knowledge gross ignorance [A] 

~ johala n.m. the ignoramuses fools 

»f. [A- S «, JlOi ■ 

H&jhall i'na v.t.' fly into passion fret and 

• fume (J^jhal n.f. passions heat^J^ 

( ift}) C^jkal bujka 'n& (or mitatts) v.t cool 
(someone’s) passions Jfcj? jhal'la n.m. large basket 
aoj. (f. tfZjkaiK) ‘sultry angry 
As" f n.f. ADJ. lustful woman 

jbSda'na v.t. rock in cracUe swing [ ~ 


i-.A&jkaljhal&'na v.i. glisten ; glitter 

ache throb feel pungency have 
■i burning sensation (owing to chillies etc.) 
jhaljkaln'kat n.f. glisten ; glitter pungency 

burning sensation 

VJ&, jlH*' lasns, CU^jkulsa'nn, Ctfj^fjkv'las de'na 

* v.t. bum scorch singe 

jhulai'nd iVi/Jfjhu’lasja ’ns v.i, be burnt 
be scorched be singed 

rrifTjlui'lakna v.i. shine flash twinkle 
appear ; be apparent J&jha' lak v.y . 
glimpse reflection refulgence J&jhaiki 
n.f. (usu, pi.) glimpse 

t r i jkilmilans v.i. twinkle flicker 

***• * glimmer undulate (as the flame of a. . 

candle or water) n.m. twinkle i _ J ,j(&iha'nak n.f. jingle (esp 

jhil'mil kar'na v. to sparkle ; to flash ; to twinkle | y Mets) [doublet of foll.] 
Jf tjr .)kW miU n.f. shutter ; Venetian blind 

'na v. r. move (fan) force flies, 

* etc. to keep away be soldered 

I j£Zjbun jhiini n.f. tingling : pins and needless 
P * (Jl&f*? jk&njhunjait n.f. pl. fetters 
jhatfji adj. (shell) broken at top 
jkah'ji kau'ri n.f. such shell (fig.) 
sou ; mite 

UdT jbatjkar'nz v.t. shake to rouse 

* shake rudely tfjjaf^jkajjko'ri n.f. 
such shaking 

jJ&jhMfid n.m. clump or cluster (of trees) 
* swarm (of birds) t^f^Sr^jhiUld kfjhQhd 
n.m. swarms (of birds) 

ifag'jhak'da n.m. flag banner standard 
l‘jfl&?jhah'4a gar'm v.i. vanquish; conquer 
fy s !&?jhjxtida laihra'm v.i. hoist a flag4&>&** 
Ifc&Sjhati'de par cbsrfui'na v. publicize 
scandalize (fUJfjhaii'di n.f. flag ; small flag 
jjpfe&jhatidM'U adj. baby with yet untonsured 


* ing 


of tinkling ank- 

cause lo move (fan) cause to 

Jhalvo'nii v.r. 
be soldered 
^jj^Tikiltth' gii n.m. worn-out bed 
* rush strings’ fabric taken 
out of bed intact adj. week 

^jkil'li n.f. pellicle; thin skin 
IT’ brane parchment 

’ jhamjkethi i'na v.i. glitter 




jham N.r. glitter of clothes, gold lace, 

c/jpjhim'ka n . m . earring with bell-shaped 
pendant sahe'lijoti kd 

jhum’ka n . m . the Pleiades ; the Pleiads 

ar' n.f. jingle tinkle 
scream (of peacock) 
n.m. leafless tree 


S'f'jahan’nam n.f. hell (f^jahannami adj. 

| * infernal hellish doomed cursed 

cussed [A] 

*• .dfihat n.f. narrow lane between two walls 
with their drains opening on to it 
if j&jkoof n.m. lie . falsehood untruth 
fabrication prevarication*'!*$*£#j£ 
jhaot btitdh’na v.t, slander ; calumniate VCtffl 
jkoo j’ bana'na v.t. invent a lie Qjyi??jkoo\ M'n a 
v.t. lie ; tell a lie jan'na v. dis* 

believe £<£i*fjhoo)' sacp n.m. fabrication 
garbled' version of facts • w <ft 

If gx ’na v.t. slander . calumniate mare- 




present jkoot ka put la adj embodi- 1 jhoom jkoem or jham) kar *ov. cnjoyingl* 

ment of falsehood brazenfaced liar in an eestacy 

jko'na adj. flimsy n m. flimsy cloth 
superior quality betelnui v.T. & t. work 

adj egregious lie ^SSjtfjk/nt’ moot adv. all | (mill) to grind begin whine ; lament 

kt pit' ok na'hik hole PROv. falsehood \‘g 
has no legs to stand upon jkooi' ki pot' v )& , 

lies ; for nothing at all in jest ; jestingly 
Cfj^Sfjtejkoo'tok na poo&h'na v.i not even to 
show outward cordiality^^.yfjAAc'fr mufth adv. 

with unwashed face (usu, neg.) out- 
wardly ; just in formal way (,5&jhoo'ta N.m. 
liar adj. untrue fabricated imitation 
(work) spurious ; base unwashed (dish, 
etc.) (of served food) no longer untouched 
(of henn$) badly daubed or fading of tinsel 
(and not of pure gold or silver) unwashed 
(face, mouth) £%&fjhoo'ta par'na v.i. be prov- 
ed false f* 1 Ijof jtoo'ta kam N.M. tinsel (etc.) 
cmbroidery^j^l^Afjftic'fa mas a I ah n.m. tinsel 
ere. used in embroidery, ka 

bsdihah' n.m, arch-liarjK^jAKWtt n.f. liar adj. 

false. untrue / fr^^' jioo'ti khahar n.f. a 
false report : a rumour (jj^jhoo'ti qa'sam 
n.f. perjury ' > . 

tfjrjko'ta.lsjf jhoh'ta n.m. (f. jy? jio'tt tfjf. 

* jkoh'ti) young (one of) buffalo 
{^^jkojkra adj. {r .(f/ft&jkojkri) vessel with 
Jr**' cracked sound 
j k’yfjkaur N.F. quarrel 

ij/fjakool adj. very silly n.m. ignoramus (A~ 


i^fjkal n.m. bagginess ; pucker . rumple 
QST‘ farrow : brood gilt ; platingll^^J^fjAo/' 
da/’nav.T. make baggy pucker rumple 
O&tfjfjkol' nikaina v . t . remove rumple 
remove crease brood , farrow 
^ypjhool n.f. housing 

Oko"! a n.m. knapsack ; haversack 

l)s‘ palsy blight adj. loose ; not tight 
{ baggy 

fibatil bau'le adv. at daybreak 

n r. cottage , 

U* j] 

mjhool'na v.t. swing away to and fro 
oscillate n.m. cradle Ifj&jh.oo'la n.m. a 
swing ; the swinging rope ; a cradle 
^yfjhn'lt n.f. bag ; sack pouch 

MjO'jkoo'mar n.m. forehead jewellery 
dance number with dancing girls in 


I • or jhoom'na v.i. swing rock rock and 
•O* roll sway to and fro stagger walk 
with a staggering step be in an ecstatic mood 
be enraptured, 

strike with (staff, etc.) 

Jp^jkotp'ra vM.tffcfjkoiipn 

>• fjhotita N M. motion (of swing) 

back (or top) knot- of hair (same 
as l&fjhio'ta n.m. it) &U?fj?jkooh' tam jhan'to 
n.m. & adv . pulling each other’s hair „ 
jkooh'jal n.f. vexation ragct^l 

jhoonjka! ufdr'na v.t. vent one’s spleen 
on) take revenge (from) 

'jhohk n.f. sleep, (etc. as effect of drug) 
lowering of scale l‘j 1 <— 'O'T jkohk mar'na 
v.t. force down one scale of balance by unfair 

lUfejkoh'ka n.m. gust (of wind) blast puff 

doze c C £s ?jkoh'ke ana v.i. (of wind) 
blow intermittently feel drowsy 

’jhohk'na,C,j^C-j?jkotk' dtna v.t. caste 
• (in oven)** feed (oven) with fuel set 
fire to throw (dust) waste over useless vrn- 
ture cause to perish in vain 

n.m. well which is choked or fallen 

in ' „ 

„ jahfr'-us‘saut\ Ovfjfojti’i+tjM* 

us-saul' n.m. loudspeaker 
j^’jahet' n.m. dowry ; bride’s portion (P- A 

jhifik'na v.i. 

Urr • whine n.m. complaint 

jhil n.f. lake pool (in music)- 
piano’ ; ‘pianissimo’ 

el'na v.i. suffer ; undergo bear ; 
Z. • endure (dial.) ford j^jkel'm n.f. 
support (tucked up in hair) for ear ornaments 
supporting jerk (in delivery) 

.^SMP'na, C+S-jhep'rm V.t feel abated 
Oe ashamed *^*^jh*tp, *tf£iktp* 
w F . shyness . bashfulness shame 


go n.m. prawn ; shrimp 




'jhih'gar n.m. cricket t&jfyJSf. 
"Mb' gar ciat'na (or lag’ua) V.i. 


(of clorh) be moth-eaten 
i be in an ecstatic mood J ,v*i *i r oat t 
be overjoyed^;^ I if 1 J ° ‘ ““ 



annex (trophy,, etc .jKfiStTjlf ho'na v.i. 
gain a victory attain success VblfAjlr&ltff. 
ji’tl mm' ns tut ha ri marina v.i. show intransi- 

burjetk n.m. brother-in-law ; husband’s 


-*• elder brother third month of Hindu 
calendar (corresponding to May- June) 
jrtka'rti n.f. sister-in-law ; wife of husband's 
elder brother 

ja n.m. (dial.) brother-in-law ; sister’s 
husband (fpjl'ji n.f. (dial.) siptgr teat; 

Tjjr* jaVjaiuah'R h.f. name of a musical 

W • mode 

(ped. jaijooit’) n.m. Oxus [P] 
jUFj&jii adj. good ; excellent [A] 

tf^jai'sa, (ff.ja 
5 * in the mann 

.jnstudZjai'se adv. like 
in the manner of such as according 
des vai'sa Idles prov. when 
in Rome do as the Roman; do 
jai'sa raj ah vai'sl par] a prov. as isthe king so 
is the msrtXj^ryjXj/L^ jai 'saka'roge vai'sa 
Uu'nge (JiXffJj J ai '« har'ni vai'si bkar'm 

PROV. as you sow so shall you reap (£? (^fjai'se 
tai'se adv. somehow or other by hook or by 
erookjf!f&Zj«i'st d?b> adv. as you please ; 
do what you will ^ it is all up to you 
jai'se ka lot's a adv. the self-same unaltered 
untouched Ijf/d^jai'se ko lai'ss prov. tit 
for tat; measure for measure 
jai'st no# txfi'st firixritr prov. like priest like 
pwrish (or people) ^ 
iFfjnish h.h. (Ft -cGjgJejwsfc') army 

detachment [A] 

ijP'jl'ghaA n.u. gold ornament worn over 
“* turban (fig.) feather (in cap) [T) 
fah n.m. carcass ; carcase (A] 

Lfifjrl, lrj£jel''kkafnah n.m. jail ; gaol ; prison 
*'** tyfyfjtr.hkej'na v.t. send to gaol jel' 
ja'na fpxAoAjgje'lar, J?'f*iljdaro'gha~t 

jel' n.m. jailor ; jail warden [E] \ 

.tfjfX n.p. rake 

”** d? 

*.F. jelly ; a sweet dish [E] 

'Jf join n.u. founder of follower of Hindu 
w"“* heresy worshipping twenty-four tiraths or 
saints as superior to Hindu pantheon adv. (usu. 
£V«tX)^ain o ult or its -follower Ljjffjairimat 
m.m. fjainisro»[$] 

I •jpji'na v.i. live ; exist be alive n.m. 

life existence l&ljljl’ ufh'na v.i. 
come to life ; quicken turn away one’s affec- 
tions be disgusted Ltrjiji' par'na v.i. ^come 
to life (of embryo) show signs of life££j«ta 
A DJ. ir-^TyV/i) alive ; living iflfl^ji'tajagf 
adj. ahve ; . living 

that has come alive real substantia) (£££? 
ji'te ji adv. in the life-time (of) fill 

mak'khs ni'galna v.i. invite trouble entangle 
oneself ji'ne kt la 'le par'na v.i. be in 
danger of life 

arjiyoo' n. & iNT. (arch.) (same as 
jiyoo' hat' tiya, \J>f£jiyoo'hatisa n.f. destruc- 
tion of life 

^l\j7’jlr>a”i n.f. rent-free land land assign- 
ed dependents, etc. as subsistence 

j — j - — 

yfajiyolish' n.f. same as^TN.F. ft) 

adj. & n.m. courageous ; bold (f.] 


tfj/t'jiyoo'ri n.f. jury [EJ 

. Jetf/jtiyocsh' n.m. pl. armies detachments 

^*[A ~ SING. (J^T] 

jumait'ri geometry [E~G] 

L-)y^ jl ' van N,M ‘ hfc ma’ran 

'*'*•* N.M.-life and death 

or fiit (also called ji’m-e fa'risi) eighth letter 

of Urdu alphabet (not used in classical Arabic 
(in jummal reckoning regarded as equivalent 
to g, ) three 

/ ha bilk n.m. whip adj. (lit.) skilful 
<-»v inactive agile ri>4rjf&a'bilk-das't adj. 
skilful; dextrous fi-rflf&ab'uk'-das'ti n.f. skill 
dexterity jlyiXUeha'buk-iaBar' n.m. expert 
rider jockey horse-breaker Vjf^Xt^diibUk 
mar'na v.t. whip fydab'uki n.f*. agility 
celerity ; alertness fP] 

«. i^dab'na v.t. crunch graw chew 
• f [doublet, of L‘l%] 
n.f. key 

. dap n.f. sound (of footsteps) 
^K'fad'moh ki dap N F, footfall 


pal n.f. bran; husk 

** V 

j'id'ehta'par n.f. hard soil 
#♦ •• 

• m 

^J^Jgtkaploos adj. & n.m. flatterer sycophant 
(f%%c]iaploo'sl n.f. flattery ; sycophancy 
fawning V ch a ploo' si kar'na v.t. flatter ; 
fawn (on) [P] 

ytfcAu' lur adj. (same as^irADj. if) 

i'»a v.t. lick: lap taste J't'ct St 

spicy-sweet mixture of fruit, gram, 
etc. , spicy-sweet dish ; fruit salad relish; 
taste craving habit^t^iijf&af par'na 

(or lagits) v.t. acquire a taste (for) crave 
(for) iC^j'jlIrJslfcllat' Ja’na (or lend) v.t. lick 
up ; lap consume 

?| n.f. churning vessel chum 

n.m. (dial.) younger brother of 
uncle (SJf cjia'ch* n.f. wife of 
father’s younger brother ; aunt (doublet of 
A# chador n.f. sheet coverlet veil 

J V waterfall J&JUJjfphno' lot ki ehn'dar n.f. 

wreath sheetlike wreath j> l?(fe.Jlo'he ki 
(ha'dar n.f. steel sheet 'C.l. sheet ; 
corrugated iron sheet t 'jCl/J^cMa'dar utai'na v.t. 

tear off the veil insult a woman thus in 
public C^jjljj^cfiadar orh'na v.t. put on a 
veil cover oneself with a sheet Vl^jAcha’dar 
bichhana v.i: ^ spread a sheet lay 

^ »*n.f. 


!«..• father ; 


the cloth cha'dar tan kar so'na 

enjoy a care-free sleep lead an easy 
life Ci/^ 3 ^fch d'iar charki 'nd v.t. place a wreath 
on (tomb' etc.) i 'J^OgkJjf^cha’dar dekk' 
ka^pa 'ft phasin' n& v.i. live within one’s means 
CHf/^chii’dar tjdi vd v.t. (dial.) marry(a widow) 
a' doe hni tfui'ri pair pas a' re 
bo hgt prov. living beyond one’s means 
ek'd 'dar hila'nd v.i. throw up the sponge [P] 1 
j^char adj. four (fjSjbcbar' adnS' n.m. 

* •• arbitrators a few persons public>fe/wO 
\jjf[ ah' khch char' ho' nd v.i. ^come face to face 
(with) see each other ^'fjjfchar a'i’ndh. (or 
a”?-) n.m. plate armour I’jr’tfrftffjijir cfc' & ab'roo 
ka saftt'ja ho'na n.m. shaving oH of head, 
eyebrows, moustaches and heard being clean- 
shaven casting orthodoxy 10 ihe winds 
eian'-iagh n.m. stole with embroidered corners 
^ij'fehdr-bd'lish n.m. (arch.) large cushion 
sofa; large cushioned .seat j£>j%char' bahd' 
n.m. limb joints ( l’/Jb I'D^^ch W patch ' la'na 
(or &i/'i»a) v.t dodge trump up excuses 

v* J ■? char- pa" i n.f. cot ; bed ; bedstead 
L\ctBr-pa‘'i par par’na v.i. fall ill ; go tubed 
V£rtm4jtrf*~‘$tyif(iiar-pa’'ise pith" lag Jd'na v.i. 

be bed-ridden (of patient) grow very week 
(through prolonged illness) have bed-sore 'Ajp £ 
cjtar-pa'yah n.m. quadruped ; asS-jib; ehsr pai'se 
n.m. pl. (also) some money char'-tar n.m. 
four ornaments or dresses (JCjUpchar'-tal n.m. 
a kind of tambourine note ^l/jl^char’-ja'mah 
n.m. treeless saddle cloth saddle Jr^jbchar' 
cpa'le n.m. four parties thrown to room and his 
relations by bride’s family lyjl^jf'char' chand' 
lag'na v.t. have increase in dignity (of 
beauty be enhanced char' (hash' m adj. 
untrustworthy ; faithless l re acherou s>t>Li 

char’ kha'nah n.m. & adj. chequered (cloth) ; 
check dirJ^char'-dahg n.m. the four quarters 
(of the globe) all over jZfaiJfti&char'- 

daiig-e 'a'lam meh adv. all over the world 
^A^ { har' din A* chafid'nl n.f. transitory glory 
passing phase (of something desirable) 

din ki ehahd'ni aur phir' 
afidhe’ri Tat hai prov, to every spring there is an 
autumn ( faljjjbchar-diea’ri n.f. enclosure 

boundary "wall (city) wall VjtfjlJjAr ch*r 
diua'rt kar’na v.t. put up an enclosure round 
IjfcjlJjkchar' ga'nac baifk'na v.i. sit 
cross-legged squat ^(jlrbjjlfchar (or 

cjsahar') sham'bak n.m. Wednesday 
char' {or fhahar') * Un’sat n.m. pl. the four ele- 
ments (mg. earth, air, fire and water) 
char’ kfux>ht’ n.m. the four q uarters Afj Uchar' 
go' shah adj. quadrangle bfj^char gv'na adj'. four- 
fold (Jjjlfcha'roft adj. all the hxwVJc^'^.iPfjr,^ 
\,’f Ijcha'roft sha'ne (hit kar’nh (or gir'na ) v i. 
fall at full length on the back sprawl su- 
pinely J^fjfj^cha'roti magh’z n.m. pl. the 
various cucumber and melon-seeds used together 
for medicinal purposes Aj^char’-yar n.m. the 
orthodox caliphs [P doublet of jltfl 

f. ,U^ dr i N M - char 8 e (Wi&G’j'gcharj dtna 
(or U na) v.i. assume (or give) charge (of 
something to someone) |E] 

I I* ,1* da? (•<>) na-ehar' adv. inevitably 
Jlgvlt J ^ whilly milly [P] 

'oj\ftf>a' r oh, bjgcha'ra N.M. fodder bait 
< Cfljii^cha'tah dal'na V.T. give fodder (to) 
Ctfsjl/rcba'rah laga'na v.t. bait (a hook) 
r ijcha'rah h.m. remedy ^ help expe- 
^'^dient resource cure ^iikrch a 'ra-jo"i 
(or n.f. seeking remedy 
qanoo’ni. cha'ra jo"i kar'na v.i. 

seek legal 

remedy file a suit^Uy^a 'n sa'&tfjtjb jjf- cAa /a nji. bride's first departure 
cja'ra-ja'ri n.f. preparing a remedy remt- groom’s house [doublet of prec.) 
dying ; curing [P] eha'lak' adj. clever astute 

~ A chaste' n.m. breakfast time, mid-momixtg UU}* n ing ; artful (fiZ&als'ki n.f. cl< 

dying ; curing [PJ 

A chasM' n.m. breakfast time . mid-momixtg 


•3'tehash’ni n.f. viscous state of a syrup 
0 if freshly prepared syrup taste ; relish 
admixture (of) sweet and sour in taste 
chash'm-dar adj. tasty sweet and sour 
s^j^&chaih' rii-gir n.m. chef ; head cook [PJ 
“~U&aq adj. alert (usu. as )j>r ( j)Q^Aaq{-o) 
V < chaubahd' adj. nimble alert healthy 

in good health smart [TJ 

/ •*, 4 a'^ao (vul, (hak'koo) n.m. /MK? 3 * 
knife pen-knife If' •/ J \) T 
ths'qoo ks phal n.m. blade of .knife 
^—^j/jlrch&'qoo ks das'iah n.m. handle of knife 

fP] * 

/f ch$k n.m. rent slit cut fissure 
adj. torn lacerated Jl^J^chak' 




ness astuteness craftiness ; cunning 
Vjtfllbchal&'ki kar’ns v.T. over-readi [PJ 
.|,i %slsn' n.m. challan ; registering a 
C/i f criminal case or forwarding it to magis- 
trate for trial invoice bank ‘challan’; remit- 

J^chalu’ ADJ. & n.m. forty l^UdatVis 
5 n.m. forty-year-old person Champion 
who has trounced forty persons in various bouts 
J^behalis’vatt adj. fortieth njt. funeral rites 
on fortieth day after the death (of someone) 
f\gr (ham n.m. hide skin leather ^/V r 

'qoo kd das'iah n.m. handle of knife I * * d&m v.i. stretch one’s 

fpj • I transient authority to the utmost ( ££} 

/. ch$k n.m. rent slit cut fissure * yfo&ahp n.f. chop fried (mutton, etc.) 
adj. torn lacerated ji'Jffchak’ v *r chop [ ~E corr.) 
chsk adv. tom (with grief) X/Jb 4 ’’kar'ns IjlU^akp n.f. part of gun connecting barrel 

v.t. tear rend g<V 

6 a* n.m. collar slit is)? gif e' bail- (hah adj 

mad afflicted sad [P] 

F <^ak n.m. potter’s wheel 
W? sugar-making vessel pulley 

nj*. chalk [C] 

/( dia'kar n.m. (derog.) servant under- 
servant nau'kar cha’kar n.m. pl. 

servants &tk'rl n.f. service menial 
employment servitude [P] 

/f_chak'soo n.m. name of an ophthalmic medi- 
^•jTcine used for its astringent effect 
jLjvlpchak'Ift n.f. chocolate [E] 

(i eha’ki n.f. name of trick in fencing, club- 

j, that N.F. gait ;■ carriage mouon 
0 5 movement; pace (of horse) (in chess, 
etc.) move trick stfategem tactic 
method device custom^J^^a/’ cha’hin 
n \t. character conduct (hal'na 

v.i play a ruse on deceive * (at chess, 
etc ) make a move adopt a method use a 

Btrttegem walk with the gait (of)Jla/j!f(hsl' 
4kal s.r. gait pace (of horse) manner; 
mode ; style I'ijiJgJki «&*/' mrU s’ ns v.i. 
fall into the trap (of) be cheatedJfdr^a/'-ia* 
ylfcba'lij’a adj. & xcm trickster tricky 
person {■*. (^jp) 

^ with stock ; lock (of gun) (arch.) arrow 
ibfcjldtshp charh&'na v.t. cock a gun 
. .V* halt' pa n.f. (in book-binding) leaf etc. 

Ytzl pasted with a folded forme dough 
jki^ dak'ta n.m. slap; cuff 

V chafl'ta lags' ns (or pseudo- peel rajid' katas) 
v.i. slap ; cuff 

•/ n.m. moon new moon lunar 

f month white spot on animal’s forehead 
target n.f. crown ; pate^f^>££^ 4 (#i^>£ 
duitid' pat (kooks ap'nt hi math par s' la hai prov. 
bid to malign a noble character is self-condem- 
natory tjfetr (baud' -ts'rs v.frVjijfehakd'-chart. na 
v 1 . (of new moon) appear (of moon) 
ris c&fjCbthafid'-rat n.f. night of the new moon; 
first night of lunar month Ip ss 

mkk'ra N.M. & adj. bright lovely (face)(*^£{r 
ehaUdkafuk'ra n.m. & adj very lovely (figure) 
[ptfj&ythrtd ko gat at' han lag ns v.t. (of 
moon) eclipse (g/V^jg gat" han (or 
garai'han) n.m. lunar eclipse (fjkJIr&AUd'-ms'rt 
n.f, target practice rifie range 
fhshd'ms'ri kar'ns v.i. practice firing at a target 
ks (hhUd' n.m. appearance of 
eleventh Hijri month’s moon (so called because 
the month has no festival falling in it) Cj ftJfe 
(ha V ho'na v.t. (of new moon) be sighted , 
appear Ctyjlr &?***' ks <j | and he jn'na v 1 . br 
seen very rarely . appear at long ml«rv.xl< 
ns « hs'ht kmn'ds 

a handsome fece needs no paints IJL^cbabd'na 
n.m. (rare & arch*) light ftjZ\f(baltd'nl n.f. 
moonlight moonbeams doth spread over a 
carpet a kind of Bower 
ekakd'm dia’tabm (or fbha’takna) v.i. (of moon- 
light) spread yXftjJf&ahd'td kbil'na v.i. (of 
moonlight) spread rat n.f. * noon ~ 

lit night 

./ 'i g|a*'/i n.f. silver wealth gain ; 

1 profit ashes<$j0^>j&<tft'<& ka vo’raq 
mm. silver leaf fyt/tfji kar ir'aa v.i. 
burn down to ashes M 

(or keja’na) v.i. make good money be 
burnt down to ashes 
^^^tkatu'lar MM. chancellor (E] 

, j . * (vulg. Jy^s&3*'ro0 Wi. ri<* 

< rice-dish one-eighth of ‘ratti* 

* |^«4aA km. well pit ba'lil 

9 f n.m. the Babylonian pit (where Haroot and 
Maroot were hung by the heels as penalty for 
their love for Venus) • the (Oriental) Tartarus 
ufjojfdta'h-* laqan^lfi'ftetha'h-e zanakKd&ti N.M. 
dimple of the chin ' J^^iIf.j/J^jf’Aah'^kan ra 
(bah' dor pfdt’ mov. he # *who mgs a well for others 
often falls into it (.J&ilr&a' hre mkkshab n.m. 

Muqanna’s welfwith artificial moon at its 
bottom marvel of magic^E&a'Al adj. well- 
irrigated (land) (P] 

f i .tAaA n.f. love fondness longing 
fl Y want ; need vtiih&facbahai k.t. want; 
need fondness love Jfr^cha'ho conj. (do 
what) you will either.. .or J - poll.] 
l^f.dtah'ea v.T. like love ask for 
y wartt ; need desire require pray ; 
request order aim e£^4ta' htye mix. v. 
should ; ought must have to adv. die 
rightj^-^fila'Ar con;, no matter wh»t ^»V 1 

\ cba'he cohj. either or & 

fba'hi jit'na adv. howsoever much ; however 
great S&J't&tihtjo adv. whoever what- 
ever whuttvtr^Asht'ta NM. (f.^inbahe'tl) 
sweetheart : beloved adj. favourite 

fiM'V n.m* eagerness keenness 

longing gusto Ao&la n.m. 

(usu. pl.) fondling dalliance eagerness 
n.m. herald door-keeper • 

janitor [T] 

/K . * l '« tj a"oofi (ba"ooit n.f. (same as 
n.f. if) 

<£a"r n.f. tea po'dii n.f. 

(*rcb-J (same « n.f. 

cJa'Vrfa'n* n.f. [P - Chinese] 

/ jflcba'ih (h&''ih (Jj^fJfbdi&'onh eha"o«1i 
V N F - fuss ‘. ado 

... diabana v.t. chew masticate gnaw 

v crunch champ bitet^Cr^tijl^J 
ckaba (baba’ ke bat’ kar’na v.i. ^ - mince one s 

words speak affectedly ab’ni had dt 

n.f. cartilage ; gristle f'l^^afoa'na V.T. cause to 
chew ; cause to masticate &an* 

fbabva'm v.t. set a very difficult task 
harass set hard row to hoe pqt (someone) in 
hot water 

dta'bar Aa’bar n.f. chatter silly 
><Vr^talk [ono.] 

(ba’bakna x. i. (of wound) throb be 
painful thus ^(/rAa'bak n.f. painful throb 
(of wound) * ' 

Aabil'la adj. childish (disposition) g£j££ 
Vfxebibit>a-pan n.m. childishness 
tf^cbabool'ra' Ijjg&abool'rak N.M. 

platform dais terrace 
t Utftek&bk'tta v.i. be pricked 

be pierced be thrust be 
goaded pinch ; be disagreeable 
' feel pinpricks (fffcbUbh’tt adj. 

& n.f. stinging ; pinprickstt^?*^ cbUbh'ti kaih’na 
v.i. say stinging things (ffc&ft’bium' n.f. 
prick ; pricking pinch ; pinching pinching 
pain ’ pinpricks Cjf^bubho’na v.t. prick 
pierce thrust (into) sting goad 
i* O'chaWna n.m. parched grain, etc. for munch- 
Vring , 

~p,ckap ADj.'left {side) £>4jgekap-rast twe. (as 
drill caution) left right •Z'b^gckafMi rast 
n.m. & adv. right and left ail directions 


*ytbUp n.f. silence quietness stillness 

•••i int. silence ; quiet mum is the word 
don’t talk nonsense ; shut up cb*p 

adv. silently quietly sneakingly with 
muffled sound adj. quite ; silent reticent 
i^i^tkip’ 4vp y (J^ibMp' g pNDj . reticent 
r ' ytttx\xe£{g^re$iip’ (hup&'tt, 

(btip’ke adv. secretly stealthily # sneak- 

ingly quietlyl^v^fcfeu/>’ raib'na,^^};^ 
chop' (or ebap’kt) sadh'na v.i. keep^muiA : 
keep quiet ; remain silent give no replytj/C^. 
ebup' kata' na v.t. silence pacify ; appease 

amuse (weeping child) ( [/Lockup' kajnn v.i. 

(of weeping child) be amus*d be appeased 
keep quiet stop talking^^J^ If (f A *P' 
kl dad khuda' de'tn hai prov. "patience Juuh a 
reward C0<~S&up’ lagan v.t. be struck dumb. 

lose power of speech ho' 113 v.t. 

keep mum : keep quiet be silent make no 

I P&ep'pa, tg&op'pah n.m. hand breadth 
y*very little space t %gthap'pa (hap' pa n.m. 
every inch of ground ; every nook and comer 
1‘Acf^^^Aap’pa (tap' pa (khan mar'na v.t. 
look all over the place ; search every nook and 

/t~-tkapana v.t. humiliate cause to feel 
shame cause to smart (caus - 
.*)! fAap&'G n.f thin cake of unleavened dough; 

. Ll&e!l*Pa'Mt n.f depredation assault by 
detachment [P] 

— pat n.m. slap cuff box re- 

r^bulT Cjggj&Ckt mufih par &a'paL pl. (esp.) 

rebuff} (Jp (ho' pat laga'na (or jar'na) 
vt. slap 'rebuff 

^(hap'ta ^dj. (f figckop'n) flat flatten- 
ed compressed n.m. flat-nosed person 
'potnd v t cling (to) stick (to) 

* adhere (to) be joined (to) embrace 
I'lgAipta'na v.t glue stick join 
fasten patch embrace 

AD J- flat flattened compress- 
or ed n.f flat-nosed woman female 
homosexuality 0^(j$skap'\\ktu\'na v.t & t. 
(of woman) practise homosexuality 
I* ly^tSk'Pfktpana v. be sticky be glia- 
"tf** tinoiis be adhesive Lgtchip'chipa 
adj. sticky glutinous adhesive 

skipehipa'hat n.f stickiness glutinoih&ess 

[ p.Sfr&opras N.F peons* breast-plate 
^ XT”’* °® Ce (fy^rAapra'si n.m. peon 


y.t & t. 

be glia- 

^artkopras n.f. peons* breast-plate 
><^j>eon’s office (fJgAapra'si n.m. peon 

l)*J(0sLup'ri ro’tl n. f buttered bread ; bes* 
meared bn*,d,} S) jjltf)%shup'i1 aur da' do raov 
you cannot eat your cake and have it too 
&j£jTtkapqMlatfi (col gj ap'qatish ) n.f had 
U X* blood row ; alteration struggle 

strife (old use), sword fight [T] 
im sC?diippalc &?&ip'pakhK.r goatsucker 

[ , Jj>'A.i pakna v.t. stick be pasted be 
“v^affixed adhere be compressed ; be 
flattened ; be flat £lj£chipka'na v.t. stick 
paste afiix cause to adhere compress 

'JUfckop kan n.f. a kind of 'angrakha now 
n/X ‘forming part of peon’s livery [PJ 

\gchap‘pal, ( hZchap'li n.f. .,e_ 
K-*sandJe slipper A 

iVyy chap'na v.i. 


feel .? (I 

iJt Pckap'n* n.f. lid (for pot or ^ 

pitcher) ■ knee-cap^/lM^'P - 

tg^rAc'par tha'pat n.f. sound of lapping n.f. mind memory 

UndCS,reable Sound made in eat |“g ^fidea adj. supine adv lying on 
jabbar adv. m an unmannerly fashion (ijjrte. . 

&a'par-khaf,'di hm. loose woman P" ***** VT & 

cha'Pet ghafioo kar kt ph. havine involv^d'ln P 0 ^ 55100 of (someone’s) mind be re 

(hfl'Ps! ghat'ioo kar kt ph. having involved in 
trouble Is Qijlig&a’par-qana'ti/a adi. & n.m. 
mean (person) sycophant 
{kCffkap'n n.m. blear-eyed one with 
constant discharge from eyes 
ijgAip'ra ADJ. & N.f. purified (sealing-wax) 

chfi par na v.t. besmear (bread with 
SX* butter (one’s bread) anoint lubricate 
oil ,| grease adj. buttered 
oiled greasy (usu. AMp ri) 

plausible cajoling said with r facile tongue 

(tap' ai bkar pan mrt doob' m „> T g^ 
shame ; fie ; die of shame 

chop’ poo n.m. . oar ; paddle l itigjf* 
Af’&app'oo &a\a'na v.t. row. KjU 
paddle ; oar • propel with oars Ifra 

ehapo'ta n M. slap Cuff 

i\ jfchapo'tt n.f tattered turban worn-out 
cap caved-in hat 

~ chap' pi n.f. massage , kneading (of limbs) 
(fx* CJttffhapp pi kar'na v.t. knead (some- 
one's limbs (fig.) coax ; cajole (fig.) serve 
(jfifhip'pi n.f. (same as g£rN.F •*) 

> jj&apti' n.f. slap bias* shock 

sudden loss 

“ ~fhit n.f. mind memory thought 

'd«a adj. supine adv lying on the back 
(hark'ita vt & 1 . take 
possession of (someone’s) mind be remember, 
ed by ride, etc. on the backof j%£f'(hi t '-(h or 
adj. heartcnticing n.m. darling beloved 

sweetheart l kar'na v.t (in wrestling 
defeat ; throw (someone 1 on his back oven 
come overpower discomfit ht na 

v.t. lie on one’s back 
C^di'ta n r pyre ; funeral pile 

N.M. tirnh fella parasol garden 


~pAit'rJ%Ait'ra n.m. (dial.) picture 
painting jj^f^ckit'ra-kur n.m. (dial.) 
artist painter [S] 

cka'lurjlr<ha'lur adj. & n.m'. clever 
/ trickster cunning n.f. 
cleverness ,, cunning 

f&rchttkab'r^rt&f?" (f. &~gchitkab'n ), 

:' la (p . Jtchil'li) ‘spotted speckled 
.jf chit' van n.f. ' countenance ; visage 

sight ; look ; glance aspect . appearance 
looks (irfytfSfchil'van cbarhd’na v.i. frown; 
scowl : glower ckit'van n.f. frown ; 

fcow! • $\ov/ct il'van par mail' (na) 

l&'na v.i. (not) to be* displeased (not) to 

show signs of displeasure 

j.*. v.t. tatter tear to pieces 

vjvslf debase . put to shame n.f. 
humiliation : abasement 
iS^chut'tbal n.m. (W. dial.) court fool , jester 
V" (fjjn^S^chul'thcil-ba'ii n.f. acting the 
fool joking . jesting < .. 

pTchil'ti n.f. spot stain scartts^; 
(j** cbit'ti /mba'na v.i. ^become spotted* 
ripen be fully baked adj. 
spotted ; speckled stained scarred 
^P£ch.ite’ra n.m. metalware engraver 

>_,cAit n.f. slip, scrap of paper note 
^^Vscribbled on a slip introductory (etc.) 
letter chit [Anglo-Pakistani - 0 s ?! 

Jr^ -cjat, J%2Schat' pat Xdv. quickly 
v instantly without delayl^Ji^J^Aaj' pat 
/ro'wd v.i. die instantaneously : die in no* time 

^diat mabg'nt pat bi/ah' ph. instanta- 
neous "implementation adv. in a jiffy . instanta- 
neously kar ja'm v.t. eat up 

devour : consume lick the platier clean 
t^chit'fa AOj. (T.tffchu'ti) white (only in) dj'b/ 
f go'ra cbit'ta adj . white fair 

pi ^ebatakh n.t. sound of cracking sound 

of beating spot spot caused by beat- 
chatakh patahh' *nv. pat saucily 
without* hesitation at once in quick 
succession n.f. ^sound of crack smack 
/ ‘i^chata'kha, tfbrchata'ka n.m. crack 

explosion smack force (of) abun- 
dance (of) 

..itf'chatan' n.f. rork rocky ground . a large 
block of stone ^ 

{,*( jg^ckati'm v.t. cause to lick 1-(>1 fcaus.] 

’ V 1 

1|>L <A<na**» n.f. mat . rush or palm mat 

i Jt 

fegchat'pata adj. (t. at’ pan) savoury 

V * tasty 

chat, chat n.f. re- 

•f *fpeated cracks (of finger’s) crack 
crackle A°t' bala'eh Ic’na v.t. 

overwhelm (child) with kisses 
f' t •y f^d.itkha'ra . (dial. (^iAat'As) N M. 

relish zest taste smack cluch 
Aaikhare bhar’ns (or le’na) v.i. 
cluck or smack tongue in craving or appreciation 
ma'tAk n.f. wanton gait 
coquetry b) and ishment 

cha’tak mo'tak se chal'na v.i. walk with a coque- 
tish gait ' 

ij^rchut'k&a n.m. joke humour wit. 

witticism pleasantry cheap but effi- 
cacious remedy mischief St 'ku I a 

chhor'na v.i. jest let off a squib 
,\JfrAa'pkhna,C#£fha'takna v.i. bloom 
L^**open out split crack . crackle 

speak rudely takh (or cha'tak ) 

jam v.i. crack sp lit v&Z&atkhs'ns, £y$z, 
chatka'na v.t. crackle crack snap 
(fingers) split . 

.•AT chaf’kham' a\'kam n.f. bolt (of. door 

fegr chut'ki n.f. pinch pinch 
lj -t (of) little bit snap (of 
fingers) twist the hammer of a 
gun C\^/i^(h*t\'ki baja'na v.i. snap 
the fingers J^S'^^chut'ki baj&'te 
mrh adv. at once ; in a moment ; in 
a trice ; in a jiffy yfi? bkaf AD J- a P>nch 
of ; a little bj &«'** bhnr'na (or le'ns ) 

v.t. pinch nip (usu. I ‘J (jV&cbUt' kiyah 
le’na ) make restless tf IjljtO ut'kijob mu, 
ura'na v.t. ridicule put (someone) off 
with a joke show no regard (for) 
n&chatki'la adj. (T.ffi&'chatki'lt) (of colour 
gaudy (of taste)* sharp! more than 
usual. unpleasantly excessive pJ^l^jrahgi'li, 
chatki'ia n.m. (euphemism for) parched gram 
Jj-chut'ia n.m. (also ftgeho'ti) hair plaited 
^fat hack ; pigtail tassel plaited into it 
•Jfchat'nl n.f sauce^ chutney any highly 
seasoned paste jTsftflt’it* bam' n'S, Oiajfg^f 

chafni kar dal ’ns v't.* eat up hurriedly ^ 
grind very fine beat black and blue blfXtS*’-. 
che\’nl ho jS'm v.i. (of dish) be finished too soon 

j ^pf&api'ns v.t. cause to lick [ -|>Vcaus.) 



/ j?&at°’ T3 N “- gourmet : epicure gour- 
JS* mand , glutton one given to eating 
every now and \ht.TnJ*u^c^a\oT' -pan n.m. 
epicureap tastes gluttony one wasting one’s 
money on eating delicacies every now and then 
N.M. skin spot (indicating diseased 

N.M- pay roll pay^ wages 
account book inventory U^vkact'ch 3 
ha n.m. unsavoury details account of 
misdeeds ka&'(ha (hitjha khn'lna 

v,r. expose (someone) 

n.f. letter > note chit bill; 

draft certifitate QlifftTdiit'tfH dal'ii a v.i. 
post a letter rasa* n.m. (hybrid 
compound) postman b^\ji^eh ifthiyafi babt'rm 
v.t. deliver letters ; deliver mail 

n.f. fine . damages ^(/^chat'ti 
Uutr'na v.i. indemnify pay damage 
lf*ckU *(i adj. (see under I^adj. if) 

chuj'ya N.m. hair plaited at 
*-*t back worn by the male Hindu 
i*i£,chutya'na, O^ehutel’na v.t. ^ 
*S^bite wound ; bruise 

j^_ chaf'jt bat'ie n.m. pl. balls, etc. used 
• < in juggler’s tricks CillZL^thot'tt bafte 

lara'na v.t. (of juggler) play conjuring tricks ; 
juggle f rk' As thni 'll ke chat’u 

baf'u PH. birds of the same feather ; chips of the 
old block 

yj3g<hatt'kan n.f. slap ; rap 

(hatfyal adj. treeless (tract) desolate 
(land) level (ground) 

n.f. same as/f/^N.F. (see under Jgt; 

Or n . f . *) " 

(fra' (ha n.m. father’s (younger)- brother 

cousin paternal uncle’s son (or daughter) 

r^Mcha'na, fyfichtichha'na fjL&hvchya’na 

V ».t. (of fruit) be bursting as though 
about to exude be oozy drip (of cheeks) 
be rosy ; flush 

NF - '**dt 

£jj £t<hath t'ns v.t. chew and suck (bones) 

,^A a 'd& n.f. wife of father’s younger brother; 
auntf ~ 

f~£’(h a (he'ra adj. related on the side of one’s 
paternal uncle [ ~ 

‘fjehakh N F - quarrel brawl fc&cha'kha 
y cho’kfa, ‘&'£,*(hakh‘ (hakh n.f. chatter 
quarrel dispute wrangling bxawll>^^| 

(me*) shakh' chal'na v.t. (of quarrel) take 
place (between) V€(hakhya n.m. prattler ; 

‘^^ chakht int. be off ; begone ; avaunt 

.•i e&fida’fffl v.i. (of female) have sexual inter- 
" course t/!f t (hudas' n.f. female’s desire 
for it : heat ; sexual urge [caus. ~ 

diad'dar n.m. (vulg. for j>\£ n.f. if) 
chadar'ya n.f. small coverlet small 
shawl [-P-'-’jf, DIM.) 

\j0rchad'da, litfechai'dhs n.m. groin (also 
pj, J/t(f^ c hM'4d gul-khai'rno) buffon ; fool 
(sJfLchad'dhi n.f. riding on ( someone’s ) 
back* jZifjf, ch ad'dhi charh'na (or 

tnr'tia) v.r." ride ’on 'the backl’U^^cArtiV* 
charha'na v.T. carry (someone) on the bark 
$sj° •Vjckad'dhi de'na v.t. carry thus be the 

minion to [prec.J 

pT'Char N.?.Oj%charra'ta n.m. sound made in 
. * tearing cloth 



charagh gulkar'na V.i. . put out a light 
extinguish a lamp charagh' pa ho'na v.i. 

be angry jjfZ) ^charagh' ta'le atidktra 
prov. darkness prevails’ at the lamp’s base CMfrUf 
charagh' jal'na, i’Jftf'jj&JZcharagh ’ rau’slian ho'na 
v.i. (of lamp) be lighted i'lif£/L?cjaragh' jal&'na 
v.t. light a lamp dispel darkness q)1 
charagh' -dan n.m. lamp-stand charagh' 

dikha'na v.t. show a light char a' gh t 

su'har(i) adj. approaching the end of 
L^fjf^chardgh' se phool' jhar'ns, (/'£,< JZ 
charagh' ka hans'na v.i. leaking of oil from lamp 
(as good omen) ^charagh ' me * bol’lt 

par'na v.t. (of might) approach i ng 
charagh' se charagh jal'ta* hai prov. one lamp 
serves to light others charagh' U 

kar dhookd'na . v.t. search for (something) 
thoroughly Offr ghi kt charagh' jal'na v. 

make great pomp and show be overjoyed 
'^'J^be charagh’ adj. dark ; unlit _jgr, • 
’deserted home laoking male 
issue Jifl^chara'gha* n.m. illumi-» 
nations tf'tZehnra'ghi n.f. offering^! 
for light. at shrine ( 
fhara'ghi de'na (or (hatha na) v.T. 
make such offering 




Mjgr charagah' n.f. meadow pasture- graz- 
K ing ground [P ~ cf] 

haraita' v.T graze • pasture make a 
** fool (of) 

£(~chfirana v.T. steal pilfer: filch 
* embezzle ; defalcate turn away (eyes 
from) OS’J'ta&kh Aural m v.T. turn away the 
eyes (from) ; dodge ; evade 

fi&iVaftd' b.f. smell of burning leather, hair, 
^ etc. ^ 

{/ljrctirh' , ta,XrlAAira"etah n.m. a species of 
s * gentian ; gentian 

i N - F • ( fee under (,j£ chir'na va. *) 

(^Ij^chara'l n.f. (see under I’jrdiar'na v.i. yfc) 

L ^~char'b adj. fat , greasy ; oily (of 

* ■*^food) rich facilcgftji. sj£charb-zaban' aoj. 
glib facile plausible (person )^jufAhar'b- 

Zoba'nl n.f. facile tongue , glibness 'plausi- 
bility [PI ^ 

p ckarbahk', dijrcharb 3*' adj. clever 

~ char'bah n.m. tracing copy dupli- 
^-^veafe copy for printing Ijfj^char'bah 
atar’ni v. make a tracing Copy prepare 
a duplicate |P] 

.)» char'll N.t. fat suet tallow jW/Z 

“* char' bandar adj. fat ; fatty greasy [P] 


i lj , JP(hsrparzt’na v.i. (of wound) smart 

fcjf tygcbnr’pan auj. pungent acrid 
~fl/ftkarptra'hat n.f. acridity 
- p<karil'r n.m. {usu. pl.) trick Sgk/tir'ya 
tkasil'r n.m. (usu. pl.) women's wiles [S] 
ar'di n.m. church (EJ 

i — char (ha n.m. publicize spread reports 
(about) \ijfi\tA char'da ho'na v.i. be 
talked about ■* J ' ‘ 
of the town 

Ifgrprcharchars'ns v.i. be hot ; be pungent 
«nart chatter ; prate 1*jg&ttr'Aara adj. 
If- tfjCAthar'dmrf) hot , /pungent 
charjkara'hat n.f. creaking (of shoes or bed) 
crackling pain 

* artkar'kh n.m. sky ; the heavens sphere 
wheel potter's wlteel lathe 
pulley wheel for^ pressing woollen shawls 
circular motiony^jj^iAar'Wi-e a khz Jr n.m. 
ethereal sphere yftfarchar'kh-t at'los n.m. hea- 
«•- crystallite sphere Jy^J^ar'kfbr berth' 

be discussed become the talk 
be publicized get a lot of 



n.m. high heaven ch<tr fa' nu 

turn on a lethe I'tf&ZdiaT'kh khi'nav.i. turn 
round whirl rotate rtvolvc tityfrfehar' kit 
kaiujo'la n.m. merry-go-round [P] 

I nr* y cfcar'rakh ch«ab n.f sound of spinning 
t<^b/^Vwheel [ono.] 

• (har'khah n.m. spinning wheel (rare) 
skeleton aoj. lean nin.down de- 
crepit kal'ita v.i. spin; draw thread 

from cotton on a spinning wheel ft J khak 

poo' a n.m. spinning wheel ana its conco- 
mitants woman’s responsibility ; feminine 

accomplishments CLr rfJ^Zchar'khph . ho ja'na 

v.i. grow old be enervated tf/jthoT'kki 
n.f. small spinning wheel gin reel 
a kind of fire-works ; catherine-wheel 
char’ kin fa»oos N.M. revplving lamp projecting 
pictures on shade [ ~ P C"A^ 

n.f. hemp extract ; cannabis 

; marijuana ; pot large leathern 

bucket ^^eftar'j* n.m. one addicted to hemp- 
extract smoking ; pot addict 
isr&ar'ta n.m. large leathern bucket; 

irrigation bucket bide skiiy^r 
char'sa bhsr adj. (of land) as little as can be 
irrigated with a bucket 
j'jr&ar'lfcah Nja. (dial.) roan fowl 

^^(harfJnUnah adj, squint-eyed mean 

fCjftir* n.m. (rare.) filth dir* (jfe 
• (hir'ldfi n.m. non-derplumc of an Urdu 
poet filthy |P) 

L/p&arka n.m. slight wound(ttf irfv’lMlfkar'ka 
** lagan* (or de'na) v.T. wound 
f/ffhar'kati n.m. one who feeds elephant 
low fellow [ ~ 

C'j£chi'rakna v.». have scanty stools 

Oj%(hu’rdbti v.i. (dcrog.) speak out 

char'm n.m. (ped.) leather skin hide 
¥ tfjgr&or'ni adj. leather : leathern (F) 

' ir' mar n.m. pounded ; pulverized 


\,Lpcb_irmira'tt v.i. smart ii^!£VA*nwra’i<7i n.f 
smart ; prickly sensation 

j.jpclm'ran n.m. (dial.) foor ^fjtJlj^JJ^cka'ren 
chhoo'Hd (or le'tti) v.T. (dial.) touch the feet 

(of)[SJ , . . .. 

«* — rfhir'na'v.i. be torn be deft be slit 
kJlt be sawed lVJ£<ktmu* v.T cause to 
be torn cause to be sawed ■^l^chira’T^ 
chirv&'i n.f. remuneration for awing 
I'S'dttr'n* ,v.t. gtaaa k*(*/(iewa’aa v.T- cause 

to graze 

0 Sharin' dah (rare.) MJ^ebaritd n.m. grazing 

^ animal, qu^rape<UV ( j^&Aflrin'rf(o) parind' 
n.m beasts and birds ; beasts of earth and birds 
of air (PJ 

fyjr&arva'ha n.m. shepherd herdsmen 
(fiij^Aarva'hln.y. shepherdess re- 

muneration for pasturage 
iJj JZs t«ro*V* n.f. pickle berry 

d 4 * a'rl n.k. unripe com cut for fodder 

>_,<£(> N.f. pet aversion (someone’s) 
mocking name nickname vexation 

banter OV’^Z^ir’ nikal'nq v.t. banter vex 

mock invents a mocking name (for) 

*j%&ur n.f. vulva maia'ni n.f. &. adj. 
(as swear-word) food. 
t >_r efti'ra n.m. cock-sparrow. 


third na v.t. vex mock oifend 

make grimaces 

Aar' Aar, jtfc&ar' bar n.f. silly talk ; 
prattle sputter sizzle crackle 

Ait n.f, sizzle sputter 

ifykhrSkir' &ixa An), peevish ; cross ; fretful ; 

irritable tl^i^^Air'-Arrd-pan n.m. pee- 
vishness , fretfulness* irritability 
rbpskir'n a v.i. be irritated be vexed; 

fret and fume j 

{tbpAaYkii'na v.T. raise lift cause to 

* ^ascend cause to mount put into 
include enter quaff {gulp fix affix! 

dye (with colour) string (bow) 
brace (drum) make an olfering increase 
( 16 ) augment VjfLpjg&arAa jd’nd v.t. gulp 
down/kri£s4<jrfta'’0 nj*. ascent rise (of 
river, prices etc.) increase inundation 

£tJ%jlliilar' Aarkzt'o N.m. ascent and discern ,j 
rise and fall ebb and flow Ijlert^charhavd \ 
N.M. offering , oblation ^W^Aarha'i n.f. 
ascent invasion ; inroad ; incursion 

I* *~skatk'ni v.t. get on the back of, mount 
ascend climb rise embark 
be offered (at shrine; etc.) be used as a cover- 
ing cover Cr^Aarh'ta. adj. (f. %Ui) 

rising soaring increasing y 
tterk'ti jam 'id N.f. bloom of youth ; prime of J 
youth CSbf^c&aifcrif n.m. paederast 
i^Air'ya N.F. f sparrow : hen-sparrow 
•» j/ V(dial.) bird y*jr^ihirya-gbar n.m. the 7.00 
Air’ja N.F. highly valued 

prize rich bag 

A 1 ydkdrail n.f. witch (dial.) ghost of 
•* ^ woman dying during pregnancy bag 
vixen shrew slut slattern 
jU^P'Ai'n-mar n.m. fowler ; birdcatcher [ - 

1*/ ^chusana V.T. cause to sip suckle 

.i~chas'pafi adj? affixed pasted stuck, 
(✓vV sticking applicable aptllQt^Aadpofi 
kar’tia v.t. affix paste ; apply use 
aptlyt>j*(jL-fckas'piifi ho'na V.i. be affixed be 
I >asted be applicable be to the point 

{P~ et jr^'vT 

A as F*' dagi n.f. adhesion 

•*^yAust adj. active agile smart alert 
“• brisk 4S*^£4flr/(oh ®4a/a^' adj. 
active and alert clever (f^Ads'lt n.f. alert- 
ness smartness nimbleness (P] 
jO? a’sak n.f. (see underl^’v.i. -fc) 

i/^chas'kd n.m. taste (for) , relish habit 
(of) fondness (forjL^g^'jiar’ta par’na 
v.i. acquire a taste (for) develop a fond- 
ness for 

i»/-,cha'sakna v.i. throb have mild pain 
uO,h n tnk n.f. throbbmtr nain mild 

1 wX^Aasak n.f. 
sensation (of pain) 
d>gfh1iski n.F. si 
•lagd'nd v.t. 
i» Q’chUsna v.i. b 

throbbing pain 

sip draught *» 

sip have a draught (of) 
be sucked be sipped 
grow lean [ - Oj£] 

00 s 'id n.f (child’s 

V- 1 - 

be enervated 

U^A* s m,(T^SisKoos id n.f (child s 

f soother [ ~ ty?] . 

-•J^tAisA'S n.m. name of Muslim^ 

C? f mystical school its follower appella- 
tion of its founder ^ 

pfAasHm n.f. eye (lit.) hope ; expecta- 
( “• tion Jiash'm-e bad door' int. 

God preserve you from evil eyes well-done 
wonderfulj^vifr^^.^f# ii'jt Aash'm ba-rah’ ho'na 
v.i. look forward keenly ttrjki^fAash'm-e bfntdr’ 
n.m. languid eye (as attribute of beauty) 
(lig.) beloved ; sweetheart AaddarPo’ dd 
n.f. connivancp ; overlooking forgiving , 
pardoning \l/(f^/^AaA' m P°'M kar’nd v.t. 
connjye (at) overlook excuse ; pardon 
(jjj(S£tjLash'm zddan n.f. wink ; blinking 
winking za'dan mrh adv, in an 

instant ; instantaneously ; ui a trice ; in a Jiflfy 
fi&^Aash’m nutri'i n.f. reproof; reprimand 
scolding threat rdua’ 1 

ktr'm v.t/ reprove ; reprimand scold 



llireaten fr'j^tfickask' m-o-charagh' {or-(jii-) n.m. 

scion (of a family) darling I a' koo-chash' m 
adj. gazelle-eyed ; (as attribute of beloved) 
beloved ; sweetheart IP] 

t J^rjhash' mak n.f. misunderstanding bad 

^ blood (between) flash wink [P-»- 


i&'chash'mah n.m. fountain ; spring 

^ ^ spectacles ; glasses goggles 

sar-dash'mah) source [P] 

l\CjP’& a $ ata ”* ^ co ' < n.f. (descended 

•'from) Jhengiz’s son [T] 

•j~c&U'ghad n.m. a small kind of owl ; screech- 
"®Vowl (fig.) fool , . 

-jS^Augh’/ N.M (usu. jSjf&V&'l-Utpr') 

bearer ; a backbiter ; tell-tale ; tale-bearer 
pebble placed in hookah bowl to prevent tobacco 
from falling dow n jJ'J%’dii%h’l-khp'r n.m. back- 
biter . tell-tale ; talc-bearer^^^£llaghV-/tAo'n 
n.f. back-biting ; tale-bearing hash'll n.f. 
back-biting ; tale-bearing Cuf/ffstPS!}' ft kka'na 
v.t. backbite [P] 

JtJPdo'ghah n.m. cloak ; gown 

.'ZtP’fhaf’ti n.f. flat ruler footrule 
O < ruler [E] 

(col. uXrfkik) n.f.' folding 
^“•bamboo, acreen ; hanging screen 
transpatent screen [T] 

n.m. flint [T] 

Jffrd&qah' dar n.m. beet ; sugar-beet: 

\ m0 &dik n.f (same as Tf'diq n.f. ft) 


fj dtk n.f. back-ache ; pain In the 
«, loins . 

yj^ftkik n.m. (same asb^N.M. ft) 

y d«k n.m. landed estate 

L ^ holding Hindu butcher 

n.f. delimitation of estate 
y/ (hak'kn (dial, tftkak’ks.) n.m. rectangu- 
tt^Tlar heap (of masonry, etc.) for counting or 
measuring mass of curdled stuff adj. curd- 
led congealed (V&i/frstlfyi&aA'ka batdk’na 
(or laga'na) v.t. make such a heap for measur- 
ing or counting > . 

&pk' fhak n.f. sound 
rapid cutj (witn sword) adj. fried in 
lot of butter da k lauh'dt n.m. 
pi. well-buttered morsels 
j.y^Afi'ka-dfttttd' n.f. glare 

{j 'zi.j'dika 'ra n.m. a kind of antelope ; ravine 
* deer two-stringed guitar ; small fiddle 
tfj&fhika'ri n.f. hunting knife 

tkaksh' suf. dripping (P - cU&] 


Pl/L sftflAa'na v.t. 
v ®VtDrice) in 

settle (dispute) pay 
(price) in full pay off (debt) ; repay 
adjust or clear (account) wangle J d^dska"! 
K.F. settlement ; adjustment ; wages for settle- ‘ 
ment : omission ; an unintentional error 
fjj&gdlrta'oak n.m. settle (price) lark [P] 

/gjj /f / Z&ak-phs'rl n.f. moving about in a 
circle roaming &(J^/£v/r£hak-phe- 
riyiiti liaa v.i. move about in a circle roam 

about a aimlessly 
l£jj?d.a'katna v.i. bise 

fatty tail of sheet round, 
round leather piece 



chak'tf n.f. 

(j "C metal plate 

chi'katna v.i. become greasy be 
clammy become untidy J^^tA'Aat adj. 
greasy untidy dirty chik'kat 

adj. greasy untidy 
A (jiak’kar n.m. circumference circuit 
arbet circle circular concise detour 
visit fix ; difficulty misfortune confusion 
giddiness . vertigo round about 
disc discuss wheel whirl fraud 
Hj-A-^hak'kar ana v.i. become giddy ; faint 
ClJf&akra'na v.i. be confused be perplex- 
ed * be bewildered lose one’s bearings 
dtak'kar dt'sa v.i: turn round and round 
lounge (a horse) defraud t>V^c4aA ktr 

kat'n a (or laga'na) visit again and again ; pay 
repealed visits move in a circle \^j£ckak'kar 
kha'na v.i. tum round and round whirl 
rotate revolve make a detour \S\JtJk 
chak'kar met ana v.i. be duped be non- 
plussed be involved in trouble be entang- 
led fhak'kar met tjal'na v.t confuse 

perplex lead astray involve in trouble 
jfj^ &a'kar aa’kar n.f. fraud ; hoax 

<sk &ak'r1 n.f. pulley [ ~ ^ ] 
n.f. comb-wood 

iufr>d ak ' ta > J%dak'lak n.m. brothel red- 
light area, depraved street ^(wooden) 
platter for rolling bread adj. (usu. &>(■><? 

dak'ia) wide ; broad circular stodgy 

fed/# ft n.f. piece of stone for grinding 

condiments pulley (of well) 

(jp tfaak'mah, Aak'ma n.m trick 
■ fraudulent temptation btj^&ck'mah dt’na 
v.t. cheat ; defraud play a trick (on) 
offer fraudulent temptation £ 

Ha'ua v.i. be cheated ; be deceived ; be 
duped fall a prey to fraudulent temptation 
i pekikan n.f. embroidered muffin 
stikaa-doz N.m. embroiderer (jjjffichikan-dozi 
n.f. embroidery (as a profession) 
t^rdk&'ncL, adj. (f. (jf*cjiik'r& ) oily • 
t greasy fatty sleek glossy ; polish', 
cd varnished facile unfaithful 
dlik’-na &gp'ra adj. well-gro :>med Jj*J%Aik’na 
gha'ra n.m. shameless person 
st (tik'rii dlQp'ri ba'tehkar'va v.r flatter 
coax ; cajole ; wheedletfj£-'9vA tk'ni sipa'rj, 
(filhfk'rirn.r. milksaturated betel-nut, 

&ik'ni mat'd n.f. clay ; c 1 ay e y soi 1 dty 0%’chiktta 
hat n.f. oiliness fat content sleekness 
gloss ;* polish ; varnish n.f. Oil 
grease fat butter oiliness 

|*/£ Avk'na v.i. , (of price, issue, disputed) 
be settled (of debt) be repayed aux. v. 
be over be a matter of the past finish 

jr r£ fkak'na-&oor adj. smashed , broken 
to pieces ; sfnashed to smithereens 
dead tired ; exhausted (with fatigue) 

(faak‘na-(bcor kar'na v.t. smash ; break to 
piec« exhaust (with fatigue) tyjJZCfyAak’na 
shpor h&n a v.i. be smashed; be broken ; to 
pieces be exhausted (with fatigue) ; be dead 

ijp ekakua n.m. (f . (jj*diak'n) ruddygoose ; 
** sheldrake 

jWj 7 Aukauta n.m. ( settlement on stipulated 
? terms bargain fixed rate [ - jjjf 

(hardship) cause to suffer . inflict punish- 
ment (for crime, etc.) Q\sy&% efcakiau' tijwft n.f. 
pl choice dishes ifyipj^Aakkau'liyaii kar'na v.i 
eat choice dishes jfc&ak'kH n.f. relish (for) 

'm n.f. (see under ij* n.m. it) 

c&ak'km.F. mill handmillfli^jl”^? 
*** cjiak'ki pis' ns (or dial, jho'na) v.t. work 
a mill ; grind (com, etc. (in a mill : undergo 

hardship do routine work undergo penal 
servitude i£itfifcAak’kt ka pat’ n,m. millstone 
~zJ&sfJ£c&ak'ki ki mashaq'qai n.f. grinding of 
millstone as part of penal servitude 
if/&'(kvk'ki puk’ki adv. (nurs) finishes / i'W. 

t v t 7 A ft 

' 9 i&'&akl'dah adj. dripped yNsJ 

fcfptktig'nag.T. peck Vti^Auga'na v.t. cause ro 
• peck J?thiig'gi adj. (of beard) thin ; seamy 
• Jpdtigoo'nnh adv. (lit.) how , in what 
manner of what kind ti ft chi poo' nasi 

manner of what kind (jy* chigoe’ nagi 
n.f. (lit.) nature details ; circumstances 
style ; manner [ ~ ) 

uf’iy tkol' bi'fhal n.f. disorder panic 
adj. out of order ; out of joint 
rickety out of place ; misfit 
iPsh.Ul n.f. itch sudden desere sexual 

w? urge ; heat ClM&cAitlcfiitlana v.i. itch 
it-chilla n.f. fried leavened bread em- 
*% broidered end of turban (same as n.m. 

*) ; . 

(same as yfN.M. 

M. red-legged i 

(fig.) Ipving woman ! 


Ailkn a] 

i •jJpthakat'raNj*. pomelo grapefruit 
If shaddock rlarUSSpA 

J^Aakor' n.m. red-legged ySjP’ fc 

partridge (fig.) Ipving woman 
Phoebe's lover 

chokh no, ha^tjrf f ka ma’gah (hakk’na v.t. 
taste relish experience (hardship) 
suffer; undergo punislunent (fa- mistake 
* tc >) hlj^Aokha'na, CUft/ffka ma'toh dutHfi'na 
V T. cause to taste cause to experience 

l>nipAulbv’lana V.I. be restless , fid jet 

Aul'bula adj. (F.J^Aslbuli) sportive ; 
gay coquettish fidgety active 
l%lk%Anl'bula-pan % Jsf;\)J'(hMlbula'hat n.f. 
sportiveness ; gaiety cognetry restlessness 
•ypAH'la A n.m. coat of mail armour [P] 

£tjjf,(kilckila'>ia v.t, (of sun) be very hot 
. ♦ ^ J jJJ^fAilAila'ii dhoop n.f. blazing sun ; 

torching heat 

9}yJg Ailf£ 0 ' wh H ‘ u - pine-nut {PJ 

A*' I™ 1 n.f. hookah bowl , fire bowl in 
P* hookah WffAi'lo* Aar'na v.i. fill 
hookah-bowl (with tobacco and live-coal) 
f IdfdftAil ' me ft bhar'na v.i. serve as a menial , 
(of debauchee) be reduced to penury : be- 
come one’s erstwhile concubine’s 
servant [ - P] 

j^Ai'IamAl n.f handwashing 
(fc basin wash stand wash 
basin (T) 


jr,ehil'man km. (arch, or lit.) fold- 
er *ing bamboo screen ; hanging 

I’ipchal'na v.i. go on foot walk go 
travel move sail flow blow 
be in demand be in force have influence 
proceed ; go ahead (j? int. be off ; 
begone ; avaunt ; away (with you) go away ; 
make yourself scarce bas'ns v.t. die ; 

expire ; pass away par'na v.t. start 

leave became a going concert Sfifctkal' 
phir n.f. gait way of moving jltfJZchal- 
dk<d”zo n.m., JZU£th a’la-&a'li last* gasps ; 

approach of death life’s transitoriness 
0ol' dt'ns v.r. leave ; start decamp (with) 
llfjfi&al' ja’na v.r. (of quarrel) arise ^ 
quarrel (of mind) become eccentric 
dtmafh (faal ja'na v.i. become insane ; go mad 
Jfi hal'dtal n.f. commotion disturbance 
Vti%ch<tia'na v.t. help (someone) walk 
drive ; propel cause help or force to move 
stir impel help walk fire (gun, etc.) 
enforce issue spread ; give currency (to) 
advance money (on interest) carry on 
run (business, shop, etc.) %&ald n oo adj. 
stop-gap or make shift (arrangement) 
temporary ; transitory shaky; unstable 
second rate Oc&d'ta, adj. (f .(f^e&al'ti) 
passable ; current thriving ; flourishing in 
great demand li/ f Gjfcbal' ta pur'&h n.m. (cr-F.) 

very clever person intriguer liaving 
winning ways dAkan' n.f. shop with 
thriving business ; 'one with brisk trade 
i&el'lM rokk'na v.t. keep (something) going 
thal'ta raih'na v.i. keep on walking or moving #^ 
K/c&af/a kar'na v.t. ^ send away kill 
cause to disappear pkir'tt 

na'tar a”e ph. JZ&a'lan n.m. character 
behaviour custom currency (of corn, etc.) 
I'lJ^Aalvana v.t. make (someone) walk 
help (someone) conduct 
rfdfsltf/a'na v.t. shriek scream exclaim 
< cry out; bawl cry ; complaints'll? 
AiUi'kat n.f. shriek ; scream >' 

hptkU'lah N.M. any forty-day period forty- 
day seclusion for mystic communion (usu. 
fu Aiili) forty-day post-delivery confinement 
l&prblt/jf&il'tah kar'na {oc khtfich' na) v.i. retire 
(for forty days) into mystic seclusion [P - 
fip&il'lah, fyAU'la n.m. string (of bow) 
^V(arch.) gold lace for turban border 
Ail'loh baidk’na v.i. (dial.) make a vow "(by 
tying thread to tomb) UUjj’JfAH'lah farin' m 

v.t. string (a bow) 

IpchiU'loo n.m. palm contracted to 
serve as bowl ; hollowed palm 
jfjZdiul'loo b%ar adj. handful of (a 
liquid) bkar 

pd'nl meft doob' mar' ns v.i. be put to 
great shame l^t(}r^-Jfchul'loo se pa'ni pi'm y.T. 
drink water out of one’s hand tyfiUiJf&ul'loo 
mrit vl'loo ho'na.v,. is be intoxicated with a mouth- 

'JjPcJialau', j>DZ&£la' , o n.m. boiled rice [P] 

chali'pa n.f. cross crucifix ; anything 
•crooked or bent [P] 

* l* c b. amar ' N - M - currier tanner shoe- 
J ** maker cobbler worker in leather 

(regarded by Hindus as low-caste person)^ 
chama'ri n.f. wife of chamar [ - 
.jpckam'pa, L^C (kah'pa n.f. shrub with 
5V small golden and fragrant flowers; champak 


champak . buds or flowers SY, 

(tom' pa kali n.f. champak bud 
chamnak necklace ; necklace 
shaped like champak buds (jrf* 
diampa"i adj. champakcoloured 
yellow golden 

(ham' pat ha'rrd v.t. to decamp (with) 

c « 


, < wr '-f 7 run away scamper disappear 
chim't a n.m. pair of tongs [~ poll.] 

embrace stick (to) ; 
be pasted ; be 
cause to adhere, 

forceps [ ~ p&xc.] 



1,0 c hi'matna v . t . 

£*7 cling (to) adhere 
offered lil^chimta'na v.t. 
fix or paste embrace 
KjT chim'ii n.f. pincers 

4r ? (kam'mach_ N.m. (col.) 

QP dessert spoon [ ~ 
frj&chamctich'fhar Zy&dhamApr' n . m . 
sticking like a leech" 

'S’'cheh n.m. spoon ladle (dial.) 
^ stooge (dial.) sycophant fham'Aak 

bhar adj. spoonful hardrgi ttam'thah adj. 

sponger n.f. teaspoon dessert 

0pm' kkam n.m. glamour lovely con- 
< tours 

6 kom'rakh n.f. leather sup- 
V port for spindle adj. lean ; 
gaunt ; haggard ' 

j ~Aam'ras n.f. wound caused by 
Us? pinching shoes [ - fold] 
tpf' ran. m. leather skin hide 

!* n.f. skin(i 


Udker'na (or kkeh^'na) v.t. beat (cverely ; give 
a good hiding skin ; flay 

A*'mak n.f. (see under 

|. ABmkar'na v.T. caress make a 
kissing sound to appease [ ~ |>J£] 

»•/£ fka’mokna v.i. shine ; glitter ; gluten 
V"*? be polished sparkle ; coruscate 
come up ; be lively fly into a passion (of 
business) flourish ; prosper Ctiffhantena v.T. 

polish burnish brighten cause to 
glitter cause to prosper or thrive make 
lively put (someone) on his mettle 
Aa'mak n.f. brilliance shean glitter r 
glisten ij&Aemka'ra n.m. glare j<J%&a'mak-diir 
adj. (col.)* brilliant shinning glittering ; 
glistening t—X) Aa’mak da'mak n.f. splcn. 
dour brilliance shean ; glitter ; glisten /** 
Aamakko n.f. wanton (f*%A om'ki n.f. 
spangle tinsel adj. bright 

shining glittering brilliant 

remuneration for it [ ] 

jyy&iim'bat n m. disc hoop apy thing 
circular cover for hookah bowl</*j^ 
Aambarlh adj. disc-like ; round [P] ^ .. 

^y^Aambttl n.f. jasmine ; jessamine ^jrpSr* 

[ m jgtham’pa n.f. same as ££ n.f. 

tfnaf n.f. plait crimping K &*> 

(>£ tkin'ts n.f. (dial), worry ; anxiety [ ~ 8) 

LfZ fban'&al adj wanton sportive ; 

(&inAina'na v.t. be nettled ; be stung 
* • fret and. fume Ain' Aina adj. 

peevish : fretful Ain'Aine n.m. pl. asca- 


adj. some a few many ; 
•^v many a adj. how many how much ; 

how often how long cfiahd' bar adv, 
on some occassions riijX^thabd ro'zah adj. 
short-lived ; ephemeral temporary ; transitory 
Jr/fhar'chabd adv. though ; although not-